Little Ger, Slow Life in Another World


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Miao He became a ger, got married to a striking young man, and also tried to be unfaithful, somewhat troubling. Nevertheless, life still has to be lived comfortably. Secretly grow vegetables, eat and drink well, and have a pretty simple life.

Miao He said to his finger: … (What to do? This person is pretty good.)

Yang Dalang: …(Little brother is scared)

Golden Finger & Dabai: (Don’t ignore us!)

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Little Ger, Slow Life in Another World
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New tobisgma123
April 14, 2024
Status: Completed
I love the whole transmigration to ancient farming stories! This was a good one, too. The ML was plaqued by a bad fortune, the MC needed love and support. They provided what they each needed.

Though I have to say their relationship is even sweeter in the extras.

And who doesn't love a good happy ending?
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September 20, 2021
Status: Completed
Its the usual transmigrate> terrible condition > farming + golden halo (this time MC has a mystical soil). What I found interesting is that the surrounding people were not just cardboard templates but felt like actual people. Scum turning over for a second chance, supposed friends that became strangers and many more. Not much of a dog blood, good for the couple to stay away from toxic people and making them stay away.

One pleasant bonus: This is also a food p*rn webnovel. It describes what the MC makes and can... more>> make you crave. I always ended up searching for pics. While salivating.

Another point of interest is that the villain is another transmigrator. However, the MCs always manages to foil his plan w/o even knowing it. It's such a shame that the guy is a little bit dumb and has poor character. Met his end because he can't/won't adjust to the ancient world's tradition. Villain!transmigrator could have innovate in a "proper" way tho and be able to survive. (Personally I did have a beef how it sends a subtle message of submitting to strict patriarchy in order to be successful w/c is borderlining sexism. Other than that, the rest of the story I did enjoy) A similar format happened in fanwai. Only MC tranmigrated (the 2nd time) in a beastman universe and this time ML came along. Funny thing is, the villain also experienced the same thing.

Love the twin buns, along with the pets they provided more fluff and cuteness. <<less
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Pandablackeyes rated it
February 3, 2022
Status: Completed
It's fluffy and full of love. I certainly love the extra...

This novel makes me realize how important to say "thank you for your hard work" to your other half or even to your relatives and friends in the midst of healing. Cause sometimes we tend to forgot or took for granted the help we receive when we are in pain or in difficulty. There's also circumstances that we are too embarrassed to express how grateful we are to them, but by saying "thank you" makes a lot of difference. Its... more>> like a magical word that knowing someone appreciate and acknowledging your hardwork can ease one's heart and freshen one soul.

I know its a common sense to say thank you but not all of us is brave enough to utter this word when we sincerely wanted to.

So it really struck me when ML said "thank you" to the MC. Most of the novels I read ought to say "there's no need to say thank you or sorry between us" truth is I also think this phrase is kinda romantic but when I read ML saying "thank you" to MC makes me evaluate and refresh my worldview. Cause it feels certainly feels good hearing "thank you"... hehe ☺️

Enjoy!! <<less
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Passerby Soysauce-sama
Passerby Soysauce-sama rated it
May 17, 2021
Status: Completed
Certified HE, and relaxing read (at least for the main set of characters). There's minimum dog blood and drama and no misunderstandings between MC and ML. The romantic development was quite straight-forward.

The side characters are a bit more complex compared to the life-enjoyer MC and ML.

It's the typical historical farm-get-rich mpreg trope. It's a trope because many people like it (including me) :>.

The fanwai is a bit shocking. I'll quote the very last author's note ad verbatim:

"At the end of the full text, the author has something to say: Fanwai is here to provoke:) "

Author is annoying haha *kneels in gratitude* for this text

Edit: ... more>>

There's another transmigrator whose existence in the novel I still fail to comprehend. Is it to make him suffer or let him make mistakes as contrast with the halo-ed protagonist? Idk lol.

