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Su Wan is a Realm Destroyer. She shuttles to different time-spaces using the identity of the “Cannon Fodder Ex-Girlfriend”, dedicated to plotting how to happily tear apart the male protagonist and the female protagonist.

There’s no such thing as protagonists who can’t be torn apart, only Ex-Girlfriends who don’t work hard enough~

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New angel32arwa
March 21, 2020
Status: Completed
This is the MOST MEMORABLE quick transmigration/world hopping novel I have ever read, and its not because of unique arcs/mini-stories (idk what u call them) but because of the concept of having the whole HQ/departments thing where all world hoppers stay. Its not the first time im seeing it but it left a lasting impression.

usually when they're stories about world hopping, there always is some kind of system the MC is bound to, and ok that's totally fine but it's existence is never truly explained-like its background/back story kinda... more>> thing. But in this book it's basically just the hoppers alone (from various departments-our MC is plane destroyer and takes #ex-gf route). I also enjoyed the law enforcers element in the story makes it real and well... fun.

the romance between MC and ML is very stable and deep. I've got to say another thing I enjoyed is that in this book the author explains exactly how the ML also becomes a hopper and why he qualifies, cuz like in other novels its just unexplained or just with no basis.

ALRIGHT! for this I didn't enjoy would actually be some arcs on its own. like it just felt like such a stretch to read and kinda boring....i think they lacked some flavor and became a bit repetitive... but that could be because I've read so many QT/WH themed novels with diverse and thrilling world backgrounds that this one with mostly modern background was not THAT appealing-of course some got me hooked!

But again this could be just cause the MTL were not as clear as the translations and possibly made the stories seem more bland....

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New lazykitty_99 rated it
March 20, 2020
Status: --
Loved this novel especially MC. She is strong and doesn't need anyone to rescue her as damsel in distress. In 4 arcs ML wasn't there and Su Wan still completed her missions like a Lady Boss. About Ml

What can I say. He is a darling. He is so loyal to MC and provides her with sense of security thay she needed due to her past and boy he preserved and got MC. To our family General Su only his wife matters, even though they should be enemies... more>> according to their department but General Su doesn't care about points. He is in organization because he followed MC.


like other Qts where ML didn't have their memories, here it is opposite. Basically when Su wan leaves Su Rui world he blackens and destroys his world to search for Su Wan. Then the boss of Relam Restorer comes and takes away Su Rui to the organization as boss tells him there he would find Su wan.

Su wan works at Relam destroyer.

Accidentally they meet in arc 3 and then our Su Rui started chasing his wife, not at all caring about his points.

When Su rui joins organization, he climbs pretty fast and reaches No.11. His role is of 2nd ML and work is to make sure Mp n Fp of world to be together. And our General Su (in MC words has hidden ultimate villian boss type mentality so it can be imagined what methods he could use) used most rude methods like combining mp n fp of world in a sword or making mp n fp only have each other. Due to this he was made to watch many many drams having passionate 2nd ML by his organization. But he used all these methods on Su wan.

In arc 3 where Rui meets Wan after joining org., he uses black belly type but our Su Wan can see in a single glance.

In arc 4 he used 24×7 filial boyfriend which actually started showing results so General Su carried this type to arc 5 and dun dun. In arc 6 General Su got results ~~.


Try reading it. It's better than many monotonous QT novels. <<less
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Alina Moktan
Alina Moktan rated it
February 3, 2018
Status: v10
This novel is one of best and rare quick transmigration. This is such special and treasure novel that you hardly find in every transmigration novel. Why this novel is so special was because MC is destroyed who destroy that two faced bit*h and slag husband. She transmigration into every cannon fodder and make that slag husband or boyfriend regret.

