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The washed-up magician Zong Jiu transmigrated into a horror, infinite flow novel about a survival show, taking the place of the cannon fodder who died tragically in the first evaluation round. This show was very interesting. Out of the tens of thousands of people, only a hundred people could survive, and the c-position (strongest contender) could even get a universal wish ticket.

If it were someone else, they’d probably be scared to death.

No one expected that Zong Jiu was not only unafraid, but also caused a sensational stir, shamelessly showing off his tricks the whole way.

Once his tricks stopped, and his life could be considered safe and sound, he ended up in a rivalry with the novel’s big villain.

Today you try to get at me, tomorrow I’ll get you back, back and forth, it’s pretty fun, heh.

As a result, though it was just playing around, one time they got carried away and really did end up sleeping together. Watching the nemesis who was pressing him to the ground, Zong Jiu lazily lifted his gaze. “If you want to kill me then kill me, don’t speak nonsense.” Even when at a disadvantage, he showed no trace of fear, and actually continued to provoke him.

That person used his ice-cold finger to trace his ear, and the action heading toward the aorta suddenly stopped.

“What a pity. I’ve changed my mind.”

He was once very willing to personally give Zong Jiu death. Every day, he used to regret not gouging out his flesh, personally snapping his neck. But after this person fell into his hands, another, more urgent desire grew like weeds.

Compared to winning or losing, he would rather see him crying and panting, with eyes red, begging for mercy.

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85 Reviews

Apr 24, 2021
Status: Completed
I read the first chapter and was instantly hooked to the premise. Transmigration + infinite flow is a rare combo and this novel definitely lived up to my initial hype for this combo of genre. I mtl'ed the rest and the mtl was one of the easier ones to understand!

As erista stated, its a HE!! So rest assured even if there are some sad moments in the novel :').

I was honestly just mild towards the ML at the beginning, but I really grew attached to that little b*stard at the... more>> end. Especially since the interactions between the MC and ML is just so good. They really do have that chemistry and the ending just really established the fact that they are meant for each other.


No matter what world they are in because each ML in their own parallel world can just go to another parallel world just to find his MC lmao. Since, y'know, MC wasn't originally from his world.


About the MC and ML (hopefully vague enough to be nonspoilers) :

The MC is someone without much empathy or emotions, yet he's very keen on keeping his promises. He rides that thin line between being detached lone wolf but also a leader, and he rides it well. I truly found him very capable and clever, and to be equals to the ML. Even if the ML is really OP (and for a reason), it doesn't feel overwhelming, since the MC is pulling his own weight (and sometimes other's weights as well in some arcs). - Again, he's not a bleeding heart, but he knows when it's necessary to work together.

The ML is a little devil and fits the overbearing CEO trope. Except he's kinda

out to mu*der the MC. But it's playful mu*der and it's kinda really nice?? Because it really sets them on equal grounds in a way since the MC outwits him and his mu*der attempts.

He's also not an iceberg and is playful and flirty, which is a nice contrast to the (edit:) ML MC who is definitely more emotionless. Their personalities bounce off each other and it's really nice.

More on the ML:


The ML is the no.1 s rank player, but at the same time he's sorta the controller of the whole infinite flow thing. So he appears as various NPCs throughout the arcs, or sometimes not directly appear, as he has the power to control them/players.


The instances/arcs are no joke either and are definitely also interesting. With the different rules and clear conditions of each. It's interesting and keeps you on your toes to see how it'll unfold. Each instance feels deadly and even though you know the MC is gonna get out alive (because yeah, lol), there's definitely still conflicts and moments where the MC is in danger and has to work out a solution.

The format is somewhat like a reality TV show with a live audience reacting in the background to player's actions, etc... Players are ranked based on their performance and each trainee gets better rooming and more based on their ranks.



1) Psychiatric hospital arc: mystery about a psychiatric hospital, standard start. The MC meets the ML (the ML is an important npc in the hospital 😳)

2) Casino: more about gambling than mystery, but it's still pretty exciting! and really shows the MC's competency, aka him being a magician. And also sets his impression with the other participants and viewers.

3) Famine Mountain Village: mysterious going ons inside a strange village. The MC draws a 'ghost' card, meaning he has a different goal from the other participants in this arc.

4) First Middle School: school arc but with a twist, really interesting and shows the MC working together with other participants. Has some emotional moments as well, I was honestly rooting for MC's whole ass team to survive.

