My Disciple Died Yet Again


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The Revered Master, Yu Yan, known as the number one in the cultivation world, waited for sixteen thousand years, and finally took in a disciple. He taught her carefully, and took care of her diligently. He watched her as she slowly grew stronger as she comprehended the laws, and just as she was about to soar into prominence… she died!

Hence, he once again took in another disciple, carefully taught her, diligently took care of her, and then… she died again!

Thus, he took in another disciple, and not long after… she still died!

Yu Yan: …

Disciple: …

(Why do I always get picked up by the same person every time I reincarnate? Haaaa…)

My Disciple Died Yet Again average rating 4.7/5 - 1032 user ratings
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Wǒjiā túdì yòu guàle
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New Riptide01 rated it
March 22, 2018
Status: c319
I love this novel, it's hilarious! The MC is sassy, strong, and everything you could want from an independent modern woman. The male lead is also pretty great and the numerous supporting characters are all very unique with their own stories and interesting quirks. The story is a bit more martial arts, adventure with supernatural powers than the typical romance you'll usually see. The plot does get confusing at times but the author does a good enough job to keep the reader invested. I recommend you at least give it... more>> a try, the first 10 chapters or so. <<less
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New Novel.a rated it
March 6, 2018
Status: arc 7
Loved it at the start funny and new enviorments felt refreshing but arc 7 is really stupid ... more>>

she spent 10 month going from no cultivation to building foundation then despite her master reminding her to cultivate faster she spent 5 years and went from foundation bulding 1 to 2 which is considered crap and the excuse the author gave was she was not in the mode by the way every time she reincarnates to a diffrent world something happens to her cultivation it is either sealed or lost and she has to resore it which is no diffrent than starting from the beggining and in this world she had 1 spirit vein (the lesser the better) but it is considered crap in her current world it will be fine if the people are mistaken but her cultivation speed proves thier right I just cant understan the author

sorry for the grammer english is my second languege <<less
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justmehere rated it
June 30, 2016
Status: c140

This novel has everything! And then some...
Xianxia clichés? Check!
Game elements? Check!
Genius but stupid as hell master? Check!
What happens when you kiss somebody with inner strength? Check!
What happens when a woman has her period in xianxia? Check!

OMG... this is like reading every novel available in nuf... her rebirth is so frekin random it makes this novel ridiculously funny as hell
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Marius rated it
May 26, 2016
Status: c124
This. is. the. best.

A little more in detail:
This is a splendid combination of comedy and story, which both had me laughing out loud several times, snicker dozens of times, and for the most part ignoring everything else that went on in my life. The way it plays with and subverts tropes while conveying a serious story is on the level of Terry Pratchett (Discworld etc.). It would probably be even more entertaining if I was more familiar with wuxia/xianxia/Whatever-I-don't-know-the-exact-difference-between-all-of-them, but even with my experience (about 10 novels,... more>> give or take), it's really, really entertaining. I do have a hundred+ mangas and a dozen or two manhuas under my belt, which helps somewhat.

What I really appreciate with the story is how the author manages to keep the story constantly advancing without dropping all light-hearted moments. Many stories that start out as comedies and evolve into serious action/drama/something have a tendency of getting... less funny as the story advances. Not less entertaining, just a lot less light-hearted and more focused on *SERIOUS BUSINESS* all the time. Example: Rouroni Kenshin, the anime version (the manga version remains more light-hearted through it all).

By mixing lighter and heavier themes, each aspect carries so much more weight because of the sheer contrast. And it doesn't get boring. Many serious wuxia-novels suffer from the "Really good start, and then descend into repetitiveness, too-easy-to-predict-storylines and plot armor". This does not. And that is golden, with diamonds and rubies sprinkled on top of it.

A few other things I really enjoy:

1. A lack of Mary Sue in the main character. In fact, how all the characters we get to know have serious flaws, and that makes them so human. Perhaps relate-able is a better word, if it's even a word. Sorry, non-native English speaker.
There are Mary Sues in the story, and they are heavily lampshaded. (Look it up on tvtropes. org if you don't know what this means.)

