Transmigrating to the Ancient Times with Lu’s Convenience


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Lu Lin resigned from his job in the big city, returned to the countryside, and inherited the convenience mart left by his parents. Then a thunderstorm sent Lu Lin to an unfamiliar ancient era. Lu Lin was reborn as a young man with the same name and surname as himself, and he was about to be married to a fierce Bio who goes up the mountain to fight tigers.

Adjusting to ordinary farming, not a long story.

Note: In this story, “Bios” typically have manly features and a birthmark shaped like a flower on their forehead. They are not as tall as men and they are able to bear children, but childbirth is more difficult than it is for women.

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New lazybummy rated it
October 23, 2021
Status: Completed
It is such a great story❤ I love how light and fulfilling this story was

The MC is such a foodie that he influences not only his family but also the whole country. And the ML is so cute, he started with being frugal that he will scold MC in his heart for being wastrel but would still spoil him to buy everything he likes and in the end, the whole family became like ML who will buy and eat everything they like

I love every characters and to be honest there... more>> is no characters I didn't like except the both sides bloodsucking family

This not a story where everything is on the right track. There is ups and downs but it will be solved in reasonable way

The MC didn't really depend on the store for the whole story but what his golden finger really is, is that he is a transmigrator and he use and integrated his knowledge of the things from the modern society to the time and space where he is to not only make his live easy and comfortable but also to the people around him

All in all this is one of my favorite novel that I will surely reread.

I actually want to cry that it ends so fast that I red it for just 2 days <<less
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New lourdes rated it
October 9, 2021
Status: Completed
I really love this story very much. 🥰 Cool read. No drama. Just fluppy and entertaining.

Enjoy this very much. I know you will too. 😉
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teagsho rated it
January 11, 2021
Status: Completed
I already finished reading this using MTL since I am so impatient😭

THE STORY IS REALLY GOOD AH! I am a sucker of Seme Protagonist that transmigrate into ancient times.

MC is a gong, weaker, but smarter and cunning. ML is a shou, stronger (basically really strong lol, he can win against tiger by himself, note that he is a ger). Bio is actually a ger you see, in the early chapter it got called bio, but later it changes to ger lol. Some of you must familiar with this gender term,... more>> so I am not gonna elaborate on that.

It starts with Lu Lin got married off (as a husband) to Chen Xiaomi. Basically they (original MC and Xiaomi) have similar experience of getting tr*shed, bullied, and abandoned by the family. Lu Lin by Lu family, and Chen Xiaomi by Chen family. You can see that it's literally slice of life. Lu Lin transmigrate when Original LuLin arrive at CXM door.

Lu Lin has something like a space, called Covenience Store (MTL said so...). It legit looks like a small supermarket lol. It contains a lot of things, like any spices and food whether it was a junk or healthy one. CXM is sensitive and smart too, so he immediately found something weird about Lu Lin, so CXM knows about the secret space fast enough (REALLY EARLY LOL I was so surprised when Lu Lin talk about it easily), and Lu Lin also explained everything about it and the fact that he is transmigrated, telling CXM about his original world and so on. Lu Lin literally got so proud and happy because he got to see CXM admiration and lovely expression lol.

After that it's the journey of Lu Lin and his family (contain Chen Xiaomi and his 2 little brother) from being a abandoned people to official family that reside in a prosperous county.

The journey is really explained well, and there is a lot of face slapping. There hardly any drama except for some family members, village members, and pressured by county leader when they still an ordinary business men from a country. But it's not bad for me lol. It's light, so no worries.

Just like I said before, Lu Lian will become an official! Usually, it's a must to become a scholar by taking an examination first, then after that you can become an official, right?

Certainly, Lu Lian not doing it this way!


He basically buying an official title. BUYING A FREAKING OFFICIAL TITLE.


At first, I am not taking Lu Lin seriously at all. I was thinking that LL only joking when he said it, so I let it go. I got fooled, this fellow really outdoing me, tsk. Well, it kind of weird how CXM and LL always talk about this in their free time, blame me for being inattentive.

So Lu Lian and his people going into the desolate county (because it's cheap), throw any creative idea to his second brother in law (CXM little bro) then lead his county become famous and prosperous. After that he got promoted safely because some prince took a liking to his county, then move to another county, then the end. No, not this short of course, it's just me summing it up lol.


