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An accident let him have a special ability to turn back time up to 1 minute. When he said the wrong things in front of his leader, he was able to return back to 1 minute before to correct what he said. During jade stone gambling and there was no jade inside, he turns back time to pick another stone. When the woman he likes met an accident, he can return back to 1 minute before to save her…… A small fry’s rise through the ranks of the government service starts……

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26 Reviews

New LordBunnyBon
May 18, 2022
Status: c360
I have to agree with many of the other reviews. The beginning of the novel was quite interesting and fun to read but later on it was just repeat after repeat of the same problems and solutions.

Also his jobs just don't make sense. They are only really explained if he has a Mission or wants a Promotion but for a Story that centers around them he doesn't really do anything else. There is no real day to day explaination what he really does.

Also in his eyes he can do no... more>> wrong. He does anything to get his way but if anyone else tries something similar or if they themself just want to gain something the MC feels betrayed and tries to destroy them.

Be aware there are gonna be spoilers from here on out.


What was especially annoying is that his powers and his research into them just disappear at some points. In the beginning he had to be careful when and how to use them but later on there seems to be hardly any limit on how often he can use them. Also the psychological effects of his powers only matter whenever it helps him. He is hurt and nearly dies over and over again but it doesn't really affect him and only matter after his cheating was discovered. And his cheating is the worst part of the whole Story. I can understand that a Harem is a legit part of a Story but in this case it is just a horny 24 year old who can't keep his pants on. In one chapter he is deeply moved that his first two girlfriends decided to stay with him and accept his betrayal of their trust and 3 chapters later he tries to have "fun" with another women. It is simply exhausting how his loved ones don't matter to him.

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New LordRed
May 10, 2022
Status: c235
Its your typical cultivation Xianxia/Xuanhuan but the power realms have been swapped with political powers instead of cultivation realms. Just replace cultivation with political scenes and you will be fine. MC starts off as a hopeless person who ends up with plot Armour powers of turning back time. MC shows how much of a genius he is and nobody actually believes him to be a genius and proceeds to offend him and pays the price. MC levels up extremely fast and nobody even thinks about him having a backer just... more>> because of his background. Just because they cannot identify a backer doesn't mean there is no backer. Even the funny/scary nicknames mean nothing when someone has an idea to offend him and when that fails, only then will they realise what the nicknames mean. Typical Xianxia/Xuanhuan tropes.


Starts off with the sect entrance trials and succeeds to join the sect as an outer sect member. Then MC proceeds to show how much of a genius he is by leveling up (getting promoted) in a few months what other geniuses and Sect Elders do in a few years. And as usual there is the sect elder who becomes his enemy and eventually fails and MC passes the test to enter the Inner Sect. Thus ending the first story arc of the Outer Sect (or should I say State level) and move on to the Inner Sect. Or should I say Federal level because the writing says Public level or Central Government and I'm not really sure about differences between state and Federal government in China. But it sure looks like an upgrade from Outer Sect to Inner Sect

and I wouldn't be surprised if later on MC might become a Inner Core (political member) member soon and then be in line to be the Young Sect Master (Party Secretary or something) and finally the Sect Master (President)

. The first arc takes around 160 chapters and I recommend reading that much just to see if you can take it.


Then there is the money issue. MC has tons of money and I feel that the author fails to explain how the amount of wealth works for a government servant. Monetary bribes are not OK but physical things are OK? How does getting the money to buy things as gifts factor into this? Are they required to report their wealth and any subsequent large amounts of money and how it was made? What are the issues of a newly appointed G man having hundreds of thousands in cash and what about dabbling in the stock market. It was mentioned in the early chapters but then MC made tons of money on it and didn't feel scared to put the money into his own account where things can be traced.