5) Colorful Amus**ent Park: running around an amus**ent park with monsters and safe houses.

6) Judgement Day: religious setting with judgment day coming and the locals know about the players being in an infinite flow. We learn about ML and his background in this one, and man, it was something.

7) Masquerade: Masquerade ball where players have to identify the 'mentor', aka the person who has been giving them assessments. (their player scores, as per their performance etc...) Participants can dress up in various ways. We get more interactions with MC and ML in this one, less mu*dery lol.

8) Crazy Circus/Punishment World: Dnd dice rolls mixed with an animal-human reversal world. I am not kidding lol. MC and another player got into 'punishment' world since their initially bad dice rolls. The MC because he tried to cheat, and the other player because they just have extremely bad luck lol.

9) Final Battle: 1v1 between the ML and MC.


Overall, I really, really recommend and enjoyed this novel!! <<less
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Apr 22, 2021
Status: Completed

I'm writing this review with 1 translated chapter available orz. The description had me hooked so I MTLed it and it was pretty understandable!! I LOVED this novel so much, it made me sob multiple times but it's just... SO GOOD. they had a happy (and satisfying) ending! good for them!


The MC is super badass and cool. He's indifferent and uncaring, basically only looking for excitement for himself. But if he makes a promise, he'll do his best to stick to it, even if it causes him unnecessary troubles, which I think is pretty admirable.

I originally thought that the ML was the mysterious dude in the beginning (zhuge??) but he wasn't... you'll see ;))

ML is a little (a lot) crazy but there is a lot (AND I MEAN A LOT) of s*xual tension between the main couple. Their ending was really touching. I don't know how to describe it, but MC and ML brought excitement to each others' lives and it was just so... GOOD. When the MC left the last game, it made me sob so much, but it was resolved pretty satisfyingly in my opinion. I love how the players were all reunited but not trapped!

In the beginning, ML is outright trying to kill the MC, but its like a playful violence? That sounds bad, but ML has the power to complete destroy the MC but MC intrigues him so ML holds back. ML likes giving the MC "surprises" and MC likes to return those surprises! It's actually pretty funny since I don't think the MC ever lost to the ML. ML is a little bastard but MC just shrugs and completely wrecks whatever the ML is planning LOL. I loved how MC never bowed his head to the ML and they were actually on pretty equal footing in my opinion.

ML's character development (?) made me cry a lot as well. The scene where he casually asked the MC if he was leaving him, despite holding tightly onto the MC.... :,)

There were some really sad character deaths but they got their happy ending! Especially the side couple... orz

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Jul 22, 2021
Status: Completed
This is what 'enemies to lovers' should be!! They weren't simply bickering, they were literally punched each other on bed! I've read quite a lot Unlimited Flow novel but this has one of the best couple so far. Their relationship is hard to describe, even after they became lovers they still fight as if they couldn't wait to kill each other. MC is indifferent and individualist, although he's a bit crooked he can restrain himself and didn't harm other people as he pleases. In contrast, ML is simply a madman.... more>> I think it's because of his identity,

He was born from malice and darkness of human's heart (?) His identity is on par with Evil God from Super S-Grade dimension, that's why the main system can't control him.


I really like the ending. I thought MC would come back to his world but

He chose to stay in infinite loop with ML. He didn't have any attachment to his world and he didn't need to restrain his madness anymore in infinite loop! It's quite rare ending.

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May 15, 2021
Status: Completed
I'm so glad this is finally being translated! Thriller trainee is a fun story with dynamic characters. The enemies to lovers trope is very real in this one, with the tension between the MC and ML being at an all-time high as though MC is not exactly a good person, the ML is a truly evil one. Nevertheless, the chemistry between the two is riveting, their every interaction like a mu*derous dance interspersed with playful pawing with clawed hands.
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Mar 30, 2022
Status: Completed
I must warn you that you will indefinitely like this very much if you're a fan of: enemies to lovers, infinite flow, horror, and a good healthy dose of yandere. MC is charming, absolutely holds his own and the ML, referred to as the devil, is a sadistic hoe who simps hard for his little magician (MC) at the end. This had me thriving. The mtl is readable but I very much appreciate the hard work the translator is putting into this novel. I would like to *urge* you to... more>> read this, because it is so god damn good I'm literally grinding my teeth that I've completed it, ahhhhhhhhhh. What will I read now? I don't know, this was too good, too good. <<less
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May 22, 2021
Status: Completed
To be honest the arcs dont really arouse my interest much and I only continued to read on because of the romance. When the MC and ML appear together, the story gets a bit more color and is also very funny. It gets better near the end of the novel where their romamce unfolds completely and the end is one of the rare good and complete ending.

