How a D-Class Alchemist Avoids Death


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During a break from an undercover investigation, I was suddenly transmigrated as a dark fantasy useless extra I read during my vacation.

There is only one hope for me to return, which is to revive the dead hunters in the early stages and conquer the cradle.

But all the survivors I saved are crazy.

First, let’s tighten their collars.

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D급 연금술사가 죽음을 피하는 법
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New Eliza993 rated it
February 9, 2024
Status: c69
A very fun story.

It is a little bit like the S classes that I raised. But it is not a copy.

MC is likeable and hard working.

As far as I know, it's not BL but there are some scenes with BL vibe, nothing sexy, just funny scene.
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June 15, 2023
Status: c20
Like "The S-Classes That I Raised" this also is a pseudoBL novel. To elaborate, our MC goes to save a unconscious hunter. He looks at unconscious body, waxes poetic about his handsomeness, shoulder width, lips, muscles. He even confirms the muscles by touching him.

You probably think I am overreacting or BSing you:


"His hair was like pure silver, his deep-set eyes foreign-looking, his chiseled nose like a sculpture, and his lips as plump as cherries. Although his body was generally thick, his jawline was sharp enough to cut through a veil, causing me to let out an involuntary sigh of admiration."

"But what I envied about Shin Soo-ha wasn’t his good-looking face, but his body. His broad shoulders and thick thighs were perfectly proportioned. Even though he was wearing a suit, his body was clearly full of muscles due to the tight fit."

"'I knew it, it had to be this body, ' I confirmed, examining his muscles. His triceps, biceps, brachialis, and forearm muscles were all in the ideal shape that I had been striving for."


Rest of the story is more or less average but I am not gonna score this. Because I'm somewhat biased against fujoshi bait novels getting listed as "no-romance" and that would likely affect my score.
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PicturesqueSeeker rated it
September 22, 2023
Status: c34
The one action that pissed me off the most about MC is the fact he signed the contract immediately without looking at the contract bc a breakout happened. Like wtf??? Have you gone mad?! That one move just put me off reading altogether bc of how dumb that is like wtf wtf what the actual f*ck?!? The woman even said there's one difference in the contract compared to before and he didn't even think that he could postpone the contract since he hasn't even reached the deadline yet

I could... more>> tolerate his s*upidity but that was the final straw omg. And his comebacks against people hating on the og body is so s*upid, not satisfying at all.

And the way he describes all the men is so icky. It's annoying having main characters consistently having weak bodies just bc they're a tr*sh character. And his "it's not written in the novel wtf' no sh*t Sherlock you're still alive, butterfly effect ehehe


And I don't need a constant reminder of how much MC hates the og body, we get it, you didn't consent, you didn't do that shit, you feel wrong for being treated like shit, can't do anything about that but if you actually think properly and use your brain, why don't you find a way on how to make yourself look more believable than simply "smiling and trying to be nice", no one's falling for that sh*t

, the best you can do is make friends with someone who doesn't know your reputation or prove yourself through actions rather than words. But with the MC's EQ, that's virtually impossible and he's not brightest person either, he has photographic memory but not high IQ.

The only thing I like about this novel is Salt. Salt is the only character I like cuz it's a bird.


  • I like MC's indifferent attitude towards the og protagonist

    So the og protagonist is in debt to the association now bc he left to go save og body but MC doesn't care that he's in debt bc of og body as it was not his actions plus og protagonist is an adult, literally, you can feel bad but ultimately og protagonist made the choice knowing he'd go in debt. That's what it's like to follow obligations and duty and I feel bad for og protagonist too but he clearly doesn't have the skills to control someone as disgusting as og body.

  • I really like the og protagonist, he's been thru a lot
Update 2:

  • I don't like anyone anymore
  • But I still like Salt
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June 10, 2023
Status: c17
Reminds me of The S classes that I raised... Just that the siblings have bad relationship.... And MC is transmigration to novel and has to save all the top class hunters to save the world and return... MC is really interesting... Very hated and famous in a bad way because of the og owner of the body... This one will be a fun read. Salt is really cute looking forward to seeing the other pets.
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Flamesystems rated it
October 1, 2023
Status: c65
A guy is transmigrated into a gates filled with monsters novel, into this shitty awful half brother of one of the books main characters. Except it becomes pretty apparent that this character (who's an alchemist) has knowledge and skills that the world doesn't know about yet (MC does, as he knows the future of the "book"). Anyways, said character died in the books pretty early on, because he was stuck between a rock and a hard place: he knew that killing monsters would get him corrupted (eventually resulting in a... more>> painful death), but didn't have any way to fix it, or get stronger without killing monsters. The thing is, nobody else knows about this corruption either, and won't understand it well for years, after most of the S ranked awakeners are dead from it's effects, at which point there's almost nobody to fight off the monsters. Of course, MC does know, so he sets out to find the item that can heal this corruption and prevent the end of south korea.

The thing is, the item that heals this corruption is actually a bird (called salt), and healing an awakeners corruption has the unfortunate side effect of feeling absolutely amazing, which means that healing any given S ranked awakener is dangerous as hell, lest salt get stolen or MC just getting imprisoned.

This story is very similar to "The S-Classes That I Raised" (no real romance, all found family, but quite a bit of pseudoBL undertones), also in the sense that MC is running around wrangling people much stronger than him into helping him protect the world. Unlike the S classes that I raised, he's not really trying to save the world, just his immediate surroundings, and there's no crazy system end of the world fight going on.

The worldbuilding is quite nice, and I like MC's powerset: he's not very strong, but he's creative, and if he has high ranking alchemy materials, he can deal some serious damage despite his own lack of stats (ex. Turning a boss's core into a magic handgun with strong bullets). The fact that killing monsters slowly causes a sickness is fascinating: it basically adds time limits to every character's hunter career, and drastically changes the power balance, as the stronger someone gets, the closer they get to, well, going insane and/or exploding. That being said, the awakeners in this universe are significantly more superhuman than normal. S rank? You literally don't have to eat food ever. Crazy power, crazy drawbacks, I guess. As far as dungeon gate awakener universes go, this is absolutely one of the best.

Characters! I mentioned before that it's very found family, because it is. First off, the body MC inhabits has a terrible relationship with his half brother for quite a bit, until his half brother realizes he's being a horrible as*hole and basically pulls a 180. MC is quite fond of children/teenagers because of his past life's experience, and won't leave them in a bad situation. MC is blunt, prickly, and crafty, but he's not mean, and he's very smart. He sort of has the male tsundere refusing to admit he cares for someone thing, but it's more that others get very attached to his form of affection/help, and he just thinks of them as coworkers (again, he's not s*upid, just confused about why). So we have a basically support character with a penchant for giving battlefield orders sneaking around with several S ranks very worried about him.

Critically, MC basically gets to decide, for every high ranking awakener, if he wants to let them die, or save them via purification, even though it puts him in danger/gets him a new pseudo-romantic interest. He also tends to do this quite rationally, and doesn't get emotionally devastated over the implications of his own limitations.

I am serious when I say there's no romance though, it's just crazy powerful people wanting to protect (or steal) MC, as he's the one that gives purification. <<less
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enitybaz rated it
September 7, 2023
Status: --
Honestly, it does kinda feel like a BL novel, I dunno how to describe it, esp with the focus on description on male characters and describing a male character as "wife" of another male character.

It also doesn't help that it reads like a "The S-class I raised" ripoff except with every character being unlikable.
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