The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care!


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There was a big scandal in the Mu family.

The real daughter of the Mu family was switched by the nanny since she was a child. The Mu family didn’t bring her back from countryside until 17 years later!

After the true daughter returned – There was no affection, only sympathy.

The Mu family parents asked her, “We have a deep relationship with Yaoyao. We can’t let her lose face. We can only announce you as an adopted daughter to the outside world. You won’t blame us, right?”

Her fiancé also said: “My fiancée can only be Yaoyao! Get out of here country bumpkin.”

The attitude of her older brother Mu Qingyi was even more complicated.

Yet despite all that, the real daughter, Xu Xinduo, said indifferently, “It doesn’t matter.”


From a young age Xu Xinduo could swap bodies with a certain teenager. That teenager would always exclaim in an annoyed tone, “Let’s switch bodies, I just don’t feel like taking piano lessons.”

Xu Xinduo helped the teenager to win various trophies, become a top student and honed his noble temperament and talent after taking over his body.


At a banquet, everyone in the Mu family watched as a rich young master strode towards Xu Xinduo and said, “Be my girlfriend, although you are from a small family… you are very beautiful.”

With a smile Xu Xinduo replied, “I’m starting to miss my parents already.”

Such a quick change of attitude?!

The romantic story of the indifferent real daughter x a filthy rich despotic young master

Note: Here “switching bodies” means swapping of souls. It’s temporary and doesn’t involve any physical changes.

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New Rida rated it
April 4, 2024
Status: c31
Maybe it's because I haven't read the whole novel, but the MC's personality is very inconsistent. She's cold one second, angry in another and then becomes awkward all of a sudden. She's also quiet most of the time and doesn't have much of an introspection, so I can't get a feel of how her personality is. It makes it really hard to get attached to her as a character.

The other characters, especially Mu Qingyao (the fake daughter), also seem to fall really flat. The only trait the fake daughter seems... more>> to have is her jealousy for the MC. You'd think because she grew up in a wealthy family, she'd have some hobbies that distinguish her or better means to deal with the MC, at least. Overall, most antagonistic characters seem like typical low-IQ villains.

Furthermore, I'm a couple of chapters in, but I can already tell that the MC and ML have feelings for each other. Looking at how many chapters are in the novel, I'll know this will be needlessly drawn out and there will be unnecessary misunderstandings, which I'm not in the mood for.

The ML also doesn't seem to be particularly outstanding to me. It looks like all his achievements were done by the MC while she was in his body. I will say that, again, it may be because I haven't read further in to the novel, but my impression is that all the ML does is get the MC into trouble and cause issues for her- even if it may be involuntarily.

I will say that the novel is not worth only the 2 stars I've given it, but I think the overall rating needs to be lowered. I expected to be entertained for a bit more than 30 chapters considering it has a rating of above 4. <<less
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New SuikodenIV rated it
March 27, 2024
Status: c196
I've enjoyed the story up to this point, however


I'm not in the mood to read the next 100+ chapters (assuming another review I saw was accurate) of unrequited love even though both MC and ML POVs have discussed that they both have these feelings simultaneously.

It's giving me anxiety, so I'm going to drop it before it gets any more frustrating.

I really should have checked the tags because 'Protagonist falls in love first' is literally Right There.

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xuexin rated it
August 23, 2020
Status: c64
It's honestly really unfair that even though they're both in each other's bodies, only the ML is able to harvest the glory because of the FL's efforts when she is in his body. The FL is just mediocre in her life because the ML manages to mess up one way or another. Yes, he cares about her and takes her place when her body is in pain and menstruating because she has a very weak body, but he should also work hard while he is in her body! He always... more>> gets into fights in her body more than his own... She deserves the recognition he is getting with the awards in piano and whatnot. It's just very unfair that she is only known for being beautiful. She should be able to show her talents and intellect that she uses for the ML's glory in her own body. The fact that the story does not give her the chance to do that or give her the recognition she deserves puts me off. <<less
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Honefuusen rated it
March 9, 2020
Status: Completed
ML is so heroic he switched bodies with MC because he knows MC has severe pain every time her monthly aunt comes. Such a cute child. (ʃƪ^3^)

I rarely read school romance cause it makes me feel juveniles but this story is funny enough and sweet enough to entertain me. MC is such an overbearing president and ML is really a cute tsundere obedient cat. Lol. More than ML, I feel MC fits the character of overbearing president better than ML.

