Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead’s Counterattack


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After accidentally falling, she actually finds herself bound to a Second Female Lead Counter Attacking System!

Xun Mi: WTF is this?! (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻

In order to regain her memories and return to her original world, Xun Mi is forced to transmigrate to different worlds and complete missions. Fiancé stolen away? Abandoned by her family? Career ruined? Reputation slandered? No problem, I’ll just go and grab a golden thigh*, dominate the world, slap those tr*sh scum across the face, and live true to the saying that evildoers have no worries!

Xun Mi: I just want to peacefully and quietly complete my missions and go.

Loyal Puppy: I just want to peacefully and quietly go with you.

*Note: grab a golden thigh: means to cling onto a rich or powerful person for support , usually used in a joking manner

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76 Reviews

Jan 25, 2018
Status: c3.4
The translator is really good but the content is...

The male lead falls in love at first love sight. A little more realism please. What kind of person would love another person at first sight and trust them so completely he practically does whatever she asks of him. I want some more interactions before such intense love. It is so cheesy I feel like I'm going to puke.

He looks at her and immediately falls in love. It so out of character for him since he supposed to be a cold person.... more>> What cold person? I don't see anything cold at all. It so lovey dovey right from the start, it makes me wonder at what the heck the author what thinking. <<less
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Feb 04, 2018
Status: c28
End of arc 1.

A hackneyed plot with one-dimensional characters, lacklustre romance, pathetic villains, a system that attempts to sound cute but can only be cringe-worthy. It was a tedious journey. The good translation was the only redeeming factor.
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Feb 25, 2018
Status: c8
I read this novel expecting something great like Quickly Wear the Face of Evil or something normal and OP like Side Character Transmigrations: The Final Boss is No Joke.

But now I am disappoint when I read this I found easy plot and lower IQ of normal mop in the story instead. It remind me of Tensei Shoujo no Rirekisho which try to make the MC look OP by lowering the native of magic world's IQ instead of making MC's IQ higher than normal. When I read both story, my IQ... more>> go down by a lot. I feel so sad, my original IQ is not that high and will be lower by reading these.

In Quickly Wear the Face of Evil, the original female lead can be like some evil ambitious young lady. Original can plot and scheme and zhou yun sheng (MC) can act like a pig that eat the tiger and win in the end. And in some world the original can be super naive and kind which can become truly blacken or bystander depend on if zhou yun sheng (MC) have a grudge with her or not. And how the naive original can become blacken have more reasonable and believable act in it.

Comparing this with Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead's Counterattack, the original female lead became idiot without reason immediately when XunMi transmigrate into the villain lady. Even though in the original story the original female lead is super smart, can scheme and act like the white lotus without anyone noticing until the end.

Can you believe it? On original story, female lead can act pitifully and gain many support and make the second female lead look so s*upid. All of pitifully act come from her planning since young. She can scheme and have super acting ability that can make all second male leads fall in love with her and make reverse harem of her own. Even male lead whose spec is so high reaching the heaven still fall in love with her in the end.

But when XunMi transmigrate into the villain, female lead-sama stop being scheming and her acting ability vanish into thin air. Instead of acting like weak and pitiful person and try saying some clever thing to have XunMi look evil. Famle lead-sama only act pitiful without looking at the situation and she doesn't say anything clever to have XunMi look bad at all. And when male lead appear, female lead-sama become brain dead and stop acting completely. Eh? What? Where original female lead-sama' scheming and acting ability go?


Even original female lead's father, male lead and second male lead can not escape this lower IQ fate.

In the original story, the father is so bias toward the female lead-sama and join hand with FM to ruin the villain lady. The father is the CEO/clan head too, he should be skill at scheming in business world. Someone with power must has some brain alright.

But the father just act like we want to, no keeping look at all in the party the public place!! He act bias to the female lead-sama (bastard child) without afraid for public opinion. Aren't someone being the clan head like keeping his outlook to be good though. I don't know how he still can be the clan head until this day.
Andddd male lead, the male lead look at our XunMi and fall in love at first sign. His brain going out the window and he can give haft of his property to XunMi too if she ask. Normal IQ person shouldn't do that right and he is the super CEO too at that. How can he be too trusting?
And the second male lead just come to the party and feel like falling in love the XunMi. She still did not doing anything and all the guys fall for her!

Can anyone tell me after this episode, will the original female lead/ mop character/ male lead/ second male gaining some IQ? If there really no hope, then I must drop this...