Female MC personality

She is cold and aloof and her past life is tragic because she was cannon fodder and her happiness was stole by Female protagonist and was hatred by people. She... more>> became destroyed after meeting transmigrated or world create unlike other novel MC, she is interesting and likable that make you like her more because of her personality. She make that two faced bit*h heroine and protagonist of world hate each other. She is cool and badass. Male lead is yandere and cute when it's come to MC. He love our MC too much even destroyed world when MC was disappears in his world. He watch drama to learn how to make MC notice him or trying to make MC like him. He is one of best male lead that you hardly find in novel. <<less
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Falconzoro rated it
January 10, 2018
Status: c44
The genre is totally my taste. I love multiple realms story especially after reading QWFD. In this story, there is no 'system' that force MC to take tasks like other's same genre story. MC is one of destroyer hq. There are other headquarters such as restore hq, rebirth hq, etc. As for ML, he is quite 'unique', like to stare at MC during her sleeping until dawn haha.
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Mitsuyuki-Hime rated it
January 10, 2018
Status: c1
The plot is very interesting! Like, Journey to Seek Past Reincarnations, there is an extra element to your typical transmigration novel that is some sort of group that knows about transmigration off the bat and works to fix other realms! Really good!
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Ariens rated it
June 11, 2018
Status: Completed
If you really like reading about transmigrated characters / systems / overbearing boyfriend / powerful MC and ML then you should really ready this. Not only there are different stories, like zombies, scientist, technology, robots, historical, etc.

Each arc is very interesting as you watch how the MC is always the ex-girlfriend of the protagonist and ML that supports her on the side to destroy the protagonist in each story to see how regretful they were to throw away their true, etc.


One of the arc that I like he most is... more>> when the MC is a ghost/soul while ML is a exorcisms. Because the ML makes love to the MC, causing her soul to weaken and in order to replishned the soul, MC needed souls to fix her own. Of course the MC doesnt know this, but the ML is the one who keep killing the souls and fed it to the MC soul. And people from ML sect (monks) and one of the woman that like the ML thought that he was bewitch by the MC and was ordered to kill the souls in order for the MC to level up. Knowing that they are trying to kill the MC, ML went into berserk mode and kills everyone who tries to harm the MC. He captured their souls and torture them. And the people were asking like why are you willing to kill us (his family/sect) just for a woman? Etc. Then the ML then tells them the orignal plot of this story etc, and how this is just one of the thousands plane and what challanges the protagonist needed to face etc. Then the people were slowly cursing the ML like revenge you in the next life, etc but like ML said that this is only one of the thousand plane and right now and ML will also extinguish their soul so they cant be reborn again and also not giving them a chance to be a tasker. Once all the people died, the plane collapsed, and the ML is sent to receive punishment since he killed the protagonist and the collapse of the plane. <<less
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February 25, 2018
Status: Completed
Really good! This is an absolute standout novel in the genre! Honestly, I could go into a several paragraph long tirade about what makes this novel so good, but it's much faster and more entertaining to read it yourself. I will say, however, that the characters (especially the MC) are multifaceted and the author shows the different sides of their personalities in fun ways, like having them turn a mission into a game. Anyway, it's seriously freaking great- the characters are lovable and the author did a great job tying... more>> everything together well from beginning to end so there really weren't any loose ends. I honestly can't wait to reread this! <<less
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crprlnm rated it
November 2, 2018
Status: Completed

Let me just quote them, "Love, is like a gentle water, but it is also like a fierce fire"

The Male lead is the definition of "Devoted Love interest". It doesn't matter which world they go, he'll always find her and fall in love with her all over again. His love is like a water, it's gentle, he doesn't force the FL to accept his feeling, he just accompanied and helped her every single time. Like water, his love is overflowing, He said that if he can't... more>> show off his love, he'll be sick which is cute and funny 😂 His love is also like a fire, try hurting his wife you'll experience hell.

The Female lead is a Cold Badass Destroyer. She's smart, beautiful, she destroys couple who doesn't deserve to be together. But unfortunately, she's been hurt, she closed her heart to anyone until she met the male lead. Every woman who has been hurt need time. Every time they go to different world, you'll see how the female lead learned to open up, then slowly appreciating the company of the Male lead and finally accepting the past, is now gone, and finally treasuring her present and their future.

