Miss Cannon Fodder Wants To Escape Death Flags


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After entering a male orientated cultivation novel, Ning Ning originally planned to carefully follow the planned storyline, but only to discover that there was something not quite right about this world.

Within the sect, her senior brother relies on everyone around him for his cultivation progress, her senior sister sells information of their sect elders and her peers for money, while her master was so dirt poor that it makes one’s hairs stand on their end, and drinks water gathered from 82 years ago every single day.

Outside of her sect, those buddist practitioners cultivated arduously, chanting scriptures akin to singing rap, their lips moving so quickly that sparks would fly; those sword practitioners treated their swords like their beloved wives, yet struggling to become courtesans to support their families, with their love stories deeply touching the hearts of many; those music practitioners treat temple bells as weapons, and excels in flinging their bells to strike people down.

Ning Ning : “…”

There’s no use saving this world. Just let it get destroyed. Sooner or later, this cultivation world will come to an end.


Ning Ning had crossed over into a cultivation novel world with the identity of an evil junior sister.

If she wanted to live, she needed to follow the story line and continue to court death with her actions.

Target number 1: The noble and benevolent eldest senior brother

Senior brother possessed Innate Sword Bones, and unsurpassed cultivation. Ning Ning requested for a late night private meeting, only for the former to smile faintly and nod his head: “Do you want to learn…something that doesn’t suit your age?”

Therefore, as the night progressed, the eldest senior brother brought out an entire set of extremely difficult secret sword arts, with Ning Ning being forced to train arduously throughout the entire night, leaving her completely exhausted, with her heart being as dead as ashes.

Target number 2: The quiet, sick and handsome elder

The elder’s cultivation was destroyed during the great war, and retreated into the mountains to recuperate alone.

Taking advantage of his playing the zither, Ning Ning originally wished to head up and cause trouble. However, after bumping into and inhaling a poisonous fragrance from a flower, she was paralyzed, having to endure excruciating pain, causing waves of tears to stream down her face.

Seeing her tearful gaze, the elder merely assumed that he had finally met someone with good music taste and she had started to cry because she had become too happy hearing his zither. He got happy to the point where he almost wanted to pull everyone together to sing the song “Good Luck’s coming”.

Target number 3: Arrogant and antisocial junior brother

According to the original storyline, the junior brother, main male character, was born in poverty, had an impure bloodline, was discriminated against within the sect, and got bullied to the point of being completely riddled with wounds.

Ning Ning knocked away the immortal spring water that he was using to treat his injuries. In the end, the immortal spring water had long been swapped by other people with an extremely corrosive poison, which splashed all over her legs.

The youth squatted down, and gently rubbed away the bloodstains on the girl’s calf: “Why did you help me?”

As if the story wasn’t any weirder enough, it took a weirder turn.

The ever so malicious youth buried his head in her neck, his voice racked with sobs, in which it hid an intense servitude and thirst.

“Don’t leave me behind.”

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FleetingCloud rated it
March 12, 2021
Status: Completed
Hi, everyone.

I am translator of this novel. I personally like this story very much. I decided to translate this novel so that other people can enjoy it as well. I know that many people like to MTL story rather than waiting for next update but it can easily ruin your experience as this story has a lot of cultivations terms, Chinese provers, slangs and other things which are often mistranslated by machine translators.

If you are MTLing this story then please don't blame the story for being messy or anything like... more>> that. It hurts when people leave upsetting reviews without even properly understanding the story. I hope you all will appreciate my feelings and work. Let's all enjoy this interesting and fun story together.

Thank you <<less
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power2 rated it
April 25, 2021
Status: Completed
This is one of the best novels I have read. The humor is top-notch, akin to Gintama, where friends mutually con each other into terrible (read: hilarious) situations, and even the most serious matters can be made fun of.

The story starts with the typical transmigration-into-a-book setting, with funny misunderstandings. Later on, more brilliant of the aspects of the story shines through, that is the development of smaller acts, side characters, and how it deals with plot holes that the main character notices herself.

