Bee in a Ruined World


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A world turned into a game by a transcendent intervention. While others are fighting for their lives in an apocalyptic situation, I’ll be sucking honey.

Real honey, the kind that smells sweet and tastes like honey, with the bees showing off their fluffy, attractive bottoms.

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Bees in a Ruined World
멸망한 세계의 꿀벌
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New Rioshi
May 24, 2024
Status: --
So, all bookmarks to the original article have now closed. The site itself no longer even has the novel up. Either someone took them down so Webnovel could sell them for money, or they discontinued translation. Figured I would give you guys a heads up.

Rather a shame. This novel seemed like it was on the rise in popularity and getting attention from the community. Oh well.
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New Takigawa_292 rated it
May 19, 2024
Status: c78
I hope this novel get adaptation to manhwa, because nowadays these types of manhwa is lacking as far as I know. I just found these types of manhwa that I've read is just 2 and all of that is farming of vegetable-fruit plants vibe.

The novel is unique despite the vibe genre of novel like farming etc, but this is focused on beekeeping at all.

On the other hand, MC is too OP now that he can single handedly kill a strong enemy in one slash. I dunno if this was pro,... more>> cons, or something common.

Well that's all, I'm still noob giving review on this because this is my first time, so there's not much I can say about pro and cons. However, you should try read this one because the atmosphere on the story is quite fluffy in the midst of chaos, lol.

Notes: If anyone wants to read this novel but can't get into GalaxyTL website (404 error or so it looks like it) like me, I suggest you can read at scribble hub by the tittle "Anthophila in a Destroyed World" <<less
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Eurydice378 rated it
December 20, 2023
Status: c35
It's good and entertaining. I also love that the MC is realistic and smart enough to be not taken advantage to. Also the best part is the MC is not naive and saint like other novels. I like the bees they're adorable. It's a good read and I recommend for people who are bored and just want a chill read.
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Kakipii13 rated it
March 12, 2024
Status: c58
An apocalyptic slice-of-life, this time with bees. MC has an extreme hyperfixation on bees. When higher beings turn the world into something like "Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint" with video-game like abilities and deadly country-wide quests, MC gains a unique class dedicated to beekeeping. Despite being like animal rearing/crafting/foraging focused he makes items he can use to make him OP and fight monsters. An internet-like community server that connects all the players means he can also sell items and get rich.

Notable for having an MC that like just doesn't care much about... more>> other people and isn't altruistic, but also isn't nihilistic or anti-social. He has no problems price-gauging and putting poor people at a disadvantage where only corrupt rich people can buy his OP products, but he's also willing to help people if it's convenient, will try to trust others, and feels better living in a group of people. The narration notes that he's weird about bees, like putting the lives of bees above other people even before the end times came. There's are some throwaway details that suggest something was up with MC's life before the apocalypse happened too, considering his lack of care about the sudden end of the world, his disinterest in what's happening to the rest of humanity and their lives or deaths, how he was already living alone in a forest that's so far away from where people live no one notices his presence, and the interesting personality of the one other person from his orphanage we see.

Emphasis on "slice-of-life." Has a lot descriptions of items, skills, and bees. Even when there is monster fighting the actual fight isn't described in detail, so it's not really an action series. There's a lot of *description of society collapsing as monsters attack and people start killing indiscriminately* - scene change - *MC referring to his bees as his children and making honey tea*. As of chapter 58 there's some kind of plot too, and it's getting increasingly more interesting. You like fantasy item crafting stuff? You like bees? You think this sounds interesting? Than you should read it. <<less
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