I Don’t Want This Reincarnation


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I had a supporting role in a modern fantasy.

The loyal dog of a villain with an angel’s name, Cheon Sa-yeon, and an unfortunate supporting character who died on his behalf, Han Yi-gyeol.

In order to escape from Cheon Sa-yeon and survive, he must use the protagonist, Ha Tae-heon.

But Ha Tae-heon, who he thought of as a lifeline, was infinitely indifferent to him. Rather, Cheon Sa-yeon showed interest.

But besides that, something strange happened.

The events that occurred in the original story had advanced, and the gate and monster levels had risen. Even the people were “different” from the original.

The original version I was trying to use was wrong.

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I Don’t Want A Reincarnation Like This
I Don’t Want This Reincarnation
이런 환생은 원치 않아
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New TheIsekaiConsumer rated it
February 12, 2024
Status: c49
Not my cup of tea but I gave it a high rating because I think this will please the people who do drink this tea.

The plot is very much right up my alley. Sadly, the execution disappointed me. Mostly, it’s the characters. I’ve read up until chapter 49 and the characters have not managed to charm me enough to continue reading their shenanigans so I’m dropping it.

Prose is very good and author knows how to organically introduce information. But for me, character interactions feel forced with a tinge of childishness... more>> that fail to amuse me.

I like MC’s background and I was so excited at the potential of his character. And maybe that potential will be realized had I read more. But the in-between chapters can’t quite entertain me enough to keep going.

Recommend this to anyone who likes dungeon genres with 50% harem romance — the type of romance you will see in a normal shoujo harem manga <<less
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June 22, 2021
Status: c193
It's a pretty common Korean modern fusion fantasy "dungeon" raid type setting, with awakened humans getting a primary "ability" and stats grouped into classes D through SS. While it's specifically marked in the BL genre, it's also not marked 19+ (no explicit graphic content). Readers have asked the author on Twitter if they might write a 19+ side story, and they've answered noncommittally so far. They have written one (non-19+) holiday side story on their postype. Even so, there are plenty of suggestive moments scattered throughout.

If you liked 'The S-classes... more>> that I Raised", and wanted to see it with actual BL resolution (hypothetically), you'd probably like this. I've seen Korean commenters compare Cheon Sayeon to Seong Hyeonje, and there's definitely something to it

plus he's a regressor and weary of repeating the same things over and over, so the MC acting differently this time is what piques his interest, much like SHJ's whole boredom shtick.


It's still unclear to me if there's going to be a single ML ending or some kind of harem-y or indecisive ending, but it's the type of setting where pretty much every character, (guy, gal, or otherwise) almost instantly gains an interest in the MC upon meeting him, which puts like pretty much every guy in the story on the potential ML roster.

The MC is also the overly self-sacrificing + prone to being kidnapped type with a group of hangers-on that are increasingly concerned about his safety and lack of self-preservation. The author has described him as the type who is a) really low EQ and b) simply doesn't have awareness of himself as a target for romantic intent. That being the case, he is prone to categorically dismissing all advances as s*xual harassment or teasing, or just not realizing they were making an advance. He seems to have an internalized traditional mindset about homos*xual relationships (as in, his knee jerk reaction is to think that it's weird for men to be together), though he is hinted to potentially also have some repressed trauma from his past life.

Additionally, while the MC is an A-class in his own right, and can use his wind abilities offensively, so far in the series his main appeal to the MLs, who are pretty much all S-class or higher, is in supporting them with wind so they can maneuver aerially / move more quickly/lightly. The S-Classes rave about how advantageous being able to fly is after they've experienced it once, but this mechanic initially comes across to me as a thinly veiled excuse to let the MLs hug and carry him around.

There's like...a lot of eyeroll worthy homoerot*c subtext cliches mixed into the overarching action fantasy plotline, but if that's what you're here for, then it checks most of the trope boxes with a wide range of ML options, and is enjoyable enough. <<less
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mycroft_holmes rated it
June 17, 2021
Status: c69
I figured that I should leave a review while I'm reading it anyways. Tbh I've only read a couple of korean bl so this is not my field lol. So far, the story is flowing nicely and I honestly recommend yall to read this.

Korean just love dungeons, hunters, guilds, etc... The same trope applies here. Telling the truth, this story is initially a mash-combo of tropes and elements you might have read from somewhere before, but as a cliche-enthusiast, I admit that I don't really care about that. All I... more>> want to see is proper and enjoyable execution of those elements.

