Side Character Transmigrations: The Final Boss is No Joke


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System: Host, what is that thing in the sky?

Shi Sheng: An intergalactic spaceship.

System: …This is a cultivation world, where did an intergalactic spaceship come from?!

System: Host, what are you holding in your hand?

Shi Sheng: Xuanyuan Sword.

System: This is an advanced scientific world, where did an ancient divine sword come from?! Wait a moment… Host what are you doing?!

Shi Sheng: Breaking apart the main couple.


Note : ‘shipping’ is the term people use when they want two people to be a couple.

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Boss Là Nữ Phụ
Mau xuyên: Phản diện Boss có độc
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bekyuubi rated it
February 8, 2018
Status: c1400
I dropped this around chapter 1400, which is kind of unfortunate because the mystery regarding MC and ML was about to be revealed, but I just can't stomach it anymore because it feels like I've been through 40 arcs of the same material. Issues with this.
    1. It's too long because of unchanging MC.
    2. There's no character development.
    3. Near Mary Sue MC level in terms of resolving plot = no tension.
The author had stated that the male lead will never be the one holding the reins of the relationship, so it sort of brings up point #2, no character development. MC mostly doesn't change for all of 1400 chapters, and the only reason I can read this much is because every arc is a mini-story. The ML has different personalities each time and plot each time, and it's refreshing.

However, the MC always remains the same. She always brute forces her way through the story with an OP sword + Lightning grenades if things go wrong. There's no wit from the story and because her attitude towards the ML doesn't change for 1400+ chapters, the story is stagnant. Even if she does change, it should have be done long ago instead of me going through 70% of the webnovel and seeing nothing.

I will recommend reading up to 10 mini arcs and pretend that the MC and ML get to live happily ever after.

2 Stars. Points taken away because of the 3 issues, otherwise I actually like this in the beginning with high marks.
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Novelupdatesaccount1 rated it
July 14, 2018
Status: c150
r*pe Warning!!- Just wanted to start out with that as it doesn't appear to be in the tags or many of the reviews, yet is one of the core components of this story.


The worlds the MC travels through all seem take the lawlessness of xianxia worlds and turn it up twenty or thirty notches - all of which is focused on r*pe.

    • In every arc some female character schemes to get another r*ped.
    • In every arc some character gets r*ped, and it is held as said character's sin - rather than the rapists
        • e.g. the r*pe victim gets ostracized by family, love interests, etc... - the rapist gets off scott free, or close to it
    • r*pe & Gang r*pe is incredibly casual in this story. e.g 150 ch in and we have had 3+ gang r*pes already.
    • The consequences of scheming against the main character are typically being r*ped or (for men) being turned into rapists - this is a constant
    • The consequences for raping someone are ultimately wrist slaps & occasional mu*der su*cides by r*pe victims
        • e.g. The MC stops a rapist in one arc and punishes him by taking an embarrassing video and turning him gay - before releasing him. This character later r*pes some of the mc's enemies.

Beyond r*pe, it is also worth noting that there are no real laws in any of the worlds and kidnapping, attempted mu*der, etc... are common place regardless of how out of tune it might be with the setting.

Aside from all that however, it is funny quite often and is essentially filled with 30-50 chapter arcs, each of which cover 6-8 volumes of some other comparable story. This does mean the story is rushed quite often and skips from the introduction of an idea to when it is entirely over instantly. (e.g. MC is given a challenge to earn money, MC starts a company in the same chapter, and has completed the goal in the next chapter after a time skip)

It is quite a good read if you can skim over the 10-15% of the novel related to r*pe.

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Hanawie rated it
October 3, 2017
Status: c71
So far, the story is really interesting!

We have a rather evil female lead that takes action based on incentives and doesn't even bother to act nice or disguise her disinterest. She feels a lot more real and relatable so I'm sure many readers will like her. If someone slaps her, she'll slap them right back. Her schemes and plans are pretty straightforward though so don't expect any palace intrigue-level complexity.