MC owning an Iphone and then driving a Mercedes should be immediate triggers for monetary corruption or at least cause for concern by the Boss. But nothing happens



MC also has a Harem but the twist is MC likes older women and he is always clueless what to do other than being a horny lecher and taking advantage of them. As you read on, you get the feeling that MC is an as*hole who abuse his powers against older beautiful women and

especially when he takes advantage of the Yu mother and daughter by acting like a horny lecher. He acts all noble one moment and the next minute, all of a sudden he's a lecher and they can do nothing to stop him due to to owing everything to him. You get the feeling that every time a 30+ yo woman is introduced, she will somehow be included into his Harem

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Queen of Sheba
Queen of She
Jun 24, 2019
Status: c29
Brilliant. Power, and Wealth is an unique insight into China's hierarchy. A world of false etiquette, submissiveness, networking, nepotism, and connections. For anyone to thrive in China's political environment they either have to be Red Nobility, or utterly ruthless. Alternatively just like our hero, they can have have a 'cheat' - when I think 'back', time will reverse by 60 seconds. Not as OP as some other cheats, but for those with exceptional concentration...60 seconds can mean the difference between being a living millionaire... or a dead unknown.
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Seven Nights
Seven Nights
Aug 12, 2019
Status: Completed
Finished this novel a while ago. For me, it was quite the journey. Though, I'm quite unsatisfied with the ending. The novel was really good for the first 1200 chapters, after that, it just spiraled down into a pile of mess. Anyways, here is my review:

The plot: This novel had a quite simplistic and repetitive plot. That being, MC doing his job -> MC gets pissed off by somebody -> MC gets that somebody back -> That somebody gets the MC back -> MC ruins that somebody's life... more>> -> That somebody calls in backup -> MC ruins that backup's life -> MC is safe and sound -> MC doing his job -> MC discovers that the people in the erea he is governing is underdanger -> MC saves their life -> MC gets praises -> MC gets promoted -> MC goes somewhere else to work -> Repeat. Of course, there are some exceptions, but it mostly goes like this. Some events I mentioned might be replaced by different type of events to make it seems not that repetitive. As long as you ignore some of the repetition, you should be fine enjoying the novel. The Powers: You don't expect the MC just to have only the power to turn back 60 seconds in time, do you? No, it would get boring pretty quickly. And I have some good news for you! As the novel goes on, he gets more powers to serve his political life.

Back: It rewinds time at the user's will. If the user says only "Back", it will rewind time by 60 seconds. The user can, however, rewind time less or more than 60 seconds by adding some more information at the end of the command. For example, if the user says "Back 3 seconds", time will rewind by 3 seconds, "Back 5 minutes", time will rewind by 5 minutes. Of course, this is assuming that the user had accumulated 5 minutes worth of time to rewind.

Menu: Shows the remaining accumulated time. 60 seconds worth of time will be provided at 00:00 everyday.
Stop: Stops all time activities except for the user's own time. The MC used this command to perform magic tricks and create proof that he totally didn't kill anybody because that somebody tried to kill his girlfriend. I mean, as much as I love your complex schemes and stuff to get back and humuliate at the ones who've wronged you, you could've just done it with a much more humiliating, simple and funny way, like, unzipping and making their pants fall off in public, putting p*rn pictures in their pocket or putting a banana in front of their way to make them slip in front of everybody. Lmao, I could only imagine how funny it would be if he did that.
Reverse: Rewind the time of one specific object. This might seem useless at first conpared to Back, whose power rewind time of all Objects to a previous state. But, this is actually one of the most useful commands as one second of Reverse will rewind an object back one day. This means that the user can use 10 minutes of accumulated time to rewind an object 2 years! Cancer? Reverse. Your beautiful face is ugly now? Reverse. You're an old man now? Reverse. Oh, your bones are broken? Use Reverse goddamit.
Forward: Brings an object into its future state. One minute of Forward brings the object's state one day into the future. The effect of Forward is 60x less than Reverse. The only real use of this command in the novel is to bring the MC's mail box one day or one month into the future and read the newspaper of the future.
Slower: Makes time goes slower so you can put out 1Million punches into the opponet's face in less than a second. Or with the combination of Back & Reverse, you can perform a god-like surgery that no human should be able to perform.

