The Academy’s Weakest Became A Demon-Limited Hunter


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I possessed the weakest character in my favorite game’s Hell Mode. I want to survive, but the way the main character is being controlled is atrocious.

It can’t be helped.

I have to stop the bad ending myself.

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아카데미 최약체는 마족 한정 먼치킨이 되었다
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58 Reviews

New SeraphimEx
Apr 14, 2024
Status: c104
Interesting take on the whole 'Transported/Reincarnated Into Another World' novel trope.

The story follows Issac, which is an extra in a video game that the Protagonist used to play. One day suddenly the Protagonist replaces Issac and now will live his lives, being an extra in this "Game World".


Refreshing take on an isekai harem novel. Actual personality and character background that makes the female leads feels more "alive". Chad Protagonist who gets the job done and doesn't whine all the time. Not to mention they have YANDERE (I mean who doesn't... more>> love yandere).

Full Review

At first when I heard the title of this novel, I have doubts whether or not this would be a good read. I've often met novels with similar plots such as these which talks about an MC who reincarnated/transported/etc into another world or into a game world, and they would start out as a weak character who is underestimated by others but he continually trains hard, and proves them wrong.

This novel has those essence in the story, and at first I was pessimistic thinking this is just going to be another beta MC who whines all the time, and that the story would be filled with unbearable tropes with their harems which has no characteristics. Well, I was proven wrong.

Amazing World building and Plot Twist

I have reached about 100 chapters of the story and I can say one thing, which is this story has amazing world building and an intricate plot that keeps me guessing about the characters and how the story will move forward. At first I thought that they wouldn't think too much about the actual world and background of each character since that's what they commonly do with many isekai novel (which focuses on OP MC, Harem and Fanservices). Well, this novel isn't one of those.

This novel actually delves deep into the background of each character, and makes you wonder what makes them do what they do, especially the current antagonist of the story,

which is Alice, who is supposed to be a student council president but she secretly working behind the scene to help the Demon God ressurect

. There are many other time where you wonder about how the story would develop, and what is the actual backstory of a certain character, including the MC himself.

Harem Members with Actual Personality

First off, unlike the common isekai harem where the MC are surrounded by many girls who just so head-over-heels for the MC and just straight having no characteristic other than being "damsel in distress", and serves as nothing but fanservices, this novel actually gives personality to those characters and each of them has their own backstory. Here those female lead are more than a 'trophy' for the MC that only purpose was to chase around the MC without any character development or purpose to the story, but instead acts as their own person, making the world and the characters feels more alive.

Hardworking AND Smart MC

You might find these traits in other isekai harem too (although not all have these traits), but I personally find Issac to be different from those other MC, probably because of how he approaches problem, by not overthinking and overcomplicating the solution (to look smart to us readers), yet he still makes those solution to the problem unique and interesting to see.

Are there other similar Novel such as these one?

I would recommend the novel "Fated To Be Loved By Villains" and "Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects!" since both has similar settings to the story, and has intricate plot and world building, along with actual personality to the female lead. <<less
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New Frark
Mar 27, 2024
Status: c157
The story is not "amazing" kind of amazing, but it is damn good with good pacing and it serves well as entertainment, deserves a 4 or a 4.5 if I can do that here.

Story is about some dude who got isekai'd and dumped stat points into a gimmick that gives him a stat buff when fighting demons. What I like a lot about the MC is that he is hardworking despite him basically being a cheat character against demons. The title was cliche at first and the first few chapters... more>> were eh at best, well for me anyways, its a good novel to past time with.

Unlike the other harems I have read there arent any over the top stuff, especially with misunderstandings because the MC actually explains properly like in the latest chap as of writing this review. The heroines are also given actual personalities with their own goals. Personally I kind of like how they did the romance in this novel.

Overall since I suck at making reviews (who could have guessed) I guess I can dumb it down by saying that overall the story has good pacing, well done harem compared to some other novels, and heroines with actual personalities.
(Sorry if the review is bad, I am not good at english) <<less
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Drunken Translation
Drunken Tran
Sep 03, 2022
Status: --
Don't Be Discouraged By The Title

since I'm the translator, this review might be a little biased.

If you loved 'Flash Genius' or 'Academy's Second Seat', you will probably love this novel too.

