Cultivating to Become a Great Celestial


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Once she woke up, Su Tingyun had become a 70 year old granny.

After resigning to her fate with great difficulty, deciding to become a rich family’s esteemed mother and residential big boss, she didn’t expect that the scenario would change again.

That husband of hers who had died on the battlefield was now the cultivation world’s deity, and sent people to pick her up for celestial cultivation?

Fine, she’ll cultivate, but how did she accidentally cultivate into someone else’s body?

Changing old patterns up and playing swapping the frame…

Young man, granny is 70 this year, is your taste heavy enough?

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Chronos5884 rated it
May 5, 2016
Status: --
The premise is actually really good, and I’d like to read more.

Kookie! Please don’t tell me you’ve dropped this!

4/5 for potential, because this seems like it’ll be super interesting and Kookie usually has pretty good translation quality. Please pull through for me Kookie!
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willwiz rated it
September 21, 2016
Status: Completed
This novel is really good. In terms of the quality of the story and written, it is comparable to "My Disciple Died Yet Again". In my personal opinion, it is the better novel of the two.
... more>>

The MC is lovable and relatable. Of the novels I have read, she's probably the closest one actually person. She's not going out of her way to do that right thing or to save the world, nor it does she only care for herself and goes about her own business. She's not a mindless person as in some stories, nor is she so overpowered that she can solve any and all problems.

There overarching story of the world doesn't really only move around her, but it is told as we follow the MC and her role in reaction to everything that is happening in the world.

As for the Transmigration, her past and other life isn't a major point of the story unlike in "My Disciple Died Yet Again". It only serves the role that she isn't from this world and is the cause of everything that happens to her in the story.

The novel is at time funny and at times emotional. The story is well written with good use of foreshadowing and pacing (except the ending).
The romance in the story develops and her relation with various male characters improve. It doesn't follow most story with love at first sight or destined to be together. You get to experience how her relationships change and improve overtimes, and how it turns to love and romance. As a result, it's hard to tell who the male lead ends up being and the second half of the novel.
The story is not very focused on power level progression. The story never relies on her become strong enough to defeat the bad guy. In fact she often isn't the one to solve the problem, she just plays her role in the story. She does becomes more powerful as she changes the body she possesses. Each time she changes her body, it is well tied into the story and not just for the sake of her getting stronger. She never reaches the end of the power spectrum and relies on her strength on the final fight. She simply doesn't her best just as everyone else, and watches as the pieces and cogs that was set up throughout the story comes together.
The story line isn't episodic like "My Disciple Died Yet Again", but is the more concrete of the two.
Both "My Disciple Died Yet Again" and "Cultivating to Become a Great Celestial" suffers most at the ending parts of the novel. As "My Disciple Died Yet Again" ending makes your wonder why anything happened in the first place, when the story could have just started at the end and have everything worked out as good or even better, "Cultivating to Become a Great Celestial" makes it seems like the author can't wait to get the the ending she's written, so she gives random characters unreasonable, abstract and out of place powerups to prepare everyone for the final fight.
"My Disciple Died Yet Again" could have used a better reason for her perform her various missions in the story; perhaps better ties her into the history of the 3 realms as the author probably initially intended.
"Cultivating to Become a Great Celestial" could probably use 60-100 chapters to expand on the immortal realm and better pace the story before the ending.
To summarize, if you enjoyed "My Disciple Died Yet Again" then I think you will enjoy "Cultivating to Become a Great Celestial" as well. <<less
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KKristen rated it
February 24, 2017
Status: c16
This story has just started, but it looks promising:

  • The translation quality is great.
  • The writing style is engaging and the pacing is good.
  • The plot is pretty unique and I'm interested in seeing where it goes from here.
So far, the story goes like this:

  • A young woman suddenly wakes up in the body of a 70-year old, rich, and powerful woman in an ancient world. After a few days, the aging woman's missing husband (thought to be deceased) sends immortals to bring her to an immortal sect. However, as soon as she gets there she's abandoned with no husband in sight. This granny must now find a way to live in the cruel world of cultivation...
Other reviewers have mentioned that series is similar to My Disciple Died Yet Again (one of my favorite... more>> series) :

  • The original premise is similar, but that's where the similarities end. This story, though enjoyable, is much less humorous and the main character's struggles are very difficult and frustrating. The tone of the story is a more gloomy and frustrating (if Disciple's tone is "determined optimism, " Celestial's tone is "fight to survive.") She also doesn't have the same light-hearted, warm, bluntness as Zhu Yao -- Su Tingyun is just a determined young/old woman who does what's needed or right.
For now, I give this series 5 stars and recommend it, though the series has just begun. I'll review this with more detail after more chapters are released.