Luckily the side characters arent that bad. Especially two of the top ten ranked are quite the funny guys. Apart from romance and a... more>> bit of comedy I dont feel the horror atmosphere at all or more like minimal. The MC feels more like a gary sue character than someone who is strong from the start. I searched novels with that tag because the novel "Psychic" left a deep impression on me.

I dont know what others will feel about this novel but the highlight of this novel in my opinion is the romance of the two main characters, the developement from enemies that cant wait to kill each other to eternal lovers.

PS: I dont feel like that this novel is a shounen-ai because the MC and ML do sleep together... a lot (once the ML gets to taste the MC in the latter half), but it doesnt go into the details. I hope someone will write a doujinshi of their lovemaking hehe *drool* I dont know if I should change the tag since shounen ai only means little kisses and handholding. <<less
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Apr 24, 2021
Status: Completed
1 translated chapter and it hooked me right at the beginning, I MTLed it and it was soooo good. This is my first time writing a review so excuse me ^^

... more>>

Zong Jiu, Our MC is really a clever person (at the same time cunning) he has enough strength to protect himself (not to the point of being OP) Honestly, this is one of the details I liked in the story, no one is OP enough to destroy the whole system just because they want to, they all have their own limitations, including the ML.

Our ML the so called no.1, at first he's really just interested in Zong Jiu and want to kill him (because they're both alike, but both are going in the opposite direction, so they're considered as enemies based on the prophecy) but then, just like in the description, he slowly got interested in him in a opposite way, yeah he wants to have seggs with him HHAHAHAHAH

Both of them really don't believe in love, but I think it's halfway before the ending that although they don't say I love you to each other, I can already feel that they love each other.

Zong Jiu is the shou and no.1 (the devil) is the gong.

About the instances (or games?) It's very well built, every instances is good, it didn't get me bored (it's actually the first time I didn't get bored at a supernatural danmei because yeaaah I tend to get bored early everytime I read supernatural danmeis so I kinda have a prejudices in it, but this one really took all of my time and I have no complaints because it was so good.)

It's a slow burn, like really, but it's worth it yaaasss


Anyway, this is my first time writing a review, so sorry if I can't convey the structure of the story well because... I'm bad at describing and explaining things.

Just read it! ^ ^ <<less
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Jul 07, 2022
Status: c201
The story follows the plot of transmigration, where our MC inherits the body of a character whose beauty is expressed over and over to the point that you'd think 'okay we get it'. The MC and a number of characters are put into 'instances' (i.e., survival games) where certain tasks have to be completed to successfully pass, the lack of which will result in elimination (i.e., death). Before going further in depth about our MC, let's look at our ML.

I'm going to avoid saying who the ML is, but if... more>> I had to summarise him, he is a character with no unique personality.

At least, in my opinion.

This contradicts the author's efforts to make him an entity of complexity and mystery. In short, his actions until now have just been chuckling whenever he appears, smiling all knowingly, and annoying the MC in repetitive manners. It certainly was entertaining at first (who doesn't love an overconfident rascal?), but the continuation of the same pattern for over a hundred chapters is, ultimately, a bore. I don't find him particularly evil (because his evilness in the story is hearsay, as the ML never actually.... gets to do anything particularly evil real time, or do anything at all actually) nor do I find him excitingly unpredictable. He, essentially, is a character I wouldn't miss even if he didn't appear for another hundred chapters.

Something that annoys me incredibly is how ML has no dignity and keeps going behind the MC like a desperate child, forcing himself on the MC, touching him without consent over and over, while the MC looks for ways to escape. In my honest opinion after observing these two for a couple hundred chapers, they should never be a couple.


not to mention that MC only starts developing something close to compassion for the ML after an instance where he encounters the 5/6yr old ver of the ML and basically gets convinced to be more understanding of the ML. The author smoothly avoided having to actually cultivate and nurture the bond between MC and ML through this cliche gimmick and thus made this pairing lose all credibility in my eyes


Moving onto our MC. He is said to have Antisocial Personality Disorder (made me cringe upon reading this), which I assume is on the milder range of the ASPD spectrum. He lacks empathy, feelings of guilt, and other common ASPD traits. Regardless, he does try to help others, though not for reasons such as others' wellbeing. Or so the author says.