This novel is the story about our hardcore gamer protagonist who is thrust into the game as a below par third rate extra.

This is the story of him surviving in this game.

It's a well written novel, with fleshed out world and fleshed out characters.
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Dec 22, 2022
Status: c20
The novel may have an interesting premise, but it's pretty obvious how juvenile things become after a few 10 chapters or so. From Cheating to straight up Mind Reading, everyone in the story quickly becomes NPCs towards the true protagonist. Even the supposed story protagonist is rarely seen and the waifus are quickly swept off their feet in 2 chapters or less just from how cool the true protagonist is. The zero to hero is fairly misleading if you expected something fleshed out thanks to the cheating, and the love... more>> interests are written one dimensionally with the misunderstandings serving to exacerbate the writing even more so, at best being comedic relief. Unfortunately, this novel is nothing special from the many other power tripping novels out there, read it if you enjoy those types of novels all the same for a fix. <<less
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Dec 29, 2023
Status: c100
How this novel is so popular and has such a high rating is beyond me. Starts out with how this character is soo weak yet proceeds to basically 1 shot any demon on hell difficulty because OP fantasy. He gets rewarded tier 1 items the best tiered items in the game basically straight away because OP fantasy. And even in his 'weakend form' after hardly any chapters he can now cast tier 4-5 magic which is basically the top of his grade becauses you guessed it, OP fantasy. Oh and... more>> the misunderstood troupe lord all mighty the most annoying troupe ever used is here. The bullsh*t in this novel is so ridiculous just make him an OP character from the get go as that's clearly what the author wanted instead of the im so weak but not weak and misunderstood crap. Its well written yes but come on this tr*sh is so generic it hurts my eyes so many better novels out their. <<less
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Jan 26, 2023
Status: c226
(The main character has been transmigrated into the highest difficulty of the fantasy game <Magical Knight of Marchen> as an extra.

But due to the original protagonist being too weak, isaac armed with a system now has to take matters into his own hand and save the world himself.)

it might seem like your typical munchkin, academy, misunderstanding novel at first, but don't let that fool you because behind the title and description this novel is actually very different from the rest having proper writing, character development, and mind... more>> bending plot twists.

Do give this novel a read and it will surely take you in for a very fun ride.

(Ps. The novel is getting picked up by Genesis TL so you guys can rest assured that it's gonna have a good translation) <<less
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Sep 12, 2022
Status: --
Beneath the "interesting" title, lies a decent story. At least it seems to be moving away a bit from the typical plot structure into something a bit more unique. I would say if your a veteran of reading novels on this site, you will be pleasantly surprised by its quality.

If your uncertain if you really want to bother reading this story I would suggest reading to the end of chapter 2 and you should get a sense of if this story is good or not.
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Jan 17, 2024
Status: c127
Mediocre story turned awful by a wannabe comedian translator who can't stop himself from inserting unfunny reddit memes in nearly every chapter.

I wouldn't have dropped it if it had a different translator because my standards aren't high but there's honestly not much to like here, I like the fairy tale inspirations even if they're just shallow references and that's about it. The side characters are flat and boring, 2 of the 3 (so far) love interests are just kind of annoying, the main character is flat and boring, the magic... more>> system is as boring as they get, the battles are boring, the villains are just generic evil demons, the misunderstandings are annoying, the weak to strong aspect is not nearly as important as you'd think because the MC is always either exactly as strong as he needs to be or completely dominating so he never feels weak, and all his growth amounts to is training off screen or leveling up then being able to throw bigger spells. Out of all the series out there that are ruined by their translator, this is probably one of the least tragic ones, not much was lost.

Dorothy is cute though. <<less
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Oct 05, 2023
Status: --
Plain, literally got nothing interesting to offer.

It shares the same exact issue with others of the same premise. The stuff only happens in the author's head, you can't relate to that.

Characters, stats, items, nothing to wrap them all nicely together, we know they're all made up, fricking fairy shit, they're out there just as author's delusion, and the so-called writing is just vomiting it out. That wasn't added value but just random graffiti.

No one could appreciate something that only you can understand, the very difference between writing an actual story... more>> and analogically vomiting a story.

