The S-Classes That I Raised


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An F-Class Hunter.
And on top of that, a F-class older brother who can’t even begin to catch up to the heels of his amazing S-class little brother.

After living a life that fell to pieces and even destroying my little brother’s life, I picked up the following resolution:

“Perfect Caregiver”

That’s right, this time, instead of becoming mean, I will quietly support those who are more capable.
Is what I thought….but the S-classes are kind of…weird.

Associated Names
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Nae Ga Kiun S Geub Deul
The S-Ranks That I Raised
내가 키운 S급들
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New Fran.2424
October 18, 2019
Status: c66
This is so good, I'm a sucker for novels with child raising and pets! Besides so far the novel is quite light in term of drama and action, Wich I really like because is a breath of fresh air (at least for me), and the good thing is that despite being light it has and an interesting plot
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New kdaviddj
October 11, 2019
Status: c60
I read the raws. To note, people have the misconception that the MC is always going to be superhuman. The MC is not in this novel. In fact the MC is weak physically and mentally unstable after receiving all of his younger brother's emotions and memories after he sacrificed himself.

The MC is only stronger than most average humans and weaker than all other hunters. He tries to repair the broken relationship with his younger brother (Even though the little brother can kill him accidentally by applying a little bit of... more>> strength). The main difference between other novels is that the MC has very low potential. He simply cannot ever hope to match the sheer power of an S-rank, its like two different species: one is an ant the other an elephant. No matter how strong a single ant gets it can never match an elephant. Despite this knowledge, the MC still regularly interacts with these S-ranks who can kill him on a whim (albeit thanks to a skill that prevents fear).

To note, the development is slow. However this is because the main focus of this novel is family bonds, interactions between friends, mental trauma and psychological growth. Not kill the villain and save the world. <<less
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kkgoh rated it
August 23, 2019
Status: c42
Yet another one of those Korean dungeon + timetravel genres written in 2018.
Fairly interesting take by focusing on a forgotten profession in dungeon economics... the talent scout/agent. Think of it as the dungeon version of "Top Management". But otherwise poorly executed and structured.
Would've rated it 4 stars but story is going nowhere after Chapter 30.

MC is yet another loser with low aptitude and low self-esteem. He gets a second-chance to relive his previous 5 years through a random time-travel cheat at the sacrifice of his... more>> brother, gaining more cheat-like powers + the ability to identify talented hunters.

(1) Nothing particularly new... as usual
I Alone Level Up / Solo Leveling (2014) -- dungeons + loser + timetravel + new powers + guilds
Top Management (2015) -- talent scout/manager (entertainment) + future foresight
The Tutorial is Too Hard (2016) -- dungeons + national/factional real world guilds
Everyone Else is a Returnee (2016) -- dungeons + real world guilds
Seoul Stations' Necromancer (2016) -- dungeons + real world guilds
The Second Coming of Gluttony (2017) -- loser + dungeons (tutorial) + timetravel + factional powers

(2) Disappointing MC
At the beginning we're led to believe MC has turned over a new leaf, is no longer a useless jelly person after his BROTHER SACRIFICED HIS LIFE TO SAVE HIM. We're led to believe MC will work hard with his newfound powers. Instead we get an MC that...


slacks off after discovering his first 4 talents (the pet Peace, the 15-yr old loli, the failed mechanic, and the aloof guardian). MC openly states his desire to just coast with his newfound powers, so he can hide in the background while raising powerful characters to protect him. WTF.


You can tell the author probably storyboarded till Chapter 30+ before writing the novel, because that's when MC switches his desire from building a team (humans) to raising pets and decided to slack off. It's easy to see filler creeping up.. MC's thought processes start going all over the place. He has no concrete goal. He wants to play with stocks using his future knowledge.

Am with @rhianirory, it's awkward when people misunderstand MC's intentions of raising down-and-out side characters. They think MC is a selfless individual, but MC didn't really care about their circumstances, he just wants to milk their talents. i.e. he identified their talents first, wanted to raise them, THEN realized their poor backgrounds. There's something VERY wrong with that sequence.

