The Only Favourite Ugly Husband


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Jiang Zhen crossed into ancient times and became the old bachelor eldest Jiang who was neglected by his whole family in Hexi Village.

He was born into a good family, but the eldest Jiang was busy all year and couldn’t even eat a full meal. His two younger brothers could marry a wife, but he was starved to death… Jiang Zhen felt it was unbearable.

You don’t want to feed me? OK, I will kill the chicken myself.

You don’t even give me a glimpse of food? It doesn’t matter, the door of the granary will be opened as soon as I kick it.

You want to tell me that I am unfilial? Ok, I will immediately take the knife to the village and slash people, and let the yamen officer catch all of us.

Jiang Zhen became a local tyrant in the village. He also saw the “ugly” ger who could not get married in the village.

Future father-in-law: “Jiang Zhen is always wandering around our house. Is he planning to rob our house?”

The future mother-in-law: “What to do? Jinge can’t beat him!”

Zhao Jinge’s face was hot… Dad, the wild rabbit that I brought back today is what he gave…

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New 1dude2 rated it
February 21, 2024
Status: Completed
This story was very engaging from start to finish. At moments the plot went a little fast, but personally I felt that stopped me from getting bored.
I especially loved the relationship between the MC and ML, their relationship was very loving and they both grew to become equals which I appreciated!
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takame rated it
December 5, 2019
Status: Completed
Quite unique, it is the gong that is the MC. Plus it's in a farming/poor countryside setting. MC reincarnated to an ancient time and fell inlove on this ger who had to forsake his ger identity & do laborious work. Take note that he is called ugly bcos it's norm for ger people to look soft like a woman. In their eyes he looked like a scary buff amazonian Mulan. In the first chap, the revenge entertained me while waiting for the mpreg. Finally preggers at chap60.

They were in the middle of out of town business when the ML's belly started getting big. His robust pregnancy is even manly ?. They had a baby girl that will make anyone smile. And oh, they have one son and one ger later.


As for the MC's occasional violence, it's dumb to judge him because of that. HE'S A SPECIAL FORCE SOLDIER. And he's stressed to death in this new world and he could only cope with the only way he know. His attitude of "If you don't touch me, I won't touch you" is IMO already being tolerant of the slag people coming at him. On the other hand, he is gentle and considerate of the people that genuinely care for him, like the ML.


ML has very low self-esteem but I love how he is possessive of MC and drives away the beauties away from his husband, like an empress ? Against the harem. The ML has eyes only for him tho. But MC figures that nobody could understand his modern aesthetics so I guess that's why he never felt the need to tell anybody about his transmigration and decided to live this second chance at life. He isn't OP but his new little ideas like card games etc made him wealthy.

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Shadowdrop rated it
November 14, 2019
Status: c102
This novel is really great, I MTL-ed most of it, and I absolutely love it! (I didn't MTL it to the end because my break was over, not because I didn't want to read it any more)

    • I love the MC! He's a real man - brave, hard-working, smart and strong. He is not a Mary Sue - all the 'modern world knowledge' he has is the stuff a normal person would know. It's not a magical golden finger that helps him dominate ancient world. Even when he does something that ancient people couldn't even imagine doing, it's not something a normal modern person wouldn't think of.
    • ML is absolutely adorable! He is considered ugly for his masculine looks, so he has an inferiority complex. He is also a simple village person whose whole world consists of a small village and fields around it. Despite this, he is not lost when faced with a pursuer from modern world. He is very curious and does his best to learn things he doesn't know. He is also very sincere towards MC and always does his best to treat him well. Because he is considered 'ugly', he is often discouraged when faced with his 'beautiful' love rivals. But he genuinely wants to be with MC, so he gathers his courage to defend his place in MC's heart. (Which is somewhat funny, because MC is too gay to even look at those girls and feminine guys)
    • The setting is really unique! It's not a world of 'mansions, swords, brocade and hair ornaments', commonly used in ancient world novels - instead, it's a world of mud houses, field-work, thin rice porridge and fish. The palace intrigues and eloquent poems are replaced by fights over one or two eggs and wooing people with a basket of fish. I found it very interesting and at times hilarious.
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January 15, 2021
Status: Completed
I'm going to be honest, the reason why didn't give this a rating is because my mind just went blank after finishing this series. There are some decent aspects to the story but by the end I just went like WTF.