The youngest brother of CXM will married to the nephew of the general that work in the county (1st county that desolated). This nephew become a famous scholar.

The second brother of CXM will married to Grandma Shen's grandson. You will see.


It's really good ahhhh awesomee!

Unfortunately, the romance, fluff, and sweetness between the characters is not fleshed out well in my opinion. There's hardly any explicit fluff! Every little sweet gesture mostly only written implicitly... No worries though, you still can feel the fluff.

Especially Lu Lin and Chen Xiaomi. Honestly I thought there's gonna be a lot of romantic scene between them, but there is not! I need detailed cuddle! Need detailed kiss! Hug! Too bad it's only written in one sentence...

Except this everything is good.

Absolutely recommended,

100000000/10 <<less
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ShouSpicyChan rated it
June 25, 2021
Status: --
I feel Saddened about Saddict's review so Imma Just Say This Once.

This Novel for me is not Great but it isnt Bad Either I'd Say it is a Fufilling Novel its a Refreshing Novel.

Like Stuff for Cliche Dog blood.

... more>> Possesive, powerful and yandere ML?

Smart, cunning, and unparalled beautiful MC?

This Novel is rather Normal but! Its Refreshing and It makes me want to Look forward more. (BUt sadly Ugh Flting Lines made it only available for 48 Chapters : (.)

Our ML had a really rough life if it werent for him being strong and Him Hunting.

They Would've have probably died on the spot. No.. they would have already died if it werent for that.

ML's Life had a Rough Childhood and he had a bad reputation in The Village. Because They keep slandering him for being rough, Unfilial and Etc. ML's Age was Only about 18 years old when he married Lu Lin (Mc)..

he Has 2 Brothers and their life aint Good. So for people who Keeps saying that ML's Second Youngest brother was so cold To MC at First. for me I think its a natural reaction. thats because first of all the Original Lu Lin committed suicide at first that's because he had heard how cruel ML is. and the villagers were unwilling to let their children marry to a fierce and cruel ML. and what more ML's life aint good He is Poor and Got 2 people to feed. But if he didnt marry he had to pay tax every year for 3 taels. (10 tael is already a HUGe HUge amount). but Villagers were still unwilling. ML Paid 10! taels for the marrige. (a huge loss 10 tael is like having a 10, 000 pesos).

Thats why you should understand ML's Second brother. I mean would you frckin be nice to someone who committed suicide because they didnt want to marry your brother??.

and whats more they are poor and only rely on ML hunting skills to Live and eat. now they've got a 3rd person to feed. winter is almost coming and ML had to act fast. When MC came to the house he still wasnt fully recovered.. he only ate and slept all day and didnt do a damn thing when ML was working his ass off.

Second of all ML didnt want nor he took MC's Credits! OKay! Saddicts you Should have known this better than me Okay!? your chapter 116 while I'm at 70!. MC and ML Deliberately Hid the ideas and where all the Stuff comes from. So The Second brother Didnt know at All! and what could you expect HE's 8 YEARS OLD UGH. DONT BLMAE IT ON HIM. he's just too protective for his brother. hes the only breadwinner and the one who refused to let them die from hunger

and 3rd of all fck What do you mean seem ungrateful? Cant you read Gash Oh My... ML Started opening up and trusting on MC More. he supports his ideas and treated him better when MC told the truth that he wasnt the real LU LIN. cant you read..? do you know how many times he thought to himself that he was really lucky for marrying LU LIN? he always tell himself that none of this couldve have happen when if Lu lin had'nt come... his brothers were now healthy due to LU LIn's cooking and he didnt need to worry about letting his brothers freeze to death during winter with old clothes! on... UGh Please dont make it seem like he's a bastard when he's not..

fourth of all.. Everyone keeps saying he seems more reliant on MC now.. and just some damn people hate that are you frickin serious I cry everytime when I see their family doing so well. before they were barely alive, skinny, Unhealthy and Poor.. but fck now.. their family is doing better than ever! ML's was a teenager when he left the family to work hard to death for his brothers.. he risk his life on hunting when he's only a few years old.. he saved his Little brother fomr his uncle who was planning to sell him and devote his blood and sweat for his brothers. but cant you gys just apreaciate that they now were experiencing things unlike before?...

