I Just Want to Freeload on Your Luck


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Despite having found Mingxi, the Zhao family continued to favor the fake daughter, saying that Mingxi was not as kind nor as graceful as Zhao Yuan.

Mingxi didn’t mind. She continued to work hard to please her family although they would always say that she was trying to rob their attention away from Zhao Yuan.

Until she died because of a terminal illness.

It was then that she realized that Zhao Yuan was the actual lady blessed by luck while she was merely this novel’s evil supporting character with a tragic ending.

Zhao Mingxi who was given a second chance at life was bitterly disappointed. She no longer cared about her family. Screw her family and her fiancé. She immediately packed her bags and left home, off to complete the task given by the system named ‘Becoming Friends With Popular and Valuable Characters’.

After she left, the house suddenly became cold and quiet.

By right they should feel at ease, but–

Her parents, her indifferent elder brother, her brash younger brother, Shen Liyao who was used to her pursuits were all successively feeling… unused to it?

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I Just Want To Mooch Off Your Luck
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212 Reviews

New SuikodenIV
Mar 26, 2024
Status: Completed
This is a genuinely fun/comedic story.

... more>>

The only time I cheated with spoilers was to check who the ML was because I really liked MCs dynamic with the 'bad boy', but I didn't actually believe the romance would be between them because he's introduced with vibrant red hair and the opposite of the typical ML personality (he's aggressive, he isn't attentive in class and his grades suck, and he doesn't respect his teachers).

I was surprised that MC's family wasn't actually terrible in comparison to most families in this type of story, and even more so that I actually wanted her to accept her brothers' apologies pretty early on. Its kind of hard to blame the family for treating her differently than the 'adopted' daughter whom they'd known and raised for 15 years.

I'm assuming this is meant as some type of parody to the 'false daughter is treated terribly after the real daughter is found' trope that I also happen to really enjoy LOL.


I loved this story, and I especially loved the ML. <<less
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New Azteccc
Mar 21, 2024
Status: --
This is a satisfying read except for the MC's treatment to the ML. Her character setup was someone who is perceiving (as she felt her family's indifferent treatment to her hence her fawning ingratiating behavior and she is sensitive to consequences of actions). However, I find it disappointing that she didn't think about the consequences of her actions causing others to misunderstand. Make no mistake, ot was not that she is just kind and the ML is delusional but SHE specifically go the distance for HIM. So what would others... more>> think about that, how about ML? I think it was irresponsible for a 23 year old woman. <<less
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Dec 30, 2020
Status: Completed
another switch at birth story—


i really just want everybody to have a happy ending. The family is absolute tr*sh, and so is the ori!fl.

... more>> but I genuinely felt bad for the ori!fl. She was raised as a spoiled and pampered princess, how would she know any better?

Also, I don't like how the story keeps mentioning that blood is thicker than water over and over again. I have an adopted older sister, and it's offensive because even though we're not blood related, she's no less than a genuine older sister to me. <<less
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Nov 28, 2020
Status: Completed
*Takes a deep breath* FU YANGXI IS BEST BOI!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone...y'all... my heart is just so sweet. I loved the main leads relationship and couldn't help but feel envious of it. Ah, I really am a single dog.

The novel's basis starts with the heroine, who was originally a evil side character, trying her best to grow her little flower pot of luck after going back in time to age 17.

... more>> To do so, mingxi needs to become close with those who have high amounts of luck.

And Fu Yangxi is chosen. (Hooray!)

This novel is about growth, love, and regret.

I had so much satisfaction with the story. The funny interactions between the leads, the squabbles between classrooms, and the karma that came upon to those who deserved it.

However, there came a certain point in the story where I did get annoyed because I felt it dragged on for too long. Considering the FL's decisive actions

the authors choice to drag out the misunderstanding of shen liyaobetween both the FL and ML didn't make sense to me.


I also didnt like how her family and shen liyao kept coming back again and again. Like, she clarified everything to you already, why do you keep bothering the FL like a ghost?

Aside from that, I really enjoyed the book. It made me wish for a special someone to love and rely on.



Translated by my own discretion and understanding of mtl.

Fu Yangxi grabbed the windowsil, his head turning to furiously stare at his old grandpa, "I just like her! If you dare to move her, I will jump right away! I will jump and- no! I will jump from the Fu's mansion and crash the Fu's stocks"

I really could not with this scene, I laughed so much. Hes so exaggerated.

Highlight 2:

Professor Gao glanced at Fu Yangzi, "Does she look good?:

Fu Yangzi without any embarrassment said proudly, "Of course she looks good."

Professor Gao stared at with with strange eyes and replied, "So good looking you drink tea by spilling it to the floor?"

Fu Yangzi felt as if an explosion went off and his face flushed. As if he was burned, he quickly jumped to his feet and hurriedly pulled tissues from the coffee table to clean up the mess on the floor.

Mingzi in the kitchen: "..."

This made me smile

Highlight 3:

20 minutes later, Fu Yanxzi raised his eyebrows in triumph and said, "That's what you see now."

He then arrogantly held Zhao Mingzi's hand in front of the three of them and deliberately dangled it to let them see clearly.

If it weren't for his fractured ankle, there was no doubt Fu Yangzi would drag their clasped hands in front of the eyes of Jiang Xiuqiu and Ke Chengwen.

I laughed so hard, Yangxi is so cute showing off his relationship 😭


All in and all, an enjoyable and cute read.


Enjoi and Adieu! <<less
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Mar 11, 2021
Status: c22 part1
This is a very fascinating novel because for a relatively thin volume of only 75 pages, it manages to say everything that other novels want to say about the conflict that inevitably arises when the biological son or daughter of a family face off with kids their families adopted after they've been kidnapped, sold, or trafficked.

In this instance, Zhao Mingzhi's parents and siblings didn't want to hurt the adopted kid so they pushed their own daughter/sister away, mistakenly thinking she wouldn't mind since the adopted kid had been with the... more>> family for 17 years, meaning the affection is deeper and not taken for granted.

Not only is the fake daughter lovely, smart and intelligent, she is the product of the family's particular brand of nurturing and care. She is the daughter they have raised in their own image. To push her away in favor of the true daughter is a rejection of that basic tenet. You cannot eat your own child, whether she's biological or adopted.

