Fierce “Husband”


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Due to an accident, a rich and handsome man from modern society became a man’s wife in ancient society.

Just being a man’s wife was not enough.

His husband was also a secondhand product with two children.

Just being a secondhand product was not enough.

The secondhand man was also a poor and ugly man, who was blind in one eye.

Shao Yunan was very dissatisfied with this.

Very, very unhappy.

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16 Reviews

New Ikkuzaoshi
Sep 11, 2022
Status: c130
At first I quite liked the story.. How the MC is so fierce and doesnt give a face to those who bullies him.. But then he started to please the 'nobles' and 'scholars' for the sake of support. He acknowledges them as new parents and brothers, but tbh if he doesnt have any money and ideas, those ppl wont look at him too. The emperors, nobles and scholars are obviously taking things for granted! I felt like this novel popularised 'bribing'. If u dont bribe, dont buy those ppl hearts... more>> with expensive gifts and newfound knowledge, dont expect to get rich n have powers.. So whats the difference of these ppl and those f*cking family ML have? I've read a lot of tranigration story where MC retaliates and work their way to be the boss, but none is like this MC who licks the nobles n scholars for support just because he said he was lazy to do many things. It started to get boring and predictable, and the MC is no fun to read anymore. <<less
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Feb 09, 2022
Status: Completed
I'm also one of the people who delayed reading this because of the too low rating... turns out it was unjustly equated by a few trigger happy raters! Not to mention that horrible summary. All couples have a healthy relationship. For future people who stumbled in, I hope my review will help.

The story started with a huge-ass clan confrontation so I was reading with a confused face the first half of chapter 1 but eventually, the arguments slowly make things clear. So the husband is from the wang family and... more>> the wife is from shao family. As I read along, I'd say it's pretty good! It isnt really any different from Poison Concubine, Transmigration: The Farm Life of a "Fool, The Only Favourite Ugly Husband. I really gotta hand it to MC. He is an s-rank when it comes to argument and the fight is always exciting. I'd love to be part of the melon eating (gossipy) neighbors waiting for a good show LOL. MC is like the personification of how I want a modern transmigrator to faceslap ancient scums. TBH the face slap in this story is better than a few ger webnovels who merely let the scum relatives go. The super low rate is really unreasonable.


And wow, mrs. wang's (ML's mother) scum level has refreshed my opinions of him time and time again. And it's leveling up. Everytime! So about ML's birth he actually tried to r*pe a distant relative so he could give birth to a kid to force the guy to marry him. Wowww. (ch 146-147) he got that pregnancy fruit from the distant relative's wife, stole it, drug the guy he wanted and went to his bed.


My favourite side pair is the divorced noble couple (and their autistic child)...

Their story is kind of similar to the main couple but in the current circumstance they were in a romeo x Juliet kind of struggle and its super cute. It is good for the male wife to get acquainted with MC so he could be influenced by mc's awesome sturdy mouth + faceslapping skills.


As for the other minor couple the age gap prince x young man the "father figure" thing is just the main couple THEORIZING Zimu's feelings but they later found out that they were incorrect (frank MC even repeatedly asked him about it LMAO) and the man had real feelings for the old prince. Zimu himself said he is 20 years old, way past the "marriageable age". So yeah, since this is ancient times and people marry early, you can be grandparents around 40 to 50 that's what MC meant. Later on, it was mentioned in the story that they had 30 yrs of age gap. The reviewer ladyfancy should not relate them to modern times culture. So nope, old prince is definitely NOT 60. For other readers I do understand that MTL makes the story harder to read but it was mentioned like a hundred times already that people in this era normally marry super early. Sure, personally I'm not a fan of age gap too but you're clearly reading a story set in ancient era, stop relating it to the present time already. Even MC understands that much plus the two were both CONSENTING ADULTS. Don't liken him to the stereotypical "damsel in distress ". He's a freaking man. At least read until chap 156. Basically age gap couples are the norm in this story so readers should at least be tolerant of that. Aside from that, all relationship are healthy and loving. Every side couple had their happy ending. Also, THIS IS YAOI SO THERE WILL BE UNCENSORED SMUT. The spicy scenes are merely peppered around the story and it's not distracting. I love how it's hot everytime.

