I Obtained a Mythic Item


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Yggdrasil, the World Tree of Norse Mythology, suddenly appeared on Earth. And with it came demonic creatures that ravaged entire cities.

Although not all hope is lost, due to the System that a few special humans had gained.

In this new world where only the strong survived, Min JaeHyun scrapes by regretting the wrong choices he’d made in the past… when one day, he gains the only Mythic item in the world.

How will this item help him? And can he change his wretched fate?

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Mythic Item Obtained
신화급 귀속 아이템을 손에 넣었다
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dragonulera rated it
February 19, 2022
Status: c11
To me, the premise of the story is good, but the delivery is not bad, it's terrible.

I accept the idea that MC gets an OP item. I accept the idea of returning to the past due to betrayal. I accept the idea of wanting to become stronger, but MC is a complete idiot. I am losing braincells reading this.

... more>>

In the first place, the MC returns to the past due to the betrayal of his father. Ok, good reason.

He get's the attention of the 1st guild in the country purposefully, so he can get their support. Good thinking!

But from this point onward, everything goes downhill. A bunch of nonsense forcefully pushed by the author for some idiotic reason.

  1. He gets access to a dungeon, even if he is not part of the guild
  2. In the dungeon he forgets all his experience as a fighter. A DECADE of combat experience, just out of the window. What is this nonsense?
  3. He keeps worrying about dying from the injuries he had AFTER he got the MOST POWERFUL healing spell in the WHOLE damn world. It's true that it normally had restrictions, but the author specifically specified that the restrictions don't apply!
  4. ... he never uses that spell in the end.
  5. The novel is using Norse Mythology, yet the MC who claimed he had such a good memory that he acted as a guide, has no idea who is talking to, has a hard time understanding his position and surroundings and so on. 10 years of knowledge out the window.
  6. Of course, he returns in perfect shape.
  7. Next is signing the contract with the guild. Although the guild master already know about his powerful ability to copy spells without restrictions, even though she know about him having 97% magical aptitude (which is something you can't find in the whole world), she still puts him through a test. Ok! That can be justified through her wanting to see his upper limits.
  8. BUT! This f*cking moron of MC, still hesitates to join a guild that has 50% monopoly over the dungeons in the country. This idiot, also hesitates when he gets 8-2 cut from dungeons rewards in his favour, just so he can be thought magic by the guild master.
  9. There is also the fact that MC screwed his life over in the first run because he chose to become a warrior (where he has 20-30% aptitude) over magician (which he has 97%). What kind of moron choose one over the other? Just because of little bit of scrutiny towards the magicians? He could've learnt some healing spells with that aptitude in the first place. He already said that healer were looked up by anyone even in the next decade.


No wonder his father wants him dead. I want him dead too. This MC doesn't deserve to live, nor the opportunities he got. There is no growth, just s*upid cliché so it looks like it grows.


It feels like the author is writing about a cake that has been rotten for a decade as if it was freshly brought out of the oven just an hour ago.

Only 1-star for the good translation. <<less
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ayanapti0077 rated it
February 12, 2022
Status: --
tr*sh novel I must say.. it has regression but I dont see anything MC has achieved because of it or his own strength.. its like everything is luckily being served on a platter to MC..:-

regress to make up for regrets of being mage.. done..

healing skill needed.. done...

... more>> save from near death in dungeon.. done

Also the plot is so abrupt - things popping just because plot needs extention

no explanation whatsoever on why his father was like tht, he could have killed both MC and mother much earlier if he has this much hatred but no we need plot.. so. done

Dont just blindly consider the great reviews, they are from the translator who got this project, if u write this kind of review in their site its going to get deleted (if u dont believe me just write it there u'll know)

the only reason it has1 star is because of translator being good with other novels and manhuas <<less
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PSpaulo rated it
June 30, 2022
Status: c0
This is like a guilty pleasure, the novel is average, has a lot of problems but I like to read it.

The manwhua is very good though, the excellent art and more compact dialogues makes up for it.

The MC is a contradicting moron.

... more>> Despite having a talent for magic that's unique and the "best in the world", he chooses to be a warrior because warriors are considered higher class, after a couple years though, mages outshines warriors and he can't do anything but lament his "bad luck".

He contradicts himself every chapter, saying that he should not do this or that but immediately doing it and getting great rewards easily.

