Solo Farming In The Tower


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One day, a mysterious tower suddenly appeared in the city. The people decided to call it a dungeon, and while it was full of rugged terrain and dangerous monsters, it was also a land of opportunity, where countless treasures awaited. When Sejun, a young man living an ordinary life, is invited to the dungeon by chance, he is thrilled at the prospect of becoming rich, but he is stranded in a hidden area of the mysterious tower. All he has is a few seeds and his body. Now Sejun must farm, collect resources, and figure out his own survival strategy!

Associated Names
One entry per line
Farming in the tower alone
The Top Dungeon Farmer
나혼자 탑에서 농사
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New Poppies4Life rated it
July 12, 2024
Status: --
This story lives up to its title. It's about some guy that has overpowered farming abilities.

Some info before getting into the story:

    • The main character is a manipulative person that exploits his overpowered farming abilities. This isn't that big of a problem until you realize that the story revolves around the main character (and his farm) as if he is the only thing that matters.

      There is a part of the story in which a Minotaur becomes the MC debt s*ave.

      The way the MC did this was by taking advantage of the Minotaur's lacking mental capacity or perhaps naivety.
      I believe it should be noted that the Minotaur that was taken advantage of was the leader of the Minotaurs.
    • Intelligent animals work at the mc's farm. Some have the ability to talk and some are more important than others. The ones that don't talk are basically there to act cute and endearing. The ones that can talk are a bunch of pushovers or idiots that work for the MC.
    • There is a dragon that the MC pays tribute to once in a while and obtains blessings from. The dragon acts like a petulant child and I think they're the main love interest of the MC (very unsure).
As you can probably tell from what I have written above, I do not like this novel. I find the interactions the MC has with the creatures around him to be incredibly dull and repetitive. The author seems to try to make these interactions endearing, but a lot of them come of as slightly jarring (due to my terrible impression of the mc) or repulsive (due to the mc's manipulative, self centered behavior). I simply cannot stand the main character or his lackeys. I am not invested in the goals of the MC (his goal is to get rich and farm. Both of which are easily achieved with his op farming system thing) or the animals (their goals boil down to reaping as many benefits as they can off of the mc). Some people may find this story cute and wholesome and enjoy it (which is fine). However, the reasons listed above is why I can't feel the same way. The things I have written above are clearly based on my biased interpretation of the events in the story. This review is just me ranting about my dislike for this novel.
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New Lukagremory rated it
July 11, 2024
Status: c358
First time I write a review bcz I have to. I love the theme of the novel but the author seem lack of creativity in writing bcz most of the chapter is the same from start to end. Also theres not character building in this novel beside the main become more pushover n the animal become more arrogant.

If you dont like monotone novel, an annoying side charas, and not powerful main MC then this novel not for you.
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sgrey rated it
April 28, 2023
Status: c17
I usually wait until I read more of the novel to write a review, but I came to really despise the MC and with every chapter I am more and more disgusted by him. Here is why. This is a mild spoiler, as everything takes place within the first few chapter. Here is the quick setup.

... more>>

The MC is stuck in the tower and has no visible means of getting out, but can grow magical food. He gets a system store where he can buy some seeds and then grow them so that he can produce food. Every purchase so far costs only about 0.1-0.5 coins per one "item" and it appears that he can buy only one "item" (basically a pack of seeds of one plant) at a time. So he has no need for lots of money.

A little later a cat merchant comes in, who we know from the same chapter was manipulated, tricked and humiliated, spent all his money to be able to become a merchant and try to be successful, but trusts people way too easy. The cat has to spent a lot of money annually to keep his merchant license, so he needs a lot of money for trade and to keep his job.

Ok, so MC has no way of going outside, has limited resources and needs to make money somehow. Here comes the cat with the way to help him and information. MC tricks the cat and basically ens*aves the already unfortunate cat, forces the cat to only work for him, takes all the money from the cat and gives him only a 4% of the total sales amount from his veggies, where the actual profit from sales is huge (he spent 0.1 coins for the seeds and got 50 coins from the sales, and gave only 4 to the cat). In addition, the people who the cat traded with gave the cat some cat food as a bonus during trade, and MC actually got upset with the cat so that the cat dared to get a bonus and took the cat food away from the cat.