TLDR; For faceslap+ancient era fans this story is chef's kiss and must not miss. <<less
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Nov 12, 2021
Status: c53
Confusing description, MC is not blind with kids, ML is, and only one eye blind (battle scar)

At 50 ch, this is standard "raising family in ancient times" story, from poor farmers to better life. It even have many cliche: MC have space with spiritual water, they starting their own buisness, MC's and ML's families is awful and super greedy etc.

There is no 3rd gender, but commonly used "pregnant fruit", if man eat it, he can give birth to only one, rarily 2 kids (which is why women still preferrable,... more>> but man marry a man is acceptable), MC didn't eat it, and didn't want to (at least for now), even tho he is gay, he is not comfortable with idea of giving birth as a man, and no one pressuring him.

MC is bold and decisive, but there is other problem - he overshadows ML (at least for now). MC solves all problems, doing buisness, deals with ML's family, deals with villagers etc. I hope ML will contribute more later. <<less
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Nov 24, 2021
Status: c153

This is one of the first novels I have dropped, and it wasn't even because of the MC and ML. Once of the other characters that showed up and was a beggar came to work for the MC and ML. That character ended up in a relationship with an old man that was a prince. A 19 year old with a man that was more than 60 years old. That and there was a 'daddy kink' and it was really inappropriate and I was disgusted with that. The 19 year old wanted a father figure, and he ended up with the old man that basically forced him to go back to the capital where he was traumatized. The MC and ML didn't do anything about the old man taking advantage of the 19 year old. The 19 year didn't seem to be in the right mental state because of being forced to go back to the capital and relive his trauma.

The overall story was a bit slow and had some unnecessary information that made it long and taxing to read at some points. The MC was the second spouse to the ML (which I didn't like about the novel either) that has a blind eye do to an injury sustained in the war. His ex-wife ran away with another man, and left her children to be abused by the MLs family. The ex-wife also neglected her children, and the other family members are horrible people. They came now and then to make trouble with the MC and ML for money and support. The parents treated the ML horrible and it does come out why the parents treated the ML like that.


ML's mom drugged and r*ped a man, so that she could get pregnant by him. Her plan didn't work and her parents married her off the the ML's dad. He was bribed into marrying her with money while knowing that she was pregnant with someone else's child. The ML turned out to be from his father.


The MC ended up making his business out of wine and tea and got strong backers, such as the queen and king to the his local government. He is one of the people who rather make money but not dedicate all his time to the business. The ML is supports the MC since he really likes him. The ML also feels like he is not good enough for the MC and is somewhat possessive. They do trust each other to the point that MC tolled the ML about his space early along in their marriage, he even took the ML and his children in.

I really would not have read this story if it was tagged correctly. I went in expecting something softer and it turned out to more explicit then I wanted. There will be s*x scenes for the main couple as well as for the side couples the 19 year old and the 60ish year old man.

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Mar 10, 2022
Status: c101
the rating is shit!

I can remember when the first chapters were downloaded, the rating was no more than 2, 3 !!!!!. At that time, I didn't even want to read the description! And I didn't think of giving it any chance.
I don't know how I decided to read it now and I'm completely surprised!

OMG This novel is no worse than ((Transmigration of Mian [Reluctantly] Becomes His Man [Wife])) or ((Transmigrating to the Ancient Times with Lu's Convenience))

I mean yeah there are a lot of family drama... more>> and face slapping which I m a fan of, so I can understand if people will drop this novel for it if they hate this theme but it doesn't deserve a 2-star rating because of it

you can find some cliche thing here like the forced marriage or the space but people who like farming novels or (ger) will absolutely like this one

as for the ml, yes he is not worthy of the MC, he is passive and dull, I don't mind him having children or having a scar but he is kind of slow and his possessiveness isn't right

he didn't want the MC to be an officer because he was afraid he will get more famous and lose him


but yeah he is slow and dull but no substitute bullsh*t or hurting the MC or those s*upid misunderstandings that are so popular now so I don't like him but don't hate him either

I don't know if it will go down from now on I still have 100 chapters ahead of me but yeah I like it for now and I wish others will give it a chance

don't be fooled by the first chapter The story will become clear after the fifth chapter <<less
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Nov 13, 2021
Status: Completed
My rating - 3.7 stars. The story is quite okay. Some are really good and some are monotonous and annoying. It's like a slice of life with some face slapping and some 👏👏👏 every night. But eventually, it focuses on cliché money-earning methods. The story is very predictable too. The synopsis here in novelupdates is wrongly described.