Read the raw, but I'm glad there is... more>> someone translating this (and I found this story due to the NovelUpdate entry). If you enjoy the humor of Gintama definitely check this out.

Gintama references in the book:


Armstrong jet cyclone cannon!

Using your friend as a weapon (in the literal sense)

9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Reichie rated it
October 9, 2021
Status: Completed
Seeing the reviews that the comedy parts are little to none made me rethink if my laughter barrier is too low? like THIS IS HILARIOUS!!! I wheezed and laughed so hard I think I lost some calories lmao It's the kind of comedy which you sorta know is coming but it will still sucker punch you out of the left field and leave you winded. It's absurd and witty, it's second hand embarrassment and a train wreck.

The characters are fleshed out and not just the MC and ML; they all... more>> have their characteristics and life outside the 'plot'. The Xianxia is not overlooked but it's not the heavy world I usually encountered with cultivation novels, it was taken with lightheartedness but still carrying the action pack scene quite well. And! This is cultivation novel dabbed with science.

Additionally, since I already mentioned the comedy, this book actually also served tragedy and drama quite well. I definitely sniffled a few times while reading this, it's definitely a book one will remember. Lastly, the romance. It's been a while since I read a teenage blushing kind of romance and I'm not sure but dang this is so lovely and sweet. The main characters are so in love with each other especially the ML and the author did a fantastic job in describing the heartbeat of a first love.

Also, I'm kind of confused because the title and synopsis is different from what I found.
Although the title above makes sense, it doesn't really pertain to the MC. And maybe the synopsis is different on other sites but it seems that some part is mistranslated. I actually hesitated to pick this up because I'm not sure if it's really comedy what with the reviews and synopsis but I saw the comments made by Chinese readers on the raw site and was convinced 👍

One of my favorite quote in the book:


"[...]However, as the saying goes, life is constant ups and downs. When God closes a door for you, he will definitely lock another window with him" 😂


The 4.2 rating is too low. <<less
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IloveWebNovels rated it
September 5, 2021
Status: Completed
At 3 am in the morning when everyone is deeply asleep, in a dark room you can hear a woman's strange low laugh with a faint cry. Hic. Hic. Hic.

That's me. Seriously, this is one of the few novels that can make me laugh to tears. This novel has so many good points so I'll just list down what I loved about this:

  • The MC is the rare type of pokemon with high IQ and an equally high EQ. The ml's experiences breaks my heart but his soulmate is the MC who fortunately has high emotional awareness. The good thing about this is that there. Is. No. Misunderstanding. The main couple is a match made in heaven. I'll gladly catch dog food from them. Their interactions, while fluffy, can be sultry due to the author's narration. This author is so good at describing simple things that applying medicine can even sound sexy lol.
  • The comedy. The nonchalant narrative of the situations in the book is so funny I don't know why hahahah there were some Chinese references that I did not understand but I can laugh at most of the jokes and it so made my day. This is one of the few novels that can put a s*upid goofy smile on my face due to the comedic situations and an aunty smile when stuffed with sweet-flavored dog food.
  • The characters have depth in them. They're either a fool, has social phobia, a lone wolf, black-bellied, a fanfic writer, a sword idiot, a pauper, and more. You can tell them apart from each other because they have their distinct personalities and I love that.
  • When science meets cultivation world, it's a level-up man. But the scene where He Zhizhou and Xu Yan used their sword as a propeller to create wind that would disperse the poison in the air made me go WTF LMAO. The way the author narrated that scene made me cry laughing. I can just imagine their s*upid faces T_T. But I really love that they applied scientific concepts in their world such as chemistry and physics. All hail atoms! All hail Newton's apple!
  • There are times when it's serious.