The story begins with the MC transmigrating into a novel he'd read before, as a (you guess it!) cannon fodder villain working for the big villain of the story. Thankfully, he's not a young master with rich father and family type hahahaha. (Although I'd still like it if that happened) The setting is modern earth but with dungeons and superhumans (like IALU, SSN, ICBACIA) Also the original protagonist of the story is your usual OP, harem-oozing indifferent guy (which according to the official art looks like YJH lol).

Up to the point I'm in, the story is flowing smoothly with just enough tension and conflict keeping the plot in the air. Of course, this is bl... So there is romance... As far as I know, there are 5 MLs??? I'm not sure but yeah. The most notable I guess is the villain of the story (I call him ML no.1 because the origMC is kinda into him, and yanderes are always number 1 so...), yah the origProtagonist also became an ML and he's all jelly towards any living thing wandering around MC (while also hating him 'coz misunderstanding).

As for action, I actually like the fighting here idk. MC's ability is wind and it's a very useful and cool ability. The conflict I'm talking about earlier is the discrepancies happening in the story itself (like dungeons changing their level or something). ALSO ML no.1 is sus af. It's like he experienced the events happening around before, like he'd regressed.

So yeah. I'm still reading it so I can't give a more helpful review lol, but execution is fine overall. Definitely recommended! <<less
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October 19, 2021
Status: --
I really like the concept and the theme of the story. I also like the way the writer wrote his ideas and I like the plot.

What I don't like is the confusing behavior of the MC. To put it simply, he's totally undecided on which side he's supposed to be. All the words and Dialogue he spoke lacks the essence of a clear explanations.

I mean, who'd trust someone like him? Someone who came along and suddenly said, hey trust me, I mean it. Like what kind of bullsh*t are you... more>> spouting?

Then all the mixed signals he's scattering everywhere. Seriously, stop flirting left and right, and stop acting unaware. Your scattering gay sh*t everywhere yet lack the ability to take responsibility. He's a flirt. At first I thought he'd act normally then he started flirting all around. And when he got their attention, he'd start to ask, why?

Dude, even the s*upidest person will start to think about the way the people around him treats him. I mean, I even you lack experience in terms of relationships, you'll never be totally unaware.

The characters are all about the MC.

They're all unconditionally expected to just accept someone, who's not even from the same guild, someone who suddenly charged, into their lives and explained nothing. He starts giving information to both the protag and the villain without thinking and then starts asking why things starts to change? Like seriously, what's wrong with you?

He's starting to sound irritating. All he says is 'Crazy'. Not to mention, the most irritating of all, he's an idiot. The abilities he has is all about delivery and car express. Like seriously, wind ability is not all about carrying someone, and the being held around the waist and being hugged all the time. The eff dude, use your ability wisely. Wind can be used as blades, can be used to block any attack, and he can even stop someone from breathing. But noooo! All he does is carry people like a ret*rd who knows nothing.

I mean, ughhhh. <<less
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XD rated it
October 23, 2021
Status: c89
Such a boring (and s*upid) MC.

Despite a s*upid MC, I kept reading for a while just to finish it but when

he gets easily kidnapped by another s-rank dude turned puppet (no fighting at all, ch 88)

I just gave up.

Regarding the ML (s), nothing happens in the last 89 chapters. Not sure if the Reverse Harem tag is because multiple gongs are interested in him or if he actually gets with multiple gongs. The queer-bait gets annoying.
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alumina rated it
October 13, 2021
Status: c70
I am feeling like to drop this novel

The main story is wonderful, but not about the character.

At the beginning, I felt something off about this novel.

... more>> But, the more I read it, the more I felt suffocated. Its truly mean like that!

Why? Because the author makes the character so naive. I am not sure is it cz too righteous, or s*upid

I mean, the sister is kidnapped and died but the MC say "but I make everything go wrong, so I have to take responsibility". But, normally people will never do that way.

And the most unbearable, is the extra named woo jin. At beginning the character is normal. But, the more I read, the more character become silly. He has no combat power but persistent to follow the MC in dungeon, only to be burden

How can someone that old can't differentiate between conscience and being burden. How to say, the author makes this character too s*upid but full egoism.

Its okay if you wanna say, "since he is obsessed with MC and low in self esteem". But for me its just kind a totally suck. <<less
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Oaiebs rated it
April 20, 2022
Status: c186
It’s your average dungeon webnovel with some added BL into it. It’s pretty centred around the dungeon and the plot with it, so it’s a slowburn, but if you’re into something like S-Classes That I Raised and was upset over it not having any actual romance with like SHJ, then you’d be happy to know this does have romance in it.

