Poor to Rich[ ]

CN (4.6)
134 Chapters Every 0.9 Day(s) 2734 Readers 31 Reviews 04-11-2021
Yan Jing Ze encountered an accident while escaping with his lover, was accidentally parasitized, and was involved in reincarnations.... more>>
JP (3.3)
6 Chapters Every 5.8 Day(s) 371 Readers 0 Reviews 04-11-2021
A boy, born to a noble family, led a tragic life and in the end, met a tragic death. The next time he opened his eyes, he was in a world that resembled a VRMMO he played in his dreams. The inhabitants were ignorant even to the most basic concepts — concepts that would be considered common knowledge in a game — and kept on fighting inefficiently.... more>>
KR (2.4)
464 Chapters Every 0.9 Day(s) 2562 Readers 32 Reviews 04-11-2021
[Class changing to the hidden class, Demonic Swordsman.]
[You are the first one to discover the hidden dungeon.]
[You are the first one to discover the hidden…]
[You are the first one…]
[You are…]
I’m a gamer who uses ESP.... more>>
CN (3.6)
1229 Chapters Every 0.9 Day(s) 3684 Readers 49 Reviews 04-11-2021
A failed investor from 2017 got drunk and woke up in the 1980s. China is just opening up, and the economy is blooming. There is... more>>
CN (3.9)
713 Chapters Every 0.9 Day(s) 5062 Readers 58 Reviews 04-11-2021
She transmigrated into the body of a little girl from a fishing village! Her father is honest and foolishly filial, while her mother is weak and ill. Moreover, her siblings are still young children. ... more>>
CN (3.4)
729 Chapters Every 1.2 Day(s) 1610 Readers 15 Reviews 04-11-2021
Before he was a little over 10 years old, he was the nightmare of the Gorge of Heroes and the headache of countless people that had been abandoned by the world.... more>>
CN (4.3)
742 Chapters Every 0.4 Day(s) 6165 Readers 64 Reviews 04-11-2021
The paramount existences among daemons are known as ‘Great Sages’.... more>>
CN (3.2)
685 Chapters Every 0.7 Day(s) 2448 Readers 37 Reviews 04-11-2021
A prestigious senior mechanical engineer in the industry, Xu Yi was sent to a world dominated by magic.... more>>
KR (3.9)
1405 Chapters Every 2.1 Day(s) 17797 Readers 319 Reviews 04-11-2021
As Shin Youngwoo had an unfortunate life and is now stuck carrying bricks on construction sites. He even had to do labor in the VR game, Satisfy!... more>>
CN (3.9)
192 Chapters Every 6.9 Day(s) 2698 Readers 17 Reviews 04-11-2021
Her best friend turned into her younger sister, destroyed her appearance, broke her legs, snatched her powerful fiancé, and designed to kill her mother. Unsatisfied, she locked her up in a mental asylum to be tortured until death!... more>>
CN (3.3)
483 Chapters Every 0.9 Day(s) 730 Readers 4 Reviews 04-11-2021
Cross the world of suspected secondary elements and carry the rescue system for welfare.... more>>
CN (3.8)
1365 Chapters Every 0.5 Day(s) 6520 Readers 33 Reviews 04-11-2021
The Age of Gods has long since ended, their voices no longer heard on the continent of Douluo. Humanity, standing on the shoulders of legends from its history, advanced soul technology to inconceivable heights. The humans of Douluo invented weapons of mass destruction, mechanized armor, and living metals. With these advancements, they went on to conquer the oceans and discovered two new continents. To fuel these new technologies, humanity hunted the soul beasts to the very brink of extinction. ... more>>
KR (3.2)
387 Chapters Every 1 Day(s) 1786 Readers 7 Reviews 04-11-2021
The tombs of the gods have appeared in the world!... more>>
CN (3.3)
1272 Chapters Every 2.3 Day(s) 4751 Readers 44 Reviews 04-11-2021
Xia Lei, whose parents were no longer around, had to work hard to support himself and his sister. One day, he got into an accident at work which burnt his left eye. After he awoke in the hospital bed, he discovered that his eye was not blind – it gained abilities! Now, he is using these abilities to right the wrongs and make a better life for himself and others. Will Xia Lei triumph over the corrupt and privileged with his newfound power?... more>>
