Return of the Irregular Appraiser


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The Earth became connected to multiple dimensions and began to overflow with mysterious relics and artifacts, but without proper appraisers, the majority of these items were degraded as mere tr*sh and scattered around.

[Activating insight.]

But I can see it. Amongst those heaps of tr*sh, I see what is truly ‘authentic.’

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이레귤러 감정사의 회귀
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New Kotik
March 29, 2024
Status: c20
I feel like I like this story it's a concept that hasn't been milked to death yet. But the translation is terrible im almost certain it's mtl because no human could produce such an incoherent mess. The artifacts department gets called the emotion department on multiple occasions. Constant pov shifts leaving you completely disoriented and entire paragraphs that end up being indecipherable. It's a pity well never find out how good this actually is because helscans decided to take a dump on their readers like this, I dont feel like... more>> I could make an adequate assessment of the story given the tl so I'll rate it as idk/5 <<less
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Everest404 rated it
March 3, 2024
Status: c12
So far it feels very interesting, the approach feels kinda different even through there are certain cliches. I like the MC, his personality is good, and also the supporting characters aren’t bad so far. It’s refreshing to read about mc’s that aren’t directly combat related sometimes. The translation is very good, and it’s all understandable. Due to the fact that the MC is an appraiser, there can be short info dumps but honestly it’s not even a big deal. Only 12 chapters so far but I’m very impressed
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