The male lead is a bit bland so far. He doesn't really play a role in the story because the female... more>> lead is completely capable of taking care of everything herself (which she does and quite well too, if I may add). Although, it seems like the male lead might be getting some more screen time after the third arc (*fingers crossed*). <<less
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Sherrynity rated it
October 24, 2017
Status: c24
I had a good laugh. Basically, the HOST is trying to change the side chara's route to her own liking, because its original route ended in tragic death. The pro is, somehow the side chara's life usually become better than the previous version. The con is... main lead usually get rekt and ended in tragic sufferings **laughs**

A good read for people who hate scumbag F/ML. Let the underdog overtake the script and triumph over the original plot~!!
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Umairuchan rated it
April 3, 2020
Status: --
I don't know why this has such high reviews. At first, I liked it well enough. There's no character development, the MC is full of herself and each arc is basically the same. Definitely one of the issues I had was the fact that there was so much r*pe. I'm pretty sure there's a r*pe in every arc. But I could still stomach it, until the MC did this:

... more>>

The MC witnesses a girl getting r*ped and violated to death. Yet she watches the whole thing without helping her at all. The victim's friend, which happens to be the FL, comes upon the scene and angrily asks why she didn't help. And this bit*h has the audacity to say:

“Why would I save her? What reason would I have for doing so?”

This dumb b*tch. Istg if I ever met someone like this irl, I would have beat her sorry ass.


The MC is a soulless, inhumane bit*h and she's proud of it. Yes we get it sweetie, you are such an unfeeling as*hole who never "has any ripples" in her eyes, do you want a cookie?

The author alludes that something happened to MC that made her such a bit*h who hates society and everybody, but that's a lame ass excuse. Does the author think everyone who went through traumatic experiences becomes a selfish, cruel piece of shit?

Overall, it was bearable until chapter 189. Then I truly understood how much of a disgusting bit*h the MC is. If you can read this after that, then you need to reevaluate your morals and life views. <<less
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EroKitsune rated it
January 21, 2018
Status: c2029
I read the raw up to c2029, so I am pretty confident I love this series a freaking lot even if there are tons of plot holes I spotted.

What I loved the most about this novel?

... more>>

Shi Sheng & Feng Ci are the best couple that I ever witnessed in countless Chinese romance novels. Their love could be regarded as lightning fast due to real life time, but it was tested through more than 20 "lifetimes".

Yeah, Feng Ci us the actual hero, but he's the only one for Shi Sheng. His love during thousands of years in one lifetime for her deserves every cell of her love. The third transmigration (from c52) was the start of their love story.

However, both Shi Sheng And Feng Ci carried tons of past baggage and scars. They didn't manage to love each other until their feelings way surpassed the typical love driven by feelings. Their love was in fact carved into their blood, bones & souls. It was only then did they acknowledge their love fire each other (after like more than half the novel).

So, this love was beyond plausible to me. It was natural, certain, definite.

Shi Sheng is the strongest character I've ever encountered. Regardless of hardships she faced, with or without her tools, her secret xianxia abilities, Shi Sheng could still survive, break the main couple and reunite with Feng Ci. As I watched Shi Sheng through her ups & downs, I couldn't help but admire her resolve & wits beyond things/skills she own.

The system is anoying till the very end, so don't expect it to ever turn super useful to Shi Sheng. She had lots of tricks in her sleeves but they are hers truly.

This novel has a lot of secrets and plot twists about Shi Sheng's ability, Feng Ci's origin, the entire ordeal of transmigration, and the intervention of the system (or even its existence). The thrill to discover such things was the best motivation for me to plow through that many chapters.

The real villain they have is super unexpected, and could only be found after the overarching plot is revealed (1000+++ more chapters to go?).

I wouldn't say every plot resolutions presented by the author (more about that later), but generally, the overarching plot was pretty plausible. It was intersting enough to not disappoint me once I figured it out. There was also enough shadowing prior to major revelations.


The novel was well-executed overall with entertaining hidden plots and amazing chemistry of the main couple.

However, nothing is perfect. This novel also has some major flaws which didn't convince me.


1. Shi Sheng was first introduced as an irresponsible author. This fact is changed by the time the overarching plot is revealed. It was still well resolved as I mentioned, but it's like negating the whole basic premise of this novel.

Every time she destroyed either main, the world would collapse because it's a novel world. So, she should help end it to make up for her incomplete novels.

If repaying her debt was never the goal, it's just weird to force her go through tasks to complete the transmigrating worlds and weirder to have them collapse based on the fates of some random leads besides her.

Basically, it's weird to have her transmigrate into novels, but the author also tried to explain it. I just didn't buy the reason and still thought she gave Shi Sheng too much power and had to change her identity half way through the novel.

My mind still went in circles whenever I thought about this 1st plothole.