Update as of Ch. 16:

This story is quickly becoming one of my favorites. It's very rational, gritty, and unique. I love that she's still an ancient ugly old woman instead of an instant Mary Sue. It feels like the real plot is yet to be revealed, but I still find myself waiting anxiously for every new chapter. Apparently, some body-swapping is in the future...? It hasn't even been hinted at yet, and I'm still just enjoying the granny. <<less
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sibyl97 rated it
March 27, 2018
Status: Completed
I love it! It's different than your mainstream xianxia/transmigration story.

The MC is not arrogant or ruthless or mary sue, she's quite realistic. She would help if she could, but she knows her limits. Our MC is able to posses certain bodies, there were 3 bodies, I think and she would form her own body later.

I love the adventure side of this story, the world building is great, the author takes time to build it but it's not boring at all. I also love her interactions with other characters, there is... more>> no annoying characters that provoke our MC. You know what I mean, the brain dead/nonsense kind.

There are 4 possible main leads, and when I mean possible, it's not just falling in love in first sight but there's a great character development behind each of them. I mean, she's 70 years old... so her charms, must have not come from her falling teeth and aching knee. Oh wait, yeah except for that one time.

I ship her with the wrong one but now that I think about it, it makes sense. He's perfect for her or maybe his timing is just perfect.


Although he's not the most handsome or popular or the one that knows her the longest, he almost sacrifice his life and maybe he doesn't even know that he already liked her at that time? He's the only male lead that truly prioritise her. The others have some kind of burden or complexes.

The first ML, the ex-husband, he's been traumatised since he was almost/ maybe r*ped twice. He has a mysterious background (bloodline), a true prodigy, and has that ML halo. He's the kind of ML that usually get healed by the FL and be together but I guess he's too traumatised to be with any female. He's an enigma, he just suddenly pops up and gone in a sec.

The second ML, the tsundere, he's the first one that helped and almost sacrifice his life for our MC. And our MC is still in her 70 years old form. He always mocks our MC but he always helped her (he said that she is his lackey and no one can bully her except for him) and kinda taught her alchemy (he just throws the book and flew away). I thought he was the ONE, but he takes too long to realise (?) or idk. It's bit complicated since Li XinMei has a 'thing' with him at the start before she 'died' and he had a crush with our MC (but he didn't realise) and our MC is just being a granny for both. But it's so funny that he keeps denying and get confused about his feelings, like 'do I really like that granny? that 70 yo with vicious eyes and creaking bones? no way, my taste is not that heavy, probably'. Also, he got an inferiority complex around or MC since he used to be the stronger one but since our MC has MC halo ofc her cultivation will soar like no other. He keeps chasing alas he has missed the right timing.

The third ML, the true ML, he was searching for his family's spirit guardian, yes it's Dabai and Xiaobai. He is from the upper world and respectable family. Also, he's very good building arrays, cooking, combing hair, packing, just a house wife material (?). He's very cute when he tries to bond with Dabai, he tries so hard to get close to Dabai but when our MC send a small gift, Dabai will immediately run to our MC. He looks cold and distant but actually very caring. I suddenly remember when his family were trying to get Dabai and they take all the handsome guys for our MC to select for marriage since Dabai is not willing to separate with our MC. That was so funny when the handsome uncles were trying to flirt but our MC were calling them ancestors. He confessed in the most perfect timing when our MC love index is at its highest. He's very lucky or maybe it was fate since our MC fell in to that abyss and met Dabai?

The fourth ML, little teacher/uncle, he's a swordsman and is our MC's teacher. He's mysterious and only cares for training but sometimes he would help our MC. Our MC had some 'thing' for him but idk since I mostly MTL-ed so sometimes it's not very clear. Anyway his cultivation somehow backlashed and became a demon lord, I still don't understand how it came to be. He's the final boss and I think he likes our MC as well (?) or was it just an obsession of becoming stronger than our MC? Why does he want to destroy the 3, 000 worlds? why does he so obsessed of being stronger? Am I lost in the translation? so many question unanswered. Btw, he died in a anti climatic way, the ending was a bit rushed, I think the last arcs after the 'time continent' arc were all a bit rushed.