P.S. translator-san is really doing a good job so I will rate this as two stars then... <<less
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Feb 27, 2018
Status: c51
I was also expecting something like Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil or Side Character Transmigrations: The Final Boss is No Joke where the characters are badass and can think on how to solve the problems with their own abilities (and some times making use of others..... which was also the result of their own abilities), or even if it was just an average person like in ... more>> by 11 users" href="https://www. novelupdates. com/series/quick-transmigration-cannon-fodders-record-of-counterattacks/">Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder’s Record of Counterattacks that she somehow (with only guts and despair) was able to go against an OP protagonist and remove them from their high altar (even if alone they can't completely destroy them but at least harm)............. but no, even though she was one successful genius business woman (since she was rather young) she practically just let it for the ML take care! Worse! It was the 1º world!

Alright, alright, love at first sight is beautiful but it was totally out of their character for their relationship to escalate so quickly! Where is the cold and unapproachable? Where is the not experienced? For that trust level to come from just a short period of time.... but ZYS and his lover are also like that but it was after quite the long period (years of the 1º arc) + many worlds, without saying that it wasn't love at first sight in the first worlds... yet here it is such explosive love........

And also this system that doesn't act like one and doing some unnecessary help

like giving a heaven defiant pill to the ML just to make their host happy.... it would actually be more interesting seeing him die and in the next they could naturally fall in love again without the deus ex machina and without she knowing it was him again..... like WTF was with the ML on the 2º arc? If MC didn't know it was him she would try to run away from him and that would be rather funny, he would chase after her trying to court her and she would slowly open her heart... but no! That damned system with that big mouth of their have to say it is the ML and even though MC dislikes his current personality she stays with him because he is her previous hubby and not what he is now!


And the characters she plays are only good two shoes girls that were victims of the evil female protagonist, that's no challenge at all in proving their innocence and showing how evil/without morality the protagonist is!

But for the old and always good face slapping and for the great job of the translation I give a 3! <<less
Feb 04, 2018
Status: Completed
Best part about this is the super clean romance. And the FL is pretty smart and intelligent. ML dotes extremely on her and is pretty possessive about her as well. Translation is very well done ?

Edit - I MTLed all the arcs. If you want a fluffy and feel-good romance, this is it. Some arcs has the ML blackened and after a couple of black-room-play, MC learns to quietly stop his blackening factor! Hilarious, romantic and the cutest system ever - Baobao!
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Jan 21, 2018
Status: c13
Ugh, another superficial Chinese novel that only focuses on gaining wealth and power. Topping it off, everyone's IQ seems to take a hit in order to enhance the MC's IQ. What about meeting the ML? Love at first sight? Pleeease. Don't cheapen the process. Only reason why I made it 2 stars rather than 1 is kudos to the translator.
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Jan 24, 2018
Status: c6
This is not written very well, in my opinion, but the translator is very good.

But love at first sight, not even a hour after meeting each other? And the female MC allowing herself to be killed just because she was treated badly not even a day after getting there? Especially when she, not even half an hour before told herself she'd do anything to get back home? Not to mention the love at first sight? There might be some good in this book in the other chaps but I'm not... more>> continuing this novel. (I honestly can't believe there are 116 likes)

Edit: I tried it again, but I couldn't even last the first 10 chaps. The father is so s*upid, he couldn't possibly be the head of one of the three most powerful families. He would've destroyed it in the 18 years he was in charge. The protagonist acts a like a bit*h to the MC right in front of said dad, and the dad thinks, what an obedient, thoughtful, kind daughter, a few minutes later. Does he have selective hearing? And the male lead is this cold, powerful, unapproachable guy who falls head over heels for the MC after doing the princess carry for her, a few minutes after seeing her.

An "UNAPPROACHABLE" guy. Doing that.

Just. Wow. <<less
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Jan 20, 2018
Status: c23
I fell in love with the first lines of this novel!

... more>>

[Amidst those who dread the world's restless worry, fearing that this month this day will pass too easily, will there be a person on this month this day that will anticipate for my arrival? -Xun Mi]


It's cheesy but yeah, that's the kind of things I like I suppose. So following that, what I'm waiting for now, is a heartwarming love between the protagonists... But for some reason, the male lead is smitten just by the sight of her, which is something I totally cannot understand. I do like love at first sight kind of story but for a story that has more than one hundred chapters, I actually wanted to see them interact a little more, to see their feelings for each other grow with time. Not necessarily many arcs later, it could be in the first arc, but could it have been not at first glance?

maybe the anticipate-for-my-arrival was actually a hint to love at first sight?

