Genius Wizard Takes Medicine


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“World” is a game renowned for its remarkable freedom.

In “version 3.0”, I made the decision to maximize my focus on boosting magical abilities!

All stats now revolve around magic! But In turn, I embraced a substantial number of disadvantageous traits.

However, that is inconsequential. I am determined to forge the ultimate Wizard character, It matters little whether the character’s outward appearance resembles a walking corpse.

Yet… What is this?

I have suddenly transformed into that very character – a character with prodigious talent, yet unable to survive a single day without relying on drugs.

Associated Names
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Drug-Eating Genius Mage
Medicine-eating mage
Medicine-eating wizard
Medicine Genius Wizard
The Genius Wizard who takes Medicine
약먹는 천재마법사
약먹는 천재 마법사
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10 Reviews

New Kakipii13
Sep 23, 2023
Status: c129
Described this story to my brother as "cyberpunk Dresden Files, but also it's an isekai. And also the MC does a LOT of drugs." Guy plays an MMORPG obsessively, same company releases a new game with the same game mechanics, so he knows enough to make a character that is op by using the games positive/negative trait system. Unfortunately, he gets transmigrated into the character he made. Now his potential in magic is godlike, but the traits he chose that are mostly negligible in the video game start killing him... more>> irl. Starts out imprisoned within a dystopian factory to really set the tone. Within the first few chapters, he discovers that lighting one up can alleviate or at least help him ignore most of his symptoms. So he steals some drugs and escapes prison, and then does back-alley private detective-like work because he can't get a legitimate job.

I cannot stress how hilarious I find the amount of dope this guy is smokes. He keeps it up because of chronic illness the same way my aunt uses mj for pain management, but it's too funny out of context. His motivation to earn money is mostly fueled by his need to earn money for drugs. About to go into a fight? *lights one up* *takes a drag* "Let's do this". Spends weeks at a time holed up in his apartment studying magic but also turning it into a hotbox. Almost gets caught while in disguise on MULTIPLE OCCASIONS because people recognize the smell of his cigarettes. He creates a specialized fire attack using the burning remains of a joint as a catalyst. He takes an elixir in hopes that it might cure his illnesses or physical problems... it doesn't, but he's not disappointed because hey! It gets rid of addiction and the toxins from doing so many drugs! That means I can take as many drugs as I want! This is a Korean isekai webnovel. 10/10

If "cyberpunk" or "wizard detective" or "isekai into a video game but not Historical Fantasy", "it's cyberpunk AND a fantasy", or if a series with superhero-like elements appeals to you, I recommend this. Doesn't have a romantic plot tumor, does have the hilarious meta of an MC who is constantly high. <<less
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New Samken
Sep 17, 2023
Status: c889

1- This is one of the few works where the author genuinely understands how to write a genius character, in most other works, they simply boil down to dumbing down other characters to elevate the MC, this was minimised here, as the protagonist possesses a brilliant mind, in addition, he'll also-ran into equally bright people, dumb people and everyone in between (aka your average joe).

2- While not often, the protagonist loses, he's not invincible, there are situations where events are simply out of his depth or he got caught with... more>> his pants down. People like him not because he's charismatic (he's kind of a dork and not very communicative), but because he's helpful to have connections with, Wizards are very demanded in-verse, and they're known to be stuck-ups or kinda pricks, MC otherwise is very humble compared to other wizards.

3- He behaves and fights like a Wizard, he largely stays stationary for most of his fights, but his mind will be working 24/7, and he'll timely deconstruct what his opponent is doing and answer with the most optimal answers, the novel has one of the best depictions of how a war mage operates, it's very impressive. Remarkably, fights are surprisingly turn-based, one guy does X thing, the protagonist counterattacks with Y, the guy then answers with Z, and so on and so forth.

4- Worldbuilding is very well done, and the introduction is gradual and in nature, to the line of work the protagonist involves himself with

5- The protagonist sometimes does get impatient, as most humans do, this is due to the nature of his penalties and the limited time he has, so occasionally he gets anxious about getting things done as quickly and swiftly as possible, but he does appreciate small things in life, like the presence of his love interests for example.


