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Akira, was born in the slum and wishes to get out but the only way he could was to risk his life in these ruins as a hunter.

These ruins, known as the Old World, were danger zones where beasts roam; buildings crumble, and other humans hunt their own…

Though Akira had expected to face death countless times there, he had never expected to meet a naked woman there.

Standing exposed with her curvaceous curves and bosom out for all to admire, Alpha, the breathtaking beauty stood there, looking back at him.

This mysterious enchantress walked towards Akira and…

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Ribirudo Waarudo
重組世界Rebuild World
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37 Reviews

Oct 21, 2019
Status: c7
Iam extremely impressed by everything I have read so far.

Interesting character dynamics. We get character development from the protagonist straight off the bat.

The high level of descriptive writing is also very refreshing and rare for a light novel. The author does a very good job making you visualize the environment and feel like you are being guided by Alpha for every action scene.

Each chapter is also fairly lengthy, so props to the translator keeping up the quality translation and keeping a consistent weekly schedule. I'll be keeping a good eye... more>> on this one. <<less
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Nov 10, 2019
Status: c9
Created an account just to write this out and there is just a phrase to describe my reading experience.

'A refreshing read'

Unlike most of the novel out there, this isn't something taken from a cookie-cutter format.

... more>> The world itself seems to be a post-apocalyptic story but that there are so much to explore about the past and the present.

The characters themselves are memorable. Maybe due to how much time the author spends expanding on them a little. Even for those disposable 'mob' characters.

Each chapter is pretty long on its own. Around 5K words, and I am grateful that Divine Dao Library did not choose to break them up, unlike some other websites.

All in all, the experience is something that I missed after reading a ton of novels. The refreshing feel of opening up something unknown for the first time to rediscover something you like. If you are like me and have read no small number of stories, I think this one should be on your bucket list. <<less
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Jul 15, 2020
Status: c210
Series is great, but the translation speed is unbearable.

So slow in fact that I ended up using google's mtl for the raw chapters. I've found it's actually good enough you can understand what's going on 95% of the time, even if the grammar is terrible.

Don't think I'll bother reading this series from Divine Dao Library again, especially seeing as at the rate they're going it would take 5+ years to catch up to the series where it is now. I'm not sure their interest in translating the series would last... more>> that long, let alone my own. <<less
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Oct 20, 2019
Status: c7
Refreshingly good read with a novel setting, interesting characters, and cool social dynamics.

The main character at this stage is just a boy who has grown up in the slums outskirting a city with a dystopian wealth divide. While the city itself was built next to an old world ruin to better facilitate looting old relics for commercial and potentially scientific benefit.

The story begins with the main character on his first day as a hunter (a kind of relic scavenger), when he meets an augmented reality being who promises to aid... more>> him in return for promising to raid a ruin for it in the future. The chapters as of yet are following a growth arc, as the main character is guided by the augmented reality being to choice relic looting spots for money and better equipment.

As of yet, there's a lot of potential here. <<less
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Dec 31, 2019
Status: c1
In depth, detailed and in your face action.

You can actually feel Akira growing up without the need for a sob story or fan service bs.

No romance waifus or sugar coated stereotypes. Rebuild World bulldozes straight to the good stuff that most novels have you wait 6 chapters per scene to reveal.
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Apr 26, 2020
Status: c50
A homeless boy in a post-apocalyptic sci-fi world makes a contract with a sentient AI of unknown affiliation. While he does not understand the details of the contract or the AI's goals, he agrees to her ToS and starts raking in achievements thanks to her support. She frequently reminds him that he is alive because of her.

Both the AI and the boy have questionable morals. The AI is okay with breaking his legs if it increases chances of completing her mission and he is fine with saving some waifus if... more>> he can shoot a bunch of guys dead. There's no room for good deeds in this world.

The AI's mystery and where her goal would take him on the path of growth keep the story going, alongside biomechanical monsters left behind by the previous civilization.


