Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder’s Record of Counterattacks


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Ning Shu had dropped dead. But in a burst of good fortune, she became a task-taker in charge of counterattacking for the pitiful cannon fodders. Thus, Ning Shu, in one world after another, took all kinds of life roles and encountered all kinds of “you’re heartless, you’re ruthless, you’re making trouble for no reason” people. She encountered all sorts of white lotus flowers, green tea b*tches, scheming b*tches, by the batch.

“Does any true beauty still exist in the world?!” Bellowed Ning Shu angrily. “You annoying tr*sh! I’m just here to counterattack, please don’t get in the way of me completing my task.” Transmigration main character, reincarnation main character. There’s only a lazy task-taker, no indestructible main character halo. Ning Shu had no choice, but to painfully gather moral integrity in each of the worlds.

Associated Names
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Cannon Fodder’s Record of Counterattacks
I Make Scum Men Cry (manhua)
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New Jude0023 rated it
August 26, 2023
Status: c1141
This book is interesting in a way. A bit addictive but I have several problems.

The main character does to much when it is not required and too little when she should have done more.

Ex. In the 3rd arc I think she went to far in her treatment of the Xiao family and her cousin. Especially Xiao Yan and Su Meng. The ending of forcing her naive cousin into prostitution and slipping hormones in Xiao Yan's food to make him obese was not satisfactory. I found it sinister and needlessly... more>> malicious.

In arc 5 she doesn't do enough to stop the rapist men especially Wen Ruhau. He is one of the worst male characters and she basically folds her hands as she allows him to go of the deep end and become a plundering, raping, murderous bandit.

In the arc I'm currently reading with Zhu Suniang and Zhu <<less
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Kimchi759 rated it
July 24, 2018
Status: c178
I started this because I was looking for a series with a strong female lead and no romance.

Strong female lead? Yeah, eventually.

No romance? Debatable. There's romantic subtext and a lot of validation through male admiration/approval. And, of course, invalidation bc male dismissal/disapproval. Either way, a woman's worth is hinged on how desirable men find her. Female characters are worthless because no men like them (back), or worthy because men (or one particularly exceptional man) likes them.

What was particularly frustrating, and at times infuriating, was the contrast between the feminist veneer... more>> and the misogynistic messages.

The feminist veneer was wonderful, if flimsy and artificial. Female lead with aims and goals outside of romance? Great. Scathing observations about Alpha Male leads? Awesome. Heroine who tries to use logic and reason as much as possible? Fantastic. Female warriors/combatants who refuse to be seen as inferior to the men? Flippin' beautiful.

Unfortunately, everything that showed through the transparent veneer was... gross.


    • The characterization of the lead as "Not Like The Other Girls" and out of the norm for recognizing sh***y dudes as tr*sh.
      (eg. "This indicated that she had stayed in the hospital too long. Ning Shu, whose sense of aesthetic had diverged from that of ordinary people, expressed that she didn't understand.")
    • Little non sequiturs like this: "All women liked being subdued by a strong man." "So much hidden bitterness, you're acting like a total girl."
    • The s*xual dynamics, wherein men are characterized as being naturally licentious and unable to control themselves, and therefore excused of all responsibility when it comes to interc**rse (even forced).
    • Use of the Madonna-Wh*re Complex, with the 'villainous' women being promiscuous/sexually active, and vice versa.
    • Reaffirmations of sexist Confucian ideology/the status quo, especially by tying the antagonist with less conservative tropes and villifying these "against the current" cliches.

But the most unforgivable aspect of this novel was the gender violence.

There is a lot of r*pe and dubcon. And it is extremely glossed over.

Memorable examples:


- The "he isn't raping me - he seems like a good guy (also he's hawt) " example. Dude puts his unwanted wife through r*pe, torture, and forced prostitution just because he doesn't love her. He has a good impression of her when Ning Shu takes over, so he wants to "make her his." He hasn't changed, but his view of her has, so the author describes him favorably with constant comments on his unruly good looks. He doesn't give a sh** about the women his men r*pe though, and neither, aparently, should you.

- The "he's so nice usually, and she deserves it" example. Woman is r*ped by the man who comforts her while she's mourning the loss of her OTL because he "can't take it anymore"... She's portrayed as unreasonable for refusing to forgive him when he "continues treating her gently and considerately" afterwards, to which he responds by raping her repeatedly. It's all good though, because she's the antagonist. r*pe can be used as a justifiable punishment right? Ha. Asdfghjkl.


Aside from that, there were also a wealth of plot holes and inconsistencies. The characterization was often inorganic, forced, and illogical; especially for the antagonists, though even the heroine was prone to random personality changes.

There was tons of potential here. A shame it wasn't carried through. <<less
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sibyl97 rated it
January 18, 2018
Status: c2788
As a savage person I was, reading it raw, I did not regret it one bit.

... more>>

This novel is one of those rare ones that the author has their three views straight and the character is one of the most rational logical female character I know.

Ning shu is not like other mainstream FL that either have their heads over clouds (or love) or

'ruthless' revenge-y type.

She is very pragmatic and focus on her missions to satisfy her clients' wishes (the cannon fodders). She is the kind of person who would rather stack her wisdom points than her charm points.

There are few reoccurring male characters but there's no real romance, yet. Only hints (?) I'm not really sure tbh.

Ning shu takes a very cynical view of love. I mean, who wouldn't after going through what she's been through? Those missions with the 'only live for love' female protagonist types might traumatised her for life.