Jus Because our ML is now more reliant on MC.... make you dislike him..?? He is not over reliant on MC he still hunts and thats all he can do okay you cant blame him.. and in exchange he supports and helps MC.. he even let Mc

take the Money they saved to keep it safe in their pockets....

First of all MC is a GONG.. While ML is a SHOU.... this is different from the other novels... that you read about ML being a Overpowered beauty GONG... This novel here is a Hidden gem please dont hate on it... MC has the brains and intellectual.. while ML has the strenght and support.. <<less
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SAddict rated it
April 30, 2021
Status: c116
I love it. It is such a good read but I feel everyone is relying on MC instead of growing by themselves. There are so many characters in the MC's side that some I felt have been left behind in the story.

... more>>

The brother-in-law's business took credit for all of MC's idea like the stores, restaurant and hot spring. Brother-in-law would always follow MC around and gain profit. MC's husband seem a little ungrateful and is always depends on MC that's why kids and youngest brother-in-law were spoiled rotten. They always expect to eat good from MC. There are new good characters being introduced in every chapters and the novel makes you fall in love with but was forgotten like the servants little son, the cousin, the blind soldier and etc. The MC seem a little incompetent too since there is really nothing special abouth him other than he has the convinience store and he has modern knowledge. And he takes credit for all of them. It makes me feel bad for the actual people in the modern day that invented them who actually worked their asses off. MC just basked in the glory of other people. The only thing about MC is he is giving and somewhat have a good personality other than wanting to always be updated on his relatives downfall. Even the convenience store were forgotten eventually.

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Erudite.Cielo rated it
January 11, 2021
Status: Completed
I already read the mtl and greatly enjoyed the story. :) Although MC & ML don't have much fluffy moments, the story is interesting because of the progress of the main characters and the story itself. (♥ω♥*) The MC turned from being a farmer to a businessman/politician/gourmand. ⊂ (ο・㉨・ο)⊃ There are also comedic moments bet the main characters. ┗ (^0^) ┓.. So far, so good..
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P2wo rated it
February 8, 2021
Status: Completed
It is extremely different from many transmigration novels and has a beautiful story. However, the author probably didn't plan the storyline ahead of time. The focus of the story is on irrelevant things most of the time. In fact probably 50% of the story is focused on the downfall of the 'original' family of ML and MC. Both the main characters were bullied to the extreme by their family members so it obviously feels good to read about their downfall. But it gets boring when the story focuses on these... more>> hated family members more than the main characters and other eccentric side characters. The first half of the story should have been halved and the second half of the story should have been doubled, then only the story would have been more beautiful. However, it's just my personal opinion.

These are the few pros of this story:

    • The 'new' family of the MC consisting of him, his 'bios', and two brother-in-laws and their partners are all kind-hearted. Unlike many transmigration stories that really focus on the growth of only the main characters, this story actually focuses on the growth and development of the public as a whole.
    • There is no focus on s*upid steamy scenes and cheesy flirting. I am basically sick with these overbearing and yandere tops and meek bottoms in BL stories. This story really brings out some freshness to the BL as well as transmigration genre.
    • The main characters believe in Corporate Social Responsibility. The MC thinks that since he transmigrated to this world and had a good fortune (both family-wise and financial-wise), he needs to give something back to the society. So, he fully focuses on improving the living standard of the people.
    • As an 'economics' student, I personally liked some ideas depicted to break away from the vicious cycle of poverty.

