Quick Transmigration System: Male God, Come Here


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After signing the share transfer of the Bai company, Bai Weiwei who had a cong**ital heart disease got betrayed by her adopted sister she always loved along with her trusted bodyguard.

Shocked, betrayed, and worried for her father made her unwilling to die, and her resentment actually let her bind with a quick transmigration system. Completing the task means that she will be able to increase the number of days she can live, and she will be able to get revenge on her white lotus sister and the unconscionable bastard bodyguard.

CEO, Emperor, General… Supreme Immortal? All of them will turn to a love-sick waste who bowed before her skirt.

Just… why is this unlucky star of a wooden fiancee trying so hard to chase her? Stop sucking my life force already! Our marriage is only for business! I want to break the engagement!

Ye Yuxuan: “I will never let go of you.”

Bai Weiwei: “…………..”

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notawordybirdy rated it
August 17, 2018
Status: c1119
Agree with Sasa's review 100%. Quick note that if you liked QT: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead or LITTLE GOBLIN: Master, Don't Come Here! then you'll probably like this story so go ahead and read it.

    • ML is NOT scumbag, a**hole, s*upid, scum, and definitely not the most disgusting or hateful male lead. He has reasons on why he treats her super harsh in the first few arcs when they meet because...

      ARC 1 (he thinks she killed his mother in a car accident), ARC 2 (ML assumes FL is just like any other lady in the imperial harem aka two-faced white lotus), ARC 3 (FL trapped the ML in a marriage agreement), and ARC 4 (FL caused ML to be bullied in the palace by taking him as a s*ave after his whole family was executed for a crime).

      of such reasons. If he didn't treat her in such a way I'd probably worry about the mentality of the ML instead...
    • FL is super hilarious and two-faced in order to achieve her goals. She acts in a pitiful way in order to get the love of the ML each time OR she acts in a wild and unexpected way. It's gold and I love it.
  • There's so many tropes to feed your desires. If you can name it, it's probably in this novel.

My deep desire for yandere/psycho ML's has never been so completely satisfied. The ML gets insane. Like, next level some crazy mind games going on man. And I love it.


    • ML isn't your typical ice-block cookie-cutter man.

      For example, in ARC 2 his original plan was to execute 4 families and then use FL for the reason behind it due to her 'enchanting' him. After he falls in love with her he decides to change the plan which is pretty bad because there's not much he can do

    • System is hilarious and probably my favourite kind in the whole 'quick transmigration' series. I probably enjoy system/FL interactions more than FL/ML

The FL is makes a painting of a tiger for the ML (emperor) and the scenario goes as follows:

He suppressed the instigation in his heart and glanced at the painting she had drawn.


"I love this painting, it's so peculiar." Sheng Siyu looked at the yellow... unidentifiable object? It was impossible to say words of praise.

When Bai Weiwei heard him, she immediately picked up the paper happily. "Is what the emperor is saying true? I painted it in the morning. This tiger looks good. Although it is not more powerful than the emperor, it can be considered a rare work."


Sheng Siyu strongly

praised: "The painting is very good, there is room for improvement."

The system was stunned for a long time, and finally could not help but open it's mouth. "You obviously drew Pikachu."

Bai Weiwei calmly replied, "Yeah, what do you want? I am so innocent, so pure and childlike, just like Pokemon, come and marry me."

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Sasa rated it
August 9, 2018
Status: c87
I know how previous poster mentioned how ML treated MC like a garbage but everything was due to a coincidence situation. I will feel weird if ML did not react in such way and started to indulge MC earlier on.



Orig Host was suspected killing his mother. Plus with Orig host personality.. Kind of hard headed... She never told the reason why she force ML to marry her [orig host father want to kill ML] so the misunderstanding piled up. After MC died protecting him.. ML wandered around searching for flower field to spread MC ash and died with her.




ML actually doesn't want to be an emperor.. But his mom got killed and he wanted revenge upon the four family. He thought MC approached him for power etc... But MC revealed that orig host had fall for him for saving her from bandit. MC died so that the rebellion stop, painting herself as the venomous woman who swayed the Emperor's heart [ this was originally ML plan but he decided to protect MC and let him become the target but MC having no way of letting him do so or else she will not going to receive the 100 love points]. ML decided to marry MC as empress even after her head was beheaded.


From the first 2 arcs that I read, MC do not really have any feeling for ML... She was more focused on getting point so she can convert into lifespan so she can take revenge on that bloodied white lotus step sister of her... MC practically played with ML feeling and weaknesses in which I totally love!! Call me sad*st but I really loved how she handle the task. She basically painted herself as the moonlight in ML life.. LOL...

The system is so cheeky and stingy.. Poor MC but I love how she played and disgusted the system around for all problem that the system dump on her... LOL...