His personality is also very unstable, he was miserable and cautious before regression, now he is fearless and arrogant, even though he's thinking in a way, he acts the complete opposite to what he's thinking, sh*t like "I must be cautious and keep my cards hidden, nothing good will come from bringing attention to myself... oh well I will just stand out a little and break all the records for the entrance ceremony, beat up all the seniors and bring along the other freshman with me, you know, the one I'm afraid of betraying me because of her personality that I saw on TV before my regression" what a moron lol

In fights he goes from saying "damn I must be cautions, even though I'm strong now, my opponent is a genius that can beat me easily if I'm not careful" to "I'll just beat him unconscious with a single punch :) "

Also, the novel uses like 4 lines to say the same thing, it's annoying, 4 lines to say the same thing using different words, 4 different sentences that means the exact same thing, saying the same thing 4 times to make sure you understand, you get it?

It's just a cheap way to increase word count.

Despite all that I still read and like it, yeah I'm acting like the MC... fml. <<less
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John_Titor rated it
January 3, 2022
Status: ex. v1c7
2022 begin with a bang.

This novel is amazing.

There are a lot of novels in the same trop in korean media, but something about this feels different. Imho I think I'm on for a great journey ahead of me

All in all my rating is 10/10 as of Ch.07

Have a nice day Everyone.
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dibe rated it
June 26, 2022
Status: c7
"oh boy a second chance revenge after unexplicable d*mb indeas ? Yes please, lets go.

MC used as meatshield in a dungeon, oh yeah this is gonna be gud.

... more>>

then our great lord MC just waltz into it, under a monologue of envy and butthurt, literally no one gives him a hard time, just him complaining about life, its ok dude dont we all ? After all we all have been to the place of knowing we are the one and only greatest talent in the history of all known time and obviously we can chose to do the exact oposite cause kids will be kids and the choice is theirs, not like the world is ending or anything right, so no one will influence that choice

then our godqueen out of nowere hears the voice of the plot and follow a light, of course no ones goes with him, not the owners of the dungeon run, not the literal assassin that entered that dungeon speciffically to kill him, no one, no tension no nothing, follow the light find a door, open the door and bang oh look mythical item that would give godly powers, unique in the world. U know what that means right ? HELL YEA BABY BIG HOUSE AND SPORTS CAR. Jesus f*cking christ m8.

at this point it hurts but lets just try to turn the brain off and enjoy

then he goes back in time, and first thing he does is oh well lets just go to the van in the back alley copy the skill of the literal goddess of a generation. Heres how it goes " hey ill copy ur skill and sav u. Her: oh noes I dunt blive u, try it; him: there u go just did it and while I done it I also already saved u; "

it physically hurt, it hurt even more cuz I tried to like it


this is a memorable novel, it is so bad that it does damage, it is such a disapointment that it fueled this rant, im very forgiving to absurdness in novels as I hope for developement but this is just something else, I question the state of mind of the people giving this 5 stars <<less
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January 24, 2022
Status: c16
There are 3 stories being written at the same time. They fight for space on the page so you never really get invested in anyone of then.

1. Regressor who wants to revamp magic

2. Revenge for his father's betrayal

... more>> 3. Chosen one, Gods battle, system shenanigans

You might notice none of these are about an item. That's cause this mcguffin doesnt exist, it was transformed into skills at ch7.

I actually really like the authors writing style. Just a shame the story and scope feel to big and complicated to work perfectly right now. Will keep reading hoping he finds a good balance. <<less
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Bibliophobic rated it
January 3, 2022
Status: c7
I have a bias towards these types of novels: game elements, leveling, ranking. It's all about progression for me. These are the cheapest ways to do it, whilst sticking close to RPG-esque systems. I'm only 7 chapters in, but here's my honest review:

- It matches my interest and maybe interests of others.
- There's spice of Norse mythology which some might find interesting.
- An easy progressive novel due to ... more>>


- Has a clear goal, albeit straightforward.

- Everything goes the MC's way. I can see it being bland to some people, and very exciting for others. The problem with even writing this bullet point is that it's supposed to be that way, since it's not a tragedy AND it's only the 7th chapter so far.

Bruh the MC is too trusting. Like, sure you know the future but you don't know everything about the person attached to the one you know so much about (healer guild master lady)

. This was such a big indicator of childishness, even though he was supposed to be like 23-26 years old mentally. To be fair though, this is ONLY THE 7th CHAPTER!

tl;dr: if you like these types of novels with game elements, weak to strong, levels, dungeons... all these RPG-esque KR-novels, then please give it a read.