What I really like about the story itself :

    1. There are multiple 'Arcs' and they were written well with the right pace. Not like other quick transmigration stories that just became a bundle of short stories. Each one is good enough to get their own novels, I think. But not all arcs are created the same, some are better than the other. My favorite arc is "I think my husband wants to kill me", a dark and a bit disturbing arc but I love it!
    1. It made fun of the common dog blood plots like overbearing CEO, enchanting Ghost king, children before marriage that turns out to be genius and leads ML and FL together, spoiled love, sadomasochistic love, virtual reality, etc etc
    1. The systems missions were interesting too. Like harem beautify system, catching great beauties system, superstar system (I hope you know the last one I refer to).
    1. It's so fun to defeats those mary sue, gary stu, white lotuses, green teas, etc etc.
    1. Ning shu never taken a mission that ask someone to fall in love with someone else because she thought that it was not authentic especially when the real owner comes back then who would guarantee that the other person would still be in love with the real one?
    1. I appreciated the fact when it gets hard, Ning Shu would not indiscriminately kill everyone to complete her missions because she knows that when the owner comes back, they'll face great repercussion. She takes great care for after sale service (?) like finding a good job, taking care of client's family, and writing down skills that she has so her client will survive even when she left.
    1. Ning Shu really grew, as in no OP past life skills that she conveniently has such as being an assassins, hacker, etc etc. She learned it one by one which made her more real.
    1. She doesn't differentiate good or evil, sometimes it was because of love or revenge or jealousy. Her moral compass is not all black and white, even it became very irrational, she would still be cool headed and did her best for her client.
    1. I just really like her, she's a strong independent woman that makes rational decisions.

a bit of a warning, this novel has a very slow but consistent progression so earlier arcs are somewhat weaker. <<less
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Gayle rated it
January 4, 2020
Status: c589
I have a whole system for reviewing. I got layout, the sections, and the criteria all planned out. But I can't bring myself to use it for this novel. Even though I like many things about it, I just feel an urge to complain about this author.

I really don't know what is wrong with this author's brain. On the one hand, the author manages to avoid many of the pitfalls other authors fall into with webnovels. On the only hand, this author dives head first in others that most authors... more>> would have little trouble avoiding.

Before going into that, let's get this out of the way. This is a Quick Transmigration story. Those of us familiar with this genre know how these go. The host goes to the a variety of worlds, face slaps everybody in them before moving on to the next world and repeating the process. In this case, our host is Ning Shu. Ning Shu is supposed to be a sensible character. She sees through bullsh*t and uses her wits to succeed. Let's disregard that she was originally a bedridden young girl in her early teens with little worldly experience and just accept that once she begins her journey she is suddenly extremely clever and savvy.

Okay back to this pitfall thing. In female protagonist face slapping novels, young girls get wrecked. This is because the protagonist usually starts as a young woman so naturally her enemies are also young women. They go up against the protagonist and this means they are inevitably going to suffer a terrible fate, But most people are not all that enthusiastic about reading about girls and young women dying gruesome deaths. So what authors do is give the reader an excuse to enjoy reading such things by making these girls villainous. Usually, this just means making them extremely hateful and irrational for little discernible reason. It is a shitty way to make a villain but at least you have a villain.

The author of this story also does this. But only sometimes. And that "only sometimes" is the biggest problem with this story. The protagonist Ning Shu is portrayed as a good person. Pragmatic but good. As the protagonist of a face slapping, she is going to drive women to death. That is just how the genre works. But sometimes the author just outright fails in making the girls the protagonist drives to death seem villainous. In face, sometimes rather than seeming villainous they appear downright pitiful. But the author gleefully kills them off anyway.

Let me give you some examples.

A girl from the countryside saves a general who was defeated in battle and badly wounded (the male lead for that world). The two fall in love. The general hides his identity from her and brings her back to the capital to be his wife. There she discovers that her future husband is actually an important figure. But she also discovers that he already has a fiancee. So now this girl is stuck far away from home. She doesn't know anything about the city. She doesn't know the proper way to speak to the nobles of the city who can take her life on a whim. She has tan skin from living in the country and since this is a chinese web novel this means that everyone is allowed to look down on and disparage her with impunity. The only person she can rely on is the general who told her nothing about the situation he was dragging her into or his marital status and does nothing to educate her.

No matter how you look at it, this girl is not a villain. Never-the-less, it is our protagonist's duty to face slap her. So how does the our hero Ning Shu deal with this pitiful girl who cannot possibly bring any harm to her? By attempting to disfigure her and eventually driving her to a miserable end like she does all the actual villainous characters.

But wait, there's more!

Another example. A girl who aspires to be an actress. Her manager wants her to go to parties with important people in the entertainment industry so that she can make connections and in that way get prominent roles. The girl does not want to go these parties. The author portrays the girl as unreasonable for being unwilling to do this but the girl actually has two good reasons to dislike these parties. First, she wants to succeed as an actress through her own skill rather than backhanded means. And second, she gets groped and mol*sted at these parties. But her manager forces her to go to these party anyway. The author portrays this as the right thing to do because "that's how the world works". But as a result of going to one of these parties, the girl is r*ped. But, in true Chinese web novel logic fashion, this r*pe is okay because the rapist is the handsome, wealthy, and powerful male lead of that world, who happened to be drugged with an aphrodisiac. The male lead tosses money at his victim as an apology. At this point, the girl already pretty pitiful. But author is not done with this girl yet. The author has just gotten started! The male lead is SHOCKED that the woman he r*ped doesn't want to pursue him romantically. This arouses his interest and so he decides to pursue her himself. Forcefully. He forces her to be his lover through force and blackmail. The author is careful to say time and again that even though the girl is being forced, the rapist is doing a lot to treat her well aside from the whole r*pe and blackmail thing. And like a prisoner suffering from Stockholm syndrome, she eventually falls in love with him. With the influence of the "r*pe them until they love me" male lead, this girl is able to make inroads in the entertainment industry and become the queen of film.

This girl who was r*ped, blackmailed, and forced into a relationship is the enemy that the protagonist, Ning Shu, must face slap into a miserable death. But never fear, the is supposed to be a villain so the author will definitely make her deserving of a face slap, right? So let's take a look at some of our r*pe victim's villainous actions.

The girl accidentally spills wine on an influential figure (Mr. Rapist from the previous paragraph). As a result, her manager dragged her out into the rain to apologize him. The manager got drenched and became sick. Clearly, this is the girl's fault. Who told her to be so clumsy? Disregard that it was the manager who forced the girl to go the party against her will and disregard that it was the manager that thought apologizing in the rain was a good idea. The girl is to blame. That makes her a villain.