2. While almost every protagonist in wuxia/xianxia novels have plot armor, this novel subverts it having the protagonist resurrect after every death. But resurrection carries a price (time lost, different body), so it's quite different from a plot armor. She may actually die (and does), and the stakes feel higher than other novels.

3. A female protagonist that does not fall into any of the classic 'male protagonist' traps. It is so darn refreshing.

4. How fleshed out the characters are. I am bad with names and have a tendency to mess them up. Especially so when many side-characters are as three-dimensional as a sheet of paper. In this novel, the characters are really varied and often exaggerated, and it makes them all unique. Also, they do *not* possess plot armor, which makes the story more tense. Even if I don't remember all the names, they are so unique I often recall who they are after a single sentence of what they do or say.

5. While the story contains a fair bit of comedy based on misunderstanding, it never exceeded my "Oh my god, I can't watch this" embarrassment threshold. And let me tell you, it's rather low. I'd estimate the embarrassment level in the novel is on the level of Ranma 1/2.

This is my first review. I don't usually write them, because I'm lazy. This novel is just so good I have to share it. Also...

Your sister's desire!


You'll get it if you read it.

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KKristen rated it
December 7, 2016
Status: c180
I don't like to review a series until I'm finished with it, but what the heck, I'm at Chapter 180, and this can't wait.

This is one of THE BEST Chinese light novels I've ever read. Definitely in my Top 3 favorites, along with I Shall Seal The Heavens and Douluo Dalu. If you don't like those novels, and instead you love series like MGA or ATG, maybe don't even bother reading this review... you probably won't like this.

But if you LIKE...

• A rational, hard-working, good-humored, loyal main character, who isn't... more>> arrogant or blindly bloodthirsty...
• Side characters that are well-developed and don't disappear later on...
• A story that is equal parts funny+emotional+interesting...
• Great translation quality with one dedicated translator with a rich vocabulary...

... then, READ THIS!!!

More reasons you might want to read this series:

• You're tired of repetitive Chinese light novel tropes, and you want a LN that calls them out on their BS. (broken MCs, harems, cheats, spirit guides, etc)
• You don't mind a good parody -- one that's well-written, has its own unique characters and world, but still makes funny commentaries on the ridiculousness of other light novels.
• You're looking for a female main character that isn't a Mary Sue and has a mind of her own. (Name another series where the main character reincarnates as a middle-aged village woman.)
• You like romance stories that are entertaining, but also rational. (No love at first sight or endless descriptions about how hot people are.)
• You have a sense of humor and enjoy constant jokes.

Still haven't decided to read this? Don't worry:
• Even though it's sort of a parody, it doesn't feel like fanfiction. It has its own unique and compelling storyline.
• Even though it's primarily a comedy, it also has action, romance, mystery, tragedy, and SO MANY FEELS (you will laugh, you will cry, you will cast the Great Diarrhea Art)
• Even though it seems like the chapter releases slowed down, the translator (Scrya) just came back!

If you liked anything I said above, just try it. You won't regret it.

(NOTE: I'll update this review later on.) <<less
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Waffle rated it
February 18, 2016
Status: --
This is comedy gold. It also plays around with the ideas of ruthless protagonists in other Xianxia/Xuanhuan novels, and scrutinizes them heavily for their flaws. It also has romance. Don’t know why that isn’t in the tags, but either way, it is an amazing novel. I recommend it to everyone. 5/5.

And remember, take some waffles with you when you decide to read it. (It’s dangerous to go alone, take this!)
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PhoenixVII rated it
August 13, 2016
Status: c61
Have you been missing and waiting for naive shounen style leads to infect Xianxia and proceed to mock the whole genre and its characters that are thrown into crapsack worlds and have to *gasp* make sacrifices and change their ways in order to stay alive? And how about all that while said naive shounen style MC is immortal and so can afford to die due to her naivete over and over again and not only come back, but come back stronger each time at that?! Sounds fun? At least the... more>> author apparently concedes here that stubborn naivete will kill you unless you're an immortal that comes back stronger each time you're killed but that doesn't stop him from pushing his narrative of mocking characters that are more pragmatic by necessity since they are *gasp* not immortal. It's easy to push ideals when you don't have to worry about the consequences of failing.