. Well, I'm a little disappointed about this.

However, I still like old face slapping stories. I can never get tired of an annoying character receiving its karmic justice. But even there, I am still feeling a little disappointed.

I wanted to see Xun Mi put down the father and daughter pair by herself and not entirely rely on her hubby


There's also this fact that I cannot really understand.

In the first arc, the original story state that original!MC is the black-hearted white lotus daughter of a mistress. That kind of character, isn't she always the villain? And the supposed villain in which the MC's soul entered into, the real daughter, isn't she always the real protagonist in the usual stories? How does that make the MC transmigrated into the second female lead?


Well, I hope the other arcs are better. I will wait for more chapters to come out before reading and maybe update my review by then.

Many thanks to the translator, by the way, the translations are superb.

Edit: Everyone is a little s*upid in there! <<less
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Jul 18, 2018
Status: c169
Actually, I want to rate as 4.5, but because I actually had fun, I rated it 5 stars.

As of now, I am at the 100th episode and in the 6th world MC is in.

I don't know why people say it sucks, but maybe because we are different people we also have different views. They don't like it but I love it! (╯✧∇✧) ╯

... more>> Why?

All in all, it is a fun read.

Maybe, some expected high but later on got disappointed. As for me, I didn't expect any and just let myself be immersed the story which eventually made me love the story.

It's a light read, maybe sometimes nonsense or illogical, but at least the MC does know that and gives a retort, time and time again. Ok, yeah, every arc it's always a "oh that happened and it's happy ending". Well, duh, who cares? I'm here for the ROMANCE TAG and FLUFF!


Though the ML's love at first sight in the first arc did made me twist my face because of the sudden~ess, I still accepted it. Well, again, DUH, I'm here for the FLUFF. ヾ (*´∀`*) ノ Later on, in every time they meet in the new world only made me thought that they are fated lovers that will always end up together. May it be in this life, or in another hundred of years time. Even in another world.


I love the 5th world. As for now, it's my favorite arc and is starting to love the 6th.


Because ML shockingly didn't make the first move and made her his GF/Lover/Wife in just a day. Well, I'm still at their second day of meeting. Don't know what happens. ヾ (*´∀ ˋ*) ノ Off to go read chapter 101.


Well, every story has their own charm, I guess. And that charm hook me.

I will update my post when I catch up to the latest chapter.

=======UPDATE AT chap 169=======

Aaaaaagh! Not enough! I can't wait for the next update, wuhuhuhu... I love the current world. An interstellar world with an online gaming world. Oops, was that a spoiler? Hahaha!


Eeehh... Si Yufan is too cute~ ML this time is cute. Though the plots is repetitive. I love exploring new plots the author comes up with.


I feel like reading different stories in one novel. And I want to indulge myself to think that these stories/lives in different worlds are like the continuous fate of two fated lovers. Agh, too much dog food! 0 (≧∀≦) ゞ <<less
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Mar 25, 2018
Status: c74
The first arc was tr*sh. Just skip it. Trust me.

Otherwise, it was pretty fun. The MC is exceptionally smart, the system is a little b, the ML is a nutjob who only needs to look at MC once before going into husbando mode. You won't like it too much if you try to get some substance out of it, but if you just read it for fun, then it's a blast.

The translation is good and the updates are frequent.
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Katagi Shin
Katagi Shin
Jan 16, 2018
Status: c8
This is very good novel. This novel is like side character transmigration and ex wife sinister. Only difference, is this novel is fast romance, MC is kind toward to those who help her and care her. MC accept ML fast and kind to him because he help her and protected her. She is clever girl with her satisfying counterattack. I like this novel. It’s very enjoyable and exciting novel that make you yearning for more updates
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Jun 03, 2020
Status: c290
The translator is great, and I didn't mind the story as you can see from how much I read. The thing that disturbed me so much I immediately quit reading and deleted it from my list was one of the things the MC did to the "female lead." Do whatever you want to the female lead, beat her, torture her or face slap her. The one thing I absolutely cannot tolerate is when the MC orders for someone to be r*ped and says something like, " they deserved it"

NO MATTER... more>> what they did, no one deserves to be r*ped. I am absolutely dissatisfied in the author and the novel for portraying r*pe in such a fashion. And even worse, afterwords the author talked of it as if they had done her a service. I only bumped my review to two stars in appreciation for the translator, who had the same feelings on the chapter in which I abandoned the novel. Don't bother reading this. <<less
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Apr 08, 2020
Status: c10?
The only reason this is not a one star is because of work that the translator has put in it, good job.

