Fake Daughter Of The Brium Family


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“I just want to live.”

On a rainy evening, Rebecca, wandering the streets to save her sick younger sibling, is driven out by the clergy due to her lowly poverty background. Isabel, whom she coincidentally meets on the street, extends a helping hand to Rebecca.

The joy of saving her sibling was short-lived. Mysterious men of unknown origin kill Isabel and target Rebecca’s life as well.

Under the desperate desire to live, an unknown entity appears before Rebecca and presents her with a single proposal.

“The Law of the Divine…?”
[You have only one year. If you, as the deceased Isabel, swear ‘divine vengeance’ to God and bring despair and destruction to those who drove you to death, you will be granted one wish.]

Given to her is a single opportunity.

“I accept.”

Rebecca, becoming Isabel, swears to God to bring destruction upon those who led her to death.

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브리움 가문의 가짜 영애
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