After the Villainess Awakens


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Leng Mushi unexpectedly awakened to the knowledge that she was a villainess in a novel. The novel’s law told her that if she completed the plot in the novel, she would regain freedom over her life.

She began to conscientiously play the role of the villainess. She followed the novel’s extremely s*upid ways of framing the heroine and acted out the crazy role of an infatuated person towards the male lead.

On the edge of a desolate cliff, with a deranged appearance, she said, “Brother Xiao, if you don’t agree, I’ll jump down from here.”

On the edge of a cliff in the secret realm, with a twisted appearance, she said, “Brother Xiao, if you go see her, I’ll jump from here.”

On the edge of a cliff in the devil realm, with a tearfully ugly appearance, she said, “Brother Xiao, if you marry her, I’ll jump from here.”

At the border of the netherworld, while crying in despair, she said, “Why don’t you love me? What’s the point of living if you don’t love me? I’m going to jump from here!”

Xiao Mian: … Come down, I love you.

Leng Mushi: Huh?

What to do when the villainess, who was too committed to acting out her role, wins over the male lead? Was it too late to reject him?

Xiao Mian: I’ve never been so crazily loved by someone. To be loved in such a passionate and intense way, I don’t think I’ll be able to fall in love with anyone else.

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Fuyuneko rated it
November 1, 2023
Status: Completed
The novel's summary is only accurate for the first three lines.

Leng Mushi and Xiao Mian are already together before going to the secret realm.

She's perceptive enough to notice when Xiao Mian starts to falls for her. She's not caught off guard when he confesses.

He doesn't entirely fall for her because of her fake infatuated actions required by the novel's law. He likes her because of what he sees when she's her usual self and moments when she's going against the novel's law. He falls for the real, flawed her.


Summaries on jjwxc are written several months before the actual story is written. Authors usually don't update the summary because that would require getting it re-approved again.

When Xiao Mian falls for Leng Mushi, he reminds me of Tian Yao from Back From the Brink (2023 drama) if Tian Yao had never met Su Ying, sweet, pure, and earnest. Leng Mushi is his first and only love and because of that he doesn't carry any baggage.

As for Leng Mushi, she's a complicated character. She can be very charming and is good about talking her way out of trouble. She falls for Xiao Mian because he repeatedly shows her his devotion, that he would never hurt or betray her. As she matures from meeting new people, she gains perspective about her parents and their relationship that helps set her free. For example,

she goes from being jealous that her half-sister receives their father's affection to realizing her father only loves himself and that he's left a trail of victims and many other things.


I like that Leng Mushi keeps resisting the novel's laws and trying to figure out its motives. There's a lot of interesting twists in the plot. It was also nice seeing the various female friendships and that MC's relationship with her half-sister isn't black and white

She doesn't want anything to do with her half-sister, but at the same time she protects her half-sister from bullies, which is why her half-sister is trusting of Leng Mushi during times when she has to act out scenes from the novel

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CBC rated it
March 8, 2024
Status: c26
This story is pretty funny!! I love the interactions of the FL with every character she encounters! I desperately want to MTL ahead but the translator is good and consistent so I'll be good and wait. This is going on my "Read as soon as there is an update" list.
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