The story, on the other hand, is ridiculous and not in a good/cute way. I completely get the fact that Quick Transmigration novels are more fast paced. BuT noT like ThiS.
... more>>

The ML: “I’m an unapproachable, super cold, and successful man with a military background. Oh, look a pretty girl in a red dress. That smile.... I want and can protect and shield her from the 10 plagues of Egypt.”

The MC: “I want to go back home really really really bad. Oh, no *gasp* I’m about to fall of a stage and die? Whatever, maybe dying is better *proceeds to accept her fate of dying as she found out how she can return home* This man that caught me sure is handsome, kinda like him. No, it’s love at first sight uwu.

It is their first meeting, maybe like an hour went by, and they are already very much into each other? We have 1800 chapter fellas. Not 60, not 123, 1800! You can stretch this out, make it a gradual falling falling in love story. Ughh..

Another thing, everybody in the story except select few (MC and ML) are incredibly s*upid or blind.

I went in with no expectations and still came out disappointed. <<less
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Jan 20, 2018
Status: c11
The story is well written, and the translations are excellent. I'm looking forward to seeing how the story progresses! The story is about a girl who gets put into different stories, always as the secondary female lead character, and about how she rises from the (cannon fodder) ashes. So far, she's not particularly OP, but she does have an MC halo since the ML falls for her in a sort of love-at-first-sight kinds thing.
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Violet Aoi
Violet Aoi
Jul 26, 2018
Status: c177
OH MY GOSH!!! This story has so much fluff in it that melts my hearts!!! True, that some arc are better than other but the level of cuteness when the couple is together always blow my mind... so cute... FLUFF!
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Sep 17, 2019
Status: c255
This novel is pretty interesting if you don't take it too seriously. Other reviewers mentioned how she mostly relies on her hubby... honestly, I would too. She's going through these worlds because she has to, not that she wants to. The end goals is to gain enough points to go back to her original world. If someone else is willing to do 70% of the hard work for you, then why not? Work smarter not harder! Plus, I'm sure the whole point is to make fun of how ridiculous some... more>> web novels are, with all their unreasonable charactors, plot holes, and brain dead villains. A more serious and better novel in a similar style: My disciple died yet again <<less
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Mar 05, 2018
Status: c57
there's pretty much no reason why ML falls in love with the MC. It's just pointless fluff. I love it hahaha. If you're not a fan of that and you need plot and legitimate reasons for why things happen, this might be frustrating and probably won't be for you. If you're like me and you're down to just drown in fluff and get some quick gratifying face slapping, this is a fun read
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Sinking Ship
Sinking Ship
Mar 29, 2020
Status: c50
As a lot of other people have mentioned the speed with which the male lead falls for the MC is so fast it's absurd. The story just finishes laying out that she's transmigrated to a strange world and the male lead will love the female lead and she has to counterattack and yadda yadda... anyway the first time the MC is in a room together with the male lead and the "female lead" (the first time ANY of these characters interact mind) the male lead instantly falls deeply and irrevocably... more>> in love with the MC. He likes her smile or something. So, you know, just throw out all that garbage we were just forced to read about the "stories plot" since it's instantly and entirely subverted by the smile of the MC. I get that this is a quick transmigration series so we're pressed for time but going from "I've never seen this girl before." to "I love this girl, I want to protect her, I'm willing to die for her." in the span of a couple of paragraphs isn't a romance - it's a bad joke.

Next, I'll mention the MCs system "Baobao". It talks childishly, it's named childishly, it behaves childishly, it's very obviously intended to come across as "cute". In chapter 1 it introduces itself and if you're familiar with quick transmigration stories its just more of the same song and dance we've all seen... MC wants to return to her old life but the only way to do that is to grind out a million points for her friendly system sidekick blah blah blah and we're off! But wait. Around chapter 10 or so this "Baobao" offhandedly reveals (in an internal monologue) that he's the one who killed the MC in the first place and forced her into their contract.