The reviews make sense, but I forget what happens after every chapter so something like that doesn’t deter me lmao. I had fun reading it! And am still having fun... more>> reading it!!

Plot heavy more than romance oriented! I’m not sure what to say other than that it’s a fun read :]

Also, who doesn’t love a self sacrificial bastard?



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-Luvello- rated it
December 19, 2021
Status: c75
I am a Spanish-speaking person, so this may not be 100% well written


In general, I do not mind that romance develops slowly, and I also like the blind protagonists to romantic advances, but everything has a limit.

If I wanted to read a novel where the protagonist is totally unconscious and everyone cares about him, they show infinite signs of affection without any concrete romantic advance,... more>> I would read ORV, TCF or The S-Classes That I Raised. It sincerely seems that the author hopes that we will settle for imaginary ships, instead of developing the relationship of the MC with the MLs.

Talking about the MLs, we have:


1. A psychopath who apparently killed the sister of the original body that the MC has and who now takes the place of some kind of sugar daddy.

2. The protagonist of the novel that the MC read, quite similar to YJH from ORV.

3. A little punk with a younger brother / puppy vibe, who can't tell the difference between being a burden and healthily caring for MC (Although now his rank has risen, he doesn't seem to have a battle ability either)

4 and 5. We have the leader of the special squad and the secretary of the first ML, both hate each other, they are not very relevant and have not made great progress, but they show interest in MC

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Rurexx rated it
January 18, 2022
Status: c80
When I started reading it I didn't know it's BL but damn... I think I should start looking into novels like that!

Why? I have read a fair amount of typical Korean hero novels and there's one thing that is really bothering me. Most of them are all about the protagonist. He has relationship with other people but they're so bland. Because the MC is usually sooooo strong everyone else is treated as mice. I think the only difference is Overgeared because just everyone there is pretty crazy and their interactions... more>> are awesome 🤣. So my favourite novels are the novels where the MC is weak and has to manipulate people (regressor manual), raise people (tr*sh of the counts family or the s-classes that I raised. Btw when can I get a gooood translation of this novel 😭😭😭) or do his best to use the story to somehow get by (ORV). Well basically the ones where the relationship between the characters actually has an impact on the story!! And I am excluding every harem novels cause those are just exhausting to read.

So while I was rather surprised when I got some subtle hints of BL I am actually very very happy. I hope this category will help me find more cool novels! Since the romance isn't the main issue here and from what I read it's rather slow it's not overbearing. The interactions between the MC and all the guys are cute and mostly funny so it's entertaining. And of course the action is there as well. I decided against writing too much about the action side of the novel since it's nothing new. Most Korean novels use the same trope and they usually do it well. Same here. It's just that in here it's not just dry "I'm getting stronger to protect the people I care about and I have mysterious past which explains why I'm so much special than anyone else".

The novel should be fun to read and this one definitely is. I recommend it 100 percent <<less
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Fisukisuki rated it
October 19, 2022
Status: c322
For someone who mostly dislike/avoid Harem story (because I HATE to chose and AFRAID if my chosen love interest end up broken heart. And Worried if the Romance ruin the Action/Adventure), I can honestly says, this Novel is MASTERPIECE!

It's like reading your favorite Novel Action/Adventure with Male Protagonist that USUALLY Non-Romance, except that this novel DOES have few Lovely Doki-doki Sweet Fluff Romance, and it's BL!!! 👀 It's really not focusing on Romance. It's really about Guild, Gate, Action/Adventure, and Saving the World!

And even more nicer we get few AMAZING Lovable... more>> Female Characters! One female characters appear as Equal and as Important as all the MLs except she's not love interest, not annoying, not self-interest-like, Totally Sweet, Protective, no Blood-related to Anyone but Family-like, and Absolutely Helpful!

All the MLs themselves so far is Great People.

Everyone is Likable EXCEPT ALL THE VILLAINS!

So many Great arcs. Secret and Past Revealed.

And our MC is the classic Self-sacrifice KN protagonist that make us want to Protect! I love him. And he IS Lovable character. He's not Perfect, but his Personality is definitely Likable. And he's definitely Caring person.