In addition, MC basically doesn't ask any helpful questions and doesn't ask for any items that might be helpful to him. He just keeps tricking and manipulating the cat, without almost no reward for the cat, so not much different from enslaving it. And from what we see so far MC doesn't actually need that much money, while the cat need a huge amount to keep living. The amount of money MC gives out to the cat is clearly not enough.


I will read a few more chapters, but if the novel won't get better, I will drop it because I really dislike this MC for the idiocy and manipulative behavior <<less
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Beer_Kitty rated it
April 28, 2023
Status: c18
Its really a good read. Not too slow and not too boring.

Guy jumps to a distortion and gets stuck in a cave hole. Started farming and having farm buddy bunnies, bees and a cat, forgot to mention a foodie tower manager.

My personal opinion on some of the other reviews.

Sure he basically swindled the cat, but the cat itself is prone to being swindled. 4% of the revenue is good already with the perks of able to increase it whenever he makes a good sale and atleast 50 fish on the... more>> get go. Its way better than being swindled by the goblin for 45coins for a tumbler and useless gadgets. Also as the contract says, the contract can be revised by party A if party A judge that party B is doing good or poorly. Its not ens*avement, its work. He gets to eat, have money and perks to have a permanent workload. He just needs to sell and nothing more. <<less
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nine_maybe rated it
January 21, 2024
Status: c180
I really liked it at first because fluffy cute animal and yummy food but after awhile it gets repetitive. I thought maybe reading the webtoon will help but it didn't. The main cast became more unlikable the more I read/tired to reread.

... more>>

Sejun: he was funny and fun at first because you get to learn things as he does but then it slowly became less endearing.

He preaches to other to be a good person but constantly lies, ens*aves and relies on others to do his work. In the beginning he is thankful to just survive another day or for any progress but later on he just becomes a hypocritical arrogant spineless person with no resource management. Everything is kinda handed to him on a silver platter. Theo got sick? The dragon healed him no problem. Want to ens*ave a black earth dragon? OP animals who blindly follows Sujun got it for you. Need some extra cash? No problem lets charge the monster suffering from the loctus. Need an OP item? Theo is basically omnipotent so here is a black dragon heart that can cure Aileen's heart! Life and death situation? None because you have an endless supply of black dragon scale that can prevent a deadly blow! There is probably more but at this point it's like the plot, repetitive.

BUT I want to rant so here it is:

  • Aileen: she is a child through and through. Selfishly asking for anything she wants and refuses to compromise (expect for ~love~). She nearly kills Sejun because she refuses to study/understand the basic of her duty of being a dragon. Also she becomes really one dimensional when all she got going is "I love Sejun and I'm powerful" just like the rest of the animals.
  • MC actively ens*aves people. Its to the point where he fantasize what he is gonna do after he ens*aves them.
  • MC says lying is bad and to share food but will then eat alone and lie to the other animals he ate alone. Which I never really got because you are the owner of the farmer, why can't you sample your own crop without backlash?
  • I never really understood how he kept up with the growing population he has to feed. Cuieng is a monster with an endless hunger but Sujun can feed him and a small village of monster?? I know other animals help but how bug is the kitchen? When did it get an expansion? For a novel that likes to write every little details to a point where it becomes repetitive it lacks explanation.
  • The black and white of who is good and bad is really makes the stakes boring/kinda predictable. Anyone who isn't friends/s*aves of Sujun = good and anyone who isn't = bad and are pure evil/don't have much of a brain so you don't need to feel bad killing them YAY~
  • MC continuously allows people to steal from him and give them little to no punishment and doesn't secure his goods. He gave water affinity to Theo and not Cuieng who frequently goes hunting in the water dimension because "I want an easier time bathing Theo"
  • There is really no stakes. Any problem Sujun has he will either stumble upon the solution or other does the work for him.
  • The other animals aren't any better because they copy his action, and any good ones who has morals has to go away because they have to stay on other floors or at a waypoint.
  • I really wished I would get more minotaur king or minotaur because I find the confliction of being starved but can't steal intresting but it gets solved instantly as they get ens*aved by sujun. I wish there was more conflict like this that didn't end with Sujun gets more s*ave but it probably won't

