The Player Hides His Past


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The virtual reality game “History of the Arcana Continent” became part of reality, and “players” who were synchronized with their in-game characters appeared to protect the world.

Lee Hoyeol, who was an ordinary salaryman, took over the body of the character he created in middle school, “Grandfell Claudi Arpeus Romeo.” Under normal circumstances, it would have been an absolute failure of a career, but Grandfell, whose occupation is a “demon hunter,” becomes extremely proud in front of demons!

The only demon hunter in this world, Grandfell (= Lee Hoyeol) starts to make a move!

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플레이어가 과거를 숨김
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18 Reviews

Jun 21, 2023
Status: c22
I see that "everyone" has been giving this 5 stars, but nope. No can do. The setup is interesting but the writing is just too monologue-y. It feels draggy, as if the author is padding the plot with unnecessary words. The jokes get buried in a mass of text and there is no buildup for action scenes.

I stopped reading at chapter 22 (RAWs), but according to Korean reviewers it would just be more of the same if I had kept reading. So I didn't.

There is an excellent manhwa version being... more>> translated. It's not nearly as slow-paced, and adds a few additional jokes. It is by far a more pleasant read and managed to put a smile on my face. If you enjoyed the comedy aspect of this novel, I recommend that instead. <<less
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Jul 03, 2023
Status: 420+
I like that the light premise of the story (MC being two people) is not just a quirk of MC for the writer, but is a basic plot of the series that is to be solved and answered.

Even if the series starts by MC being over-estimated and lucky, the MC works hard to not drown in it and we are constantly reminded of mc's pride. And I think it was nice thing most misunderstanding novels do not do and just use it as a gag tool.

By point the novel starts... more>> answering questions the silly misunderstandings disappear and a more serious story begins Without losing a it's humorous tone. <<less
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Little Big House
Little Big H
Aug 03, 2023
Status: c21
Quick review :

It's a lot easier to read the manhwa adaptation than the novel.

The story is told by using multiple perspective, so a lot of monologs.

Summary :

+ Short and quick story

~ Multiple point of view can make it hard to read.

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Nov 06, 2023
Status: c84
This is a rare series where I'd say the comic version blows the novel out of the water. So far the alterations give it so much more character and depth. If you're considering reading this or the comic, go for the comic. If you're like me and coming from the comic, you can give it a go but dont expect it to hit the same.

So far the comic version I could see having the rating this novel does, but the novel on its own is extremely lack luster.

The translation is... more>> mediocre at best and the plot, up to where I've gotten around chapter 84, is repetitive.

The series ultimately just boils down to a progressive level creep (which has no real influence on the MC since he's so "non standard") where everyone "overestimates" the MCs level based on his performance while he's actually a lower level than most of the other characters.

Pretty much all the "climatic battles" end in the same non-climatic way (and not in a humorous one-punch man way... just a disappointing rehash after the first instance).

The other characters all just exist to praise the MC and how unfathomable his powers are. They have some potential at the start but ultimately loose any individual value.

The MC is super 1 dimensional as well, with the running "gag" that his new persona forces him to be a stickler for politeness and formality, often resulting in him being horrendously blunt to others and causing them to fear him. But he's actually cursing his own mouth and his lack of control over it.

The premise is interesting but the actual meat of the series is lacking.

If you want to read about an (intentional, but nevertheless boring) mary-sue getting never ending compliments from those who like him and "how is this possible?!?!" From his enemies then this is the series for you.

Otherwise you're not missing much. <<less
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Nov 07, 2023
Status: --
i agree with many of the reviews here. If I hadnt come here from the manhwa, this novel would just come off as cliche and bland. The characters are forgettable, and even the MC himself is bland.

i recommend reading only the manhwa. That version gave the MC more personality, had more comedic undertones, and was overall just more exciting. Im only reading the novel because I caught up with the manhwa and got impatient. Ill probably get tired of it after a while
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Sep 05, 2023
Status: c489

- The humor works really well

- Many part of it reminds me of a certain novel with a shadowy hunter as an MC in the best way

... more>> - The MC is quite relatable and very funny


- The humor get tiresome after over hundreds of chapters

- It kinda drags on needlessly. By chapter 480, it doesnt feel like it had progressed much from like 200+ chapters earlier. The revelations just doesnt feel weighty at all because with every important piece of information there's at least 30+ chapters until it become relevant because there's so much going on yet with very little consequence.

If you came from the manhwa, I would suggest to follow along with the manhwa rather than with the novel.

Don't get me wrong, the novel itself is pretty good and the humor lands for the most part, but there's only so much that the same kind of joke can do over 400+ chapters.

It gets into more "interesting" stuff later on, like the exploration on Granfell's past, but there are many other novels that did the same thing better and without having to go through a constant kind of humor that was funny for about 150 chapters but get really tiresome beyond that.