The true daughter who has been away for 15 years is also a stranger to them. She was raised by another family, in their own signature brand of caring and nurturing. Zhao Mingxi is obedient, filial, simple, innocent, not very smart but is a fantastic cook. She's the opposite of fake daughter Zhao Yuan, who is ambitious, popular, intelligent, and very smart.

So what to do with the unwanted hick the family are suddenly saddled with? Push her away. Betray, abuse, mistreat, neglect. By the end of the two years that Zhao Mingxi stayed with them, they finally got what they wanted, which is to drive her away. And she was driven away to struggle alone with a disease that eventually took her life at the young age of 23.

And this girl died a really lonely death. When her family finally noticed that she's nowhere to be found, she was already on the last stage of her illness. Their frantic search led them to her ashes and the banners that an aunt put up to announce her death. Surprisingly, people stopped by to pay their respects. Neighbors and friends Mingxi and the old lady who adopted her once knew when they still lived there.

The Zhao family lost Mingxi in the first timeline. They were shocked and the guilt really never left them. Even their relationship with the adopted daughter changed because Zhao Mingxi's death was a mountain they cannot hurdle anymore. Death put an effective stop to the competition, the favoritism, the blame. Their biological daughter didn't even told them she was ill. There was always something suspicious about their feelings for this unwanted child. And now that she's gone, they had no way of channeling their grief and regret.

In this second timeline, the loss was even deeper and tragic. A live Zhao Mingxi, with cold and indifferent eyes, told her father and mother, her eldest and youngest brothers, to leave her the hell alone. They're annoying and she doesn't want to have to deal with them anymore. She told them not to take responsibility of her anymore. Then adds the line that forever cuts her ambilical cord to the rest of the family: And in the future, when you grow old, I won't have to bear the responsibility of supporting you. From a legal point of view, the two of us no longer owe each other.


This novel should be tagged as a tragedy. For this scene alone and the ensuing misery that the Zhao family had to endure. And it was an unnecessary misery they all brought upon themselves. When the mom confronted the fake daughter about the nanny abusing Mingxi, the fake daughter reminded the mom that in the first place, it was her who warned Mingxi not to touch her stuff. When Mingxi touched my piano, you all screamed at her like she was carting away the damn thing to sell. And now you're blaming me for her mistreatment? We all followed your lead in how you interact and treated her. And now you're blaming us for her unhappiness?

That's the point other authors of similar novels failed to expand. The adopted daughter may be a scheming bit*h but she, who stands to lose the most in this situation, sees and merely follows the lead of the parents. If the parents had been welcoming and loving to Mingxi from the start, would the fake daughter have the chance to play her games in the first place?

Till the end, Mingxi never bends and reconcile with her parents and siblings. As a reader though, I feel for the family. The last scene of them was watching Mingxi graduate from inside a car. They see her with her peers, her friends, her boyfriend and her adopted family and you can feel the heartache. One of them even wonders if they're going to be invited to her wedding.

Their ending is uncertain but the author uses one of the brothers' speech to offer some hope: time is long and emotions can change. Maybe then Mingxi will return to them.

Nice novel. The emotions are real and the characters grow like mushrooms with hearts. The story of the boy who Mingxi liked in the first timeline was also tragic.

The ending of Zhao Xuan shouldn't be that bitter though. She is an 18-year old kid whose place in the totem pole is about to crumble. If she cannot rely on herself then who else can she rely on? The author really pulled her down into the gutter, which I think was unnecessary.

But all in all, a really, really nice novel. And the MTL was readable and okay. <<less
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Dec 08, 2020
Status: c63
Readable MTL

Trigger warning to people that hate when author put down adopted children because I sure do. Even though I do not like Zhao Yuan as a person the sentiment that somehow adopted children are far below blood related children rankled me because family is not about blood its about relationships. 18 years of raising a child and able to just cut off the relationship - even without the fiasco I can't see any real family relationship here.

Anyway apart from that disgusting trope, I like this novel because the interaction... more>> between ML and FL are really cute. Light and fluffy and sweet. I dropped the novel when it seems like nothing going to happen just more dog food and I don't want to see ML repair his relationship with his mom that constantly tell him to die. Just because its a blood related mother than her actions is excusable?!??? Also author trying to make the grandpa a good character when he gave ML a choice to be a emotional punching bag or scram somwhere else. F*ck no you don't use a child, tell him he should die in place of his brother and father and look on as his mother abuse him and throw sharp objects to him. The f*ck is wrong with the author. <<less
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Nov 29, 2020
Status: Completed
The story and romance is nice. One of the things I like the most about this besides the romance is the Female and Male Lead's personality. Unlike some bad romance novels, they have a rather 3d personality.

The FL is very decisive, once she decides on something, she won't go back on it, I guess she's also a tough girl, and can actually stand up for her other half when he is troubled, instead of hiding behind him.

When the ML's mom blamed the ML for something that was never his fault, the FL said something really long and meaningful (?) to the ML's mother and kinda changed the ML and his mom's bad relationship for the better.


The ML, is kinda a tsundere. But it's not the annoying domineering CEO kind of "Woman, I'm not interested in you." kind of thing, but rather the cute kind. Well, it's cute to read, and he's also caring. He's smart yet s*upid. No top of the class grades or girls waiting lines just to see him kind of thing. He has his own fears and imperfections, which is why I like him.

My favourite character would be the ML's grandfather. No throwing money and leave my grandson or something like that, and he's actually rational (though a bit strange).

I guess, read this novel if you have time. It's a nice one to read, and it has a sense of good humour and youth in the novel while retaining some sensitive topics and making the romance a normal friends to lovers rather than love at first sight. It does have plot holes, but they don't affect the story. Sorry for the long review and bad English.
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May 13, 2021
Status: Completed
Read this a while back but I want to say it deserves 5 stars for the way the family was handled alone. If you've read the summary you know the MC was treated like sh*t all for the sake of showing the secondary FL (the swapped child) that they didnt value her less. They also treated MC like she "owed" them instead of the other way around up until she eventually died. In that life, she was continuously framed, ignored, wronged, and unfavored. So when she gets the second chance,... more>> she does the most obvious thing, she moves out and stays far tf away from this family as possible. And

this continues until the end. She never forgives them and they never get back right. She also never takes revenge on them either but I would say her complete disregard of them and her finding happiness without them was the revenge. While they felt shitty and would prob always feel awkward at "family" dinners, shes chilling with people who love and care for her with a great future.


