The Only Favourite Ugly Husband


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Jiang Zhen crossed into ancient times and became the old bachelor eldest Jiang who was neglected by his whole family in the village in Hexi Village.

He was born into a good family, but the eldest Jiang was busy all year but couldn’t eat a full meal. His two younger brothers could marry a wife, but he was starved to death… Jiang Zhen felt it was unbearable.

You don’t want to feed me? OK, I will kill the chicken myself.

You don’t even give me a glimpse of food? It doesn’t matter, the door of the granary will be opened as soon as I kick it.

You want to tell me that I am not filial? Ok, I will immediately took the knife to the village and slash people, and let the yamen officer catch all of us.

Jiang Zhen became a local tyrant in the village. He also saw the “ugly” ger who could not get married in the village.

Future father-in-law: “Jiang Zhen is always wandering around our house. Is he planning to rob our house?”

The future mother-in-law: “What to do? Jinge, can’t beat him!”

Zhao Jinge face was hot… Dad, the wild rabbit that I brought back today is what he gave…

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New Kisaki_Tsubasa rated it
January 18, 2020
Status: Completed
I loved the story and the extras are quite lovely as well. I read the first 30 translated chapters and then read the raws.

This is a story about Jiang Zhen, a gay military guy who gets shot and wakes up in the body of the most mistreated guy in the village. When he wakes up, the body is starving to death, so he calls for help and in comes our other MC, Zhao Jinge, a handsome guy and saves him. This handsome guy who fits Jiang Zhen's tastes perfectly however,... more>> happens to be a ger, so other than Jiang Zhen, everybody else thinks Zhao Jinge is ugly, because gers are supposed to be pretty and delicate, in their opinion.

The world Jiang Zhen wakes up in is similar to the ancient times of our world, except there are 3 sexes instead of 2 and the place where Jiang Zhen wakes up in is a village where people depend on farming and planting to survive.


They are both super poor, so they flirt by giving each other a fish they caught, or an egg they saved and their dates are about eating lunch together secretly while hiding in the bushes in the forest. Super adorable.


The story is mostly told from Jiang Zhen's (gong) point of view but it also tells Zhao Jinge's (shou) thoughts as well which makes you feel a little frustrated yet think it's absolutely adorable at the same time, because both main characters are quiet people, so they have some little funny and cute misunderstandings. They do communicate well though. They won't ever hide things from each other and do talk to each other when it matters which saves us from suffering anxiety because there is no angst.

The couple does get together pretty quickly, so the story is mostly about the world building and our mc's plans to ensure his and his loved ones' futures and its execution and not so much about how they get together. It was quite the interesting story and I enjoyed it a lot. <<less
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TheLadyWhoLikesBoyLove rated it
September 30, 2019
Status: Completed
I mtl'd this for 2 days. It was a light read that makes your heart feels so fluffy and warm. Of course it isnt perfect but it doesnt have angst, there were drama created that I think was well made.

So about our ugly shou, he's called like that because he looks like a manly (not the muscle man but the lean type guy) man even thou he's a ger (man who can give birth) so in the eyes of the people inside the story he doesnt look liek thr proper... more>> standard ger. He's actually handsome.

I gave this 5 star because I really like the world build up, it may be fast paced but it made me happy. <<less
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December 5, 2019
Status: Completed
Quite unique, it is the gong that is the MC. Plus it's in a farming/poor countryside setting. MC reincarnated to an ancient time and fell inlove on this ger who had to forsake his ger identity & do laborious work. Take note that he is called ugly bcos it's norm for ger people to look soft like a woman. In their eyes he looked like a scary buff amazonian Mulan. In the first chap, the revenge entertained me while waiting for the mpreg. Finally preggers at chap60.

They were in the middle of out of town business when the ML's belly started getting big. His robust pregnancy is even manly 😂. They had a baby girl that will make anyone smile. And oh, they have one son and one ger later.


