The Grand Secretary’s Pampered Wife


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She was originally the young miss of the Marquis Estate, but became a peasant girl due to a mixed-up at birth.

With great difficulty, she grew up into a delicate beauty, but no one wanted to marry her.

Rumors said she was ugly and was born a fool, and that she was a star of disaster that brought about the tragedy of her parents.

However, the husband she picked up midway was the future Grand Secretary.

The little monk she adopted from up the mountain was the future Godly General of the six states.

Even the elderly woman she saved in passing turned out to be the Empress Dowager.

A certain man said viciously, “Wife, who dares to bully you? This husband will end them for you!”

The Godly General said, “Big sister, no matter where you want to go in the territory of the six states, I’ll clear the path for you!”

The Empress Dowager said, “Did the Emperor bully Jiao Jiao? Wait here! Aijia will go dispose of him!”

[A tyrannical beautiful Female Lead who can rely on luck but insists on using strength] & [A Male Lead with broken wings who hides himself deeply]
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Chief Minister's Wife
The Pampered Concubine Gu Jiao Niang
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New joonsgalaxy rated it
November 20, 2023
Status: --
I really wanted to like this novel bc everyone was raving about it and it has such high reviews but like... it's okay at best.

first, the mc

Ofc one of my biggest gripes is how the author bends over backwards to make the MC op and always come out on top. She's a transmigrator who is basically a genius/secret agent/martial arts specialist/amazing doctor. The one thing that could humanize her and round her out is her trauma around family. But it's treated so passively. Only brought up when it's convenient. Her... more>> blasé, nonchalant attitude was nice at first. The way she shirks off the bio dad and sees right through people is fine. Nice, really. But it gets to be annoying when other characters (and I am specifically talking about the members of her found family) are basically worshipping the ground she walks on and her vibes are so "meh" about it. The only characters she actually shows any genuine warmth towards are jing kong and the ml

Other characters

The author creates this wide world with many characters and there's obviously pros and cons

pros: each character is given a unique background. each character has their own distinct personality. the relationships between some of the characters are quite heartwarming and interesting. some characters are allowed nuance and depth and it makes me really like them, even if they aren't completely nice/good people.

cons: it's like the author is just throwing characters at you after a certain point. To the point that, of course, characters get sidelined and forgotten. (I specifically have a gripe about how Gu Xiaoshun is treated by the narrative.)

Initially, he's the only "family" member of Gu Jiao's to actually genuinely love her and want her. Then, as the family grows, he gets sidelined to extra, EXTRA side character. Gu Jiao even acknowledges this and laments how he's basically getting the "middle child" treatment since he's fairly easy to deal with and doesn't cause much trouble. She then helps him get a master to teach him properly since he's got a great talent for wood carving and then... he's forgotten about again. Most of his scenes are in relation to Gu Yan but he's supremely left to the background. What really tipped it over the top for me is when his master and his masters wife ask to adopt him and Gu Jiao is so nonchalant about it. Sure, she asks him if he wants it but she doesn't seem to have any actually attachment to him. In fact, her only thought about his adoption is how she paid his parents twenty taels to be able to take him with her.

but I just don't like and can never get behind the bit where characters are ceaselessly beat up (literally and/or figuratively) and it's treated like a gag. A joke and is supposed to be entertaining/funny.

i stopped reading after the Gu Xiaoshun thing so that was somewhere in the 300s I think. <<less
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FanXiaoRong rated it
July 4, 2021
Status: c634

Last Edited: 13/07/21

Hello everyone!

... more>> I'm the translator for this novel and so far this is sooo good!

If you are looking for fluff, you'll get so much!!! And there's so many funny moments where the FL (Gu Jiao) just beats up a certain father (I still don't like him as of now... but let's see...) and when the little monk is very very funny, he even manages to make our ML (Xiao Liulang / Xiao Heng / A Heng) speechless (which was very funny, by the way).