1- The initial 500 chapters or so are very episodic in nature, but that's to be expected since the protagonist works as a Freelance Mercenary.

2- Since most wizards are essentially introverts, they're not very chatty, tend to keep between themselves and spend most of their time indoors, and that's exactly how the MC will develop most of his techniques, so the novel has many down moments where the protagonist basically spends time studying and researching to make a breakthrough or digesting an encounter with someone.

About his Love interests:


They are as follows:

Jenny: Bartender and owner of a bar in District 49, also a broker of unusual qualities, she has connections with pretty much most of the underworld of Balkan.

Evelyn: Government agent, she's essentially a member of the special police force of the city.

Aris: Sinclair's Tower prodigy and professor at Labathenon Magic University.


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Feb 19, 2023
Status: c807
I'm actually the one who posted a request in novel pick up thread for this one 2 years ago. Now I'm quite reluctant to promote the translation of the novel especially if it's in illegal way, simply because of legal issues and also the quality of translation. Now anyone who I spoke with or those who saw my comments before in some profile threads will surely know/remember that I'm the first one who actively promoted this novel since the first 2 weeks of it's serialization in 2020 and offered to... more>> provide copies for those anyone interested after I purchased the chapters in munpia. I aggresively boasted this series even in my other novel reviews to the point that I received a warning from someone who claimed to be an employee of Munpia in regards to me promoting this novel to be translated without proper consent from the publisher 2 years ago lol. Now I'm not sure if the translator group which picked up this novel and genius warlock obtained permission from Munpia but I do hope they really get it in a legal manner since I don't want them to have any legal issues.



In my opinion, This is a masterpiece among fantasy novels not because it's perfectly written, matter of fact is there's still flaws in the novel (I will list the flaws later) but it was thoroughly compensated by the amazing world building and very immersive plot. This universe is complex and cruel. What really sets this novel apart from other fantasy novels is the protagonist's continued realistic growth and complexity of worldview. Stable development without sudden unexplained factors. No s*upid plots and inconsistensies especially in regards to many novels where the MC is suddenly being dumbed down and hypocrite just for the sake of plot development. No annoying characters and damsel heroines, no unnecessary harem and forced romance plot. (Not saying there's no potential romance, it's just not the main focus of the novel)

The unique worldview, which is a mix of cyberpunk-like machines and magic, is well incorporated into the work, and the main character's genius talent has a huge penalty, so even though he has overwhelming talent, there's a balance. The process of disassembling and incorporating the principle of magic and weaving it with talent, rather than feeling like unreasonable and too broken/OP, it's more like 'Oh, so this is how it works?' The way how the author explains and construct these things is what prevents it from feeling too broken. Thanks to that, the incident is moderately tense, battle scenes were top tier and immersive, and the level of adversity is well set to the extent that you can feel MC's growth.

I personally think this is by far the best novel with a wizard MC and magic settings that I've ever read. I also like the realistic and detailed magic expressions and explanation of author which makes me wonder if he is a real wizard with how he even thought of the magic and ability concepts here. Whether it's magic, summoning, martial arts or any mechanics was properly delivered and well blended in the series. The depiction of the dystopian worldview is well harmonized, and the setting for magic and the realm of enlightenment are really appropriate. Most of all, I liked how the MC made his own decisions without being swayed by anyone and being consistent in his beliefs and putting his own interest first throughout the series. The characters were fine, it was well developed and fleshed out. Now some might argue that the characters were boring, dumb and lacks individuality compared to the MC especially in the first half but I assure you that is not the case.

