The Academy’s Weakest Became A Demon-Limited Hunter


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I possessed the weakest character in my favorite game’s Hell Mode. I want to survive, but the way the main character is being controlled is atrocious.

It can’t be helped.

I have to stop the bad ending myself.

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아카데미 최약체는 마족 한정 먼치킨이 되었다
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New KodokuCrow
May 20, 2023
Status: c320
At a glance it's your typical game world Isekai, but much like traditional fairy tales are known for lessons and being disturbing if examined closely, this story has some shadows of it's own that aren't apparent immediately. Don't trust the premise of a, "demon limited hunter, " at face value because that's more of a story hook farther in.

The story has plenty of mystery, drama, creative magic combat, and a decent system. Their is a lot of tension in what happens where the outcome is very uncertain for the reader.... more>> The MC can sort of read peoples intent close to him, but the danger is enough to match that sort of advantage so it doesn't feel cheap. There will be things people like and don't like about the story but at the end of the day it's an interesting read if you put the time in. <<less
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New rizzumeow rated it
May 18, 2023
Status: c320
I gave up waiting for the Translation and just read the raws & I gotta say that this was truly an enjoyable ride.

First 30 chapters may start like a typical Harem novel but the middle parts are where the fun and mysteries start to show up which spices the story up.

Aside from 1 heroine, almost all the other heroines felt like they mattered/aren't just there for their tropes and wasn't just there as display waifus.

Even a side-character Villain that I hated early on became such a bro in the future... more>> that he can even steal the spotlight at times.

For the MC, I love his mindset where he can even tell off a yandere of what she's doing wrong. The interactions he has with the heroines are very cute. <<less
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Drunken Translation
Drunken Translation rated it
September 3, 2022
Status: --
Don't Be Discouraged By The Title

since I'm the translator, this review might be a little biased.

If you loved 'Flash Genius' or 'Academy's Second Seat', you will probably love this novel too.

This novel is the story about our hardcore gamer protagonist who is thrust into the game as a below par third rate extra.

This is the story of him surviving in this game.

It's a well written novel, with fleshed out world and fleshed out characters.
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Mikufanboy rated it
December 22, 2022
Status: c20
The novel may have an interesting premise, but it's pretty obvious how juvenile things become after a few 10 chapters or so. From Cheating to straight up Mind Reading, everyone in the story quickly becomes NPCs towards the true protagonist. Even the supposed story protagonist is rarely seen and the waifus are quickly swept off their feet in 2 chapters or less just from how cool the true protagonist is. The zero to hero is fairly misleading if you expected something fleshed out thanks to the cheating, and the love... more>> interests are written one dimensionally with the misunderstandings serving to exacerbate the writing even more so, at best being comedic relief. Unfortunately, this novel is nothing special from the many other power tripping novels out there, read it if you enjoy those types of novels all the same for a fix. <<less
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bboi rated it
January 26, 2023
Status: c226
(The main character has been transmigrated into the highest difficulty of the fantasy game <Magical Knight of Marchen> as an extra.

But due to the original protagonist being too weak, isaac armed with a system now has to take matters into his own hand and save the world himself.)

it might seem like your typical munchkin, academy, misunderstanding novel at first, but don't let that fool you because behind the title and description this novel is actually very different from the rest having proper writing, character development, and mind... more>> bending plot twists.

Do give this novel a read and it will surely take you in for a very fun ride.

(Ps. The novel is getting picked up by Genesis TL so you guys can rest assured that it's gonna have a good translation) <<less
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9corn9 rated it
September 12, 2022
Status: --
Beneath the "interesting" title, lies a decent story. At least it seems to be moving away a bit from the typical plot structure into something a bit more unique. I would say if your a veteran of reading novels on this site, you will be pleasantly surprised by its quality.