I really love every arc. You'll just keep wanting more. Each arc have different task and different couple either to destroy or to match. The female lead is from Destroyer Department (responsible for destroying the couple) while the male lead is from Repair Department (responsible for matching the couple). Funny how they're in rival department but guess who's whipped and allowed his wife to win everytime? 😂 I sometimes feel bad for the other couple they destroyed but they deserve it.

The ending was very satisfying. It's sweet that he fell in love again even at the ending. All I can say is I love these sweet badass couple. Go read this now. It's worth every second. And have I said I LOVE this novel? <<less
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ResidentialPsycho rated it
November 2, 2018
Status: c19
With the summary, I thought this series would be something I could get into. However, the pace of the writing is off and difficult to follow. Years just pass by without showing anything in detail, even at the beginning of the series. The writing is weak. There is a lot of telling with very little "showing" for what is going on in the series, and it's not written in a way to invite the reader into it at all. It seems to improve as it goes on, but I don't... more>> know that I'm patient enough to wait for that improvement.

Although characters have their own personalities, there is little reason and development behind them. There is no depth, and the reason for some of the over-the-top personalities is weak. The logic behind the plots and sneak attacks of various characters is weak and full of holes. Although logic is very important to me in a plot, it can be made up for as long as the comedy is good. Thus far, there is zero comedy in this series. This series was tagged with the comedy genre at the top of the page, but I haven't seen a single drop of it thus far. <<less
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MC has problem with believing in love, so she joins realm destroyer hq and wreaks relationship between each ML and FL. Her male lead is a sweety pie, the kind who will destroy worlds for her. The two end up in a very supportive, positive relationship. Favorite pastime? Ganging up against trash leads.
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Yukihina Seraph-sama
Yukihina Seraph-sama
September 4, 2019
Status: c59
My first review!

I couldn't stand the people saying that they didn't understand etc. So I decided to bring justice (lol) to this novel (not really).

The ML is the yandere type.
Having only our MC in his eyes.

... more>> Our MC is mysterious. The author gives hints here and there about her past.

I didn't really like the first arc's setting but still I enjoyed how MC calculated everything.

Some people couldn't understand the setting and were complaining about the TL, I don't think it's that hard to understand. If you read the prologue it would have been easier though.


The original story: OFL (realm's original FL) was wedded to the fifth unfavourable Prince, our OML. OML killed his bride, that's when OFL transmigrated in the bride's body. OFL conquered OML heart and helped him to became Emperor (the clique story). They killed some Prince and cannon fodder here and there on the road then... One of the cannon fodder (CF) with super luck and some bugs was... reborn. The CF began her counterattack against OFL and OML and also pushed CF2, another Prince's wanfei, into a lonely death. Our MC is CF2!!! Not CF!


Many people complained about how arc 2 was confusing or all over the place... I can only say... There are only 4 possibilities:

1. You haven't read or watched some mistery, survival and fantasy genre together. You lack experience!

2. You can't understand English well.

3. You don't have imagination.

4. You don't have enough IQ.

I enjoyed the 2nd arc. It seems this author liked to complicate her settings so... Yep.


OML was such a scumbag (I don't understand why people says that he didn't do anything wrong so it was pretty cruel for MC's to give him such an ending) so I didn't pity him or anything. He didn't kill for survival. He killed for power and self-satisfication. The OFL was a good person. So I'm happy that MC saved her from such a scumbag.


The 3rd arc it's the "If I am already reading I will read it otherwise I won't begin" type of setting for me.


At the beginning when I read the Original story I didn't feel that OML was such... a person. I didn't like how after her ex-girlfriend sacrificed her life for him and he and OFL showed their affection in front of her tomb. OML didn't show remorse or sad for his ex. I know he didn't like his ex anymore but still he should feel gratitude for her after saving his life! *sigh*.