    I especially like the narration at the part when Tian Xianzi and Elder Wen had to seal the formation between the evil cultivators and humans at the desert. Especially when their dead friend was mentioned and there was a narration about their past. That part made me cry a bit. There are some parts of the novel that did make me feel sad. The soldiers in the Demon Tower who sacrificed themselves. The story of Lu Wanxing and her brother. And many more

    Although this novel is mostly in comedic tone, the author did not fail to be serious when needed to be and sad when it should be. Moreover, there were side characters who have their background. The way the MC unravels mysteries and discover other people's stories are fascinating and does not make it boring.
  • Lastly, the CPs in this story are sooooo cute. Every couple makes me gush and giggle with sprinkled rainbow and strawberry shortcake topped with whipped cream. I always have my aunty smile ready to go.
This novel is perhaps not perfect but I'd rate it 5 stars because it made me happy. And as a reader, what more do you want? I certainly love to read stories that are not boring but also make me laugh, cry, and in the end leave with a goofy smile.

P.S. Those elders and Cheng Ying (ml's sword) in the story are certified CP fans. They howl and cry like hyenas when something happens with the main couple in the secret realm and they see it on their magic mirror (TV). They fight when the channel switches from the main couple and they bet when the main CP is going to get married. They are true CP warriors man. As a reader, I feel ashamed.

Well, I do scream along with them when something heart-racing happens between the MC and ML lol.

6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
March 12, 2021
Status: c32
In a similar vein to other "villain/canon fodder misunderstanding novels" a lot of initial setup is based around misunderstanding and the comedy that surrounds it. Oh MC is trying to be bad but circumstances and her bad acting make everyone misunderstanding etc. It's decently funny but as of chapter 32 alot of funny moments are already mentioned by the summary.

This novel feels messy. Maybe it's MTL but after a while the plot started to lose cohesion. The system and its 'plot points' seem to pop up to just force MC... more>> into events and there's no real reward or punishment for messing the events up other than the overall threat/reward of MC being reborn or sth. The system just seems to want to force MC to act out certain scenes but doesn't seem to care about MC's overall character cohesion or other plot points MC is involved in outside of those very specific scenes. Why those specific scenes and not others? Maybe it's revealed later but at this stage it appears as a deus ex machina to force MC to interact with certain people and deepen said misunderstanding.

MC and ML are likable enough relatively typically "only light in my dark life" trope with a smattering of tsundere from MC cos of misunderstandings. Side characters are some what one note for comedy sake.

The lack of cohesive plot really weakens the overall structure and makes it hard to keep reading. For now, I'll leave it unrated to be fair but it's meandering. <<less
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kawaii12345 rated it
September 24, 2021
Status: c16
Dropped this at ch 16 of the raws or roughly ch 48 translated.

Comedy is hard and this novel is proof that it's not just hard but occasionally painful. There were no good comedic moments in this novel. It has three types of gags, those you could see a mile away

... more>>

best example when the MC tries to con some cultivators with a game that could have been lifted straight from the sting


Those that just weren't funny, Chinese socialist poetry comes to mind, and finally a very few throwaways that get a chuckle.

A comedy without comedy has a problem. When it's also practically unreadable that's a tragedy.

Bottom line: try something else <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
koco2018 rated it
August 24, 2021
Status: c49
MC creates hilarious intelligent schemes, please read this novel. She once visited a cave and terrified a half-human half-scorpion monster by playing peek-a-boo with it. She also cooked the enemy's carrier pigeon and fed it to the spy in her team, the spy's reaction had me rolling. I'm dying here LMAOO

This is a story without using misunderstandings to lengthen the plot. Whatever misunderstandings occur are solved within 2-4 sentences following the action. It's the kind of misunderstanding that is solved by: 'MC believes she tricked the character' and 'the character realized MC's good heart and believes MC is acting shy and wants to hide the truth. So the character decides to act tricked for MC.' Which I think is hilarious and a perfect way to solve the misunderstanding. MC is... more>> not a bad person, the character she needs to act out is a bad person. So I like when the characters in the story see MC's good heart and just take her for a tsundere whenever she acts out.

I really enjoy this novel. It is witty, hilarious, it's my kind of comedy. I'll leave 2 hilarious cut scenes below. First is Lin Xun's dark history XDDD. The second is the Pimp boss NingNing XD, the whole scene is much funnier when read with the novel. Keep in mind, I am only grabbing and cutting a scene, this is not it's full glory.