The interaction between Baby Yan and Gu Changqing... aaaawww........ It was so cute and heartwarming.... (Pls Baby Yan, don't hate Changqing in the future... P.S: Baby Yan is FL's twin brother. His name is Gu Yan)

I hate Gu Jinyu (the white lotus girl...) but well, I can understand why she's acting like that, but I don't like her. Her priorities need to be set straight. She just loves the attention that she gets, and doesn't like Jiao Jiao's parents wholeheartedly.

I think it is certainly a good read!

And please tell me if I had any flaws in my translations as I'm very new (Neither English nor Chinese is my first language)

And... I'll update my review once I read further (raws ofc) ...

Edit 1: (08/07/2021)

Ok, I admit that I'm surprised to see Gu Jinyu has realized her mistakes and becomes a good person (for now? I don't know if she's acting or not... Let's hope she isn't pretending)

And Gu Changfeng... Need I say more? He always suffers a lose whenever he encounters our FL (i.e., his half sister...) It is hilarious every time😂😂😂

Let me say this, FL's father was almost forced by FL into calling her his father...I laughed hard at this part when she tricked her grandpa into forcing her father to say this.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

This is a real gem, you know. I laugh hard every few chapters. Also, the drunk Gu Jiao is very hilarious...

Edit 2: 13/07/21

Gu Jinyu was really pretending... *sigh* But it was only expected....

Ok.... I have to say... while reading this novel, I have never ever gotten bored. You know, I'll get bored and drop reading the novel many times, but for this novel, I never got bored at all and I couldn't stop reading it.

Guess what, I've seen many novels in which the FL disguises as a man, but this is the fist time I've seen a novel where the ML disguises himself as a woman just to follow the FL (who disguised herself as a man) This is the situation:


Baby Yan needs surgery, but the needed equipment is not there with FL, so she goes to another county (Yan country).

But in Yan country there are a group of people wanting to assassinate the ML. So, FL knocks the ML out and goes to Yan Country without him.

It is not easy to enter another country, so they use College admission letters to enter the country. Unfortunately, they only had men's admission letters. So, the FL disguises herself as a man and uses ML's identity to enter the college.

But fortunately, ML finds another admission letter after waking up, but unfortunately, it's a women's' college admission letter. So he disguises himself as a woman and uses the FL's identity to enter Yan Country.

He even gets the title of "College's top beauty"😂

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dramamonster rated it
December 19, 2021
Status: Completed
Update 2023: Re-read the novel a year later - Foxteller's chapters 1-294, then Google Translated the rest. Novel is even better than I remember. One of the few novels that I'd recommend that have 1000+ chapters.

Original 2021 review: I read the translator's excellent translation to Chapter 85, then MTL'd all the way to the final chapter 1009. The MTL was readable.

Story starts with all the most common tropes (transmigrated doctor/assassin/magical medical box/prophetic dreams/disfigured vulgar poor girl) but everything about the story was very enjoyable.

MC is a rational, hardworking girl who... more>> uses her powers to save people. She's actually kind of tsundere. She seems cold and uncaring on the inside, but in her actions, she's saving people, healing people, rescuing people home to raise...

The first part of the story is the MC struggling to raise her poor family in the village, and it's more slice of life. The second part is the MC establishing her family in the capital and getting more involved with the rich and powerful. The third part is the MC in a new country uncovering more identity secrets, and becoming a war god. The fourth part is solving more mysteries and the epilogues.

What really makes the story stand out for me:

    • MC's uncanny luck in bringing people home to raise, and the heartwarming family they build together
    • everyone has 2-5+ other identities, which makes the story more interesting, and there are a LOT of secret identity reveals
    • because of the secret identities, the large supporting cast is very interesting, and there is a LOT of character development, even for the villains who sometimes become friends
    • although the MC is a serious, calm person, and there is a lot of adventure and plot, there is also a LOT of comedy. She doesn't pursue it, but her badassery gains her a lot of fans, friends and allies
    • I don't like

      battles/wars, but in that story arc, it was enjoyable just to see her show up and fight

    • it was MTL, but I think everyone's story ending was written and loopholes were closed
    • throughout all 1009 chapters, the MC remained a heroine I could like. Too often MCs become idiotic, helpless, cruel, etc. and I get turned off, but in this novel, the MC was a continual delight for me. She was always helping the people that she cared about and protecting the country
    • ML was really good to the MC, they had a really healthy relationship.