The characters were... fine, I guess, but I mainly have three gripes; the ridiculous domino effect of the plot, Shen Anxin, and the xenophobia.... more>>

The MC went from being a simple abused and starved farmer (with the original background of a special ops soldier) to the freaking ruler of his own established country. The entire f*cking time, the MC was doing his own thing and trying to be business man at the bottom of the barrel and the author gives me this! I already found it ridiculous how his wealth accumulated; it accumulated the nearly the same way one woman in real life is trying to get a house by bartering her way up from a hairpin. It's an actual rags to riches plot.

Shen Anxin... what did they do to you? This was a secondary character that the author- for some reason- turned into a peach blossom and later into a crazed black lotus after being gang-r*ped... Why?! The development of this character was so pointless! There was so much plot potential for his character further down line but the author literally scrapped him in the most wasteful way possible. He could have served as another powerful ally to the MC but instead he was barely a love rival to Zhao Jiang and most critical thing he did was accuse unfilial piety against Jiang Zhen. His character was not necessary for this plot development, the Jiang family could have done that job! His character was used in the plot the same was a pen is used to open the lid of a can.

Sigh... f*cking xenophobia and forced assimilation sh*t nearly at the end of the novel. The idea of assimilation is super freaking prevalent by the end of the novel that it got me super pissed off. It reminded me a lot of the xenophobic and religious intolerance of China in real life. I ended up comparing the novel and realizing it kinda gave me the same vibes as the fact that China has concentration camps to reform its Muslim population and has been confirmed to have forcibly sterilized Muslim women. Ugh....


I was just disappointed and confused by the absurdity of it all. <<less
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numba1nobody rated it
May 29, 2020
Status: --
Just wanna say something


Okay so the ML is NOT Ugly. It might be misinterpreted but he is not. The ML is a ger, which should be pampered and treasured. In this current period, people indicate that a ger should be delicate, feminine like a women. But the ML is not like that, he looks like men (normal ones), which then everything became controversy.

... more>> There's like 2 different things between a ger and man.A cinnabar in the forehead and they can get pregnant. That only~

I don't understand why some gers' are called ugly, like ML, just because they are like men, handsome, with those flesh and muscle, tight buttocks (state's in one per line killed me when I read it in the novel; MC said it to ML) and with those of goddammed bulky build.

As a guy, I never liked feminine men at all and like for me men like the ML are totally the beautiful ones, and this for me is totally frustrating.I keep feeling guilty and annoyed by the fact that ML kept calling himself ugly, just because others say so!

Stop it please.

In short, the ML is not ugly but a ger that looks like men, and that gers should be feminine with delicate features which doesn't apply to ML, which then people misinterpret the ML as stated, "Ugly".

ML is totally MC's type and like strong men like ML and that people keep saying that ML is ugly which really make me wanna chop someone right now.

———————————————————— <<less
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TheLadyWhoLikesBoyLove rated it
September 30, 2019
Status: Completed
I mtl'd this for 2 days. It was a light read that makes your heart feels so fluffy and warm. Of course it isnt perfect but it doesnt have angst, there were drama created that I think was well made.

So about our ugly shou, he's called like that because he looks like a manly (not the muscle man but the lean type guy) man even thou he's a ger (man who can give birth) so in the eyes of the people inside the story he doesnt look liek thr proper... more>> standard ger. He's actually handsome.

I gave this 5 star because I really like the world build up, it may be fast paced but it made me happy. <<less
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earlgreyt rated it
February 8, 2020
Status: Completed
Probably one of my favorite "ancient" rebirth stories on NU!

This novel reads like a shounen/leveling up/base-territory-building genre (the BL version) in the ancient times. Except, unlike in other ancient rebirth stories, our protagonist really is dirt poor. No hidden identities here.

This story is truly about the lowest of the low eventually reaching to the highest of the high!

... more>>

As in, founder of a new country!


And, it's really one of the most unique and entertaining novels I have encountered in this genre.

