A Player Who Eats Metal


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Lee Hyun-wook, who originally had the ability to control steel in the world. He tried to protect the world but ultimately failed and the world was destroyed.

Following that, he was given the opportunity to return to his military days and build up efforts to prevent the world from being destroyed one by one.

An army + Hunter + Regression + Savior

“In this life, I’ll be a real hero.”

Will Lee Hyun-wook be able to save the world this time?

Associated Names
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A Player Who Eats Metal
A player who eats steel
Steel eater
강철을 먹는 플레이어
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New rhianirory rated it
July 16, 2021
Status: c7
not bad so far. I'm curious about his talent so I'll probably stick around unless it turns harem or the shounen aspects get to be too much for me; this MC has a serious hero complex (which could get pretty annoying after a while). We'll see. Gonna give it a 4 for now.
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