I know some might say they deserved a second chance but I completely disagree. They

were tricked, yes. And they were victims that got their own daughter swapped.

But what does that make MC? Is she not the biggest victim? Doesnt she deserve comfort? But that's not what they gave her. Even in the second life they felt entitled to her affection and filial piety despite not treating her like family at all. So because they weren't malicious, it takes back the years she spent catering to them that ended in her dying with regrets and not being put first. They treated her worse than one would even treat distant relatives.

So now that MC is finally happy without them, with a guy she loves and who loves her the most. And with friends that make her happy and a bright future, why does she have to relive her nightmare just to make them feel better about themselves? If they were so content without her in the last life, I definitely think they'll be fine without her now.

As for the brother

I didnt care for him as much as other readers did. I thought he was just slightly less as bad. I mean, if she hadn't literally ran away from home and cut off all contact, would he have suddenly repented? No, because in the last life he didnt. We already know what what've happened. He would've accepted all her goodwill and continued to treat her like the dirt beneath his shoe. So what if he regretted the most? It was only because of fearing she wouldn't cook for him and stuff. How sad, lol. All the whole family cared about was what she was doing for them. Including the brother. So his regret didnt mean much to me. Also him being tsundere wasnt all that cute given the things he did prior. Like no I'm not going to accept you're reluctant ass goodwill. I get why MC dumped all his gifts because if she had accepted them the brother would probably assume she'd forgiven him and would start acting all familiar by thinking she'd do stuff for him again. Shes not a maid.


I just really liked the fact that this novel did what a lot of novels with terrible family members failed to do, which is choosing not to forgive them. Alot of chinese novels esp do that unfair filial piety sht that suddenly makes even abandonment and neglect forgivable. It's always pissed me off. So this relieved me on top of making me happy with the cute love story.

On that note I liked the ML he was a super cute tsundere who treated MC very well and always put her first. He also didnt urge her to forgive her family members under some s*upid ass guide of "forgiving is healing". It was the perfect length too. A great read. <<less
29 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nov 25, 2020
Status: Completed
I am so glad that I was able to find this gem. This is so such an adorable, fluffy, and satisfying read. There’s drama that makes the story interesting to read, but it doesn’t drag on and on. It gets nicely tied up at the end.

The ML is also different from your usual Chinese MLs who are perfect in every way and only know how to treat the people around them like crap. He’s a boy who has a deep and troubling background of his own, someone who is also... more>> very insecure, and is super adorable with how he blushes when the MC gives him attention. He’s wealthy and handsome, but he’s not first in school nor does he have girls flocking over him. He seems like your imperfectly perfect character, and it’s so refreshing to read about him because him being that way just accentuates the love and care that he has for the MC.

There are a few plot holes, but they don’t detract much from the story. This is a story meant to make you giggle and smile at how cute the two characters are together. It’s a very satisfying read, and I definitely recommend it! <<less
27 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jan 13, 2021
Status: Completed
a fantastic idea has been put together, it's not rebirth revenge but about her second chance.

one thing ill mention first is about how everyone in the comments is stating that the family should've received a second chance and they're improving... blah blah blah but tbh have you ever contemplated on all their actions put together and the effect it had on her as a child?

She grew up in the village, pretty much an orphan and when she was taken back to her biological family she finds herself so out of... more>> place in a place so much different from her own. She tries to fit in, finds some warmth in this new family she may have longed for her whole life filled with these beautiful ideas and hopes only to find that no one truly cared about her or her wishes. They only saw their other daughter and only took care of her mood. What about our mc? she was also 15 too-just young and ignorant but she had to step down over and over. be bullied by her older brother, ignored by the father, neglected by the mother over and over-being spoken to demeaningly, ignoring her wishes and abandoning her. she lost her only family she knew (her grandmother) and has nowhere else to go or a place to call home so she tried her best and hardest, suffered and was humiliated and finally died in sufferings.

if you look at it one way she also had her mistakes as she should try to speak up and make them aware of how they were treating her but she took it all silently. I can understand why tho but still.

the whole family ran around on their toes trying to please and make the 'adopted' daughter feel like nothings changed and they're still family and kept hurting their biological daughter. Tbh although the girl did s*upid things as the family that raised her as their own daughter/sister they just threw her away. her mothers' mistakes were not hers but I felt chilled by how they completely abandoned her. at the very least they could have given her a place to stay and enough cash to survive for a while and sent her abroad or something but it's like they left her on the streets. the whole 'blood' and 'not blood' child is ridiculous IMO.

leaving the family and moving on with her life is the best result honestly, as even if everyone else in the family forgets she would never be able to and so it would always remain as a thorn in her heart. the family was full selfish jerks anyways. not to mention IMHO it seems like an open ending as we don't know for sure if she ever forgives them and gets back together or they all move on eventually.

the novel actually seems to have some flaws and pretty much lacks substantial growth in characters but for the most part its great and a cute read. a precious ML who acts his age instead of being overly-mature. ngl it could be much better had the author developed the characters a bit more and allowed some more events and described things deeply.

edit, 1/4/23:

lol I didnt even know i'd already commented under this novel lol... after re-reading this, I have to say my mood changed a lot from when I previously read it. I also have a different opinion actually... I previously mentioned pitying the adopted daughter but after re-reading this clearly she was treated SO FREAKING WELL!!! Even after she was known to not be biological things did'nt change, they only got better... Not to mention the OG!MC was basically acting white-lotus/green-tea biach from the start. She instigated rumors, allowed misunderstandings, and even watched on as the MC was being bullied. The most unsettling thing is that not even once do we see guilt from her?!?! Isnt it only natural to feel guilt when you've taken someone else's place in life?!

In my previous opinion, I felt that the family didn't deserve a second chance at all but as I was reading it, it just felt a little exaggerated to cut off relations completely...I think it's fair to assume that as the OG!MC was with the heroine halo, not to mention the OG!MC of the novel the world flow/plot flow would be biased towards her. Simply that her family was just influenced by all these?Like im not saying that they were'nt bad or didn't do horrible things but it just didn't feel like it deserved such exaggerated consequences (like, I mean, I wish the author gave better background building for the mc's sad life with her bio fam... write it better to make us reallyyyy empathize...)