In ancient China, poor people were very easily oppressed by the upper class because of the complex interwoven relationships between the nobility (as well as their crazy harems = consolidating power). Big households would have tens-to-hundreds of "s*aves" (indentured servants), and there's little to no class mobility. Pretty much all the officials were corrupt and it's crazy difficult for a dirt-poor commoner to live well in historical times. One of the only ways for a poor person to climb up (and this is not for the dirt-poor) was to become literate, take the national exams, and try to get a high score and become a government official.

HOWEVER, our MC does NOT take this route!

This novel is completely creative and while some wild things do happen, it's done within reason of the historical setting. Instead of being reborn into a wealthy noble or scholar's household, our MC starts as an "old" dirt poor villager looked down on by everyone.

From there, the path is rocky.

MC doesn't have any family connections (much less with government officials), doesn't have any miraculous wealth to lean on, isn't a genius or scientist or doctor, and doesn't have any magical powers.

Not only that, the MC has baseline morals. He doesn't slaughter people without cause, doesn't condone s*avery, r*pe, pillaging, and only retaliates within reason. In the ancient times, modern morals are hard to keep and gaining power with morals is even harder.

Thus, the path our MC takes towards the peak of life, is an incredibly satisfactory read.

(This is also one of the few CN that doesn't spend every paragraph describing the ML/MC's beauty and sees humor in the historical fact that constitutes as "beautiful" changes depending on the historical and cultural context. It's awesome!)

A couple things to take note of:

    • The MC is not someone who's good at speaking (which is what most ancient novels focus on), so he will straight up beat people up (without harming them permanently) instead of trying to "out-wit" or "out-talk" them. This can be jarring at first, but it makes a lot of sense because he's a modern ex-soldier guy... not a politician.
    • The focal point of the story is the MC, so even though he's gay and marries the ML, the ML will frequently take a backseat in the story: for example, study quietly at home or raise kids at home.
    • Though the ML becomes very competent over time, it's still a much longer struggle for him because he's a native of the ancient times and has to learn everything the MC naturally knows (or common modern knowledge), so it takes him longer to adapt. He's frequently stuck in a state of "my husband is so cool so OP!!!" and "oh god I'm not fit for him, I need to learn more!" This can get a bit frustrating if you like reading about equally strong MC/ML teams (though the rebirth in the extras super makes up for this!!!! so in the end even I was convinced haha).
    • There is a very competent love rival in this novel and I am not a fan of how he turns out. The love rival, who started out super cool and independent, turns into an extremely small-minded/ jealous/ backstabbing/ paranoid/ incompetent person. In ancient novels, most love rivals get r*ped/destroyed, and something similar happens to him in this one. The author backed away from adding any more brainless extended plotlines (thank god), so his wealth/family doesn't get destroyed. I'm just not happy about the jealous r*pe-retaliation plot that ancient novels somehow HAVE to have.
    • One of the later encounters is with ancient Japan. That arc got a bit disquieting because the ancient Japanese culture becomes pretty much assimilated and obliterated. The text lightly touches on how awful it is to conquer a country and destroy their native culture, but here is a warning for those Japanese lovers out there... wheres my sushi tempura musubi udon ramen katsu miso okonomiyaki soba
    • And yea, the MC is very upfront about his bias and dislike for the ancient Japanese people : (

So far the translation is edited MTL, not terrible but too literal/clunky at parts. They've done all right for the early chapters (which are simpler), but the later parts are more complex. I read the raws (in Chinese, not MTL) starting chp 36.

Highly recommend this and the author's other works, especially [Stone Age Husband Raising Journal]. <<less
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AnuBis28 rated it
February 22, 2022
Status: c155
This story depicts rural ancient lives instead of a fancy fairytale, which is pretty novel.. It shows the struggles of common poor people who can't even eat a full meal at the end of the day..

The way our transmigrated MC climbs up the rich ladder is a bit overwhelming though.. But it's still interesting nonetheless..

The great disappointment comes when ML's love rival appears.. Shen Anxin was a cool character with great potential.. He could be another exceptional Ger besides our ML, a successful businessman..