The commands, while fun, get use less and less as the story progresses. At some point in the story, it is only ever use to fight. And the author doesn't even show him using those commands at that point in the story. The Ending: When you get to around 1700s chapters, you can see that the author has gained a clear interest in Superstars. And I think that's the reason the novel ended at 2030 instead of 3000 or 4000 chapters. At the end of the novel, the MC is clearly nowhere near of the apex of his carrer yet and his next novel is IRAS, so I can safely assume that his interest in Superstars was what that killed this novel. <<less
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Nov 01, 2020
Status: c298
Okay, I'm a bit guilty since I did read it further than I should. I really expected the MC to reflect over his personal life. It was my mistake.

  1. The MC is a lazy ass who only move his butt if his position is under attack.
  2. The MC is a horny 24yo who act like a teenager in heat.
  3. The MC is a cheating bastard who cheat his companions at her back without even batting an eye.
  4. MC guilty trip over his cheating took 2 phrases with 4 words
  5. Plot is repetitive, as in 150% of novels who have any kind of supernatural power or constant conflicts, I don't find it demeaning to the book.
  6. It's a modern book, current times. MC is a cheating bastard with not a ounce of morals when he's the one in the wrong side.
  7. MC blatantly abuses his authorities left and right but if someone just direct speech to him and he doesn't like the tone, he'll try to uncover every bad apple of the person and his family and f*ck him up.
Please, do read if you have read this far in this humble review and is still OK with the scum of this book.
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Jan 25, 2021
Status: c800
Where do I start? I initially liked this novel a lot. I had never read anything related to being a government employee. But, I guess the author ran out of ideas soon.

What I liked-

    1. Fresh Concept (Initially)
    1. He's the only supernatural power user in the world as of now.
    1. Faceslapping
What I didn't like -

    1. MC is dumb. He does not use his powers at the right time and always relies on his power. It feels as if MC is useless without these powers even when he has his powerful post.
    1. Spoiler

      MC is a cheating bastard. I am at Chapter 600 and by now he has 5 women. He married 1, had a child with another. He also forcefully brought a homeless woman into his harem because she was pretty. Not only that, he even had lewd thoughts about the homeless woman's 14-year-old daughter and even explained what her breasts felt like at one point. He tries to guilt-trip his women so they accept him. If they get angry at him he just goes to another girl and bangs her. He's also trying to mess with a married woman. MC is beyond immature. He never even tries to solve his harem problem.

    1. I am dropping this novel at 600 because his Harem now takes most part of the chapters and I seriously can't digest how he treats them. At this point, I just wish MC dies so all these women can go back to their lives and live normal lives.
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Apr 12, 2019
Status: Completed
Read it all

The author clearly has a thing for older women in stockings. Main character sleeps around and doesn't care if they are married or not.

Story feels both rushed in the that everything in the almost 2000 chapters happens in just a few years, but many arcs are dragged out far longer then they need to be.

Having put all the time to read it in, the ending is extremely unsatisfying as the author decided to call it quits as the MC starts getting higher up in the political systems and... more>> rushes to the end.

Despite it's many flaws, it managed to keep me interested enough to read all the chapters (maybe skipped a few of the dragged out chapters), so still giving it 4/5 despite the ending. <<less
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Jan 28, 2021
Status: c288
WARNING:- This comment contains spoilers read at your own risk. Grammar not good there might me mistakes.

This novel is good if you want to read something new other the cultivation novels but I still hate this novel. Read more if you want to know.