The girl is given a role as an extra and does poorly. As a result, the director yells and screams at her. Naturally, the girl doesn't want this to happen again so she asks her manager to let her take acting lessons. The manager refuses this request. Rather than learning the fundamentals of acting in a class, the manager thinks the girl should just learn on the job. The author assures us this is perfectly reasonable. The girl vehemently disagrees. That makes her a villain.

The girl has low EQ. This makes her bad at reading situations. That makes her a villain.

The girl complains once, Just ONCE, that her manager forces her to go parties where she is groped by strangers. The male lead is angered by this and destroys the manager's career before having the manager gangr*ped to death. The girl did not ask for that to happen. It was not her intention for that to happen. The male lead did it all on his own. But the male lead did it for her, so that makes her a villain.

That last paragraph is what the author uses to justify Ning Shu's mission to drag the girl into hell. Ning Shu transmigrates into the manager long before the gangr*pe and before the girl herself is r*ped by the protagonist. The arc is then about how Ning Shu torments this girl. It doesn't matter that the girl isn't responsible for what happened. It doesn't matter that the girl never wanted a relationship with the male lead in the first place. It doesn't even matter that everything that happened is a direct result of the manager's own actions. For the author, the manager is the righteous one and girl is the villain. And we all know what happens to villains in these stories.

This kind of shitty logic and morality is all over the place in this story. In the author's defense, these are scenarios taken from other web novels. Ning Shu transmigrates into the female antagonists, so the author is put in the position of having to make the antagonist righteous and the heroine villainous. But the way this author does it is often so half-assed and nonsensical that it feels like the author is just finding excuses to kill off the the would be heroines and have the would be villain win.

I should be clear that this does not happen every arc. There are plenty of arcs where the would-be heroine is clearly villainous and so this problem is averted.

And finally, this is technically a review so I should say at least say that I find this story entertaining. If you like quick transmigration stories, here is one that focuses more on face slapping and adventuring than romance. In fact, many arcs (most the ones translated so far) don't have the protagonist engaging in any kind of romance at all. Instead she is raising children, or cultivating, or fighting a war, or surviving the apocalypse. These are familiar scenarios in quick transmigration stories but they are as entertaining her as they are in the other stories, and better written than most the translated qt stories on novelupdates. I would give it 3 stars if the rating buttons weren't mysteriously missing on novelupdates right now. It is just that for this story you can't think too hard about who is in the right and who is the wrong or you will often find that the people the Ning Shu is face slapping to the grave are actually the righteous ones. Oh, but this doesn't apply to each world's male lead. Those guys are pretty much always over-the-top ridiculous villains.

And that is the end of my rant. <<less
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nakimushi rated it
April 7, 2018
Status: c3073
Went to read the raw because I was suffering from severe withdrawal syndromes waiting for the translation. But now I'm suffering from severe withdrawal syndromes waiting for the raw. T-T

... more>>

This novel is definitely unique amongst the Quick Transmigration types. Its uniqueness can be both good and bad. I just happen to like quite a few of these points though sometimes it feels like the author overdid it. Everything below is up till what I read (chapter 3073, the translator's chapter count seems to be different from the raw sites I frequent).

    1. Author (and thus the MC) is an advocator of feminism, independence and other values that have been mentioned many times throughout missions and so on. Women can be capable on their own. Love doesn't last. Love seriously makes people blind and kidnaps their brain cells. Women don't need to be loved to live well; they just need to love themselves. No point suffering over lost love. Etc.
    2. MC has little to none romance. This is partly in accordance to her values and personality, which she sticks to throughout. There are repeat characters

      Guys: Tai Shu (school doctor uncle), Li Wen (emperor elder brother), Qing Yue (kelp), Zhang Jiasen, Jiang Chen (soulless undead), An He (fragrance military guy), Zu Li (changpao guy), Mo Ming (weak porcelain guy), Sang Liang (silver-haired guy), Zheng Qing (2333), etc.


      but the reappearance of those not related to the organisation are few and far between. MC can be cold and ruthless, actively avoiding romantic entanglements outside of missions. While some of the big guys simply look down on her strength, making it unlikely for them to consider her as a partner.

    3. MC is a bit of a lone wolf. She doesn't trust people easily, if ever. She's very dedicated to her goals. Relationships, including friendship, is kind of secondary. I like this because it means she's not wishy-washy and you don't have to expect annoying angst but this also makes her come off a bit too pragmatic cos it seems like she only contact people when she needs them. So far she seems to have made 2 friends and the rest are still on acquaintance or business partner level.
    4. I find it quite comedic though this type of humour may not be for everyone. Some humour might be lost in translation too. There's a few running jokes throughout, like how she's becoming more and more like a nanny.
    5. Each character is unique though they may not always be very well-developed.

      Especially for Tai Shu, his personality from his first 2 meetings with MC and his later personality seems to differ vastly.


      None of the important characters appear 2-dimensional; they all have their thoughts, motivations and quirks. Some. Are. VERY. Quirky. A common point is you shouldn't expect a free lunch from like 98% of them =_=;;

    6. The world building is superb. MC starts off as a minor, dispensable operative and as appropriate for her rank, she knows very little. This changes as she climbs the ladder, increases her value, and gains the right to know more. The missions are just part of a structure to keep things stable for the bigger picture. There are loopholes but not a lot of obvious ones.
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A Loner Reader
A Loner Reader rated it
February 28, 2018
Status: c47
I've endured enough!!

Do you know what a punching bag of a MC is?!

A masochistic task-taker-transmigrator?!

A beat-me-to-a-pulp-and-I'll-take-it-with-pleasure person?

A MC who don't even refute back? Even with just words?

The perfect example is this!

I mean like, come on!

If you don't like them then say it to their face!

I just don't know why some readers like this!

I've already read 40+ chapters and the MC is still a punching bag!

