Leadership[ ]

CN (4.6)
29 Chapters Every 3.3 Day(s) 1599 Readers 19 Reviews 09-19-2021
If you don’t ascend the throne, you will die.... more>>
KR (4.2)
25 Chapters Every 4.2 Day(s) 1252 Readers 12 Reviews 09-19-2021
I became a miserably weak aristocrat in the web novel ‘SSS-Class Knight’.... more>>
JP (3.9)
215 Chapters Every 1 Day(s) 4721 Readers 38 Reviews 09-19-2021
On that day, due to the outbreak of an unprecedented and abnormal event, 41 students from class 2-7 of Shiromine Academy are summoned to a different world, one full of magic.... more>>
CN (3.8)
464 Chapters Every 6.9 Day(s) 3718 Readers 33 Reviews 09-19-2021
Cosplayer Liu Mang accidentally crosses through time and arrived at the Eastern Han Dynasty wearing Aries Gold Cloth. (Saint Seiya!) He arrived on top of the walls of XiaPi right when it was about to fall to Cao Cao.... more>>
CN (4.7)
24 Chapters Every 6.5 Day(s) 8480 Readers 75 Reviews 09-19-2021
In the age of the Liang Dynasty, the lives of the people were made convenient with steam-powered machines that run on a fuel named Ziliujin.... more>>
CN (4.5)
59 Chapters Every 3.3 Day(s) 2734 Readers 5 Reviews 09-19-2021
Xu Sili died at a young age. He woke up again only to find that... not only was he alive but he had become the new emperor of an alien empire. The empire was in a miserable state, facing a crisis of being destroyed by alien beasts at any time.... more>>
JP (3.8)
130 Chapters Every 0.9 Day(s) 974 Readers 8 Reviews 09-19-2021
Horaiji Yuri lives every day while hiding her character of being homosexual. Yuri exposes her propensity only in the MMO-RPG called “Atros Online”. In the game, Yuri presides over a guild called “Yuri Empire”, a guild consisting of 359 very cute NPC girls under her. After finishing her daily work, interacting and healing time with the girls every night in the game was the happiest time for Yuri.... more>>
CN (4.6)
43 Chapters Every 4.3 Day(s) 1010 Readers 15 Reviews 09-18-2021
Yun Ling was invited to attend the public beta test of “Apocalypse Calamity.” In the end, she successfully survived a hundred days, and obtained the “Lord Token”, “Life Skill Level Retention” and “S Rank Skill” as rewards.... more>>
CN (4.6)
28 Chapters Every 1.7 Day(s) 720 Readers 3 Reviews 09-18-2021
I shall die and die again to know that life is inexhaustible.... more>>
CN (3.2)
325 Chapters Every 3.1 Day(s) 814 Readers 6 Reviews 09-18-2021
My name is Lin Fan. I have crossed the border. I want to cultivate immortality, and my mana is boundless.
CN (3.5)
1033 Chapters Every 1 Day(s) 3740 Readers 34 Reviews 09-18-2021
Yang Feng somehow transmigrated into a different world and received a legacy of an ‘ancient high tech’ family, which does not directly raise his power, but gives him the technology to build things which are way more advanced than the seemingly medieval world.... more>>
CN (4.4)
384 Chapters Every 1.8 Day(s) 1930 Readers 30 Reviews 09-18-2021
This is a time of great powers: The vast Persia, Sparta that was founded by force, Athens with its trade and business, Thebes the rising star, The ambitious Macedonia, The twin heroes of the Western Mediterranean, The rising Rome and so on.... more>>
KR (4.6)
59 Chapters Every 3.1 Day(s) 288 Readers 5 Reviews 09-18-2021
Napoleon Bonaparte, who defeated Austria, Prussia, Russia and Britain and became the true ruler of Europe.... more>>
JP (3.3)
141 Chapters Every 8.2 Day(s) 4805 Readers 20 Reviews 09-18-2021
In a rotted away castle, Ashta awoke as a Demon King.... more>>
CN (4.7)
108 Chapters Every 3.1 Day(s) 2202 Readers 30 Reviews 09-17-2021
After traversing to the end of the Yuan dynasty but just before the start of the Ming dynasty, Lin Yuan originally prepared to follow in the footsteps of his time travelling seniors. Invent tanks, cannons, and steam engines while gaining underlings and dominating the world.... more>>
JP (4)
87 Chapters Every 8.4 Day(s) 5094 Readers 8 Reviews 09-17-2021
The bottom of the school caste, Doumeguri Kakeru, is transmigrated into the one who reigns as the strongest in the VR game 《Exodia Exodus》, the Demon Lord Hellshaft.... more>>
CN (3.7)
262 Chapters Every 2.9 Day(s) 4503 Readers 58 Reviews 09-17-2021
Feng Ming was only 19 when he lost his life saving a child from death without hesitation. The grateful father of the rescued child grants Feng Ming a second chance at life. Unknown to Feng Ming, his soul has whisked away to a far away ancient land (resembling the dynasties of China).... more>>
CN (3.1)
512 Chapters Every 1.3 Day(s) 1489 Readers 20 Reviews 09-17-2021
An accident let him have a special ability to turn back time up to 1 minute. When he said the wrong things in front of... more>>
CN (4.6)
170 Chapters Every 2.9 Day(s) 4858 Readers 35 Reviews 09-17-2021
The six prefectures of Zhongbo were offered to foreign enemies on a silver platter, and Shen Zechuan was taken into custody in the capital, reduced to *a drowning dog loathed and condemned by all. Xiao Chiye followed the scent of the furor and made his way over. But instead of setting others on him, he kicked Shen Zechuan with his very own leg, rendering the latter an invalid. Who would expect this invalid to turn around and bite him in a counterattack until he was all drenched in blood? That was the start of an epic feud between both men who tore at each other every time they come face-to-face with one another.... more>>
CN (4.2)
414 Chapters Every 3.1 Day(s) 639 Readers 24 Reviews 09-17-2021
Su Xue, a woman in her mid 20s, is struggling both in paying rent and finding her path in life. Her latest stint has her trying to become a popular League of Legends streamer, though to poor results. One day, she is interrupted in the middle of a livestream by a surprise visit from her landlady. She is informed that she will be having a new roommate. The landlady’s nephew, Lin Feng, a 18 year old boy who has just transferred over to Shanghai for his last year of high school.... more>>
CN (4.3)
252 Chapters Every 3.1 Day(s) 2392 Readers 8 Reviews 09-17-2021
Every investigation assigned to the S.C.I team are mass murders, committed by unpredictable serial killers with horrendous and gruesome methods of slaughter. However, amidst of... more>>
CN (4.2)
325 Chapters Every 2.3 Day(s) 14115 Readers 141 Reviews 09-17-2021
An RPG gamer who played the realistic VRMMORPG ‘The Amber Sword’ for years, finds himself teleported to a parallel world that resembled the game greatly.... more>>
JP (3.5)
144 Chapters Every 4.3 Day(s) 1408 Readers 11 Reviews 09-17-2021
A nameless mercenary who died on the battlefield opens his eyes and finds himself wrapped in light brown fur!!... more>>
CN (4.4)
92 Chapters Every 1.9 Day(s) 4293 Readers 34 Reviews 09-17-2021
After ten years on the battlefield, Teng Yun sees Xue Junliang protecting his country and conquering new territory, while he himself ends up with an arrow through his heart. When he wakes up, he becomes that man's Ugly Empress.... more>>
KR (4.5)
710 Chapters Every 3.3 Day(s) 27920 Readers 425 Reviews 09-17-2021
When I opened my eyes, I was inside a novel.... more>>
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