He was quite sly and he did make those choices. There was minimal interaction (because of failed attempts) with the main characters. I don't really comprehend why author added him in just to give small bits about his misfortunes, failures in life and inability to adapt to ancient living. He was quite the 'dinnertalk' of the MC's household and somehow these talks revealed a bit of MC's satirical thoughts (well it made him less 2D).
Other things are fine. I added this edit after a bit of reflection.
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January 13, 2023
Status: Completed
Decent read, not much missunderstanding. MC and ML love each other. Sometime someone try steal ML but the problem solved in 1 chapter.


Btw I think author BF get stolen by someone named Chun, since this story literally just like bullying that Chun guy 😂
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psychofreak rated it
April 29, 2021
Status: Completed
One of the more mellow slice of life farming poor to rich stories I've read. Barely any drama, just a few characters being... difficult to our leads. ML is the silent, man-of-few-words type, but affectionate and loyal to the MC. OG!MC had a bad rep before current MC took over, so he had to bear that bit of stigma for a time. The mtl is a bit of a challenge to understand, at least for me, so some things are confusing.

... more>>

Like what is the deal with Miao Qiang? He was such a prick to the MC, even if it's quite obvious the leads are already deeply in love. For some reason, Qiang just keeps on being such a jerk to Miao He, especially during the tomb sweeping day. Good thing ML stood by MC all the way, and didn't allow his wifey to be wronged.


I like how the ML is actually smart, and knows when someone is plotting against them, and knows when to fight back. The MC is also just a chill dude, just living in peace with their pets, the buns, and being pampered and pampering the husband. He also helped the village, even if there are questionable characters who just had to run their mouths from time to time.

I did hope there was some conclusion on what happened to Miao Yuan in the end, and also Miao Qiang.

The extras were also nice, I like how their love transcended lives/dimensions/worlds. <<less
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erialolita rated it
June 19, 2022
Status: Completed
Really cute and a would be a solid 4 stars except for the reason I explain at the end of my review.

Most of the "villians" are shown more than just 1 dimensional idiots. I couldn't help but feeling a tad sorry for a couple of them. They all have their own troubles.

The MC is fine. He is a standard niave, sweet, pretty farming transmigrator complete with awe inspiring recipes. Doesn't flaunt his wealth and tries to share the wealth with those closest. Not sure if I like his living soil... more>> golden finger, seemed incomplete and random since it followed him from the modern world.

I like the ML, he was different than the standard cold, I'll only be kind to the MC type. He had some insecurities and choose to better himself so he could feel confident with MC. The relationship felt balanced.

The pacing of the story could be better, the author jumped from topic to topic without completely finishing the previous, but then would randomly come back to it later. MTL was mostly understandable. If it is ever fully translated, I would read again.

So why only 3 stars?

I don't like how the author handles the gay friend. Yeah he was an absolute jerk, which I felt was random, but then the author made him ashamed of his gay feelings. He forces himself to be "normal", rejects the feelings, and the mom makes him marry a girl. Is the author homophobic?! It's okay if it's a guy ger and can get pregnant but if you can't reproduce then the feelings are wrong? Even if the author wanted to turn him into a s*upid 1 dimensional villian, once he figured out his feelings he could had time to process them, decide if he was gay or a one time thing and then get married or find another gay guy. I just really despise how the author handles it.

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August 15, 2021
Status: Completed
Farming, slice of life, no complicated plot, no tense political struggle, no hidden identity, no angsty drama.

Totally a must read if you want some laid back novel to pass your time!

One extra point to be mentioned is, this novel has one of the most earnest transmigrated MC ever!
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judeiiro rated it
June 8, 2021
Status: Completed
This is honestly one of the sweetest and lightest reads I've had! Conflicts are almost nonexistent or solved almost with a snap of a finger; lots of cute loving between our main pair; and most importantly, a super relaxing farm life!