Akira is the 499th person Alpha approached with the contract. It did not go well for the other 498.

Alpha's role in Akira's explosive growth eerily resembles raising livestock. "Trust me" does not justify requesting mind control privileges on day one.

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Jun 26, 2020
Status: c86
One of the better post-apocalyptic novels. You get to see the world thought Akira's eyes and understand how the society works. This is also one of the better harems I have read. If you hate harems, give this a shot, it's not in your face and the harem is very subtle. The author is clearly building up to something big and we are given hints that some characters (Green haired girl ghost) are not all that they seem. This is a novel I look forward to and I suggest you... more>> all give it a shot. The main character might seem annoying but he grows as the story progresses. <<less
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Shy Giggling
Shy Giggling
Jul 27, 2021
Status: c151
I don't know how I've missed this gem till now. This novel is being absolutely slept on and it's an absolute shame.

I'll say it straight off the bat for the people that don't have the time to read a full review; read it, give at least it's first 10 chapters a chance, and if you like them, you'll undoubtedly love the rest.

To start off, the characters in this novel are well writen, have actual personalities unlike others in other novels that makes the sea of tr*sh that hides gems like... more>> these, and their interactions are simply a fantastic treat to the eyes. The characters are really dynamic and that makes for really enjoyable interactions. The main character, Akira, himself immediately interested me, and the appearance of Alpha just afterward just complemented his character, and with her, created a really interesting and dynamic duo. There's never nothing going on between the both of them and it's really cool to see. The others characters (such as Shizuka, Sara, Elena, Shikarabe, Katsuya) appeared in a pretty smooth way and felt somewhat natural. Over time, you truly feel some genuine character development with almost everybody that Akira interacts with, and Akira himself started that straight out of the first chapter. While the MC slowly changes according to his environment and social interactions, he does not forget his past and principles that he has maintained for years, and considering the fact that his base personality is somewhat unique and well developed, Ienjoy following him in his journey. When I saw the harem tag on this one, I expected fully transparent cliché characters with a tiny speck of personality that would straight up like him on the spot without any romantic development, or at least without gradually increasing affection overtime without any reasons, but I was totally wrong.

I'll say it again, but this novel is a gem, so don't use the standards that you may have used for other novels, this is the 1 in a 100 or a 1000 novel with which you won't get any disappointment out of if you like it.

The world itself is original and that is already a big plus in my eyes. I've gotten too used to shitty standard unoriginal isekai worlds that a post-apocalyptic sci-fi setting like this makes me pop a bon-- I mean, it makes me happy. Not only does the world interest me as I want to know more about what happened AND what is happening, but it also gives so much possibilities to the author, it just seems like there's not limit in how the story can develop. And the (understandably) vague descriptions of the world, yet detailed enough to give us a general overview, leaves so much to the imagination that I recovered something that I lost after reading so many shitty mediocre novels; the feeling of going with the flow, and letting the author guide me. In most novels nowadays, you'd be able to somewhat predict where things would go and how the story would unfold. Here? I've got absolutely no idea and I love it. The world building in this one is basically top notch and has been ongoing since the start, and has not disappointed me one bit.

Anyway, I'll conclude by saying that, with the exception of the occasional Sheryl parts (I hate her), this has been one smooth and good reading. I really hate to complain about the output of chapters, but it's quite slow. 2 chapters per week is good but it'd be even better if they were spread out with 2/3/4 days between each, instead of waiting a whole week just to have 2 chapters on 2 continuous days. But I guess the translation quality makes up for it, albeit with the occasional grammar error, so thank you DDL.

PS: How tf can Yumina still stay with Katsuya. It may sound bad, but if Akira could take Yumina from Katsuya, she'd certainly would live a better life instead of constently dealing with his stuborness and probably dying young, but that's just my opinion. <<less
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Nov 20, 2020
Status: c291
1. Overall Story

This is slow-paced novel with lots of battle and conflicts. While the MC born as a child in the slum, you may have to expect a lot of dark & crazy setting. The progress of the story may feel a bit too slow, but contrarily can see how the author portrayed the story in a great details. There are lots of development going on around the MC as there are lots of characters that interlinked with each other later on the story, so expect to read not only... more>> MC's POV but many characters around him.