Personally, I found this yet another story that shouldn't be made past synopsis. <<less
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Aug 03, 2023
Status: c22
The concept was great but everything else is subpar. Power scaling is irrelevant to the level, which is too convenient for the plot. The timeline is also unrealistic, the series of events only have a few days apart which hardly explain the drastic changes frome the OG Characters. The characters act like those silly anime waifus or a 3rd rate villain, it's a shame since they were mostly introduced as cool and calm. This feels like a bad parody of One Punch Man, One Frost Explosion Man. This is just... more>> worse since it's under the guise of a serious novel. <<less
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Daoist Ghoul
Daoist Ghoul
Dec 24, 2022
Status: c45
a stable junk food novel (like most novels here) with stable and consistent writing, set in an Academy setting.
Our main character is a weak student, and when the system gave him a chance, he took it. He is strong against the demons but weak against everyone else.
There are 3-4 heroines and are developed slowly with their own backgrounds and story. Yes, it is a Harem. (There is a Yandere too...)
In conclusion, it is a well-written story. If you want a zenith of medium akin to RI or LOTM, then you have come to the wrong place. But if you want to read something quick and nice, give this a chance and you won't regret it.

Note:- It has been picked up by Genesis so you can be assured of the TL quality.
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Feb 14, 2023
Status: c240
I have read the mtl and I think this novel is a good enough to read.

Like almost all others korean novel, It's started with misunderstanding that everybody think the MC is very strong but the reality is he just have a buff against demon.

His cheat (buff against demon) is very broken tbh, to the point he can defeat strong enemies very easily.

... more>> Story-wise: I have a complaint that there is a cycle that the previous girl sometimes became forgotten over the newer girl.

And I think the author forgot the MC is from another world and just inexperienced human, since the MC always act like a badass even in difficult situation. I mean, is ordinary person, even with all the future/story knowledge, can act and think very calm against difficult enemies (ex. Demon) in his first experience? I think not.

So, to put it simple:


  • (Unrealistically) Calm protagonist
  • Good story at the beginning

  • Broken cheat ability
  • The previous girls became forgotten over times
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Jun 30, 2023
Status: c320
I almost always write negative reviews on the novels here, but I find this novel way more enjoyable than the other stories of similar genre.

Compared to "I became a flashing genius at the magic academy" or "The extra's academy survival guide", this story feels a bit less ?overcliched?

Don't misunderstand. "The academy's weakest became a demon-limited hunter" is practically a walking cliche, but it just doesn't feel so overwhelming with what it has to offer (in a good way).

There are no over the top "misunderstandings" between the MC and side characters... more>> or female leads. The main character feels and acts more like a main character. He also uses his skills well, without me questioning much why not just to that or this during fighgts. I even went as far as to read another 280 MTL'd chapters, because the story was so simple and fun.

It is also not annoying to read. What I mean by that is the MC isn't forced into some scenarios like in the other 2 examples I mentioned before. MC gets involved because he wants to and not because author or some random characters "dragged" him into it. It feels like the story revolves around the MC and not the other way around, which is good.

I also like how he progresses and how he gets stronger.

Though my small complaint is that some of the "plot twists" are meh and feel kinda off for some reason.

Read it a month ago so I might misremember some stuff.

Still a 5/5 because I don't regret spending my time reading it. <<less
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Dec 09, 2023
Status: c112
Normally I wouldn't rank this story yet, but it's one of the best I've read this year. Even if it gets worse later, the first 1/3 of the book which has been TLed so far deserves 4.5/5 (I rounded it up).

Definitely one of the best Korean novels. Very well written. The plot and its progression, the setting, the characters, the mysteries, the relationships, the comedy, everything is good.

It's very pleasant to read. It's one of those where you can't help but keep reading. Of course, there are some problems, but... more>> every novel is bound to have some, and this one is good enough to make you willing to ignore them.. The ones here are relatively minor, or at least don't get in the way of reading.

Oh, and the translators are doing a good job, both in terms of translating/explaining references and in terms of the final text.

I am heavily anticipating future chapters, but I will probably wait for them to pile up in order to read them in batches (of arcs and miniarcs). <<less
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Nov 15, 2023
Status: v1c109
And let the evaluation duel begin! I've been following this novel since it started being translated on the original site, and I'm still on board up to the current chapters. So, I reckon I have a bit of authority to dish out my review.