The last plot twist though... it completely caught me off guard. Like dang it! the previous arcs are actually building to that moment, why didn't I notice? Maybe it was predestined from the very start?

The first group that she met before cultivating, all the members will betray her in the end. Yes, even Li XinMei! That's why I was so shocked.


Dabai and Xiaobai are the cutest, I love that the author give them some personality, not only as a convenient plot device but a real bond to the MC. <<less
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whitespade rated it
August 6, 2019
Status: Completed
The story is interesting, the characters even more so. I really really love struggling MC and the more they struggle the more flavourful it become. MC also not someone who let people to stomp on her but she know when to bow to save her hide.

However I do not recommend anyone to read this if they dont intend to mtl. There are 234 chapters and with the pace of the translator you will be faster learning Chinese yourself.

[Edit 16.11.23]
I completed reading MTL, it's not hard especially as translators already... more>> give you the basic names and relationships and such. After a certain point, MC is not a struggling MC (as all her hardwork rewarded) but the story still doesn't become stale or boring as she always meet someone much stronger, smarter, and more ruthless. But MCs kind beautiful soul always stay constant that's how she always win - people can't help but want to help her. The plot is really good as every plot point is useful. You know in some novels MC goes from one adventure to another, never ending filler? Not here, because she picks all the important quest item that in the end all will be used. Even some you think already expired their usefulness will come back with a bang.

The ending is not bad, just that it seems everything happen in 5 pages lol so I guess that's the only critique for the novel. <<less
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Demonic Reader lv 451F
Demonic Reader lv 451F rated it
June 11, 2017
Status: Completed

Read translated, finish in raw. The story is not the generic & boring kill-upgrade-kill-upgrade xianxias.

Something like slice-of-life. Though the story is "cultivating to be..", the author pays less attention on the cultivation technique. Practically none at all.

The story is the slice-of-life of the transmigrated young girl from today world to the past mortal world before being moved to the xian world. The story is a bit like flowing stream. No cliff, no plot twisted, no big event. The characters'interaction is more 'real life' of the 2017 social world.

The rarely seen fighting scene is the weak point. Hardly raise anyone heart rate.

The pace of the story is slice-of-life, one can read at the once a month rate without any lost.

The author heavily uses multi-meaning Chinese wording to beautify the story. So while the quality of translation is good in term of grammar, but the deep meaning of several words are lost. Thus, NOT recommended for MTL reading.

13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
SinsI rated it
March 17, 2017
Status: c48
With all the mature themes in it (multiple layers of betrayal, r*pe attempt, human sacrifices, etc), this novel is not really a comedy - or, at least, a very very dark one.

MC is thrown into a dog eat dog cultivation world - and what she receives is not a cheat, but a very big disability instead. She struggles to make people around her show a bit of compassion and humanity, and desperately tries to protect those that hasn't lost it yet.

This novel presents extremely novel experience of what is normally... more>> a very shallow power fantasy world by getting rid of all the power grabbing cliches and substituting human interaction for it.

If you got tired of ordinary Xianxia, this is one novel that you would find interesting to read. <<less
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
July 10, 2022
Status: --
tbh honest I personally think it could have been better if 70 year-old was the MC because it more seemed like the current MC is reaping the hard work of another person life with no effort while also taking over the lover that the old lady waited so long for maybe if it wasn't for the fact that the old lady and the man was married, had kids along with the fact that the old lady had to suffer to make her family stable and rich without help then it... more>> would have been fine.

honest im just sad that the old lady got a nothing from waiting for her husband istead someone else did <<less
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
earlgreyt rated it
March 10, 2019
Status: c35
[review may be updated/changed as story progresses]

I'm such a big fan of this story. It reminded me a little of 'Howl's Moving Castle' where the MC gets changed into an old woman's appearance. The transmigrated MC is a young woman forced into the body of an old woman. Her internal dialogue is both sassy and hilarious. In the beginning, all the MC wants is to live longer and enjoy the good life (cultivation is suppose to help her with that). However, she ends up confronting the very cruel/strong-oppress-weak cultivation world.... more>> In this situation, the MC is neither beautiful nor gifted (her body is pretty much a mess) but she works hard and does her best to keep a low profile and treat people with humanity (I love her relationship with the kids).