But NO !!! He had to become... more>> a cheap, narrow minded wretch.. He longs for for someone like his father, who only had his mother in his eyes.. Yet he tries to wreck MC and ML's home.. Does that even make any sense ??? He even has to be r*ped like many other villains.. An interesting character is just ruined for the sake of protagonist's love-show.. <<less
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Daemon Kieran
Daemon Kieran rated it
July 19, 2020
Status: Completed
I think the thing that stood out to me the most that I have yet to see again was a matter of the MC making sure that the ML had a good childbirth experience.

MC specifically made sure that his children would not grow too large in the womb. He ensured that his children would get adequate nutrition but would be a little undersized at birth so that the ML could pass them thru easily at childbirth.

MC eliminated the high risk of passing an oversized child that results from over indulging... more>> a pregnant person, maintained adequate nutrition for both mother and child, and supervised and took charge of childbirth to further eliminate risks like improper hygiene or a flipped head.

To me, this was a great act of love. The MC valued the ML above all else. To the point that unless he could ensure a healthy delivery for both ML and child, he would not want children. He was originally gay and had accepted not having biological progeny anyways. <<less
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RoseAmethyst remembrance
This novel's author also wrote

A Guide to Raising Your Natural Enemy which is

much more lighthearted and their characters are much more likable and cute. This novel is just full of negativity and drowning in contradictions that are so convoluted that you can tell that this author is just desperate to villainize the Jiang family in the worst way possible. There's really no world building. It's just the MC getting revenge and building his wealth by taking everything from his family. The "fluff" that everyone talks about is the MC doting... more>> on the ML.

The MC abuses his status as a professional fighter to torment a civilian family.

The MC is an "all brawns, no brain" kind of guy. He boasts about his profession as a special force member from the modern era, but he acts like a terrorist to force the family to give him what he wants. There's nothing calculating about his moves, it's just straight up violence. For this MC to claim he's a special force member and actually use force against civilians is just low and completely slandering the name of the special forces.

One thing I hate about this novel is how they depict the "villains" in the worst way possible so that the revenge is justifiable. The logic of the "villains" gets so convoluted that they're contradicting themselves. Their actions are inconsistent with their beliefs.

  • It was explained in ch. 1 that this mistreatment is rooted in the "unlucky" circumstances of his birth. If this family is so paranoid about "bad luck" yet many of their actions are unlucky (abusing and causing death)
  • For example, the original owner died of starvation the day of his younger brother's wedding because his mother forgot to give him food. What could be more unlucky than a family member dying on a wedding day? The family mistreated him due to superstition, yet ironically they did something so unlucky.


    author is just so desperate to villainize the family

  • As for the "unlucky" circumstances of his birth, I think this is just a sorry excuse for irresponsible parenting and poor pregnancy planning. He was born in the "month of evil" (May). His father was summoned for military service and the mother almost died from childbirth and had no helpers. Superstitions huh? Why couldn't they just asked all of the villagers to help out with the birth to prevent all these complications in the first place? This is just a case of the author ignoring logic for the sake of setting the stone for a revenge novel.
Since the original owner of the body died of starvation, the MC should have been considerably week right after transmigrating, yet he was strong right off the bat. How could a starved person suddenly have the strength of a healthy person? This shows that the MC transmigrator had an unfair advantage (that the original owner didn't have) to begin with.


I found it very disturbing how the commentators were supportive of the MC threatening an old woman (the mother of the body he occupies) with a knife and beating up his uncles.

Sure, these ppl are evil. But they are civilians.

He eventually demands an exorbitant amount of money from the family (40 silvers. His family had 60 silvers at their height) so that he could separate from them and live with the ML. His rationale is that this is compensation for all the unpaid labor he did for 10 years.


I didn't rate this since I dropped the novel. <<less
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forta rated it
June 25, 2021
Status: Completed
The start is decent. The premise is also promising. BUT..

The ML is a RACIST. Read starting 125+ chapters and it will show blatant RACISM and DISCRIMINATION.

Also, it's as if the author had no idea what to write anymore.. But he knew what ending he liked. There are several time skips and it is written consecutively.. Like they're rushing to end it. There are gaping loopholes.