All those who have written the bad reviews, I agree with you all specially @Shyboy. Although I have no problem with the harem as basically most Chinese novels have polygamy but the tough part is, he doesn't solve his harem problems but just tells them he is... more>> not worthy of them and they should go find another man and have a good life. Wtf, try solving the problems and if you can't then just don't create troubles. After setting temporary truce between Qu Yunxuan and Xie Huilan he goes after Yu Meixie. He again and gain says he feels guilty for making Yu Meixie hold his dic*, but after doing that he will once again ask her to help him masturbate.

This novel is best for those people you know who like righteous guys and have strong sense of justice with a bit of failed romance where the MC goes and fights with villains after every one or two chapters. He thinks above he is above everyone. He says he is law abiding citizen but a that is a fu**ing irony. During the Jin De Me Casino incident he submitted adultery reports and evidences against County Party Secretary because he says it is against laws, Holy Shit, he is married to Xie Huilan and still f*cking Qu YunXuan and now he is right.

And I also wonder if Lady Luck is also in his harem, you know what everything he want will be completed. Usually it is very hard in stone gambling and a Crystal might not come in a whole batch of stone but he can easily get a precious crystal in stone gambling, it is like whenever he does gambling the other has to suffer loss. This is not even related to his time ability. <<less
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Jun 23, 2020
Status: c300
story line good but MC is a cheating bastard that make me dropped this novel.

after having s*x with first woman MC start feeling horny. MC save second girl and start having fantasies about her, jerk off to her stockings and try to involve with her more because he wanted to f*ck her. Fk this unloyal MC

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Demonic Reader lv 451F
Demonic Read
Mar 29, 2019
Status: --
Slice of life of the very ordinary, very Chinese people. The MC has the most feeble OP, but he uses it to its max potential.

This novel is definitely not for Western country's reader.

Seem like the translator wiuld drop it. Just now or then.
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Aug 25, 2021
Status: c204
Spoiler alert!

I was enjoying it (although uncomfortably) until chapter 204 when he continued to mol*st someone in a bad situation. So he saves a mother and daughter because he felt that they needed help from "bad" people, and yet, he's abusing his position by mol*sting the mother. I don't know what kind of screwed up brain this author has. Super Hypocrite MC. But he'd be super pissed if anyone tried that with his girlfriend, mom, friend, niece, etc... ret*rded.

Dropped the novel as I couldn't stomach anymore of this crap.... more>> Essentially we have a really horney and brainless MC who is a hypocrite and a bastard. Really hard to cheer for someone like that. <<less
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May 12, 2021
Status: c2030
I was searching for good harem novel and somehow I stumbled upon this novel. I am gonna be completely honest, the novel was exceptional in the beginning. The characters, the plot, everything seemed fresh and well written. The author has a knack for mature woman which also seemed to align with my own personal likings. But since it's based in China where polygamy is prohibited, the MC only marries one member of his harem. That didn't seem fair for the other harem members as every single one of them were... more>> likable and well written characters. I was disappointed with the ending, so the 3 stars, otherwise it's a nice read. <<less
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Apr 04, 2020
Status: --
tr*sh novel.

It was entertaining for the first 200 chapters and went downhill from there.

The MC is beyond immature, a cheating bastard and never learned anything from his mistakes.

What a mess.

I am surprised by myself that I had the stomach to finish this novel. Although, I skipped a lot of chapters because of its nonsense.
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Mar 11, 2020
Status: c160
I really tried, but the MC is beyond s*upid, and the plot is beyond repetitive, the thing that I hate is the MC's personality, the opposite of calm and collected. He has a side character personality, when talking to his bosses in government, he's always fidgeting, shaking and stammering, if there is problem at work, he always keeps saying fine well see but he does shit, he panicks a lot and doesn't plan or be proactive against his enemies, solutions come to him in a way that insults our intelligence,... more>> he reacts to his enemies instead of being proactive, which is always a sign of lazy writing

I personally skipped every conflict because how the author makes the character solve it is unfullfilling and always leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

This is my opinion, other people may feel differently. <<less
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Dec 01, 2021
Status: c2030
I read that spoiler and I thought oh it is an interesting harem and read the story but what the hell is that over-the-top criticism. Till this point, he has only 3 women and one confirmed fiance. His situation is not like any other novel harem story where girls just jump to the lap of the MC and he only had relations with just 2 women till now and 1 of them was a kinda valid one. Well, I can't deny he explained about the kid part but it was... more>> just one instance and was a forced scenario.