Except the magical thing between MC and ML, I think... more>> the novel was very grounded. There's no s*upid coupley misunderstanding fueled conflict and much of the conflicts comes from familial interest and a scramble of benefits. And they are resolved in a logical and straightforward way.

All in all it was a fantasical modern romance with a touch of realism. I quite recommend this novel. I hope the translator will keep working on this project. <<less
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FleetingCloud rated it
March 8, 2020
Status: Completed
I can be considered a rookie in terms of writing reviews. I will still try to leave a review as in depth as possible so that people can better judge this novel.

Note: ML doesn't take all the credits of MC. It was just because of curcumstances. MC lived in village and was poor (sometimes only get to eat once a day) so she couldn't afford to participate in competition in own body (physically weak, couldn't explain how she learned those skills and don't have money to spend). She learned most... more>> of things (piano/tennis etc) while being in ML's body. It was her who wanted to participate in competitions (not ML who always found hassle). After she left village, everyone slowly gets to know about our MC's talents and how she is good in many things. She pariticipated in many competition in own body.

Now back to our review:

As the synopsis stated, MC and ML can swap their souls so let's say they are soulmates xD. However, this ability doesn't play too much role in the story which is a good thing. Story is more about the characters, not the special skill.

About their personalities... Hehe... ML is our rich bad boy with a cute sweet heart always being considerate about our MC but still showing a straight displeased face. He is slow when it comes to heart's matter tsk tsk bound to suffer I guess 🤣... then comes our MC... a talented and beautiful goddess who is in love with our ML for a long time already.. but because of her inferiority complex she hide it from everyone. *sigh*

About MC acting indifferent, it's not that MC didn't care or was indifferent.. that was the only way she had to protect herself, like a shell. She showed that appearance to not make others worried or feel pity for her. She actually cared and was always expecting even a little care/love from her family. But later after so many disappointing actions she just gave up.

If we were to talk about her biological family (well apart from her twin brother), there is nothing worth mentioning (don't wanna ruin the review)... However, her Grandma loved her a lot. She made quite a lot of good friends who care about her.

As MC grew up in poverty and doesn't want to rely on ML for financial support, she is working hard. (Loves money a little too much.)

Story has a lot of fluff.. ❤️❤️❤️

[Updated] <<less
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Rutabaga rated it
July 24, 2020
Status: Completed
First things first, the summary is a bit misleading. Instead of "I'm starting to miss my parents already.", it's more of a "I do miss my mother and father-in-law." (The FL answers the ML POSITIVELY). To make it clear, this exchange happens almost at the last few chapters, but the real romance happens around the middle of the story.

... more>>

I don't know if the translator used MTL, or didn't finish the novel before translating the summary, but in the story the FL basically said "yes" to dating the ML and the ML actually says the "Be my girlfriend, although you are from a small family" in a teasing and joking way - because the FL already kinda? Promised to date the ML before that. (So the ML actually isnt such a big dick)


I scrolled past this novel at least 5 times because of I thought it was a "marriage before love" type of romance due to the summary but its not.

I read the Chinese untranslated version. I usually don't give 5 stars, but considering how the author said that this novel doesn't have any logic and how crappy some Chinese romamce/drama novels are, this did a really good job.

Although the FL seems OP, half of it is because she thinks carefully about what she's good at and what competitions she could get 1st place in.

She's not good at Go (A chess of some kind) so she thinks carefully about whether joining the competition would let her earn money or lose money (the prize money earned from the competition and the money it cost to take classes) . Not related, but she lost to some guy at Go whose name I only remember as laughing Onii-san since his name kinda sounds like a laugh and the FL nicknamed him that too.

