After Transmigration, Her Whole Family Are Villains


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Version 1:

Jiang Mianmian time traveled.

Her father had an insidious scholar’s face but a sinister heart.

Her mother had a merciful bodhisattva’s face but a vicious mind.

Her elder brother looked honest but was evil inside.

Her second sister was selfish and foul-mouthed.

They were destined to be villains from birth, to contrast the protagonist’s righteousness, kindness and greatness. They did all kinds of bad things, were covered in filth, fell into an abyss, and came to no good end.

Jiang Mianmian – With the magical spring in hand, weak and timid, she could only let her family live a bit longer…

Version 2:

In her previous life, Mianmian’s family died out early.

In this life:

She married the most popular duke.

She became sworn sisters with the rebel leader.

Ungrateful and unfilial.

Disloyal and unrighteous.

No integrity.

But they all lived, with the family intact.

Version 3

Reader’s summary: Father is Medusa, mother is polar bear, brother is evil wolf, sister is coyote, heroine is panda, moving mountains and overwhelming the world, only selling cuteness.

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Bantsia rated it
February 26, 2024
Status: c28
I'm reading from AkkNovel site and am only on chapter 28. Maybe it's too soon to rate, but so far I will rate five stars. I liked the family, but these past few chapters I've become really attached to them. I don't want to write spoilers so I will just say this.

I also like how the author/translator wrote the book so far. I like the written style, especially these past few chapters of the emotional events and mystery chapters after.

It's like... an emotional life story poem !

I love it!
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Eeria rated it
March 16, 2024
Status: Completed
Don’t trust the synopsis it’s not accurately depicting the story. It’s a bit more sad than what it appears to be. It’s not that the parents are villainous by nature but more because they are forced by circumstances.

The story was great. The MTL made it hard to follow the flow of the story, so I wouldn’t recommend it. The focus is really not on romance but on familial love. I loved the novel and every member of the FL family.
I wasn’t too keen on the writing style of the author.
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