I'm seriously praying so hard the rest of the story is Satisfying and Clear!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 <<less
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Strawberry-flavored Gun
Strawberry-flavored Gun rated it
February 17, 2022
Status: --
At first, I'm interested to read this novel is because

  1. It's Korean action-fantasy novel, as we know there are many famous & good quality novels. They are very good at stories themed isekai, reborn, regressor, RPG, etc.
  2. It's pure BL and not just queer-baiting. So there are pairing between men x men.
However after I read some chapters, I found that there were some things that unbearable & leads me to not give full stars rating.
... more>>

I think this has been pointed out by the other reviewers, but the fact that MC just brushed off the matter ML killed the original body's sister is slightly bothering me. He might be acted cold or say hate toward that ML, but he still moans (lol?) when ML teased him and didn't refuse intimate interactions.
And yeah, one of the ML acts like a kid despite being a full grown ass man. I actually don't mind this kind of bratty ML and find them cute, but what irritates me is that he insists on following MC to the dangerous dungeons even though his ability is useless for fighting and instead become a burden. What a shame.
And what bothered me the most is his wind ability. This f*cking ability, they said it's powerful, yes I'm agree. BUT, I feel like his wind ability is just a plot device to be intimate with MLs. Even though the author says if S-rankers fight with MC assist, their fighting power becomes more effective (because they can fly I guess). Then logically, to alleviate their body & control their move is the one with wind ability (which is MC), right? But when fighting, MC is the one being carried/hugged instead. What a f*cking bullshit!

Last but not least, actually I'm more interested with his past life. But I guess it's just my wishful thinking as that's not the main story.

Imagine.. The angst & betrayal with the younger brother, his relationship with the cold-blooded daddy--I mean boss must be quite interesting to follow. *Cry*


If you have too much time to spend and don't know what to read, you can give this novel a try. But personally this novel is not something I would re-read in the future. <<less
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Ticklebox rated it
March 20, 2022
Status: c164
The romance is very slow burn and unpredictable, at least for me at this point but it can really pull at your heart strings like, in an angsty way. I LOVE IT! I love how the MC is dealing with both ML's both properly and genuinely.

Thank you to the author and translator very much for the content and hard work!! I am enjoying it very well! The continuous effort to update is so amazing and it's awesome!
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June 20, 2021
Status: --
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agathe rated it
August 22, 2022
Status: c109
2.5 ?

It’s rather disappointing as the universe is interesting, there might even be a plot, but everything relationship is a huge drag;

as many time mentioned, the MC is quite irritating : he still behave like he’s in a « novel », when it was fast obvious that things are different and of course much more complicated and deep than he had knowledge of. (Yet he s*upidly never put in perspective or question like if it was a bible : but who wrote it ? Is the story complete (he didn’t... more>> finish it) . Are his memory of that past life real? How come a thug with so next to no book culture was given these stories and even read it ? There’s even more plot hole there than in than in the regular transmigration stories !!
But because of these books, From the start, we also have a huge prejudice against his « boss », while in fact, we really know next to nothing about his motivations, or even what he’s done wrong (if he did anything !)
As mentioned, the MC « body » is in a strange relationship with the boss : despite being level A, he’s not part of a guild whoch has good treatment for its members, but instead he seems to treat him truly poorly (why ?)

what’s even more strange is that the very same boss also has the respect of a lot of great characters, he obviously protect his teams well and is not lacking morality when it comes to his duties towards the world : yet he’s described as the villain antagonist (why again ?) .
He’s cold, in the practical way, which makes even more sense when we very fast discover he’s been going through the same story many times - and so far, he is neither bad or devious : even his mischief in the beginning makes sense when we understand he knows he will need the weapon he will find in the dungeon he got by force

on top pf that, our MC has a deep hatred, because of a « sister « story

- he guessed she already died, so he has not reasons to stay or obey, but does it nonetheless. M

- many readers seem to interpret her death as the bos mideed, when in reality, we don’t know, from the very little that appears further, it’s as likely he simply could not save her or even possible that the original body always knew she was dead all along, but could not accept it (?)

- it’s not, only unclear, as already mentioned (again) the MC doesn’t care : anyway he stays there, while pinning for the other guy (why ?!)