Real World ML


BTW, real world ML was someone who do not know about love, anger and etc.. He is like an emotionless robot.. However throughout every task done by MC, he experienced the feeling of task's ML through dream [MC always in coma for 3 days- duration of those 3 days and in the task world varied]. Therefore, he slowly started to question those feeling that he felt while in those dream. [Like how he wish to plant flower field at his residence, or why that Emperor decided to commit su*cide during the peak of his life]. I am anticipating his progress in the future.


I think this is quite a good novel since it make me willing to continue to MTL it.. I hope translator-san will persist in translating this... Fighting!!!
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18Yuki rated it
August 23, 2018
Status: c947
This is probably one of the best transmigration novels I've read, but please prepare your tissues because...

... more>>

Every story arc until the latest one, and probably not for another couple of arcs, ends in a tragedy where the MC dies and leaves a heartbroken ML. The most heart aching parts, in my opinion, is the ML POV of after the MC's death in each world.


But! It's not all doom and gloom.


The relationship between the MC and ML can be very sweet during the arcs and leading to her death in each arc, although once the MC wakes up she is back to her goal-orientated self (she is indifferent to her experiences in the world's because the system shields her from the feelings but not the memories, so her focus is still on her goals) in the latest arcs her relationship with the ML in real life is finally beginning to slowly developing into a sincere relationship. Not quite in full bloom yet, as it's only after the previous arc did she feel anything towards the ML and it's not to a romantic level, but it's not far off.

Also, the System is so funny. To prevent Ye Yu Xuan (ML) from revealing the fact that he is her target in every mission (he knows this because he dreams of her adventure in the mission worlds), the system makes it so that every time he tells her his dreams the system makes her think he was telling her about a really, really weird dream, not at all close to what he is actually telling her. I think one of them involved a chicken? Something like that.


Currently there is 15 arcs and 900+ chapters. I won't list them all out, but the arcs include:


Modern day, Ancient time, fantasy world (mermaids), ghosts, cultivation, zombie apocalypse and show-business. They are are all written with a unique plot so you won't get bored or think that it's too cliche.


It's been a while since I first read this story and it was MTL-ed, so I'm very glad someone picked it up! <<less
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KairaYK rated it
August 31, 2019
Status: c90
Seeing all the high reviews I had high expectations starting this. I held on for 2 worlds, then I had to quit

... more>>

Spending almost 40 chapters reading about a ML falling for someone who acts as though she's suffering from mental illness and therefore has been reduces to to the mentality of a 5 year old is giving off all the wrong vibes. She might only be acting but he doesn't know that. Just NO, already a bad start


The second world was better but then I started to see a trend with the happenings in the real world.


In between world hopping the MC will win 30 days in the real world but then for one s*upid reason or another she'll only be able to spend a few moments awake. What's the point of her waking up just to fail again in warning about the offenders ??? It's just annoying.

And more than that, we discover that all these worlds are for the purpose of teaching the real world ML to feel?! Why is her death/survival revolved around him?! It would have been another thing if he'd just dreamed about their times together and grew to love her while she's in a coma but this way the entire thing revolves entirely around him instead of being about her saving herself.


At that point I just gave up. This is just not for me

I think my main issue is this:


In all the worlds it seems the MC makes ML love her to a such a degree that it completely destroys him when she dies. And while that can be/is touching to read it just feels empty and cruel when you see that MC has no personal care for him except the desire to complete the mission. I assume eventually she'll develop feelings for him but the damage is done by then.

Reading over and over again about how he falls desperately in love with her because she does everything in her power to make it so just feels extremely manipulative and disingenuous.


I tried giving this story another chance by reading later arcs but it seems the extremely manipulative feeling remains strong. I just end up feeling sorry for the ML and more and more dislike for the MC even though all her other traits are ones I like. <<less
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mochispinky rated it
May 28, 2020
Status: c421
I generally dont rate novel so low until snd unless its utterly horrible. This novel is not that, but its so bad in many ways..... In this essay I will list em out

