Seikishin -Saint Doll-


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In a world where humanity can only survive in the area protected by God’s Barrier.

People who called themselves Adventurers are protecting the people from the threats of monsters.

They were able do so with the power called Blessing and a 10 meter tall humanoid weapon called Artificial God.

Two people, Shin and Yuri has wandered into this cruel world by unknown cause.

Shin who had obtained the Blessing to create an object started his life as an Adventurer with gun in his hand. Then one day, the village he was residing in are being attacked by the greatest threats of mankind, and then a desperate battle to prevent calamity has taken place.

At such time, Yuri that was left behind have awakened the power to summon the Armor of God, Seikishin.

After the incident, Shin was hailed as the Hero and Yuri was called as the True Miko.

For the sake of their love, the story of two people who will fight even against God to find a way to return to their home begin.

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Holy Machine God -Saint Doll-
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2 Reviews

Aug 16, 2021
Status: epilogue
good read,

you need to overcome the understanding of the world setting barrier. The story will challenge you on how you view and the perception about love. (It may sound cheesy, the definition "love conquers all" very applied here. The MC challenge the rules of the world and change it forever)

he kill a god


most of the low rating because of the setting of the world itself, on how the way the MC and fMC suffers.

story end in happy ending
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Mar 04, 2021
Status: c144
This is my first time writing a review. There is many better series than this with all categorises. But at same time this is one of 5 other series which I have translated completely with google translater. Reason behind is the two main characters. I feel their suffering. Only one other novel has done this better "I Kinda Came to Another World, but Where’s the Way Home?". Nothing else is similar so this isn´t recommendation from this novel. Reason why this is because suffering they are experiencing is constantly rising... more>> gradually. They don´t know it is too late. Both series showed happy ending fortunately, but path there is long and raw. I highly recomment not to try read that suffering but know they will find happyness which they deserve.

This story is about two childhood friend how were isekaied into awful world. If you are man how doesn´t have any conscience then this might be best place to get. It is world were happy family meaning is whole lot different from here. It is worst place where you want you daughter to get into.

Just for heads-up true suffering start at chapter 29. <<less
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