Cuz of that I'm dropping : (maybe ch 500 goes hard but if I have that kinda time I would have already read all the novels on this site <<less
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Rhueless rated it
May 8, 2023
Status: --
This is my favorite type of novel - a good slow life with warm fuzzy moments and cuteness - but unlike some other novels "cough spirit farmer" it doesn't needlessly obsess over the cuteness, and just gives rational daily doses of cuteness mixed with hard work.

Also the story is just as enjoyable at chp 68 as it was at chp 1 - maybe even improved over time! The best.
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Blackrabbit0634 rated it
May 31, 2023
Status: c320
It started out good but after a hundreds of chapters it kinda lost its appeal. Kinda repetitive but still entertaining. What made me lose interest is the currency inflation, at the beginning it was nice MC limited with few tower coins but later on MC is using millions, then billions of tower coins, exchanging a few bottles of homemade alcohol for hundreds of millions per bottle. Despite that MC does not try to buy anything from the outside world by hiring others just spending a few thousands of coins, there... more>> is a contract skill/scroll (?) to ensure completion yet MC is still living frugally (?)

he'd rather take chances of getting ramen by way of golden bat's ability to get outside of tower which will only get him one or two packs than to order them and get thousands of them, don't see the logic in that


MC still farming solo in the tower he is probably stuck there forever. At least now he is able to move from floor to floor. Strangely the job of Tower Farmer became the most important Job.

MC's companion are all stronger than MC which will also probably never change. Too bad about the black rabbit

He married the rabbit princess and became king so he is no longer part of the team but still appear from time to time, the father, mother & other sibling rabbits also moved with black rabbit to another floor

Theo for me became more annoying as time past, he is a very lucky cat, has a treasure finder, gets a whole lot stronger but at the same time became more annoying in my opinion as he became the biggest scammer after the MC. As for the other companions not much to say other than being stronger than MC, they usually are eating & farming together with MC.

About romance, maybe subplot? There is practically no romance but in a way the tower manager is MC's sole love interest. There is some progress at around 300+ chapter just forgot exactly when. This is the type of romance where everybody but the MC knows they are dating and by the time MC realize it is already a done deal. <<less
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DarkD rated it
July 9, 2023
Status: c68
I don't know how this is rated as high as it is, but it's not bad. It's just a really bland writing style. It's one of those stories that revolves around a single gimmick and the protagonist just wins over everything with that single gimmick. The world starts revolving around everything the protagonist does and every enemy becomes a servant as a result.

I will note, there's no harem, so I think this is more proof that harems don't actually increase views/ratings of a series.

As far as really blandly written series... more>> go, this one is probably better than most. There isn't anywhere near as much exposition as some of the ones I've read. Three more steps in the right direction and it might have been decently written.

So the main problem with a series like this other than being really bland is that it has nowhere to go. The scale of things fall off a cliff really fast and then what? Every conceivable threat is pacified within the first 50 chapters, okay, now what? Obviously, you contrive nonsensical plot twists to keep the story going.

Another criticism would be the "reaction based storytelling". Which is to say, the story develops a plotline, and the protagonist immediately develops a new crop that specifically counters that problem. It's the same as having a large chemical fire appear in front of you, but luckily you were just coming back from the hardware store where you coincidentally bought 20 fire extinguishers designed to suppress that specific type of chemical fire.

Initially, I thought I might be a little unfair about that last criticism, but then ten chapters later it happened again. Literally, the protagonist got a new very specific power, and a page later, a very specific need for that power came up.. <<less
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Catofdoom rated it
September 4, 2023
Status: --
Reads like a children's story. But of course it's neat to read something simple every now and then.