Esp., because I really liked some of the characters and their char development

15 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jewellia97 rated it
December 19, 2020
Status: c92
I absolutely love the book. I was getting tired of it always being the shou's point of view. I didn't have to put up with the unnecessary bullying, the faceslapping that comes much later or the shou being bullied by the gong unnecessarily. I stopped reading a lot of novels because of this. Jiang Zhen was very straightforward and Jinge was quick in picking himself up, with no pity parties.

Uh does anyone know any similar books to recommend please? I mean novels from the gong's point of view. A similar... more>> one is 'beloved husband', if anyone is interested. <<less
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Karumin rated it
March 17, 2020
Status: c44 part2
After the void left by finishing Stone Age Husband, this is my comfort! No doubt they are from the same author!

MC is a bit brute but he's a special force soldier who knew nothing about relationship as he didn't have one in his first live, besides he was dealing with PTS of some sort and then was dumped to a different era with an abusive family. I think what he did to them was very mild, all things considered. He could very much kill them all, and I would not... more>> have objections.

He's caring and doting towards ML, and occasionally eat his tofu lol. And he's caring towards his in-laws. Their interaction as a family is heartwarming, and shows his eagerness to be part of them.

I like too how he's somewhat struggling coming with ideas for getting money, instead of magically becoming rich. He's not poor but he's not rich! He's being smart with what he had and how to make a bit more!

It also doesn't hurt that the translator is very good! Thank you Translator! ? <<less
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
bookmunchies rated it
July 16, 2022
Status: c180 part3
There's a lot to say about this novel, but let me start with this, DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE STRONG FEELINGS AGAINST CULTURAL GENOCIDE AND COLONIALISM. It's pretty shocking when you notice the direction, and then it really hits you in the face, spits on you and kicks your fallen body.


A lot of common sense things are ignored as you go further from the first half,... more>> all for the sake of establishing the mains as rulers of a parallel world version of Japan, and their kids as baby copycats occupying parts of Australia and America. The dislike of the japanese people isn't unexpected, but then it turns into pure hypocrisy as they go from telling 'japanese' immigrants to give up their entire culture and ethnicity if they want to stay in Daqi, yet when they themselves become immigrants in 'Japan' they disdain it's culture and go on with plans of eradicating and replacing it with a mixture of their own, and today world's China. Repeatedly stating the size of it is the reason it was even taken over, which is pretty laughable.

The MC looks down on a lot of traditional aspects of both places, lauding modern ways superior, somewhat ignorant of the fact they are mostly caused by westernization and in most aspects inferior to their traditional counterparts.... That's pretty much caused by the author's own ignorance of related fields. The most obvious example being clothing, which is definitely not an upgrade compared to the past, especially when taking into account it's production. I will also mention, he regards the other world's japanse people as ones of a lower caste and despises them, even as he takes over their country.

The dynamic is a double clean, for a pretty weird reason, as

the MC says he wasn't able to find anyone despite his willingness in his og timeline, when in fact he just didn't want to invest anything in another person, and most wanted someone who would agree to a lifetime after preferably a day of knowing each other.


The ML is somewhat a frustrating person, and very dependent and obsessed with MC, his whole life revolves around the MC which does let up when the plotline moves away almost completely from showing him and his thoughts and more focuses around the MC and the overall situation.

There is also the very familiar and despised trope of using s*xual assault as a sort of karmic retribution for an unstable canon fodder in love with the MC, that the author wrote a whole author's note about, explaining how, in fact, it's not what the comments make it out to be, because that chara was lead there by his own choices..... his own choices...... the character...... that you made, developed and wrote down..... I understand people being unaware of things because they are the ones who commit them, but are you truly saying that..... after making the character sorta wobbly and seemingly only there for that reason...

I'd also like to address the ML's looks, because some people are unaware why 'everyone in the novel' calls him ugly just because he isn't feminine, and the rest of the subgroups of the mentioned sentiment. The ML isn't a man, women are also called ugly because they look masculine in the real world, so I do not understand why you would be surprised by this? Within the novel world, the ML is not a man, and their relationship is straight, they do not look at MC as a gay man, but as a straight one, with a weird taste, but still straight as an arrow. Ger are not considered men, ger are ger, it's a third s*x, but due to their ability to give birth, yet inability to feed the baby, lower in the societal pyramid than women, unless lucky enough to be raised as men, thus 'bestowed the honor' of being looked at as a sort of half man existence not enjoying the full benefits, but still better off then women and the rest of ger. It's somewhat similar to girls being raised as sons in some places, and them being accepted by their community in varying degrees, mostly depending on the temperament of those around them.

