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The washed-up magician Zong Jiu transmigrated into a horror, infinite flow novel about a survival show, taking the place of the cannon fodder who died tragically in the first evaluation round. This show was very interesting. Out of the tens of thousand people, only a hundred people could survive, and the c-position (strongest contender) could even get a universal wish ticket.

If it were someone else, they’d probably be scared to death.

No one expected that Zong Jiu was not only unafraid, but also caused a sensational stir, shamelessly showing off his tricks the whole way.

Once his tricks stopped, and his life could be considered safe and sound, he ended up in a rivalry with the novel’s big villain.

Today you try to get at me, tomorrow I’ll get you back, back and forth, it’s pretty fun, heh.

As a result, though it was just playing around, one time they got carried away and really did end up sleeping together. Watching the nemesis who was pressing him to the ground, Zong Jiu lazily lifted his gaze. “If you want to kill me then kill me, don’t speak nonsense.” Even when at a disadvantage, he showed no trace of fear, and actually continued to provoke him.

That person used his ice-cold finger to trace his ear, and the action heading toward the aorta suddenly stopped.

“What a pity. I’ve changed my mind.”

He was once very willing to personally give Zong Jiu death. Every day, he used to regret not gouging out his flesh, personally snapping his neck. But after this person fell into his hands, another, more urgent desire grew like weeds.

Compared to winning or losing, he would rather see him crying and panting, with eyes red, begging for mercy.

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Unlimited Trainee
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New Pandablackeyes rated it
October 15, 2021
Status: Completed
The most satisfying ending I have ever read..

It is very well done, from beginning to end. I really like the dynamic between the MC and ML... All characters are likeable as well as the npc's...

The instances were also interesting and very clever. I miss the sub system though..

You could also take a glimpse for those "ifs" question..😀 You'll know what I mean if you read this...

Have fun, !
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New Babey3 rated it
October 11, 2021
Status: c51
The story is still getting warmed up but it’s a ton of fun. I definitely recommend it! Looking forward to the next update.
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Bears111 rated it
April 24, 2021
Status: Completed
I read the first chapter and was instantly hooked to the premise. Transmigration + infinite flow is a rare combo and this novel definitely lived up to my initial hype for this combo of genre. I mtl'ed the rest and the mtl was one of the easier ones to understand!

As erista stated, its a HE!! So rest assured even if there are some sad moments in the novel :').

I was honestly just mild towards the ML at the beginning, but I really grew attached to that little b*stard at the... more>> end. Especially since the interactions between the MC and ML is just so good. They really do have that chemistry and the ending just really established the fact that they are meant for each other.


No matter what world they are in because each ML in their own parallel world can just go to another parallel world just to find his MC lmao. Since, y'know, MC wasn't originally from his world.


About the MC and ML (hopefully vague enough to be nonspoilers) :

The MC is someone without much empathy or emotions, yet he's very keen on keeping his promises. He rides that thin line between being detached lone wolf but also a leader, and he rides it well. I truly found him very capable and clever, and to be equals to the ML. Even if the ML is really OP (and for a reason), it doesn't feel overwhelming, since the MC is pulling his own weight (and sometimes other's weights as well in some arcs). - Again, he's not a bleeding heart, but he knows when it's necessary to work together.

The ML is a little devil and fits the overbearing CEO trope. Except he's kinda

out to murder the MC. But it's playful murder and it's kinda really nice?? Because it really sets them on equal grounds in a way since the MC outwits him and his murder attempts.

He's also not an iceberg and is playful and flirty, which is a nice contrast to the (edit:) ML MC who is definitely more emotionless. Their personalities bounce off each other and it's really nice.

More on the ML:


The ML is the no.1 s rank player, but at the same time he's sorta the controller of the whole infinite flow thing. So he appears as various NPCs throughout the arcs, or sometimes not directly appear, as he has the power to control them/players.


The instances/arcs are no joke either and are definitely also interesting. With the different rules and clear conditions of each. It's interesting and keeps you on your toes to see how it'll unfold. Each instance feels deadly and even though you know the MC is gonna get out alive (because yeah, lol), there's definitely still conflicts and moments where the MC is in danger and has to work out a solution.

The format is somewhat like a reality TV show with a live audience reacting in the background to player's actions, etc... Players are ranked based on their performance and each trainee gets better rooming and more based on their ranks.



1) Psychiatric hospital arc: mystery about a psychiatric hospital, standard start. The MC meets the ML (the ML is an important npc in the hospital 😳)

2) Casino: more about gambling than mystery, but it's still pretty exciting! and really shows the MC's competency, aka him being a magician. And also sets his impression with the other participants and viewers.

