Genius Regressor Makes Mythic Items


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Alchemist Kim Shimun, a level 1 mage with no magical abilities.

On the day Earth was facing destruction, a miracle occurred.

“This time, surely…”

Even the miserable life of a mage with no magical abilities, as well as all the misfortunes to come, “I will fix everything.”

A miserable life will now become legendary.

Associated Names
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The creation of a mythical weapon by a returning genius player
회귀한 천재 플레이어의 신화급 무기창조
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New MrJaxPL rated it
May 5, 2024
Status: c61
It's not master piece but it's okay. You can predict story without much effort. Guy litterally has knowledge of future events and power to summon god's artifacts out of his ass and nothing. It feels that many things are just poorly written by author. Good enough to pass time until you get bored of reppetive template.
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I'm enjoying it, it's got some elements that bring it closer culturally to a eastern audience (the core being in a diatan (spelling??)) elements, but its not bad. The translation is good.

Willing to sit on this one, its fun enough to imagine it from here.

Sort of your celestial survival game genre.

Too early to tell.

ch24 this is just to taste, another well executed novel in the genre, and my complaint may have been too hasty. It seems like we'll see the concept explored.
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