  1. Arcs after acrs, its the same story. Setting amd character names change. But nothing else. No logical story, no deep emotions (real), no character development, no face slap. MC transmigrates, meet slag ML and then starts sheeding tears, act weak pitiful, sometimes overly brave and strong snd bam 100% love. She doesnt do anything to sustain in her body's character. No mention of body's relatives or thier stories. It completely revolves around MC, ML and if we want jealousy in the mix then a second ML. Author cant bother lol.
  2. MC just dont do absolutely anything other than using her face and acting skills. I will bet my left kidney, if MC was ugly and acted the same way, ML wouldnt be falling so hard so fast Thats how superior, her acting is!
  3. Now this one pissed me off so much. I did not even pick this pook for any romance or smut. There are other bools for it. But author has this terrible habit of hanging readers appetite. MC completes side quests and is gifted some user packs, which are so convenient to not let her have s*x with ML. Again, literally no 1 is interested to read it, but its author terrible attempt at foreplay on the readers. At this point, even a 1 word that they done the deal and moved onto the next part of plot qoild be enoguh. But No!
  4. Not sure how many acrs I am, just to kill my time, but not a single thing changes in all these arcs. MC is soo bland. No mention of her emotions being involved. She calls MLs scum and slags, but she oh so conveniently cheats thier feelings without a hint of remorse. Forget remorse she doeant even put half a cent of any humanly emotions in it. Which would have been cool with me, if she and system dont kewp yapping about how terrible MLs are with feelings. Hypocrisy
  5. Ive read stories wer MC dies and cried buckets, but here I cant even spare some feelings cause I don't see any point. There was no love story, that broke. Im still wondering how other readers are finding them heartbreaking ?
Saw this novel. has 3000+ chaps and if... more>> with this review if I can save even 1 person, ill be glad.

Completely off track, but I think the way this author tries to portray MC as conservative (repeatedly blocking the actual event), while simultaneously advocatingkisses as way to earn life points, gain ML affection is so damn frustrating. Just wish we have some clean story with actual plot and not authors poor attempt to portray a strong women who doesnt doesnt to body pleasure. Oh horror! <<less
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Twilight Reverie
Twilight Reverie rated it
November 4, 2019
Status: c282
The writing quality is good, and the narrative has great potential. Unfortunately, it is fatally hindered by a poor primary plot, complete lack of character growth, a useless system that only serves to delay and artificially prolong the narrative, and increasingly outlandish sub-plots that fail to motivate the characters in any realistic manner.

It could be said the male lead of the primary plot shows character development, but it is done in a way that is so outlandish and unbelievable, as well as increasingly severe as the story progresses, that unless... more>> the author chooses to totally ignore logical personality growth he will be the most extreme villain of the entire work by the time of the primary plot's conclusion. <<less
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whereismori rated it
May 14, 2019
Status: c1207
I have no shame in saying I have cried buckets of tears in public do to this book. Every single arc the onion ninjas get to me. Highly enjoyable for those that like to break their own hearts over and ovet again. Its a great novel, I recommend reading though the first arc at least if you feel like dropping it.
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Alina Moktan
Alina Moktan rated it
August 8, 2018
Status: --
If you like toxic romance, it's for you, I don't enjoy romance between MC and Ml. It's like ML killed MC, then he later realized he love her. But MC die.
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AngryattheAuthor rated it
February 2, 2021
Status: c2658
Okay so from what I remember so far. This is hella long btw.

... more>>

The aim of the System is to help Bai Weiwei (MC) travel through planes to gather, basically true love from all the male leads (Ye Bastard).

Now, in her reality world she's engaged to Ye Bastard (ML) who is basically a child of heaven, he is blessed, blessed, blessed so much he could ascend and become a God.

However, this Ye Bastard has a fate to forever be lonely...

Like you're already blessed in life why need love right?

Anyways this modern day robot started to have dreams that caused him to become emotionally unstable, now keep that in mind.

Go over to Bai Bastard (MC) who's happily ignorantly realmwalking due to the low-level system, and was given a chance to live longer after she suffered from a heart attack.

Emotions blocked and with decent a IQ level that only works if there's no ghost around (trauma from childhood) or affected by the side mission reward that makes her cute, cute, cute + an IQ of a dog, she begins to be abused and abuse the Male Leads of each plane.

Now for those who read past 1000, we can all agree that the Main System and the Sideline System are both b*tches, they were alright at the beginning but seem to also have a hobby of abusing the two bastard leads.

So eventually with the addition of the two b*tches and two bastards we have an endless content of different form of abuse.

Mental, physical... Goddamn there's even torture in there... All thanks the ML.

Anyways as everyone are crying dog tears and are being abused, Bai Bastard is happily being abused ane abusing the ML without any pressure because of the emotion shield put up by the System - which we begin to see cracking a few times during certain realms...

But anyways, while Bai bastard is happily abusing people without worries the Ye Bastard starts coughing up blood from emotional pain from his dreams, causing the cute doctor-san to conclude that this bastard is definitely not normal.

So as we pass through the arcs for those who hadn't figured it out by the 1st reality... I have no words... But yes the MLs of each plane that MC attack is Ye dog.

So now we have an emotionless demon who is feeling emotion and want to posess MC, cos he has all the feelings and emotions from all the guys she'd attack...

Which eventually leads him to be posessive, emotionally unstable and full of paranoia...

But I mean that's not much compared to the rest of the stuff that happens in this novel.