I have decided not to rate this, but than changed my mind and gave it a 1* because of the extremely casually positive way it views cultural genocide, and the lacking mention of it in the reviews. <<less
12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
dday0425 rated it
June 1, 2023
Status: Completed
I was about to compliment the novel for taking the civilian route when the later chapters slapped me right in the face. 😂 I didn't expect it to develop that way, but nevertheless, I still had a good time reading it.

What I appreciated very much was that the main character, Jiang Zhen, was strong but not omnipotent. He had weaknesses and shortcomings, but he had always worked hard and been faithful to his family. The way Zhao Jinge (ML) gradually developed his career and had his psychological state changed over... more>> time was also admirable and satisfying.

In addition, the face slaps were done pretty decently without going overboard. In fact, I still think they let some matters go too easily. There were many incidents in which the antagonists targeted Jiang Zhen with criminal charges that could have made him end up beheaded, yet after resolving the matters, those people actually ended up with such underwhelming consequences. I was a bit disappointed.

Moreover, I think it would be better if the author could maintain the family dynamics and write more about the family's affair in the later stages of the novel. It weirded me out that after Jinge became pregnant with the second child, they both became so busy that they interacted a lot less and that the story suddenly escalated so quickly ever since.

and was Wang Haicheng's death really necessary? It was almost the end, and his death didn't bring anything to the story. Why let him die worthlessly like that? Although he was by no means an important character, he was Jiang Zhen's very first subordinate and accompanied him the longest. My chest felt heavy seeing him gone just like that. 🥲


Finally, I really appreciate the extras about the original eldest Jiang. My heart was finally comforted knowing he had obtained the love he deserved. <<less
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ylial rated it
November 17, 2019
Status: c10
Like the plot of the story. However, I dislike the means of the transigrated MC. Though his family is f***ed up, he seems no different, a shameless one. It seems like he is just fooling around. Don't know in the succeeding ch but my disappointment to MC makes me want to drop this. The only one I like is the ML who is a ger. Forced to live up with the current situation but is still good., he also has the resolve to live as a man for his family... more>> <<less
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kisaki_Tsubasa rated it
January 18, 2020
Status: Completed
I loved the story and the extras are quite lovely as well. I read the first 30 translated chapters and then read the raws.

This is a story about Jiang Zhen, a gay military guy who gets shot and wakes up in the body of the most mistreated guy in the village. When he wakes up, the body is starving to death, so he calls for help and in comes our other MC, Zhao Jinge, a handsome guy and saves him. This handsome guy who fits Jiang Zhen's tastes perfectly however,... more>> happens to be a ger, so other than Jiang Zhen, everybody else thinks Zhao Jinge is ugly, because gers are supposed to be pretty and delicate, in their opinion.

The world Jiang Zhen wakes up in is similar to the ancient times of our world, except there are 3 sexes instead of 2 and the place where Jiang Zhen wakes up in is a village where people depend on farming and planting to survive.


They are both super poor, so they flirt by giving each other a fish they caught, or an egg they saved and their dates are about eating lunch together secretly while hiding in the bushes in the forest. Super adorable.


The story is mostly told from Jiang Zhen's (gong) point of view but it also tells Zhao Jinge's (shou) thoughts as well which makes you feel a little frustrated yet think it's absolutely adorable at the same time, because both main characters are quiet people, so they have some little funny and cute misunderstandings. They do communicate well though. They won't ever hide things from each other and do talk to each other when it matters which saves us from suffering anxiety because there is no angst.