If you aren't sick to death of boring, cookie-cutter shounen MCs yet, then maybe, maybe this story has something to offer for you. As for me, getting through 2 arcs was an intense, torturous headache which I wouldn't willingly inflict upon even my worse enemy and I'm relieved beyond words that I'll never deal with this piece of crap ever again. <<less
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Overlord rated it
February 17, 2017
Status: c144
My Disciple Died Yet Again is the epitome of failed potential.

This novel is so absolutely overrated to the point of being completely ridiculous - naturally, I do get why and what people like about it, the comedy is not half bad, and the author had at least some interesting ideas.. And sadly, that's it.

The protagonist never gets tired to lecture others with her one-sided hypocrisy, one of those typical happy-go-lucky characters who think the world can be changed with their goodie two shoe ideals. What's even more stupid, she not... more>> only rescues the person (BUGS) responsible for the troubles to the point where she's dying, no she also covers for him when he's flirting around with girls.. I mean, you for real sis? O.O I should add that he and some of his female companions are (in-) directly responsible for the deaths of several fellow disciples.. Well, same goes for the protagonist because she did not do what had to be done. Then we have the problem that the protagonist is always emphasizing that she's a modern woman, sorry but in my world someone mature and adult of a modern era would never have such a childlike and naive view of the world, it only helps to portray her narrow-minded and utterly unrealistic behaviour in all its glory, as if she lacks the skill to even think rationally. But what really disgusted me the most about Zhu Yao (name of the protagonist) is how she treats the feelings of others, especially if they had good intentions towards her. Making fun of them and playing with their honest sincerity, just because she feels uncomfortable and can't deal with the situation like an adult.

And to be honest, the entire cultivation part is non-sensical, because even when one reaches the higher realm thanks to the ascension, all (s) he does is cultivating all over again from scratch.. Wow - an endless loop of poop!!

Even if we exclude the fact that the sects basically abduct children at a young age, or it's seemingly okay for the parents to give their little kids to total strangers without ever seeing them again, the story is not one fart conclusive and is filled to the brim with plotholes that I already lost count of them. What's more, this novel includes timespans of thousands of years, and when I look at the "character development" in regard to the flow of time.. Oh boy.. :'D It's as if the growth of the characters and the world is basically stagnant.

Readers should learn to use the terms masterpiece and superb more inflationary, do you even know how to evaluate something? The novel is neither bad nor good, but average at best. A filler read, nothing more and nothing less. <<less
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dustmite rated it
May 26, 2016
Status: --
A light-hearted parody poking fun at the common xianxia tropes. Having finished the raws, I can say that this has definitely been an enjoyable ride where every reoccurring character introduced has their own important roles affecting the tides of the story.

Not only that, it had a really light focus on romance, and it's so satisfying watching relationships develop between several characters. Only downside is perhaps a very slight drag in the future chapters and frustration resulting from it but other than that, it's a 5/5 for me.
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SublimiSomnium rated it
January 21, 2017
Status: c200
Unbelievably good read, as evidenced by the high rating and glowing reviews. I could rave about almost every aspect of this novel, it is that good. However, I'll summarize the elements that especially appealed to me that haven't been reviewed to death by others:

1. This story has heart. Yes, the MC is hilarious and her reactions to her progressively more ridiculous reincarnations are the best. However, her genuine care for others are what provide the stakes for the novel and make it poignant. Because even if she reincarnates right after... more>> dying, she will be treated like a stranger by the friends and family from her previous reincarnation (with one exception). Even with the exception, her relationship is subtly changed because of the physical differences of her reincarnations and the circumstances of her deaths.

2. The MC stays true to her basic character of a modern woman. She's a mature woman who empathizes with others' pain and knows people can be redeemed, thus life is precious. She tries to fix the world because that is her job, and she is the best equipped to do so. How she thinks and speaks (and especially insults) is also logical and suitable for an educated person. Of course, her modern sensibility towards s*x is also demonstrated at appropriate times for maximum comedy.