Anyway during sometime the cute System carried MC back through the reality channel and MC had her soul snatched because of the red thread (attached by your highness Ye a**hole) on her wrist...

And here we meet the soul version of Ye Bastard in ultra OP form.

This bastard is even worse than the current one because he had 0 amount of emotion.

Anyways Ye dog discovered System's existence because he began to gradually awaken (all thanks to the emotional trauma caused by MC) they had a real nice chat and Ye Bastard found out that the dreams he experienced were real world etc. Etc.

System warns Ye dog not to influence MC too much else he'll kill her (b*tch tied a red string between the two which caused the System's tool to have a meltdown... Which caused MC's some issue.)

And after a while Ye Bastard found a way to travel into the worlds where MC travel through...

Through half a bottle of sleeping pills each time... Yeah surprisingly it didn't kill him.

During his first time he literally nearly f***** everything up and harmed MC because he didn't know how to control his powers, causing the system to issue a quest to destroy the ML of that world.

I kinda understand why he'd want to travel to the different worlds too... But still... Sigh MC abused him too much.

Although it was useless since he doesn't gain conscience and was influenced by the personality of the plane.

Anyways he has the ambition of becoming stronger so he could help her.

Fast-forward to current benchmark and he's still weak to fight against the original personality, and still can't help the MC although the red thread helped the two souls become closer to each other possibly making the ML darker than tar each time MC abused him.

Anyways to summarise, Ye Bastard is an OP existence that's blessed by the Heavens and blessed throughout all the realms, and the Main System is probably his mistress.

He has a large life-force and luck which is being leeched away by the MC.

System is there to help MC leech off ML's life force, I think it takes a portion for itself too (50/50) I think.

The realms are basically created to become a stage for MC and ML abuse story.

While they're in the realms the system helps suck ML's life-force although MC doesn't know this (ML does).

Sideline and Main system are literally sh*theads and a**hole bastards, but in actuality they're there to give MC quests to make ML more unstable to let system suck more of his life force (system can only suck out life force if ML is emotionally unstable...

I can't figure out why they can't do it in reality since it could suck out more...

I think there's a conspiracy), or to just blacken the ML for fun so he could abuse MC to death...

Or to prepare for Ye dog's awakening (his 'human' which is his current conscious will eventually mold with the OP soul...

(System warned ML not to make MC love him cos System had a feeling the 'human' side of ML will lose to the OP soul side during the awakening/ molding and will forget MC and will hurt her in the future.)

that'll probably cause a lot of damage in the future so they sent MC to come tame him?

Anyways I dunno.


Anyways this is dogsh*t blood tears drama which is highly abusive and is filled with a toxic relationship.

Although at the beginning its nice to read about the MC making a jerk feel regret...

As chapters past it really gets too much to read.

I recommend the first 1000 chapters...

The rest? Only read it if your heart isn't feeling too tired or heavy...

Because even up to near 2700 chapters nothings changed.

Abuse, abuse, abuse.

It's literally abusing Ye dog to become more posessive, paranoid and obsessive about MC...

And Bai dog who gets abused but seems alright in the end.

It's a novel about literally training Ye dog to be obedient and not run away from Bai Bastard.

And Bai bastard happily reaping the benefits of the abuse.

Hella unhealthy relationship.

The only good thing about this novel after 1000 is the interactions between MC and the cute system-san, just want to bring him home and raise him well.

At 2600 we get a new family member... Dunno how long it'll last for though.

Oh yeah... I don't recommend reading the raws through MTL but use the auto translate on your chrome browser... It's more readable.

If this novel taught me anything is that treasure a guy like Ye bastard who's literally getting trauma from the damn abuse and don't be like Bai bastard who abuses men.

This novel downplays a lot of things and takes abuse in a light form... Like... It's abuse... The ML is literally traumatised beyond repair and that's not okay.

Don't be like Bai bastard kids, she's an a**hole even if she's ignorant to all this.

EDIT: My dumb brain finally processed as to why Bai dog as to attack Ye dog this way... Sigh am so s*upid lol.

for those who hadn't figured it out for months like me it's cos the irl Ye pet was also an emotionless lil sh*t... And by having the system generate different personalities that are spiritually linked to Ye dog, Bai assh*le can do a simple damage attack to Ye dog... Each time she strikes it'll be a hard hit to Ye dog constantly bleeding out his HP (his emotionless values). Am enlightened... Will go to the temple and become a nun.

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Reichie rated it
October 20, 2018
Status: c1192
I enjoyed and loved every arc in this story. I've read a lot of transmigration stories and this is quite ingenious. For one, you'll adore the system and its/his (?) relationship with the FL. They are a hilarious combo.

I pity the ML a bit

... more>>

Imagine losing a lover through a lot of worlds just when your whole heart was taken by them (100 good feeling)


For those having second thoughts, read this for the funny system-FL combo. The romance is also not that heavy in my opinion because of


the emotional shield to protect the FL from being to emotionally attached to the worlds and the Male Gods.