Thus I DROP this!
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Nana (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
Nana (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ rated it
January 22, 2018
Status: c1623
It's really a salty dish among sweet dessert, among twenty or so 'fast wear' type (a novel type where MC jump from a world to another, completing the original body's wish or something like that, a world/set story usually around 20 chapters).

Usually MC got around 2/3 world until found the 'special one'. Keep her virginity only for him and strive to finish the story until she got her own happiness with the the special ones. In every world, MC used special one/ml's identity to help her achieve and complete the... more>> task, this series doesn't. MC is a strong and independent woman, if I remember correctly, the closest romance I can smell is from the first world, then straight from there is an adventure type. She really try her best to finish every task, with often limited resource and level cap (like you can't exceed the BOSS you're fighting in RPG game, no matter how much you grind).

Some fast wear series feels repetitive once you go through 5 or so world, but this one is not. Every world feels different. But for romance seeker, you have been warned. <<less
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compass96 rated it
April 7, 2021
Status: c1005
Okay, I give up. I tried. I really tried. I really loved this story. I rated it a 5, I supported it on patreon for almost year. I ignored the first arc. But I just can't continue reading it anymore, it makes my blood boil so much.


Translation is great. Ning Shu inner thoughts are interesting. She clearly progresses from weak to strong.

... more>> Cons:

This novel hates women. There I said it. Every other woman other than our MC is horrible and ends up suffering from violence, often sexual. The only women who get sympathy are the women that Ning Shu possessed. Also, the morals of the novel keep on flip-flopping. In the main character arc (my second favourite arc), Ning Shu sees for herself how horrible it is to be the main female lead who all the men are interested in raping and dominating but in the sadomasochist arc, she immediately victim blames the FL for not reporting her abuser to the police. This hit hard for me especially after Me Too as many women have talked about why they couldn't report their high ranking abusers. In addition, the police is ineffectual for r*pe cases against ordinary people not to mention the rich and powerful. Ning Shu is disgusted that the FL fell in love with her abuser after he killed her loved one. From my perspective, it's not that she fell in love with her abuser but that she gave up on escaping her situation. If even the man she loved who was trying to take her out of the situation she was in could not do, what was the point of escaping?

I despised the casual colorism in the general arc. As a black woman seeing the narrative constantly deride the general's lover from the countryside because of her skin was disgusting and genuinely hurt me. I understand that in QT stories, the female antagonists will always receive punishment but the female antagonists often come across as women trapped in situations by the men and people among them and Ning Shu's slut-shaming, vitim blaming manner definitely doesn't help. Also, why are all the other character apart from the MC so s*upid?

This novel also lets men off the slack more than women. I'll give two arcs as examples. In the princess arc (my favourite arc), the princess' husband is a piece of tr*sh. He is a rapist, an abuser and a wife beater. But the narrative doesn't seem to consider him to be one. Sure it tells us that this is who he is but it constantly mentioned how good looking he is and how well he treats Ning Shu because of how interested he is in her thereby implying that if the princess had been interesting, she would have gotten treated better ergo her own mistreatment is her fault. In the death soldier arc, Ning Shu gets placed in the body of a death soldier who stalks the FL on the order of a prince who attempts to r*pe the FL but from the very beginning, we are programmmed to hate the FL and ask why she makes Ning Shu's job more difficult. Of course she would, Ning Shu is the subordinate of a man who she has explicitly refused and who is determined to have the FL no matter what. If I was the FL of course I wouldn't want him or anyone to do with him near me. However, the story portrays this prince as if he is a childish, hilarious brat and he eventually ends up ruining the FL's reputation even though all she wanted was to be with the man she loved. In the end, nothing really happens to the prince and he ends up going to war with his brother (the FL's love interest) over her. Now is this FL perfect? No but she definitely is f*cking better than this prince and didn't deserve being stalked or having her reputation ruined. It is also this story that ended up making me hate Ning Shu because she enables the princes and slut-shames the FL in her head. She reminded me of Serena Joy from The Handmaid's tale.

I really f*cking cannot. This story pretends to be feminist but it's the most NLOG victim blaming sh*t I've ever seen. So, I'm giving up and it really f*cking hurts because I loved this story but I cannot continue with a story that pits women together, employs the madonna-who*e complex and uses s*xual violence as a way to punish women. It's just not for me. The translation is very good and it was quite funny but I think this is where I will stop. I can't keep on reading something that enrages me every second I read it. <<less
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Sangchu12 rated it
December 25, 2017
Status: c7
I am hooked up. I love this novel very much. It's about MC transmigration body of abandoned women and take revenge on her villains, heroine and scum as*hole cheater husband who destroy MC life. MC is talent and cunning ruthless. She was one of best MC of all novel. If you want spoiler go to novel update forum.
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TigerTerror rated it
March 9, 2019
Status: c484
There is one very simple reason that I like and recommend Cannon Fodder instead of other Quick Transmigrations; there is no central Male Lead. The fix to every problem is not 'endure until we find our husband', it is 'Ning Shu actually has to do something about it herself'.

Most stories of this type very quickly descend into one plot: Here are some bad-guys. Trip them up a little while finding husband again. Once husband is found, do nothing but enjoy his pampering, and get married/live your happy life in a new pretty cosplay dress. Cannon Fodder does not do this. Cannon Fodder - as the title promises - gives us counterattacks. Ning Shu does things. Ning Shu has goals and aims outside of get her man - and in fact... more>> doesn't seem to have one at all, which is a strength to this type of story! In a scene where the female leads so quickly turn into hapless, passive flowers clinging to their true-love's arm, Ning Shu is aggressive and focused on achieving the wishes her hosts' left her with.

As a result, Ning Shu actually has character, and actually grows and changes over time and her experiences change her. Because Cannon Fodder also avoids the other trope so common to transmigration; Ning Shu is not 'special'; she was not a genius, or an assassin, or a legendary warrior in the making. She starts from zero, and every skill she gains is a skill she seeks out to develop and earn. She is satisfying to read and journey with.