... more>>

MC is quite OP with his special dirt (?) which promotes plant growth and improves their quality beyond natural limits lol


The side characters definitely have more complex stories (and minds) than our lovely pair but they spice up the story without ruining this lovely meal!

the other transmigrator is a puzzling existence lol like why did he have to snatch ogMC's man? He also shoots himself in the foot (not literally) with some of his decisions that I can't find a reason for him to exist in here except to be a punching bag cannon fodder



The fanwai is short and pretty cute!

MC and ML reunite in a beastman world but this time, they get together willingly and knowingly! Aaahhh

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nitan rated it
January 23, 2022
Status: Completed
It was great, I enjoyed it ! The very typical farming into rural countryside ger, powering up with the husband and having kids type of genre. But that's exactly what I came here for!! Lots of face slaps, family drama, the only downside is that there's not enough closure to them. And the ending was a little abrupt. The extra's genre shift was so sudden but I didn't continue to read it, I think just the end text is good enough...
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Kaylee rated it
June 10, 2021
Status: --
MC is Miao He, transmigrated into a ger body of the same name. He married to ML, the hunter in the village called Yang DaLang, who parents were gone but his families were kind and good to him.
MC with the help of his golden finger, the spirit soil, managed to be a vegetable/fruit farmer and big landlord. MC told ML of his ability and together they used that to make money in the planting field. It's a slow daily life and face slapping done slowly too.


There was another transmigrator too, he went into a ger body too. He managed to use his modern knowledge to help himself but too bad he took the wrong people to help himself and instead be colluded with their impure thought and walked the hard life.

Commoner life through time and space farming.

Review (I kinda forgot my impression since it's been a while lol) 3star
So so. Some of the conflicts werenot solved in detail way, and lack of follow up. The explanation of MC's power is confusing. Hmm, the ending is just like a straight line mood.
The extras were some kind of AU of another rebirthed, and honestly it was so badly written and kinda forced.
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trash_generalist rated it
January 26, 2023
Status: Completed
Ahh, this type of novel is really relaxing! The main characters are active, but not overly ambitious or greedy. So you can fully enjoy the chill farming/poor-to-rich development. Of course, if you're not the type to enjoy such stories, this novel may be a bit boring for you, but if you're interested in such novels, I guarantee that its worth the read. Just, be aware, it's a bit difficult to understand at times (IDK if it's because of the author's writing style or the translation), but yeah, some things are... more>> really a bit clumsy. I ended up just ignoring it, but the frustration still left an impression.


This is your typical case of someone from modern times transmigrating to the past with a golden finger in order to get rich XD. The MC, Miao He, awakens as a recently married Ger with a horrible reputation. He falls into the category of 'soft-kneed and soft-hearted shou', so unlike most MC's that you see falling into this kind of 'family drama' situation, his first instinct is to get along with people (rather than break relationships). This ends up working just right for him. After all, his current husband (the ML, Yang Dalang) is very responsible and hard-working. To spice things up, the MC transmigrated with a golden finger (living soil = a ball of soil that can nourish the land and increase rate of growth of plants by x100 times) and there is another transmigrator around (though he ends up not playing all that big a role, he just provides contrast to the MC.)


Because most of what I read was in MTL, I won't be doing a full review this time. All I can say is, that while the novel is far from perfect, it just so happened to hit all the right spots for me. I love farming novels like this, I find it really satisfying and relaxing. The reason I didn't end up reading this before was because I was afraid of the MTL, but it turned out that the quality of the MTL is not all that different from the TL available. Seriously! IDK how the author did it, but the MTL is very good! Outside of a couple of terms not being translated (e.g., yuanshen = I think it's original owner, xiyang = the cheat) that I could only guess from context, the reading experience was not bad. At least, 80-85% comprehensible. SO, if you're hesitating to read it because of the TL matters, there's no reason to not try.