The MC is from modern world transmigrated to ancient of another world. Similar to other farming transmigration stories, he makes use of his knowledge and sell them for other's business. At the same time,... more>> he wants to hug the thighs of influencial people since he knows his small standing in the society. Also, he has a space.

Downside: his personality is too strong since an ancient period has its own rules. He should learn to more pliant and adjust accordingly. Anyway, I like how headstrong he is and it is understandable since he is a 3rd gen silk pants in his last life- brought up being spoiled by his parents and siblings. There's also contradictory part with ML. He respected MC first but eventually kept doing H stuffs beside his sleeping children. What a let down 😅 I find the ML who can't control his lower half very disgusting. ML is very selfish too due to his lack of confidence. He doesn't want MC to be an official since he thinks he's getting farther and father fr MC. Anyway, it's okay bcoz MC is a litt lazy. Also, it is ML who always get the merit from MC's suggestions since the "male wife" is not permitted as court official. There are plot holes too. <<less
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Apr 13, 2022
Status: Completed
The 'fierce' husband is our shou/bottom MC. I really like when he got angry. Some exciting revenge will happened for sure. ML is okay, MC got all the limelight from beginning to end because how cappable he is and ML is bathing in it sure, but it's okay at least ML is not toxic and overbearing. He unconditionally support MC and help where he can.

The thing that surprise me the most is how I don't get bored halfway while reading this, it's a novel with more than 200+ chapters... wow.... more>> 5 star from me for how entertaining the journey has been while reading this, despite some absurdity of some passage lol. <<less
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Jul 02, 2022
Status: c150
I'm so torn on the novel. I like it yet it fustrates me so much I start to hate it. It may be a culture difference, but "Filial piety" is ridiculous to the extream in this novel. I get in the asian culture it a major deal. And in the western culture you dont smile and say thank you to a parent that is killing you. Most novels don't seem this extream but this one..... example the mother of the ML made his life hell [she forced him into "volunteering"... more>> for 2 years then made him take his brothers place for 3 years in the army" then made his ex wife and chidrens life hell as well. And he did.... because she is the mother. Fast foward and skip how she made the "eldest son" [which in most cultures are the most important] to marry a 16 that he didnt know then want him to divorce after taking the dowery. To the part where the MC has idea after idea and gives said ideas away to everyone and anyone and wants nothing in return [this fustrated me so badly as well. The MC truly sucks at business. No business gives their technology and resources away for free and then turns and helps as much as possible [oh you brothers sister pet dog puppy is sick? Well I will give you life saving atuff for free with an unlimed supply... for free. After handing out technology and resources he goes and gives unlimited supplies of life saving drugs/food for free to anyone that has the "face" to hint at it. Not to mention constantly giving ALL profits away or disregaring them. Again horrid businessman. Dude runs charities not a business] naturaly the evil ML mom comes knocking and each time the MC will give righteous faceslapping then turn around and give hundred if not thousands of teals away in name of "Filial piety" even after multi documents say the family seperated and the ML parents gave nothing. And that the 2 family have nothing to do with each other. Even as far as paying a butload of money to leave the clan records. They still give the mother money and still help the rest of the greedy assholish family left and right.... because why? Filial piety.

Again this maybe a culture difference. But no society would continue if you have to bleed and suffer and give everything taking nothing to family. So my western sensibilities scream "idoits" so much that I start dislikeing the paper tiger MC and ml.