3. There is a plan. The arcs are created by the genius idea of using light novel tropes to create conflicts. For instance, the trope of an OP character. What happens if that character doesn't have the right morals to use their cheat/s responsibly? Conflict will naturally ensue when they use their powers selfishly. All of the arcs are tied together by the efforts of the MC in all her various reincarnations, while the MC tries to uncover the mysteries behind her reincarnation abilities. Even when the MC is only aware of the arc conflict, the author gives hints that something more is brewing behind the scenes.

These elements may seem super basic, but the author's approach makes them masterful. Of course, there are plenty of other superb aspects of this story that are covered in other reviews, so read on! <<less
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Gamenot rated it
May 23, 2017
Status: c207
Usually I am not so fond of Chinese webfiction but this translated story is an absolute gem.

The work is excellent, the translator is excellent, and the ideas the author uses convey well across language. It is a parody of Xianxia/Wuxia so it can be more amusing if you have read those kind of novels to get the context and be primed sick of the cliches of the genres.

Unlike most Xianxia/Wuxia, the main character is more moderate; shifting between altruism and selfishness, sometimes purposefully making bad choices for immediate effect, and... more>> having to rely on instinct and other characters more often than genre norm. The story tends to run in arcs but many of the arcs are vitally connected and enhance past and future arcs lending to a surprising amount of depth. Another way of phrasing it would be that each arc makes for a complete story-line while still progressing a much larger story. The story is driven by choices and needs rather than chance, and when chance is involved it is generally acknowledged within the story and paired with comedic relief. Humor is generally mixed with serious in a way that does not detract from the over-all content. The setting is constantly changing causing the story to remain relatively fresh. The main character can be cute at times but romance is... a work in progress considering the main male lead's head is dense enough to be the center of the milky way.

I think my issues with the story are: it takes a while for the story to pick up (getting through the first part of the story was seriously difficult), the main character has stagnated a bit, some of the more likeable characters are forced to be left behind because of how the story must progress, and perhaps fading interest in the rules of the world because of constant escalation and de-escalation of the mc's strength.

Definitely recommend the story. <<less
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Mila Chan
Mila Chan rated it
June 24, 2016
Status: c136
I really loved this novel so far. It is sooo funny and I really would recommend it to any girl to read. I am looking forward to reading the following chapters everyday.

The MC is so funny and strong and I love her master as well. I really hope the ending will be pleasing <3
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B2j rated it
October 21, 2017
Status: c270
Even considering all the good reviews on this novel, I was still hesitant to read... because I was biased against Chinese novels. Yes you can lynch me. I don’t particularly hate Chinese novels but it usually contain the typical hard working cultivation, godhood, randomly and ruthless killing, cliche greedy antagonists, one time use plot characters, exotic heaven shattering treasures, ultimate true godlike masters and seniors, sacrificial plot moving paw- I mean characters. It’s common because it’s entertaining and popular but reading too much, I found myself wanting to take a... more>> break from those things. (So I binge japanese and korean novels). Anyways, I entered this expecting some hope and expectations. But this completely shatters everything.

My Disciple Died Yet Again is a comedic yet heart breaking and serious romance. First off, the MC is rational. And I mean she thinks about her actions, the other characters’ actions, her goals, and the actual plot. She doesn’t wantonly kill people because they offended her. She doesn’t kill people because they go against her goals. She doesn’t kill people because they hurt her (hubby does tho). She thinks about why they do things and their purposes and pasts. She is not a saint either. She does get revenge but doesn’t pass the line. Yes she has a bottom line. She is very humane and she has a rational mind; she questions about the purposes of her transmigration and reincarnations. She is also very witty and decisive. She isn’t a coward but she takes approaches while thinking over things. She does get a little...

ruthless when her “family” gets injured (died) but it was brought by circumstances.

Anyways her actions are understandable. Although she isn’t op

like being breathtakingly beautiful, even being human at all

but she has a very powerful, I mean too powerful plot armor. It's impenetrable and it was supposed to be since there’s a reason behind everything. Her encounters with people around her and all her reincarnations have a clear purpose.

Damn Realmspirit, trolling all the time.

Yet she still gets the chances to show that her efforts are commendable and that even with the invincible plot armor, she is not god and mistakes are unpreventable.