The obvious flaw of the story is the typical repetitive pattern in every battle results which is very prevalent in every novels. In most cases, there's a strong feeling that the battle results will be in favor of the MC in the end even though the tension and difficulty is really high because obviously that's the normal troupe for every novel where MC will overcome the struggles and challenges in every novel. Don't misunderstand that MC here is snowballing every fight, the fight is properly balanced and the enemies are smart and they're making the fight really difficult. Sometimes MC will encounter a more powerful character, sometimes he will also encounter an unfavorable fight due to a lot of factors like bad matchup/compatibility or bad environment, sometimes even encountering it in a bad circumstances, which force him to escape or put him on stalemate. So if you like a novel where the MC is getting defeated or getting whooped then this is not for you. Cuz this can cause some people to feel the tension were going down as you go along the story but good thing is author's writing ability were really good and the battle scenes are impressive, immersive and properly explained which shows that MC really did overcome the difficulty instead of snowballing every fight.

2nd obvious flaw that other people might say is the lack of romance, If you read the story then you will understand that this has something to do with the worldview and development. It's not that there's no potential romance however it's just not the main focus of the story and it's being required by the plot. MC is busy struggling for his life in a world where he doesn't know if he can achieve his goals and get answers or if will eventually fail in the end. Matter of fact, this topic actually caused a minor controversy that caused a lot of people to spam lower ratings on other platforms due to author's remark. Why would he or the plot development lean towards romance instead of focusing on the original premise. So for readers who like harem or romance, this is not for you.

There's also very few minor plot changes caused by author revising some of the setting but it really shouldn't matter cuz it didn't affect the overall development and you will really not notice it except if you will remember the previous dialogues or the early plots.

Overall, the narrative of the series is great. Every expression, decisions and actions of the characters, the concept of powers and level ups of abilities were properly explained. If y'all like a story driven series without any forced plot, unnecessary romance and annoying characters then this one is for you. The MC is properly driven with purpose and always stay true in his belief which is always demonstrated multiple times in the series. Of course this is just my opinion and everyone can disagree as we have different perspective and preference in rating a novel. To each their own.


I really hope Wuxiaworld will pick this up because I think they're the perfect group to translate this series with how the quality and editing is always guaranteed. Also they really tend to work with the publishers for the legalities and copyrights. <<less
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May 27, 2023
Status: c805
The novel is a masterpiece and I won't take any other answer that say otherwise. As it is already 800 chapters long and if the schedule release continue for the year yet I think it can go above 1000 and still remain interesting such is the incredible world building and power system of this world. As new reader got to understand the first 500ish chapters is only introduction to this world and the MC. The Cyberpunk mercenary aspect is only at the start, but it gradually move away from the... more>> cyberpunk mercenary story to one where MC firmly mark his existence in this world through different angles that show his various personality trait and talents while also beginning to unravelling the many hidden secrets of this world and beyond. It may sound absurd that it takes so long, but there is just that much setup in this story.

The character relationship may seem shallow at first, but they become more in depth with time and we see them through different lens from the MC. The character we learn have their own goals and motivations in this world that just happen to intersect with the MC. So we only see them when they are doing something else and they bump into each other or the MC call them together on his own.

The fight scene is the best I seen of a wizard character as he show exactly why he got to smoke before each battle. As he dominate his enemies through magical ingenuity and genius intellect that allow him to set up the win condition without the enemy being aware the entire time, not cause they are dumb, but it is just how crazy smart he is yet it is believable. As he demonstrate various aspects of his combat intelligence and ability throughout the series beforehand to allow for the setup of his battle with enemy that can really challenge him to feel like everything he did was earn and believable.

It is especially true as he move on his own in this world to unrevealed the many mystery kept secret and we see the enemy he is up against on those travel with crazy hax powers. So although the MC is op, but there are many characters just as op even if they lack the talent of the MC, they more then make it up with time and preparation.

The power system is amongst the most unique one I seen as it basically goes from Level 1-9, but the significance of going from Level 1-9 isn't understood until much later. As the power system is meant to demonstrate one identity and mentality taken to the extreme and beyond. So it is possible for anyone and I mean anyone to rise to the top in this power system, but just because you are at the top, it does not mean you are a perfect being or that you are the strongest. It just means that you have went from someone insignificant in the world to someone that can face the world as an equal. So while you do get stronger, but someone of lower rank can beat you if the conditions are met. This applies to characters beside just the MC. While it is also possible to have more power and Mana than those of higher rank, but it doesn't mean those of higher rank are weaker than someone just because of that and can easily defeat those of lower rank if they don't meet the conditions to challenge them.