Thats the biggest issues. His constant giving away technology and money to this person and that random persons friend because they waved at me 4 years ago. The extream reverence and obedience to parents no matter what they do to them. And finally the nonchalant way they deal with royalty. The queen sent 2 people to their home. And they held nothing back and allowed them free range. 2 spies that will/can report every and anything back to people who with a twitch of their pinky can eliminate your, your family or just steal all your technology.

I started this because many comments said it was like "reluctant wife" which had clear boundaries on "seperated familys" and reasonable money making ideas that were kept in the family and 3 other familys [not whole clans or villages. Not to the royal family. Not to anyone but 3 other familys to be a smoke screen for his own family]. This started like that novel but quickly degraded to nonsense and unrealistic actions.

But its so hard to find a good farming space novel, let alone a yaoi one. So while I really want to drop it and save my western sensibilities from exploding. I also really want to read. Which shows how great a writer is when the story fuatrayes you so much but you want to continue. <<less
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Jan 17, 2022
Status: Completed
For most part, it's quite an enjoyable story for me. There's angst, drama, comedy and mostly just slap back.

I want to comment on the second CP in the other review. I don't think it was that bad honestly. They were both willing parties. As a matter of fact, the couple is rather cute. The 2nd shou wasn't forced to go to the capital in a negative way either, he's just got pushed forward so he can move on, which imo he needs it very much. In short, other than age... more>> difference, it's nothing bad.

Here's why, the gong isn't the type that promiscuous nor licentious, in fact they're both their own first love. So if you ignore the age and the *cough* size *cough* it's pretty sweet. Anyway, the tag is mature and also smut, it will be quite explicit most of the time.


My only issue here is the cliche character's settings. The gongs are rather insecure and unconfident, ofc with reasons which I can empathize. The shous are the timid bullied one til they meet our OP main shou. The emperor-empress couple is the most balance probably imo. The only OP gong is an autistic kid, no offense but I find it rather ironic for the author to put him with that setting. And

(if I read the whole story fully) where's ziyu?! I was waiting for his wife chasing gong plot. Oh well..


And I guess it right with lil bun and the golden finger at the end. Hahaha. <<less
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May 31, 2022
Status: Completed
I didn't know if I should read this novel, now that I'm done... OH f*ck I LOVED THIS NOVEL, I'm going to adopt this couple for life. Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing, ah... 233 chapters... it was tiring along the way, but at the same time I feel like it wasn't enough. Seeing children getting married and having their own children and grandchildren, and grandchildren getting married and then having their own children and grandchildren and so on... Somehow it brings me nostalgia and melancholy.

I have some mixed... more>> feelings when I see a novel that: "It starts with one generation and ends with another generation." I like to see how the next generation goes, but at the same time... The feeling of nostalgia, of wanting to go back to the old days and that everything passed very quickly...) In the end, it's good to appreciate each stage of life and keep good memories.

In the end, I am very grateful to have met Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing, thank you for this beautiful story, for "living" these moments with them, I will treasure it very much. Maybe one day, we can meet again, start all over again, live this romance from the beginning. When that day comes, I imagine it will be wonderful. Thanks to the author for this work, which I enjoyed very much. And thanks to the translator. <<less
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May 21, 2022
Status: Completed
Already read this twice because of the fum MC. Just waiting for more tl chapters so I can binge read for the third time.

This is pretty much like the Mian novel, complete with tr*sh family, space, farming and face slapping. I really just stayed for MC slapping both his and ML's families. He really takes no shit, and it's refreshing how those who did wrong were not let go. ML's bit*h of a mother deserved that ending. It's the perfect example of how some people should really never become parents.

ML... more>> is supportive, and it's quite understandable how he felt insecure. MC was so good even without any powerful background (especially after the truth was revealed about Mc's life), so he felt unworthy, but he does his best for his family.

I do have to say Mc's halo was so bright and powerful, if it weren't for some things to happen, then he's really really OP. But it's ok, at least he can faceslap people at will with all his backings lol.

About the side couples, my favorite would be the prince and zimu. I really wanna see how destructive zimu's face is lol. About the age, lol this is set in ancient times where people marry young and reaching 20 is enough to be considered a left over. While looking at it with a modern mindset will make you feel awkward, it should also be considered that they were both consenting adults. I'd be disappointed if it were like a forced marriage, but both truly loved and cared for each other. As for the other couple, it was really unfortunate for them at the beginning, but I'm glad the husband was not a complete scumbag as he's also a victim. Glad they still ended up together in the end.