OFL? I don't like her. The heck was

"We are happy now. You can rest in peace." (ノಠ益ಠ) ノ彡┻━┻

what the sfgehdj hell?! Shouldn't you at least Thank (if not for her, OML would be dead) or say Sorry (for guilt) to her?

Even though it's like this, I felt they shouldn't deserve such a hellish future... Or so I though! Who would have thought that OML was such a guy?! Because in the original story there weren't this many hardship in their relationship and the OFL was a good girl... But! After MC come into this realm she tore OML mask. I know, MC made some choices and this choises have consequences. But this doesn't mean that she caused OML to change for the bad. What she did was to look at the face behind the mask. So the OML totally deserved his ending but still... it was so ruthless that I felt "such a poor guy...". Although I didn't like OFL but she is a good girl.

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Flying Jade
Flying Jade rated it
June 26, 2019
Status: --
Could barely survive past the first arc. It starts off with a transmigrator who jumps into this world and she has to put up with a marriage to the guy who killed her body in the first place, deal with the royal mess, get revenge on her family and become empress.

... more>>

But wait...

That's not our MC because her wrongly-misunderstood-as-evil cousin/sister who died in the transmigrator's revenge mess gets reborn. This reborn lady turns things around, marries another prince, cuts off the evil transmigrator's head (who took the place of her sister and hetrayed their family) and voila! A good ending.

But no, this is just the second paragraph of the first chapter so how can things end easily?

Drumroll please...

Here arrives our MC, in the body of person not fairly as interesting as the first two because honestly, my head was spinning so much I doubted if it was really the MC this time.

She is the first love of the reborn girl's golden thigh. Yes, the same golden thigh prince who she is supposed to, in her own storyline, marry and use to fight her fake transmigrator sister and her prince husband, then be victorious, behead them and become empress herself.

Stay with me now, don't get confused, this is only the first chapter.

Now, our actual MC is the first love of the reborn girl's target prince. She is, behold, not a transmigrator, nor a reborn person, but a world-hopper on a mission!

Phew, it feels like a migraine packed in a box.

After this, a no-name doctor character, pops up but I don't know his use, the MC's brother, with a severe sister complex, pops out. Then... Yeah the chatters are moving at this time.

Well I couldn't relate with the MC after so many switches at first. I couldn't understand her reactions, like her calling her brother cruel and cursing him in her heart when they first met. Sigh...

Honestly, I wish the first arc were simpler to ease us in.

As I read the first arc, I couldn't decide whether to jump to another arc or to another book.

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KKristen rated it
April 17, 2018
Status: c35
Basically, the plot of this story is one we're all familiar with: Where the MC transmigrates into "cannon-fodder" characters in multiple worlds. However, this MC isn't being forced by some "system" or "god" -- she's willingly part of the World Destroyer HQ!

Yes, this MC is a member of the organization that manages and destroys worlds, with various departments such as Realm Destroyer HQ, Realm Restorer HQ, Transmigrators HQ, Reincarnators HQ...

She's a cannon-fodder character out for revenge against all the BS main characters, especially the selfish male leads. Hell hath no... more>> fury like a woman scorned...

Overall, the story is ok and decently translated with some minor errors. The main character's personality changed a lot between the first and second realms, and the side characters are somewhat two-dimensional. (As they often are in these multiple-world type of stories.) So far, this novel doesn't really stand out much from all the rest, but it's still entertaining. <<less
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JimmyFalcon rated it
October 13, 2019
Status: c124
The reviews for this is so good that I feel bad for giving this a non-excellent review.

I've been patient with this novel, not knowing why I don't anticipate its update unlike all of my other novels but now I do.

This novel is dry and boring, and so is the romance.