    • The MC has a magical space but this wonderful fact is not integrated to the story at all. Obviously the story would have been so magical if the benefits of the space was explored more. But it was only used in the first few chapters and the last chapter.
    • The story also focused way too much on s*upid drama of irritating side characters. Like, who the hell wants to read chapters after chapters about useless side characters livelihood and their biased opinion on our lovely family of the MC? I so wanted to read about the main characters and their personal growth as well as their contribution to the world which only happens in the second half of the story. The first half is so irritating on so many levels that I simply wanted to throw away my phone on several occasions.
    • The story also focuses more on food as a way of development. Well it's definitely not a bad thing because good food and shelter for poor families already showcase an increase in living standard. But after these poor families get somewhat rich due to MC's influence, its sole impact seems to be that they get a lot of marriage proposals. It would have been great if the story showed that the children were finally able to go to school or something like that.
    • Some characters just die and it is mentioned like after a year. Some characters are just mentioned by in the passing. Some important events happen but they are also mentioned briefly but measly things are mentioned over and over again.
    • The writing style is way too simple and has no sense of novelty or originality. It feels like a mass production writing style or something like that.
P.S. Another story written by this author called 'The Spiritual Plant Master Transmigration' is really good. It is of xianxia genre and better than this story. <<less
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Dooka rated it
April 15, 2021
Status: --
No character development, the ML (!) is simply a handy plot device trotted out to advance the story and then disappears again.

... more>>

“granny Shen died last year.” The only mention of granny Shen dying, seriously, a main character dies and just meh, nobody cares.


there’s no emotion, I feel like it was written by an accountant, dry and dull and all about MONEY, MONEY, FOOD, MONEY, FOOD ad nauseum. There isn’t much else to it, even the kids were boring and dull, and the freaking author FORGETS THE AGES OF KIDS CONSTANTLY, just changes as necessary <<less
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Zinchimon rated it
September 8, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel is great to read if you want to read something light.... (◍•ᴗ•◍) But if you are searching for something like deeply affecting and passionate story then sorry it might be not be your cup of tea... (●´⌓`●) (*・~・*)

Anyway it was a good story to read after reading ' unspeakable' gosh my eyes were so swollen! (╥﹏╥) It feels light not so heavy.... It puts my mind in ease.... (人*´∀`) 。*゚+

Oh yeah! Read it at Skynovel! It's free there and it's completed... No need to pay or anything!!!
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earlgreyt rated it
August 27, 2021
Status: Completed
A good leveling-up type novel, if you want to read about how a dirt-poor outcast family with a transmigrator earn money, expand, and become wealthy businessmen and officials, this is a great novel.

I would have rated this a 4 but the biggest issue with this novel was the sheer amount of malicious villagers/family members/backstabbing gossip that is repeated over and over again.

About 40% of the novel is absolute pure repetitive filler content that should have been skipped or summarized. Keep note that a lot of web novels pay authors by... more>> wordcount, so it's common for filler to get out-of-hand.

Nevertheless, if you are good at skimming, this is not a bad read.

Another weakness is the romance; really the novel's focus is about leveling up/building/inventing new food and improving life, not very much about the romance and almost no character development or focus. Although too many things are told about without much descriptive detail, at least there's a big cast of side characters that actually contribute to the overall plotline.

On the plus side, the MC is pretty lowkey and shares his wealth with his friends and family and doesn't need to be the "most famous most well-known" guy with all the ideas out there.

Great translation, no jargon, translation followed author's meaning and intent. <<less
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Chisaki rated it
March 20, 2021
Status: c5
Chapter 5

I've only just started reading so I don't have much to say, but it seems promising so far. It's very realistic, in that the ger/bio is actually a "manly" man who is cold-hearted and ruthless for the sake of his family. Family as in his brothers, not including MC because right now MC is just a half-dead man ML paid to marry. 🙂 Something I'm confused about:

The fine for being unmarried past 18 will cost ML 3 taels while marrying the half-dead suicidal MC costs 10 taels, so why did ML do it? ML doesn't care for MC's survival and knows MC probably won't last long, and even ML's brother complained that they needed the money to get through winter. MC is an extra mouth they need to feed and will only increase their burden. Is the 3 tael fine something that ML has to pay every year? Maybe it is. 🤔


This is completely different from My Favorite Manly Husband, The Only Favorite Ugly Husband and Li Jin's Daily Farming Life where although the ger (ML) is physically manly, they have a more soft-hearted and caring personality, and is very obedient to their husband (MC). MC will then influence ML to become more independent and ambitious. But this ML is already like that from the beginning. 😍
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lavendidi rated it
August 25, 2021
Status: Completed
Amazing novel! You can clearly see character development especially on the side characters, and I'm all up for that!
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Silangan rated it
August 24, 2021
Status: c175
A decent slice of life story of a transmigrated person and his family’s efforts of having a better life.