RATING: 3.5/5

Although the rating for this novel should have probably been lower if I based it on my usual criteria, I just happened to really enjoyed reading it for one reason or another (I can't be sure why rn XD). So, I've decided to give it a relatively higher rating than I would normally. <<less
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LunaSolis070 rated it
April 25, 2022
Status: --
What I like about the MC is he uses the seeds of the fruit instead of buying too much seeds. Yes he buys seeds but he also uses the fruits as a seed. Not like those MC in the farming who buys seeds and disregards the seed in the fruit.

... more>>

And they got a dog AND A CAT!!! Dabai (name of the cat) is intelligent! He must have predicted that the ML wants him to catch Mice so he became a vegetarian Cat HAHAHAHAHAHA

Mc: Im so angry that I kneaded a lot of dough and made noodles! Im not angry anymore because its delicious! HAHAHAHAHAH

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crazyformyself0707 rated it
May 5, 2021
Status: c2
It was your typical slice of life bl novel. But, I like

that there was no much drama and that Miao He was smart. Yang Dalang was also sweet to Miao He from the beginning of the story. I love how this is just a fluffy story.
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Devrai rated it
October 4, 2023
Status: Completed
Somewhat between 3 and 4 starts.

Is a farming story. If you ever read one, this one doesn't differ much.

Is a feel good story without much up and downs. While the relationship between MC and ML was good, I still wonder when they actually feel in love?

MC has a full scale protagonist halo going on. ML is... the ever doting cool guy. To be honest, I feel that they lack communication.

I do not really regret to have read this novel but would not read it a second time either.
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ceeteect rated it
September 5, 2023
Status: Completed
Not bad! I actually really enjoyed this. I think what makes me actually really like this is that, usually for these ger/farming/transmigration novels, it stops being about farming the moment they start their businesses and then get involved in politics. Not that that makes the novel bad, but it sometimes feels like you lose the core of the story in a way. I'm so glad that the author didn't follow the popular route of them basically moving out of their homes in the countryside for the town because then the... more>> MC with his magic soil would be such a disservice to him. Not only that, they literally built such a nice home, garden, and orchard that I think it would be such a waste if they just up and left only because they're rich now. That's just my personal feelings about that.

MC is cute and literally the definition of minding his own business. Meanwhile the people around him trying to make a fool of him and ML were the actual circus all along! I love the ML, super sweet, and thoughtful of MC. The way he was willing to learn new things and get out of his comfort zone just so he can protect MC in any aspect he could makes him very likeable and reliable.

The final moment where the MC observes the original body's "lover" who pretty much fell from grace from aside, and then feels a cold wind thinking in passing that it was the og's soul also watching the og lover's downfall, was nice. I think it was a nice way to give the original's soul justice and a conclusion.

Only couple things that left a bitter taste after is the conclusion of some of the villains. The village head/his nephew and ESPECIALLY Miao Jue. Wished we could've gotten to see them suffer for all the bs they tried to pull. Though they did get face-slapped for the things they did so I really can't complain much. As for the villain transmigrator, although I did feel bad for him, I also really don't. He had all the ideas and smarts to literally make money and be rich but chose to be messy trying to take shortcuts by seducing people. He was the cause of his own downfall. MC eventually figured out he must be a transmigrator too with the novel recipes from their time coming from villain's transmigrator's shops and was willing to help him if he ever came to him for help. It's too bad villain transmigrator always looked down on MC, took og body of MC's "lover" and then tried to seduce ML too.

all in all, I think it's a good read! Translations are pretty good. I mtl'd the rest but save yourself some brain power and use the raws with google translate. Though not perfect, it's a million times better than the already posted mtl chapters floating around. I'll have to pick this back up when there are more translated chapters posted. <<less
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April 6, 2022
Status: Completed
Straight fluff. There's occasional drama with villagers or family but it doesn't get annoying and doesn't drag on. It's a well paced slice of life novel.

So healing~~
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defragmentise rated it
August 1, 2021
Status: Completed
One of the softest, slice-of-life farming novels I've ever read. ML is a darling who tried his best. I reread this very often when I need something comforting.
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puregarnet rated it
September 28, 2023
Status: Completed
3.6 Stars

Writing/Translation: 3.5/5

I read all the existing translations up to C27 by Travis Translations and then moved to MTL with the default Google and Safari browser translations. The Google one was noticeably better than the Safari one, so I would only refer to the Safari one if something didn't make sense in the Google one. I still lost some details though.