I've heard she switches bodies a few times, so the old lady body is just the first arc.


Traditional xianxia tends to be 'power fantasy' as another reviewer put it. This is more slice-of-life, but with sect politics. It's not one of those OP face-slapping/revenge novels or a heavily romance 'Oh save me ML' novels (thank god). So far, I've happily got no clue who the eventual pairing will be. I'm glad the translator has picked this up again (I almost started reading the raws). <<less
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SilverOne rated it
November 1, 2020
Status: c53 part1
I just read the entire 53.1 chaps in a row. First off- there has bern absolutely no romance in all the chapters I've read so far (and in fact I suspect the male lead has only just been introduced as of the 50-ish chapter). But DO NOT WORRY BECAUSE THIS STORY HAS BEEN AMAZING SO FAR. Literally the world building, the characters and their relationships with each others is just amazing really. And both the translators and the author have been very carefull with the details of the plot and... more>> its broader overall picture. The translation quality is also great! (Like sure the names of certain places and titles change a bit but only because there were different translators translating).

Seriously though, climax of the first arch has been incredibly well done: all of this little plot details and character development come together into this one amazing battle scene which left me in literal tears (something that doesn't often happen for me in the case of cultivation novels which tend to focus so much on revenge and face slapping that the character interactions, and consequently relationships, end up feeling superficial (it also doesnt help that you can immediately tell whos gonna end up being a one-time-appereance cannon fodder who ultimately does not affect the overall plot - something which this novel has managed to somewhat subvert).)

However this novel relies on those very own human relationships and human characteristics like trust, gratefulness, kindness, perseverance and just plain old being sensible to others, to make the climax of (what I think must be) the first arch so impactful.
and then immediately afterwards in the beginning of the 2 arch you get introduced to new characters but also discover that some of those who appeared to be random cannon fodders, weren't. And in fact, they get to contribute to the plot (whether in life or in their deaths) and are implied to be making later appearances. Which is great! No more senseless disposing of characters just to make the protagonist seem cooler!

Which is another thing: the main character is hilarious and hardworking, who only gets to grow because of those who she helped before! She's one of the elements that really make this story so amazing, and I just really like her.

Anyways! This novel's been amazing so far and I hope you guys wanna read it and show the translator and the author some support! <<less
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misseternal rated it
February 12, 2018
Status: c35
This is an amazing read. The protagonist is a modern and average 25 years old woman, who gets transmigrated into a 70 years old grandma in a cultivation world. And then 35+ chapters of pure world building and characterization issues. I'm not kidding, this novel has amazing world build and characterization.

The story of the granny before the transmigration is amazing, I really didn't expect that plot twist. She is the epitome of Boss lady. Then she enters to the legendary cultivators community after the transmigration, and it's a m a z I n g. I like all the characters, except some of the gold digging or creepy people (and boy, that old uncle screwed over my brain.) There is no actual romance yet, just reminscing a little bit of... more>> the old husband, as the protagonist has more important things in her mind, like staying alive and helping others survive.

The best part of this novel, imo, is the relationship between 10 years old Li Xinmei and the 70 years old protagonist. They are so cute, I love how the protagonist immediately, like, adopts her lol. Started reading for weak-to-strong protagonist, continued for that PLUS the fluff. Awwwwwww~

I hope whoever picks up the translation continues to bring us such quality goods. Unless you're looking for a novel that devels into romance immediately, I recommend everybody to read this! <<less
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Tofu Cat
Tofu Cat rated it
March 28, 2020
Status: Completed
Amazing. It's really like a slice-of-life, except with the MC getting into trouble that is veeery dark. Thankfully the trouble doesn't come very often, but whenever it does it's like a big hammer that's knocked into your head.

There're bits of foreshadowing most of the time.