It's just so absurdly out of left field. All of a sudden the friendly system sidekick is literally the biggest villain imaginable. Actually worse than Hitler. After completing her first mission (and living a full human life of 70~ years) MC earns ten thousand points. So basically, this little monster killed MC and then forced her into an indefinite period of s*avery where she toils tirelessly for centuries on its behalf, slowly accumulating that million points throughout god only knows how many lifetimes just for the "reward" of having what the system took from her in the first place returned. Like, I know this is a QT series and we aren't supposed to think too hard but holy shit. And the worst part is that "Baobao" is always just portrayed as cute and likable and not at all as MCs eternal s*avemaster.

... Sorry, that was a bit of a digression but I was really shocked when Baobao revealed itself to be MCs killer and then the plot just continued as normal with no one caring at all. Back to criticizing the romance...

Because the romance is so quick when it dives into melodramatic cliches it feels really unearned and ultimately hollow. I mentioned the male lead fall for MC in the first second he sees her, right? After that on either the second or third day (since MC transmigrated) he confesses his undying love for her to her and she joyfully (?) accepts. Then on the fourth or fifth day he gets hit by a car and is lying on his deathbed while MC desperately clutches his hand while Baobao looks on and has this thought:

"He had no way of understanding romantic or familial love. But he was certain that if that man Tan ZiXi cannot wake up, then Host will become a body without a soul."

That's a direct word-for-word quote. The MC is so crazily, deeply in love with this guy she hasn't even known for a full week that if he doesn't wake up she'll just wander aimlessly, a body without a soul... ??? I actually snorted with laughter the first time I read that line. That sort of overblown dramatic nonsense works in well-written romance novels but this is not a well-written romance novel so it instead comes across like a bad joke.

It comes on so fast and gets laid on so thick that instead of being touching or romantic it's just clownish and absurd.

Then after the obstacles in the first world all get breezily cleared away by the omnipotent male lead with a wave of his hand (or a single phone call to his assistant) he and the MC live happily ever after. We get a few paragraphs explaining how they happily lived together for 70~ years before sadly parting and then we're back to the QT! But now MC has a new goal: to chase down her One True Love across time and space and blah blah blah it's so beautiful and romantic except how it's not at all beautiful or romantic since the whole progression of their "romance" from beginning to end was so absurd. Like the premise definitely isn't terrible and if it had been written just a tiny bit more competently I could totally get behind it but - for me at least - the "three day undying and everlasting romance" just poisoned the well.

Oh, and of course in subsequent worlds she will meet him instantly and then they both instantly fall in love with each other at first sight all over again and (since he is invariably some bigshot in every world) he will again wave his hand and sweep all the problems away... It feels so cheap. <<less
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Sep 11, 2019
Status: c18
I'd been avoiding this for a while since the description said MC had amnesia/was trying to get her memories back and I could see it was going to be a bit cliche but I decided to give it a try anyways.

Turns out, it's immensely cliche.

The ML who's cold to everyone falls for the MC at first sight and treats her extremely gently in front of everyone.

The White Lotus who MC is supposed to be counterattack against, who ruined the original MCs life and is supposed to be great at scheming... more>> turned into an idiot in front of MC when they met and starts yelling and exposes her true colours before everyone. Same thing happens with her evil dad. MC literally says a few words and the villain's IQs drop into the negatives. The revenge isn't satisfying at all.

I couldn't even finish the first arc.

If this had been the first worldhopping/counterattacking story I read I might've enjoyed it. It's not horrible, it just isn't at all interesting and uses literally every single cliche there is. But compared to dozens of other novels, this pales in comparison. <<less
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Feb 02, 2018
Status: c26
Omg, I love this kind of novel the most.

The MC is a strong, capable and independent woman. She inadvertently being sent to worlds created of web novels by a system, acting as the second female lead. Basically web novels which are tr*shy and the second female lead would always suffer.

The system and the male lead are so adorable. I love them so much. I am up to chapter 26, so the interactions are not that elaborate but the chemistry is there.

The romances are quick-paced, as what other people reviewed here.... more>> Looking at the title of the novel itself "quick transmigration", it shouldn't be a problem then. They would have to build up plots and characters for each arc/world, so interactions with male lead can be done slowly through the novel. Based on the synopsis provided, the male lead is the same throughout the novel, so I'm looking forward to it. Not a big fan of harem here.

Anyway, it's what you would expect from a novel with female MC but this belongs to the higher tier, along with 'My disciple died yet Again' and 'Meow meow meow'.

By right, I shouldn't give reviews just when it started (I usually did it around ch.50 onwards) but I feel like it's a waste if people do not take up this novel just because of the few misleading, bad reviews.

So, for me, this is definitely a good read. <<less
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