3) Famine Mountain Village: mysterious going ons inside a strange village. The MC draws a 'ghost' card, meaning he has a different goal from the other participants in this arc.

4) First Middle School: school arc but with a twist, really interesting and shows the MC working together with other participants. Has some emotional moments as well, I was honestly rooting for MC's whole ass team to survive.

5) Colorful Amusement Park: running around an amusement park with monsters and safe houses.

6) Judgement Day: religious setting with judgment day coming and the locals know about the players being in an infinite flow. We learn about ML and his background in this one, and man, it was something.

7) Masquerade: Masquerade ball where players have to identify the 'mentor', aka the person who has been giving them assessments. (their player scores, as per their performance etc...) Participants can dress up in various ways. We get more interactions with MC and ML in this one, less murdery lol.

8) Crazy Circus/Punishment World: Dnd dice rolls mixed with an animal-human reversal world. I am not kidding lol. MC and another player got into 'punishment' world since their initially bad dice rolls. The MC because he tried to cheat, and the other player because they just have extremely bad luck lol.

9) Final Battle: 1v1 between the ML and MC.


Overall, I really, really recommend and enjoyed this novel!! <<less
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erista rated it
April 22, 2021
Status: Completed
I'm writing this review with 1 translated chapter available orz. The description had me hooked so I MTLed it and it was pretty understandable!! I LOVED this novel so much, it made me sob multiple times but it's just... SO GOOD. they had a happy (and satisfying) ending! good for them!

... more>>

The MC is super badass and cool. He's indifferent and uncaring, basically only looking for excitement for himself. But if he makes a promise, he'll do his best to stick to it, even if it causes him unnecessary troubles, which I think is pretty admirable.

I originally thought that the ML was the mysterious dude in the beginning (zhuge??) but he wasn't... you'll see ;))

ML is a little (a lot) crazy but there is a lot (AND I MEAN A LOT) of sexual tension between the main couple. Their ending was really touching. I don't know how to describe it, but MC and ML brought excitement to each others' lives and it was just so... GOOD. When the MC left the last game, it made me sob so much, but it was resolved pretty satisfyingly in my opinion. I love how the players were all reunited but not trapped!

In the beginning, ML is outright trying to kill the MC, but its like a playful violence? That sounds bad, but ML has the power to complete destroy the MC but MC intrigues him so ML holds back. ML likes giving the MC "surprises" and MC likes to return those surprises! It's actually pretty funny since I don't think the MC ever lost to the ML. ML is a little bastard but MC just shrugs and completely wrecks whatever the ML is planning LOL. I loved how MC never bowed his head to the ML and they were actually on pretty equal footing in my opinion.

ML's character development (?) made me cry a lot as well. The scene where he casually asked the MC if he was leaving him, despite holding tightly onto the MC.... :,)

There were some really sad character deaths but they got their happy ending! Especially the side couple... orz

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Brier rated it
May 15, 2021
Status: Completed
I'm so glad this is finally being translated! Thriller trainee is a fun story with dynamic characters. The enemies to lovers trope is very real in this one, with the tension between the MC and ML being at an all-time high as though MC is not exactly a good person, the ML is a truly evil one. Nevertheless, the chemistry between the two is riveting, their every interaction like a murderous dance interspersed with playful pawing with clawed hands.
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Lieve rated it
April 24, 2021
Status: Completed
1 translated chapter and it hooked me right at the beginning, I MTLed it and it was soooo good. This is my first time writing a review so excuse me ^^

... more>>

Zong Jiu, Our MC is really a clever person (at the same time cunning) he has enough strength to protect himself (not to the point of being OP) Honestly, this is one of the details I liked in the story, no one is OP enough to destroy the whole system just because they want to, they all have their own limitations, including the ML.

Our ML the so called no.1, at first he's really just interested in Zong Jiu and want to kill him (because they're both alike, but both are going in the opposite direction, so they're considered as enemies based on the prophecy) but then, just like in the description, he slowly got interested in him in a opposite way, yeah he wants to have seggs with him HHAHAHAHAH

Both of them really don't believe in love, but I think it's halfway before the ending that although they don't say I love you to each other, I can already feel that they love each other.

Zong Jiu is the shou and no.1 (the devil) is the gong.

About the instances (or games?) It's very well built, every instances is good, it didn't get me bored (it's actually the first time I didn't get bored at a supernatural danmei because yeaaah I tend to get bored early everytime I read supernatural danmeis so I kinda have a prejudices in it, but this one really took all of my time and I have no complaints because it was so good.)