The little rabbits get to eat a lot of good food and everyone slowly becomes friends. Other then the people we kill of course. Those creatures are quite evil. Angry locusts and trees, pests unworthy of the garden.
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maymthu rated it
May 21, 2023
Status: c24
Oh man, this story heals my heart. There is no intense plot, no drama. Extreme slice of life, but interesting enough to make you keep on reading.

*What crops is MC going to grow?*

*How is the world going to react to MC's products?*

*What level up options will be exposed?*

That plus lovely interactions with all the cute monsters dwelling alongside MC to make his farm a success.

This is the novel I go to to recover from intense dramatic plots.
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Drakonus_ rated it
July 14, 2023
Status: c87
It's a pretty great slice-of-life fantasy novel. The pacing is just right where it's needed, and the story is engaging enough to keep you wanting for more. Definitely a solid read if you just want to relax.
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Ragemind rated it
May 31, 2023
Status: c31
I stumbled into this novel in those YouTube shorts of that recapped manhwa vids and thought, what a cute bunny with cute kids and wife and all. As I found it in here and in one night I read at least 31 chapters (I'm addicted to reading novels) I thought on giving this brief review and say thanks to the Translator.

A quiet life in a dungeon with some partners is in fact refreshing, I really like the MC even if he is kinda cookie cutter for a MC standard in... more>> wanting money and fame but at the same time, he is in fact unique for always thinking of his family even when he could die in the dungeon. Other characters made me warm a little to the idea of a nonbiri analogy but Spoilers. The novel is in fact a fun reading, light hearted and makes you want to read more and with the Translator being really fast at his job you could find yourself reading for days and not catching up. In my book this novel is a 4.5 can get a 5 and it is the rating I'm giving.

I'm not a writer of reviews but I really want more people to see this novel so I'm trying to help, see ya next time guys. <<less
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Kjh rated it
May 2, 2023
Status: c21
It is really a good story to read, interesting and also not too slow development, kinda different from what I used to read. The manhwa also looks super cute so reading the story beforehand is kinda fun and this story kept me waiting everyday for the new chapters.

My openion on the character is he is not that bad as he let the bunny couple, bees stay with him. The foodie dragon town manager was a nice character.

My openion on the other review

Yeah its true the contract looks unfair for the... more>> cat but the cat lost his whole saving of 45 town coins to the goblin and here he gets to get food and also a comission or interest of 4% which is not bad. It was written that the licence cost high but it was not every year. So the cat got food, money, the main character like him, permanent job security and he can also change contract if he wants. Yes the main character makes them work but in the end everyone is making a contribution and new items are being created.

I definitely recommend reading this novel <<less
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Tgrove rated it
June 30, 2023
Status: c75
It's nice to read a novel that doesn't involve the usual OP MC who is adding to his harm with every new female that he meets (but then again there always a new fluffy joining the farm 😆). But this is such a cute, slow pace page turner that will keep you engaged and wondering what new threat Theo will sense for Sejun's lap 😆.
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Chanchodtierra rated it
May 29, 2023
Status: c16
Look the translator asked about reviews so more people can read this work and who I am to say no to that when im enjoying so much this soothing and wholesome story.

I knew that this one would got me I have countless hours in rune factory and stardew valley, sit and enjoy
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IncognitioMode rated it
May 3, 2023
Status: c24
This novel is extremely comfortable and soothing to read. Despite the tone of the summary, it is a very cute story about a guy in a farming commune with a bunch of adorable monsters (So far just tower versions of woodland animals). Dont come in with the idea of adventure and action, think more wholesome agrarian with a interesting flare.
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Nemone rated it
April 30, 2023
Status: c20
So far I think this is really adorable and I want to read more chapters. I love the cute rabbits and bees. The cat is also cute. At first I thought the tower administrator was annoying but they also sort of grew on me. I like this sort of slow-life dungeon story where the person gradually makes their life better. Considering the situation, the MC has a pretty positive attitude.