      Although they had a village marriage when she was 13, they were just housemates and loyal to each other until they formally married again as adults under their real identities.

Things I would change:

Make the story arc about Grand Concubine Jing (aka Jing Tai Fei) shorter, expand the Zhao-Yan country transition to make it less abrupt, shorten the war arc, and expand the MC's POV in the last story arc, because I missed her


I have to go re-read the entire novel again now that I know the identities and ending of everyone, but I'd recommend this novel. <<less
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kawaii12345 rated it
July 3, 2021
Status: c60
The story so far is a basic secret agent transmigrates into an unfavored daughter and that's it. Too soon to comment on anything other than the translation and the writing both of which are a bit rough.

Update as of ch 60

Well it's not a typical secret agent transmigrates into an unfavored daughter, it's a secret agent that transmigrates into a novel where everyone avoids the plot and drags the novel as much as possible. Just incredibly dull
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Sulsulivan rated it
July 13, 2021
Status: c771
First sorry for my bad english

I've been following this story for a year. The background theme is simple, an agent transmigrating. Similar to Divine Doctor: Daughter of the First Wife. But don't think that they are the same. This story is much better than that. Novel was monthly ticket ranked 1 at xxsy site for more than 6 months.

What is good of this novel is how to manage action, comedy and slice of life in the story that makes the reader fascinated. Don't be fooled by the feathery/cute title, the... more>> main character is a woman with a insensitivity about love or feeling.

In his previous life, she didn't get love from her parents because she didn't show emotions easily. Her parents who were afraid of him gave him (sold him?i dont remember exactly) him to his godfather who later trained him to be an agent.


As the story continue, the nature of the main character Gu jiao will get better, with the presence of other characters who will enter in her new "small family" in her new life. The story also doesn't only focus on the main character, other characters also have their own story and development.

the story will show us how her husband will deal with his past trauma. How he almost died at the hands of someone very close and important to him in the past. There's also a very adorable little monk character development. And how we will see him grow from a cute child be willing to be strong in order to protect gu jiao. Other characters will also appear throughout the story with good development.


The storyline after passing the beginning phase or character introduction also becomes difficult to predict.

[when they have moved to the royal capital of zhao]

and there will be more and more fresh humor that the author inserts into the story. There is also a chapter that tells the daily life of gu jiao treating patients or a little monk who plays with his pet chickens and eagles which are very cute.

5 star for story

4 star for translation <<less
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November 10, 2022
Status: Completed
I read the whole story at nolvelhi. Com. It was great.. There was no dull moments in the story.. This is the second novel that has 1000+ chapters that I read without having to skip the chapters due to boredom.. The story spans from present setting to past setting and then the interstellar setting explains some mysteries about the ML and FL. Their love story is really good.
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Dalisia27 rated it
April 25, 2022
Status: c1004
I am at the last part of the novel. Only 6 more chapters to go but I can't wait to write the review.😀

I can't put this down! After I finished the translated chapters, I straight away went to machine translate it. I was not disappointed.

This is a really good story. No fillers which one of the things that made me continue reading. I usually do not finished reading a long novel like this. I'll stop halfway, bookmark it then continue with a new story. So far I think I finished... more>> maybe 1 or 2 novels from that bookmark stash. But not this one. I just had to continue reading.

I really recommend for readers to finish this novel. It is also one of reread novels category. I'll read this again when the translations is done. <<less
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fassily rated it
April 14, 2022
Status: Completed
Wow. I cannot believe I finished reading this whole novel.. 1 thousand plus chapters.. and honestly, there are many arcs (maybe too many) that makes me lose my focus a bit. We just learn one character, then the character suddenly missing for a period of time until they prove useful to MC again. MC is a bit too OP. The nice part is the ML is not too OP. He is black bellied for sure. but he is not typical cold and aloof ML. He cried, he got embarrassed and... more>> have other weakness that make him human. But not for MC. MC here is too perfect. anything she did, will proves helpful for her in the future. Anyone she beats up or dislike will surely be a hidden villain or something like that.

