Leveling with the Gods


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He became stronger, faster than anyone else… but he lost. In the end, there was only despair for Kim YuWon.

In his last moments, he was given another chance… Through the sacrifice of his comrade, his fate had not been sealed yet.

Returning back to the past, he attempts to climb the Tower again with his unmatched talent.

To fight the ancient evils that threatens to destroy the Tower.

Associated Names
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Leveling Up With the Gods
Level Up With the Gods
신과 함께 레벨업
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rhianirory rated it
September 30, 2021
Status: c250
I liked the start, a MC solely focused on climbing the tower and preventing its destruction. At first he's very focused on his end goal, but eventually he gets distracted doing this and that and the focused on climbing the tower part, which was interesting, is done mostly outside the story, with some unspecified time/ level jumps, and it starts to get a little messy. On top of that

... more>>

the MC becomes The King of the Dead. My first thought on seeing that was not another f*cking necromancer, followed by a disappointed groan. Apparently, Koreans have a fixation way beyond the norm for that particular class (or the translators do) because it seems like 99.5% of the novels in this genre choose that class over and over again and do nothing new with it.

at this point, I'm actively looking for Korean stories in this rebirth/ survival genre where the MC doesn't become some kind of necro because it's so rare.


OK but not exactly good. Nice for killing time but don't expect too much. <<less
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CaTastrophy427 rated it
February 18, 2021
Status: v1c8
I'll preface this by saying it's more like a 4.5, not really worth a full 5, but I don't want to lower the rating by giving it a 4, so there you go. I wish we had a 1-10 rating system, but I digress.

It's good, his return to the past had a proper explanation (unlike many I could name) and he didn't take back any OP skills/classes/whatever to let him breeze through the tutorial (unlike some I could name), he only had his wits, memories of the future, and learned... more>> skills (not the system-given ones, skills anyone could learn through hard work, dedication, or necessity, stuff like how to move in a fight and how to not let fear overwhelm him). So far, at least, he's not going around taking the treasures others bragged about finding in the first timeline (as basically every other time-rewind MC I've seen did), he's really just grinding and gathering supplies for the future tutorial stages. Sure, he's kinda lucky, but most of that luck was in the form of

stumbling across a dungeon (something others did, it's not rare, just not common), a lackey breaking the rules in front of him (because it thought he didn't know that it was breaking a rule and even if he did, he wouldn't know how to do anything about it, right?), and an admin being a bit more generous than it had to be (although, he did point out some serious flaws in the system, so... that's a pretty big contribution), all believable, even if rather unlikely when taken together


That's it for me, there's not really enough translated for me to talk about plot or character development yet, nor for the originality to start to shine (if it starts with a cliche like the tutorial bit, that doesn't mean the rest is gonna be more cliche overused plotlines), but so far, the quality is good, the story doesn't feel rushed, and it's pretty realistic in terms of most people's reactions to the situation, which I think of as a good sign.

For the translation (which does not factor into my rating much at all, I try to avoid that), I've read a lot from this TL team (mostly manhwa, but still) to trust them not to drop things midway through, and to have high-quality and consistent releases, with the rate being pretty fast at the moment and the other points so far do not disappoint. <<less
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shushreader rated it
August 3, 2021
Status: c40
It's unexpectedly entertaining. Though it is a typical korean novel with characters from known literatures, with monsters, tower, and so on. A mediocre novel.

It's green light guys, we're safe from a chuunibyo, immature, questionnable characters, and MC. He appear somewhat cold yet deepdown there exist his humane.

This is nothing novel for avid readers. The other only redeeming quality I find is that there is no romance. I'm glad that I don't have to read a garbage story with MC's useless love story.

I wish for this story to... more>> improve. I have many things to nitpick but I'm afraid to do so lest the readers would lose their enthusiasm in reading this novel. Especially since I'm only at chapter 40.

I know for a certain fact that some readers came here to look for excitement not a well cooked story for you to relish. Then I would like to share that the beginning of the main character's journey is exciting. I give a go signal, dear.

But for readers who wish to read an even better quality, I don't think it's suitable. It's predictable that you would only be disturbed and dissapointed from this staple story.

In conclusion, it's not good but it's not bad either. Not worth remembering but it's good to entertain our bored selves. <<less
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frostcrystal rated it
August 21, 2021
Status: c47
It's cliché, but that isn't always bad. If what you want is a nice, solidly-written meat-and-potatoes Korean tower-climbing novel with a reasonable, mature, OP protagonist on his second life, then here you are, you've got one. Feast.
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Angel Error
Angel Error rated it
August 17, 2021
Status: c46
I quite like this novel, I'm particularly interested in the MC and the side characters. This is a novel that takes a lot of inspiration from other korean works, such as: second life ranker, Omniscient reader's viewpoint, Tower of gods,... Like the ideas of floors, reverse back time (In ORV case, it's knowing the future), ranker, high ranker, some old blacksmith guy show up early, and probably many other thing I haven't read. But this does not make the novel a mess at all, in fact I think it meshes... more>> quite nicely. Though my favourite part of the novel is the characters, the MC is clever and cold when he needs to be, I love the relationship between characters referencing things like greek mythology, I also love the way the MC play is basically a combination of high rankers,