2. The author used AI and xianxia family heritage as resolutions to Shi Sheng super powers & knowledge. It's original to see the two together. But it turned Shi Sheng into another protagonist with golden fingers.

This negated my original imterest to read this novel, as I was hooked by her identity as an irresponsible author and wanted to see her learn to complete novels by the end. I was not dogged with that expectation, but I was still disappointed.

3. The reason why transmigration should take place in novels is due to consideration of the system's creator about not disrupting history of other real dimensions. He wanted worlds where Shi Sheng could learn to love, but he knew she would destroy them. Thus, novel worlds were chosen as her love sandbox.

It's a decent reason tbh. I could even add more benefits myself like novels are controlled environments with known progress & outcomes. Yet, the premise of this explanation was forced because it changed the novel from a karma journey of an irresponsible author to a love-experiencing journey of the most powerful woman in the universe.

4. It turned out that Shi Sheng's tasks during transmigration were meant to melt her heart & force her to experience true love for a not-so-convincing reason. So, in her real life, there's a central AI that decided one day to erase emotions from all humans for better productivity. And a concerned representative of the authority got this info & made a bet with the central AI that even the most evil person in the universe, Shi Sheng, could know love.

Look at that whole mess of logic. I didn't add in any details, so it didn't make sense at first glance. I tried to infer the author's intentions myself until it made 80% sense, but I won't share as it was still flimsy. I wanted to to find a better resolution so I continue to read 600++ chapters after the overarching plot got revealed. I didn't reach the final explanation regardless due to the 5th flaw.

5. The quest of finding Feng Ci & gain back his love when he reincarnates & loses memory became extremely repetitive & boring by the 20xxth chapters.

It officially starts after the overarching plot comes to light & Shi Sheng agrees to participatw in the bet of AI in exchange for Feng Ci's freedom.

6. Shi Shend would do 90% of the hard work herself and cheat 9% in order to get Feng Ci. Feng Ci just has to be pretty or occasionally does the last 1%. That's the general trend in every world but the 3rd.

Some may like it, but I don't. I hope there's more equality between the two.

7. The author attempted to write scifi in Shi Sheng's real world, but it's terribly built. The technology is only mentioned with super generic terms like AI, central database, advanced security appliances & military devices, biological weapons. She lacked the descriptions of how existing technology could evolve up to that point to make that world believable ?.

I'm a big fan of scifi so I like to see scifi romance as long as it as a well-constructed world.

Lastly, I don't think Shi Sheng's relentless pursuit of Feng Ci over many lifetimes/novels is the same as loving only Feng Ci. Even Feng Ci doesn't consider his reincarnation as himself when his memory comes back and gets jealous. It's just my personal belief though. It's not really a flaw of this novel.


I have others issues like the actual fate of Shi Sheng's best friend, Shi Sheng's real motivation for participation in the bet with AI, its true nature, the real scheme of the system's creator, etc., but I don't want to bother with them because I can't push myself to go through the repetitive love quests and reach the end any more.

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Yuki Chan
Yuki Chan rated it
January 22, 2018
Status: c100
Love it, why did't I read this sooner? Though I'm happy it had a stack when it started.

Something you'll notice while reading:

... more>>

MC hates society.


What I think about the spoiler above and might be the twist of the story:


She was once a system as well? Something happened, or she seen to much? She always has a stillness, which even the system she has doesn't. But she's gaining more emotions in every arc


Something that is great about this book, is that the character growth is real. Villains can actually change for the good, and the good can change for the worse.

What I love about the story (big spoiler) :


I like all the situations she's put in, and it makes me sooooo sad to see her leave the worlds she left legends in. My favorites are Little MeatBall, and She-Devil.


You can still read all the chapters on FanTranslations. (It's really good quality) <<less
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AyameKnight rated it
October 31, 2018
Status: c988
It starts good and then soon each arc is the same as before. You might as well reread the first few arcs and have done with it..... The MC has no development, the ML is good, all the other characters break SOOO easily, the aithor might as well just focus 100% on the MC chasing ML. I get the author wants the MC to start badass... but if that's all she really wants show then she should have stopped with the first few arcs. Same tricks over and over again...... more>> It got boring REAL fast. And I am someone who read a dictionary and enjoyed it. <<less
33 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
saphi rated it
December 10, 2017
Status: c822
I like the segment where they're in a vampire story the most so far (I know it's a bit of a spoiler, but no harm done)