First of all, I can not understand why the ML likes the FL, is it because she was acting as his sister in the first arc and he's a sis-con? But wouldn't that mean that the person he likes is his... more>> sis not the FL? It makes me think their romance is forced. Second of all, the the whole second arc. It was boring to say the least, and confusing at most. It's true that I don't read a lot of mystery novels but it's not like I can't enjoy a riveting suspense; in fact I very much love the thriller and mystery genres when it's good. One of my favorite novel happens to be a mystery by the name of "The Likeness" by Tana French. Unlike what some people may think, not liking the mystery in a novel can have nothing to do with being stupid or not being used to the mystery genre. For example, a person may think the novelist doesn't space out the clues very well, creates too many red herrings, relies on tropes, has too many characters (which I think is a big issue for the second arc, especially with how short it is), or ends with illogical solutions.

I've actually read a novel that is like this, a transmigration novel where the MC travels from world to world and in a majority of these worlds, a new mystery to be solved is introduced. However, I found it so much more enjoyable, even though it had much more mysterious arcs. That novel almost never fails to catch my attention when it updates. That novel proved that mystery can be done well even within short arcs. (Note: novel is called Doomsday Wonderland and it's mostly action).

Third of all, pacing! The author is wordy and will describe every minute detail. It's very long winded and unnecessary. <<less
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xuexin rated it
August 29, 2019
Status: c87
I personally did not enjoy this when the ML came in. I just don't like how he forcefully makes himself come into her life. I feel like he somewhat discredits all her efforts in her missions. She's good at what she does, but having the ML on the scene ruins it for me. I feel like he's just there to get in the way... and eventually make MC kind of dependent. I really tried giving this another shot. It's meh. 5th arc is no good.
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uzumakii rated it
July 27, 2019
Status: --
Um it was just a no for me, sorry. I had to drop halfway through 3rd arc

1st arc:i just personally didn't like it

2nd arc: All OVER THE PLACE!, it was a mess

... more>> 3rd arc: just wasn't interesting.

i had high expectations for this novel as I thought there would be a lot of face slapping the ex's. I mean yeah it kind of was but honestly there was no reason to. The breakups were reasonable for the 2 & 3rd arc to me. Some of the mc's seem fine and not really bad people but she really does the most when getting back at these people (i mean she is a realm destroyer so I get that.) maybe I dropped to early but I always already not liking it from the first arc but I gave it all the way to the 3rd arc and that is more than enough for me. This is just my opinion, and if you like then please keep enjoying. <<less
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SublimiSomnium rated it
December 12, 2018
Status: Completed
Highly recommend if you like serial transmigration and true love type stories. The other reviews pretty much say it all, but here’s some additional 2 cents:

I especially like that the MC and ML have flaws and that there is character growth as well a logical progression of their relationship. The MC in particular does some serious self-reflection to move forward from her past trauma – which is fully explained and satisfactorily resolved in the final arc.

The author does an excellent job revealing the psychology behind characters and why that leads... more>> them to certain actions in a very concise manner. Multiple times the narration of the MC notes that a small change in the details of a situation can lead to completely different outcomes. This makes the writing more nuanced as the characters, even the villains, are rarely purely good or evil. <<less
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Fanfic rated it
October 28, 2018
Status: Completed
My first quick transmigration genre. And let me tell you- love it. 😍 I still come back after reading Tones of other novels and re-read it. Because it’s simply the smoothest and most logical (as far as logic can get in those worlds). MC is a strong and independent woman but not unrealistically OP. She learn to love and fall in love with ML and trust him only after a long time. Really lovely read ❤️
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bloggbigg rated it
September 11, 2018
Status: c1

Prologue is mostly exposition and gobledigook. There is an organization that does things based off of the oft-overused (and nonsense) time-travel motivator of 'something went wrong in history'. 'Job-related' couples-bashing subtext aside, much chatter, no action.