Will edit this in the future with more chapters or if I overthink my review enough! :^)

Side note: I review rarely, but I've read many similar novels. <<less
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RayanArcadia rated it
January 4, 2022
Status: c8
Ayo this is some good stuff right here. I expected it to be some classic harem dungeon setting novel but turned out to be pretty well-written. The world-building and how it's progresing at this point is enough for me to rate it at the same level as The Second Coming Of Gluttony (novel)
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Animeboyz rated it
October 11, 2022
Status: c62
If you like the typical reincarnated loser got lucky that's back from the future with OP abilities then you will love his one. The author will employ the usual fore knowledge to get MC even stronger with cheat items that comes along as needed. There will be revenge of tr*sh characters and clear cut bad guys with the usual motives of power and money. Of course the author will have to add in lots of peerless beauty as potential love interest. He also didn't forget the typical elite training academy... more>> populated by bullies and friends in need of a good knight in shining armor. The only reason to read these sort of escapism fantasy is if you really like the MC or you are an adolescent teen who never read any good books in your life. It's too bad but the MC is just too generic. Everything is so expected that I didn't even need to use spoiler function. Hope this helps those on the fence. <<less
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kingryuga rated it
October 8, 2022
Status: --
It is really an interesting novel. A lot of people have a lot of complain about this but there is a lot of misunderstanding about it.

MC here is a lot cautious person, he is smart but his destitution of his previous life had been manipulated by the gods. Because there was a prophesy that he will become an adversary the Aesir gods. The gods are the ones who manipulated his father in the past and created a lot of tragedy around him which led him to lose all his hopes.

The... more>> story might look like revenge story from the start but there is more to the story. The MC really has a decision making problem but still he has a proper goal and the story does not become less interesting with it.

  • MC had no talent as a warrior but had talent as a magician but the era looked down on magician and there is a hint that MC was given suggestion by the gods to choose wrong path.
  • Raiders growth stops at the age of 20 so MC gave up on using 'Odin's lost eye' first,
  • In the dungeon he did not forget all his experience as a fighter. But he was not a great warrior from the very beginning, the reason regressed MC looks like a great warrior is because a 'D' rank warrior's skills were inherited by him at a young age because of regression
  • After he got beat up in Helheim he was not in a shape to use magic cause his consciousness was fading, so without a doubt he was on death's door
  • Just because a guild is powerful does not mean that other lower guild will not give him more benefits and also MC knew that for some reason that guild was disbanded in his past life, so of course MC hesitated joining them.
  • Some might think that MC felt betrayed by his father but that is not true cause he was only raised by his mother so he only hated his father for killing him and his mother.
  • The father of MC was manipulated by 'Odin's raven', so technically he did not betrayed him.

These are a some facts people misunderstood here. Either way the story is really unique and MC here grows mentally while he finds mysteries of his regression and the world and makes decisions.

So I hope others read this novel properly and than comment. <<less
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o-o rated it
June 13, 2022
Status: --
This novel is a regression of the MC that was betrayed by his father. It has pros and cons, clichés and some stuffs that need to be improved but overall it is good. MC isn't really the smart guy who could do everything at the very start and become the strongest shit. He is still weak compare to a S rank and has a lot of things to learn. He use some future events to his benefit but it is not too much. He still need to grow and I... more>> know that he make something s*upid sometimes but it is still good. Some people say that he make lots of dumb decision but a some of it could be explained so here.


He obtain a mythic item and got killed by a contracted assassin his father sent. He regress and make choices that really make sense but people say it doesn't so here I'll try to explain it.