I do think it's a pretty Lame excuse for why she's OP but the author made it make a lot of sense so it's fine.

The author didn't make them perfect, like how the ML isn't good at Chinese comprehension and writing and has bad grades in Language Arts, unlike other Chinese novel MLs. He's considerably childish and learns how to protect the FL and not trample all over her dignity (?) OVERTIME instead of Perfect ML™ right off the bat.

Basically, the author made the whole Bodyswap thing actually work WELL and it made out for a nice romance, they just officially start dating a little late, that's all I'm not satisfied about. Sorry for making you read this long review and sorry for the bad English. <<less
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Kei-Em03 rated it
June 1, 2020
Status: Completed
Cool story ❤

MC is cool but sensitive while ML is the sweet bad boy type

... more>>

Characters are quite likeable. Though I get frustrated at the part where MC kept denying ML's low key courting at first. Though I get it. MC is inlove with ML long before ML realizes his feeling, which makes things seems like its too good to be true and just when MC decided to give up on her feelings with ML.

MC is cool indifferent type but soft hearted and sensitive. I just felt suffocation when she was still in the Mu's Home. It felt so sad that she was treated like that.

ML is just soo sweet and matching with the cool rich bad boy image can just make my heart.

The grandma and ML's mom, have a feeling that there was something different between the MC and ML when they switch. So when they finally met each counterpart, they were able to recognize them and accept them as their own grandson/daughter.

Mu Dad and Fake Daughter's Fiance are just terrible scum men.

MC's Mom is very weak minded. But I was glad to see her finally put up a fight and divorced her husband. I somehow feel that she wants to treat each of the 3 children with love and care but she dont know how. She was incompetent and weak. But in the end made a move stood up on her own for her children.

MC's brother, I just felt sad for him. He's just 16-17, and he had to be stuck between the guilt for how the family decided to treat the MC, or the rest of the Family's collective decision to lie. He flew abroad because he didnt want to be burden with the lie. He tried, in his own awkward way, to get along and care for MC (i mean shes his twin). But he can only do so much. It was funny how he seems like very cool, but it was not known to many how he cant do alot of things that MC CAN do and he felt (lowkey proud) depressed :D.

I also felt sad about the friend of the MC's brother. His mother seems to be suffering from Munchausen by proxy and he s having a really hard time. His bro who has an originally cheerful personality just snaps and commited su*cide.

81 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
shadow1716 rated it
August 28, 2020
Status: --
Classic example of a wife is seen, not heard. MC does literally everything but ML that literally does nothing gets all teh credit.
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FeeLyne rated it
September 5, 2020
Status: Completed
Very sweet story with very human characters.

No one is 2 dimensional, for example, MC is most of the time seen as the typical cold & uncaring person but in reality she IS a sensible person. Not like those stereotypical WN MC who are acting cold and mighty, super cruel to their enemies but very loyal to their friends, blablabla.

----- Small spoiler incoming on MC & ML personalities, no spoiler on the actual plot -----

She is truly a human teenage girl (okay she's a bit cheated given how talented she is... more>> in everything but still) who went through many difficulties that made her tougher than a typical teenager but who, in the end, still longs for the love of a caring family. She pretends she doesn't care but she does and that's human ! It doesn't make her less awesome, indeed, it's quite the contrary, contrarily to the usual emotionless FLs, she doesn't owe her success to being a sociopath, she's struggles as a normal human being and succeeds because she's strong.

Same for our ML, he's so refreshing compared to the typical overbearing ML in other novels. He does start of as a little bit of a stereotype but learns a lot along the way and in particular, he learns about the importance of letting the MC fight her own fights. It's very pleasing to see him go from an ignorant and a bit overbearing teenage boy who thinks he can just solve all of MCs problems with money to a caring young adult, aware of his feelings and willing to give to MC all the support AND freedom she needs.