Either way, I felt the younger bro was just pitiful (ofc he deserved the cold-shoulder too but... yk) He just didn't have proper education and guidance... he was by no means even close to an adult so I genuinely wish she could have forgiven him more and kept their relationship... even if not with others AT LEAST him.

the relationship between the MC and ML was just SO WHOLESOME!

Yes, there's definitely flaws regarding how some things were dealt with and again how psychological issues and traumas are cured simply by 'love'... not to mention I didn't realize this the first time but why the heck is it only the MC improving etc...i mean the ML IS the heir to the Fu group. Even if later they don't mention him correcting his old ways and taking studies more seriously etc. Couldn't they mention a bit about him taking heir training and evolving a bit? Clearly he is very knowledgeable and also was smart but like...?

There's definitely some plot holes-though they dont mess with the main story line I wish they could be adressed. eg what happened to ML mom-did she recover? Exactly what happened during the kidnapping for the Fu men to die off? Who's the OG!MC birth father? Why in the og novel was the fact that the nanny switched the babies not revealed? What happened to the other guy who MC previously liked in the previous life???

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Nov 24, 2020
Status: Completed
Me going to change my review bc my last review seems to be mad...

Okay, this novel I'll give it 5 rate. I am satisfied with how it ends.

The plot is well written, I like the author words and ofc translation do a great job here.

... more>> The plot is fluffy and cute, sometimes are a bit annoying bc of antagonists like cmon I only want to see interaction between the cute fluffy doggie ML with MC : (

I AM a person who get annoyed, irritated easly and when I read the white lotus act (mistaken sis) I am mad. Lol, I am such a kid zohzsksb.

I really like MC character. She did not give any f to those bishis family. I don't feel any soft spot for them. They're beyond forgivable. And MC do a great job when she face them.

She act like 'okay here listen to me hoe*, I forgive you all but nah I'll never go back again'

I like her bc she's not the typicall chinese FL who likes to be abuse verbally and physically and choose to forgive. Really what a saint.

But this FL, She hardens her heart, and she did a great job at it.

For ML. Huft— what could I describe him? Cinnamon rolls, flufdy dog, warm honey, a softie cute who looks cold af but actually had a heart of hello kitty. Huft— I want keep him in my pocket forever.

They're two broken souls. And I'm glad they're met.

19 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 28, 2022
Status: Completed
Absolutely loooooove this novel. It's super super sweet and hilarious. ML and FL have the most adorable dynamic and I love them as individual characters and as a couple. Also really liked how FL fully let go of her family. Like it was a nice way of the author to show that biological ties aren't everything and mutual effort is still required to preserve a relationship even in a family dynamic. characters:

FL -> very strong loving appreciative straightforward person. She is very very caring towards everyone that matters to her and she doesn't ever take anyone for granted. She is also straightforward about it, when she cares for someone she shows it very obviously and when she's let go, she also says so immediately.

ML -> the strongest sweetest cutest kindest ML ever. Ever. Ever!!!!! His backstory is extremely touching and ML just deserves everything good in the world. He went through the worst without any support and yet he still managed to become the wonderful person that he is. He's also a huge tsundere and it's hilarious.


ML and FL -> urgh they're so cute and endearing together. Their personas are very different but they're also very similar. They were both lonely people who were let down by their families and who are generous, considerate and appreciative with their affection so it's really sweet that they found each other. They're both sensitive and observant, they don't try to ask questions that could be hurtful or intrusive, they just quietly show each other care. They're also very very sweet and protective of each other.

My favorites below:


ML organizing FL's 18th birthday party and then giving her 18 birthday presents, one for each birthday that she's had.

FL defending ML from his mother when his mother threw another of her awful fits at him.

when ML ran away from FL and FL yelled that her shoe laces were untied and he just HAD to turn back to help her tie it.

FL finding out ML had insomnia, and rather than asking him why he had insomnia, she just suggested other ways for him to sleep.

when ML stopped his friend from advising FL not to give up on her family because he understood that FL's experiences and her feelings about it were something that only she herself would understand and nobody else had a right to comment on it.

ML flying FL to her hometown to visit her grandmother's grave and quietly buying the courtyard where FL used to live.

FL clearly expressing to SLY that she didn't like him in front of ML so ML wouldn't misunderstand or prioritizing ML when ML and SLY got into a fight.

ML observing for himself after a few days that FL didn't seem to have enough clothes or any support from her fam after she moved into the dorms so he bought her a bunch of stuff like clothes, a bag, duvets.

ML noticing when FL had her period and taking note of the date and making sure he was prepared for her next period.

FL noticing ML was sick and immediately going to his house to take care of him.

ML defending FL immediately whenever his friend said anything remotely critical of FL. Like he defended her looks even before he saw her face and he stopped friend from saying stuff like shes using him or playing hard to get. And this was still the case even when he was totally heartbroken because he found out she actually didn't have a crush of him as he thought. This is in comparison to SLY. Even though SLY actually saw FL's face before and he knew she was really good looking, he never bothered to tell YB to stop when he was badmouthing FL's looks. And even though YB CONSTANTLY degraded FL saying she was jealous, using ML to make SLY jealous or playing hard to get, SLY just took it as fact and never said anything about it. He only asked YB to stop when it hurt his own feelings, he never cared about how insulting YB was towards FL. Both SLY and YB only stopped looking down on or degrading FL when FL was at her best, but ML never degraded or looked down on FL even when she was at her worst.


Other than this, their dynamic is very very hilarious. FL is straightforward with her words while ML is a tsundere and he gets shy easily so it's super funny when she teases him or when he just gets super riled up or happy about something she does unintentionally. He also does lots of really cute or nice things for her but then pretends it's a coincidence or accident.

FL and her family -> feel like FL's family situation was actually quite relatable. Not the whole real daughter, fake daughter stuff. But just the way they completely took her for granted and how their relationships were all one way. It was all FL putting in effort to make them happy, FL giving in whenever there was an argument, FL being there for them but they weren't there for her, them dismissing her concerns and feelings.