  1. He got access to a dungeon - Even though he is not a member of the guild, he has the skills that it takes to fight. A) He has battle experience from before he regress. B) He copied the unique skill of the guild master and has a keen observation. It is also one of the condition that he laid just for the guild to make him a member of them when he turn to legal age. C) His safety is secure because it is low rank dungeon which is E and the skill that he copy from the guild master could be use as an attack skill.
  2. He forget his combat experiences - Coming from someone that didn't read it properly. He didn't forget his combat experiences, he lost his stats, levels and skills because he "REGRESS". He has 16 years old body and he is D rank warrior before he regress so he doesn't really have that lots of experience. It is implicated in the novel that warrior type hunters fall and their utility is low because they always get injure so no one really want to employ them. He has low aptitude to warrior and has low rank so no one really want to employ him personally.
  3. He f*cking choose to be a warrior than magician - I could also say this is moronic because he has low aptitude in warrior, but has the highest aptitude for magician, which he has 97%. Though it is moronic, it also make sense because it is what people in those days want and popular. I'm not saying he is a bandwagon because he is not. I am saying that he chooses something that will benefit him faster but shorter over something that will benefit him smaller but for a longer time. If we compare it to real jobs, I should say it is engineer and doctor. Both is popular and high demand, but engineer will benefit you faster because you only have to study for 4-5 years, meanwhile in being a doctor, you have to study for about 10 years (4 years college, 4 years med school and 2 years for residency). In the past, engineer is much more popular but now it is the medical workers such as doctors, nurses, practitioners, physicians, etc. Our world nowadays need more doctor than engineer because of the diseases that spread worldwide.
  4. He hesitates to join a guild that is basically giving him a lot of things - Even you would also feel that something is off because a lot of things is coming to you, right? That was what he experienced. What he just want is to make a backer or a connection to that guild. He make connection to a guild because he knows that he need a better surrounding than what he have, a surrounding that will support him and help him grow. He didn't expect them to recruit him because all he want is a connection.
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ojamayellow rated it
April 27, 2022
Status: --
I could've rated this lower if I could. I like the story and its general idea. I also understand that the author wants to put a sort of "push" for a revenge gimmick in the story to make it more entertaining but the thing is, the event that made it happen seem extremely s*upid for me. The fact that the MC saw the ONLY mythical item which can be BOUND ONCE with no owner? Then what does the MC do to it? Bound it? NO! He thinks he can make... more>> billions out of it. See what makes it extremely s*upid? A revenge gimmick is fine in the story but I couldve been added in another proper way but this? WHO WOULD BE s*upid ENOUGH NOT TO BIND THE STRONGEST ITEM YOU CAN FIND THAT NO ONE CAN STEAL SINCE IT CAN BE BOUND TO THE OWNER ALONG WITH THE FACT THAT IT HAS APPRAISAL AND SO MANY ABILIITIES. This makes me so frustrated with the fact that the MC would be s*upid enough to even think about sellling it. That was supposed to be a turning point for the MC. Any gamer kowledgable about rare items that powerful, no, even any known human who gains the same opportunity would take that and say is in a heart beat. I dont know what s*upidity the author has to even think that passing up that would be a good idea. Had he said yes to it, all of the sequencing events would've been avoided or at least handled better that it should have been. <<less
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ScatteredClouds rated it
March 14, 2022
Status: c10
this... I don't know what to say, other's review already stated the bullsh*t thing in the novel.

but imma add some that really really and I meant it really disturb me either because it just my bias or what

... more>>

it is that part when the MC just go straight to the guild leader that have the most op healing spell that make her a saint. he just go straight asking for it and didn't mind give the most valuable information of him like nothing, it is that he can copy the ability of person without penalty that is so fcking op even the guild leader that have the healing spell almost died due to the penalty of drain the lifespan and only can be cured with same or higher rank spell. I mean... is he lack of brain or what he didn't think any other method such as remain Mysterious about what kind of broken ability he have and then just make the guild leader somewhat use the healing spell, because he can copy it just by looking at the spell when being used.


also the first life of him choosing warrior where he have low talent with instead of magic where he have 97% aptitude just because reason of society views is just bullsh*t. you may choose doing a so called low jobs with great talent rather than so called decent job where you have no talent at all and being a tr*sh among others. <<less
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xLia rated it
January 2, 2023
Status: c87
As far as I've read, the overall is good but it would have been better

Note : I didn't read the beginning of the novel, I started with the manhwa.

I have nothing to say against the writing : simple but also quite detailed, combat scenes can be easily imagined. Even tho, it would have been better if there were more descriptions about important characters. Since I started the novel thanks to the manhwa, I know how most of them looks like.

The background takes place in the modern world, where magic and... more>> a system appeared. Nothing revolutionary to be honest.

As for the main character, he's certainly not the typical "cold-hearted" protagonist but I also like his current personality. He's the type to be narcissist, who can smile and joke

After time travel, his main goal is revenge, he wants to defeat his father and in order to defeat him, he has to grow stronger. In my opinion, why not. I thought "this is just like many other novels I've already read" but it's not that bad honestly.

Knowing his past mistakes and the future, he became stronger. But it was... too fast ? Somehow, I felt like there weren't many difficulties and that he would overcome them easily. He would always end without a scratch.

If I were to resume what I've read so far it would be something like : dungeon practices, academy lessons and tests, then dungeons again.

Quite boring says like that but since some unexpected (or not) events happen, it keeps the story very interesting.


I especially loved the themed dungeon.