In terms of plot and what you're getting into; this story is very much in line with the other Quick Transmigration's; brief hops of a few dozen chapters going to different worlds and stories in order to counteract the plot would otherwise be in place. But since it forgoes the romance entirely, these stories do not get stale - instead, the author has to work hard to give us interesting worlds that challenge Ning Shu in new ways.

As a result, I'd actually say this story gets better and the worlds more interesting as we go on. The first world might be a bit of a strain for some people, but the longer you read the more improved the settings become.

If you're not interested in watching a bunch of characters be forced to face man-made "karma", then neither Cannon Fodder or any other Quick Transmigration is for you. But if you have found the concept enjoyable at any point before, Cannon Fodder is one you should try out. <<less
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Brave Armadillo
Brave Armadillo rated it
December 27, 2017
Status: c20

Thirteen chapters in and we are STILL in the introduction to the first story.

TWENTY chapters in and STILL nothing of note has happened.

So far we have:
... more>>

Girl dies, girl sees fluffy clouds, girl gets tapped to transmigrate into other people's bodies to help solve their problems, girl transmigrates -- and immediately get beaten to a pulp by minions of the Antagonist, goes to the school doctor and gets sneered at by him, goes to class and gets sneered at by the teacher and the class itself, meets Antagonist and gets sneered at by her, meets Male Lead she was sent to somehow save and gets sneered at by him, goes home and gets beaten to a pulp AND sneered at by Father (who is apparently not blood-related), gets sneered at by Mother and Brother as she's kicked out of the house forever, gets tricked by the System to accept a side-mission, and finally moves into an apartment where she is FINALLY truly happy and delighted with her life because she can clean her room... Even bouncing up and down.

What, with blood crusting on your head (rammed into wall), blood on your face (clawed by fingernails), multiple bruises (pummeling), and she herself even said she thought (hit by heavy objects) she had a concussion?

No. Not happening.

Another problem is that she states she is completely lost in class (because when you transmigrate you get information about everyone in your life, the ability to speak and write the language, your personal history from birth, but you DON'T get English 101).

Also, she is apparently good at Taekwondo... that she signed up for somewhere... so she's going to completely ignore lessons and focus on that instead... like she's not going to get called on by the teacher so she can be laughed at some more... (sigh)


Now, it's written in the summary above that yes, she is going to meet a LOT of unpleasant people, but so far I still haven't seen a single glimpse of "Good thing I have [plot armor / some cheat / help from outside] going for me!" or "Good thing I am smart!" or "Good thing I am actually a psycho axe murderer!" so I'm not entirely sure why the main character is acting like she's on autopilot this whole time. Even when she genuinely feels an emotion it just somehow washes away like she's a certain lich character from a once-popular vrmmo game and she's back to "meh" in the next paragraph.

I'm keeping my rating at three stars because to be fair, a) the translations are good, b) I don't read that many Chinese novels so for all I know this pacing might be normal, and c) it might get better once the actual plot starts.

But for me, I'm done. <<less
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Tachi Works
Tachi Works rated it
December 27, 2017
Status: c11
INTERSTING TWIST is that the MC returns all her stolen bodies after reversing their fates and saving their lives, so some of the ex cannon fodders are aware that they lost their memory and someone else was in their body and are grateful for the second chance.

So far no romance as she is professionally, strictly just changing fates, not selfishly finding romance in her borrowed body.
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Efu-sama rated it
January 1, 2022
Status: Completed
I finished this novel worth 4000+ chapters, and I was left empty. Or not? I was left with so many things I wanted to say.

    1. I will talk about the relationship between characters (because it impressed me the most)
    2. I will talk about the ending
I don't want to talk about the pros cons or the upside or downside of this novel because it's meaningless. For me, who has persevered to read 4000+ chapters, what's the point of talking about the good side or bad side? I like this novel, wholeheartedly, and I accept and understand its every aspect including its defect, so, I won't waste my time talking about it.

Let's talk about (the non-existent) romance.


There is NO ROMANCE, at all.

But I think, the Author seemed about to pair Ning Shu with the School Doctor Uncle (TaiShu) at the beginning. However, after so many chapters and plots forward, this notion has been abandoned. The reason I think so was that Uncle Tai's behavior and style in the first and second meeting with Ning Shu is very, very discordant with his overall setting in the novel beyond.

For example, at the second time of their meeting, Uncle Time actually, BATH Ning Shu's body diligently, and actually enjoy WASHING Ning Shu's hair (though at that time Ning Shu was zombified, but still). Uncle Tai is someone who wouldn't bother to communicate with Ants much less dealings with Ants, so why did he bother to wash Ning Shu's hair? If it was Uncle Tai in the later chapters I think he'll just throw Ning Shu to some water tank or something (LOL). That's why I think, the Author at first wanted to pair Uncle Tai with Ning Shu, however, the plot did not match with the notion, so the romance was abandoned.

However, Uncle Tai is indeed a GOD-like existence, who has lived for perhaps millions of years in the void, and who knew how many billions of years if calculated in small world time. So, romance or chasing love is not something he's capable of. Love is something weak people pursue to complete themselves. Trust and companionship is something strong people need in their life. While for those GOD-like existences, only partnership regarding each other's interest (in a formal way) needed to interact between people. Therefore, I approve of the Author's choice to abandon the romance with Uncle Tai.


Next, let's talk about Ning Shu with Li Wen (Brother Emperor)


Actually, the ending of Ning Shu's relationship with Li Wen can be seen directly right at the arcs when Ning Shu met Li Wen. Their relationship is truly a mirror of what happened between Li Wen and his real younger sister (before later Ning Shu took the task and change the younger sister's fate).