The most troubling part of the novel is that author doesn't know how he should move the story forward using the fantasy superpower of MC. It is a fresh concept and it shows lots of in-depth behind the scene working of the Chinese local government till now. But like others said MC has 0 brains and his authority of government position doesn't matter at all. No matter how high he climbs it feels like he is just a useless staff member. Every arc shows the gang the higher upbuilds but he himself is oblivious of it. There are countless chances to build his own small power but the "author" just ignores it. The author directly forces weird scenarios and changes the plot abruptly.

3/5 stars. Not too bad

董学斌 I think the translator made a mistake for MC's name.

EDIT: Ok now I am 960+ chapters in, author totally abandoned MC's main superpower which the novel is based on. Seriously so many situations where it was needed for the author to be like meh I will be a superman instead or be an idiot.
One of the basic most basic examples

Your mother catches you being naughty with your side girl... in bed. You can go back in time a few minutes let's say 5 minutes then will you prevent it?


Oh also MC can see future kindof but not use that power at all.

I completed it. Like I said MC has 0 brain power but 100% muscle brain. He has a super desire to climb up in the chain of authority but he doesn't even know how to use the power/responsibility he gains from them. Also, there is 0 information exchange between cities and counties in the novel. MC does earthshattering deeds, has his face and story published in the newspaper, and comes on TV but the next place MC moves to, nobody knows who he is and what he is capable of.

Later on, his limit of superpower only is mentioned only if the plot seriously needs it otherwise it is just forgotten. Oh and he does figure out additional features of his superpower.


He has literally just a few days of interaction with his kids and be months to years apart and still wants us to believe that those babies are super attached to MC than those who were around them.

The most annoying part of the story was it just made the whole government of China have only 2 major factions which are fully controlled by only 2 families. And most baffling part is, direct most important members of those families are not known by anyone who works in the government except a few high-ranking officers from the capital and they are not even hiding the fact they are family members.

Every side villain (no villains in this novel) tries to show off the background and connection to MC and his girl. While the background of that girl and MC is the most top hierarchy of the background and connection it can exist. But they never use it while all other non-important position wants to flaunt their power. MC only uses it when he is in deep trouble or he is truly f*cked up by rival politics or someone he couldn't openly beat up or cuss them.

The author also desperately tries to show that government workers in China are miserable and cannot afford any luxuries just to give us the view that they are noncorrupt. (Lol) Also, MC is the only rich person in the whole government of China even if he is one the lowest ranking officer in some part of the no-name distant county. Richer than those 2 major family who controls the whole government. What's the point to be even government staff there. They get basic needs supplied by the government but it's plain and basic as hell.

Oh, also when I say superman MC is a superman who just cannot fly that's it. Top military and government heads know MC can singlehandedly destroy them but still lets him play officer-officer in some county government. The story would just have ended if MC was given some substantial position after a few of his extraordinary performances. Well, the ladder he climbed in the novel was still done with 0 actual achievement but just creating unusual circumstances.

There is force few patriotic thing mention in the novel as a courtesy of every Urban novel but it is a hell of lota tone down than other Urban novels. There was one scene where MC gets in a verbal fight with his own sister-in-law about foreign products (or something) but he himself drives Landrover, Porsche, Mercedes and buys Audi for his in-laws.

At the beginning of the story, his father/mother's family was shown but later on, they just disappear few of them don't have a good relationship with MC but there were some who were close too. But only the In-laws' side is shown, later on, well might be because they are the top 1 faction of the country?


