Awakening to a Special-Grade Explorer ~A Young Man Who Has Been Cut Off as a Lizard’s Tail Becomes the King of Hell and Is Unmatched~


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“I’m a loser, so I have to work harder. Harder than Ever.”

In this era where inherent powers were common, unknowingly the people were divided into the winners and losers.

Tenji Amagi, a 16-year-old boy who was born with the ability of such a loser, [Floating small objects], dreamed of being a professional explorer. An Explorer was a job that everyone envied as they were called the Heroes of the world, protecting civilians by fighting monsters in dungeons.

The boy always looked forward to become one, even though he was not gifted. And he was poor and an orphan.

This is a hero who grows up to be the best explorer in the world, a boy who had neither talent nor a bright future.

This is the story of the growth of a boy who received [Hell Beast Summoning]. He has to work hard every day to maintain his calling.

Associated Names
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Awakening an Expert Seeker
Tokkyuu Tansakushi e no Kakusei
Tokkyuu Tansakushi e no Kakusei ~ Tokage no Shippogiri ni Atta Seinen wa, Jigoku no Ou to Nari Musou Suru ~
Tokkyuu Tansakushi he no Kakusei
特級探索師への覚醒 ~蜥蜴の尻尾切りに遭った青年は、地獄の王と成り無双する~
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Anduin rated it
August 28, 2022
Status: v2c45
I feel it is too early to judge the novel at this point, but one thing I will say is that I am generally biased against novels that bring fantasy content to Earth, because of the tendency of authors to include their political views about real people and real countries, or to insert cringeworthy and excessive nationalism into the story. In contrast, when a human is instead sent to a fantasy world isekai-style, all of that baggage is usually left behind.

I say this because so far, I have been pleasantly... more>> surprised. The author has been good about leaving their politics out of the story, and the focus has primarily been about the growth of the main character, the emergence of his abilities, and the dungeons in Japan.

My initial impression of the novel is good. I give it 4 stars for capturing my attention and not turning me off. <<less
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isekaitruckdriver rated it
January 14, 2024
Status: v2c52
There is slow progression, and then there's this series.

52 chapters and the MC still hasn't done anything of note, at most he reacted to stuff other people did. In fact, the MC actively avoids doing anything that would move the story ahead or would benefit him otherwise. The people around the MC always talk in riddles which feels rather forced and the MC does nothing to understand what they're on about, as if he didn't care. But if he didn't care, he wouldn't actually need to interact with them, so... more>> there's zero pressure on him, the story lacks any conflict of note, as if it didn't matter what anyone did at all times.

It's rare to see such a passive protagonist. <<less
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