FL also has a realistic and cynic view with a dash of clear psych analysis which makes reading this informative and enjoyable at the same time. <<less
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Fielle rated it
May 6, 2019
Status: c2000
Five star! Five star! Five staaaar! Definitely totally should receive the highest star! Hahaha


This is not your typical transmigration story because the MC was "ALWAYS" getring dead at the end of each arc leaving my poor ML, but even though, thats okay they always meet in the real life! Hahaha.

The system of the ML is soooo hilarious la! Especially when the MC is getting narcistic on her own. ?

ML is sucking the life force of the MC in real life leaving the MC to resort in SEDUCTION. So that she can preserve her lifeforce and scoop some more from the ML. ?
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Yukari_me rated it
November 11, 2018
Status: c1296
All I could say is that this is one of the best QT novels that I truly enjoyed and kept updated on. Yes it's hella long but it's worth it. I especially like the tragedy part (yeah call me a masochist but I seriously love it) and how ML reveal what he feels in each arc. The best part of this novel is that FL has the thickest face I've ever seen in any novel as well as the most cringiest girl I've survived reading. So if you... more>> ever wanna read this novel then prepare tissues as well as yourself from the cringy things she does. Also, if you're not a fan of tragedy then I suggest you read something else. Though this novel doesn't focus on the tragedy part, its still a tragedy.


The novel mostly focuses on how the FL, Bai Weiwei, can survive by going through different worlds. Although she complains, she doesn't like being in the dark especially when it's about her and the people she loves. She knows what she wants and stays focused on her task. There will be times that you think this novel has a FL that is very emotionless and plays with the ML's feelings, etc. But she isn't. It's either she do her task or she dies so she really has no choice. The FL, as well as the ML, are truly meant to be imo. The missing half of who they really are. As you read more into the arcs, you will see that the FL, as much as she wants to fall for the ML, she stops herself knowing that it'll hurt her them both in the end and gradually thought of her mission as a way to run from the feelings that are slowly budding inside. There's even a line from a recent chap that hit me hard where she and the system had a talk.

BWW: System

System: Yeah?

Bai Weiwei: "How much life value will I have when I live until the age of 82?"

System: "20, 000 days."

Bai Weiwei: "Then I will save up 20, 000 days of life value so I can fall in love."

It's better having a lot of life value where she can live up to the age of 82.

That way she'll... be able to let go of her worries and freely like him.

Then there's the ML, as he feels various emotions in each arc, he slowly discovers that there is something more than his dreams and his fiance having a rare disease of waking up every 3 days. It actually scared me when I thought he almost figured out FL had a system when he asked who she was talking to while staring at her while at the same time not. *shivers*

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Nuinui rated it
December 3, 2019
Status: c277
I'm pretty impressed by this QT story. The MC is actually likable, and each arc has a fair amount of depth to them. (Fair warning, my review might contain slight spoilers.)

TL;DR: Not the best QT novel, but it arcs have more depth than most, and MC is actually likable. The "mystery" behind the world-hopping and system is slowly revealed, so it's worth reading past the beginning arcs. However, this novel does have its flaws, such as the system and shortness of the time spent in the real world. Also,... more>> judging by how the raw is still ongoing at 2, 688 chapters, the story might eventually grow dull and repetitive.


The MC is one of the better MCs I've seen from QT novels. She's not some secret assassin/hitman, or miraculous doctor, or something unbelievable like that. She's a woman with a heart disease, but also someone who knows how people think and how to manipulate them. (I'm assuming she became this way because of her fight to prove that she's worthy of inheriting her father's business.) But then, you may ask, how can she be so easily fooled by her sister? I think she honestly loved her sister and never thought the worst of her, which kept her blind to her sister's schemes. MC is also the kind of person who is "normal, " as in she doesn't go and mu*der everyone who makes her angry. A lot of these QT novels have face-slapping, but this novel has a surprisingly little amount of it. So far, arcs are centered around "redeeming" the original hosts and making the ML fall in love with them.

MC's inner monologue is hilarious. While never straying from her act, MC inwardly insults and belittles the ML, especially when he's being insane/psychotic. Her banter with the system is amusing to read about too. And while MC can be a bit "narcissistic" at times, she never goes overboard with it, so it remains fresh and funny.

Arcs are very fleshed out. Each arc generally has around 40+ chapters, which means that the author has enough time to flesh out the characters and plots. I tend not to cry when I read tragic stories, but arc 3 really got me.

There seems to be an underlying, sinister point to MC's world-hopping.