She dies over and over again to those mistakes (and damn Realmspirit).

Anyways her emotions are relatable and with reason.

Secondly, the characters in the story all have a clear purpose to their existences. As long as they have a name, they have a purpose. The story also revisits a lot of the characters and find that they are actually important wheels for the plot. They are humane too, at least somewhat. The antagonists are a little bland sometimes but then it turns out they are not even the true antagonists. Basically, the so called antagonists can be the best allies while the protagonists can be the worst doom. Oh and also Mary Sues and Gary Stus don’t last. Just saying. You’ll get irritated but they won’t last. So keep reading. In addition, the male lead is a heaven sent perfect boyfriend 👌. f**k it, I want him. The ML is a bundle of awkward, lack of common sense, intelligent, overpowered, loving, possessive, caring, husband material, perfectness. The other “semi male leads” are also really cute (especially Sesame and Bai Yuan and other beasties). Phoenix brother is also really likable but haizz as long as Master exists, no one shall surpass him. There is just one character that I am missing since he was neglected for a while (Floor Master, where are u?).

The romance is also really straightforward. The MC knows her feelings and is super bold. It tends to drag out a little because of our dunce ml. But their interactions are not cringey but instead is adorable and witty.

Doesn’t keep “purity” for long though 😏 for the ML that is 😂

Also, the MC is not dense. I repeat, the MC is NOT DENSE. Keep reading and you’ll see that she actually pays attention. She’s smart but not too smart (when it comes to a certain ml). The feelings develop gradually and not suddenly. The pacing is actually durable and not breakable for both the romance and the plot.

The plot sometimes really tire me out. Why? It’s too exciting sometimes

and she dies too much.

The plot is thought out, things connect, and there’re cause and effects. Nothing gets too repetitive as there is always new surprises. The ML is not unnecessarily always next to her side to come to her rescue either. The plot armor is too convenient sometimes but there is a reason.

Damn Realmspirit.

No one is protected by that plot armor all the time though.

As characters die; whether that will be the MC or important side characters.

There’s some sadness vibes in this so it makes a part of the seriousness. There are still a lot of unexplained things though but they are gradually being explained. There are still some plot holes but nothing is perfect. I hope everything gets explained though. The main conflict is also a bundle of mystery and mess, in a partly good way. It’s exciting and entertaining, doesn’t get boring, and is consistent. Sometimes the way things play out do get suspicious but it’s tolerable.

One of the things that I really love is the comedy. Especially, freaking Realmspirit. The comedy is consitent but not too repetitive. You might get used to it after a while though. But the jokes are still enjoyable. They don’t feel out of place. They don’t interrupt the flow of plot. But it doesn’t provide the relief from angst either. (Which is not necessarily a bad thing?) The MC is really hilarious though so there are surprises in store as she makes new reactions and new hilarious events happen.

Anyways this might or might not be a parody, honestly. It’s too serious to be a parody but too parody ish to be a serious novel either. One thing is clear: it’s really entertaining and well written (and well translated). It’s out of the usual Chinese novels but it is definitely a Chinese novel. It leaves you with presents of surprises and broken hearts paired with a beating red heart full of love.

In my opinion, this is definitely one of my favorite. (Not that my opinions ever mattered 😂) <<less
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sharlnina rated it
June 18, 2017
Status: c140
Lol. The heroine here is soo hilarious in this one. This one was untouched on my 'to-read' list for a long time. It was kinda boring at the start so I keep dropping this. But alas, after reading more chapters, I got hooked. XD The translator too is really good. This is 99.9% recommended.
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Narutolvr rated it
June 17, 2017
Status: c220
Like everyone else has said, this novel is wonderful. At it's core, it's a well executed wuxia/xianxia parody- inserting a harsh dose of reality into those everything-just-works-out scenarios with a suspension of disbelief through the roof. And that's all pretty hilarious. But, the best part is, this story isn't limited to just being a parody or it certainly couldn't have such glowing reviews 200+ chapters in.