The couple does get together pretty quickly, so the story is mostly about the world building and our mc's plans to ensure his and his loved ones' futures and its execution and not so much about how they get together. It was quite the interesting story and I enjoyed it a lot. <<less
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jamietng rated it
September 22, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel is sooo good

A lot of fluff and very good character development

the main lead is not so op that the novel becomes boring but comes across a lot of obstacle

The plot is also very interesting

Love this novel and very rconmended!!!
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Fisukisuki rated it
August 25, 2021
Status: Completed
It's Absolutely Beyond Expectations!!! It's very Different from other Transmigration to Ancient Time and Do Farming/Doing Business and Become Rich thing. Why? Because it's more INTENSE! MC doesn't have problem using physical force! He literally beat the parents who had wrong him and stabbed one of his so called brother! He doesn't have problem with threatening people and even let out blood. He won't kill them, but he doesn't have problem to kill Bandits and Pirates! And as long as people won't make trouble for him, he let them live... more>> peacefully. But if they still try anything, don't expect Mercy from our MC!

MC Is Super Badass and Amazing!!! He's very Doting and Devoted Lover. And very Caring! But our MC is not Omnipotent. He's not perfect, but so far, I Love him Soooo much!!! He know to draw a line. Absolutely Awesome! 👍👍👍👍👍

Our ML is great too!!! Sadly he has this inferiority complex. Understandable though. Everyone always thought Low of him. No, our ML is not Ugly, just manlier and sturdier compared to any normal Ger look like. That's why he always worried if other would snatch his Husband from him. But he's no pushover!

MC's business makes his village thriving, richer, and happier! If you want more novel like this, that has MC doing good for the Village as long as the Village is good for him, then I recommend this novel and 'Transmigration of Mian [Reluctantly] Becomes His Man [Wife]' though it's with Shou MC. While Transmigrating to the Ancient Times with Lu's Convenience is a Gong MC like this novel, who is good for a Village, but toward the NEW Village he live now and NOT the First Village he had lived.

Anyway, I Love this Novel So Much So Far and Pray that the rest of the novel won't disappoint me!!! 🙏🙏🙏

Finished at 1 September 2022:

Even knowing how Awesome the Author is, this novel still Amazed me with the Great World Building !

And then the author actually shows us Happiness by giving a Character who deserve happiness, finally get his Happily Ever After Ending.

And then even more Perfect... More Reincarnation and Reunion~ yes.... This what you called Novel with Super Satisfying Ending!!!

Totally Loving this novel with my Eternal Love for the Eternity and Beyond in Every Universe I'm in!!! <<less
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Yokishko rated it
May 4, 2021
Status: c112 part1
At the beginning I was really opposed to the MC-gong because I felt that he was more Brawn-over-Brains for someone who supposedly a modern military man who led other soldiers. I also didn’t like how he seemed a bit thoughtless/tactless towards the difference in culture between his modern standards and the norm of a parallel of Ming/Qing dynasty China.

(I’m not sure what the military of other countries are like though, so it might just be my own misconception from my relatives who are/were involved in the military)

However, the... more>> MC-gong did have character development and unlike the usual perfect-gong type, he made mistakes and grew from them. The ML-shou also had character growth, and is especially pleasing because while I’m very fond of the typical “peerless beauty shou” he wasn’t, he was also atypical for the usual image of a Ger, which is quite novel.

Sometimes the “smoothness” of how the story is now at the hundred’s concerns me, I feel that ever since the main CP got rich it they lacked obstacles but then when I think about it, when does money not grease the wheels. Though because it’s been calm for the past couple of chapters, I’m having high expectations for the last 50+ chapters.

(Hopefully, I won’t be disappointed by the conclusion ((I refuse to MTL, bad grammar makes me rage-quit and I don’t want it to taint this story))) <<less
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anotherworld20 rated it
January 17, 2021
Status: Completed
There is so many good review in here....

especially when I read that some reviewer read it for 5 times.... it's encourage me to read this novel

After finished it..... hmmmm..... I realize.... my own expectation disappointed me... but overall it was ok

I do enjoy when Jiang Zhen and Zhao jin ger are developing their relationship, they are very cute....

How Zhao jin ger finally realize that he deserve to be loved and Jiang Zhen finally know how it feel like to have a family

if you like this kind of novel probably you will like this two novel below:

  • Transmigration of Mian [Reluctantly] Becomes His Man [Wife]
  • The Transmigrated Li Jin's Daily Farming Life
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