I've seen people mention how wrong it is for the MC to make the MLs fall in love with her and then die, causing lasting trauma for these MLs. There's a reason for that. MC is later told that her emotions have been "muted" by the system, hence why she feels no such guilt during these tasks. The system hides so much from MC, that it's frightening.



The system is really annoying. I've read many QT novels with systems, so I've seen it all: dull, cute, quiet, or sassy systems. But this novel's system is possibly the worst system I've ever seen. 004 is intentionally incompetent. It hides details from the MC and fails to perform specific duties, like warning MC when ML is approaching or eavesdropping. 004 belittles and insults MC, and it acts like it's doing her favors, when really, MC is possibly one of the best hosts, considering her quick wit and success in getting the MLs' hearts. And possibly the most irritating part of 004 is how he buys items WITHOUT ASKING HER. This little f*cker literally wasted 3 hours of her life on melon seeds. 004 has stated that he's not a human and thus doesn't need food. Yet this f*cking piece of sh*t bought melon seeds with her life force. However, he does listen and help MC when she really does need it, like during life-or-death situations. It still doesn't change the fact that I want to punt this little sh*t into the sun.

Time spent in the real world is too short. Considering how 40+ chapters are spent on the world arcs, it'll come to a surprise to you that in between worlds, around only 1 chapter is spent on the real world. It's honestly really frustrating to see MC risking her life in each world, only to get a few hours in her real world, while her sister gets to run around and constantly try to kill her. At least all these assassination attempts end hilariously...

ML is the typical QT male lead. Basically, he's cold and unfeeling and doesn't care for MC until he realizes she's the woman he's been dreaming of, blah blah blah. I actually dislike him because of how little he cares for MC, when she's his fiancee. Even if he doesn't have feelings for her, he should at least feel obligated to help her, when she's at risk of dying. So yeah, I feel no guilt whatsoever when he ends up with trauma because of the worlds. If she has to suffer for his damn sake, then he can endure the pain. <<less
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Keisotsuna rated it
June 30, 2020
Status: c217
Honest Review: I don't really enjoy reading this, plotwise.

The protagonist, who was implied to have managed her family's business affairs (and thus, I expected to be naturally intelligent, decisive and capable), was completely way out of my expectations. She didn't have the "independent woman" impression going on her, she's narcissistic and has no control over her emotions

... more>>

every time she woke up in the real world, she'd act like a mad woman out for her sister's life (which is, arguably, understandable considering her experiences) but her behavior is unbecoming of her status. And if I were to see her act like that, I would be more inclined to doubt her (and her psychological state) because she's acting a bit unreasonable.

I understand that her time is running out, but if she could use that small window of time to maybe gather evidence against her sister's malicious plots or say some convincing and logical speech that will get her point across her father, then it would've been more effective and efficient rather than recklessly attacking her sister.


And the system is also very annoying. The entire purpose of the quick transmigration itself was to increase the lifespan of the protagonist, but instead of steadily increasing, a bunch of nonsensical events keep happening that forces the MC's life to stay stagnant. I don't even need to see the later arcs to guess that this phenomena will continue for majority of the series, prolonging the entire novel, with the rate they are going. The system is a scam.


It takes advantage of the protagonist and spends her points on drugs and other props that basically reverts the MC's condition to how she started in the novel — which is bedridden and dying. And I can't believe that the MC never points that fact out and confronts the system. She just accepts everything as a matter of fact, which was disappointing because it felt like she didn't care about prolonging her life at all.

Besides, the existence of the system seems like it's only there to ridicule the protagonist, spend her points, and such things. I don't even get how it developed such a personality, it just suddenly did. And he's really getting on my nerves.


As for the ML, I currently have no problems with him. Anyway, he's apathetic so I understand why he wouldn't care about the protagonist before he completely recovered his emotions. I guess I'm just lowkey sympathizing with him because he experiences all those heartbreaks in each arc without knowing that the protagonist is just doing all that to gain his favorability (love).

Overall, this novel ain't the worst, but it's not that good either. Just so-so, I guess. Or maybe I just have higher standards after reading about more interesting novels, plotwise. It's a bit bland and the character development is basically nonexistent for as far as I've read. I will be dropping this novel at the moment, and maybe come back to read the rest of the arcs later (which hopefully, won't be repetitive and boring)... <<less
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athene rated it
March 1, 2020
Status: c2000

  1. FL is smart and hilarious. One of my favorite quick transmigration leads.
  2. System is also funny.
  3. ML starts off as an emotionless iceberg, but after the first few worlds, he becomes very devoted and sweet, though only to FL.
  4. Author seems to have a good overarching plot planned out. Reality sections became more interesting to me than the QT worlds, but progress in them is slow because they are so short.
  5. Variety of worlds.
Up to your personal preference:

  1. Every world ends in tragedy with the FL dying, leaving the ML broken-hearted and devastated.

    After around chapter 1700, multiple worlds do end happily. However, FL still dies in some of the worlds. Personally I got tired of reading non-stop tragedies so started skimming through or skipping worlds.