It's shown over and over that the MC has empathy and is able to feel intense feelings (guilt, love, lust, etc.), though the narrative justifies it with 'he just feels responsible' which either is the author intentionally mocking the MC convincing himself that he's heartless, or a genuine effort of the author to convey his ASPD to the audience. Imo, ASPD here is just a crutch the author uses to enhance MC's eccentric personality (which really isn't iconic or unique in any way to me), without actual effort made to consistently maintain this complex and stigmatized personality disorder.

Either way, rather than criticising medical topics and wondering whether MC's diagnosis is valid or not, I'd like to focus on the usage of convenience over and over when it comes to the MC.

First of all, the body that our MC inherits is of an albino male. However, the author explicitly states that this character has all the physical traits of albinism (e.g. lack of pigmentation to explain the characters 'fairness', which we know c-authors love) but none of the side effects of albinism. This treads a line between convenience and fetishism of albinism.

Back to the plot, our MC really does a good job at tackling obstacles. Now, I don't mean to call him OP (though it can be argued). The obstacles are pretty convincing and exciting, and may even leave some readers at the edge of their seats to see how the MC will get around this. However, the way MC tackles them, repeatedly, snuffs out the embers of excitement. It seems that everything is really too convenient. Not once have I seen the MC actually sit, brainstorm ideas and actively gather resources for solutions. This repeats over and over and over, to the point that I was no longer feeling any sort of excitement when there was danger. Because it wasn't long before the MC miraculously evaded it.

Perhaps 'miraculously' is not the right word, as the author spends around 4 - 5 paragraphs explaining why it was possible. At this point I'm just used to random help or objects appearing to aid the MC. It kills the whole flow.


Everyone hungry and starving to death in a famine instance? Author: He whips out fruits. Everyone stuck in a examination instance where they have to memorize a load of shit? Author: He has excellent memory. Stuck in the middle of life and death having to unlock a door with a pin? Author: he is a magician, magicians are good at unlocking things (me: ???)

Rolled my eyes so hard when everyone, including the MC, was trying the impossible task of grabbing a hot air balloon that was floating too high, and suddenly, a clown and the mad hatter that MC talkes to once several chapters ago suddenly appeared to help him.


Another factor that kills the flow is the cringe-worthy comments from viewers. These comments basically hype up everything that happens in the plot, as if the author is laying down a script for us readers to follow. Not sure if that was the actual intention but it just makes whatever excitement I had completely disappear. Needless to say, I've been skipping reading all these comments.

As for the side characters, none of them are likeable or memorable but then again, the main characters aren't either.

So is the story actually interesting?

So far, no.

The games have a solid foundation but the MC's ability to smoothly overcome everything (at least till now) takes away any possibility of a rich, invigorating plot. None of the arcs so far have been memorable despite me being 200 chapters in.

For anyone who just wants to read a survival game novel to kill boredom, this novel will do just fine. For those who are actively seeking a well-written, thought-provoking novel, you might want to skip this. And for those who are here for horror, just read The Kaleidoscope of Death. Cheers. <<less
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May 16, 2021
Status: Completed
This is the best enemies to lovers I have read. Omfg I loved everything about this.

Our MC, Zong Jiu is a retired magician as a result of injuring his hands in a car accident. By chance, he transmigrates into a cannon folder's body who is forced to participate in a Thriller Trainee game of the infinite loop.

Here is the place where he can finally fix his hands. Here is the place where he can finally feel excitement. Here is the place where he will inevitably find love.

This novel is honestly... more>> amazing. It's what I search for in an enemies to lovers: A true villain who falls in love with someone so similar yet different.

Additionally, the way the author writes has always been amazing. The descriptions were spectacular (except when they rode the car in the parking lot aka s*x. I wished they didn't use all these similies and figures of speech *cries*)

I honestly can't say much because you really need to experience the story for yourself. Also, considering a few misunderstandings for some other reviewers, I suggest reading the mtl over again to understand. Sometimes details are missed with Google translate.

All in all, I enjoyed all the instances and plot of the novel so much to the point I want a physical copy. This novel really suits my taste.

I have three favorite scenes: 1) The coffin 2) Por Una Cabeza Tango and 3) Embracing in a broken and collapsed world.

They were just so beautiful and I felt these scenes really portrayed the Lead's character and relationship progression well.