... more>> Pacing: 3.8/5

The pacing was pretty smooth except at the end ish. When they started getting three-digit earnings, the detail and impact of any subsequent business idea weren't as powerful anymore. Mostly because for the main characters, they have already reached their peak lifestyle.

Plot: 3.5/5

A pretty standard plot only it stopped at the village level instead of going all the way to develop at the capital. It definitely fit the characters and their goals, though, so I'm quite happy about it. I always hated going to the capital to develop part because it always felt unnecessary and bloated. I enjoyed the beginning half more, though, because everything the characters did created a good ROI in improving their quality of life. Also, all the effort of the business-making can be read and felt. But after they started earning in three digits, meh, there wasn't much excitement left. So I do wish there was more detail in the business part.

Romance: 3.8/5

The romance is okay. There was a progression and the writing was also pretty good. No weird insta love or super typical uke and seme relationship. And the ML also had some development that doesn't usually appear in these types of stories. Also, no in your face disrespecting of the uke here. Not bad.

Setting/Worldbuilding: 3/5

Just the typical ancient china ish world. We don't get much outside their land lol.

Characters: 3.8/5

The main characters are okay haha. They are pretty refreshingly gentle, actually. This is quite a peaceful and relaxing type of story and the main characters are a good cause for it. They are just living thteir lives quietly and happily. They aren't calculative, sharp or cunning. But they aren't pushovers.

Personal Enjoyment: 3.8/5

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  • All Novels I've Read Sorted By Rating - Where I ranked every single novel I read on novelupdates.
  • Family/Village/Wealth Building, Poor to Rich, Business Management - lots of nothing to something type of stories, like this one!
  • Heartwarming or Feel Good or Wholesome Stories I Liked - As stated hah
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August 30, 2023
Status: Completed
When I first read this, I was like... wait a minute, I have read this before, and yes, this is the second time I read it and this novel is totally worth binge on.

Do you want to read a good Novel with a great drama? Cute kids? Mpreg? Normal ML who's isn't a general/king/prince/rich and has no notable background? This one is totally for you. I was expecting that ML might be some general son or what but nope, he. is.a. normal. person!! Though he's a bit handsome and strong.... more>> Thats it. MC is adorable, the drama is great, I really like this type of drama in a village, don't get turn off of how many people in this novel. It will be fine later on.

So, the story is about mc-ger with golden finger.. which I won't get into details, I meant.. there's a lot of review have already wrote about it. What I'm going to say is about the villain-trasmigrate-ger

I really felt sad and bad for him, like really, both him and MC transmigration here, he has a lot of knowledge about recipes and stuff while MC has golden finger, just becoz they meet a different ml, their life just... just..360° different, if.. if MC is still with that slag yuan, will he be able to plant fruits and live happily? I don't think so... Villain-ger chosen yuan, thinking that this guy is the safest bet, he provide recipe and slag yuan taking all the credit for it, and workshop in the village is due to his recipe too, if only yuan's family weren't so bad, things might have ended differently, after breaking up with slag yuan, sh*t just went down on him. And he has that cannon fodder mentality (trying to seduce ml) and etc happen just seal his fate as cannon fodder.


The extra is great too


MC and ML rebirth in orc world, (⁠●⁠♡⁠∀⁠♡⁠) so does villain-trasmigrate-ger, but his cannon fodder fate is doomed, can't say anything..


All in all, worth to read 💯 <<less
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onlydanmeis rated it
July 6, 2022
Status: Completed
In my opinion the pace is very good (for this type of novel). Highly recommend if you want to read slice of life stories. Mtl is also easy to understand, the only thing I got confused at is the villagers names, there're so many of them 😳. The extras are also really cute.
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