  2. ML is a yandere in many of the worlds.

  1. In every world, FL is forced to take on mandatory side missions,

    usually where she has to betray or abuse the ML in some way, making her missions 100x harder. This is REALLY frustrating and annoying.

  2. FL's personal growth is snail-paced due to plot-related reasons.
  3. Like 75% of the time, FL has to pretend to be a naive, innocent, pure-hearted person, which makes worlds feel kind of same-y and boring even though they have different settings.
I still recommend this story, even though I personally got tired of all the tragedy and aggravating side missions, because I think FL is a lot of fun, and I enjoy the Reality sections a lot. Will probably update this once the series finally ends.
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Rin.Rin rated it
June 1, 2019
Status: --
Very lovely, well written and translated!

It's not your typical MC who is super strong-willed and very independent such as scheming or OP like in other novels. Not saying I don't like OP character LOL. The MC resorts to seduction and gaining pity/sympathy from the ML which is really funny and interesting to read. It also provides angst which I love love love!! Also, the MC gets narcissistic about her looks in a funny way. Can't wait for more chapter to be released!

Plus, she was literally stuck in a hospital bed... more>> her whole life so don't be like she does not have any skills and only uses her face. I swear if I was sick and stuck in a bed my whole life, I would be useless too. Her only tool is her face. And she uses it well lol.

Five stars. <<less
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hoexos rated it
April 3, 2021
Status: 3000+
Literally made an account just to put a review here, and this is the first time I'm ever making a review. Apologies in advance for the long content ahead.

This will be my overall review on the novel:

  • I'll definitely rate this 1, 000, 000, 000+/100. Best quick transmigration novel I've ever read, and I could even consider it as one of my most favorite novels for years now.
  • No, but on a serious note, I'll rate this a 10.5/10. It's not really the most perfect novel out there; it had its flaws. But I rated this 10 for the reason that it was very entertaining and immersive throughout.
  • Not only because of the interesting main and side characters, but the story is a good mix of various genres and tropes. In fact, the blending of angst, drama, and comedy is just gold.
  • For a 3000-chapters novel, I found that quite impressive. I added a.5 because no matter how much I reread it, my impression never changed.
  • In fact, despite rereading this several times already, I still can't help but get emotional. While it's not to the point of crying anymore, the feeling of heartbreak still remains the same. And then there are other times when I still find myself getting surprised by new information and realizations. Honestly, every reread for me is a new experience.
Just... more>> a clarification for the negative reviews that I have seen here posted on this site. What's crazy is that most of these reviews didn't even get to the 1000 chapter mark.

  • Repetitive storyline
As someone who had read all 30+ arcs, I can completely and honestly assure you that not every arc took the same route. As a world hopping novel, different themes and tropes are sure to be explored. There's nothing to fret about repetitive storylines (or executions and even endings)

  • Lack of Character Development
While it's not expressed directly, character development does definitely happen throughout the series. Considering that this is a slow-burn book, obviously, the changes won't happen overnight. But it does occur. Arc after arc, little bits of evidence of character growth for both main characters can be perceived here and there. Even until now, the development is still happening as the story progresses. Patience is the only key to being able to witness it.

Thoughts on the main characters.

Bai Weiwei (Female Lead)

  • Definitely a strong female lead. Dauntless and persistent to the point that she'll do anything to gain more life points. She's interesting and quite comical at times, with her narcissism adding to her uniqueness.
  • You might have seen from the other reviews, and I won't deny it, that she might be one of the most manipulative FLs you'll ever see.
  • Some might have even deemed her as heartless or apathetic because of her treatment toward her captured targets; however, (looking at the bigger picture) considering that she only transmigrated into those worlds for the sake of living, you can't honestly blame her for playing a part and doing her missions.
  • In the first place, she wasn't there to act as her original self. She was there to maintain the role that she had been given. In addition, there are times when Bai Weiwei doesn't want to do certain things but is forced by the system. Since this is about her life anyways, she had no choice but to comply, even if it might lead to a more complicated path for her.
  • Anyways, but be assured that Bai Weiwei is not totally a heartless character. As I promised you earlier, the character development does exist, just slightly inconspicuous as of the moment. However, in the reality arcs, one can see how her emotions are slowly but steadily fluctuating for the Male lead as the chapters go on.
Ye Yuxuan (Male Lead)

