When I Moved Back to the Countryside, Celebrities Started Flocking In


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When I moved back to the countryside, celebrities started flocking in

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귀농했더니 연예인들이 몰려온다.
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3 Reviews

Jan 26, 2024
Status: c54
Here is the review from the translator~

This is a slice of life novel in the modern world. Our protagonist is Choi Seongho, a retired manager from the Entertainment Industry who decides to return to his hometown and start farming on his ancestral farm.

The farm is called Fairy Farm, obviously because of the fairies which are only visible to the main protagonist. These fairies are very helpful with the farming and have various special abilities. Unfortunately, the main character cant speak their language but still their actions are comedic and fun.

Except... more>> Slice of Life, this novel highly focuses on the comedic elements with a pinch of drama here and there. The main character and the fairies can be very comedic. The main character also has some healthy obsession with money which sometimes forced him to do things which he might not normally like Ha ha ha.

The novel also focuses on the celebrities like singers, writers and directors and their interactions with the Fairy Farm and its products all with slice of life, dramatic and comedic elements but it does have interesting backstories, personalities for all characters.

Unlike most novels with 2 dimensional characters. This has characters with clear personalities and motives even though its a slice of life and u will remember all the supporting characters.

Romance is not a big part of the story but there is pinch here and there if thats something you are interested in.

This novel is perfect for people interested in Korean entertainment culture, Slice of Life, Farming, little business management, comedy and drama.

I will ask people who are interested in confrontations, action, adventure, deep romance or kingdom building to probably not give this novel a try since this novel definitely doesnt have those elements. <<less
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Jan 18, 2024
Status: c20
it's so healing. the interactions and relationships are so sweet... makes me wish I have such a close-knit sense of community too.

also, if ever this will have a romance tag, I'm wholeheartedly supporting Choi x Sia!!!! I hope they get together!!!!!!!
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Jan 16, 2024
Status: c31
This novel can be described in one word: Healing. As it is common in Korean variety/reality shows to provide healing by travelling to the countryside, this novel depicts just that. It is a cozy slice-of-life with not much conflict, making it a comforting read. The conversations between the characters feel rich and the comedy presented at times is entertaining. Even for someone that did not grow up in the countryside, the mood and environment can be felt through the narrative. Overall, it is a novel that provides a relaxing experience... more>> for the readers. Up to the point I have read, I'd give it a solid 4.5/5 with it potentially rising to 5/5 in the future with the addition of more characters and stories. Additionally, the TL is doing a great job portraying this story (which is always a plus since some TLs can't even get character pronouns right). <<less
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