As how much the potential this story can goes, even with great amount of words in one chapter, I will not be surprised if this can go until 500 ch.


Later on the story (above ch.250), there are some names that may be the keypoint to explain Alpha's background & intention. But as of now, there are no indication yet.


2. World Building

As there are great margin in-between current tl-ed ch & raw, I will not touch much about this as there may be a need of lot of spoilers just to describe it. But well, here's a bit spoiler:


Even with 290+ chapters, the MC has not yet went to Upper District of Kugayama City. But, there are lots of places introduced by other characters. So if we look on the details of location itself, not much been explored but instead was complemented by the tension and conflict of the story in small amount of places in great details.


One thing to say, as sci-fi novel, you may expect lots of details that've been poured in this novel by the Author about monsters, guns, etc.

3. Character Development

Downsides of this novel, the MC was actually a coward and relied heavily on Alpha's support. He also has twisted knowledge and logic and keep loathing his own ability and weakness. The Author also portrayed how his rival and people around him as naive, arrogant, but have all the fortunes he can not have that may agitated the reader.

But here is some news that may redeem agitated readers that don't like the characters.

About his dependence on Alpha

Later above ch.150+, Akira's own ability gradually excelled as he did lots of sham battle with his gang.
Later above ch.200+, there will be time where he awaken in dangerous situation for long period of time without Alpha's support.


Confrontation between Akira vs Katsuya

Later above ch.200+, there will be serious confrontation between them.


As of the romance and other spicy stuffs iykwim, there are some.. But just don't expect it a bit much (at least for now). He may be a thickheaded but not that insensitive.

Here's the potential harem:

Sheryl, Elena, Sara, Shizuka, Carol.. And really expect Shiori as he gave him favorable treatment despite their delicate situation

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Jul 31, 2020
Status: c284
just caught up with latest ones bruh took me 3days only stopping to eat.

Story is good, characters are good, developments are.. Meh.

One thing I very like about this is it’s action scenes. Very thrilling and it’s so goood as in really really good.

Don’t worry about harem cause so far I only see friendships ... more>>

there’s a new character later on, she falls for the MC I think? Only shows the intentions to have him and keeps seducing him. Really strong and sexy and works as a hooker on the sidelines but she has a reason for it. Her relationship with Akira gets stronger later on.




now about cheryl, don’t expect much cause it’s very one sided, but it doesn’t mean Akira hates her. Also it is portrayed in the story that she’s like Akira girlfriend and all and that she’s the only one who Akira really follows which he really does.




now this is the most surprising thing that has ever happened in the novel. Very unexpected. Won’t tell what happened but you’ll definitely like it if you hate him. Very satisfying both the first and the second one.




Really helps Akira in everything but only on the outside. She sometimes manipulates akira but she really cares for him (as a tool I think?). I don’t really like her cause she has some very shady dialogues sometimes and she doesn’t like it when akira gets close to someone, thinking that it will be a “hinder” for her goals. Just my opinion but I think she’ll be the final boss or something like that but overall good personality.

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Sep 15, 2020
Status: c283
Refreshing novel. I read the barely readable raw through google translate just to read the story

that's just described how good this novel is

the story is so refreshing, not another "I go to another world to build a harem, revenge, and destroyed their food culture novel" but a concept in a post-apocalyptic non reincarnated protag from the slum that was helped by AI. Still quite strong, but not in the op realm. the translation is pretty good (although because of my impatience I sacrifice the quality of the translation just to... more>> continue the story)

and for the development, I guess it's quite good, the character development is good enough with akira slowly becoming stronger and using a better equipment. And the world building is so realistic that I keep imagine that I was really there. Also, the plot building always piqued my interest, with how the author keep giving clues about Alpha and the ruins

and the fight scene is amazing. It keeps my blood pumping. As for the romance, I'm glad there's NO FORCED HAREM (I'm not a gay or anything, but come on, I've got enough of weird harem building on my plate), and that's a plus for me. Although I do hope Akira can have a good romance (and luck) because it's so irritating that certain someone has more romance (no luck though) than him.