NoT action heavy. This maybe be a cultivation/transmigration novel but it is absolutely not one of those constant face slapping overpowering MC that u can find with any random ball throw. This is not that rare but ig in the world of translations this... more>> would be like... 3 in 10 difficulty in finding? Quite a treasure I must say.

very well translated, tho the speed is worse than a snail's

over all,

  • TL quality: 9/10 -1 bc of the veery occasional minor mistake. TL gives explanations whenever there might be something people would be unsure of

  1. plot line: 7/10

    pace is veery slow. the mc's power ups are veeery slow and veery slight. so far the most noticeable change about her is her appearance from 70 gma with a foot in her grave to valiant and strong

    40 y.o. army commander. that took about half a year. at ch44 seven years have passed, but there were two major time skips. One was half a year, the other was five years. Didn't feel too awkward tho bc if no time skip the story would've seemed weirder and MC would not be 'slOwlY' cultivating hahahha

  • -2 bc of the ENDING!!! the entire story almost touched my heart and my dark black soul and I had many hair raising moment as well as emotional moments where I truly felt whatever feeling the MC was feeling, but the scene of the last battle was like a big fat slap waking me up. Totally unpredictable, that I'll give the author (mainly bc the past arcs were pretty nice) but at that I wanted to run after author with a pitchfork. Like wtf reads like an ass-pull, as if at the last moment author had a deadline and just decided to randomly find a way to end the story lmao.

    at the last battle, just as she was about to get s**ked into the Beauty Scroll and have the memories in her soul erased to become a puppet controlled by the owner of the scroll, Xuanyuan Wentian, a demon lord from long ago that had died after seeing the person that he loved and decided he was going to disappear and 'accompany her' because he had nothing to live for anyways that had originally wanted to control her physical body to take the heavenly punishment that would kill his soul realised that her body was one which defied all the laws of the 3000 thousand worlds and thus wanted to kill her soul (aka kill her) and possess her body, suddenly was like 'oh you're gonna die under the demonic object that I've created lemme suddenly save u lol' helped her wake up the first beauty whose soul had entered the scroll, and whose skin, hair and bones made up the entire scroll, by singing a song that gave her back her memories. The first beauty then tuned into a white Phoenix and killed the current master of the scroll

    • characters growth: 9/10

      MC learns that cultivation world is a dog eat dog world and power rules supreme. Author also emphasises repeatedly that kindness is veery rare in this world. Love the interaction between granny and her granddaughter, as well as her and the plant. Absolutely hilarious, the plant kinda reminds me of dtbcf's cactus with the MC in this novel being very obviously less Mary Sue. There's another character that had a heartwarming growth. Dude ruthless to MC and everybody (mostly all bark no bite hahah) he could afford offend, but in the end the MC and her 'granddaughter's interaction warmed hiS heart ig bc he becomes a slightly better person, even almost sacrificing his life to save MC in the end by

      getting nailed to the pillar by a sword after attempting to take down the villain whose trying to refine MC into a human pill

Attention to all unhappy about the fact that MC is a granny: she's not going to be a granny for the whole story. At least half of the story she a gorgeous adorable young lady

there's more but I'm too lazy to write lol <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
mrttao rated it
August 9, 2017
Status: c28
This story is quite excellent, the MC adjustment to the world of cultivation flows in a logical manner, with character growth and development that happens over time. The gimmick of transmigrating into an old 70 year old with one foot in the grave is quite interesting and quite different than the usual.

Also, this might just be the only female transmigration into xianxia where MC is not a doctor-assassin, and there is no "romance".

The side characters are also somewhat interesting as well and occasionally tug on the heartstrings. And I like... more>> that the MC ends up being a spirit farmer, because that is always fun.

It is worth noting that the official description is a bit misleading. It sounds like she is hopping from body to body. But there is only the one transmigration at the beginning. The part where it says she cultivated into a new younger body is misleading. It is the same body, it just became more youthful slightly as her cultivation level rises (effectively her body apparent age went from 70 to 50. But it is still the same body not body hopping) <<less
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ike_00000 rated it
October 7, 2020
Status: c50.1
I'm seriously seriously loving this story. It starts off a it slowly and mundanely, but imo this really helps show off the world-building and sense of realism.

The character is portrayed to be genuinely weak and suffering. She starts off as a 70-year-old woman with severe arthritis whose constipation can stink up the heavens. We see her meet people, many of whom betray her or aren't "good" people, and suffer. However, her genuine heart also touches others, and it causes substantial change.

The major conflict is very interesting, particularly because MC is... more>> from a stance of utter weakness every time. I really like the realism that is portrayed throughout the entire story as well; the duality of human nature, the ugly things, and the beautiful things.

I'm really optimistic about the rest of this story!!! Can't wait.