Apart from that, the siblings, family settings is quite nice even though quite unreal. Very hard to find so many people willing to live only with MC as a center. Everything will be depending on MC. Sometimes I do feel pity for the villains. I mean, the author make them quite miserable. By this I guess comes the idea of other writer to come and change the cannon fodder and villains' fate. all good were given to the MC. our villain will surely have no brain to do something so s*upid in public only to get face slapped by MC again and again. I understand that we need a villain and cannon fodder. But can u make them a bit more intelligent? I feel so sorry for them..

Other than that, it is good. I like the war strategy, the fighting and action. Even though it is quite predictable, using the same plot, first with MC changed at birth, then ML also..... it is quite repetitive.

Still a nice read. just throw out your logical thinking for a while then you will enjoy this novel. <<less
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kyrez rated it
January 14, 2022
Status: c964
I really enjoyed reading this. I especially love the family dynamic in the story.

FL is very straightforward. She shows her likes, dislikes, and indifferences clearly. She's definitely a protector.

As she protects her whole world, the ML becomes the one who protects and loves her.

So their romance is grand but grows at a steady (and slow) pace..

Since it's a very long story, it seems words can't really help describe it^^ enjoy reading~
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nelle rated it
September 14, 2022
Status: Completed
It's so good!! I only found the pacing a little bit rushed during the chapters for the last major conflict. That's great considering that this has more than a thousand chapters. For the rest of the time, the pacing was just right and kept the reader's curiosity.

If you're just here for the romance, then you'll be disappointed. The romance is constantly there, but it's only given at random short times. It's more of a small reward given from time to time. No third party, no irrational jealousy, no distrust. They're... more>> perfect for each other. The flow of the plot kept me entertained though despite the scarcity of romantic scenes. MC's personality is so lovable. She's a gifted killer, but so soft towards her loved ones. She's so innocent despite her brutal life. I just love her duality and her character development. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Pras rated it
April 17, 2022
Status: Completed
One of the best stories I have read recently. Its a long story but worth reading every chapter.

Loved the antics between Jingkong and Xiao Liulang

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Tech is life
Tech is life rated it
February 4, 2022
Status: c103.2
This is awesome. Not at all cliche. You definitely won't regret reading it.

FL has the characteristics of a secret agent. She likes to live life peacefully.

ML is not agressive nor flirtatious. He is a rational man.

The monk is the cutest.

The old lady is the wittiest when it comes to banter with other ladies.

Gu xiaoshi is the Perfect brawn but no brain bro. He is talented in wood carving.

Gu yan is sickly yet good twin to fl.

There is perfect ratio of drama, romance, comedy, action.
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Scouts_Reads rated it
August 4, 2023
Status: c406 part2
Great story! I hesitated to read it due to the description which screamed Mary-Sue incoming.
But it's worth the read. Lets just say some basic facts...

The MC is a Mary-Sue.
By which I mean a "OP Character with almost no weaknesses/challenges in the story." But she's a well-written Mary-Sue. But she's at least upfront about being a Mary Sue, there's no coy "oh no, I'm so helpless but oh wait? I kicked your ass." There's no being pushed around until surprise, surprise, I'm a powerhouse.

She starts off as a powerhouse.... more>> She knows she's a powerhouse. And she doesn't pretend to be otherwise. If anything her primary development is character-wise.
The story writes the character's developments well. Vibrant personalities outside (most of) the villains, who do come off a ltitle flat.

If you come in the story with the mindset "this is a comedic take" and you'll enjoy the story far more than a serious dark and gritty take on the era. <<less
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ClearGlass rated it
June 9, 2023
Status: Completed
What I liked about the novel

ML was great, he's very well fleshed out too.

the romance was very good, it has a natural course and you can see them both putting in a lot of effort.