If your uncertain if you really want to bother reading this story I would suggest reading to the end of chapter 2 and you should get a sense of if this story is good or not.
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Daoist Ghoul
Daoist Ghoul
December 24, 2022
Status: c45
a stable junk food novel (like most novels here) with stable and consistent writing, set in an Academy setting.
Our main character is a weak student, and when the system gave him a chance, he took it. He is strong against the demons but weak against everyone else.
There are 3-4 heroines and are developed slowly with their own backgrounds and story. Yes, it is a Harem. (There is a Yandere too...)
In conclusion, it is a well-written story. If you want a zenith of medium akin to RI... more>> or LOTM, then you have come to the wrong place. But if you want to read something quick and nice, give this a chance and you won't regret it.

Note:- It has been picked up by Genesis so you can be assured of the TL quality. <<less
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Red786 rated it
April 14, 2023
Status: --
A story about guy named isaac who is actually a transmigrator. MC I forgot his Korean name (i always forgot east asian name to be fair) . He transmigrated into the game as an extra. His hobby in real life was to play this game in which he transmigrated into.

Now about mc

MC wants to clear the game and the difficulty in which he transmigrated into is hell level difficulty.

... more>> About og mc

Ian, he literally faint in the middle of fighting. He is a good guy plus his childhood friend is one of the best girl. I have read from raws so some information can be changed.

Now pros of this novel and why u should read it.

1 It has harem. But I can't say the ending will be harem because you know Korean author.

2 It has character development of MC and heroine

3 Story has some dark theme and every fight is fun to read. Fight with demon would seem like it is easy because ofc MC has designed himself to kill demons. One of the fight is very competitive too.

4 Some boss fights have tension that will make you crave for more.

Alice vs Issac

5 Now one of the best part of novel is yandere. Hell yeah what more reason you guys need to read it.

6 There is some mysteries about MC. I will not give spoiler otherwise this will ruin the fun but trust me it is one of the best mindf*ck.

7 Author literally portrays character in such a way that they feel real.

Author has told that MC will have harem of maximum 5 female and those are

Kaya - Author forgot ☠️

Luce - Yandere (her backstory is sad

Dorothy - Best senpai


Snow White (imperial princess) - Best junior you can have

Alice - Best girl


8 Many of things or should I say author has taken many inspiration from popular series character like snow white, Alice in Wonderland especially FMC.

9 Translation is done by genesis. You should be assured of translation quality and it would be great novel.

10 It is based on game world so ofc you would have hidden boss and if you have played rpg and like rpg you should read this novel.

Now cons of this novel -

1 One heroine eg - kaya appears very less after arc

2 MC is avoiding FMC aggression he wanted to be in relationship after he kill the final boss. But I personally think having something to protect makes you stronger.

3 Og MC has little to none role <<less
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Mr. White Tower
Mr. White Tower rated it
December 23, 2022
Status: --
At first, I was impressed with how the author approached the central theme of isekai in the story. However, the author failed to consider one of the crucial elements in isekai novels, which is not revealing that the main character is from another world. This greatly diminishes the reader's immersion in the story. I was disappointed with this aspect and ultimately decided to stop reading the novel.
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ShiraGaia rated it
March 26, 2023
Status: c263
This is quite a fun novel to read and an easy one to follow. Title seems to be your average overpowered protagonist-type of novels but I assure you, that way of thinking is wrong.

Story is about our main character, who one day became a random character (Isaac) in a game he once played. Not only that, but the game is famous for its hell dificulty and knowing that the death of the game's main character would result to the world being destroyed meaning, he and everyone else will die too.... more>> Seeing that the main character of the game can't handle himself, our protagonist decided to act and try to block the bad ending himself.

Now here's the unique part, he's only OP when he's fighting demon but if the opponent is not a demon, then the boost that he usually recieves when fighting a demon will not activate. That's why he's OP and at the same time, not. The pacing is good and handles the balance between action and romance really well.

Heroines are all human beings, not some kind of NPC or flat characters like some of the novels out there. Each has their own unique personalities and goals to accomplish. One of the things I like the most about them is that you're gonna be familiar with some of them.... Why? Well, read the novel to find out.