Thanks to the translating teams for their hard work!! I'm soo glad this got picked up again!!! <<less
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LMarianna rated it
January 4, 2020
Status: --
I don't really like this book because: no romance and granny; I'm not into those. But 5 stars for this book because making a granny as the MC is unusual and the plot is pretty unique. Beside that the MC ain't useless and definitely not op one.
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Munya rated it
November 11, 2018
Status: --
Quite like this story...! The MC a.k.a grandma Su may not be an OP. Her aptitude in cultivation is 'poor to the point almost reach poverty'. The first 20 chaps stated how her probability to break through 2nd level qi condensation is IMPOSSIBLE. She was given a thrashing before given a pill for breaking through to Spirit condensation..! But I admire her quick-wittedness and hard working attitude. So just like what people said, hard working people really have it the sweetest in the end. Though she doesn't reach the pinnacle... more>> of power in the end...

About romance...

Maaaaannn... I don't know how to comment about this matter. I am slow about this buttttt I can said that it is a so-so. I don't like the ex-husband but I really couldn't blame him. Who still can care to fall in love after got r*ped twice by 'scary persons..? Aye... Poor guy. So don't have to put much hope with him.

I can't comment about other ML because I am too lazy to mini translate. So I just read moderately...

Overall. I'll give this story 5 star. Great storyline and great translation! If you can, let's support both author and translator group for their hard work. <<less
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.moondance rated it
May 15, 2018
Status: c24
So-so. A unique gimmick, sure, but it drags on a bit and turned into a slog fairly quickly. Certainly not recommended for those looking for action.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
BlancFrost rated it
June 22, 2017
Status: c20
Interesting concept of transmigrating into an old granny ^-^ I find the interactions of the MC with the other characters to be not too complex. You find yourself cheering for the granny as she works hard in the tasks allocated to her so that she can survive.

The pace may be a bit slow but you'll still enjoy reading it if you want a novel that isn't focused on cultivation. It's more focused on the MC and how she minds her own business by helping those that need it and trying... more>> to survive on her own. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
trash_generalist rated it
July 1, 2023
Status: Completed
SUMMARY: Su Tingyun (FL) is an ordinary 25-year-old from modern times who inexplicably transmigrates into the body of a 70-year-old granny in a completely different space and time. The experience is undoubtedly very inexplicably, but she rolled with it. At least, until three cultivators came to pick her up. Her long-lost husband was a talented cultivator that had lost his way in the mortal realm -- the original owner had saved him, so the two got married. Of course, things are not so simple. After moving to the cultivation realm,... more>> she experiences trial after trial -- making her firmly believe that it would be better to return to being a simple 70-year-old grandmother in the mortal world. Unfortunately, fate has other plans for her. She gets involved in a lot of messy things and is unable to leave. But well, she gains the power to body swap, makes some friends, as well as some enemies; and, of course, meets the ML (NOT her husband btw. The ML is someone else).


THOUGHTS -- A favorite! It's a very unique story XD. TBH, if it she hadn't started out as an old woman, perhaps I wouldn't like it so much. But the fact is, she did. And the author did a great job highlighting how that affected her growth in the cultivation world -- providing a very unique experience that made the more 'normal' things stand out and have meaning. Actually, in general, the author had great characters. They're all very memorable, with clear likes and dislikes, just like real people. It's hard not to love them. So I was able to read till the end without ever feeling like it was a chore. Of course, I also think that the length of the story was just right. Perhaps I'm a bit greedy for a few more EXTRAs lol, but overall, the experience felt very complete. I don't have any regrets! For that reason alone, I think this novel is worth 4.5/5 stars. And I've not even mentioned the great worldbuilding (amongst other advantages). The author had a way of introducing new world elements that didn't seem obtrusive. Like, it was always meant to be there. <<less
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Ghostcheese rated it
July 30, 2022
Status: c103.2
I feel this particular series puts a unique spin on the whole cultivation process. How many series out there starts the female lead off as old and being called granny by everyone then has her age backwards? It definitely gives things a different feel, and I find myself rooting for her to succeed and build her skills and improve and for those around her to start seeing her as more than just an old harmless lady.

This is one of those series that I really got into in my first wave... more>> of webnovel reading phase several years back. I read all that was out then, but then it got dropped. I started reading webnovels again this year and I kept trying to remember what this one was called since out of the many I read it had stuck firmly in my memory. I finally located it, and to my delight someone had recently put more out so I was able to reread everything and then more! Thanks to the people who work on this one. <<less
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