... more>> Most of the characters in MC's camp are pretty interesting and fleshed out.

The MC isn't an uninteresting character but novel doesn't put her on best display.

What I disliked about the novel

The novel introduces a pretty wide world and shrinks it to fit the MC.

The MC is massively op.

Everyone in the novel is obsessed with her and she never suffers any significant defeats.


The story keeps making up background to give her, a lot of which she'd 'forgotten'. And she keeps 'recovering her strength' which based on the past she remembers just seems insane.


The world revolves around MC, she's got the strongest protagonist halo of all time. And too many cheats


her Assassin/ Doctor skills, her past lives, the prophesies,


If anyone has negative feelings towards or is against MC, they will suffer. The MC shrugs most of it off, but over the course of the novel those cannon fodders are humiliated and are used to set off the MC's splendor.


the first emperor, her adopted sister, chengfeng, her grandfather, her father, tang yueshan.


nothing bad happens to those who have positive feelings towards her. I found it very cheap.

MC always occupies absolute righteousness which made the story a little bland for me.

Most of what I disliked about the novel is pretty easy to predict from the summary.

It's an extremely long waste of time unless ur just looking for a feel good <<less
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dnd rated it
November 15, 2022
Status: c37
At first I thought that this story is just kinda overating or so. The description really didn't do any justice to promote the story, I held so many times to try and read this book because the description is just unappealing. But I'm glad I try it out this time.

The story is well written and have a solid plot and character. Some plot were actually quite heavy but it was written in light way so I doubt there will be any tragedy or painful death in it. There might be... more>> one or two traumatic event that being explained and used as a background story but it would not change the flow in the story.

The best part is whenever I thought that I soon will lose the interest there is always something new that can pick my interest back to the story, so in the end I can't help to keep on reading.

There is some part that I personally think too lousy for the story but unexpectedly the author actually explain all the unreasonable part in the next part. Probably the author want to indirectly show it to the reader that it's not like s/he didn't think it through but for the sake to lighten the plot some serious part has to be ignored. Probably....


the relationship between the MC and ML is quite smooth so far, there is no deep I'll feeling between them at all. Me hasn't met any deep scheme type of plot either. Even the mix up baby case are also happened coincidentally, and the parents try so hard to be accepted by the MC, instead of the MC who try fit in the family. There is a lot of lucky case for MC too, with the golden bridge paved by the author her life surely will be much more enjoying than painstaking.




MC is Gu Jiao, she is a transmigrator that have multiple ability, such as medical skill and fighting skill. She is actually very smart and serious one, but kind and soft hearted. So far she beating almost all the bad character (even her father) and the crown princess, but amazingly always get away with it. With all the packed ability and knowledge she's been stand out and even being recognized by the emperor.


Marquise Gu


he is one the example on how dark the background should be but the story being written in light way. He is a not so sharp nor smart one. Perhaps he will be stand out in the term of war or fighting and strategy but for other stuff he is a very ignorant and hot headed one. The way he treated both the adopted daughter and biological daughter in half assed way always make my blood boil. In the end he keep making an empty promise and empty action for both parties and indulge the adopted daughter to the worst scenario. Even the weak and bordir mother have more resolve than the so called marquise. But even so all of her worst aspect is being balance with the comical plot of him and his biological daughter relationship. That beating scene was surely funny, at least he know that no matter what he is the guilty part and not try to fighting back on the fight. No wonder the grandma regards him less than her own grandson that much. Also he is the supreme cause of the GJ downfall on the previous life, on purpose or not.

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
SweetLove rated it
March 8, 2022
Status: c126
I just had to subscribe to Celestial Translations patreon page because this story is one of the best cns I've read in years!!