Background: Xuanxu Sword Sect chose a few disciples to enter the secret realm. Many sects gathered at a banquet to eat and rest before entering the secret realm the day after. Characters involved: NingNing- MC. Xu Yan (it's either Xu Yan, Xu Ye, or Xu Yi I'm not sure) - a disciple from an opposing sect spying on other sect's disciples. Lin Xun- a shy disciple of the Xuanxu Sword Sect.

I saw that the window of the room opened slightly, and from a small gap, he saw the silhouette of a man.

There is a pair of dragon horns in that life, with beautiful and gentle eyebrows, and he whispers to someone in front of him, speaking in a shy tone: "Girl, my name is Lin Xun, a disciple of the Xuanxu Sword Sect. Who is the girl's name?"

No one responded to him.

But he seemed to have answered, lowered his head and smiled with a blushing face: "Really? It sounds good. What is the girl doing here?"

Then there was a long silence.

It happened that the dragon clan named Lin Xun actually made the appearance of listening carefully, and nodded in agreement from time to time.

Xu Yan was puzzled, and changed his direction, just to see the appearance of the person opposite him.

At this look, the scalp exploded directly.

He, he, he–

It is not a person that he is talking to, but a scarecrow that is simply painted with human facial features!

This is too scary! Why would anyone speak to a scarecrow and still speak back and forth! Is this Daoist in a bad spirit? Is it really okay to participate in the Secret Realm like this!

However, this is not over yet.

Lin Xun in the room frowned, "No... this won't work."

Xu Yan wouldn't know that this scarecrow was just a tool Ning Ning specially prepared to let her junior and younger brothers practice conversation.

I don't even know that Lin Xun at this time just felt that speaking to the air was too untrue, and he couldn't exercise it. In order to be more effective, he decided to imitate the opponent's actions.

The only thing he knew was that the mentally abnormal Dragon Clan scored twice and then said the nightmare line: "Girl, my name is Lin Xun, a disciple of the Xuanxu Sword School. Who is the girl's name? "

Then Xu Yan saw him with his own eyes and paused and turned around.

Then he smiled shyly and whispered softly: "The s*ave's name calls Xiaohua, I wonder if the son is here, what is the purpose?"

The scene is weird beyond imagination.

Xu Yan rolled his eyes and almost vomited.

He heard cold laughter coming from the room.

Lin Xun's face was distorted, before he had time to change his expression, he slanted his nose and smirked, "I'm here to eliminate demons."

Xu Yan: Grass.

Xu Yan: Hastily! ! !

This person's condition is getting worse and worse! I have already started speaking to myself! Brother, please be normal, he is just a child, he is really scared!

What are you doing! What are you doing!

There is no evil spirit in the room, and the only explanation is that there is a problem with this person's brain.

Xu Yan was frightened and ran away in a hurry, and hurried to the other room.



Background: Tian Xianzi, MC's Master, told 3 of his disciples to enter the Buddha Pagoda to test their current skills (a place for disciples of the Xuanxu Sword Sect to practice. The tower has a hundred floors, and each floor has an illusion. The place chosen was the fortieth floor, visiting the Star Cultivation Pavilion at night). Characters involved: NingNing- MC. I AM CUTTING SOME OF THE SCENE TO PREVENT TOO BIG OF A SPOILER.

Beside him was the faint fragrance of powder, the dark fragrance and shadow surrounded by the flames of the lantern, and the enchanting posture of the women.

The Star Tower is a flower house.

Tian Xianzi would really pick a place.

Although the three of them entered the illusion at the same time, they were not together after entering the illusion. Before Ningning could respond, she heard a clamor.

"b*tch! If I don't just touch you, I will pretend to be high-minded!"

"Sorry, my lord, she just came here not long ago and doesn't understand the rules—you! Come and apologize!"

Ah, what an old-fashioned plot, like the renaissance of romance novels twenty years ago.

She knew the plot well, turned around leisurely, and happened to meet a pair of pear blossoms with rainy eyes.

The young man in the yellow robe kept cursing with cross-brows and cold eyes. The girl in the white skirt hid her face and wept. She stubbornly turned her head to the other side. When she hit Ning Ning's gaze, her eyes moved slightly.