As for the MC's occasional violence, it's dumb to judge him because of that. HE'S A SPECIAL FORCE SOLDIER. And he's stressed to death in this new world and he could only cope with the only way he know. His attitude of "If you don't touch me, I won't touch you" is IMO already being tolerant of the slag people coming at him. On the other hand, he is gentle and considerate of the people that genuinely care for him, like the ML.


ML has very low self-esteem but I love how he is possessive of MC and drives away the beauties away from his husband, like an empress 😂 against the harem. The ML has eyes only for him tho. But MC figures that nobody could understand his modern aesthetics so I guess that's why he never felt the need to tell anybody about his transmigration and decided to live this second chance at life. He isn't OP but his new little ideas like card games etc made him wealthy.

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Shadowdrop rated it
November 14, 2019
Status: c102
This novel is really great, I MTL-ed most of it, and I absolutely love it! (I didn't MTL it to the end because my break was over, not because I didn't want to read it any more)

    • I love the MC! He's a real man - brave, hard-working, smart and strong. He is not a Mary Sue - all the 'modern world knowledge' he has is the stuff a normal person would know. It's not a magical golden finger that helps him dominate ancient world. Even when he does something that ancient people couldn't even imagine doing, it's not something a normal modern person wouldn't think of.
    • ML is absolutely adorable! He is considered ugly for his masculine looks, so he has an inferiority complex. He is also a simple village person whose whole world consists of a small village and fields around it. Despite this, he is not lost when faced with a pursuer from modern world. He is very curious and does his best to learn things he doesn't know. He is also very sincere towards MC and always does his best to treat him well. Because he is considered 'ugly', he is often discouraged when faced with his 'beautiful' love rivals. But he genuinely wants to be with MC, so he gathers his courage to defend his place in MC's heart. (Which is somewhat funny, because MC is too gay to even look at those girls and feminine guys)
    • The setting is really unique! It's not a world of 'mansions, swords, brocade and hair ornaments', commonly used in ancient world novels - instead, it's a world of mud houses, field-work, thin rice porridge and fish. The palace intrigues and eloquent poems are replaced by fights over one or two eggs and wooing people with a basket of fish. I found it very interesting and at times hilarious.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Lalaurena rated it
November 27, 2019
Status: c23
This is my favorite novel right now. The MC is so shameless in chasing after the man he likes it is cute. I like that he has decided to pick up the role of crazy person in order to get retribution rather than suddenly coming out as some great genius. The family deserves what they get for abusing a child and for ignoring him being abused.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
September 27, 2019
Status: c1
Since there's no summary yet, I was planning to write one after I finished the first chapter, but so far it's just briefly introduced the MC and some setting. All I know so far is that our MC transmigrated into the body of the unlucky/hated eldest son of a wealthy family who starved to death.

The translation quality is good.
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Superoringinal rated it
October 19, 2019
Status: c11
Love the story so far MC is already making moves on his man and his man is aware but isn't expecting to be loved and I just can't wait for him to realize he isn't being pursued as a last option but a first choice💖😖🙏
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Luce94 rated it
November 26, 2019
Status: Completed
totally worth it. Usually I tire easily when machine-translating novels but I ended up finishing it before I knew it.

The novel is Fast paced, maybe a bit rushed before the ending as it would have been nice to see a bit more details as it was near the beginning. The world building is complete and immersive, the characters are many and well thought of, the ending doesn't leave openings and it answers all the possible endings beautifully. You can read with a peace of mind.

The MC is a logical person... more>> and his character consistent, my favorite character is the male lead, the manly ger that people used to look down on and fights for his and his husband happiness <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ylial rated it
November 17, 2019
Status: c10
Like the plot of the story. However, I dislike the means of the transigrated MC. Though his family is f***ed up, he seems no different, a shameless one. It seems like he is just fooling around. Don't know in the succeeding ch but my disappointment to MC makes me want to drop this. The only one I like is the ML who is a ger. Forced to live up with the current situation but is still good., he also has the resolve to live as a man for his family... more>> <<less
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