for now, I'll give it 5 star <<less
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Oct 19, 2020
Status: c70
Wow never expected to find a cyberpunk story here. It's well written, especially the descriptions of technology, and I like the setting for the protagonist and partner. I usually dislike stories with child protagonists but I'm okay with this.
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Jun 13, 2021
Status: --
If not were because Akira got full brainwashed and act very dumb and contradictory I'll give this very good score, but bro is hard to keep with wn's and ln's with the fetishes and weird writing of the authors. We truly did a number in them back in the day.

World building and sci fi is good, combat scenes are good (in the manga at last).

Protagonist at ch100 is just a dumb puppet
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Apr 29, 2021
Status: c291
Went with the translated chapters up to 124 and then with machine translation up to chapter 291.

I fairly liked the setting from the get-go. Each chapter is long compared to most other novels as well, so even though there's only around 120 chapters translated, if we compare it to some wuxia types then there would be around 250 to 300 chapters. (It was between 9500 and 13000 characters I think per chapter)

The main story seems to be kept on track fairly well if we exclude the occasional Sheryl arcs,... more>> which to me personally felt like fillers in anime.

The dialogue and character growth for Akira and those around him are enjoyable, the background of the Old World slowly unravels while we start getting more and more peeks into Alpha. The chemistry Akira has with the people he accepts is another enjoyable aspect.

If I had to speak of some gripes it would be how the Hunter ranking system isn't exactly explained but rather given a vague explanation for as we follow the MC's rank rise.

Eg how it was explained that Akira had to reach rank 20 to buy a vehicle when grinding between 10 and 20, or how he was given a forced mission to increase his hunter rank because he was thought of as a 'rank fraud' eg someone whose abilities are a lot higher than his rank says. And then there's the point where we finally find out Elena's and Sara's ranks plus the benefits that come from slightly higher ones. But that's as specific as it gets. It's hinted that for frontline equipment rank100+ is required, but it's all vague


Overall this is a type of novel where I feel it's a shame that it doesn't have more chapters both translated or available overall, so I definitely recommend it.

Guess we'll see whether the author manages to get to the end of his main storyline or not. I hope he does. <<less
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Oct 07, 2020
Status: c58
Been a while since I left a review.

Anyway, it was a good read and probably a lot better than most jp webnovels here. The plot, action and setting is pretty interesting and entertaining. Problem is, the manipulation vibe here is just too strong, too off-putting. MC is barely bareable to me at this point. He's stubborn most of the times on wrong reasons and tbh he isn't really that skilled either. He's most redeeming feature is his stubborness and social naivety yet other than that, he really lack any sort... more>> of thing that can call him special or unique to be an MC.

He's luck is abysmal and the only reason he last till this point was because he was given an omnipresent AI whose intentions and goals are shady at best while MC for some reason is over reliant on it and have most of his actions shown/given to him by manipulating and MC doesn't suspect anything which is getting annoying.

To be fair, he's current lifestyle is 100x better than his previous but still doesn't mean he should sell his soul to the devil and relinquish his control to his destiny to a thing because he's the damn MC.


Story is great but MC is tad bit disappointing. He have the girls (sure) but his luck is absymal and he have zero control over his life and most of it was just the AI pointing it to him. AI has too much presence + with mc's trust + mc's over reliance. Just doesn't give me confidence about his fate. <<less
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Mar 09, 2021
Status: c110
Definitely one of the best isekai/alternate world Japanese novels out there. Despite the obvious flaws, it's good enough to give a read.