Ning Ning turned around blankly and looked away.

The star tower, the heroes save the beauty, are all such old-fashioned bridges, and the group of monsters actually came to play the big show.

——This is the game set by the boss behind the scenes.

The girl who is being bullied is fake, and the man who is arrogant and domineering is also fake.

The Star Reaching Pavilion seems to be a plain, smoky willow field, but the women here are actually all demons, bound by the lady bones behind the scenes. In their eyes, the benefactor is nothing but hot food.

Seeing that she deliberately kept her eyes away, the girl squeezed her throat and said aggrieved: "Miss, help me!"

Ningning glanced at her lightly.

I heard that the flesh and blood of the righteous people are always exceptionally delicious and sweet.

That being the case... It's better to be a bad guy.

"Ling Bo is a singer girl who does not sell herself to be an artist, if she is caught by that young man... "

The girl said, hiding her face and weeping: "Miss does not like Ling Bo's humble background and is unwilling to help?"

Ningning did not hesitate: "Yes."

The opponent's face twitched severely.

Sorry, the vicious female partner has no morality and will not be kidnapped by morality.

The expressions of the few people present froze at the same time.

Something is wrong, this girl is exuding a sword aura, she should be a disciple of Xianmen Kendo, how could this be...

Such an improper person?

What surprised them even more was yet to come.

The girl in the purple skirt with a sword around her waist (edit: it's Ningning) smiled slightly, and she took a woman's waist beside her: "I want this."

After that, she looked around, pointed the country with satisfaction, and actually pulled the woman next to the yellow-robed man: "This sister is also good."

"Little, miss, " the woman said tentatively, "I have followed the son over there tonight... "

"What's this!"

Ningning immediately took the conversation, with a tone of deja vu: "If I don't just touch you, I will pretend to be high-minded."

The woman looked at the man in the yellow robe with tears in her eyes: "My son, help me!"

The yellow-robed man was filled with righteous indignation: "You shameful villain! Actually forced—"

Half of the words were stunned.

Pooh! He filled a ghost with righteous indignation! He is the villain, isn't he! And the little girl in front of me was his lines directly embezzled!

There is such a cheeky person in the world!


I had to use a different site for the novel translation. The one linked to novelupdates is missing a lot of the story. In fact, chapter 12 from Fans Translations was chapter 4 from the site I found. Not only that, I needed to re-read the novel because chunks of information were left out. I really dislike reading a cut version, not only broken into the translator's own idea of chapters, but also cut up and missing paragraphs. Haaah, I am finding more and more translations linked to this site that are lacking parts of the original novel.

Everyone. Make sure you try to search the novel on google before believing you are reading the full novel. <<less
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yeepiku rated it
April 28, 2024
Status: Completed
Hahahaha this novel had me CACKLING so hard!! Definitely made it to my favorites list ⭐️ Each and every character was so lovable, especially the antics of movie king He Zhizhou and Senior Sister Zheng lmaoo! His antics and improvisation with our MC, Ning Ning, was just too hilarious. Our ML Pei Ji is probably the most normal disciple under Tian Xianzi XD.

As for the plot, MC is controlled by a system with prompts that she has to follow as a 'vicious female supporting character' but the outcome is always... more>> the opposite of what she intended. No loopholes and the power/identity behind the system was explained well (which was surprising) ! All the arcs were interesting and the story progresses quickly - the romance is sweet and gradual. Side stories are also great~ <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Lovablepanda_ rated it
April 15, 2024
Status: Completed
There’s a fairly good MTL trans of this book starting after chapter 46 on Wattpad under MCFWTETDF (right where Novellumia leaves off). It’s better than any google translate though there are still some common errors.

10/10 hilarious and sugar sweet!

Ning Ning and Pei Ji show zero hesitation in feeding the audience large mouthfuls of dog food. Absolutely a smack in the face with all that diabetes inducing love.

I love Pei Ji as a male lead so much. He’s just so realistically painted and portrayed. I love all the characters in this... more>> novel though, each with their own unique charm and flaws that really make them lively.