Ch 1 reinforces 'historically traditional' Chinese assumptions of class and value... and.. that's pretty much it. sneaky conspiring based on motivators related to that... The story could progress slower, but I don't see how...
New translator & some issue, but nothing compared to the weak plotting... Well, not sure if the narrative is... more>> tensed improperly in trans or original- as the story reads like secretarial shorthand for a transcript summary of events which occurred instead of a proactive story.

To be honest, I'm already losing interest in this 'this is how things summed up'-style story, but I try to endure...

Nope. Too painful to read. I don't see the point of this situational mish-mash or why it's 'important'. I don't care anymore, either.

I swear I have no idea what someone can see in this to give it 5 stars. It's pretty forced/contrived/cliche- so 'go figure'?

I suspect a better translation was taken down. I'l review this again when a better translation pops up. <<less
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ShanShan rated it
July 24, 2018
Status: Completed
I've read a lot of interdimensional travel genre but this is the best one for me. The growth of each character was stunning, even the other couples beside our MC and ML were well shaped and you can empathize with each character in the story.

The thing I love the most in this story is how devoted the MC and ML are to each other. ML is very vocal and expressive of his feelings while MC is the quiet type but she can still show how much she loves her man.... more>> It makes you jealous and makes you wish to find a man like that LOL!

The ending was super satisfying as well. It's not rushed at all, the story was wrapped up nicely and even show tidbits of what happened to their child/grandchildren.

It's quite easy to read via MTL so I recommend this story for you to read. I am 120% confident you will like it too! <<less
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Sea of Sorrow
Sea of Sorrow
February 15, 2020
Status: c151
The relationship between the ML and FL is so very cute!
Also, it's very satisfying to watch those cliche FLs turn into villainesses the moment they don't get what they want. And then of course get the ending they deserve for their hypocrisy and arrogance...

I mean, finally!Those clumsy, simple minded, innocent, hated- by-all-women-at-first-glance FLs, are not realistic at all! How did they even survive till they met the all powerful, who-loves-them-for no-reason, overbearing CEO MLs???
So, finally I can see their true colors here be revealed! hehehe
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Drenlith rated it
December 14, 2019
Status: c132
The arcs are very unique, although the planes are the stereotype trope novel crap, author twisted it to a much more original flavour (with the exception of the first arc which was more like a prologue).
The chapters are pretty long (by far not a complaint) and the arcs are medium of length with all about around 20ish chapters. It's just the first arc is very... confusing and bland.
The style of the first arc is seriously boring, the way it's narrated and told feels more like a documentation, everything... more>> is pretty much emotionless and matter o' fact-ly.
Give it time till about... third or fourth arc? Things will start make sense from there on.
MC is a calculating methodical type but her character further progresses upon interacting with ML more n more. (yay character progression~) Author is very stingy with giving out info about our MC so far.
MC and ML meet pretty early on, but their love/hate relationship is rather ambiguous.


In the first arc, MC's original host is the only older (half) sister to the ML. It was later put down as "She was the only one who was there for me, despite just to exploit me, but I still hated and now love her" <- as weird as it sounds, this is how it went down. And then he just turns into an absolute love torn puppy. That... seriously left me confused AF.


My irritation so far with the novel, is how the author would foreshadow and spoil the arcs or things about the MC&ML. Especially when it's not being followed upon later on, left me hanging with anxiety for no reason.

1. Repetitive. In the zombie arc, author mentioned probably over 4-6 times that two character will be the rulers and heroes of the world. It's an overkill, in the epilogue author explicitly left a couple (too many) paragraphs on their heroics. Feels like author was really biased on those filler characters. Other plane's fillers don't nearly as much as that, heck, even some FL&ML of the planes don't get the word count they got.
2. In another arc, author foretold that it was MC&ML's last time spending new years peacefully together. BUT nothing EVER happened to cause such a thing, so they ended up spending 3+ years in harmony.
On top of it, author did these foreshadowing commentary in a very obnoxious cliché way. "Never would they've thought"/"Nobody could foresee" etc.
WTF author?! 凸ಠ益ಠ) 凸

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