I definitely will reread this once chapters are translated.

Too good/5

Enjoy and Adieu! <<less
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Dec 19, 2021
Status: Completed
The world building of the arcs were so great. Gore-y, disturbing and angsty- the only reprieve from those elements was when the trainees interact= hilarious, heartwarming, frustrating, and saddening.

There's a dangerous dance between no. 1 and Zong Jiu. Up until the end- their rivalry didn't vanish even when they finally got together. It's just a pity that even while the strength of Zong Jiu was clearly shown, the trope of "damsel in distress being saved by ML" weakened this. Not that it made this work less than stellar- it was... more>> so beautifully made. A bit anti-climatic with the main system but the ending is Happy, what more do I want? MORE that is.

Trainee Thriller Arcs

  1. Mental Hospital
  2. Las Vegas - ~
  3. Famine Mountain Village - *
  4. Game of Kings - ~
  5. The First Middle School
  6. Colorful Amus**ent Park&Happy Halloween - ~
  7. Judgement Day&Perfect World
  8. Masked Costume Party - ~
  9. Crazy Circus - *
  10. Punishment Dungeon - x
  11. The Final Battle - x
  12. Faust - x
  13. After the End - ~

Very Disturbing *

Yellow Book x

Light Read ~


The last two days of binging this one is very worth it! Be careful when you get attached to characters.


Well... you'll see them again but it's the thought that counts. Still- I thought there would be something more when you reach the end. I was kind of put out with the last battles for C-Position. What did C-Position even mean here? I get that they are trainees and the copies are supposed to be like a battleground for the survivors to see who can "debut" but it just became a label holder eh. There's a lot of mentions regarding this one but it got forgotten after.

C-Position is also known as center positions for idols or band groups in the entertainment world. It is for those individuals who bested all others that they deserve the most exposed place for the viewers to spot.

They are basically just the No.1-10. I probably just got confused with the MTL Don't mind, don't mind.

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Aug 21, 2021
Status: c247
I ended up MTL'ing this one and I kind of have a like-hate relationship with it.

I like the dynamic between the MC and the ML. It's refreshing to have a villainous love interest where the author doesn't do the cowardly thing authors always do where they're inevitably like "oh he wasn't REALLY bad, just misunderstood." No, the ML is a bad guy. So is the MC. That's another thing I like. Just because they're enemies, doesn't mean one side is good and one side is bad. They're both jerks. They're... more>> toxic a**holes, they know that they're toxic a**holes, and the MC is really self-aware about the fact that part of the reason they like each other is BECAUSE they, uh, hate each other. Which creates some actually interesting tension for a will-they-won't-they relationship in a genre where the answer is always, yes, they will.

So that's what I like about this series. On the other hand...

Literally everything else. It's all bad, which is forgivable, but much of it is boring, which is worse. The exam arc is probably my favorite out of any of them, just because it's 1) unique and 2) says something sinister about the real world (our real world, not the MC's fictional real world). Which is a lot closer to real horror than the vast majority of "horror" web novels get. But most of the arc's potential is squandered and the ending isn't satisfying in the least. So.

Also, I have to complain about the barrage. I am so sick of authors writing boring barrages into their stories. I'm actually a big fan of barrage/twitter/weibo commentary in stories when it's DONE WELL, because it gives an additional layer of complexity to a plot when thousands or millions of other people are watching and judging a situation, and those judgements end up having an impact on the characters. However, so many authors just use it as a way to show off how much everyone in the whooooole world loves the protagonist and hates the antagonist and it's so so so boring.

The barrage in this story is even worse. I honestly started not even reading it. It doesn't contribute anything whatsoever to the story, and it's never made clear who it even is. Like... WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? Where are they watching from?? Why are they watching??? I don't get it at all. They never interact with the characters so they may as well not exist. They have zero impact on the story. And they never say anything interesting. A lot of the time, literally all they do is just repeat sh*t that the author has JUST explained through exposition or dialogue. The boring plots aren't that complicated. I didn't need you to explain it to me once, let alone a second time, but with the unnecessary addition of "The MC is SOOOOOO smart and handsome." Ugh.