Now small spoiler on some of my favorite moments:


I loved how both MC's grandma & ML's mom recognized them right away through their little habits like touching your nose when you're embarrassed or addiction to garlic. How realistic it was for them to see the difference when their 7 year old would change personality and finally, how nice it was for both of them to accept the other kid as theirs too. Many other author would've taken that as an opportunity to create unnecessary angst when really, it was the best opportunity for a heart warming moment.

Second favorite, ML's realization of his romantic feelings and decision to pursue MC when he realizes it's not mutual (really it was but she gave up on him because this dumb*ss was being way too dense for way too long and kept saying how there's no way for anything between them). I was afraid he'd give up and there'd be never ending misunderstanding, angst and jealousy inducing situations to finally pull them together. Very happy again that the author didn't take the easy/stereotypical route and instead had her ML mature so much, I'm so proud of him.

Finally, as kind of a sidenote, I don't now if the author has personal experience with very bad period cramps and endometriosis but I appreciated the way it was talked about. The subject of periods is rarely seen apart from in some rare cases in a comical way and well I think that for every women who suffer a lot for a week every month, it's nice to have a realistic representation.

70 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
alwayscolder rated it
May 8, 2021
Status: Completed
* It's not that she didn't cared, or was indifferent.. that was the only way she had to protect herself, like a shell. She showed that appearance to not make others worried or feel pity for her. She actually cared and was always expecting even a little care/love from her family. But later after so many disappointing actions she just gave up.

... more>>

That part when she cried... : (she was happy with just a little action, like her brother giving her the water filter.


After reading some reviews I thought I wouldn't like this novel but still wanted to give it a chance. There are many things not as simple as they seem.

Yes, ML got all the glory while it was FL playing the piano... but it started by accident since she was in the countryside and they were small when the "switching" started.

FL realized that he liked him very early, but she had low self esteem due to her life experience, social position. It was just her and her grandma (who couldn't do a lot of work) so they were poor. Fortunately being in his body gave her some advantages, mainly skills and education.

ML got into fights while in her body, but he was just a rich kid, what can you expect? And we don't know the reason for the fights, maybe other kids mocked her, idk.

At the end she is actually recognized for who she is, for what she can do, for her talents and not just for her rich boyfriend.


ML misunderstood his parents relationship, thinking it was about mutual benefits (money/beauty)... until he was an adult, in fact ML/FL story is a little similar from his parents haha.

FL had a hard childhood which lead to some health problems. Also, she was changed by the maid and her parents raised another girl, now that's the main plot (kinda predictable). Her father is a scumbag who only cared about profits until the end, he deserved a worse end but anyways... her mother was a weak woman who couldn't stand for herself and just obeyed her husband, fortunately she divorced and wanted to change to keep her daughter and son by her side and don't end up being hated by them like her husband. Her brother, um, let's just say that he was too young and inexperienced to handle all the entanglements in the family. Fake daughter is both bad and pitiful, couldn't accept the reality, many things happened in a short time and she made some wrong decisions.

Side characters are good in this novel, friends group is close until the end ^^ <<less
69 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
fancytofu rated it
June 21, 2020
Status: Completed
The shining star of the novel is the male lead. He goes through great character growth and is just such a sweetheart. T

My only complaint is that the female leas is too stoic and she maintains that way for most of the novel. But it did lead to my favorite moments where the author allows her to be more vulnerable. She does have feelings and concerns about everyone around her, she just deals with it differently.

I can't blame any character in the novel other than ... more>>

the dad. Even the adopted sister evoked pity from me.


I think the thing to really focus on in the story are the relationships between the leads and everyone around them (family, classmates, each other). No one is too unreasonable in their conduct it makes the story more likeable.


I especially loved the fiance's family's response to finding out about the identities of the daughters. They were most upset at the family for not trusting enough in their friendship that they felt the need to lie about it and mistreat their real daughter. They broke the ties because they realized the dad was just a bad person, not because of financial/political reasons.