So it's relatable to me because I think in a family, it's much easier to take each other for granted because there's the assumption that no one will leave and the emotional ties will last. But it's nice that this book showed that no relationship ever lasts when it's one sided, even in a family.

And no, she doesn't owe it to any of her family members to forgive them. They could in 2 years think of countless examples of how they took her for granted, scolded her, ignored her, forgot her, betrayed her. And it's not like she didn't show she was hurt or angry before. They said themselves she's left home multiple times when she was upset. All of this in only 2 years. And she experienced a full 8 years of this treatment. So yeah no.

and honestly their repentance was so insincere it was annoying.


When she first left, zhao mother, ZZH and ZYN's first reaction was to dismiss the argument as a small matter even though they knew they were the ones in the wrong and to turn around and accuse FL of not caring about ZY. But is it even a small matter to randomly accuse a family member of intentionally hurting another?? The words "small matter" were literally repeated over and over and over. And every issue they had with FL was also dismissed the same way. It's a small matter. But it's not? Just apologize? Why is it necessary to dismiss and minimize someone else's feelings?? Was it so hard for them to just say I'm sorry, I was wrong, period.

The zhao fam also wanted to separate FL from people who actually genuinely cared about her like the dong fam. If they actually prioritized FL's well being, they would know it's a good thing for her to have people who care about her and whom she's familiar with around her. But nope, all they cared about was themselves and their own feelings.

After zhao fam realized FL was serious about leaving their family, they tried to get the school to ban FL from staying in the dorms. Like seriously? Shouldn't they be trying to make up to the FL and make her happy? But no, their method of resolving the issue is to ignore FL's opinion and try to FORCE FL to stay with them. Other than this, after FL left home, she was doing better in her grades and she was clearly happier and in a much better place. Her OG teacher also told ZZH that her staying in the dorms was better for her, but again, did that matter to the zhao fam? Nope. It did not.

And about ZYN, I saw some reviews saying he really repented and FL should've forgiven him. But did he really? The main issue that he and his fam had with FL was that FL would give give give and they would take take take.

FL played games with ZYN until late at night because he wanted to, she was concerned about how he slept, she was concerned about him not skipping school, she cooked him lunch and dinner everyday for probably 2 years because he liked her food (and not forgetting that because she spent her time cooking, she had to stay up late to finish her homework). That is real sincerity and effort.
So what did ZYN do for FL after she left? Give an insincere apology twice (where he blamed her for not forgiving him because she's always forgiven him and taken care of him before), give her a teddy bear once, interrupt a conversation to call ML brother in law and tell her about the cat thing so she would spend time with him.

He put in a teeny bit of insincere effort but was all up in his own feelings about how sad he was and how regretful he was.

What a joke.

Anyway the novel is awesome. 👌🏻 While the family parts were pretty sad, FL and ML also had good friends and elders who cared about them and it was mostly seeing them go onwards and upwards in a happy funny lovey dovey manner.
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Oct 19, 2021
Status: Completed
Story (quick review) : It was very sweet and I love the ML. He is the sweetest thing ever! There was some angst but it was resolved fairly quickly and it even made their relationship stronger. So even though I felt distressed for my ML, I still liked the way the story progressed. Everything was resolved well. There were no loose ends.

Rant: I specially wrote this so no more people will have misconceptions like me.
I feel like the beautiful story I read was put in a dirty shoe filled with tropes and self-righteous remarks about political correctness. Whoever wrote that the author was sick, go read the story again without your colored glasses. I feel so angry! I even liked that review before I read the story and had misconceptions and came back to unlike it.

I'm so furious about a person bashing the author for writing a bipolar woman as a mother in the novel. This is just a story. What does it have to do with the author?! The grandfather didn't handle it well. Sure. But heirs in families like that have to be different from normal people. The author explained his motivation for his actions. Is it sick? Yes. Do readers feel distressed for ML? Yes. That is the story the author presented. Because in the author's view too, this is a distressing thing! The author isn't sick because of writing it this way. It's so rude to call the author sick for writing a damn story. Yes, the choice ML got was to be an emotional punching bag or leave China and be a good child of the Fu family overseas. He wouldn't have less money or care because of his choices. But he would simply not be an heir candidate in the grand father's view. Because a Fu family heir needs to have more than that.

Even if he is only 13, he needs to face more just because he is from the Fu family. The grandfather probably thought it would let him grow up and be different from being a spoiled second young master. He is going to shoulder a behemoth later so he would need more resolve. But he also contributed to the emotional abuse of ML. This is what the grandfather chose to do. It is cruel. But he didn't want to do more when he just lost a son and a grandson. He failed as a grandfather but for the Fu family considerations, he chose to do the right thing to sharpen the future heir.

It is his choice to maintain such a relationship with his family. Both his mother and grandfather were portrayed as people who have done bad things due to their grief. The MC wakes them up. This is what the author presented. The author doesn't say that they are okay for doing these things just because they are 'family'. No, the MC goes and fights with them. So where is the author sick?!

Moreover, I want to emphasize that readers need to separate the story and author. In the story, the author wrote about Zhao Yuan as a female lead who is manipulative and white lotus. It is not a problem of being adopted. She wrote about a person who does twisted things to maintain appearances and is shallow. I don't like how people are bashing on the author for not presenting adopted people well. I don't think the author has any issues with adopted people and has repeatedly mentioned blood is thicker than water.

In fact, throughout the story, she was satirizing how the blood was so thick but they didn't do anything for her as a family. So these reviewers who are so filled with justice for adopted people, please don't bring your agenda into a story.

The problem is with Zhao Yuan, a character. She happened to be an adopted person who is a villain in this story. Nowhere in this story were there any disparaging comments about adopted people. It was all because of her actions. How can people have sympathy for a character like that? She is a disgusting human. That's why people hate her in the story and I hate her too. She was vague about the circumstances in her family to her classmates. She made life difficult for MC when she just came to school. All of her actions led her to be perceived as a villain. It's not because she is adopted. It's because she has no gratitude. She wants to keep her status even after knowing that these things don't belong to her. This is what makes her disgusting. If you want to sympathize with such a person because she is 'adopted' then go ahead. I have no problem with adopted children who sincerely love their family, have no greed and evil thoughts, etc. There are good people and bad people. It's just as simple as that. Knowing that you may lose status, money, etc and still choosing to be principled would lead me to respect them. Throughout the story, what Zhao Yuan portrayed was a shallow, selfish bit*h who is manipulative and jealous. There is nothing good in her as a person.