Just wanted to see MC flaunt his authority but meh he just depends on natural disasters and plot armor superpower. <<less
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Dec 28, 2020
Status: c300
I can't continue reading this novel it's so bad and has no elements or Idea nor development the author keep posting chapters just to get the readers emotional and always everything goes wrong in the novel which makes the MC mad with rage nothing is going good.

If you're into rage and actions with no plot or goal and build up go for it.
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Oct 23, 2020
Status: c299
I can't believe how low the rating for this novel is. It is so much better than those other tr*sh generic wuxia novel these days. Who cares if the novel has slight racism. It's a great read to past the time. Probably better for young adults and up to read.

This is probably a 4.5 star novel, but I'm giving it a 5 star to balance out the low ratings that a bunch of anti-china readers made.
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Cashew Farmer
Cashew Farme
Sep 06, 2020
Status: c273
Pure wish-fulfillment story of a loser with a cheat. The story actually shows how useless the main character is throughout the whole story without his powers. He is a sycophantic, self-righteous ass-kisser with no talents. He never seems to achieve anything at all without his powers or can use them in a creative way to his advantage.

I'd only recommend this for people looking for a guilty pleasure, turn your brain off novel about a guy who rises up the ranks and amasses wealth.
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Apr 16, 2022
Status: c164
Honestly I started this one because I saw 'Adultery' and 'Affair' tags and wanted to see how it goes... but that's it. I got too attached to the first girl's character and I don't want to see the cheating goes on.

Up until the chapter I read, in my opinion MC's action looks just like some scumbag who ditches his lover just to climb up higher.
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Apr 04, 2022
Status: c676
The MC is portrayed as an overall decent person but he's an idiot, rash, and extremely prideful. And at times, he will think with his crotch instead of his brains. This is actually needed because most of the novel's drive is based on the MC's rash actions. He is your basic loser dime-a-dozen guy in China if it wasn't for his powers. Most of the story line is focused on him trying to get promoted and dealing with political struggles, factions, and people in the work place backstabbing you etc.... more>> As you keep reading, MC will find out other uses for his time powers and it's no necessarily an evolution or upgrade, it's just him find out functions of it.

This is a good novel with good pacing and good storytelling. The unfortunate part is the harem because as others mentioned, MC does things with other women without other girls knowing. I actually felt bad for the existing girls in the MC's life so it leaves you with a sour taste in your mouth. I believe the reasoning is that the author paints a picture of how much the MC likes a certain girl and how attentive he is, but suddenly goes to have s*x with another girl because he can't keep his thing inside his pants. The worst part is at times, he starts out touching them and mol*sting them pretending to be innocent. It's almost like the author is saying the girls don't like it at first but if you keep forcing your way forward, they will eventually like it.

The translation quality is decent but you will encounter constant past and present tenses mixed up. If you ignore the harem element of the story, I would have rated this novel 5 stars. My opinion is give this novel a try because I thought it was pretty good. <<less
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Aug 21, 2021
Status: c328
I like the book, the premise is nice and the power is also novel. The MC is pretty good, upright and honest but with enough flaws to make him imperfectly perfect. So, why is it 3 stars and why have I stopped reading this book? 2 reasons

1) Harem. Okay, I saw the harem tag but I was hoping it would be less pronounced. This book suffers greatly due to the harem tag. The MC is portrayed as an upright individual but the act of going around and seeing multiple women... more>> behind each other’s backs leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. After a while, it gets really difficult to see the MC as a good guy, and that is jarring because the author firmly asserts that the MC is a good guy.

2) Nationalism. You know the trope. Everyone except the <insert nationality of author here> are a bunch of villainous tr*sh that can be easily defeated and will be defeated by the MC who is the paragon of justice in the world. Cringe. <<less
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Aug 14, 2021
Status: c479
Good novel, has some really annoying arcs but most of them are good.
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