Like the cinder eyes of Son Wukong, the stone thingy that was going to be a part of Hades's helm of invisibility, Using Odin's strategy in the 5th part of the tutorial, Hercules's gigantification,... This is because they set up a meeting in the og timeline to discuss what the returner has to do


Anyways, If you're fine with some thing unoriginal and just want something hood to read, I recommend you this. <<less
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Krisp rated it
February 13, 2021
Status: v1c7
So far, I really like it. From what I've heard of, the Gods are H.P Lovecraft monsters so I really like that. MC is good, I like the premise a whole lot, and I think it could be something really good.
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pomoli rated it
August 8, 2022
Status: c96
Very competently made, I recommend it if you want to read a nice power fantasy.


    • MC feels like an experienced person, so not the usual pitfalls of second chances stories where characters behave like kids while supposedly being 50+. He is calm, collected, scheming but good natured, and best of all, has an actual goal.
    • The sense of progression is nice, from weak to strong, then stronger.
    • The tower is interesting as an overall concept.
    • There is a sense of unexplored mystery even as the MC already knew a lot of stuff, and that's the right way to make the story interesting.

    • Some enemies are a bit too cliche, as they never admit they're wrong, always belittle MC, etc... think "young master" style in the typical xianxia story.
    • Zero romance so far, not even subtle, in fact it's pretty dry. Thank god some camaraderie is present with other characters.
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user2099 rated it
May 20, 2022
Status: c84
It is fun, but it plagarizes the setting to regressor to very poor effect. That work starts with a council of the strongest and last humans debating who to send back in time to fix things. This one puts a council of gods doing the same. Both works have the MC, the newest member who rapidly caught up to the old ones, be chosen. Then various members list out goals and objectives they hope can be accomplished.

The plagiarism was blatant to me, and I am sure you can see the... more>> same if you compare them. In fact, I saw commentors pointing it out as well.

The problem is that the plagiarism does not fit the new setting, and it is the central point for the whole plot. MC goes back in time to save the "tower" from "outsiders", but we are never told why he cares. The perspective we get is

the "tower" integrates earth killing the vast majority of earthlings. This is probably because the author further plagiarizes regressor, where a malicious god wants to see all life forms fight it out in an arena so humans are put through tests to cull the weak. However, that work clearly puts God as the antagonist and humanity as the target to be saved. This one puts the "tower" in the position of both the antagonist and damsel in distress. It goes on to not ever mention the whole genocide of Eathlings again and it is only ever talked about as something to be protected.


Plagiarism is not specific to this work. The entire genre is filled with works that "take heavy inspiration" from their predecessors. However, it was done to the detriment of the story here, and I believe most Korean novels are for profit (making it more scummy).

Aside from the entire premise being a plot hole, it is a fun novel though. If you enjoyed similar works, this one will be right up your alley. <<less
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Goldfrx rated it
July 31, 2021
Status: --
this is a very good novel. MC always thinks realistic and doesn't talk a lot of nonsense. I prefer characters who are really intelligent than characters who can only talk nonsense and just overpower. I know he returns to the past, but he really knows what to do not just bullshit, he always thinks of a good plan for the future with his own plan. I like it.

Sorry my english is not rly good.
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tired_abyss rated it
April 21, 2021
Status: c20
World building: 7/10

Plot: 8.5/10

Interesting-ness: 7.5/10

Character Development: 7.5/10

Relationship Development: 8/10

Potential: 8/10

Overall: 46.5/60

It's a pretty decent read, especially if you're reading it for a break and not something really long term?
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ImanDBZ rated it
February 18, 2021
Status: c8
The story so far (ch8) is interesting. However, I can't help but notice that this novel is like the mixture Reincarnator, Second Life Ranker, and Omniscient's reader viewpoint. The similarity is so obvious that If you read any of these novel you will notice it too. But I will still give it a shot as it is new and only have 8 chapter.

... more>>

The similarity that I mention are

Reincarnator: the intro is basically same as reincarnator. Group of the last survivor that fighting a powerful foe possess an artifact that can send someone to the past and they decide to return MC to the past because MC is the latest person to enter the tower and he become one of the strongest people.

Second Life Ranker: The only similarity is that the world they enter is tower, which is pretty similar to secondll life ranker. The difference between these novel would be that people are involuntarily enter the tower. The peoples also can get point, which is the currency in the tower, by killing the monster, raid the dungeon or get achievement.

ORV: the similarity is that this novel also has something like dokkaebi, which is called lackey. This novel also has gods from olympus, deva, and etc. These gods also can sponsor people. People can get coin for doing Also, the powerful foe that I mention also are outer gods from lovecraft mythos. The point also can be use to buy skills.

