I Will Save the World and Retire


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On the brink of destruction, I regained consciousness and found myself back in the past, 20 years ago. In order to have a peaceful retirement, I must prevent the impending doom.

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I’ll Retire After Saving the World
세상만 구하고 은퇴하겠습니다
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6 Reviews

New KhunSmile
Jul 05, 2024
Status: c474
I totally recommend it if you like found family trope. I also like it because MC is not overly OP, just, since he grew surrounded by strong people (especially his father) he became strong as well.. And also since he came back to the past he has a lot of knowledge, but that knowledge is not omnipotent as well (he only knew what he knew from his previous job)

Aside from that I like how the author writes the other characters, everyone seems alive and have their own stories to... more>> share. It's worth reading 👍 <<less
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New Visser
Jul 02, 2024
Status: c52
Flawed MC, flawed premises.... but its building and growing

MC is actually fairly overpowered, but his personality and situation make him like a rotten onion who is peeling off his outer shell and showing that he had a good origin and given a chance he could be a good guy.

in the end he is taking the high road, while heavily considering the cowards route, so it can come across duplicitous? or maybe a bit heavy handed in how he ends up doing the good/better thing? but the way the story flows,... more>> it feels like a PERSON an actual character making decisions... instead of an op MC who just does the perfectist thing ever

the time travel plot point could be a back breaker for some people, but considering it CURRENTLY appears to be tied with the big bad and a major plot point... it currently works for me. we are also in a time where the MC obviously has a leg up from knowing some future stuff, but he wasnt there. he doesnt have a perfectist memory of very thing ever. its CURRENTLY working pretty well. we'll see how it goes on from here

I'm interested what the author does with the big bad evil org. they seem kinda of unrealistically powerful/competent right now? and with the destruction of the future seemingly their fault? I wonder how the author will explain it, or is it just going to be bad guys doing bad things cause they are bad guys <<less
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Jun 21, 2024
Status: c100
I like this fic a lot. It's a drama/character interaction-focused novel, wearing the skin of a regressor novel. Comparison might be made to tr*sh of the Count's Family or Ex-Rank Supporting's Role Replay (although when compared to both these novels, I think this one has more of a stronger opening/hook).

The setting is the usual gate and dungeons with guilds and stuff. The story begins with our overworked old-ish protag taking a vacation from his gate management job, and somehow, it coincides with the advent of apocalypse. MC sees his super... more>> OP, strongest in the world adopted father die fighting monsters, and inherits a plot device that sends him into the past.

Yes, OP is in the past, physically. He saves a bunch of children from getting killed (changing the timeline), meets his now young adopted father (still OP) who gives him a job as a teacher in his academy.

From there on out, the story has a cool pace - with a great mix of character and plot.

You have the kids, with their own quirks and traumas and how the MC goes about teaching them.

You have the MC and his backstory - of growing up as a test subject in a lab and his adopted father saving him - now wondering if his younger self exists in this world and what to do if he does.

You have the relationship of the MC and his father - the MC must contend with the younger version of his father, while trying to uncover his many secrets, while dealing with the emotions of seeing him die and watching him alive.

You have a lot of multi-faceted side characters, each of which grow over the course of the series.

It's great. Now just so you know I'm not praising for the sake of praise - I do feel like the main plot is a bit too complex and I don't think the explanation is going to to be perfectly sensible - but y'know what, I can overlook that.

5 stars. <<less
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Jun 28, 2024
Status: c138
This is the kind of story that you really have to push through at the beginning to get to the actual good part. Which is HORRIBLE to hear but it will literally make or break how much you enjoy the novel, so don't be too upset with the story if you drop it early.

There's just something about the relationships the author writes between the characters that has drawn me into the novel. But also the cause and effect of the casts' lives before going back in time and after. The... more>> characters have a GORILLA GRIP on my brain. They are the draw of the story, full stop.

The plot is a lot, definitely worse on the brain when you're machine translating it, but it doesn't really bother me as much because it does get understandable as more get revealed. I personally think its really interesting but maybe not as gripping compared to the characters and their interactions.

The main character is honestly my favorite character. I could not enjoy this novel if he wasn't. He puts a strong front but theres this very clear underlying trauma that he has to balance, especially going through space and time to meet the cast before they grew up to what they were by the time he met them after being saved by his adoptive father. You're just able to see the weight of everything on his shoulders as he tries to handle being a teacher, a whistleblower, and... A family member 🙂.


chapter 120 literally broke me. Up to that point, the build up and repetition of how important his adoptive father was to him and his immense regret that he was never able to truly say the words "father" was so incredibly emotional. The main character gets his younger self and even the monologue and interaction of it was emotionally painful to read. But having it all culmilate into that chapter and conclude in the way it did has left my mental space in pieces.


I agree a lot with asphaltus's review, which is honestly better written then this one 💀. <<less
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Kawaii Panda
Kawaii Panda
Mar 21, 2024
Status: --
I have read the raw but im not done yet. The MC, he's from the research lab rescued by good hunter and got adopted. Years later he work under him and become the last hunter alive. Found a watch then time travel back 20 yrs ago. I was actually confuse at first since the cover show the young man. I thought he will regress back but he literally just time travel with his current body
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Jun 26, 2024
Status: --
Concept of the story is really interesting and that was what pulled me in. But I just can't accept the MC.

Dude is an orphan adopted by one of the best hunters of the country. After adoption he was top of his class. Ride through the education system as a valedictorian. He got a civil service job and promoted to the top. His job is to control and direct the hunter teams. He is good at his job. Disaster struck when he was using his first vacation after a year of... more>> work. I believe he is 30+ years old when he time traveled back.

So he is supposed to be this intelligent, competent, ambitious, driven, goal oriented person. And if I dare to speculate he must have some interpersonal communication skills considering his job is managing people and he is good at it. Yet MC we got post time travel is just meh. This dissonance just kills the story for me. <<less
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