This story uses the troupe “unconventional and out of no where” to shock you into laughter. These jokes come at odd and even in appropriate times but it makes them much more hilarious tbh. The descriptive terms alone had me howling like a monkey.

This novel is 15% cultivation, 40% comedy, 35% romance, and 10% drama. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
On_my_owm rated it
March 15, 2021
Status: --
Even tho I only read one chap, this novel seems interesting *grin happily*... So our MC is a gud person bt is forced to act evil bcz of system xD... Was looking for transmigration novel and found this... Hehe I'll be waiting for new update ^_^ ❤️
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
January 15, 2024
Status: Completed
Storyline 8.5/10

Comedy 1000/10

Hahahahaha... I haven't laughed this hysterically in a while 🤣😭

... more>> Every antic the disciples plus the master of the MC's sect gets up to is just beyond hilarious. They're so crazy that they somehow infect other "normal" human beings around them. It was just so fun reading about them. Honestly if this novel was just a slice of life about the MC's and ML's master and their sect brothers and sisters I don't care how long this novel is I would religiously read it.

Anyway the plotline itself was quite monotonous. Yes it was fun reading how our clever MC uses science to defeat some enemies and I did enjoy the city lord arc very much but none of these so called villains were scary enough for the novel to be exciting iykwim.

Of course, I have to mention that the relationship between MC and ML was sweet as honey.

I genuinely wish this novel was longer. Every joke in this novel hits perfectly. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ntww12 rated it
September 23, 2023
Status: Completed
Absolutely love the romance between the FL and ML in this novel! The author slowly developed the relationship and the ambiguity during the moments when they're like "does he/she like me??" Is so delicious!!! Absolute gem.

Side characters are all so interesting as well with their own personalities! It makes the story much more interesting as all the side characters play a role in the story too and it makes it more alive. We aren't just focused on the FL and ML, other people are being interacted with to make it... more>> a more wholesome story. Laughed a lot while reading as well since its very funny when all the characters interact with one another.

At the climax, the plot twist about the System caught me by surprise. It is really great! Major spoiler about System:


I for one, would never have expected that the oriFL is the system. The oriFL has suffered, living so many cycles over and over again. I do wish that she had her own happy ending with the demon Lord guy. Perhaps in an alternate universe. Regardless, this plot twist was really interesting to me.


Do read it if you like mysteries, xianxia setting and a great romance! <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ricachuu rated it
November 9, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel is truly a hidden gem. It made me laugh, distressed, smile, embarrassed, and warm. I like how it wasn't too serious and a lot of the characters are not purely evil or purely good. It was such a fun read since everyone had their quirks and abnormalities lol. Everyone was different from the usual cliche characters and I think the only person that is normal is ML though he did make up for his lack of eccentricity with his cold yet pitiful self.

I like the FL a lot... more>> since she was courageous, a bit shameless, and wise. She is so good at deducing things that the middle part of the novel made it look like she was Sherlock Holmes or something. She is very scheming and is good at deceiving other people but at the same time, she's quite pure and a bit dumb so her impression towards others was not villainous at all. It was just amusing watching her try to act and say the things the system instructed while being misunderstood by the targets of her villainous acts.

From the beginning, as a person from the 21st century, she disliked the thought of bullying the ML so she treated him well outside the times where she had to do her missions. Watching him open up to her, guarding her at a distance due to his inferiority, and protecting her during the times when she was about to die, her heart fell into a soft puddle and she fell for him completely. Of course, as he is her first (and only) love, she was a bit flustered and awkward at first, but she decided to take the first step since he was too hesitant and too scared that she might not like all of him (because of his flaws and his origins). She constantly reassured him that she likes every part of him and that he deserves to be loved. Ningning is really such a great FL and she also protects the ML at certain times too!


ML was cold, indifferent, and th**ny. Due to the abuse he suffered from his deceased mother since young, he grew up to hate himself, not caring about his own body, being isolated from everyone, and feeling inferior all the time.