Oh and one thing, this is one of the top novels in Novelpia even if it's only 260+ chapters currently so that's one way of telling that this novel would be good.

Let's proceed to the overall then:

- an engaging and easy to follow plot

- a lot of exciting moments

- lovely heroines

- good pacing of the story

- well balance between action and romance

10/10 would recommend for those who want a good read. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
akhfirdaus07 rated it
February 14, 2023
Status: c240
I have read the mtl and I think this novel is a good enough to read.

Like almost all others korean novel, It's started with misunderstanding that everybody think the MC is very strong but the reality is he just have a buff against demon.

His cheat (buff against demon) is very broken tbh, to the point he can defeat strong enemies very easily.

... more>> Story-wise: I have a complaint that there is a cycle that the previous girl sometimes became forgotten over the newer girl.

And I think the author forgot the MC is from another world and just inexperienced human, since the MC always act like a badass even in difficult situation. I mean, is ordinary person, even with all the future/story knowledge, can act and think very calm against difficult enemies (ex. Demon) in his first experience? I think not.

So, to put it simple:


  • (Unrealistically) Calm protagonist
  • Good story at the beginning

  • Broken cheat ability
  • The previous girls became forgotten over times
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Dark Zenith
Dark Zenith rated it
December 16, 2022
Status: c7 part2
The description right now doesn't say much about the novel right now, but it does have an interesting premise which I personally like very much. So as you may know from the description, it's an isekai, and our MC possesses a terribly weak character at the start.

Now, I'm at c7 right now so I can't say too much, but from the title and what I've read so far, our MC is basically ultra weak, but is able to become OP as heck in very specific situations. I guess you could... more>> say it's like he's playing a very niche or highly specialized class in game, haha.

And this, combined with a nice helping of misunderstandings means that we have some interesting situations and bluffing needed on the part of our MC as they interact with other characters who don't know about his rather unique situation, haha. And I don't know about you, but like I always like to mention in my reviews, I always like me some good misunderstandings in novels, haha. It's always so interesting to see how the MC handles all these misunderstandings, or keep them going on purpose xD

Well, at any rate, it's an interesting novel to read. ^^ <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
LordMashiro rated it
April 18, 2023
Status: c31
So far this has been a pretty entertaining isekai romance/harem novel. The characters are nice and I haven't found a single chapter boring.

The MC is in particular quite likeable and I really appreciate that he is expressive and self-aware about his own feelings and also not dense to others. He shows clear interest to certain girls in his inner monologue, and he is considerate towards them in his words and actions. He is also level-headed and plans ahead when it comes to the main scenario. The heroines are written decently,... more>> and they are strong and helpful in combat. I've found none of them to be obnoxious. So far the original protagonist hasn't done anything interesting though, so I'm not sure what his eventual role will be.

Power system is clear and well-explained for the most part. Its also rewarding to see MC train, since he grinds a lot. Fights are pretty cool, and they are described well enough to be imagined in good detail.

The plot feels like a slow burner, but I enjoy the pacing because of the nice balance between plot progression, MC grinding and interactions with heroines. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ngurah rated it
April 11, 2023
Status: c140
I've read it and like it so much I even read the machine translation version after finishing all available chapters from the translator (even pay for the premium lock ones), this just goes to show how good it is. The best way I can describe this is this novel feels like "Little Tyrant doesn't want to meet a bad end" and "The Author PoV".

In terms of similarity with The Author PoV both MC start off weak and gradually become stronger little by little, they both use their head to create... more>> strategize on how to solve a problem while staying under the radar, and they both have "cheat skill" that could boost their power for a while (though its more broken in this than in the author pov).

As for Little Tyrant, they both have the protagonist surround by crazy ass heroines xD, seriously these girls have no chill. But its not really force, they all have valid reason on why they are obsessed with the MC. But be warned their love are intense. Now im worry if this don't end with a harem ending they might start waging war hahaha.x`

The misunderstanding come mostly from the MC 1 cheat skill that is a buff againts any Demon, as you might have guess from the title and summary, everyone who knows of the MC power thought he is hiding his power for some secret and noble mission, the MC is aware of this and try to used it to his advantage convincing them using his in game knowledge and acting.