JP (4.1)
24 Chapters Every 13.9 Day(s) 1400 Readers 12 Reviews 04-11-2021
Allen, an eight-year-old boy from a poor family in the royal capital, is living a poor but happy life together with his mother. One day, however, memories of his previous life suddenly come back to him and he remembers that he is in an dating sim game and that the capital will be destroyed by war if he doesn't do something about it.... more>>
CN (3.9)
472 Chapters Every 0.5 Day(s) 615 Readers 3 Reviews 04-11-2021
The youthful Qin Ye was born almost a century ago, but thanks to immortality granted to him by the 'fungus of aeons' he can pass for a high schooler. He planned to live an eternal, reclusive life as a happy otaku, enjoying World of Warcraft and his favorite MOBA games, but Fate had other plans in store. Hell has broken down, and vengeful revenants stalk the mortal realms. With ghosts running amock throughout all of Cathay, Qin Ye must reluctantly adopt the mantle of 'hero' and bring peace to both the living and the dead, while rebuilding Hell. But this, of course, isn't something a mere Netherworld Operative can do. ... more>>
CN (4.4)
349 Chapters Every 0.9 Day(s) 4198 Readers 78 Reviews 04-10-2021
Lin Qing He transmigrated into the novel and became one of its cannon fodders. The novel’s background is non-viable-1960s, time of want to eat but nothing to eat and want to wear, nothing to wear. Although the lack of supplies and life was monotonous, this wasn’t what she was concerned about because she got a small personal interspatial space, which is stuffed with supplies, so temporarily no worries about basic needs.... more>>
KR (3.8)
40 Chapters Every 6.8 Day(s) 890 Readers 0 Reviews 04-10-2021
In the harsh land, I would do anything to survive. Even if it is selling myself to others. An arrogant and beautiful man who came across that way, a dangerous deal began. ... more>>
CN (3.6)
88 Chapters Every 0.3 Day(s) 1080 Readers 17 Reviews 04-10-2021
As soon as she opened her eyes, the sickly An Xia found out that she had actually entered a dog-blood novel with wrong moral views! Reborn as the female lead’s best friend, the short-lived ex-wife of the overlord male lead, and the gold digger mother!... more>>
CN (3.7)
218 Chapters Every 4.1 Day(s) 2027 Readers 16 Reviews 04-10-2021
An Ran transmigrated as the first love of the male lead who was destined to die early. Her courage was weak. She was a pitiful beauty who was carefully nurtured and raised by her family. She was the pearl of the Sheng family. It was a pity that she made a lot of mistakes. After the return of the true female lead who had dreamed of her future, her life would be miserable.... more>>
CN (3.7)
393 Chapters Every 1.1 Day(s) 1181 Readers 13 Reviews 04-10-2021
If heavens will not acknowledge Shen Huan, there will be millennia of darkness.... more>>
CN (3.6)
3 Chapters Every 0.3 Day(s) 0 Readers 0 Reviews 04-10-2021
Lin Xiaoyue transmigrated into the book and became a vicious wife who was a wicked villain!... more>>
CN (3.9)
453 Chapters Every 2 Day(s) 3552 Readers 36 Reviews 04-10-2021
I am Ye Qing. Lucky I found a [Monster Factory] application.... more>>
CN (4.5)
52 Chapters Every 3.5 Day(s) 4407 Readers 36 Reviews 04-10-2021
After being killed accidentally, Lu Chengyu was born again to nine years ago, after his graduation from college.... more>>
CN (4.3)
348 Chapters Every 1.5 Day(s) 4842 Readers 22 Reviews 04-10-2021
The Capital’s girls look on with hatred, “You’re just a country girl without any knowledge. Do you have Niyun Shop’s clothes? Do you have Brilliant Treasure Pavillion’s jewellery? Do you even know how eminent and domineering the famous Yue Wang is?"... more>>
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