So yeah, just follow the manhwa. It trimmed a lot of the novel's fat so far and the jokes landed better with visual aid. <<less
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Jul 18, 2023
Status: c52
The character Grandfel is very unique, a perfect gentleman and a noble in modern day (although MC counted it as his black history 😂). He is your man! If you like to simp then this man is for you. He is very different from the norm and the level of his coolness was beyond that even the word "cool" is not enough to describe it.

I like the plot of little attention to romance and MC is completely focusing on his goals, quests, and plans straightforward almost unstoppable.

Novel and manhwa have... more>> tiny difference. Manhwa is clean and simple while novel is well detailed.

If you're craving for the next in manhwa, then read the novel to get the spoils. <<less
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Jul 13, 2023
Status: c40
The misunderstandings are hilarious. Poor MC can't catch a break because of his character's setting 😂

On the other hand he's living the chuuni life.
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Jun 21, 2023
Status: c9
it's surprisingly better than I think, only chapter 9 and I getting some good chuckle.

now I always had some soft spot for MC with extremely different perspectives on themself and what other think of them so that maybe a favoritism from my part.
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Nov 05, 2023
Status: c253
Honestly, for me.. The manhwa version is better, full of comedy and mc's inner memes, it's perfectly fits and funny to read. Then I start to read the novel hopefully just like the holy Trinity novel, i'll fall in love with this novel too. But.. I'm not used to this kind of multi pov novel. It's full of inner monologue, but without any different clear hint in the translation. The novel it self is already hard enough to understand because it's jumping from one to another pov so sudden. So,... more>> sometimes I don't understand whose pov is that.. I understand how hard translator try to make it understandable, but it's still not clear enough, I guess. Fighting! For now, I try to re read, maybe i'll sense the humor and the story it self. I hope I can understand better than before. I can't wait for the manhwa, it takes like foreverrr. <<less
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Feb 12, 2024
Status: c114
Chapter 31 Review (see lower for 114)

Okay, so... the webtoon/manhwa? is better than the novel for sure, but the novel isn't that bad. I think the translations are pretty good too... There are just two things that affect my enjoyment.

I don't know if it's the author or the translator, but the spacing (formatting) is pretty wonky. Like every sentence (except for when it's consecutive dialogue) is a new paragraph on its own...
Also, I think the author really likes short sentences / fragments for impact. Not every sentence, but it happens frequently. I don't think it's the translator since the grammar/punctuation otherwise is pretty darn good.
Random example I made up: "The MC. What a monster. He ran."

If you can ignore that, I think the novel is good. The author's writing style might not be the best (as in execution. I feel like they'd be better as a webtoon/manhwa writer...), but the worldbuilding / ideas / premise is awesome. I think it'd be easier to read if you read the webtoon first (I'd give that 5 stars), but the novel is pretty interesting. It still has the hype moments and funny misunderstandings.

Basically, you get to watch a man acting edgy/cringe/chuuni because he's literally forced to. He's self-aware, but he can't act OOC. Random Ex I made up: "Aw man, I'm tired and I want to flop on my bed. *Goes to clean his entire house before resting*
Random example I made up 2.0: Internally: Oh man, I should be polite to this really strong NPC. Externally: "Cease your foolishness at once."

It feels a bit cringy at times, but then you remember what he's saying is purposefully meant to be kinda like that XD I really like the worldbuilding, premise, and plot.


Chapter 114:


Yeah, the webtoon/manwha is far better. I would say the novel is readable and has its hype moments, but the author's execution is... barely passable imo. Like, it's not quite painful to read, but it's not super enjoyable. I feel like the author would be way better if they focused on writing stories for manwha/webtoons because they have great worldbuilding and interesting ideas for their plot, but... their writing style is mid.


Overall, if you don't mind an OP MC who basically has his life on easy mode (despite the author doing their best to say "oh man, that was a close one!" or "MC worked really hard!!!") and a bunch of characters (they're interesting, but...) simping for him, then go for it. The novel's strong points are the plot and worldbuilding. The novel's kinda funny, but the manwha/webtoon makes the comedy a lot more funnier (author can't express the jokes properly through text; the visuals really help). Also, the manwha/webtoon kinda makes the simping more... concise so it's a lot more bearable.

If you think the plot and worldbuilding is meh, it gets more interesting when the mystery of Akshan gets introduced. I still think the manwha/webtoon is far superior and more worth your time though.
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Oct 26, 2023
Status: c131
Came here after reading the webtoon, and here are my thoughts on it so far.

First, the translation. I would say that is average at best. Reading it is a bit jarring as it seems that most of the time single liner sentences are followed by large spaces before the next line begins. Compressing the lines shows the actual amount of words there are in each chapter and its not a lot. Especially since they lock behind some chapter for a week after initial release, whether it is worth even purchasing... more>> the chapters is questionable.

At times the translation feels as if it was MTLed and lines were reorganized to become somewhat comprehensible, even then I feel as if there are meanings and contexts that are lost.

Next may be either an issue with the novel itself or the translator. There are too many filler words, an example will be in the spoiler below. It's a waste of lines all to mention the exact same thing, its redundant. It fails to serve its purpose of exaggerating the situation or even show the impact of whats happening. Because the reader doesn't give a sh*t about the character. We are given no clue as to who this new character is, yet they're introduced as some big boy yet we are given no info beforehand as a lead up, and they popped out of nowhere.