I say if you enjoy the two novel I mentioned I think you will enjoy this, if youre still unsure keep reading till chapter 46 since I think that has one of the most powerful conclusions, even reading it through machine translator it move me to tears.

I also find it hilarious that some people figure out MC identity as this undercover hero without him knowing, and they all always lose their mind trying to act normal whenever they see the MC hahaha

This definitely scratch my need for this sort of novel.

If you want a bit more spoiler regarding the MC here you go:

Powerful people in the world like the Archmage, basically the pinnacle of wizard, were able to see within the MC power, and they saw basically an eldritch like being able to consuming the world within him. This basically solidify MC position as the next Archmage. So yeah even the archmage here was like, "Yeah he's legit". But the MC dont' realized this, as least up to chapter 140 hahaha

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OnePunchMan12 rated it
April 2, 2023
Status: c280
Under!! (if you know you know...)

Read up till 280 on MTL (it's one of the more acceptable MTL's I've read for those interested)

This novel ticks so many boxes for me.

... more>> Great MC, great setting and world building, great love interests, intriguing mystery and a well done power system.

I'll start by saying that the first 40 ish chapters while great might lead you to believe this is a good but not very unique Action novel, but don't be mislead!

The mystery real kicks in after some build up and the story becomes something I honestly didn't expect at all. A big theme here is twisted fairy tails, so taking stories like the wizard of Oz, Snow White and including their themes and morals in the story in various ways. It's honestly a level of writing that's quite rare in LN.

Another thing is that while it starts off seeming like an action novel with some harem elements, it kinda turns more into a primarily harem novel with action elements. Don't be put off by that, the romance in this is great and as the overall mystery unfolds it only gets better.

I say that because I know people are put off by overly perfect Korean MCs that pick up girls like pokemon while being as dense as a diamonds (I'm one such person). Thankfully I can say I never felt that way with this novel.

Every love interest is likable and well developed. They all get a decent amount of time with MC before falling for him and it feels organic (the only weak relationship is Kaya imo).

MC is also not dense and is aware of their feelings and his own for them. He's also honest about wanting to be with all of them and doesn't deny it (it's fine to admit you want a harem in a fantasy world, finally!!). He doesn't go about this in a douchy way trying to pick up every girl for those worried.

I saw some reviews saying there are too many girls and old ones get forgotten for new ones. I half agree with that... There's really only 4 girls that are genuinely in a romantic relationship with MC and that he has feelings for. All those characters are recurring and constantly have moments with our MC. The problem is more in the fact that 80% of the cast and all the characters of importance are pretty much all female (we can't have Korean MC interact with other man too much, that's crazy...). This can grow old as to why he's always surrounded by beautiful woman, but thankfully he doesn't develop feelings for any of the side characters and their connection with him borders on a passing friendship at best (hopefully this doesn't change).

Our MC is great, he's smart, funny and hardworking while having pretty good EQ. He's genuinely heroic but not too stuck in his ways of righteousness. He does dip into generic Japanese anime protagonist territory at points... Being overly kind to people that are rude to him, being easily intimidated by his lovers and such things... But thankfully those moments are few and far between.

Finally this novel actually takes advantage of the fact that this is an academy life in a game world. So many novels just pick this setting and in reality make you go 'I have no idea why MC is even attending this place...' while constantly throwing plenty of filler at you. Not here, every arc feels like it matters, and the context of it being a school constantly plays into the plot. MC actually breaks down future events for us constantly. It never feels like author just wanted something to happen so now we're doing this arc or this thing randomly. We constantly get told "these are the events that happen in the next semester, I need to prepare that" (AKA, real setup). The author obviously put a lot of thought into the mystery and building the world.