And it gets even more confusing with the pointless pet Peace. Just a randomly inserted cute side-character mascot that you typically see in Disney movies (think Olaf the snowman from Frozen, Thumper from Bambi, or that stupid chicken in Moana). So just because MC likes pets and acts embarrassingly cutesy with it all the time, therefore he is a proper caregiver?

That's the big DISCONNECT between MC's personality/character and his powers. It would've made sense if MC had historically grown up taking care of his younger brother, if MC realizes his love for his brother afterwards and reverted back to being a caring character, etc. But that never happens. It's just more and more awkwardness and MC has a lot of difficulty accepting his role as a caregiver.
It's the equivalent of the irreverent fun-loving Peter Parker being bitten by a radioactive spider, and turning into the aloof ultra-violent Punisher.

(3) Tired/flawed joke on MC's "Caregiving" powers
The Caregiving/talent identification power is interesting, but the emphasis on the awkward method of invoking his power gets old really fast.


MC has to say "I love you", leading to awkward misunderstandings. There's a weird tension between side-characters since they all become clingy to MC and jelly of each other.


The repercussions of the power are pretty stupid too.
It's basically a charm-type power. Side-characters associate MC with close individuals in their own life (e.g. family, significant other, etc). So if side-characters are enamored of the MC, it's not necessarily under free-will. There's something VERY wrong with a "Caregiver" that only gets affection via "mind-control". To use a reeaaally old example, think Love Potion #9. The older Millennials will (should hopefully) get that reference.

(4) Incoherent system mechanics
Not sure if it's a translation issue, but the system mechanics don't make any sense.
-- Powers are randomly assigned to boost abilities by XX%. We have no idea what any of that actually means. Author constantly reminds readers that a 10% boost is crappy (E Class), and somehow to 20% or higher boost is amazing.
-- Some weird combination of those ranks/skills averages out. Literally, "F-rank + S-class skill = C-rank". HUH??
-- The system is incomplete and confusing... not only are explanations insufficient,

we're suddenly told that the System is manually operated behind-the-scenes by incompetent God/higher power, which just adds to more confusing System descriptions. Very poor plot device.

-- Leveling mechanics gets randomly introduced mid-conversation / mid-event when author realized he failed to give proper explanations earlier.
Suddenly we're told there's 10 levels per rank, suddenly we're told some ranks need more XP than others (it's also the first time we're introduced to XP), suddenly there are random calculations that an S-rank would need to run the dungeon X times to level up, suddenly we're told F-rank can wear A-rank items and basically be at the level of C-rank. Huh?
While authors shouldn't rely on excessive exposition, randomly shoving in system mechanics midway is incongruous and extremely poor writing. <<less
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RedIska rated it
May 16, 2019
Status: c13
12-13 chapter minor spoiler >

Yes, it's this novel, officer.


Interesting premise, simple characters. I like "misunderstanding" tag novels, when they don't feel inappropriate (Like sexual misunderstanding.) and rude (When person is disregarded when he shows humility.), just plain simple joking misunderstanding, and this novel has exactly this.
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rhianirory rated it
August 4, 2019
Status: c40
I was irritated for the first few chapters; it's possible to be physically weak without letting other people walk all over you and the MC seems to be spinless and weak-willed despite being a regresser. He's basically being kept by his rich, overbearing, super-strong and obsessive (borderline yandere) little bro and their interactions (and character types) made me check for a BL tag three times in the first seven chapters. Other than that, as a general rule, I'm not a fan of stories with lots of misunderstandings, though I don't... more>> mind the mistaken for bas*ss type when done right. The story does get better around c15, though I find his friends/ followers/ brother to be so clingy that it's creepy (I'm not good with clingy/ needy people). Don't get suckered by the trash count comparisons; this is a different genre and the MC isn't nearly as clever and conniving as our favorite redhead. <<less
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BillionJellyfish rated it
July 2, 2019
Status: c42
The MC of this novel reminds me of the MC from Trash of the Count's Family. Through a series of misunderstandings (lowkey brainwashing), the MC is quietly collecting talents and followers for the future!