It was a dungeon based on an amus**ent park and unlike usual dungeons where defeating the boss is needed to clear it, there are many quests to achieve. The one based on the haunted house was my favorite ^-^

It was like a scenario where the main character has to play a role. The quest was to discover the mysteries hidden in the manor and honestly... reading this arc made me think of a horror movie and it was absolutely awesome


About the plot, it's fine. Nothing incredible but still good. The author used norse mythology and wrote his own story based on it.


When I say "nothing incredible" I really mean it. The MC failed in his first life then regressed because he was the "chosen one, the adversary of the prophecy". Well... I can't say that it is pretty elaborated but since I'm still reading the novel, I hope there are. more. As for the plot twists, they are quite good.


So it may be worth the reading, it only depends on your taste. <<less
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October 9, 2022
Status: --
Guys I have to let u know he healed her not only becoz he needed her op healing but also she saved many lifes & didn't even care about her health.

And those are saying he's dumbass in his first life having 97% appetite in magic still choosing warrier job, human can make mistakes that they regret in future like u, I & others so he also made a mistake & this mistake is to only make his mom suffer less at that time
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LongXi rated it
March 31, 2022
Status: c33
So I'll keep on reading since update is slow anyway and the premise of the story is good, but damn the plot is forced and extremely idiotic, still, I'm giving it the benefit if the doubt and wait until a hundred chapters or so. Btw MC is extremely childish and seems that he never grew up mentally.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ThatHurt rated it
January 3, 2022
Status: c7
I haven't read very far into it at all, but currently in my opinion, "I Obtained a Mythic Item" is an interesting and mildly copy and pasted take on the reverse isekai genre.

The protagonist is the average man, down on his luck struggling with the regretful choices he's made in his past when he finds the only mythic item known to man. The Novel deals with mythology, and it's spread evenly throughout the story. (Spoilers after this) I find the use of mythology great, I find some similarities... more>> with this MC's powers and

I" Came Back And Conquered It All" but with a nerf of how many abilities you can copy but with the nerf of no side effects. The Author's idea of a choice of the classes system was interesting but the lack of variety in classes was disappointing (as there are only two classes currently unless you happen to get a lucky unique ability).


Overall the story is likeable and the translation is good. I would recommend at least reading the start, I myself am going to continue reading and update this in a few months (when I actually get decently far into the story, as there arent many chapters up yet). <<less
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aristial rated it
October 11, 2023
Status: c462
Do not be fooled by the manhwua, although the novel is not so bad, I do not recommend it, everything from the beginning is poorly done, the premise is repetitive, the secondary characters are flat and there are points where they pause the story, it has a bad rhythm, the power system is very poorly done, the protagonist is a stone op with legs, the enemies in this case the aesir have a serious mental ret*rdation. In short, everything is wrong with this story, from my point of view it... more>> is not worth the time not even to wait for some other novel you are reading, because it reaches a point where it is not even fun anymore. <<less
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Agare_bon rated it
September 9, 2023
Status: --
I started reading the manhwa of this novel, some parts seemed like it was skipped but It can be understood easily because of how it's drawn, the manhwa is up until 65 chapters if I'm correct and I was sad there's no more because the story is getting good, MC is good looking too. The plot is pretty different from others but still nice to read something different yet somehow similar, at least it feels new compared to others.

... more>>

the MC is very human, I agree choosing warrior even if he saw that being mage is higher than warrior because I also made that kind of choice so it's not about how it's already given what MC should choose but look into his circumstance on why his choice was made in the first place because every one has their reasons nobody can understand.

About his father it wasn't explicitly shown in the manhwa but just bits and pieces which I understood a little bit is that, mc's memories and future was altered because of his "fate" as someone who goes against Odin and was killed and therefore regressing, his father was actually a good father but died early on but mc's memory was altered and his father was killed and replaced by someone else, abusing MC mentally and physically making MC hate his father in mc's lifetime before regressing. The one who replaced his father was a Crow of Odin trying to lower the chances of MC fulfill his fate and looking like a depressed-looking future MC in the manhwa.

MC with magic seemed too OP which is understandable but he is or will be battling against the king of Gods 🤣 he needs it, he barely survived from fighting his Crow dad if he was not saved, besides the Gods on his side wanted him to be OP very fast that's why they give him so many opportunities and gifts.


Overall plot is good I hoped to read more of it and I wonder where it leads. <<less
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January 17, 2023
Status: --
The most OP item in whole world in low lvl dungeon.

Most broken cheat power.

Magic doesn't have a price for MC.

Only Mythic item in world so don't worry lad, no one will ever beat you.

Thankfully author gave all hax possible I like my protagonist as basic as possible, why would I waste my time with development?
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