Ning Shu helped Li Wen to stabilize his dynasty, helped the real younger sister to change her fate, and later indirectly helped Li Wen to transcend to the void, giving him chance to see that his own world was just a drop in the ocean (by giving the silver mouse to Li Wen). In exchange, Li Wen treated Ning Shu kindly. When they met, he gave Ning Shu exotic foods she has never tasted in the void. Seeing Ning Shu interested in the energy body, he gave Ning Shu some of it. When he was about to wander, he still informed Ning Shu and gave her again, exotic foods. Later, when he wanted to control the super civilization remnants, knowing Ning Shu coveted the rare energy body, he promised that after he control the place he will share Ning Shu some of it (and he did share quite a big chunk of it).

All in all, Li Wen can be a very good older brother who indulges his younger sister.

Li Wen treated Ning Shu just like he treated his real younger sister. The two women helped him, so he, the Emperor pampered them as well.

However, here lies the difference. Li Wen's real younger sister (before Ning Shu changed her fate) originally was blinded by love, acted irrationally, cross Li Wen's interest, hence Li Wen ruthlessly kicked her out, and let her be tortured and killed by others.

Yes, Li Wen's kindness and indulgence are on the premise that the younger sister (either the real one or Ning Shu) is obedient to him and didn't cross his interest.

Unfortunately, Ning Shu was someone who can bend and stretch. If she's weak, she will be obedient, but once she gains strength, she will brandish her claws and get freed from anyone's control. She's not someone who can pretend to be the obedient little sister who did everything her older brother told her to.

Therefore, the balance of the relationship between Li Wen and Ning Shu fell apart. Li Wen could not control Ning Shu and Ning Shu did not want to be under anyone's control.

The ending of their relationship Is not surprising, though it's quite regrettable.


Let's talk about Ning Shu's closest person.


In my opinion, the closest person to Ning Shu are Fa Tian (of course), earthworm or Tao Yin, and Mo Ming.

Fa Tian and Ning Shu are like siblings but not siblings, parents and child but not quite, friends but is much more closer. As Ning Shu's weapon, Fa Tian knew Ning Shu's days as a bereaved dog under the Organization, understood Ning Shu's world views, and later he himself tasted the feeling of a helpless dog who can't do anything in front of the mighty Uncle Tai and the big organization.

The reason Fa Tian and Ning Shu trusted each other was because both of them had sacrificed and dedicated their lives to each other. Ning Shu died (for the second time) to protect Fa Tian. In return, Fa Tian spent hundreds or thousands (?) of years wandering alone while kept trying to resurrect Ning Shu (though he failed). Later, after her own resurrection, Ning Shu dedicated herself to helping Fa Tian grow up and gain more strength. In the two times, Ning Shu almost died (after a battle with Li Wen and Uncle), Fa Tian also dedicated himself to the verge of exhaustion to heal Ning Shu.

The two of them grow with each other, being weak together, and growing strong together. So it's no wonder that the closest person to Ning Shu is her weapon, Fa Tian.

Next, the reason I think earthworm (Tao Yin) is the next closest person is because, just like Fa Tian, earthworm knows Ning Shu from when Ning Shu was just a Soul who worked under the organization until she later becomes what she is in the end. Earthworms treated Ning Shu the same and see her as a person, rather than her position or status. Similarly, Ning Shu also knew Earthworm from when he was just an ignorant bug who can be crushed easily, until when the earthworm started to become a nanny for the babies Ning Shu dumped on him (lol), and finally until he cultivated his human form. Both of them always regarded each other the same.

There's also actually a tasker, Ning Shu's colleague, The Cheongsam-man (The Incarnation of Time Law) who's quite close to Ning Shu. But, IMO, he's more like a good business partner rather than a pure friend.

Lastly, Mo Ming, also treated Ning Shu as the person with the identity of Ning Shu. He never changed his regard for Ning Shu from start to finish. He's someone with a good EQ. When Ning Shu was just a small tasker, Mo Ming treated her kindly. Even when giving a gift, he gave the most thoughtful gifts sincerely without any motives behind it (unlike Uncle Tai and others who give the gifts inlaid with responsibility and treachery behind, lol).

Even later when he met Ning Shu who's already become a strong Void Cubs, he treated her the same without any superiority or inferiority mixed within. He's someone who knew how to make a good impression on others and how to make friends. If I want to say a good friend, then Mo Ming is the best friend among Ning Shu's acquaintances.

Mo Ming is originally a person Ning Shu met in the task world. Due to his extraordinary temperament and luck, he got recruited by the organization after he died.

Psst, Mo Ming is the only male, who, has once become Ning Shu's husband in the task world, and the only male with a husband identity who is not a scumbag, lol. Ning Shu also acted as a good wife to him (with no kiss or s*xual interc**rse of course). Even though it's Ning Shu's task to marry Mo Ming, but still, Ning Shu's willingness to treat Mo Ming well is a form of her appreciation toward a male, and we know that Ning Shu generally feels indifferent toward males, lol.

Cough, actually, I want to ship him with Ning Shu, lol. Alas, Mo Ming is just a soul body, lol.


Let's talk about the two Iconic BROTHER

that is, Uncle Tai (ZhengQing's elder brother) and Li Wen (the real Imperial Sister's brother, and Ning Shu's fake elder brother, lol).


Both are tr*sh brothers, LOL. If I can choose I will pick someone else. But if I were to really pick, I will choose Uncle Tai. The reason was that, unlike Li Wen, Uncle Tai actually has more sibling affection toward ZhengQing.

Sure, on the surface Li Wen is more affectionate since he likes to send gifts and take care of his younger sister (both his real ones and Ning Shu the fake one). However, Li Wen is a human Emperor who killed all of his siblings (including his younger sister who had helped him ascend to the throne) just because they were all the stumbling blocks of his career and interest.

On the contrary, Uncle Tai actually has much more patient with the bear children, ZhengQing. Before the start of Law Sea's demise, Uncle has let ZhengQing live whatever he wanted, swaggering around to his heart contents. Meanwhile, Uncle Tai has to take care of the should have been the two of them's responsibility, that is being the guardian of the Law Sea, by himself. The existence of ZhengQing actually just as Ning Shu said, is a burden to the Law Sea. Worse of it, ZhengQing is a bear kid who didn't want to do his responsibility as the guardian. And yet, Uncle Tai did not kill him and let him live wantonly for a long, long time until the Law Sea started to deteriorate.