The world itself is quite interesting as each location have their own goals and motivations that strive to accomplish with all their might, but the failure in their goals is the cause of many character backstory that the MC meet along the way. As the story progress the MC is beginning to reveal the goals and deeds of others that led to the present world. In the meantime as he uncovers more it has been hinted here and there of the antagonists to the MC that seem to exist behind the curtain and is the the cause for much of this world devastations.

Finally, the MC himself, he is perhaps the best wizard character I ever seen and I won't think otherwise. As through various identities we come to know how far his genius for magic extend in different way than just through pure showing of magic in combat and how it impact the various inhabitants of this world. While also supporting a handicap that is the primary motivator for him to become strong and survive in this world. The handicap give a certain tension in his battle against high level foes as while it gets better overtime, but it is never rid of even after so many chapters and we learn the nature of his penalty in this world power frame work. So if someone can get a jump on him when he is weaken he would die even if he could beat most enemy one on one. Lastly, there are various heroine candidates, but the MC isn't giving a sh*t about romance until he fix his body and so while various girl make an appearance they relationship with him range from acquaintance to potential love interest with the majority leaning to acquaintances then potential love interest. <<less
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Apr 13, 2023
Status: --
This is good, but begins to drag on later on. I've read the translation, and I've read the MTL a bit.

Here's the plot: MC creates an arch-wizard character, dumps everything else to the point of taking characteristics (hence the drug/medicine taking part) and now has to live in the game. The world is cyberpunk/fantasy, which is a not a combination you see often, and provides a lot of novelty.

The story is like.. Well, imagine if someone was playing skyrim (except he's actually in the game, and it's cyberpunk fantasy) and... more>> decided to write down what he did. No, there's no system, and the story's not in first-person, but it's like someone adventuring in a open-world rpg - that's what I felt when I read this novel.

After escaping from the factory (intro), guy ends up in Balkan (cyberpunk town/open-world), and keeps taking missions (quests) so that he can more and more money (he needs it to survive the flaws he's taken). Is there a main plot? Yes, it rears its head sometimes, but it's mostly side-quests. Like, you have the intro, 5 sidequests, a little bit of main plot, sidequests again, and that's how it goes.
And just like skyrim, there's a few quest-chains going on - you have the teacher in the library, you have police-woman - except again, like skyrim, you don't have to do it order - you can always come back later, at your own leisure. Worldbuilding is good, and the cyberpunk+fantasy setting is also good.

If this sounds appealing to you, definitely read this novel. The problem, for me, like skyrim - characters began to feel like a bit too much like NPCs, and the mission-centric approach, complete finish, jump on another train began to feel stale after 200 chapters.
The arcs also began to lose impact - cause MC is overpowered and you know he's going to always win. Now, I don't have a problem with overpowered MCs - in fact, I like it when there's some righteous a$$-whooping. But in cyberpunk world - it's all missions and mercenaries, everyone's just looking out for themselves, the corporate overlords rule everything - you know, usual cyberpunk stuff. However, that sort of takes away the joy from the overpowered beatdowns - it's just a job, they're stealing a file or protecting a cargo or whatever. The other guys are hired-hands, you are a hired-hand, and that sort of takes away the stakes for me. You have to inject emotion, you have to raise the stakes, you have to make the villains evil - something that makes the beatdown satisfying. Like I really don't care if the mission fails, and corpo loses their investments - the MC will find another job.

I'm not going to lie - there's a few times where the stakes are high and MC is fighting for something important, but that's not usually the case.

Now you might think - wow, this guy hates this novel - but that's not true. I like it, and I read like a 100 chapters in one go when I first began. It's just that the novelty fades at some time, and I think it doesn't need to go further 500 chapters, really - I have seen everything I wanted to see.

Still, it's good. <<less
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Feb 13, 2023
Status: c757
Absolutely fantastic dark, urban fantasy/cyberpunk novel.