    • Interesting setting. It's like isekai, but in the far future. The old world's civilization died long ago, but factories while malfunctioned are still left running, spewing out an endless amount of monsters. Hunters are those who kill them to collect materials and look for equipments from the old world.
    • Excellent world building. It's vast and thought out pretty thoroughly, making it believable and exciting.
    • Good MC. While I can't say for certain the MC is likable, he is indeed complex, at least more than most of the MCs you see in isekai novels nowadays, and there are interesting aspects about him. Can't have sexual thoughts about a girl unless he's sure she doesn't try to kill him. Not normally willing to save people, but will do so if he gets to kill bad people in the process.
    • Acceptable harem development.

    • Repetition in describing the characters' feelings. Reina knows that she is very weak. Kanae loves to have a good battle. Akira knows the only thing he has is the resolve to push through. Those things keep being repeated many times across the story for all the characters, as if the author is trying to tell us "this character has yet to receive any character development" whenever they show up. The author also too often try to remind us how badass the MC is by describing how people around him "Holy shit!" at everything he does, and create dumb people to pick a fight with him.
    • Boring conversations. As good as the author is at world building, he is terrible at writing a good conversation. When someone speaks about the world, it feels more like an info dump rather than a human speaking to another. Many characters possess the same manner of speaking. The story can also use fewer pointless conversations.
    • Lengthy writing. Because of the two points above, each chapter feels dragged. The author has a habit of repeating and explaining things that should already be obvious to readers. You can shorten each chapter by half and still retain the essential parts.
    • Slow character development. 100 chapters in, the MC has better skills and equipment but hardly any development at all. He mostly just affects other characters' development.
    • The only antagonist so far is absolutely unlikeable and uninteresting. He doesn't have anything against the MC rather than an inferiority complex and a love triangle.
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Oct 24, 2020
Status: c71
I'm not gonna say much but I do recommend this novel to anyone that likes a cyberpunk/mad max type of story. The only problem this novel has is the amount of fluff writing. There's a lot of unnecessary paragraphs (I mean ALOT) describing every single detail possible. But if you're looking for a great (yes the novel is great) this is it. And the MC is like 12-14 so bare with him. He is a little twisted.
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May 13, 2021
Status: c51
sigh the skill and overall power of people in this novel can be augmented by some advance tech and mysterious stuff like instinct

skills like shooting for example, some people can be so accurate due to some high tech stuff or in terms of overall prowess, people can be augmented by technology and/or mysterious abilities

for me, it's really difficult to make sense whether the MC is strong or not, whether he's that useless without her or not and whether he deserves his current prowess and the recognition of it or... more>> not

can't really tell whether he deserves stuff, whether it's ok cause others can have the technology or mysterious capabilities that can replicate his accomplishments

sigh <<less
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Apr 01, 2021
Status: c118
When it comes to the Harem genres I'm selective, and Rebuild World is one of them. Full four stars!

A refreshing series when you got fed up with isekai LN out there. The world-building was so good that I could ignore the flaws in the character's building. This review was coming from a woman who picky when it comes to reading. A good read for me was where the world-building wasn't explained in a rush manner and a necessary amount of rest before the next arc also important.

Honestly, I didn't mind... more>> at all if the author wanted to take it slow, the potential mysteries about the old world ruins are endless. There was also another reason why I like this series, I'm glad that Akira is the male lead instead of a certain character. <<less
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IIshabauII -LoL
IIshabauII -
Feb 07, 2021
Status: c100
I don't know about you, but I'm rooting for Yumina to drop Katsuya and fall in love with Akira. Imagine the frustration of Katsuya. And considering what I saw until cap 100, her passion for Katsuya is more inclined to just eros love. In fact, I'm on the team that is hoping to end in a harem.

In fact the work is wonderful. For those looking for action, development of history and personalities, then there it is. The work only lacks romance, but that's because the MC is still very... more>> young and immature, I'm sure it will still happen. In fact, the work is more inclined to harem and the author has a fetish for milfs. Great reading.

My English is very bad but you must have understood. <<less
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