Anyway, I thought the MC and ML's relationship was fun, at least for a while, but even that kind of loses its draw after a certain point, especially when I have to wade through so much garbage to get to it. And the reason I even like unlimited flow horror stories is because I like reading horror stories, so it's just an all around disappointment, tbh. Overall, it's not really worth it. <<less
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Jul 29, 2021
Status: Completed
This is sooo good! But it's a shame that I found this too early for the complete translation to finish because the mtl sucks at some points but still!!! THIS IS GOLD!!! But this is an extremely slow burn romance so if you're here for early plot fluff this ain't fowyouuuu! This is badass relationship of "enemies to lovers" trope with purely KILLING INTENT from each other. I LOVE THIS! If good translation is completed I'll come back and read again. (~ ̄³ ̄) ~
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Jul 14, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel is one of the best novels I've read! Enemies to lovers, I love the interaction between the MP and the friendships between MC and others. I love when MC plot against ML, and never give up his fight against ML for the win. The s*xual tension between them is so thick. It's hilarious that most trainees, especially the group of S-level didn't even realised that they are dating until they are invited for the wedding, LOL.

This is a slow-burn romance novel, where kisses occur only in the late... more>> 100s. The punishment arc, feeling so happy and really thank the curse. Starting on that arc, there are a lot of moments of happiness.😏

The ending is perfect! Every ML seeks for their own MC in the parallel world for their happiness. <<less
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Feb 09, 2022
Status: c69
I know I haven't even read one fourth of the novel, but this is just a masterpiece. I went in with high expectations, for most novels, it always disappoint me in one way or another because when I say high, I want perfection; but this one, it meet every one of my standards. I love the MC, love the ml, love all the supporting characters, though I'm not sure if a main antagonist is gonna show up later or if the ML is the main antagonist, but there is just... more>> such depth to every one of the characters that I really just can't put words to it. Anyways, I will come back later to make a better and more detailed review once I finish the novel.

P.S. Just saying, after chapter 69 I'm going to read it raw, though I speak Chinese fluently but when it come to reading, I'm almost illiterate, and the last book that I read in raw is 2HA which is my all time favorite novel, so this just shows how much I enjoyed this book. Also the translations are just flawless, as expected of Chrysanthemum Garden. And can we talk about how beautiful the cover is???!!! Bye Bye for now *blow kisses* <<less
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Jan 17, 2022
Status: Completed
This novel was so good that I just went ahead and MTL-ed and surprisingly it didn't give me a major headache reading it. (This would probably be attributed the author's style of writing being very clear and descriptive that even when poorly translated, gets the main point across.)

I usually don't read horrors -- as I'm too much of a scaredy-cat -- but this novel was a pleasant surprise. Although it was definitely thrilling, and at parts gorey, the plot allowed me to move past it. Like, even though it was scary, the scary parts served a purpose. Also, a main part of this story is that the show the characters are on, Thriller Trainee, is being live-broadcasted, so the occasional remarks by the audience really help to break up... more>> the tension. I really loved that.

In terms of the main pairing, they're a great match. Both of them are really intelligent and seeing them battle with their wits is really interesting, especially in the context of the mystery/horror instances. And although the ML is a bit forceful, the MC is equally forceful haha (^_^;). And also knowing it was a HE really helped.


The only thing I didn't like about this is during the extras, the author talked about a what would have happened to Zong Jiu and the Devil in parallel world and I just teared up. Like WHY?! They didn't need to add that but they just had to... T^T


Overall, this story is an absolute gem. 5/5 You won't regret checking it out for sure. <<less
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Dec 13, 2022
Status: Completed
I come from finishing the raws! This has to be one of the best enemies-to-lovers stories I've read. No offense but a good majority of the so-called "enemies to lovers" novels resolves the trope way too quickly, often at an irrational pace. I think what this novel does so well is expound on that blurry area of enemies and lovers. When they are neither enemies nor lovers, yet simultaneously both as well. (We LOVE killing intent+s*xual tension, the blood in the kiss, the attraction in every fist thrown, like PLEASE.)... more>> The tension of the relationship lasts all the way until the end of the story. Even when it has become all too clear to the audience that the two are in love with each other, neither is the type to easily reflect on and accept their internal feelings. Small spoiler below about the nuances of their relationship:


The ML I think comes to the conclusion faster than the MC (although it's still a lot later than he should have lmfao). And he's generally a lot more open in expressing his affection. But neither of them says "I love you" to each other throughout the entire story. Not even in the extras. And I think it's perfect because it would break their characters so much if they did say it. It's not necessary to say it for both of them and for the audience to understand how they feel. What I actually really appreciated was that the author didn't use one of those cliched tropes where some big event becomes the catalyst for one of the characters to "break down their walls" and gush out some mushy words of love. Don't get me wrong I love that type of shit, it's so cathartic. But it would have been very wrong for these two characters. Like both the MC and ML are bad to the bone with their contrasting yet equally pervasive flavors of insanity. There's not really any walls to break down because both of them have been true to themselves from the very start. The fact that neither of them realizes their feelings isn't a case of miscommunication or conscious denial or whatever, it's just because the idea of love itself was preposterous to begin with for them.