She even commits a crime by the end of the story! She wants to burn MC to death in a fire!


I wouldn't generalize that all adopted children are bad because of her. I also wouldn't judge the author because of writing such a character. It's simply illogical to me that people would knock down stars because of this. Separate the story from reality. Is it that hard to do? Then would every author in the world be villains because they wrote villains in their story? It's preposterous. There is no trope here. Throughout the story I didn't see anyone bash her for being an adopted child. They bashed her for her actions for the two years where she still pretended to be the Miss Zhao of Zhao family while knocking down the real Miss Zhao. If all of her behavior should be excused because she is adopted then wouldn't there be a problem with the three views? Also, another review stated that the system is too much and chatters about s*upid suggestions to MC. Uhhh, did we read the same story? I liked that the system didn't talk too much in the story. It only gave some suggestions at the beginning and let the MC do whatever. The system wasn't present for more that 5-6 chapters. Even in those 5-6 chapters, there were only a few sentences. So how is it a chattering system?!!!

Update: Well, they only read 14 chapters so they probably thought the system would talk as much as in the beginning throughout the story. But it was the opposite. The system didn't play any major role.

And, I loved how the extra luck after MC treated her terminal illness was transferred to ML.

Aww, it was so sweet~ They love each other a lot. Hehehe. Anyway, I'm done ranting. There were shortcomings, yes, the details weren't really well done. The worldview, background building etc. But it was sweet enough for me to like it a lot. The ML was very good and I felt so sorry for MC. It was a very refreshing story to read because it wasn't too steeped in hatred and getting revenge, etc. I didn't like how dense MC was regarding ML but it was excusable as they didn't know each other well and ML was in love with a fantasy because of MC's actions trying to freeload luck. It didn't progress well. There was angst and then the story progressed very well after that because of how they really start to like each other after getting to know each other well. I loved the author for doing this because ML needs to be treasured for who he is. ML was already very invested in their relationship before MC noticed her feelings. But MC also was traumatized too much in her previous life so her focusing on studying and surviving at the beginning was only to be expected. I just felt sorry for ML so I wanted them to get together already! Haha. Anyway, when they are finally together, it was worth it!
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May 31, 2022
Status: --
This is such a cute story. I like how this novel focused more on the theme of appreciating those who treasure us and abondening worthless people.

I disagree with some reviews here who called MC insensitive for abondening her family. In her past life they treated her terribly until her death. Even when she was terminally ill, they didn't treasure her or regret about how they treated her. They were affected to some extent by the heroine's halo but it was explained throughout the story they treated the MC like that solely not because of that halo. They just liked Zhao Yuan more and reluctant to treat MC better because they felt ZY will feel bad if they did so.

In MC's eyes they were abusers who made her childhood unpleasant. I like how she stood up for herself and didn't give any face to her family at all. She gained so many people who loved her so there is no need to have further entanglements with such unnecessary people. Sometimes your family can hurt you more than anyone, this is especially the case when a family favours one child over another. What kind of pain MC had to go through her previous life when each and everyone of her family favoured another child from another family who had stolen her identity, family, friends and resources? Not to mention she had made each and every effort to make herself noticed even going to great lengths such as cooking when she had tons of school works, accompanying her mother to boring shopping sprees and indulging her younger brother to play video games when she had to study.


The ML is so cute, a really fresh character from usual cold, aloof, Mr. Good-at-everything guys. He is like a big overgrown puppy that should be protected at all costs! I really love how our MC always stands up for him and how ML loves her unconditionally. They compliment each other and such a lovely couple.

I think Zhao Yuan deserved her ending. Even from her actions from early life it was shown that she was such a greedy, selfish, two faced character. After knowing she was occupying MC's position for years while MC had suffered in her place, ZY didn't show any guilt, instead she used underhanded tactics to make MC's life difficult. She deserves every retribution she got.

She should not be held accountable for what her birthmother did, but she was the one who profited from her birth mother's actions. It is understandable of Zhao family to kick her out because seeing her is a constant remider of what her birth mother did. If ZY wanted to live a decent life she had more than enough resourses because Zhao family paid for her tution and hostel facilities even after kicking her out.

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Wife of Sovereign
Wife of Sove
Jul 10, 2021
Status: c29
It's a refreshing novel, I love the 'system' is not that strict where she had to do everything it says. No, she chose to do it herself and it didn't go over the line or excessive... Like, you have to trap someone and so-on to get points, or you have to destroy someone's livelihood to get points, or you have to save someone's life yada yada. No, it was all simple tasks that she needed to find out herself.

The ML didn't feel like an ML at first, ngl. He felt... more>> like a second male lead who just happens to meet the FL first, but so far, he is the only one for the MC so I belatedly realized at chapter 14 or so that he's our ML. It was surprising to say the least because he's completely out of the norm as an ML. You see, MLs are usually extremely cold and black-bellied or princely charming prince who is only kind to MC. So to get an innocent, badboy, death-seeking, tsundere as an ML was so jarring yet... refreshing.

A few readers have complained that he's too immature to be a proper ML, but hey, people can grow and he's not a bad guy. Let's stop with the trope that all FLs have to get ruthless, cool, badass, corpse-faced MLs. Life is not perfect, let us have our fun. I think he's cute and deserving to be the ML since he stays beside FL though it was because of his own misunderstanding that she likes him.


And he's a redhead (Yes, it's dyed), do you know how rare it is to get a redhead ML? He's one of a kind! A rare specimen!


All in all, so far, I have no complaint. There isn't any improvement from the FL's side regarding romance yet, but I'm hoping to see her happy with Fu Yangxi... Or in a bad scenario that I was actually right and Fu Yangxi IS the second lead and will lose her to the true ML (I'm crossing my fingers. I love him), I still hope they could be really good friends.

And this novel, as summary mentioned, has the element of regret, which is what I love in a trope. Her family will have to face the retribution of their bias and regrets!