  • Head spinning around right now because I can't really sum up my thoughts and feelings for him, but I do adore him (his reality persona) a lot
  • Even though he might have only been featured a very few times, I have grown to like his character and his growth; thus making me always look forward to his interactions with the female lead in the reality chapters.
  • Might be a "red flag" (or a hardcore yandere) in the alternate worlds, but in the reality world, Ye Yexuan is a bit more tamed and a bit more considerate, and yet still as affectionate to Bai Weiwei.
  • His fragments do influence his personality and deepen his feelings for the female lead; but in the first place, he was a being of pure logic (literally an ice block) ; so he was able to retain his self-control and not be overwhelmed by everything he dreamt and felt.
  • Speaking of his other personas, they are not completely bastards. Honestly, what I like about the novel is that they have a reason as to why they act or react in such a certain way. Of course, their reaction will still depend on their personality, their life circumstances, and the severity of provocation brought to them. It honestly really depends. Some personas may be more tolerant than the others, and some may be more ruthless.
  • In other words, yandere levels may vary. But even if it varies, one can still see just how completely helplessly in love they are with the female lead.
004 (System)

  • One might find him annoying from the start of the novel, but he really means well. Even though he is oftentimes seen bickering with BWW, he really genuinely cares for her. In fact, he will even do anything for her to live well.
  • I mean, just how can't you be touched with the system when he would actually live a cheap life just to provide well for her
  • By cheap life, he was willing to scavenge "rewards" in the tr*sh and let his dignity be stepped in order to help his host in her missions and hype her up.
  • He would also eat expired snacks, just so he won't consume too much of BWW's life points.
  • He even risked his life trying to kill the main system, just so she can break away from her terrible fate and live well.
  • Another bonus spoiler: If you hate the side task, then fret not. 004 actually killed it as an act of vengeance for all the difficult missions it imposed on his host.
  • Tbh, after reading all the 3000 chapters, I can't help but
    kinda ship system and BWW. Like it might be strange to hear, but how can I not ship them with all the things system did for her from behind the scenes.
  • But then again, I do agree that their relationship can also be interpreted as platonic too.
  • System just has a poisonous mouth, but he actually has a soft heart.
SPOILERS AHEAD! The next discussion will be my thoughts on the novel as to which arcs and male leads are my favorite, as well as which endings do I find most memorable.

Favorite Arcs

  • Arc 3
  • Arc 18
  • Arc 23
Favorite Male Leads

  • He Poan (Arc 3)
  • He Nanxi (Arc 12)
  • Ou Jinmo (Arc 18)
  • Ning Jiumo/Fool Personality (Arc 21)
  • Yu Moquan (Arc 22)
  • Xia Hanyang (Arc 23)
  • Zero/Fourth Personality (Arc 25)


  • Chen Wenfeng (Arc 7)
  • Yuan Xuan (Arc 30)
Memorable Endings

  • Arc 2
  • Arc 4
  • Arc 6
  • Arc 8
  • Arc 9
  • Arc 10
  • Arc 14
Rereadable Arcs

  • Arc 3
  • Arc 9
  • Arc 13
  • Arc 14
  • Arc 23
  • Arc 30
I hope you guys try it out! Since the year of 2019, I am still trapped in the blackhole of Male God Come Here because it was really that good. I am not really fond of reading chinese novels or transmigration novels these days, but MGCH is an exception. <<less
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Dianille rated it
February 15, 2021
Status: c813
Awesome, this story should have been titled as 'Male Lead Abusing System'. I think this is one of the novel that provide yandere ML quite nicely. Oh, the system is funny and helpful
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Vicky78 rated it
February 24, 2021
Status: v6
Mainly concerning Arc - 6

Even if she is doing it for points or what not and even if her emotional feelings are turned off, this is too cruel. The ML might be just a fictional character but in that world that she transmigrated into, he is a living breathing person with feelings. To play with a person's feelings... this is not right in any ethical or unethical way. I understand the AUTHOR wanted to bring out extreme feelings here, n applause to her, she really did, but in the process,... more>> she unconsciously made the FL too cruel and apathetic, in a way making her dislikable and an utter b*tch! And when a reader feels that the FL is no longer likable, that reader (Eg. ME) chooses to abandon the entire book itself. I'm.... I don't have words, I am very very disappointed both with the AUTHOR and the FL. This could have been a masterpiece, but in my eyes it have just became an UGH! torturing read with a b*tchy emotionless FL. This Arc 6 broke me and I'm sorry but my feelings were played with a lot in this arc. If I could, I would marry the regent😭

And thus, I'm abandoning this torturous disappointing read.😿

#I can't take such emotional traumas. That was too much! <<less
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Sky22 rated it
April 16, 2020
Status: c5
Rare gem that I found while searching 'system' story. I fuvking love this story ????? Bawling my eyes in every arc's ending. Love the scum n funny system. Love the Oscar actress FL. And love crazy love of ML. I binge reading 5 arc in one day ??? Really hope this awesome story will translated till end ???
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