So his prejudice goes all the way : he like one guy, because - like himself - he had a miserable childhood but prevailed. Yet, when he learns that his boss was an orphan too : he doesn’t care !
the boss let him do has he pleases, rescue him, gift him with artifacts and let him goe to other guilds like nothing : but he is never thankful, and need so very little to be upset and despise him that it became tiresome

we are never given a reason to hate the boss - if you hate him that bad : don’t stick around and take all the good things while complaining he’s using you ! The one using the other is obviously the MC

the story had a lot of potential, the simple fact that the boss is a regressor and he has some books knowledge was interesting, the changes in the dungeons is good too ! But there’s way too much crap covering the pages for very little ongoing real story

Moreover, the MC being the interest of too many guys is tiresome : can’t he have simple friendships ? Isn’t rowing two boats at once bad enough ? And when it comes to the main interests, it’s literally exhausting, prejudice, misunderstandings, lengthy spats makes for poor exchanges that don’t seem to evolve at all after 100 c - or worse : it did evolve ever so slightly... to go back to square one for nothing !

then the author added the miserable and ever so mysterious past life that ended by his mu*der (starting point of the transmigration) - And again, you have a harem, and it’s really too much ! No more ! The main story is already so slow and polluted, don’t make it worse !

so, despite being curious about the dungeon plot, I’m not sure I’ll endure more - it has felt boring for a while (too much relationship crap with a very disappointing and very repetitive bad interactions , for too little action)

It feels like a waste, there’s way to much « Harem « or attempt at (bad) romance, it’s really ruining it.
and then again I agree with the reader up there: I don’t mind if it a polyamory (would strangely work better ?) or a one love affair, but the MC being upset that he is the flower of a cohort of buzzing bees is seriously noisy

I don’t care for explicit stuff, but at least chose to make an action story or a romance +action, but if you want romance in it well at least make it happen. There’s nothing to like about a guy who gets pissed of at all the characters liking him, but also avoid having much to do with the only one he’s been remotely interested in.

ps : lastly : why are all the characters in a so called - story for males full of big breasted girls - interested in the same boy ? Come on, get a brain, can’t there at least be other love interest ? Why does the writer sprout such ridiculous concept if it’s to s&@ on it ?! <<less
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MilkTEA rated it
April 17, 2022
Status: c54
I initially always went past this story because of the reviews but since I was desperate for a long novel I decided to read it. First off, the more negative reviews were right. The main problem I personally thought was annoying is the MC's character himself.

You don't really get a backstory of his past life in the beginning (and I'm not that far in to see if he does) but you can infer that he was in military or something similar and was in a position of leadership. So why... more>> is he so underwhelming and completely full of holes anyone can see there's something wrong with him. His 'cover' was blown like 15 chapters in. Some examples of his QUESTIONABLE actions:


In the beginning he knew how the original Han Yi-gyeol acted around Cheon Sa-yeon but still decided to blow his cover acting a whole 180 which Cheon Sa-yeon can obviously see somethings weird.

The next one was advancing the novels plot by giving Ha Tae-heon an SS-rank item 3 months earlier. Now that would've been fine if it weren't for the fact he did not take caution to hide any of his tracks despite knowing he was being watched and under surveillance. AS WELL AS being all sus as f*ck not knowing how to explain how he knows this information. Besides just 'trust me'.

And lastly, the icing on the cake. He straight up told Ha Tae-heon that he'd meet a prophet in 3 months time and all he could explain why he knew was the same excuse 'trust me'.

There's just so many more situations like this that completely makes him so suspicious and it's only 50 chapters in.


In terms of romance, most South Korean novels are fairly heavy fanservice type bromance/romance unless the plot is strictly going to be about BL. So I wasn't surprised by the slow burn and etc. But if you're just desperate for something long to read and pass time I guess it's decent enough to power through. I'll probably leave it here at chapter 53 and pick it back up later, maybe. <<less
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February 21, 2022
Status: c80
2.5/5. Nothing off-putting but way too bland. Dropped for now.

Very generic superpowers + dungeons in a modern world KR novel.

Writing (or translation?) is pretty basic, and nothing is described in detail enough to be compelling. So, the dungeons are too boring to be considered action, and the romance is nothing more than the characters reacting weird to each other once in a while.

... more>> Some novels can work with this type of rudimentary writing by having funny/interesting conversations, but as it turns out, everyone's characters are also flat as cardboard. Lol.

Anyway shelved. Might come back to read it if I want to waste some time or if I'm recovering from a Tragedy read. <<less
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rorowingaway rated it
January 8, 2023
Status: c155
comments: dropped the novel


  • first of all I was really excited to read this novel like REALLY at the start the author did start of well but as the story goes you're gon be like so? And? What. And? Do we give a damn?
  • Like seriously wtf was the author-nim tryin to pull the MC was not so annoying at the beginning but then he became annoying like from chapter 104
  • apparently the MC be strong as hell but can get kidnapped so many times plus he got kidnapped in the most lamest way also feels like this part was forced even though it was SUPPOOOOOSSEEE to be the most interesting parts in the novel but it was NOT
  • also the side characters were really funny but likeeeee goddd whateve im still pissed off @ the MC
  • the ML are all very different in their own way and unique so that's that
  • so yes bye the novel is suppose to be flowy but its more of dragging more than it being flowy like a bunch of texts and ideas forced to cooperate w/ each other and they end up dont turning well cos there is no tune
  • haish im still disappointed
rating: 4/10
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LadyRoshi rated it
July 18, 2022
Status: c266
This is your typical dungeons, modern world, monsters, type of Korean bl novel.