Highly recommend! <<less
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Headlesss rated it
May 6, 2023
Status: c33
this is my first ever review and I’m writing this on my iPad which seems to be causing some problems with the interface but anyways, about the novel. I had a lot of problems with it but I’ll give it a three star at best. The interface is messed up so I’m seeing that I give it 4 and a half stars and I can’t change it.

The premise is interesting like a lot of these isekai novels but like a lot of times, its execution could use a little more... more>> work. I’m not saying this one is bad per say, just mediocre. Despite this, I found it enjoyable to read. How can I say this? It’s generic, you expect it and you can take your mind off while reading

Now to the problems. The biggest glaring problem would be the writing. The author simply isn’t good at writing dialogue and I believe he knows this himself since he’ll try his best to avoid having characters talk at all cost. The ‘Player’ character, not the MC, is a very integral part of the story and yet MC has literally only heard this man talk twice. I noticed the Author forgot MC had already heard his voice so he put in a scene where the MC’s like “Oh so that’s what his voice sounds like” when MC has already heard his voice before. When I say he’ll avoid dialogue, I mean he’ll do the bare minimum and bare minimum is awkward, clunky and short. The lack of character interaction leads to flat characters but you gotta develop the characters so character development is forced in through POVs of other characters. I’m looking at you Luce.

It is implied that Luce is falling in love with MC by one of the mind-reading characters when she literally has not spoken to him a single time. Also, there are already three mind reading characters including MC. That’s too many Charles Xaviers in a single novel.


Next problem, power scaling. Now this world is set to “Hell” mode difficulty, thing is it’s breezy mode for the MC regardless. This is because of the gimmick of the novel/ability of the MC which super buffs him by a 100 levels when he faces demons. The max level is level 200 btw and the highest tier spells are 9* spells. During the earlier chapters, I was given the impression that only gods were able to use 9* spells as MC tells us that the highest tier spell that end-game characters were able to cast were 8* star spells and the only 9* spell we were told about was one that’d literally destroy the world. So what’s the problem?

MC literally just believed hard enough and became max level and started casting 9* spells but it was nowhere near planet buster level, like just make it a 8* spell so that I complain less. I didn’t mind the power scaling before, I still thought it wasn’t thought out too well but I let it go though this is a bit too much so early into the novel. Happens around chapter 30 btw where MC is still in the first semester of the first school year. Can’t imagine how it’ll run a full University course


Obviously pacing will be a problem if the power scaling is wack so I won’t go into it. Regardless I found it a fun read despite everything I said previous. The author is clearly inexperienced when it comes to writing and I wish him all the best. I found some of his ideas really thoughtful like how he explains why ice magic can’t just freeze a person from the inside out. Alright, that’s it. The review’s a little messy but that’s how my thoughts are. <<less
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Hosh rated it
May 2, 2023
Status: c33
Sooo this novel has a unique premise in that the MC's strength is very situational. As the title suggests. Against demons. You're gonna absolutely despise this novel if you dislike misunderstandings in novels because thats what the entire novel is based on but everyone sees the MC clashing with demons and misunderstand how strong he is. This allows for everyone to respect him while keeping the stakes in battles against weaker, non-demon opponents.

My primary complaint is that the romance is somewhat slow compared to other Academy Transmigration but tbh that... more>> probably has more to do with the rate at which Genesis TLs is translating this. I'm sure it'll be Gucci if I'm binging. The misunderstandings also get a bit excessively sometimes but it's just a minor flaw. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ravenpeko rated it
February 24, 2023
Status: c241
basically our boy is strong against demons like super strong against, homie kind of goes super saiyan and against human he is not as strong but he getting there with extensive training. There's people who know bout his powers and misunderstands him for an archmage, one who can hide their mana levels and it's honestly pretty fun seeing them figure it out and you'll like the characters more as they dig deep into our boy's secrets like ... more>>

when Dorothy and kaya figure it out their best girl rankings went up by a lot for me.