Summary: After witnessing his younger brother die for him, the MC goes back in time 5 years before the incident to turn over a new leaf and live a quiet, peaceful life. But of course, things never go as the MC plans as new talents and followers keep popping up left and right, tempting the MC to... more>> gather them into his ever growing fan club! The plot is exciting, but not with full blown drama and action. It's an engaging read!

Besides the MC, we have a younger brother with a brother complex, a daughter figure, a new friend, a bodyguard, and the most important, a fluffy cat! Each side character comes with their own unique background story and characteristics, making it extremely easy to recognize who's who in the storyline.

Overall, I can't wait for new updates! How I wish I could read fluent Korean aiya! <<less
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Raneday rated it
June 17, 2019
Status: c26
So far so good

The novel is quite different compared to the usual second chance novel where the MC usually uses his knowledge to become the center of the limelight. Because on this novel the MC would uses his abilities to become the support of the so called Main Characters.

And I also like the misunderstandings that kinda happen on this novels, and on how the other characters wants to monopolize our MC, yep yandere vibes~
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June 19, 2019
Status: --
I really love this story. I always want to see a novel like this. The MC isn't arrogant and go to the past just to have a harem. And the relationship between the MC and his brother is so beautiful. I hope that it can be updated soon.
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Darkgrifter rated it
September 20, 2019
Status: c56
Monster dad gets 5 stars from me.

It is a very interesting take on the setting of other books like soel station necromancer where there are dungeons in real life and the MC goes back in time for a redo.

But unlike a lot of those that feel like power fantasy (not that I mind) this one has an MC that isn't as intrested in raising his own personal power as he is in raising the power of others. The characters while somewhat simple are all believable to some extent and nothing... more>> has really shattered my suspension of disbelief.

I find my self looking forward to each weeks release and that is enough to earn a 5 star from me. <<less
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boltpl rated it
August 30, 2019
Status: --
Starts fun, but later it becomes complete brain f... I mean author tries to hard to make it epic, plot became so un-logical and forcefully twisted that I was speechless

I can nearly promise you, that if you read spoilers you will drop this novel :P

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June 8, 2019
Status: c24
I like it so far. The first few chapters were rough. The MC initially was unlikable, being a giant ball of jealousy and incompetence. However, I like how the reader can see his attempts to change into a better person. By around chapter 15 this has become one of the series I look forward to most when I see it updated.
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JinVodka rated it
June 8, 2019
Status: c24
It has good beginning and had good MC development. His actions are understable and his class is pretty unique. What I like is the MC is weak while he supports other strong characters like Trash of the Count Family. If you like weak MC but can do support and have clever mind with strong allies having potential. Then this would be suitable for your taste.
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sweetnarry rated it
September 28, 2019
Status: c60
I found this novel after reading "Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint" and "Trash of the Count's Family". Some fanarts would include this novel and so far? I'M LOVIN' IT!

I love stories with lots of misunderstanding that'll lead the MC to be beloved/cherished by people around him! The MC started weak and decided to support the people around him instead of being a ball of jealousy and envy which is a great development. This novel is one of the series I look forward to aside from ORV & TCF!
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etherealbao rated it
September 3, 2019
Status: --
I thought it was yaoi, so I held back reading it for a while.

The story is not bad, it's great. Full of potential and similar to Trash of Count family in a way the MC wants to live a peaceful slacker life but keep involving himself in the middle of power, and keep gaining the trust of high ranking people.

The reason for 3 stars is the writing needs to be improved. I don't mind the idea, but every single characters in this novel didn't have a strong character building for... more>> me to get attached to them. Something is lacking. And they got extremely clingy after MC used his skill on them? I don't mind that but sometimes it got very weird.

I like the younger brother, Yoohyun. I feel like he would be a really good character if the author explore it more. But just like I said, every character lacked of foundation and the author keep on adding more characters. So the important characters from earlier chapters suddenly gone and popped out here and there. It makes me so sad that I know I'd drop this novel at some point because of this.