Gu Jiao is just as awesome as Ning Xi in Hidden Marriage albeit in a historical setting. Seriously people give this a try and there's always something exciting happening every chapter. 😍😍😍
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Vodkaandcoke rated it
January 4, 2022
Status: c92 part1
Love how it’s not the typical transmigration novels where MC is to overpowered and cold.
Defo recommended to anyone who likes reading historical/transmigration novels with a slow romance.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
mercipourleslivres rated it
December 20, 2021
Status: c291
I'm enjoying this so far. It's very slice of life but not super detailed like other farming/cooking/medical novels I've read which keeps the plot (?) going. The best part of the novel is the found family aspect. Not too much face slapping but when it happens it's super satisfying.

I also like how the FL just beats the crap out of everyone lol.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
cheesesoup02 rated it
December 12, 2021
Status: Completed
TL;DR the ending felt super rushed, but everything up until then was 5/5 for me. Don't let the final 5% turn you off from the rest of the story!

I started reading this story expecting lots of slice of life, comedic scenes with very little to no intrigue, which, I did. But while there's definitely lots of heartwarming family love (both from found family and biological family) and a WHOLE LOT of comedy, it's also chock-full of fighting and war, political intrigue, and mysteries involving the past and present.

I think the... more>> characters really made the story feel interesting and enjoyable, especially our FL and ML.

Gu Jiao/Jiaojiao: the FL of the story. The kind of person who won't give you the time of day if you aren't important to her, but is willing to dig out her whole heart and soul for the people she cares about. Her shamelessness and unpredictability catch her enemies off guard while also endearing her to both her allies and the readers. Most of the comedy in this story comes from her and Jingkong, who inherits a lot of her more hilarious personality traits.

Spoilers for her past:

a heck of a lot of background story to unpack here. Gu Jiao has actually transmigrated two times before the start of this story, but complications with transmigration across time and space have caused her to lose her memories from her first two transmigrations.

    • First transmigration: the First Shadow Lord, who was like a mentor to the Guoshi and Emperor of the neighboring country of Yan (as of the current arc, Gu Jiao lives in the country of Zhao). Also a genius doctor like Gu Jiao is in her current life, but set up a bunch of important story props and flags that come into play a whole lot later into the story.
    • Second transmigration: the daughter of An Guogong and Xuanyuan Zi, called Jing Yinyin. Her maternal family, the Xuanyuan family, plays a huge part of the Yan Country arc as she fights to restore their reputation as the guardian of Yan and impose retribution on the other noble families who framed them. She doesn't find out her relation with the Xuanyuan family until about halfway through the arc.
    • Third transmigration: this story. As stated in the synopsis, she is the blood-born daughter of Marquis DingAn (?) and his second wife, Yan-shi. Because of a mix-up thanks to the abbott of the temple she was born in, she was switched at birth and grew up in the village. Not yet introduced as of 12/2021 are her paternal grandparents and her three older half-brothers.
Xiao Liulang: the ML of the story. Hella smart and deeply scheming. At first, he's wary of Gu Jiao because of the original Gu Jiao's actions, but he eventually falls deeply in love with her and protects her as much as she protects him. Due to his past, he's very guarded in the beginning, but I really liked how loving and soft he was (only to her and his family) as he gradually opens up. They establish their mutual affections in the upcoming arc, but it's not until the end of the story that the marriage and promotion to Grand Secretary happens.

Spoilers for his past:
    • His original identity is Xiao Heng, the young master of the Xiao family. His father is Marquis Xuanping (Xiao Ji), and his mother is the sister of the Emperor of Zhao, Princess Xinyang (Qin Fengwan). As his true identity is revealed, the story eventually switches to referring him as Xiao Heng.
    • BUT WAIT his actual identity is the son born to Xiao Ji and a s*ave he picked up from an underground martial arts center. That s*ave is actually Shangguan Yan, the child of the Emperor of Yan and his Empress. Because the Empress's natal family is the Xuanyuan family, Xiao Heng has the blood of the Xuanyuan family running in his veins (hence the Xuanyuan family redemption arc).
    • BUT WAIT WAIT x2!!! He's actually the godfather who raised and trained Gu Jiao during her time with the organization. Yeah, seriously. The godfather was actually a Marshal of an alien civilization (lol wut) from a planet called X94 or something?? He crash landed on Earth, and some of the dark matter on him contaminated Gu Jiao's mother, who was pregnant with Gu Jiao at the time. This caused Gu Jiao to absorb that dark matter and suffer from violent urges whenever she sees blood. He picked her up after she was abandoned by her parents to study her blood and potentially use her to extend his waning lifespan, but he eventually fell in love with her (and she with him so it's ~romantic~ that their love transcended time and space and the cycle of reincarnation). We don't actually find out about all this until literally the final 2 chapters of the epilogues, so it honestly felt like a hit from the back of the head with how abrupt it was LOL.