... more>>

what I most like in this part is chapter 288, the first time I've read shi sheng showing her panic. The rest is just like the usual plot anyway *shrug*


When reading this type of story you can't just try to finish it all at once lest you'll get sick of. I read it at a nice pace of a story every few days and its very enjoyable.


in the end I still read it not because of the plot but because I'm waiting for another shi sheng panicking episode, whether she'll truly let Feng Ci into her heart (since she seems to only like Feng Ci as a possession--> what the 'owner' of the system said anyway) there's also the part where she won't accept the guy even though she know it's Feng Ci because he's super bad and shi sheng knows she'll probably really like him (Ming Jin, c490), and there will be a virus too joining the plot (c749). So those are what keeping me reading even though some plot are a bit guessable by now.

31 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mingming rated it
January 28, 2018
Status: c216

I saw this summary of this story and went to read the Chinese version as I though the summary was hilarious. At chapter 100+, I was still enjoying myself very much as the main character was so ridiculous and everyone else could do nothing against her. But by chapter 216 (or at least around there), I deleted the tab. It was too heartbreaking for me. Personally, I cannot stand stories where the main character and endearing people in the story that I have gotten used to in the different worlds (like the male lead (s), though he doesn't actually die), I feel really sad. But if you don't mind it as much as me, this story is a great read. 60% of the time I'm laughing from the main character's antics, 40% of the time I'm crying for the male lead's death (if you read how some of the male leads die in future chapters, you will understand me). I understand there is a much bigger plot for all this, but I don't think my heart handle all the way there.

However, I still hundred percent recommend for you to try this out. Even if you are a crybaby like me, I still recommend it. Because I want you to feel the heartache. Haha.

Five stars for this story. Most unique story I've found on novelupdates.

29 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kerbasi rated it
December 1, 2017
Status: c51
Woah, I just have to say...I didn’t expect this novel to be like this! Lol

Not that I’m complaining or anything. It’s actually quite dark and humorous at the same time, making you think, karma is really great (if you have a badass transmigrator lol)

So far, I’ve taken quite a liking to the story, and hope for more! Though because of the many arcs, you get to feel quite attached to each life~

Can’t wait for more~~!!
29 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Incompetence Hunter
Incompetence Hunter rated it
October 1, 2020
Status: c300
"Honestly this have to be written by an edgy teenage." is probably the best way to describe this.

The author read Game of Thrones, and decided that it must have been popular due to how brutal and dark it is, and how many people get r*ped in that story. Thus, the author took the latter part, and made a whole story where everyone gets r*ped.

It's the story of how a utterly unrelatable MC transmigrates to utterly inane worlds where everyone else are non-characters who have 2 traits:

... more>>
  1. Being completely against the MC for no reason.
  2. Being utterly unreasonable and petty.
It's exactly how an edgy teen pictures how the world is always against them.

The MC then proceed to get a bunch of females (including bystanders) horribly r*ped. She will then proceed to complete a bunch of irrelevant tasks in irrelevant manners, and then move onto the next world.

This description actually makes the story sound better than it is.

Many reviewers talk about how the MC's OPness is a problem. I disagree. I am perfectly fine with reading OP MCs. It's everything else that is the problem. The OPness of the MC is the least unbelievable and unreasonable thing in the story.

The MC's non-sequitur bullsh*t methods of dealing with the problems actually makes the story significantly better, because the world and the people and the problems themselves make no sense. Trying to write a story about logically solving a problem in which nothing else is logical would just make the story even more ret*rded than it is. Instead, just pulling lightning out of one's ass, and bombing everything is a far more satisfying conclusion.

It could be said that it is the only saving grace to this story.

So, who is this story for?

People who like dark and edgy stories? Maybe. If the reader doesn't mind that it becomes exceedingly obvious that the world only seems dark and edgy toward the MC, and because of the MC's actions. It becomes increasingly obvious that the world is untenable and is just a disturbed author's fantasy fanfic about the world.

People who like world-building and transmigration? The worlds are completely unreasonable and filled with unreasonable people and isn't elaborated beyond the unreasonable people.

People who like revenge p*rn? The revenges are completely unsatisfactory for multiple reasons.