It's a slow burn, like really, but it's worth it yaaasss


Anyway, this is my first time writing a review, so sorry if I can't convey the structure of the story well because... I'm bad at describing and explaining things.

Just read it! ^ ^ <<less
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enklaires rated it
July 22, 2021
Status: Completed
This is what 'enemies to lovers' should be!! They weren't simply bickering, they were literally punched each other on bed! I've read quite a lot Unlimited Flow novel but this has one of the best couple so far. Their relationship is hard to describe, even after they became lovers they still fight as if they couldn't wait to kill each other. MC is indifferent and individualist, although he's a bit crooked he can restrain himself and didn't harm other people as he pleases. In contrast, ML is simply a madman.... more>> I think it's because of his identity,

He was born from malice and darkness of human's heart (?) His identity is on par with Evil God from Super S-Grade dimension, that's why the main system can't control him.


I really like the ending. I thought MC would come back to his world but

He chose to stay in infinite loop with ML. He didn't have any attachment to his world and he didn't need to restrain his madness anymore in infinite loop! It's quite rare ending.

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tanni103 rated it
May 22, 2021
Status: Completed
To be honest the arcs dont really arouse my interest much and I only continued to read on because of the romance. When the MC and ML appear together, the story gets a bit more color and is also very funny. It gets better near the end of the novel where their romamce unfolds completely and the end is one of the rare good and complete ending.

Luckily the side characters arent that bad. Especially two of the top ten ranked are quite the funny guys. Apart from romance and a... more>> bit of comedy I dont feel the horror atmosphere at all or more like minimal. The MC feels more like a gary sue character than someone who is strong from the start. I searched novels with that tag because the novel "Psychic" left a deep impression on me.

I dont know what others will feel about this novel but the highlight of this novel in my opinion is the romance of the two main characters, the developement from enemies that cant wait to kill each other to eternal lovers.

PS: I dont feel like that this novel is a shounen-ai because the MC and ML do sleep together... a lot (once the ML gets to taste the MC in the latter half), but it doesnt go into the details. I hope someone will write a doujinshi of their lovemaking hehe *drool* I dont know if I should change the tag since shounen ai only means little kisses and handholding. <<less
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YellowNoodle rated it
May 16, 2021
Status: Completed
This is the best enemies to lovers I have read. Omfg I loved everything about this.

Our MC, Zong Jiu is a retired magician as a result of injuring his hands in a car accident. By chance, he transmigrates into a cannon folder's body who is forced to participate in a Thriller Trainee game of the infinite loop.

Here is the place where he can finally fix his hands. Here is the place where he can finally feel excitement. Here is the place where he will inevitably find love.

This novel is honestly... more>> amazing. It's what I search for in an enemies to lovers: A true villain who falls in love with someone so similar yet different.

Additionally, the way the author writes has always been amazing. The descriptions were spectacular (except when they rode the car in the parking lot aka sex. I wished they didn't use all these similies and figures of speech *cries*)

I honestly can't say much because you really need to experience the story for yourself. Also, considering a few misunderstandings for some other reviewers, I suggest reading the mtl over again to understand. Sometimes details are missed with Google translate.

All in all, I enjoyed all the instances and plot of the novel so much to the point I want a physical copy. This novel really suits my taste.

I have three favorite scenes: 1) The coffin 2) Por Una Cabeza Tango and 3) Embracing in a broken and collapsed world.

They were just so beautiful and I felt these scenes really portrayed the Lead's character and relationship progression well.

I definitely will reread this once chapters are translated.

Too good/5

Enjoy and Adieu! <<less
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ijustread rated it
July 29, 2021
Status: Completed
This is sooo good! But it's a shame that I found this too early for the complete translation to finish because the mtl sucks at some points but still!!! THIS IS GOLD!!! But this is an extremely slow burn romance so if you're here for early plot fluff this ain't fowyouuuu! This is badass relationship of "enemies to lovers" trope with purely KILLING INTENT from each other. I LOVE THIS! If good translation is completed I'll come back and read again. (~ ̄³ ̄) ~
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Nana24 rated it
July 14, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel is one of the best novels I've read! Enemies to lovers, I love the interaction between the MP and the friendships between MC and others. I love when MC plot against ML, and never give up his fight against ML for the win. The sexual tension between them is so thick. It's hilarious that most trainees, especially the group of S-level didn't even realised that they are dating until they are invited for the wedding, LOL.