The other characters are also very endearing. They each have their own talents, and their personalities meshed well together, as far as I could tell. Lots of character development, and even some previous villains/opponents become allies. I laughed a lot and cried a lot as I was reading.

I will say, though, that the ending felt pretty lackluster. The final arc, if you can even call it that, seemed abruptly cut off, and all the secrets and loose ends are tied up pretty much all at once. It was to the point that I kinda lost interest in reading through some of the epilogues, because it felt like the author was forcibly marrying all the characters together.

Still, I enjoyed the story! Not a classic that makes you think, but great for an easy, if lengthy, read. Would definitely recommend for anyone who wants a good laugh. <<less
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Kishikishikishi rated it
August 31, 2021
Status: c927
First, the most important to me is how much I enjoy the story, and this novel is something I really enjoyed reading. I even read this using MTL.

It's not that this novel didn't have flaws, for example her strength is kinda questionable especially at the beginning (though I don't mind it that much). Later, it was hinted she'd been training. Also, it may feel draggy sometime, but compared to other novels, not really, moreover this is a slow burn story so don't expect for things to happen in a rush.... more>> XD

Also, I just can't help but feel the author hates the other girl, I mean the girl that took MC's place as the young miss of the the marquis family. Sure she did some hateful things, but compared to such characters from other novels, she was actually okay, well at least in my opinion. I actually find the Mc's biological father more hateful. (Oh, this girl actually got irritating in recent chapters, but I still hate the biological father more.)

Anyway, somethings I like in this novel are:
-Not every enemy will forever be enemy.
-the bond and interaction between their family.
-the little monk. Hahahaha
-the romance between the FL & ML
-the MC isn't unbeatable.

I'm sure there's more (both pros and cons), but that's it for now!

Also the new translation is good. <<less
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Drenlith rated it
July 23, 2021
Status: c95
The story is about a modern woman transmigrating into ancient times. It's not a "transmigration into a novel" so MC does not know any of the plot so it leaves the reader with some mystery.

There are inconsistencies such as her prowess as a former agent in her past life that a small girl of 14 from a remote village shouldn't possess. (Combat abilities and trained sensory hearing etc.)

As the summary had mentioned, she's immensely lucky, picking up all these big wigs and raising some while she was at it.... more>> But she had to face serious dangers along these risks of saving people so it's formidable unlike many easy come - easy win protagonists.

MC's hacks:


Super agent abilities from her former life + a magical refill medicine box and premonition dreams of big events.


While reading I had issues with one thing about the whole swapped baby deal:


The author paints the picked up village daughter really black. She had some virtues like not throwing fits is already a blessing in my book (or it's me who's too acclimated to F tier novels with bratty cannon fodders/ antagonist). The entire set up from the get go is to make her a villain, imagine being suddenly outed as a village kid who was accidentally picked up while being raised as a spoiled rich child you wouldn't want to go back to your origins either, f*ck no. The twin brother hates her guts, the mother only loves her superficially and only a dumb father eats from her hands but that's another different problem. There's be more misunderstandings and accidents where MC would put her indirectly in a humiliating situation that was off-putting for me. The marquis father is an as*hole through and through, she'd be better off with none or a dead one imo. He often would wrong her but never admits to his fault for being the one in the wrongs and wants face. He also nearly killed her, if she wasn't a former agent the real child would've died under his hands.


I'm reading this with MTL so no comments on translation on NU. <<less
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