. Well all in all it's pretty generic, but I'll say it pretty good, for example there's some author's pov sh*t going on later and will probably be explain way later, which is pretty interspersed. So while it is generic, it's pretty fun to read too and our boy isn't dense, he actually kind of a chad, he straight tells us that he likes all of them and that after killing nepido or whatever his name was, he'll accept them. While I do kinda find the idea of not dating them till he kills the evil god kind of s*upid, I get where he's coming from. But the thing is that he still openly shows a lot of affection from them, like once he bit their ear and he slept with them multiple times, so I guess it's fine since their just not dating in name. Now, for best girl ranking

1. Dorothy- best girl undoubtedly, like holy f*ck after she appeared for like 20 chaps she was already best girl.

2. And everyone else except white. I personally think that white needs more character development and more screen time for her to be on par with everyone else but maybe that's just me.
now describing them

Kaya is a shy kouhai or sergeant type of girl, she call our boy issac with sama or sir sometimes, she gotten less shy in the recent chaps, but her demon personality/version is almost up to Dorothy level.

luce is just a yandere like super yandere, while all of them kind of are except Alice and white, Luce is very yandere. She said something bout kidnapping our boy or something like that. But after they talked bout it, her yandere was went down a bit, she still thinks about yandere-like things but doesn't really act on them.

Alice is kind of a more seductive and playful Dorothy, while Dorothy is playful, our girl is playful in a different type of way. She is pretty new to the group, so we'll see a lot more of her later on.

3. White is like normal kaya but weak, she is like a hamster I guess, but she does get quite a bit of character development and I'll hope she gets more in the future. Lastly some said that they didn't like the author forgetting the girls, but they didn't even do that, they always reappear quite frequently too. When a new girls is introduced, we still see the other girls appearing, so I don't know what they were on, but they were on somethin. Overall it's a pretty enjoyable read with pretty good pacing and decently long chapters.

4.2 out of 5 <<less
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Akuray D.Carcalho
Akuray D.Carcalho rated it
May 16, 2023
Status: c36
Super rocommended, a very good novel!!! MC has a good construction, explains why he is dominated (even if it is only with the demons) and the interactions in relation to the characters are very fluid and logical, without anything too forced. The fMC are well presented and the author presents well the relationship between them, the good thing is that the MC is not desperate to get women (being a horny dog) and has in mind the main focus.
And his growth is something to note would be, that rapido... more>> but has logic, he has a system that helps him and not just deliver a lot of powers dominated, I think good and does not spoil the dynamics of the work. As I said before, I highly recommend it. <<less
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JimothyTheOkay rated it
May 12, 2023
Status: c35
Pretty fun series. I like most, if not all of the characters here. Chapter 35 is the most based chapter there is and I will not be elaborating.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Yukaura rated it
May 8, 2023
Status: c32
"The Academy’s Weakest Became A Demon-Limited Hunter" is an enjoyable, albeit generic, isekai novel that follows the story of a transmigrator named Isaac who finds himself in a game world that he used to play. The unique aspect of this novel is that the main character's strength is situational - he's incredibly powerful against demons but weaker against non-demonic opponents. This leads to many misunderstandings and humorous situations throughout the story.

The novel is an easy read with a somewhat predictable plot, making it perfect for taking your mind off things.... more>> The story is filled with misunderstandings, which may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it does add a layer of humor to the story. The characters are intriguing, and their interactions with the main character as they uncover his secrets are entertaining.

While the story has its flaws, such as the lack of immersion due to the author revealing that the main character is from another world, it still manages to be a fun, quick read. The world-building is well done, and the characters are fleshed out, making for an enjoyable experience overall.

In conclusion, "The Academy’s Weakest Became A Demon-Limited Hunter" is a decent isekai novel that may not be a literary masterpiece but is still worth a read if you're looking for something lighthearted and engaging. The misunderstandings and situational strength of the main character add a unique twist to the story, making it an enjoyable escape from reality. Give it a chance, and you might find yourself pleasantly surprised. <<less
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