  1. The target of revenge are clearly paper caricatures.
  2. There is no karma in the revenge. The revenge is not direct and just happens at random. There is no karmic justice in the revenge. There is no sense that the revenge makes the world a better place, or has accomplished anything. There is no direct causation between the act to be avenged and the revenge itself. A girl might have stolen something from the MC, and the revenge is that she gets r*ped by a rando.
  3. There is no regret, or understanding by the enemy that they did something wrong. Probably because there is no karmic justice at all.
  4. Everyone else seems to be screwed anyway, usually by getting r*ped, usually for little reason. So, the revenge is kind of pointless.
The people who like OP MCs? Well, the conflicts are usually non-sequitor. MC just randomly don't do much half the time, and then randomly solves the problem. You kind of get the feeling that the MC is forced by the plot not to act until certain things have developed to a certain point.

So, this goes back to what I said at the beginning. Written by an edgy teenager. Except probably not an actual teenager, but an edgy middle-aged hikkimori who has never actually interacted with people. <<less
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Mezhanos rated it
January 13, 2018
Status: c96
Fun story with just the right amount of face slapping. To those of you who have read [My disciple died yet again]

this story is the that on steroids.

The MC is a female with psychological issues as far as the readers can see and we are given hints to her personality and past with every arc. With over 2000 chapters expect the characters to develop at a slow pace. This goes for romance as well.

Not much can be said without spoiling the story really but if you like

    • Face slapping MC
    • Comedy
    • Transmigration
    • Female MC that relies on herself Give this story a chance. Even though this is a review for the story I would like to thank the translator's hardwork. Your efforts made the reading experience very enjoyable. Keep it up
21 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
burning_ice19 rated it
December 28, 2017
Status: c77
This novel is a hilarious and totally recommend it. Its fun and will probably give you a laugh.

The M.C is like someone who waves the flag "Forever is for idiots so why not burn their ship". She is to capable but not too O.P because she does not have the protagonist hallo. Too genius for his first to ML and M.L are basically just for display.

... more>>
Currently in this cultivation world I like/love Feng Ce. Proposal at first sight. His Flirting ability almost breaks our M.C line of defence and its quite romantic lol.

Even though the novel should be labeled Super Duper Extra Parental Guidance, you won't bother because the author is to genius to make tha dark scene a light and funny one.

Hope for more translation. <<less
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Ming Lan
Ming Lan rated it
December 9, 2017
Status: c70
This novel is very good that hooked you up. I don't read gay novel. There are many bl novel like games systems that's why I hate game system novel. I am glad this novel doesn't has bl. I like MC she is strong badass ruthless. She doesn't give sh*t about anyone if you don't offend her.

I strongly recommend you guys to read this very unique novel.
17 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Torina rated it
October 3, 2017
Status: c8
This novel is good, good, really good!! (It's important so it must be repeated thrice)

Our MC here is pretty much likeable and more relatable compared to other heroine/MC out there. MC won't pretend to be a goody good shoe person if someone slap her then she'll slap you back.
17 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
vuio rated it
December 28, 2017
Status: --
Banzai for spoiler review! This novel have 2000+++chapters so getting to know some future spoilers is really refreshing since I've only seen one person giving out little spoiler here. Gotta treasure that ya'knoooow~

Its also because we're still in the beginning of the novel and there's only three arcs so far. Cough I really like Feng Ci out of all the MLs that have shown themselves so far cough

But! I heard that there's only one ML and all these MLs we are meeting are actually the same person soooo, can't say... more>> much since this is something I got to know while reading the novel. Banzai for Wenhui for telling us this! Wait is she the one who told us???? I forgot HAHAHAHAHAH

Okay, done rambling. Ciao <<less
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applefish rated it
March 8, 2021
Status: c78
What I liked about this:

    1. The premises have potential and the original storylines make the characters who the MC takes over seem like very pitiable underdogs that I'd root for.
    2. I initially liked the MC.
What I don't like:

    1. The revenges are boring because they're random and just, make me feel horrible. I like when there's a sense of karma or poetic justice or something like that. The revenges here are often disproportionate and irrelevant to the actions that are being counterattacked. The MC is a menace.

      I don't want to see girls being r*ped. In the first arc, I felt bad for the original FL and honestly felt that her drugging the Xu girl in the original storyline was too OOC when her prior bad behavior had been normal teenage dysfunction and just existed to try (and fail!) to make her end seem justified. Her end is her being imprisoned and tortured by the ML who r*pes her to the point of a miscarriage. She escapes by stabbing him and committing su*cide. Jesus Christ.