Rating: A+, or in ranting terms (4.5 with the potential to be a full 4.8, unless it's not your cup of tea).

Let's kick things off with a spoiler-free summary. First off, the main stage is set in a world where the MC got transmigrated into the game... more>> world he used to play. Now, if it were that simple, I could label it as a cliché, but no, he got transmigrated into the infernal mode. What sets it apart from other novels? Well, first, the transmigration is genuinely an intriguing mystery because the MC doesn't choose the character, and the difficulty is truly infernal. Many other novels have a similar setup, but the problem is they don't develop the infernal scenario properly. The MC doesn't become overpowered out of the blue and quickly; on the contrary, he's super weak compared to everything, even in the current chapters. But, as the synopsis says, he can become extremely OP when facing a demon. Still, the MC doesn't stop training. Second, harem and romance – two things that might make many raise an eyebrow. But let me tell you, comrades, it's not what it seems. The MC has no intention of having a romance or harem; he's completely focused on his goal of achieving the best possible ending. And no, he's not dense; he knows the girls like him, but he knows his priorities. Moreover, the girls aren't simple cardboard cutouts; they have distinctive and captivating personalities. Even for someone like me who isn't a fan of harems, I'd be bummed if it wasn't a harem because I'd want them all to be happy in the end. There's also a romantic development, but it's subtle and not forced. The MC is very human, meaning he's not just a puppet fulfilling the author's wishes. But what intrigued me the most was the world development and the story behind the MC's body. No spoilers here, but I must say it's rarely seen, as authors often tend to simply ignore the pasts of bodies.

Now, onto the positive and negative points.

Positive Points:

Well-Developed World:

The author knows how to build the story and the world, even though it's mostly centered around the academy.


Intriguing Slice of Life:

It's not just action; there's a whole story development, but it doesn't feel like filler and makes a difference in the narrative.


Dynamic Character Changes:

It's not wrong to say that all characters change over time, even the human "villains" develop even if they don't appear much.


Well-Developed Energetic System:

Though somewhat generic, the author manages to turn the magical system into something interesting, with diverse integrated powers.


Epic battles:

Some of the best parts of the novel are the fights. Of course, most of the MC's fights are a bit speedy, lol, but the author still delivers them well.


Consistent Plot:

The plot follows the right pace, neither too fast nor too slow. Additionally, the antagonists are truly interesting and different, with distinct personalities that make sense.


Smooth and Great Writing:

The writing flows smoothly. I must give credit to the editor and translator, but it's still a fact that the writing style fits perfectly with this type of story.


Exciting Plot Flow:

This one's interesting – we know the MC's end goal, but we don't know what he'll go through or what he'll do to reach it, or how things will unfold. In other words, it's not predictable. Although you can still make some assumptions, it means you're always excited to find out what the heck will happen and what the MC and his companions, allies, and enemies will do.


No Nationalism or Racism:

It might sound like a joke, but when you read a lot of novels, these characteristics become quite valued. It gives a more realistic and impartial view of things and doesn't leave a bad feeling in the stomach. (Yes, I've been traumatized by CN and KN.)


Realistic Plot:

The MC doesn't have a very thick plot armor; in fact, there's almost none since much of what he does has already been explained or hinted at. Plus, he faces quite realistic situations, especially regarding his identity.


Negative Points: Didn't expect that, huh?

MC's Personality:

Although there's good development, the MC is not very realistic, and some of his reactions are quite atypical. This is due to one of his stats, but still, it was a missed opportunity for more development.



Truth be told, this is more of a personal desire than a flaw. While these antagonists make sense to exist, it takes away some excitement due to how OP the MC gets when fighting them. It would be much more interesting if there were antagonists from different races, as it would show the duality of the MC's strength more explicitly. But it would be a bit odd for someone to attack the best school in the world – in other words, it would be suicidal or someone very strong, so the MC couldn't handle it. Ironically, the novel being very logical ends up making it a failure.