This is a slow-burn romance novel, where kisses occur only in the late... more>> 100s. The punishment arc, feeling so happy and really thank the curse. Starting on that arc, there are a lot of moments of happiness.😏

The ending is perfect! Every ML seeks for their own MC in the parallel world for their happiness. <<less
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Dragon_Reader rated it
May 11, 2021
Status: Completed
One of the best infinite horror cycle I have read so far. Definitely goes on the top 3 list.

As for characterisation

... more>>

MC is indifferent to everyone, cares only for his own excitement. But he is also very responsible and his indifference is chained by ethical and moral views taught to him by his favourite nun. So, even though he won't help anyone, as long as he takes responsibility for something, he will definitely carry other through.



Now, for ML. Honestly, u will find lots of contradictory views. ML is a villain. And not those k-novel villains who are actually 'good' at heart but he is actually a villain. He is bored out of his mind, super powerful, doesn't care about human life. He will personally kill humans, torture humans and destroy everyone if needed coz that is his character.

He will try to kill MC coz it's in his nature to kill. Later, he will start to fatten up MC so that they can meet in one final 1v1 and he can kill the most interesting and fun person he has ever met (MC). Except he falls in love with MC lmaooo. In the end, he chooses to let MC go free. And in return, MC promises to be with him.


You will either hate ML or love him. I love him gaah.

Novel rating - 10/10

T/L - 10/10 <<less
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rhianirory rated it
May 4, 2021
Status: c123
PvP style IF with a decent MC. The ML is a monumental prick so far and the writing has some serious consistency problems ... more>>

i.e. There is one psychic in the copy, then suddenly there are three when they accuse the MC, and then a chapter or 2 after that there is only one again. Or the the MC can barely dress himself or use eating utensils because of his damaged hands but then he has no problem palming pills or lighting matches or fist fighting, all of which require more dexterity of hand than dressing or eating.

yes, fist fighting, because he suddenly declares he's a qigong practitioner out of nowhere. His past memories were all about being a magician and there was never any hint of such a thing in the earlier chapters so when he suddenly becomes a fighting expert it feels very off.


For once I'm hoping the translators do a little work and smooth out those inconsistencies, though I realize there is only so much they can do to try and make it flow better/ make sense/ etc.

I'm going to leave it at four since I didn't make it through the whole story; maybe I'll try again later but I am seriously disliking this ML. My rating for the moment is 3.5 <<less
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ylial rated it
May 3, 2021
Status: Completed
Good novel! My rating is around 4.5

Although The ending is somewhat predictable, it is very satisfying for me, esp the after stories of the characters. In addition, the copies and events of infinite loop are really well thought. However, the love story of MC and ML is just a common trope where the S1 rank is the ML and is overpowered. Nevertheless, it gets more and more interesting in the 2nd half of novel. But the near ending story disappointed me since... more>>

I expected a more exciting climax in the copy yet I was given with a yaoi scenes

Most of the readers will find to dislike the ML (like me) !! But his personality is still bearable


ML oppresses (wants to kill at first) the MC every time due to his boredom and difference in ideology. He seems like a child. But he is really a child (6y/o) but is forced to become an adult due to malice. The story will become unpredictable and more exciting If only the author makes the S#2 or S#3 the ML.

The MC is also described as cold, indifferent and similar to ML yet he is kind and chivalrous (which I like). This is probably due to his childhood-brought up by nun.

Downside: there's an indefinite rating in trainees (changes are minimal in S rank, yet great in low levels etc), unlike some infinite flow or episodic horror BL where there's a systematic ranking from viewers, copy completion, side stories accomplishment.

Second, some little plot holes. Third, the author insisted that each stands in the opposite sides yet they are similar but the author failed to describe the details of comparing or stating the similarities between them (mc/ml) in the beginning of story. Only near the end that their each pasts are told (very briefly).

It was only stated that they're on opposite side but have similarities. It's better to narrate in the early chapters the past life of MC and in the middle, the life of ML so the readers can see the DISTINCTIONS (similarities or differences to MC and ML that led to each present personalities).

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
LeniSnow rated it
October 6, 2021
Status: Completed
Just made an account to write for this. It's amazing, I've been looking for a novel to read for about a week now as a lot of the novels I found irritated me one way or another with the illogical content or annoying s*upid MC. This is just perfect, it doesn't make my head hurt. I love the chemistry.

Mtl is understandable

Edit: completed, I love it so much. Thank you
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This person is dying
This person is dying rated it
September 8, 2021
Status: Completed
I'm enjoying this novel so much I could give a 7/5, but the author has major carelessness or perhaps bad habits.