It starts off with the typical "reincarnated into a game world" premise, but quickly discards it (no game interface, etc.) to focus on well-thought out world building and plot development. The author is excellent at building up an arc, so the highs hit hard and resolve satisfactorily. The fight scenes are also some of the best I've read of any Korean novel. There's plenty of mystery surrounding the plot that the author drip feeds to us readers, so it's preference if you enjoy that sort... more>> of thing.

Characters are fleshed out and act logically, including villains. The author utilizes them well, as they aren't one-offs and make reappearances in future arcs that build hype. There's a tiny sprinkle of romance with a couple of love interests, but it's definitely not the main focus.

If you liked "Genius Warlock", you'll like this as well. I consider this novel a better version since "Genius Warlock" tends to suffer from a meandering plot and lackluster fight scenes. <<less
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Jul 19, 2023
Status: c147
4 stars, no matter what NU is showing you. It keeps being weird about my stars on this review.

A book about a mage that has the most magic-based fights I've read in a while. To be honest, there's not really what I would call "a magic system" and the fights can feel oddly turn-based—but they're well done regardless! The author is really focused on how he uses his magic and magic talents in action scenes and successfully makes his tactics seem clever.

The biggest issue so far (whether it's the original... more>> writing, the translation, or both, I don't know) is that it uses and misuses unnecessarily advanced vocabulary in awkward sentences. It renders itself nearly or entirely incomprehensible at times. For example, it will be trying to say, "People who live here are used to these kinds of fights, " but it will actually say, "Inhabitants acclimated to these kinds of confrontations inhabited this area." That's not nearly the worst example, it's just one that's very easy to rephrase.

The 'Genius Warlock' comparisons are rather spurious.


FWIW, so many reviewers were comparing this to Genius Warlock that I went to read Genius Warlock up to chapter 44 (when I got bored).

Genius 'Warlock' is about an emotionally stunted teenager aimlessly following random people around out of curiosity about pretty lights. Genius 'Wizard' is about a normal transmigrated adult gamer who becomes a mercenary because of his ambition to survive and learn wtf happened to him.

They're not at all alike, unless you think every book with a mage MC is the same—which you shouldn't. 'Wizard' has way more action and the MC is more goal oriented. The magic systems and tone are totally different. IMO 'Wizard' is a lot more entertaining to read than 'Warlock' on a chapter by chapter basis, but 'Warlock' seems more thoughtful thematically. YMMV.

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May 08, 2023
Status: c300
It's a fun read if you want to pass your time with something light but not too thrashy story.

It has interesting beginning and a decent world building, even if the magic system is not that creative (compared to ex. Genius warlock which has a similar cyberpunk setting). The story itself start with a cliche gamer getting transported into the game world template, but unlike another similar game isekai novels, the MC here isn't an omniscience character who knows everything about the game (he is still very OP tho) and slowly... more>> uncovering the mistery on how the world works while trying to find a cure to alleviate the illness he put on his character to make it OP. I find the story started solid at the beginning for about 100 sih chapters but slowsly downgrading into generic power fantasy story with a hint of Harem in it. <<less
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Abdalkarim Alamir
Abdalkarim A
Jul 30, 2023
Status: c90
I love this!
    1. I've read a lot of novels, however I have to say that this one has some of the best fights. The fights don't feel one-sided, bland, nor hard to imagine. They are detailed, but not boring to read. You get excited to see what next move the MC or the enemy is going to do.
    1. I like the MC's personality, and also the fact that you can empathize with his circumstances makes you feel closer to him.
    1. The magic isn't hard to understand, which is a plus. The world building is also quite well done.
    1. The pacing is good. You don't get bored while reading.
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Diesel Zinman
Diesel Zinma
Feb 10, 2023
Status: c2
This has a great potential, it seems to have some similarities in its base concept to "Genius Warlock" so I'm looking forward for this. (Even though it shows similarities to "Genius Warlock" this doesn't seem like a copy of it. The world building will probably be similar but the rest of the similarities stem from both novels having the main character crawl from the bottom to the top with their immense talent which is a common concept in novels.)
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