But for some reason, the author manages to make these cliches unique.

Despite having a rather simplistic plot: A reader, Kwon Se-Hyun, of the novel "Abyss, " Dies and get transmigrated into the novel as a side character, Han Yi-gyeol.

Here we are introduced to the male leads. I've seen many reviews talk about the male lead, Cheon Sa-yeon. They say that he is a douche bag, tr*shy male lead who used his sister to control him. Now, they aren't... more>> wrong.. I won't deny that. When you first read the novel that's all you think about.

But as I continued reading, more and more things are revealed. This isn't as simple as it seems. Cheon Sa-yeon has his reason for doing this, he wasn't always like that. This isn't an excuse for what he has done, but if you continued reading you would come to understand what he has done, for the sake of everyone.

Now, talking about the main character, Han Yi-gyeol. There is a lot of debate about his personality and actions. Naive, very righteous as always sacrificing himself. He always has this one mindset, "I put everyone before me, I protect everyone around me, but I don't take care of myself. The importance of everyone else's safety is more important then mine."

As I continued to read this novel, I had come to terms that this guy had asimilar mindset as Kim Dokja or Cale. Always sacrificing themselves for the sake of others, and maybe this was the result of the trauma they had faced in the past.

One of my favorite parts of this novel is Han Yi-gyeol past. The people, his actions, The betrayel. They had all impacted the present.

it's good to note that Han Yi-gyeol does get character development.


this is a quote from the novel in later chapters. Han Yi-gyeol as I said, gets character development. He comes to terms that sacrificing himself, putting everyone else before him wasn't the only option. Maybe this was the result of his trauma that he became like this, but when he finally comfronted it, he realized he needed forget about it. Forget his past and focus on the future. Here's the quote, "I have long believed that in order to protect others, I had to bear everything on my own. That's the only way to protect them."

Cheon Sa-yeon would fully understand why I had no choice but to have such thoughts. Because he and I looked alike.

"But that wasn't the right answer... it was just I'm too arrogant."

"Don't call yourself arrogant."

"But that doesn't mean that everything that has happened so far is our fault. It would be arrogant to try to handle it alone."

"You sure are and I am. I was forced to endure while carrying a heavy burden. With a life that I couldn't protect while thinking that there was only one way."


this novel has made me cry so many times. No matter what anyone says, this novel will always have a place inside my heart as one of my favorite web novels. And although the relationships might not be complex, I'm not someone who wants to examine and criticize everything, only a simple reader who wants to enjoy it.

I feel happy that I found this novel. It defiently made this summer of 2022 feel better. <<less
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Soo Youngah
Soo Youngah rated it
August 26, 2021
Status: c49
This series is incredibly underrated. The dynamics of the MC and the potential male leads are written very well to the point that their homoerot*c moments made me scream out loud. Their personality are fleshed out and the mystery surrounding these characters unraveled itself slowly in good pacing. I highly recommend this novel! It's a good harem BL novel
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IrregularPerson rated it
August 15, 2021
Status: c41
Honestly I just want to praise how Youka49's review just hits right. And to build off that with no substantial statements of my;

The cringe is so good it can be mistaken as dog food.

I'm have my predictions and they're like my guilty pleasures, cause while I know there not the "best" I adore it just for kicks and giggles.

Initially I came for the Shounen ai & dungeons tag, and while the relationships is this novel isn't a substantially complex- well as complex a romance drama can get. Give it a... more>> try if you're encapsulated by the summary, cause the writing doesn't get any better than that. <<less
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fudgebar51 rated it
August 1, 2022
Status: c288
hnggg... i just finished the latest chapter... I actually started reading this for just a couple of days and night, my curiosity grew to the point that I keep complaining about the manhwa (i mean, it doesn't make sense that there's still no manhwa!!!) and then after reaching the latest, I was so devasted that I hurriedly search for any mtl types but there's none and I feel hopeless... is there no way but to wait???? gaaaahhhhhhh


well anyway im just ranting coz of cliffhanger... hah.... I miss them already... ah... more>> my sleep.... hah.... <<less
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