ZhengQing's imprisonment and torture later was Uncle Tai's way to punish the bear children who had tossed his responsibility away for so many years. In the end, Uncle Tai never let ZhengQing truly die, and even spent a painstaking effort to research a way to resurrect ZhengQing after he died, and compensate him even, lol.

Li Wen is a person who can kill his sibling who has helped him just because they crossed his interest. He is someone with a warm surface but a very poisonous inside.

Meanwhile, Uncle is a sharp and cold surface while actually a very affectionate brother inside, lol. The way he tolerated ZhengQing who live like a prodigal son who only use his parent's money without working, for a long time, until their family started to go bankrupt (the law sea started to rot, lol), is really worthy of applause. His way of showing sibling affection is indeed unconventional, but even Ning Shu sighed and said, "This is LOVE indeed!" LOL


Finally, Let's talk about the ending.


The ending is an open ending.

I won't tell about the specific ending plot because it's already been talked about by others, so I will just talk about some parts that I'm particularly impressed about.

First, JAJAJANG!! of course Uncle Tai and ZhengQing's parting moment!!

Uncle Tai: "I hope you will take care of yourself in the future, meet good people, and spend the rest of your life warmly."

The gecko (ZhengQing) looked at Uncle Tai, "So, you're going to die, right?"

He is aware of Uncle Tai's body condition. Previously, Uncle Tai always wanted to tie him to his body and never leave his body, but now he suddenly entrusted ZhengQing to someone else.

This is obviously a Dying Message, though that's great, He finally doesn't have to live with The Uncle.

But ZhengQing still has to pretend to be concerned about the matter, "Are you going to die by yourself?"

Uncle Tai shook his head, "No."

Gecko (ZhengQing) : "I don't believe it! Unless you scald your jj (dick, lol) with boiling water."

Ning Shu: Oh! ! ! (Subway Grandpa. jpg)

The way these brothers are talking, tsk.. tsk.. tsk


But later, when Uncle Tai truly die:

The Gecko (ZhengQing) heard the darkness spreading into the void again (note: this is the sign that Uncle Tai gave up his life and truly die QAQ) and was stunned for a while, then jumped up happily, insisting that the earthworms (Tao Yin) make a table of dishes to celebrate.

Ning Shu was so angry that he slapped him. What was there to celebrate? Thinking of the darkness spreading into the void again, the meal was no longer fragrant, and he still wanted to celebrate?

Although there was no one at the table to celebrate together, the gecko (ZhengQing) ate two more energy bodies to celebrate.

It's just that the energy body is too big, choking in the throat, and the tears are choked out. Even if the energy body has successfully been swallowed, the gecko (ZhengQing) is still crying, and it continues to cry.

Damn! These two brothers, Uncle Tai and ZhengQing are just, uhhhhh! I just can't QAQ

Actually, there are so many characters that were left unattended in the ending. For example, Zhu Jun the skeleton, I really wanted him to meet with PipiShu, lol. The way he interacted with Ning Shu is really like a friend rather than a boss and subordinate. Alas, we were not given any.

There are also the Kelp and the Zombie (I forgot their name) who wanted to try breaking the plane's restriction and travel beyond. What happened with them? Though, considering that later the Law Sea and all the planes within were destroyed all at once when Ning Shu fought with Uncle Tai, I think their end even though they succeeded in traveling into another plane, will be still dead in the midst of the planes' destruction.

All in all, the ending makes me sigh in melancholy. Looking back to the 4000 chapters at the back and the many events happening, it felt like a faraway dream, distant memories. As Ning Shu said, time is the cruelest. As time goes by, those who were gone were easily forgotten. So many people Ning Shu has met, and most of them ended up becoming just a passerby in life.

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solomaize rated it
March 17, 2018
Status: c75
This novel suffers from a bad first impression, or bad first world progression. It was like reading a bad shoujo manga and at one point I was ready to give up on the MC. But, BUT!! Gratefully, second world and up, things really pick up momentum and the MC is GLORIOUS! She's the woman who don't let gender dictate what a person can or cannot achieve. She is fierce, giving some literal face slapping to a cheating husband an it was the best thing EVER! One thing that differentiate... more>> this from other fast wears/system novels, the souls whose body was used by the MC, returns after the MC completes her mission. And you get to see them facing the aftermath of the counter attack, some remembering all the things the MC did to get their dignity back. Which is so cool!

All in all it is worth 5 stars, but 1 star was sacrificed to purify my mind from the first world. Plus system is an Ass. <<less
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OctoberGrey rated it
December 26, 2019
Status: c69
I never thought a novel could be so insensitive and racist. The author portrays dark skinned women as inferior and ugly compared to the FL who is fair skinned.

This happens when Er Ya, the rival of the FL meets her for the first time and feels jealous and inferior because of her dark complexion. Then there's is bit where ML introduces Er Ya to his mother, see below:

Madame Duan, Duan Xinghui's mother, hadn't even had the chance to revive with joy from the news that her son had come back... more>> alive before she was almost made to faint when Duan Xinghui said that Er Ya would be his wife from now on.

Madame Duan almost fell apart when she saw Er Ya, who was wearing cotton garments, had dark skin, and didn't seem to know any etiquette at all.


So where did this little village girl come from!?

Madame Duan was a very shrewd woman. Although she inwardly itched to just bury Er Ya alive, on the surface she still maintained a warm smile.

When Duan Xinghui saw the smile on his mother's face, his usually stern expression also softened into a smile as he said to Madame Duan, "Mom, Er Ya is a very nice lady. She's simple and adorable, and will definitely show you great filial piety."

Madame Duan's face twitched and the warm smile on her face almost fell apart. Simple and adorable? Madame Duan looked at the dark-skinned Er Ya. She looked even older than Duan Xinghui!