This is one example when this is used, most of the time its used to explain the same situation from multiple viewpoints, going over the same scenario over and over again. A way this could've been done better is by first establishing whose viewpoint would give the most impact and deciding the play the scenario ONCE through that viewpoint, if needed twice.


Obtained from chapter 129

"... Huh? wait a minute. It looks like the conversation between Lee Hoyeol and the League of the Explorers ended well? The League of Explorers is starting to move! But, it wasn't just any explorer of the league, it's Fabian himself?!"

... What, Fabian?!

That Fabian was moving?

Was he talking about the Fabian Delon he knew?

Park Minjae asked back in amazement.

"The legendary explorer and the president of the League of Explorers, Fabian Delon?"

"Yes! That Fabian!"

"... That's crazy."

Fabian Delon!

A.k.a the legendary explorer.

Including the Top 10 Wonders.

He was a man who was closer to the hidden treasure in the Arcana continent than anyone else.

So, just like the Mage Tower.

For systemic reasons.

Fabian was bound to be tied to the position of the president of the League of Explorers.

He couldn't believe that Fabian started moving!

That too, to conquer the Thefern Labyrinth with Lee Hoyeol.

Park Minjae let out a laugh.

"That's why I am really old-fashioned, right?"


Next, there are moments in the novel that could've been accentuated an example in the spoiler.


In chapter 127 the roundtable meeting is held in the mages tower to let the lower mages know of the betrayal and deaths on the elder mages. This quickly became an afterthought. Really, the entire novel contained information about the mages tower being this beastly entity numerous times throughout the novel. How they were unforgiving and uncaring to outside disturbances since they are so caught up in their studies of magic and truth. Yet the one moment that could shift the entire mage tower's attention from themselves to demons, was this roundtable meeting. This could've been a pretty big moment but then as soon as it began, on to the next scene here we goo.


The novel feels stale coming from the webtoon, there just isn't anything charming to it. In the webtoon there are comedic undertones, the main character shows his struggle in a more pronounced way and scenes have more weight. The novel comes off as a cheap copy even though it's supposed to be the original.

All in all the novel is average so a 3 star. <<less
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Foolish Mysteries
Foolish Myst
Sep 24, 2023
Status: c1
It's a good one to pass the time I guess. It's very cliche and the MC is overpowered cause he can fight bosses that are 500 levels above him. I like it tho, it's very light, reading it made me feel a little better.
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Jun 25, 2023
Status: -c13-
I really like the manhwa. The MC is so different and as I read the novel, they slightly change the plot in manhwa, probably better. Just slightly. Pls upload more
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Jan 25, 2024
Status: c206
Okay to read, with OP MC + amazing plot armour so everything always goes to MC's plans. Very much a power fantasy. The misunderstandings trope is pretty annoying where other people keep making s*upid assumptions about the MC but I just ignore those parts.

Romance: none
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Jan 17, 2024
Status: c11
I read up to chapter 11 in about a few minutes. Each chapter has about 100 words. Which means its a pain in the ass to read because you’re spending more time flipping the pages than actually reading.

I have no idea why it was done like this just combine the chapters till you have 2, 000 words. Also the translation itself is awful. I can’t tell if the translator is by machine or by a non-English human, but it’s terrible and sounds like a rough draft of bullet point you... more>> would before creating the actual story.

I wanted to love this story. Because the concept sounds really interesting. But because of the way it’s formatted I can’t even read it. Every time I switch to a new chapter my sense of immersion is broken. Usually this isn’t an issue but when each chapter is only 100 words long then I just can’t keep focused on the story at all. <<less
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Aug 16, 2023
Status: c71
Hello. Okey. I won't rate it yet. It is starting to get interesting at 71 chapter. Ealier it was kinda all the same repeating killing demons. But now starts the story with other world and this is interesting. Hope MC will have more problems to solve and less easy wins later on. Im not real fan of overpowered MC. But he does work hard so I can kinda accept it. Still I count on you writer to make it more complicated even if he will always be op. It is... more>> nice to read. So I will say it is worth reading. Some spoilers maybe (not very important ones) and some of my hopes for this story rn : I don't like how he is alone right now and even MC doesn't like it so I hope for some players to become stronger throu normal training. We need somebody to help mc! And I really hope that after some time MC will start to talk a bit more with people around him. Like I hope he gets more integrated with his other personality. And I hope that in another world there will be something about backstory of his character. <<less
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Oct 05, 2023
Status: c115
Gets wayyyyyy too bogged down in boring Mary Sue action adventure stuff. Was better when it was at least a little funny. The translation is also pretty rough too, particularly through the first twenty chapters or so where it's nigh incomprehensible. There's really no reason not to read the much funnier, more polished comic adaptation instead. Yeah, this translation is further ahead, but is there a point if it's all boring?
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