Anyways I love both the ML and the MC as separate characters. I think neither of them overshadow the other at all, even if the MC starts off being objectively "weaker" than the ML (but I think emotionally/mentally he has never lost out, in fact I think the MC wins a lot more than the ML). It's very interesting to put them side by side because the whole premise is that they appear so different yet are inherently so similar (paralleling their entangled dislike and love of each other). First of all, both of them are completely mad. If I look at them through some real-world psychiatric lens, both of them hit so many checkboxes of antisocial personality disorders. (The MC in particular; the ML is a different flavor of mad tbh but he's not even human LMAO). The difference is that the MC's insanity is checked by his one close childhood bond with a caregiver figure, and hence he has intentionally "chained" himself to social conventions, and furthermore learned to mask extremely well due to the performative aspect of his career as a Magician. The ML has never been checked. You'll learn his (quite tragic) backstory eventually but essentially he was born a madman, and he's the typical "just want to see the world burn" type of character. The two of them are such... contrasts of each other in a way (the MC's cold exterior versus the ML's heated intensity, the MC's warm human flesh vs the ML's cold whatever-inhuman-being skin, regulated vs wanton, white garb vs black suit, deck of cards vs puppet threads, the prophecy's "savior" vs the prophecy's "demon", etc etc). But then at the same time they're so similar. Both of them are extreme adrenaline junkies, both of them want to watch the world burn; it's a story of two madmen who found their fated adversaries, their fated partners, their fated enemy-but-lover, and then realized that really there's no point in adding anything after just 'fated.'


I spent the last two chapters just bawling. Not because it's sad or anything, this is very much a happy ending story. But just because I felt... so much for the ML. Ngl the ML is quite a (loveable) bastard. But when he was just admitting his... defeat, to the emotions that he felt for the MC. Like the author wrote it so well tbh she didn't explicitly write about "love" but everything was just about love. There's this really really really potent scene right at the climax of the story where they were making love and the ML was just like for some reason he really just wants to look at MC in the eye and press his nose against his. And it's just SUCH a small action, so common for lovers, yet so out of place for a relationship like theirs that supposedly has nothing to do with "tenderness."And then of course Really-Spoilery-Thing-tHAT-I-Won't-Even-Mention-Here happens right after and destroys that moment and I'm just aH tears. And also when at the very very end when the MC almost questioned whether this relationship was unfair for the ML (as in the ML was always the one that was silently but aggressively loving). But then he realized the decisions he's made and how everyone's language of love was different but not unequal. Ahhhh There's Just So Much Good Stuff.


I think my one criticism about the novel would be the actual structure of the unlimited flow thriller system itself. The individual arcs were quite good, (my ranking from best to worst is probably: high school, village, circus, judgement day, asylum, punishment arc). I also quite enjoyed the interjection arcs that take place at the trainee camp (eheheh the masked banquet and las vegas were so good). But the actual mechanism of the system as well as how the whole story actually resolved was quite... handwavy. Like I'm so accustomed to handwavy systems by now because like the system thing is just such a well-established setup for the whole genre of unlimited flow/quick transmigration that there's no need to explain it. But the way that everything ends felt somewhat... anticlimatic. As well as too convenient. The ending was too happy, that's it, that's my complaint LMFAO. I feel like there were a lot of holes in the explanations for how everything worked, but tbh at that point in the story I was so carried away by the MC and ML's relationship developments that I could hardly care. Oh I think that's another pretty uncommon thing, the arc of the couple's relationship mirrored the arc of the whole storyline. Aka the climax of the story matched the climax of the relationship (deserving of the "slow burn" tag). But don't worry just like the actual story there's a lot of development that happens before the actual climax so it's not that slow lmao. ANYWAYs TL;DR 11/10 would recommend. <<less
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This person is dying
This person
Sep 08, 2021
Status: Completed
(major edit for more accuracy and less redundancy)

I read author's previous work "Daily Disposable Persona" and by now I get author's writing style.