Very little romance tbh, but I like that its just background to the simple plot.

What I don’t like is that about 80% of the story isn’t in the MCs POV. A lot of the first half were just chapters and chapters of the MC and ML’s family and how they’re suffering. The latter half was just other side characters and their lives.

Story would’ve been better if it focused on the business/city building... more>> aspects more, and if his ‘cheat’ was a lot more useful than just simple storage. <<less
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July 27, 2021
Status: Completed
It isn't bad, but the title is accurate. Everything is convenient. Nothing really happens. They are always successful. There are tons of side characters and plots that are just filler. It is a good read if you want something comfortable. Also the whole convenience store thing is dropped almost entirely just a short ways in.
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Kaylee rated it
April 24, 2021
Status: Completed
Another traansmigrated MC gong into a marriage with a ML shou.

This one is also unique in itself. A bit similar with Ugly Husband and Manly Husband but there's also few differences which made it special and not boring. This story mainly tells how MC, ML, ML's 2 brothers, their servants struggle to manage their livelihood in an era where war might open and poverty is everywhere.

The story also ends in a good way. If the author forced to write more and more until 2nd generation or 3rd generation, it will... more>> be another copas, copy paste, plot. Over and over the same plot be repeated will only be boring. - The romance is not written in full detail, but they're very close to each other. From tehe first time MC transmigrated, he and ML are alw going everywhere together.

- No love rival, no big enemy, no palace/political intrique. MC maintains a low profile. And NO, they dont go to live in the capital.

- Earlier chapters, ML is described as very manly, strong hunter, very outspoken, never care of whatever people badmouthing him, can take drastic action to ensure his brothers safety, and never afraid of threatening those elderly. After meeting MC, and involve with MC business minded thinking, and after dealing with his (and MC) own bad families, ML pov and narration is written a bit less. This I can understand, coz there's no direct conflict anymore that should be solved by ML. It's not like there should be a character development for ML. Why? Because ML character is alr good. Even if he's a ger/bio, he's not timid, not inferior, never puts any of those rumor in his head, he's strong. He can do anything, and he never feels any less with his behavior. After MC opens up his real situation, ML becomes even more happy and fearless. But for those around them, they'll all change and not the same lowly villager.

- Also, we're not presented with their children just like the other novel instead the children are ML's younger brothers. ML 2 younger brothers are inovlved very close and helped with MC business, the 2nd brother is like a tsundere brat but he's become a good capable business man with MC guidance. For MC, the youngest is like his own son, coz he helps nurtured him from he's a 5yo.

- MC doesnt take the scholar route (thank goodness, getting bored) instead he's taking the merchant route, and straight bought his official seat and be a magistrate so people cannot mess around with his family.

- All the old characters from the village are still appearing sometimes, so we still hear their fate, mainly the 2 families of MC and ML. <<less
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Moongodess76 rated it
January 26, 2021
Status: Completed
Among all the stories about transmigration into a poor village to farm, this one is finally different. Yes, it has the usually opening of restaurants using modern recipes to succeed, but what I really like is that Lu Lin also used lots of others ideas to make more money, and finally became a magistrate. The story is not very romantic, and it has zero steamy scenes, but the relationship between the protagonists and that of the other couples are very warm and sweet. Lu Lin is constantly being pampered... more>> by his wife Chen Xiaomi, who despite being a ger is very strong and capable. He "bullies" his husband to get the things inside the little store that the ML has. I love the idea of transmigrating with the store, but the autor didn't use it much in the story, just at the beginning and it was mention in the last chapter. The plot has certain loopholes, the author totally forgot about some character, but all in all is a beautiful story! (I MTL it, so I expect the official translation eagerly!) <<less
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golpo.pori rated it
January 18, 2021
Status: Completed
There are lots of stories based on ancient times, specially based on farming, hunting or struggling to live a decent life. Among those stories, this one stands out the most for me.

In this story MC (Lu Lin) has the ability to use the convenience store that he inherited from his parents. At first he uses the basic items like salt, rice, eggs from the store. He also earns some money with the help of his store. That's all the benefit MC gets from having the convenience store, this ability has... more>> limit.