Translation Speed:

What? The translation is indeed fast, but the novel is so good that I don't think it's fast enough, lol. :Gloom:


Well, that's it. I conclude this evaluation, and I can only say it's worth reading, especially after delving into many dark or bad things, as it's light and refreshing, but not excessively naive. Until our next encounter and happy reading, comrades! <<less
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May 06, 2023
Status: c33
this is my first ever review and I’m writing this on my iPad which seems to be causing some problems with the interface but anyways, about the novel. I had a lot of problems with it but I’ll give it a three star at best. The interface is messed up so I’m seeing that I give it 4 and a half stars and I can’t change it.

The premise is interesting like a lot of these isekai novels but like a lot of times, its execution could use a little more... more>> work. I’m not saying this one is bad per say, just mediocre. Despite this, I found it enjoyable to read. How can I say this? It’s generic, you expect it and you can take your mind off while reading

Now to the problems. The biggest glaring problem would be the writing. The author simply isn’t good at writing dialogue and I believe he knows this himself since he’ll try his best to avoid having characters talk at all cost. The ‘Player’ character, not the MC, is a very integral part of the story and yet MC has literally only heard this man talk twice. I noticed the Author forgot MC had already heard his voice so he put in a scene where the MC’s like “Oh so that’s what his voice sounds like” when MC has already heard his voice before. When I say he’ll avoid dialogue, I mean he’ll do the bare minimum and bare minimum is awkward, clunky and short. The lack of character interaction leads to flat characters but you gotta develop the characters so character development is forced in through POVs of other characters. I’m looking at you Luce.

It is implied that Luce is falling in love with MC by one of the mind-reading characters when she literally has not spoken to him a single time. Also, there are already three mind reading characters including MC. That’s too many Charles Xaviers in a single novel.


Next problem, power scaling. Now this world is set to “Hell” mode difficulty, thing is it’s breezy mode for the MC regardless. This is because of the gimmick of the novel/ability of the MC which super buffs him by a 100 levels when he faces demons. The max level is level 200 btw and the highest tier spells are 9* spells. During the earlier chapters, I was given the impression that only gods were able to use 9* spells as MC tells us that the highest tier spell that end-game characters were able to cast were 8* star spells and the only 9* spell we were told about was one that’d literally destroy the world. So what’s the problem?

MC literally just believed hard enough and became max level and started casting 9* spells but it was nowhere near planet buster level, like just make it a 8* spell so that I complain less. I didn’t mind the power scaling before, I still thought it wasn’t thought out too well but I let it go though this is a bit too much so early into the novel. Happens around chapter 30 btw where MC is still in the first semester of the first school year. Can’t imagine how it’ll run a full University course


Obviously pacing will be a problem if the power scaling is wack so I won’t go into it. Regardless I found it a fun read despite everything I said previous. The author is clearly inexperienced when it comes to writing and I wish him all the best. I found some of his ideas really thoughtful like how he explains why ice magic can’t just freeze a person from the inside out. Alright, that’s it. The review’s a little messy but that’s how my thoughts are. <<less
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Apr 14, 2023
Status: --
A story about guy named isaac who is actually a transmigrator. MC I forgot his Korean name (i always forgot east asian name to be fair) . He transmigrated into the game as an extra. His hobby in real life was to play this game in which he transmigrated into.

Now about mc

MC wants to clear the game and the difficulty in which he transmigrated into is hell level difficulty.

... more>> About og mc

Ian, he literally faint in the middle of fighting. He is a good guy plus his childhood friend is one of the best girl. I have read from raws so some information can be changed.

Now pros of this novel and why u should read it.

1 It has harem. But I can't say the ending will be harem because you know Korean author.

2 It has character development of MC and heroine

3 Story has some dark theme and every fight is fun to read. Fight with demon would seem like it is easy because ofc MC has designed himself to kill demons. One of the fight is very competitive too.

4 Some boss fights have tension that will make you crave for more.

Alice vs Issac

5 Now one of the best part of novel is yandere. Hell yeah what more reason you guys need to read it.

6 There is some mysteries about MC. I will not give spoiler otherwise this will ruin the fun but trust me it is one of the best mindf*ck.

7 Author literally portrays character in such a way that they feel real.

Author has told that MC will have harem of maximum 5 female and those are

Kaya - Author forgot ☠️

Luce - Yandere (her backstory is sad

Dorothy - Best senpai


Snow White (imperial princess) - Best junior you can have

Alice - Best girl


8 Many of things or should I say author has taken many inspiration from popular series character like snow white, Alice in Wonderland especially FMC.

