After Being Rejected, I Brought the Cute School Beauty Home to Be My Wife


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Zhao Qingfeng, who was terminally ill, was reborn in the year 2001.

That year, his childhood sweetheart and school beauty, Shen Lingyao, turned 18.

Zhao Qingfeng: “The ‘I love you’ that the teacher talked about consists of a subject, predicate, and object, right?”

Shen Lingyao: “Right.”

Zhao Qingfeng: “Was the adverbial clause I added before also correct?”

Shen Lingyao: “Right.”

Zhao Qingfeng: “What about the attributive?”

Shen Lingyao: “Right.”

Zhao Qingfeng: “So, you love me too, right?”

Shen Lingyao: “Right… Huh? You brother Qingfeng, trying to take advantage of me again, take this punch from me, your princess!”

This is a story about childhood sweethearts, both bashful yet eagerly rushing towards each other, filled with sweet moments.

It also touches on family and friendships, as well as business and farming.

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byunisperv rated it
March 30, 2024
Status: Completed
I'm not sure if this novel is a slice-of-life or a Xianxia novel.

I have read similar stories before, but this one stands out for having an unbelievable number of safe-slapping scenes that are just over the top. The characters and their relationships are somewhat lacking and dry, even between the MC and his childhood sweetheart.

By the end of it, you can tell that the author is just trying to drag the story out to hit chapter 500 with unnecessary plot twists.

All in all... meh.
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