62 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
wendygo09 rated it
April 8, 2020
Status: c16
So I just started reading this, and I have to say that I really like the dynamic between the MC and ML! :P Nothing romantic yet of course, but they have obviously come to rely on each other and probably have a soft spot for the other due to their circumstances.

Waiting for more!~
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Pipinkj rated it
July 27, 2020
Status: Completed
Its very refreshing to have teenagers that act teenager. The MC is cold on the inside but she's still an innocent girl on the inside. The ML maybe from a super rich family and seems OP, but he's also super childish.

This novel also dives in a little into mental health and characters are actually dimensional. I really love the relationships that form around the MC.

And unlike some novels that throw in some supernatural ability in the beginning only to become a useless plot device, the author uses the body switching... more>> pretty well.

And lastly, the MC × ML are SO CUTE! They are literally the cutest little couple ever. There every interaction makes it feel like I'm eating dog food!

100% recommend to everyone <<less
49 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aria rated it
June 20, 2020
Status: c30
"I don't care" - the story

I'm the type that gets affected by the character's mood and the constant repetition of "I don't care" makes me really not care about the story... it's tiring to read all these random generic idiot "enemies (cannon fooders) " buzzing around MC, I simply cannot care anymore =_=
49 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
JewledHu3 rated it
May 10, 2020
Status: c22
I put off reading this for a very long time and now I regret not reading it sooner. It's very good! I'm really enjoying how she's not scrambling for their approval or acceptance or name. She has her own goals and isn't willing to play their games when she knows they don't give a damn about her.
46 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
hanma9068 rated it
May 7, 2020
Status: Completed
This is such a good novel! Every characters are likeable and relatable.

FL is a strong girl. One of the reason is because she lived in both poor & rich environment, but at the same time, trying her hard for ML.

Her real family is such a jerk to her. I'm glad that towards the end, her mother & brother changed. Even though the father is still a scum till the end, I think it makes the story more realistic than letting everyone repent.

My most favourite character would be Lou Xu, FL's... more>> bestfriend (don't actually remember her name lol). She's such a funny girl who likes people's beautiful looks and even rank them ??

Second best character would be ML, I guess. Man, I really want a dogman ?? Since ML can swap his body with FL's, he knew the struggles the FL faced. He even asked to change body with her whenever if the weather is too cold, when FL is having a severe period pain, or even when the FL wants to eat ice cream! So doted! And it's funny when ML is scared whenever the FL is angry when he's too sticky ?

There are some loopholes & somewhere that needs to be elaborate, but overall, the story itself is good. <<less
40 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
iseanne rated it
May 8, 2020
Status: c50
This is a feels good novel. I like how the male lead tries to understand the FL. I’ve read up to ch 50 via MT, but I’ll still read the translated ver here :). The switching of bodies did not bother me although at first, I thought it would, probably because they rarely switch in the present. The male lead is a typical male like in other novels; he dotes on the FL sometimes he’s overbearing. However, what’s good is that when the FL or some character tells him off,... more>> he does consider their opinion. He knows when to let the FL do her thing and tries to understand her situation and desires. They both do not know how to express themselves romantically (at first) but their actions and words really show that they care for each other. The leads are probably OP or too skilled and talented, especially the female lead. But idk, I was still okay with it. I mean, if you have the resources/wealth Tong Yan has, you can enrol in many classes and learn many skills and may also develop many talents so it is not that unrealistic for a person of his social class to achieve these. :) <<less
39 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
summerspring rated it
April 26, 2020
Status: c19
MMMM. I kinda dont like that when the ML (i think he is ML) takes over her body he seems to not make an effort to keep her life in check. I guess its a good thing that MC is indifferent to everything around her
38 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 31, 2021
Status: --
It's a light read. Not too much drama and stuff. There might be cringe scenes and lines but overall, the novel is actually good. Love how the ML cares a lot for the fl😩❤️
37 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
benok rated it
April 30, 2022
Status: c353
Looking back at the earlier chapters, I can't say that the Mu Family treated her badly, except for not being announced as the legitimate daughter (which they did to protect the fake daughter's engagement because (a) the future of the business depended on the relationship with the other family and (b) the fake daughter and her fiance seemed at that time to be happy with their relationship). It was even repeatedly said that the MC would be given equal treatment and that she could enjoy the same benefits that the... more>> fake daughter and the son had.