The thing I liked most about this story is that MC doesn't becomes a very influential or a super wealthy person. And also he doesn't achieve his success in one go, instead he slowly becomes a businessman and earns a lot from the rich people. Then he faces challenges which are pretty common if you are a becoming rich without any backbone (support of an influential person). After that he uses his knowledge for the betterment of society. He also ends up introducing lots of new food trends, his love for food actually helped him a lot in the long run. Towards the end the MC doesn't have an extravagant lifestyle, instead he has a rich lifestyle which fulfills all his basic needs and recreation, and he also gains some influence too.

The flow of the story is quiet good. At start daily life of the MC is explained. But then slowly the time skip occurs, as a result the story doesn't seem boring. I did end up skipping the parts where the MC and ML's idiotic family, the Lu and Chen family keeps on badmouthing the MC and ML.

What this story lacked was the fluff moments between MC and ML, actually there is not much moments which focused only on the main couple. But as a bonus there are lots of family moments, and lots of side characters too. The author actually gave glimpse of what happened to the side characters and side couples. <<less
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Sophiethebunny rated it
August 25, 2021
Status: c6
Is it unfair to judge a book just after reading a few chapters? But I really couldn’t continued. MC was so weak and naive that he was even bullied by some 8 years old kid. His overall demeanour was just not pleasant as a MC. I’m surprised its rating is actually quite high (4.3 when I wrote this review). I’ll pass this one.
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August 23, 2021
Status: Completed
Its one of the most relaxing slice of life transmigration novel ive read so far

Honestly I want to eat the food theyre mentioning, my google tabs are filled with different cuisines now.

Theyre happy im happy but the ending seemed rush but im not complaining cus it ended well without the need to overcomplicate an uncomplicated story.
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Amamiya rated it
August 22, 2021
Status: Completed
You know the story is good when you get to the end and you're sad that the author hasn't written it anymore.
It was the exactly feeling I got when end of this novel... I could easily read another 100 chapters of this novel.
I really like it!

I've read some transmigation novels to olden times with Ger, but this one is definitively my favorite!
The way the author writes is so simple! It doesn't take long for the story to unfold and the author doesn't waste time with uninteresting things,... more>> I like to see slap face scenes, so I really like how the author always shows the reaction of the MC and ML relatives when they know how successful in life MC and ML are.

The only complaint I have is the lack of romantic interactions. You know that MC and ML love each other, but there's no kind of "fluffy" that we always expect. But that didn't make me like this novel any less! The story is amazing!

I saw someone criticizing ML at the beginning, but ML besides being a Ger, had to fight against his whole family and support two children A-L-O-N-E. ML couldn't be weak. ML didn't have time to worry about a person who would rather commit suicide than marry him. He was fighting in the mountains, risking his own life every day so he wouldn't let his brothers starve to death.
He used all the money he had to buy MC. He didn't have the financial conditions to treat MC. And, even if he have, winter was coming and ML's younger brother always got sick in winter. Obviously, ML would rather use the money on his brother than on a stranger who doesn't want to marry him. If I was ML, I would do the same, MC is an adult and can make his decisions on his own. ML needs to take care of two children.
And obviously, ML's brother won't like MC at first. I also wouldn't like someone who would rather commit suicide than marry my brother who is like a mother and father to me. Everyone in the village thinks ML is a monster. ML's brother knows what people say about ML. Obviously, he's going to be hostile towards everyone who say and think bad things about ML, which includes MC (The children don't know that MC has transmigrated) <<less
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August 22, 2021
Status: Completed
I don't get how this novel got a low rating, it's a good novel featuring slice of life. It was satisfying to read the progress of the characters. It doesn't have much face slapping which is good as it is just a wholesome read. It's worth your while.
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AdalSaira rated it
August 18, 2021
Status: --
It's true about the title, , it's really convenient life...

From the novel description, I imagine Cheng Xiao min as a savage cutie, , his appearance is from Lu Lin's POV.

I call this novel bland, , even the most relaxing slice of life novel has more drama than this.

But this really is a good read.

Really my cup of tea...

  • Seme protagonist
  • Slice of life
  • Farming and bussiness
  • Children
  • Fluffy
  • Understanding couple
  • And more blablabla tags
This is really nice 😊
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