Author likes to write chuunibyou story with over powered gary stu main characters, that even most of the times the side characters and the world-building are only made to embellish this fact. However this wasn't entirely bad. And in this book it wasn't overly done as much as the previous work.

At least, if you don't have much prejudice toward OP-ness, you can simp over... more>> the main characters here. And once you simping them you can't just stop.

And whenever it gets exciting, it will be really exciting that you just want to forget all the details!

Anyway, if it's only for the exciting part I'll give this 7/5 stars.

The instances and plot were actually just so-so, even author will often just present the hints or suddenly let the characters came into conclusion without actual reasoning, but *bam* author will insert some fresh originality here and here so it wasn't all that bad.

The originality bits are actually very interesting and smart. Sometimes I wonder whether it's not that author skill is lacking, but it's just that they didn't want to write part that is boring like finding the hints yourself, so they will just deliver it to the front door to minimize the wait.

Still, you can't expect good mystery here. But you can expect good adventure and some action.


Some originality that I like:

  • The author exploited MC's inhuman appearance as an important plot device, at least it's not just for gary stu points, surpirse!
  • One of the instance penalty become an accidental deux machina instead which save the MC. It was very interesting!
  • I think ML's past was also quite original although not really either

It should have been okay for me to give this 4 or 5 stars, but at that time the overall rating is 4.9 which is too high. Compare it to works by MXTX, Priest, or Fei Tian, this book is still lacking. Therefore I gave 3 to lower the overall rating a bit. 4.5 ~ 4.7 was really good enough for this one.

But I really recommend this if you aren't allergic to chuunibyou story. I meant it's actually not that much chuunibyou because the plot is still normal and covered it enough.


Their first smexy scene is actually much more exciting than the summary:


It's actually under a type of aphrodisiac (mc). A bit of voyeurism (only between them), but more or less concensual while still maintaining that hot hostility.


It's actually pretty late in the story, like chapter 170ish. But compared to "Daily Disposable" the UST/romance aspect here is stronger, so you can enjoy it before the action scene ( (

) <<less
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May 04, 2021
Status: c123
PvP style IF with a decent MC. The ML is a monumental prick so far and the writing has some serious consistency problems ... more>>

i.e. There is one psychic in the copy, then suddenly there are three when they accuse the MC, and then a chapter or 2 after that there is only one again. Or the the MC can barely dress himself or use eating utensils because of his damaged hands but then he has no problem palming pills or lighting matches or fist fighting, all of which require more dexterity of hand than dressing or eating.

yes, fist fighting, because he suddenly declares he's a qigong practitioner out of nowhere. His past memories were all about being a magician and there was never any hint of such a thing in the earlier chapters so when he suddenly becomes a fighting expert it feels very off.


For once I'm hoping the translators do a little work and smooth out those inconsistencies, though I realize there is only so much they can do to try and make it flow better/ make sense/ etc.

I'm going to leave it at four since I didn't make it through the whole story; maybe I'll try again later but I am seriously disliking this ML. My rating for the moment is 3.5 <<less
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May 11, 2021
Status: Completed
One of the best infinite horror cycle I have read so far. Definitely goes on the top 3 list.

As for characterisation

... more>>

MC is indifferent to everyone, cares only for his own excitement. But he is also very responsible and his indifference is chained by ethical and moral views taught to him by his favourite nun. So, even though he won't help anyone, as long as he takes responsibility for something, he will definitely carry other through.



Now, for ML. Honestly, u will find lots of contradictory views. ML is a villain. And not those k-novel villains who are actually 'good' at heart but he is actually a villain. He is bored out of his mind, super powerful, doesn't care about human life. He will personally kill humans, torture humans and destroy everyone if needed coz that is his character.

He will try to kill MC coz it's in his nature to kill. Later, he will start to fatten up MC so that they can meet in one final 1v1 and he can kill the most interesting and fun person he has ever met (MC). Except he falls in love with MC lmaooo. In the end, he chooses to let MC go free. And in return, MC promises to be with him.


You will either hate ML or love him. I love him gaah.

Novel rating - 10/10

T/L - 10/10 <<less
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Jan 19, 2022
Status: Completed
I don't speak English very well and have never commented before, but gosh, I can say that this is the best novel I've ever read, I'm not sure if I can find a better one. I am glad that I found heroes who are close to me. Thank you for letting me find this work, I will re-read it for the rest of my life
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