(Also, a top commenter mentioned that they disagree on how the FL treated the younger brother and cut him off often, citing that as a younger sibling, Zhao Yuning has that privilege of being rude af and she has to be softer to him since they DID bond. Well, it has been mentioned despite that, he still treated her rudely even after years passed AND the younger brother has grown up. Yes, I pity the younger brother, but there's no reason for Zhao Mingxi (FL/MC) to cater him or hear him out. He's the silent (if not active) aggressor in her miserable past life too.

The family is dysfunctional to begin with. What's with a younger sister (granted, adopted, but even BEFORE the reveal) and the eldest brother being weirdly close to each other

to the point in the original story prior transmigration, the eldest brother Zhao Zhanhuai will be romantically involved with the Zhao Yuan (The og!female lead), tf? Though because of the FL's slip-up, ZZH realized their abnormal closeness and began distancing himself early. STILL--


The second eldest brother is probably a horrible sad*st and the third brother was self-centered

The mom is brainless, the dad's personality seems to be summed up as 'always busy'. <<less
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Nov 22, 2020
Status: Completed
A cute novel about a villaness who learned her worth and never look back. This is one of the few novels that gives you a satisfying look into the downfall and redemption of the people who previously let her down. Zhao Mingxi truly did not look back and at some times you'd want her to reconcile with her family. However, the author created her as her own person and it thus would've been out of character for her.
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Sep 10, 2021
Status: Completed
If I was rich enough I'd rent out TV stations and do a broadcast from morning to night for a week straight on how and why our ML, Fu Yangxi Is the Best Boi!!! I just adore him!! He's a cute, somewhat childish tsundere. An overbearing young master who's funny, jealous, possessive yet respectful and strong. He doesn't do everything for the FL but supports and watches over her from the sidelines. He tries to act like MC doesn't affect him but his ears immediately turn red and give him... more>> away😂. I really love how much of a good boi tsundere he is. Like-

• he wanted to have matching items (scarves and phone cases) with her but was too embarrassed about it so got the entire gang similar ones.

• how even while heartbroken and despairing (on learning she didn't like him romantically) he never pushed her away but still silently kept protecting her.

• how he mobilised his family's private plane and took her to her grandma's place just cause she cried after getting drunk.

• how he later bought out that land in her name (and this was while he was still sad and heartbroken).

• how flustered he got and how he fell down and broke his leg while running to her after she confessed. I just can't-🤦🏻‍♂️😂

• how he got to school at ungodly hours to get rid of the loveletters on her table.

• how he got injured cause he charged back into the burning house a second time just to get back the relic her grandmother left her.

•And how he's always so proud of her and truly happy for each of her achievements!


I really like Mingxi's character and how-

•Decisive and firm she was in cutting off the family and that Shao dude cause they were only dragging her down.

• She, unlike usual Chinese reborn MCs didn't like taking petty and malicious sort of revenge on them. She's optimistic and kind and differentiates right and wrong quite well.

• how she stood up to his mother and finally got them (his grandpa and mom) to realise that she (his mom) needs help and that what happened was not really the ML's fault.

• how she enjoys teasing the ML.

• how she genuinely cared about those who were good to her like her friend, friend's family and the Dong family.

•She gave up the ?lucky-sprouts and hence the heroine halo to heal Yangxi because she didn't want those around her to become her stepping stones and get hurt for her.


I'm jealous of how good and sweet their relationship is!!😩💘

Other than that this is mostly the usual "cannonfodder who was abused betrayed and neglected in first life gets a second chance and goldfingers to make things right" story. But it's fluffy and worth a read.

The entire sh!t in this story occurred cause of the Zhao family's lack of commonsense and low EQ. If they didn't know how to handle something like "the daughter we raised is a fake but our real daughter feels like the outsider" they should've got professional help. It's not like they're uneducated or without money to hire a good psychologist/ counsellor! Watching the Zhao family repeat the same mistake of ignoring, blaming and maltreating one child while trying to make the other feel better is just grating. 🙄 Because I can understand it if Mingxi (MC) 's dissatisfied with the adopted daughter cause forget losing her familial ties, status and affection, the mere existence of orgFL's heroine halo gave Mingxi ridiculous debuffs like intelligence reduction, unluckiness and even a 'can't die naturally'. And I can understand Zhao Yuan (orgFL) feeling threatened by the reappearance of the blood related daughter who is the real owner of all that she's gained and enjoyed so far.

And I don't think it was necessary for the author to make her (Yuan) into a brain-dead deranged villainess at the end. They really pushed her down the drains into near irredeemable and nonrecoverable straits. If nothing else she's just an 18yr old who till then was pampered and protected in the palms of an affluent family. She really knew no better. She was scared, selfish and didn't want to let go of her fortunes but who exactly is to blame for that?? It was her family that raised her that way. So while I don't like her I don't hate her either.

Well MTL for this one is really easy to understand. So do give it a try! <<less
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Jun 20, 2021
Status: c28 part1
I really thought that this was gonna be your typical 'real daughter vs fake daughter' story but this was actually a very enjoyable read, mostly because of the ML.

First of all, I like how the FL is just minding her own business instead of wasting her energy over her dumb family. I love how she has a clear goal and how she's actually working hard to accomplish it. Sure, she's still OP in terms of her unparalleled beauty and talents, but here it was actually portrayed how hard she studied... more>> to get high ranks in school and the joy she felt when she succeeded was so genuine that I also felt proud of her.

Meanwhile, the ML..... I absolutely adore him lmao. He is my favorite kind of tsundere. Prickly on the outside, but really sweet and innocent in expressing his affection. Seeing him come up with ways to woo our FL is so hilarious to me. I lost it when he

wanted to have matching things with FL but he didn't want to make it obvious so he bought the whole class matching phone cases and scarves and called it their gang symbols. 🤣🤣

I also love how supportive he is. Instead of being the typical dominating ML who does everything for the FL, this one kind of just stands in the sidelines and watches her shine while subtly supporting her. He's also so proud of her which makes my heart melt.

I actually binge read this in one night and let me tell you, it was not an easy thing to do because each chapter is pretty long but I never got bored. My head may be spinning and my vision spotty but I have no regrets! This story pulled me out of my emotional slump. I recommend it 10/10!!! <<less
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Aug 02, 2021
Status: --
The best ML award goes to FU YANGXI ❤

I also like Mingxi's charachter and how


she doesn't want the heroin halo at the end because she didn't want others to only be stepping stones for her and decided to live life with her own efforts


Binge worthy
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Jun 17, 2023
Status: dropped
Not my cup of tea.