    2. I don't really care for the MC and ML's romance.
    3. The more I see of the MC, the less I like her. I think that even her attitude of getting revenge is strange because she's expressed an attitude of viewing these worlds as part of a game and all the people inside as NPCs so that's why she doesn't care. So then why does she care about taking revenge on behalf of a "fake person" especially since spiting the original leads isn't even something on the minds of the cannon fodders she takes over.
14 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
myling rated it
October 5, 2017
Status: c11
This novel great ! Just as fun as Quickly wear the face of a devil which I also really liked. I love how strong the MC is and her personality is also really admirable. The only fault is that she too OP at first just like the MC in Quickly wear the face of a devil but it a fun read.
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ExtremeRampage rated it
November 15, 2019
Status: c150
Had to drop this because I seriously got a dislike for the MC. Many others like her aloof, ruthless, uncaring and a little Tsundere personality but it gets repetitive and honestly, she seemed more and more like an insane sociopath to me.

The System even corroborates this by giving the MC a "Morality Score" of -112, 000. When it reaches -200, 000 she supposedly gets "terminated" by the system but we all know that won't happen. Other than that there are no repercussions so she can be as horrible as she... more>> wants to be.

I also couldn't stomach how almost every Girl/Villain, who were often the former Female Lead's, almost all end up gang-r*ped/ens*aved and die miserably even if they are bad people, more often than not they just slightly annoy the MC and somehow I am supposed to keep cheering for the MC. Meanwhile, the rapists often get away relatively scot-free. The worst that happens to them is that they die (usually killed by the r*pe victim or through some dumb accident), compared to being gang-r*ped non-stop, possibly for years, that's way better in my mind.

The comedy was also pretty repetitive and consisted mostly of the missions the system forces the MC to take which were things like getting closer to "Villain" with missions like "give him flowers" or "bring him a meal". She overreacts and gets mad at the system and creates this weird tsundere image wherein she seems to care for the guy while cussing and cursing at the guy and the system.

This "Villain" guy is most likely reborn like her but without his memories, in earlier arcs she's fallen in love with him before, doesn't realize that it's him (because the guy has a slightly different personality each time) and that's another reason why she's cranky and insufferable all the time because she thinks it's just another random "villain" guy.

The MC is also an Invincible Mary Sue who can do pretty much anything. Whether it's hacking, acting, fighting, getting rich in a very short time through the stock market, you name it, she'll be flawless. Not very suspenseful when it's clear from the beginning that nothing can happen to her. More often than not she just brute forces through any issues she is facing either through violence or money rarely using any tactics or wits.

The last Arc I read was the last straw for me let me elaborate:


Female Lead gets constantly bullied in a rich kids school for being poor. Male Lead is to busy with ogling the MC, even though she doesn't give a sh*t about him, which only drives Female Lead even more towards "darkness".

One day she snaps, gets in contact with some rapist and asks him to r*pe Girl A who humiliated her before. MC saves Girl A from Rapist, rapist takes out his revenge on FL and Gang r*pes her (yes in this novel there is constant r*pe as mentioned in a paragraph above)

Several things happen, FL breaks up with the ML and takes out her frustration on her alcoholic deadbeat dad's whores which he keeps bringing in after her mothers death. Turns out the woman was a professional scammer who marries nouveau rich people and divorces them afterwards for the money, she survives the FLs mu*der attempt. FL gets into prison, bailed out by the dad and flees with his money (which he got through winning in the lottery thanks to the MC, yes the MC subtly manipulated FL's "destiny").

The Rapist from before turns up again finds FL and constantly gang-r*pes her again. She mu*ders him and finally escapes only to get caught by some cult who ens*ave and gang-r*pe her, oh btw she's become infertile because of an abortion she made. In the end, she falls to her death in an escape attempt.

For fairness in this Arc the MC didn't do much to her, in other arcs she's way more direct and almost all Female Leads end up like this. I am blaming the Author and this Novel because all arcs until now end very similarly. So what was the moral here?

Female Lead deserved this because she is poor? The Chinese novel morality is pretty strong here, rich people are constantly revered being poor is a vice, getting r*ped is the girl's fault and she gets labelled as a sl*t.

Oh, btw the Male Lead got a happy ending in this arc even though he was an unfaithful bastard who kept ogling the MC, treating the Female Lead who he has been going out with coldly and driving her even more into a corner.

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