The Artist Who Paints Dungeon


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Why, seems like I’ve become a haunted portrait.

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Artist Who Paints Dungeons
Dungeon Artist
던전을 그리는 화가
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1 Review

May 10, 2024
Status: c70s
5/5 very biased rating due to this series ticking most of my preferences. this series is mainly slice-of-life cooking, fantasy, mystery with horror comedy following afterwards (misunderstood MC trope).

basically, this story is about how MC 'died' and woke up thirty years later, only to find out that the world had changed (now there are hunters and dungeons)... and he also had become a painting. he was enjoying his life inside the painting world (cooking, farming, creating things) annnnd before he knew it he was auctioned off to a guild leader's... more>> gallery. thus MC, being a cutie potatie he is, decided to 'greet' his new housemates, labelling his existence as a 'ghost'. he began interacting with the outside world that way, and that's how he was labeled as a 'haunted portrait'....

personally, I really like this because:

    • it's slice-of-life. it's a cooking slice-of-life that I never expected with the title and summary, esp with that 'haunted portrait' bit! I initially thought it was about an OP MC with cute pet transversing through dungeons or sth but I got splashed with slice-of-life immediately in chapter 1. I was like ??? holy, is this the legendary horror slice-of-life cooking? never thought I would find one in my life!
    • non-human protagonist! a very biased trope ig, but yes. I love it when MC is non-human. animals are kinda meh since it's way too common but non-living things >>>>
    • misunderstood protagonist trope, misunderstandings that create comedy for readers and horror for characters (I looove this trope so much).
    • mystery, fantasy, horror, slice-of-life, supernatural, comedy. what did u expect with all my favourite genres lined up holy shit. this story is literally 95% of what I like got mixed in as a whole.

this story is slow as MC took his time cooking, farming, etc, but this series is way more than just MC being a haunted portrait. I believe it'll delve into Gio's relationships with his ex-students more (it was quite obvious with how MC keep worrying about them actually), but since right now only two of his ex-students showed up, I will update this review accordingly when I read further later on.

here is a little excerpt of the story:


People imagined all sorts of things because of his stiff expression, gloomy atmosphere, and overly polite speech. They thought he might have lost a loved one or have done something dangerous in the past...

It was a misunderstanding.

'What should I eat today.'

Seo Gio was just a pig potato.


I became interested just after reading chapter 1, though I became more interested in ch 3 (that was like the real opening of this novel seriously), the chapter that made me 'ah I seriously need to drag more people down this hole' is when MC get a tour of the city.

if you're contemplating to read this, just try reading it and judge it by yourself hehe c:


while I might not be the best, I tried my best (honestly sometimes the writing made me aarrghh so bad despite the engaging plot). regarding splitting chapters, this series chapters are long (you'll see when you read). anyway, hope y'all have a wonderful read!

Lilya from Salmon Latte.



and if I'm being super honest the MC is sooo cute, like seriously cuteeee. also despite my high rating, there are cons in this story too. It's just that I could ignore them since the story was just that good.

firstly would be the author's writing, sometimes it's too much show don't tell with onomatopoeia play and I don't even know how to write those noises in english. another point is the kinda choppy author's writing style, might not just be used to it though, as at certain times it's quite annoying lmfaoo.

second point regarding the plot con that I was quite baffled with is how the author blantantly put the answer of 1 huge question in the narrative. I was so ??? with this point as I prefer following the MC finding the answer of mysteries themselves but I remember there was this one huge question but the author just wrote it down along this line, 'Gio was actually xxx. But there's no way a small dimension such as Earth would realize such an extraordinary event' (not the exact line and I might change this later when translating that part properly, might also misremember it but it's sth along that ig). would've been much better if the author let us knew when MC knew instead of dropping it on the narrative (though this con is a personal bias as some might actually prefer knowing than not).


p.s: I read this on naver btw and I bought the chapters myself so if you're asking me where I read it, I could only refer you to the original serialization site (naver). <<less
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