At first, he was wary of the FL's motives but because the FL consistently helped him out (in a tsundere way lol), he gradually warmed up to her. To Pei Ji, Ningning was his warmth and his light, and he was willing to give her everything including his life. He didn't dare to approach her too much and kept his greed and possessiveness for her in check since he thought that he didn't deserve to be with her since he had demon blood and he was rough and coarse with scars while she was soft and had a smooth life. He had to be reassured by FL that she truly loves him for who he is before he gave in to the hidden desires in his heart. He was extremely soft and gentle towards the FL even on their wedding night. Despite being together for so long, he still blushes too easily and gets extremely flustered when FL teases him.


The characters here are soooo great! I love love love everyone's friendship! I wanna shout out to my 2nd fave couple in this novel which is the overbearing CEO competition couple lol. I like how Jiang Si and Sister Zheng always tries to be the better 'Overbearing CEO' and Jiang Si always loses every time. I found their interactions really funny and sweet since Jiang Si would always be flustered after being defeated by Sister Zheng in domineering CEO lines lol. This is so cute and I recommend reading this~

P.S. Author-nim, I wanted to see ML and FL's children T^T I'm still not full from the dog food! I wanted more QAQ <<less
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August 11, 2021
Status: Completed
For me this story is one of the best and belive me Ive read at least million of story since I dont have a life (^_^) except eating and taking care of the our house. I lllloooovvveee it. My parents and brother think I am crazy bec. One moment im laughing that it literally hurt my stomach and the next im crying like my dog just died. Its that good. Highly recommended.
Sorry for the wrong spelling by the way
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
srrrahim rated it
May 12, 2021
Status: Completed
If you want to read xianxia story without useless misunderstanding between ML and MC, and you are so tired of love triangle where MC is pedaling multiple boat, than you probably will like this

This is a light xianxia story, with a pretty solid background, mysterious past, and a comedic characters. All the side character are also good. Side characters romance is pretty lovely too

It's like "Ascending do not disturb" but with system

... more>> The real identity of the system here is also good. You will be surprised of it

If you want to mtl it, you can. It's pretty easy to mtl despite being a xianxia genre

Overall, it's a pretty good, but if you are looking for drama and dog blood story full of tragedy that can make you cry a bucket, than you shouldn't read this <<less
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SBK rated it
March 16, 2021
Status: --
When I first read the summary, I thought this is a "not-a-cliche-but-still-a-cliche" type of novel. These ones are mostly funny as they're full with misunderstandings. I like how the MC is gonna try to portray an evil character, but the others won't see her like that at all XD

The first chapter is pretty long and it gives a good idea of what this novel is about (background story). It sure is nicely translated! Thanks for your hard work, Fleeting!! I have added this novel to my reading list and am... more>> looking forward to reading more chapters in the future! <<less
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Dendenpo rated it
June 8, 2023
Status: c19
This is a silly novel with a decent plot so far. I don't get the point of that dumb system at all, and the MC is constantly failing at being the antagonist. She is just cringing while she says the lines and can never seem to aim for the right person lol.

Also people MTL because translators drop more than they complete. As with this novel. I'm gonna have to try and read more and mtl too.
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MrScruffy rated it
September 25, 2021
Status: Completed
I read the completed original in Chinese. I agree with some reviews that the comedic sections are little to none, or perhaps intended but simply not funny. However, I love the story progression. Comedy aside, the ML and FL are well fleshed out -- the FL doesn't blindly listen to her "system", for example. There is a true plot line that guides some of the weirder moments in the earlier parts of the story. The story is also filled with a satisfying progression of their bittersweet romance that will make... more>> you both die of diabetes and cry for them. I don't usually like the obvious happy ending for such novels, but the ending for this one was very nicely rounded. <<less
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Otwentyfirst rated it
March 17, 2021
Status: c29
Take this review for what it's worth, only at chapter 1 translated. So far it's really long winded. Mtl reading isn't bad if done thoughtfully and carefully.

So I MTLed to 30 and I agree with the first person's posted review. The story suffers from lack of cohesion, despite what the translator says. I'll update my review if the translation makes the story that much better. But for now, it's a rather clunky read.
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