History’s Strongest Manager


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“What kind of hunter works without management these days?”

20 years after the first appearance of monsters, hunters need managers these days.

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The Mightiest Manager
사상 최강의 매니저
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Jarrow rated it
October 5, 2016
Status: c7
Like it's fellow Korean spiritual cousins, (EER, SSN, and ETotH) The Mightiest Manager is part of the 'soft Apocalypse' genre, where mankind experienced the End Of The World, and made it through mostly ok, dodging much of the tragedy and grimdark that normally accompany such works. At 7 chapters, the story is just getting started, but the motives and character of the MC are already well defined, with the secondary characters also fleshed out into people with growth potential, vs the usual one-dimensional plot-pushers. The world building - both... more>> present and implied - is well above average for the genre. Translation is detailed and flows well, so the novel is overall quite enjoyable so far. <<less
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Chamber rated it
May 29, 2017
Status: Completed
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! (Someone tell me how to change the rating?)

A Dark Hero novel with well-plotted storyline and amazing characters. I'm really impressed with this novel.

It's one of the top 4 Korean novels I've read along with EER, Tutorial, and Arena.
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jkmessah rated it
November 16, 2016
Status: c13
My first few (if not only) Korean novel that I've read in NU. Please mind the n00bness.

The premise is as another reviewer has mentioned, "soft apocalypse" where there isn't total chaos and death but more of a controlled thing. Set in the modern world, Seoul to be exact, it has a good amount of world-building. Nothing too crazy, but descriptive enough. Our MC is at one of the best at his job as a hunter, but decides to become a manager instead while making full use of his past experience... more>> and incredible wit to become... The Mightiest Manager! Character interaction is quite fun to read and the few action scenes we get is well written.

Translation is very good! There might be a few errors here and there, but who is perfect? Easy to read and most importantly it's fun! <<less
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