During the first arc or two (or 3), the story seems a bit disjointed. The comedy is still there, but the plot doesn't seem fully... more>> connected, as if the author abandons one plot line in favor of the others in an effort to keep the story fresh and interesting. But, once you get further in, everything comes together, and you realize the story is so much more than just slapstick comedy. The characters, the story line, everything about it is so captivating, just knowing the novel has a limited number of chapters is enough to make you (or at least me) sad. Well, at least I'll enjoy the ride ^^

Side note: I noticed reviews criticizing the MC as a goody two-shoes and whatnot, which certainly is true, but is no reason to hate the story. Imo, though her actions scream naive sometimes, she's a lot more realistic than some of those MCs reborn in another world who immediately jump into killing without batting an eye despite being from a world/era where human life is considerably valued. Characters who find it so easy to abandon everything they were ever taught just because someone was mean to them were psychopaths from jump. And, while they certainly make for an interesting story and satisfying face slapping, it just screams unrealistic.

Also to Overlord (or anyone else) about the sect thing: is there a novel that portrays sects differently? If so, I'd like to read it. Because, from all the novels I've read, anyone who enters a sect pretty much never sees their family again (at least until the MC goes on some epic journey or something). So it seems stupid to use this as a point of criticism when that's the MO of that type of fictional organization. It's like me saying the characters of Harry Potter were stupid to use wands/broomsticks made out of trees because it would end up causing a deforestation issue. Yeah, it may be true, but that's the standard setup of the world/those types of stories so why single out one story for it? Or, rather, who the hell still cares at this point?

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GabeZhul rated it
June 13, 2017
Status: c222
This is a deceptive series. At first glance it has no business getting 5 stars. The beginning is slow and grating, the ever-present comedy is hit-or-miss and the story doesn't seem to go anywhere... And then Realmspirit appears and suddenly everything snaps together to form a single, interconnected, incredibly well-detailed picture. But I am getting ahead of myself.

The story in a nutshell: The protagonist is a female debugger from modern times who gets transferred to a xianxia world as a peasant. She gets accepted to a very prestigious cultivation sect,... more>> becomes the young, handsome grandmaster's personal succeeding disciple... and then she dies. Then she reincarnates as a little girl. Then she dies again and reincarnates as a guy. Then she dies again and reincarnates as a freakin dragon, and it only gets weirder with each reincarnation.

Not only that, while most of the story is about the comical misadventures of our female lead, there is actually an unusual yet fairly compelling main plotline here: She is being reincarnated by "Realmspirit", an enigmatic entity that designates "bugs" in the world that she has to fix. These bugs are usually classic xianxia clihés, such as OP harem seeker protagonist types, cheat items, powerful beings that have no business on the lower planes, etc. However, these bugs are not always evident, and there is often a lot of mystery-solving involved, with even bigger mysteries that connect the reincarnations (read: arcs). Because of this the story manages to achieve a rare feet: being consistently entertaining each chapter, building interesting worlds, telling compelling stories each arc and having the entire work have actual layers due to the over-arching, inter-connected nature of said arcs, which even dabble with some non-linear storytelling as well.

Granted, the author doesn't always manage to pull things off flawlessly, and there are a few plot-holes here and there, but I just can't help but applaud the effort. In short, this is a really solid comedic adventure story that takes itself just seriously enough to be compelling but never becomes too serious for its own good either. <<less
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Ardavix rated it
July 2, 2016
Status: c51
I started reading this novel yesterday (July 1st, 2016) and I got up to chapter 51 before I ended up dropping it. Admittedly, I had skipped ahead to the last chapters of arc's 2 & 3 in order to see where this story was going. Had I not done this, I probably would have enjoyed it until the end of arc 2 and or the middle parts of arc 3.

I was looking for a Xianxia novel with a female protagonist and I wasn't entirely disappointed. Despite the fact that this... more>> is a semi-joke novel in the sense that it makes fun of other Xianxia tropes whilst having a game-element like story-line, it's still reasonably funny [in a cutesy-way] and well written [for a comedy/xianxia].