It's a pretty childish, and cliché premise tbh, also MC is a Mary Sue.

She's the prettiest, smartest girl in town with a sad backstory and a plethora of admirers. You get the gist.

... more>> The only thing about this story that I find compelling was the family drama. It's complex, with some depth to it, but it ends there, and it's not the focus so...

Also rated this low because the author's prejudice and ignorance about issues is seeping through the novel, the suble insult on migrant workers appearance, or insinuating that autism is an illness, blatant lookism and colorism. Whereas I get that it's the beauty standard in Asia, as Asian myself, it still doesn't justify the need to mention her color every other sentence. The readers will never forget that she's so pale she's see-through. WE GET IT!

Anyway, if you are looking for a story with same premise, where the reborn MC is the prettiest girl in school and sticks shamelessly to the ML, and ML is a cold tsundere that fell hard for the FL (and actually respects her), *Transmigrating To Become The Boss's Little Fairy* is a better read. This is the correct way to write high school, friendship, puppy love, rebirth and trauma that comes with it. With depth. <<less
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Jul 02, 2021
Status: c80
What the heck. Actually too freaking cute!!! This novel is like a roller-coaster, one moment you are high on the cute heart-warming moments, the next you're plunged deeply into the emotional turmoil of a messed up family drama. But everything is wrapped up nicely by the sweetness of the MC and the ML's relationship.

The characters may be a bit bland and one dimensional at times, but generally, all of them have their own motivations and thoughts. You feel sorry for some of them, and don't care as much for others.

The... more>> revenge aspect was really satisfying. I liked how the MC (mingxi) was decisive in her actions of cutting her family off. She never regretted what she did, and good for her!! I also liked how her revenge wasn't like other typical Chinese novels where the MC harms others, ruins lives or other immoral stuff. She isn't caught up in making others miserable for her own horrible circumstances, but rather seeks revenge by living her best life, but also knows when to stand up for herself and those she cares about. In that way, she is one of my favourite MC's. She isn't mean, cold, or spiteful if she doesn't have to be, but calm, optimistic and hard-working. Her reformation from villainess to top student was really super cool!!!

Then, the ML (Fu Yangxi). Oh my God, he is the sweetest, cutest, most sincere love interest I've ever seen! His character is very realistically childish and rash at times, especially since this is a highschool romance. All too often there are highschool students in these types of novels that are described like tyrant CEO boss types. Like WTF? What kind of 18 yr old has 100 businesses, 1 billion networth and drinks Shiraz red wine?? Anyway, the ML is also unexpectedly mature, understanding and kind. He is the archetypal tsundere! He has his own painful past, but he never takes out his own grievances on others. I cannot go on about how much I like him. He also asks for consent and is patient. The MC almost wants to force him sometimes lol.

Moving on to the other characters. First of all, the MC's family.


OK, I feel bad for them, andddd I kinda don't at the same time. Her biological family favours their adopted daughter, Zhao Yuan, more than the MC. They found MC when she was 15, and took her in for 2 years. In those 2 years, in order to make Zhao Yuan feel unthreatened by MC's existence, they treated MC horribly.

MC had to suck up to her family a lot, and had lots of expectations of love, but didn't get anything in return.

There's the younger brother, superstar older bother, CEO older brother, mum and dad. All of them realise too late that they've treated MC badly. Then there's a whole spiel about how blood is thicker than water when they finally lose MC. Really have no idea how their brains work. It's revealed that they've been tricked by a nanny, but what does that have anything to do with their own treatment of MC and moral conduct? Honestly don't feel bad for any of them except the little brother who genuinely sees MC as an older sister and was just immature. The rest can go into tr*shbin. They are all adults and should know how to act!

Then, Zhao Yuan. I am really conflicted about her. She is not malicious, just petty. She is naturally insecure about her position in the family, so she would find ways to pit herself against the MC. Purposefully, making MC seem jealous and dumb, that kind of stuff. Everyone spoils her, so she thinks she can do anything. Later on, she is kicked out of the family for something that's not really her fault and goes down a dark path. WTH, she is a child, if the adults around her enable her behaviour, of course she will act like how she acts. MC's family is just tr*sh ok!! I don't hate Zhao Yuan, but don't like her either.


Then there are ML's friends, who are hilarious and charming. They are all really likeable, nice and mature despite a rebellious farce. There is also this dude called Shen whatever, who MC had a crush on before but treated MC coldly. Ofc he regrets it later, just like her family, but he learns to let go so he's an alright guy.

The system aspect wasn't really present except for the beginning of the novel. Sometimes characters that seem important are introduced, but just disappear into the background. On the whole though, this was a really satisfying read, and the translation was great!! Ok, I'm so sorry for rambling on and on, but this novel just got me really excited. <<less
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May 26, 2021
Status: c61
The ML is very cute and sweet, and when she's with him, so is the MC. The problem is the rest of the plot. 30 chapters in I was already sick and tired of hearing about the MC's family, we get it, she has no intention of ever having anything to do with them and they regret it. 60 chapters in and I couldn't believe we were still harping on this topic. I could not care less about those characters and every time they showed up the story became super... more>> boring. (I was also not interested in the former love interest harping on and on about his regret as well, but at least he actually served a plot purpose)

In addition the MC has a serious mary sue problem to the point of being boring, as well. Only around the ML does she manage to feel like a 3d character, the rest of the time she's too perfect at everything. I couldn't care less about her winning the beauty contest and the academic contest, those plot lines were very dull and written like cardboard. By contrast, interactions with the ML's class were usually funny and interesting.

In conclusion, the ML is the redeeming factor of this novel. His combination of being hot headed, tsundere, narcissistic, and yet genuinely thoughtful and considerate (multiple times where he specifically chooses not to do some asinine male lead behavior because he knows it could hurt the MC, and he's always super attentive in a very tsundere way) was very cute. But beyond that, the story and writing just get way better when he's around, the interesting things happen in his presence, there's tension, there's fun interactions... it feels like scenes without him the author just goes through the motions and drags things on and on and on. <<less
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