As a poc myself, I hated how her skin colour was always brought up and portrayed in a negative light. Her skin colour has nothing to do with the fact that she is a white lotus. The author always criticises her for it, which is really annoying. <<less
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myling rated it
February 1, 2018
Status: c44
I read this several times and it my favorite system novel so far because the MC isnt ridiculously op like the MC in Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil (seriously that MC is perfect at everything) or have crazy cheats like the Shi Sheng. She like the MC in doomsday wonderland really hard working and no male lead in sight.I love how the MC talks about how woman should respect themselves not just relying on men. There seems to be something bigger going on in the background beside her... more>> mission.i also sense a mystery in her background too .

However the downfall of this novel is the what Brave Armadillo put in her spoiler I agree with her and to be honest as a victim of bullying (i was the poorest kid in my school full of rich kids and I was consider fat) I was cringing throughout the first arc and wasn't satisfied at all at the resolution also it reminded me of the Busan bully case that currently going on in korean where the bullies almost tortured a girl to death and show no remorse and even sued the victim . There really is crazy girls out there taking advantage of their youth. The good things is that the MC has a funny sense of humor so ill be stressed out from anger and then start laughing

After the first arc the story gets way less stressful (at least for me) and this MC slowly gets stronger and is really kick ass. However so far in the raws I read up to she will always meet crazy people so I wish for a twist where there more character to these rather flat villains because I too like want to see if true beauty still exist in these worlds <<less
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Maiasia rated it
February 14, 2018
Status: c53
At first I was put off by the bullying spoilers in the comment section, along with the fact that in most transmigration stories involving a female protagonist, she's mainly fending off other women's nonsensical jealousy, I was reeeaaally reluctant to read this novel. I mean, I can only deal with so much s*upid pettiness over a guy before gagging, but with me running out of updates to read I decided to buckle down and read it. Honestly, I'm glad I did. The bullying part was bad in a way,... more>> and quickly done with, with so short of chapters, but what got me through it was her attitude towards all the abuse. I really like how she did not have a victim's attitude but one of a more mature person who've lived through worst things than high school society with hormonal, prtentious teenagers whom have yet to grow into who they really are. Love isn't the main focus, or even in sight at the moment, but rather survival, the survival of her soul by accomplishing the host's goals. The chapters are short so 53 chapters went by in no time but they're filled with action, drama, and a kickass heroine with no golden finger and a no help system. The translations are superb, the flow of the story is very smooth and exciting, and the writing is very well done, not amateurish at all. So I highly recommend this novel. Read it. Unless you're looking for in your face romance, you won't be disappointed. <<less
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NotShamelessHeHe rated it
May 3, 2018
Status: c2583
They said that this one targets girl readers but for me It's very interesting hehe. If you're a handsome guy like me, you can try reading, won't force you. This has a slow progress and has good character building unlike the sudden OPness MC. The character is sometimes... dumb. I really like it when MC suffers hehe. [because its funny to me, don't judge.]

(why can't I change the star rating, this should be three point zero zero nine but, meh)
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Fuyuneko rated it
March 6, 2018
Status: c112
Just wanted to note that the translated chapters look like they're splitting the original raw chapters into two chapters. Translated chapter 68 equals original raw chapter 34. I think that's why the story seems so slow paced? Also, the second world and its characters are way more interesting than the first world that's like a shoujo manga. MC's role is also very different in the second world. So, if you don't like the first world, you might want to try reading second world.
18 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Send Help
Send Help rated it
December 3, 2018
Status: --
It's well written and translated. As other reviewers stated, the focal point is about a strong female MC just trying to get her counter attacking jobs done efficiently and professionally. She starts off weak without cheats, skills, or charms. She does make progress to the top but it is sure SLOW.

The beginning chapters of each arc are frustrating to read. And the first arc is just awful seeing the injustice the MC swallows so be warned, this isn't a novel to read if you like OP characters from start or... more>> freshly served face slapping. But if you can stomach the dog blood thrown in the start, it's interesting to see the story develops.

Also, addressing romance. If romance was rain, this novel is a desert. ML? Ha. What's that? Good men treating the MC like a normal human is as rare as finding a unicorn. <<less
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HaruKoiUta rated it
May 24, 2018
Status: c128
My opinion, I also didn't like the first arc and struggled to finish reading to the end. Like how a lot of other reviews wrote the MC was like a punching bag in the first arc and it really hurts the heart to read. There were also a lot of time I wanted to drop the story too however I didn't because I knew this was a system story so the MC would be going to many different worlds so the next world may be better. The only reason why... more>> the first world is so bad is because she went to a world that was ranked to high for her level which was informed to the audience at the beginning of the story :/

For example, realistically if you're a rookie that just joined a game you shouldn't be fighting against the boss right off the bat unless you want to die. It is impossible to win in such a battle so unless your unlucky or a masochistic you won't join such a battle which wouldn't be fun at all since you're doomed to suffer _ (:3」∠) _ Our MC did try to fight back in the first arc a lot though but they were all futile which was frustrating ;-;

I highly recommend to everyone that if you also don't like this arc to just skip and go to the next arc which starts in chapter 62 instead of dropping it :) Or just skip to the next arc in chapter 62 when you can't put up with the first arc anymore (which is usually around chapter 40 ?),

You would expect/want our MC to suddenly become op instead of a punching bag and beat up everyone that frustrates you before however that is realistically impossible :') Sadly you can't be rookie lvl 1 to suddenly pro lvl 100 in a few months, it takes years of experience you guys. You can only borrow a knife and find a pro that would kill the boss for you so you can go to the next lvl x-x


I am in LOVE with the second arc. It is the complete opposite of the first arc and you will feel a lot of satisfaction after reading it. Our MC is not some weakling but is a hard worker that grows and train herself to becomes independent and strong enough to protect herself. She becomes a person that doesn't need any man to protect her ? saving not only the original body's fate but also a lot of other women who also suffered like her. Our MC influence every women that suffered to stand up for themselves and strive to become independent which I love. She not only influence those women to change but also gives them the opportunity get stronger :') <<less
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