Unfortunately, I do wish that it was more xianxia-y than video game-y; indeed, the game elements are predominant. Think Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? But xianxia-esque. In short, our MC is a female game designer/GM who, after speaking with a seemingly knowledge programmer, was whisked into a xianxia world in order to prevent said world's inevitable collapse (by debugging it ~ literally). Naturally, with this premise, xianxia elements really don't need to be there; they are there for setting only ~ at its most basic level, this is a game/VR-like novel with a Xianxia setting.

If you were like me and expected a silly Xianxia novel with a female protagonist then you will only be kinda satisfied with it; after the first volume (chapter 41 or something) the veil is lifted. By volume 3, the xianxia world feels almost unnecessary.

Long story short, if you don't mind this fact then you'll likely enjoy this novel; it's not a bad read. <<less
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Lily Noir
Lily Noir rated it
June 5, 2017
Status: c220
This is an excellent novel, and well worth the read. It's, as stated, a parody - but done in a likeable and funny manner, while still managing to draw in the reader.

The Main Character is hilarious and likeable - a honest to goodness normal person punted into a fantasy world (then given cheats and abilities, which, while getting the job done, tend to backfire hilariously as well). There is also a plus in the fact that, unlike most xanxia heroines I've read about, the heroine (who is a transmigrated 21st... more>> century woman) is neither clueless nor shy about the matters of s*x and love (indeed she can be rather shameless), and thus avoids that bloody annoying trope of blushing, dense virgin waiting to be ravaged by the wolfish Male Lead (you know what I'm talking about).

The Male Lead is a breath of fresh air as well - there as support for our MC, but not to the point where her saves her every damn time. In fact, the story neither revolves around him nor is the 'romance' with him the main point (it's there, but in, like, the fourth/fifth place of priority).

AND, there is actual character development going on here people! The characters deemed as important tend to be expanded and developed.

If none of this entices you, then at least read it for the comedy, I lost count of how many times I almost choked on my spit when I read something funny and laughed.

All in all, a very good read. <<less
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Shuxin rated it
January 11, 2017
Status: c195
O3O) b

I am always tempted to read the raws, but because of how nicely translated this novel is, I never do. This novel starts off funny and still is funny, of course there's a touch of drama.
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Xoxopixie rated it
December 10, 2016
Status: c180
Hilarious with actual plot that seems like it will go somewhere. Translation quality is also top notch - doesn't make you feel that reading it will make the quality of your own English drop, nor are you constantly having to fix the grammar in your head. Or maybe I just have slight grammar OCD.

Anyhow, it's one of the better chinese novels that I've read, in that it doesn't constantly bore you to death about cultivating from one level to another. When it happens it happens, but there is a... more>> surrounding plot that makes the cultivating explanations bearable. And did I mention the MC is hilarious? Her narrative makes even the most supposedly boring scenes interesting. There is also an actual point to the whole transmigration business - a reason why it's her and not any one else (and you can actually tell that the MC is a graduate in from the sciences as she sometimes uses her understanding of physics, chem and maths to make sense of things - she has a scientific logical mind), unlike many others where the MC may have transmigrated but we never find out why, her/his past in the modern world never actually makes a difference to the fantasy except make them maybe a bit more openminded - or others where protagnists somehow remember all kinds of scientific and technological processes that the average adult/teenager would most likely never have any idea about. She's definitely not a Mary Sue, but she's actually genuinely a really nice person though she might laugh at the idea. It's been a while since I've read/watched about a genuinely nice person that's relatable and not annoying or makes me want to strangle them for their naivety or foolishness.

The procession of the plot is quite unique as well (see: the various ____ she reincarnates into) and obvious tropes are hilariously lampshaded. And Master is adorable <3 <3 <3 <<less
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Eternal Tranquility
Eternal Tranquility rated it
May 30, 2016
Status: c125
The story is one of the best I've read. Though it took me a long time to start reading it because of its description.

The MC is a female from Earth that suddenly found herself in the body of a villager in a Xianxia world. Things happen and she enters a Sect becoming the disciple of the strongest in the cultivation world. However when she started adventuring she died, and found out that she reincarnates every time she dies.

The MC is relatable and hilarious~~ She is a normal girl that... more>> finds killing wrong and criticizes the mindset of the usual Xianxia characters we find in other novels. The side characters all have personalities and are fleshed out.