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Shotoxoxokawai rated it
April 2, 2023
Status: --
Yes..I won't lie... it's similar to second life ranker BUT the plot is highly different compared to SLR.. the characters may be similar but thier goals, thier achievement, foes n friends all differ from SLR...

I honestly enjoyed the comedy more than SLR..

N hello??... HIS FACE, HIS DAD JOKES N HIS BAD NAMING SENSE really cracks me up xD I really enjoyed everything he does n thts wht makes him special ♡

I LOVE both the MC of SLR N LWG (don't get me wrong..... it's no-not for the face...I'm not a... more>> face con >-<)

But overall I really m enjoying the story ●°°●/

They r all unique in thier own ways

So let's all respect the characters, the plot, thier hardwork n thier development >///< <<less
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Purps rated it
February 24, 2023
Status: --
my only real complaint other than it being a super cliche novel, is that the author loves to not describe things immediately

they write like

"Omg I cant believe this thing is here"

sweat dripped of his handsome dick

"this thing, it has a head"

bam chuckoo bazinga

"its has eyes"


"its dark"


"yes its oogabooga"

end of chapter

spend a chapter describing a fight with grunts and sfx

then give cheats to MC

it also doesn't help that the translator is reaperscans and they keep begging people to join their discord 3 times a chapter
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Celexius rated it
July 29, 2022
Status: c197
Honestly a great novel, I started reading this after hearing it was similar to SLR.

And yep it is, but holy it's so much better - The consistency with writing is a billion times better then SLR, the power scaling is infinitely better, characters are written much better and the MC has a "goal" that he wants to reach.

Update: Sadly it got DMCA'ed and now we are on MTL translations which are insufferable; this novel deserves much more than that.

Update 2: The translation actually gets much better and readable; it's abit... more>> insufferable at the start but gets much better; the only issues are He and She are wrongly used. <<less
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Ethrox rated it
February 15, 2022
Status: c69
This is a novel with the generic 'go back in time to save the world' plot that is basically a copy and paste of Second Life Ranker (seriously). Although the main character is OP, does everything relatively easily, and knows everything, it doesn't mean it isn't a good novel. It is amazingly well translated, it has a well paced and clear plot, decently written side characters, and the MC has a clever, confident, self aware, and ruthless but occasionaly kind personality.
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Ririn_05 rated it
November 24, 2021
Status: Completed
Truthfully, this novel has many similarities to other novel such as ORV, and SLR. But because the different goals of the MC (protect/save the tower from destruction), and I think the author can really blend the similar part (outer/inner gods, system tower, mythology, etc) well that makes this novel still coming out pretty good itself.

Well of course this novel itself still have flaws, that makes me a little disappointed:

  • The world building that not clear enough.
  • Pretty rushed ending.
  • There are severals background stories and connection between players that still confusing.
Regardless of the... more>> negative side and the similarities to other novel, I'm pretty much enjoy reading it 😆😆

And I recommend to read the story till the end before you judge it. 😊😊 #sorryformybrokenenglish# 🙇 <<less
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EEB rated it
September 23, 2021
Status: --
I would say it's readable but not very intresting. The reasons are many:

1. There are no surprise elements, everything goes according to a plan that readers can already guess from the start becuase of the cliche elements.

2. The characters are not fully developed from the start. Yes, we can more or less guess the characters' behaviors, which is also becuase of cliches. No remarkable character exists in the story and sometimes even the characters themselves do things with no real reason.

3. A successful story is when the readers fully believe... more>> the story which is not the case in this story. Even from the start, there are many things that simply don't make sense. Situations where you ask ''why, how'' are many, which is a deadly mistake for a writer to make.

4. The power existing in the tower is not explained. Not only the source of power or the reason why it exists, but also there is no balance in the system. When the writer says ''a fire in his palm'' you can not imagine how much fire we're talking about as the limits of powers are never fully explained. This, is also not a very good choice for a writer, as it makes the confrontations dull, although unpredictable, but not in a good way.

5. I, myself, do not like the rule of stories that no part in a story that does not effect the storyline should be written, but I have to admit that this novel has many parts that could be deleted. You can simply skip some chapters and not even notice.


More reasons exist but I believe everyone would know what I'm talking about if they read up to around 30th chapter. I wouldn't recommend reading this novel, but if you've read every good novel out there and are bored, well, read only if you can tolerate it. <<less
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Grel rated it
February 18, 2021
Status: c8
First novel I decided to pick up, the story so far seems really interesting (I really like this kind of MC as well... hehe) and the translation combined with this beautiful typesett are making this even better. Keep up the good work guys
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Valor.BDSM rated it
February 18, 2021
Status: v1c8
so far, it's really good the beginning chaps took the time to build up the direction of the story, but leaves enough to question. The chaps after he's gone back in time are amazing as well I particularly like how the MC uses his brain instead of an op ability to deal with the enemies. Translation by reaper is also amazing, love you guys!
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
March 10, 2022
Status: c66
Such a shame. I quite like this novel, but it has only 71 out of 600+ chapters. I'll pay a hefty amount if it gets translated daily.
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