Tl;dr: face slap/5 would read again for smart and capable MC and faceslap everyone <<less
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Mar 13, 2022
Status: Completed
The earliest chapters where MC was blastering the original's (fake) family was thrilling, and ML also calm yet cold attitude toward his asshat family didnot disappoint me. Reading those made me continued to read the novel eventhough there was that space-miracle spring water-the usual golden finger which was used through and through in this novel to the point it made me desperate of 'enough, dont make it OP pls'.

There was this arrogancy and the mindset of modern people thinking, of no killing, no s*avery, no pregnancy for man, etc. Some... more>> thing was okay but when he got kidnapped TWICE because he was too arrogant thinking 'no need bodyguard ust to walk in the village. No need precaution even though he made enemies left and right'.

ML was a bit dull at the beginning and then turned the same 'love and fear husband'man. Just the usual husband type. He supported the MC and was willing to to learn more of MC's knowledge.

Although, some things still made me asking myself of 'did that passable'? But I think, I'll just let it go.

As for the 19yo and 60yo couple. The 19yo man was totally willing, even seduced the old man himself first. Also, please remember the age of consent in this novel's setting was 15 year old. This is novel with the ancient setting and value. Do not get angry when you read such thing. Get angry when it becomes too boring, too OP, etc. Or get angry with the author for putting such plot lol

Another I like from this story is the royalty family. There was no much money or treasury. The emperor's private wealth was also taken. But he had a clear mind and brain, maybe because he lived such live when he went to war with his male wife who now his empress. YuuAn thought of making business with the empress as his patron so he could have the highest power as support. Unknowingly the monarchs needed his help more, so they formed one trust and build the country together. <<less
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May 27, 2022
Status: c34.1
I love the drama, love the interaction, love the MC and ML. At first did not expect the golden finger but oh well- it was still nice. I love the children too- so adorable. The Zizhong guy being made a bad guy seemed forced though but apart from thata, I felt the story so far is balanced and the progress is great. Please release more and great job to the translator!!
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May 24, 2022
Status: c32
At first I thought it was just that the translation wasn't very good, but I pulled up the raws and I don't think the original novel is that well written either. There are a lot of characters and complex interpersonal relationships, but they don't go over in the book very well who is related to who how and often times people are brought up in the story well before they're introduced, or it's just barely brushed over. After a while it's too hard to keep track of who is who.... more>> Plus the translation calls two or three different people 'patriarch' and there are quotes from multiple people talking in each paragraph with is janky. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aug 19, 2022
Status: --
I like this story's flow farming, cooking, revenge, children... everything is just fine with me it's my cup of tea I mtl over 90+ chapters But I have to drop this (maybe for a while) because I feel really annoyed with the old prince and Zimu I'm not against age gap I'm fine with it but idk I just find them annoyed...I'm not even annoyed with ml's family!
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May 20, 2022
Status: c14.1
5/5 really reminds me of transmigration of mian (which is another one of my favorite ancient china bl's), novel is based in like historical ancient china, MC has a space, there's farming and business, 2 cute lil babies, there's an age difference (it's kind of hard knowing that he's only 16 and there's a 10 year age difference between the MC and ml... I really really hope there's no seggsy scenes until he's of age), I guess the only difference would be... MC & ml's personality???

mc's a cutie pie firecracker... more>> which I looooove

bruh, MC really said f*ck you to ml's family and stole a f*cking DONKEY to prove his point, he also threatened them with a f*cking AXE - im DYING.


ml's a big softie and

it seems like he has insecurity/whole lot of mental health issues, which is totally understandable and acceptable bc he got thrown under the bus by his so called "family" aka his evil bit*h mother. He served in the military, got disfigured, had to do forced labor, served in the military again (for extra years bc of his shitty mom and brother), his wife left him bc his mom was so horrible and abusive af. you can tell he was going through some BAD depression by the time he came back.

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