Meanwhile the author can be very forceful at stating canonical facts (whenever they can), sometimes the facts in one paragraph doesn't carry to the next, and the story just goes on like that. I'll just think it like a red wire suddeny changed to blue in the middle but then back to red. Since it all end well, I'll just forget about it (not).

make me wonder what happened with the... more>> author's short term memory. If it is like mine, perhaps I also can write something like this? (Well people can dream)

Beside that, sometimes a conlusion is reach but there is no bridge. Like a light bulb without wires. But you can't help to keep going because the light bulb is too bright, you are like a moth attracted to it.

The author is often lazy to elaborate or even make up stuff that aren't exciting. This is a major weakness to the mystery elements but a plus to excitement ('cause who cares with those insignificiant stuff, right? We're here for the couple!)

Nah, probably the author know they aren't good at that and instead focus more on the stuff they are very good at. They also annex interesting characters' role so they can focus more on other characters or stuff. I think this is a smart move, so the story wouldn't be too packed or the author got more distracted than they were. This is just right.

Anyway, because of that, what good about this novel and what bad about it can be very obvious (maybe you'll only have slightly different feeling). So read well what other reviewers have said! Don't take it with a grain of salt (cause it hella hard and time consuming to make a review, though no one ask!)

Btw, beside the couple, I think the author is very creative. Although the theme is mainstream, they can weave it beautifully.

I really like how the author playing with some of the plot devices, hilarious, feel new and original, example:

    • The author exploited the MC's inhumanely beautiful appearance as an important plot device, it's not just for gary stu points
    • one of the instance penalty become an accidental deux machina instead which save the MC

So, did I recommend it? Yes, yes, yes. I give this an overall 3 because of the weakness listed above and to respect more all-rounded story (which excitement level is actually not as high as this novel, but I wanna be objective when reviewing st u know?) but I'll actually give this 4 because I don't want to be scolded, but it seems once you rate, you can't cancel it?

PS: before MTL-ing this I'm dying for spoiler. The summary lied, it's much more exciting than it. Unfortunately it's not explicit, but still better than just a cut.


it's actually similar to aphrodisiac


also it happens much later


around ch 170


so just sit back and enjoy the plot, the UST, and the onmyouji.

PSS: I'm not high, just remembering this novel make me high <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
lazyfujo rated it
August 25, 2021
Status: --
This is my favorite novel. It's the best- perfect plot, perfect MC, perfect everything. I think the fact that I created an account to say how good this is should be enough to make you read it.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Erina B
Erina B rated it
August 23, 2021
Status: Completed
So good that I can't even wait translation and directly want to MTL. Plot is amazing that even though my eyes burnt I can't stop reading in MTL. I like the characters, plots, and THE ENDING!!! It will be in my fav list from now on. ♡♡♡
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justanotherpasserby rated it
July 7, 2021
Status: c31
So good!! MC is a classic badass-smart-opportunistic character but the author managed to pull it off well without making him looked too OP. Anyway so far the dynamic between him and ML still exudes "we are destined to be enemy" and looking forward for the future development!! Also side characters aren't there just for hyping up things, and they actually have distinct characteristics. So yeah, read it!!
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
reflect2moon rated it
June 18, 2021
Status: c21

I'm going to MTL this lol

Although my small brain takes a while to understand what's going on, I'm still hooked. I personally don't like thrillers, but for the sake of reading this, I will perservere. *Pray for myself*
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Lolkika rated it
September 18, 2021
Status: Completed
It's amazing!!! Amazing characters, stunning plot!!! You'll regret finishing it as you'll want more.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nyaa.23 rated it
August 29, 2021
Status: Completed
Pros :

The enemy to lovers trope is truly something else. The tension between MC and ML *chef kiss*. The MC is a magician, my boi got brains and managed to make the best out of a situation. The ML is sooo freaking charming w his demeanor. The MC and ML don't change much after they got together; in some cases, the ML just changed to a totally different person. But not in this novel, the ML stay true to his character setting.

The arcs are very interesting. The school arc is... more>> superb, kinda reminds me of real life. The carzy circus arc is deeply disturbing, it kinda made me want to go vegan.

The side characters are well developed. My god, finally a novel where they do their side characters justice. The story got more ligh hearted towards the end.

The end and extra are very satisfying. Easily one of my top BL horror fav.

Cons :

Can't think of one. It's a fun read, every single chapter is a treat. <<less
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