From the beginning, the MC showed a very indifferent attitude towards the family. Even in the very first chapter, when the parents were talking to her during dinner, she pretty much ignored them and implied that they were ill-mannered for even talking at the dining table. You really can't blame the father for being angry at her disrespect or the mother for being hesitant to talk to her. Despite that, they enrolled her into the same school and review classes - even placing her in the International class (which I assume is probably more expensive than the classes the brother and fake daughter are in since all the teachers are foreign or qualified to teach in English). She is later given her own car and exclusive driver, a choice of any expensive clothes, etc., and yet she always acts as if she were being neglected.


Later, when she starts living with the ML's mother and is given a decorated bedroom, she compares it to the bedroom the Mu family gave her. She complains that they didn't even care about her enough to decorate. I mean, how would they even know how she wanted the room to be decorated? They barely even knew her. And she refused to let them get to know her. Better to just give her a standard room and let her design how she wants, right? She even complained about not having her own water dispenser and glasses in the room, when she never even asked for them. How would they even know what she needed when she never even told them?


I'm not saying the family was good, though. The father was calculating and prioritized benefits over family relationships, the fake daughter was spoiled and a bully. The mother was unfortunately pretty much a doormat though I think she did try. And the brother, while capable, was still just the son and unable to do anything. Still, I think the MC also has her faults. Despite all her proclamations of not caring about being publicly declared the "legitimate daughter" it seems in fact that was all she really cared about since she pretty much disregarded everything else that was given to her. She could at least have developed a good relationship with the mother and brother, but because she wasn't given the title she wanted she treated them all as if they were below her. <<less
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Nyx Abendroth
Nyx Abendroth rated it
June 18, 2021
Status: Completed
After reading some reviews I thought I wouldn't like this novel but still wanted to give it a chance. There are many things not as simple as they seem.

Yes, ML got all the glory while it was FL playing the piano... but it started by accident since she was in the countryside and they were small when the "switching" started.

FL realized that he liked him very early, but she had low self esteem due to her life experience, social position. It was just her and her grandma (who couldn't do... more>> a lot of work) so they were poor. Fortunately being in his body gave her some advantages, mainly skills and education.

ML got into fights while in her body, but he was just a rich kid, what can you expect? And we don't know the reason for the fights, maybe other kids mocked her, idk.

At the end she is actually recognized for who she is, for what she can do, for her talents and not just for her rich boyfriend.

I highly recommend to try this novel. <<less
20 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Eclat123 rated it
May 28, 2020
Status: Completed
Believe it or not, this novel is like the upgraded version of Gossip Girl. Yes, that serial tv one.

I never thought I'd be able to enjoy a 2nd gen conglomerates high school drama, but this is surprisingly one of the most well-written novels in its genre. We got all the cliched elements in modern CN drama--2nd gen riches, entertainment works, swapped children, and supernatural freaky friday body swap, yet it works!

The character development is on point. There is no 2D characters in here. Even the side characters have enough depth... more>> to make them interesting with clear well rounded development.

On the other hand, the sentence structures are quite hard to read. I am quite fluent in Chinese and read both the raw version and mtl, but seriously it's quite jumbled up. You'd know how well written a novel is by their mtls' structure, and this one is quite bad. Don't blame the translators, even the raws are jumbled up. I bet the one's translating this is having a hard time.

But overall, the plotline's interesting and it got me hooked til the end. It's waaaay better than 90210 or Gossip Girl, if you're into that kind of genre. I personally would never understand, since I'm poor af, but hey, a great read nonetheless. <<less
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