9 Translation is done by genesis. You should be assured of translation quality and it would be great novel.

10 It is based on game world so ofc you would have hidden boss and if you have played rpg and like rpg you should read this novel.

Now cons of this novel -

1 One heroine eg - kaya appears very less after arc

2 MC is avoiding FMC aggression he wanted to be in relationship after he kill the final boss. But I personally think having something to protect makes you stronger.

3 Og MC has little to none role <<less
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Perseus Sendou
Perseus Send
Feb 08, 2024
Status: c140
This story is very nice.

The hero is a hard working person that have a cheat that work on a specific enemy, the cheat doesn't mean that he can streamroll everything though. His opponent is not only that specific enemy but other as well. Said specific enemy can also be absurdly strong. So Isaac still need to work hard as his cheat work as enchanment to his base level.

The heroines are great. They are have their own personality and goal that they wish to achieve. The romance is nice and the... more>> rivarly between heroine can be hillarious. Author has told that MC will have harem of maximum 5 female and those are:

  • Kaya which author sometime forget but still a good herione.
  • Luce the most yandere heroine in this story.
  • Dorothy is the best.
  • Alice the enemy turned lover
  • Snow White which is just too pure
    If you find some of the name familiar, there is a reason for that.
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Sep 30, 2023
Status: c87
It's kinda bad, but I'll admit it's good in some spots.

The story is incredibly weak. Because of MC's interference with "original events", it quickly deteriorates into a demon smash galore.

The system is fine. It doesn't make much sense, but it is very focused on magic and learning, so it gets a few points back for keeping up with the plot demands.

... more>> Fights are well executed, but lack any impact, even if it felt challenging.

Romance is... abhorrent. While MC connects well with all the heroines, it's established pretty early on who's likely the endgame option. And it shows in more ways than one, e.g. portraying two other FLs as yandere c*ck thirsty cardboards.

Don't read this unless you really have nothing else to read, it's bland. <<less
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May 20, 2023
Status: c320
At a glance it's your typical game world Isekai, but much like traditional fairy tales are known for lessons and being disturbing if examined closely, this story has some shadows of it's own that aren't apparent immediately. Don't trust the premise of a, "demon limited hunter, " at face value because that's more of a story hook farther in.

The story has plenty of mystery, drama, creative magic combat, and a decent system. Their is a lot of tension in what happens where the outcome is very uncertain for the reader.... more>> The MC can sort of read peoples intent close to him, but the danger is enough to match that sort of advantage so it doesn't feel cheap. There will be things people like and don't like about the story but at the end of the day it's an interesting read if you put the time in. <<less
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Apr 18, 2023
Status: c60
Cliché and generic in most ways but with good execution. I thought the pacing was nice, and it had an addictive component to it.

I stopped reading cause I only had a shallow investment, but it delivers what you would expect from it I guess.
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Mar 26, 2023
Status: c263
This is quite a fun novel to read and an easy one to follow. Title seems to be your average overpowered protagonist-type of novels but I assure you, that way of thinking is wrong.

Story is about our main character, who one day became a random character (Isaac) in a game he once played. Not only that, but the game is famous for its hell dificulty and knowing that the death of the game's main character would result to the world being destroyed meaning, he and everyone else will die too.... more>> Seeing that the main character of the game can't handle himself, our protagonist decided to act and try to block the bad ending himself.

Now here's the unique part, he's only OP when he's fighting demon but if the opponent is not a demon, then the boost that he usually recieves when fighting a demon will not activate. That's why he's OP and at the same time, not. The pacing is good and handles the balance between action and romance really well.

Heroines are all human beings, not some kind of NPC or flat characters like some of the novels out there. Each has their own unique personalities and goals to accomplish. One of the things I like the most about them is that you're gonna be familiar with some of them.... Why? Well, read the novel to find out.

Oh and one thing, this is one of the top novels in Novelpia even if it's only 260+ chapters currently so that's one way of telling that this novel would be good.

Let's proceed to the overall then:

- an engaging and easy to follow plot

- a lot of exciting moments

- lovely heroines

- good pacing of the story

- well balance between action and romance

10/10 would recommend for those who want a good read. <<less
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