The world building is not bad though. It is detailed enough, but I don't care about it to read through lines after lines. Some of them aren't even important to the storyline.

all in all, It is a good read to wait for Trash of Count so, I'm pretty satisfied. <<less
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Chrysanthemum Kiss
Chrysanthemum Kiss rated it
August 2, 2019
Status: --
Welcome back Novel Updates! (Me to myself)

This series brings me back to my good old days with this site. Was kind of bored with the site lately, my reading list just became dry (I'm reading novels where translator breaks 1 short chapter into 3 and it drives me crazy waiting for updates) - I am unemployed just let me be.

Anyway, back to the vibes of this series.. really agree with previous comments that this is the golden age of korean modern dungeon novels (loved seoul station necromancer and solo... more>> levelling)... so no wonder this is a good read for me too.

Just keep the chapters coming!!!

And of course thank you translator! <<less
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TEEMOMO rated it
September 24, 2019
Status: c62
I love this novel!! Its makes me addicted and my heart felt fluffy from cuteness overload (Peace and Chirpy are adorable♡♡). I also love interaction and how protective and sticky little bro feel toward his hyung (brocon alert?!) Quite slow pace but entertaining, I really love it, wishing for more soon.

Thanks translator-nim for your hardwork! I kept up with the recent release and desperate for more🥺
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Rort rated it
September 1, 2019
Status: --
Average at most, is not as good as Trash of the count but I can understand why some people get the similarity with that novel but lacks the complexity and well-written characters seen with our beloved read-head.

It's not bad at all it can be entertaining if you don't want something complex.
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Shianelle rated it
June 25, 2019
Status: c28
This story is an absolute gem. It's a bit rough at first, and I had to re-read the first five or six chapters about three times before everything clicked, but when it did - wow!

Maybe it's because I'm a bit of an idiot, but it honestly took re-reading those first few chapters to get an understanding of the basic plot and characters. The translator did a fantastic job, it's just that there are a lot of things happening in quick succession in the beginning, and it's a little bit confusing... more>> to have so much information squished into such a (relatively) small space.

The basic gist is that the MC (from his POV at least, and we don't know yet if he's an unreliable narrator or not) is a bit of a jerk, and his younger brother dies protecting him. He manages to go back in time five years and decides to be a better person, and do better things. The way he goes about it is wonderfully entertaining, and the butterfly effect of every action he takes is a delight to discover.

The best parts of this story though are the interactions our MC has with the other characters. This story is rich with characters that have their own distinct personalities, and ways of interacting with our MC. In a word, this story is entertaining. Ridiculously entertaining. I can't wait to see where this story ends up taking us. <<less
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Now's not the time to rate this novel because there are only few chapters been translated. I like how the Male MC slowly strive to overcome his inferiority complex towards his little brother and improve his strength. Also prove to people that he is not a waste.
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Gasparmage rated it
October 7, 2019
Status: c62
A novel created around a "soft post-apocalitpic" world, located in South Korea.

Our MC, aparently a egotistic, scummy guy, surprisingly gets a second chance in life. And in it, he discovers many things, but most surprisingly of all, that he is quite a better person than even his most wild dreams.

Plenty of interesting characters, but not too much dept in neither, except the MC. But I have to disagree with some, they have growth, only a slow, episodic growth that in the span of many chapters, can be appreciated.

Some of the... more>> characters really grow in your heart, and for that is that this novels gets the 5stars from me. Keep going! <<less
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mhirra23 rated it
August 30, 2019
Status: c48
Really love it! At first I was struggling to get my interest piqued but after a few chapters I find I really liked the story.

Its a personal favorite of mine for the protagonist to be well liked by people around him.

The second translations were good! I hope to read more chapters soon.
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pyramidhead rated it
July 29, 2019
Status: c38
Exactly what you'd expect from the golden age of Korean dungeon LNs, it's just as high quality as all the others. Quite enjoy it because it stars the incredibly rare support hero and the requirements to use his abilities to grow others lead to quite funny situations. The ML is a decent guy that doesn't care about being big he just wants to help his brother and some other strong people grow so they can save the world and he can live a simple calm life with his savings.
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