So for people who like cute things and want a farming-in-a-dungeon-slow-life story, this is not bad at all.
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Kakipii13 rated it
April 25, 2023
Status: c12
Placeholder review before more chapters come in. Won't leave a rating yet, but its very good so far. A guy ended up in a Tower where is definitely NOT supposed to be, somehow. Now he's trying to live in a cave while farming with a family of farmer rabbits, but also there's a vague looming threat of being discovered by monsters that they try to ignore. Like one of those isekai series where the MC is doing mundane "slow life" stuff with video game mechanics, except its fusion fantasy and... more>> the MC doesn't learn any fighting or magic whatsoever. Edit: Finally updating my review after literally almost a year. Some notable positive aspects: MC is able to communicate with hunters via the merchant Theo, which means that he is able to let his family know he's alive. Eventually he can go to other places and has more opportunities for different plots to happen, though only under certain conditions and he still can't leave the tower. His abilities are firmly production-focused, and while he gets stronger like anyone with rpg powers would his allies are more powerful. So unlike similar MCs he doesn't start out as support type and then abandon support entirely to become the strongest fighter in the novel.

Other reviews mention the flaws, like the repetitiveness and the MC not making better decisions. I find some of the side characters annoying and the MC being kinda of a pushover doesn't help. But while this isn't a perfect novel it is entertaining and I'm enjoying it. 4/5 <<less
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April 27, 2023
Status: --
I actually really enjoy this! its pretty funny and entertaining, at first, I thought this MC would have powers (idk why since it says "farming" on the title but the word "tower" made me think that way) But! I'm pretty glad its not, the cute rabbits, the funny Tower Administrator, cat, bee and the MC made me continue reading this novel! I do want to try his plants... the small descriptions of how they taste make me go hungry....!!
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Loves_Translations rated it
October 27, 2023
Status: c198
The novel is not very complicated and most enjoyment is derived from cute and fluffy moments. There are "stakes" but they are treated very loosely as the focus is on Sejun's journey to becoming the ultimate tower farmer. It is very cottagecore-esque, as Sejun becomes a self-sufficient farmer who has lots of animal companions. It's a fun lil read and the translator does their job very well. Take it as a nice slice-of-life (of a tower farmer) comedy for the tower genre with cute animals.
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Juslin rated it
October 14, 2023
Status: c176
Not too bad as a time waster, if you can overlook some aspects of the novel. For example, the protagonist not initiating trade with the hunters in the tower beyond exchanging his crops for tower coins. What does he even need all those tower coins for? Why not spend just a tiny portion of his wealth for various modern goods that would be useful to him? For example, he craves the taste of modern food and snacks, but doesn't think of trading for the for some reason? He could even... more>> buy new seeds to plant from outside the tower, though I can understand not wanting to do this to avoid leaking information.

The protagonist is also extremely easy-going, and doesn't mind sparing his enemies. He doesn't hold grudges at all no matter what happens to him, and he also doesn't have much interest in things that aren't farming and spending time with his family (pets). This means you won't really see him making much effort in relation to combat.

The general content of the novel is simple. 80% of the novel is just him farming and playing around with his pets. 15% is spent on progressing the plot, and the remaining 5% is spent on the romance. Most of the plot progression will take place in an alternate POV, with the MC usually being the driver behind them despite not knowing anything about it. As for the romance, it's very much a slow-burn concept, with the MC being totally clueless about it the whole time. <<less
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September 4, 2023
Status: c414
Although the pace seems to go a bit slow between events as well as the character growth, It's a very chill easy-going narrative that for some strange reason, I don't want it to end before chapter 10, 000. I mean, I love this novel and will try to convince my kids to read it too... more like to force them to read it because they really hate reading anything over one paragraph long apart of One Piece. My thanks to the translator and author for this work. Now at Ch... more>> 414, I can say that... It is freaking painfully slow and repetitive when status of progress are on. <<less
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