Some scenes make you laugh out loud and some cause you to shed tears. I truly enjoy reading this and I'm addicted to it. It deserves 5 stars. <<less
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meiberry rated it
August 20, 2017
Status: c328
I really love this novel... I had been putting this off for months and months for some reason, but I highly recommend that you pick this up! What is already translated so far is really easy to read. Also the translators did an AMAZING job. You can't tell at first glance, but after moving onto the raws, I realized that this was probably such a hard story to translate because the original has so many Chinese puns and contemporary slang... it could be that they just skipped things to make... more>> it easier, but still, you'd still have to decide which jokes to skip and which ones you can't skip.

So I actually really liked the concept of Hua Qian Gu (special disciple and special master relationship), but I basically hated literally everything about that story. I also couldn't finish it. My Disciple Died Yet Again has the few important things that I wanted from Hua Qian Gu, but like, minus everything I hated (the misunderstandings between the leads, STUPID female lead, green tea bitches, disappointing character developments, dog blood melodrama, garbage relationship conflicts and cliches... basically EVERYTHING! Phew, I am SO sorry if you are a fan of HQG and you read this!!! please excuse me, I am just really bitter and petty).

Anyways, reading this in place of Hua Qian Gu was a complete win-win-win for me!

The only reason why I actually have not yet finished My Disciple Died Again before writing this review is because I am at a reincarnation story that is a little tough to get through...


I'm at the arc where she doesn't have a body and she's inhabiting the body of the super beautiful "pillar of the world" girl and she's like in the worst imaginable third wheel situation. This reincarnation arc is actually SO hard for me to read. I can't seem to confront how this damned "romance" between that one violent sect leader with the crazy acting skills and the "pillar" beauty is the Exact sort of cliched romance I normally love to read... and yet it looks SO STUPID AND EMBARRASSING when you put a normal character (the female lead) as a foil against the whole situation. *buries face in hands*


On that note, I adore the way this whole story is framed around various different "plots" and "cliches" that feel really familiar to the readers. Basically, this story is about a main female lead who transmigrates into a xianxia universe where she has the special role of cleaning up "bugs" in that universe. In each reincarnation, the main female lead has to swoop into the situation and try to prevent the "bugs" from wreaking complete havoc in the universe that she's currently occupying. She talks about most of the bugs in otome or novel terms such as "the male protagonist!" or "the supporting female lead!" and it's just really funny and refreshing for us readers who have a lot of experience with these cliches... For the most part, it seems like a fun outlet for the author to rehash all our favorite video game tropes, xianxia tropes, and novel tropes.

I truly appreciate all the innovative aspects of this story. The main female lead is a NORMAL, likeable girl.

Speaking of normal. PSA: 28 is not middle-aged. I certainly still consider 28 to be young... most people don't have real careers yet at 28. Honestly, I feel like even in most parts of Asia we wouldn't consider 28 to be old these days. I feel like I only see such a judgement in Asian novels!!!!!!! That is, the judgement that for a woman to be 20 and older she must be considered "a spinster." UMM? As a visual reminder, please take a look at many Korean dramas such as Healer and My Love from Another Star, etc., look at how young and good-looking 28 can be. At age 28 is when you have the normal amount of intelligence and maturity suitable for the type of battles and situations that the female lead is up against... "High school age" or whatever is considered "young" in these universes is the weirdly young age...


I have very little criticisms about the main male lead for all his good qualities and poor qualities, but if there was one moment when I deeply doubted that he was worthy of Zhu Yao was when they first met and he sighed and regretted that she wasn't younger.


Of course, age is basically completely irrelevant when we talk about how old the characters actually are, considering the hundreds and thousands of years that it takes to cultivate. The main male lead is like at least 16, 000 years old while by the chapter 300s, the main female lead has about a couple thousands of years under her belt as well. I'm just saying the note above about how 28 is not old in case some people are really wildly mistaken about how "old" Zhu Yao looks because PLEASE! My Park-Min Young is still a fresh and young and beautiful girl...

I might update this review but bottom line is I love this! Please read! <<less
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