Love Letter From The Future


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Ian Percus, the second son of a countryside Viscount.

One day, he received a love letter from the future.

‘If we don’t protect the future, the world will perish.’

With an ominous warning scribbled by someone

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미래에서 온 연애편지
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New LazyLuong rated it
September 28, 2023
Status: c106
The MC is dense went it comes to romance, and denies everything he hasn't experienced, thus advices given to him goes in one ear and out the other. At other times, he can be fairly smart, but then doubt himself to stay on the safe side.

What I like about this novel is that it does not strive from tragedies as a result of his actions, giving sunshine results from his mistakes with plot armor. Due to the experience he is force to experience, causes him to slowly develop.

The novel action... more>> scenes are great to read, but honestly, sometimes the MC frustrated you with how dense he can be with his interaction and monologue. A lot of the other characters has mental issues too. <<less
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New MalveLeo rated it
September 27, 2023
Status: c110
Our story follows the son of a countryside viscount, Ian percus, who is fresh out of f*cks to give and the arrogant nobles have to pay for it. He's got good footwork, a trusty hatchet and a mastery in beating women. I reckon that countryside viscounty is Scotland.

I'll stop with the jokes and start with the actual review now.

The MC is without a doubt one of the most unhinged characters I have seen since Isaac from the novel 'Isaac'. It isn't just being unhinged for the sake of being unhinged.... more>> There are things that piss him off and he absolutely won't tolerate, what does he do when those things eventually happen? He takes action. He puts on the fighting gloves. Of course its not all mindless violence as the situations that can be resolved without violence are usually peaceful. Usually. The MC is very dense (harem tag) and will absolutely refuse to use his brain when it comes to normal human relationships which a stark contrast to him when he's fighting.

It does have the usual shenanigans that occur in any generic harem novel with a neutron star as the protagonist. Its not like its all bad. The main cast is more than one dimensional. They've got goals motivating them. Things they wanna achieve. People they want to become. People they don't want to become. And plenty more.

Well now, I can't really say much about the plot without spoiling it but its got little bit of mystery. The letter is the key. We have to piece together the puzzle with the protagonist as we go along but that is usually on the back burner and the start of the novel is more about the situations the MC gets in as a result of trying to complete this puzzle more than anything. <<less
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VirginSlayer rated it
June 18, 2022
Status: c400
Title: Love Letter from the Future

Accolades: Novelpia 2021 Excellence Award

Ranking: 6th on Life Picks

... more>> Premise:

Ian Percus, the second son of a countryside Viscountcy.

One day, he received a love letter from the future.

'If we don't protect the future, the world will perish.'

With an ominous warning scribbled by Someone.

First and foremost, Ian Percus, the main protagonist of the work isn't a son of a countryside writer, he is the son of countryside Viscount, which is a key background setting as Ian will also be dragged in political struggle later on.

Second of all this novel isn't romance fantasy or Rofan as the title suggests and might dissuade some into reading or avoiding it altogether.

Originally he was a senior student in the Knights Faculty, who had no special talent. In reality he did possess innate talent but it never bloomed due to various circumstances.

However, one day his life completely changes when he wakes up from a dream of the future and saw visions of his future self. A desolate future with only pain and regrets. The future Ian after failing to save the world decides to send his memories to his past self.

He received a love letter from a distant future. He initially refuses to believe but as events unfold just how the love letter stated, he resolves himself.

Love Letter the title of the work is the means of possession and they're sent by heroines from different futures to Ian where they expressed their love and also conveyed some clues about the tragic future where the world has perished awaits him. Ian with the help of these clues tries to avert these future disasters.

The protagonist is an absolute unit as he wields his hatchet without hesitation wither it's mob characters or the female leads. No matter the odds stacked against him, if people hurts the ones he cares for or pisses him off he will wield his hatchet. He will sacrifice his one arm just to land a vital hit on his opponent. In short personally for me he is a chad.


- Some of the most well written action scenes. MC struggles a lot in fights and he is always the underdog but he has balls of steel be it may the Imperial Princess or any be it a High class demon. Even if odds are stacked against him he would still fight and triumph

- Author's writing style is critically acclaimed.

- Solid well thought-out Worldview

- Charming Heroines who goes through their own character development

- Author handled foreshadowing quite well. Also the cover has fair amount of hints about the heroines and what's going to happen.

- MC doesn't hesitate to do what needs to be done no matter the cost. Nor he is a simp spending his time chasing skirts.


- Character Development. It's personally not a con for me but for those who seek Overpowered protagonist it's not for them. As Ian slowly grows stronger and his personality evolves from his initial introverted as influenced by frequent possession of his future self. So I wouldn't recommend it to those

Also, fair warning to those who hate harem and romance. This novel is quite romance heavy, so if you still going to judge it based on your preconceived notions, I advise you to read other novels without romance or harem, there are a dime a dozen. Heck, I will even recommend you one, 'Regressed Demon Lord is Kind'.

Overall, A Love Letter from the Future is a great novel and worth the read. Although it seems like two translation groups will fight over it. <<less
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teetotaler999 rated it
July 9, 2022
Status: c310

Ignore those people who rate it low just because of harem elements.

This novel is a fun rollercoaster ride. The way that the novel is written is really interesting. The translators have done a great job providing appropriate fonts and explanations that makes it easier for western readers to understand a 'Western novel' written in the East.

... more>> The MC is an alpha who refuses to bow down to authority and arrogant young masters/ladies.

He doesn't even think twice to refuse something that touches his bottom line.

So, not a simp like harem haters accuse him to be.


He doesn't hesitate to beat up even the youngest princess of the country, who happens to be a brat, well due to circumstances.


It accurately describes the changeable attitudes of teenagers and young adults who grew up in greenhouses and how they mature over time.

The flaws of the characters are not artificially injected, there is no forced harem either.

Everything just happens naturally over the course of time.

The MC is very human. The characters are all very much 'alive'. The interactions are natural compared to over dramatization that you see in famous novels like 'tr*sh of the count's family' or well, all of Gabsong's stories. You don't see annoying gags like you see in Toika's stories or quite a few Japanese novels.

But you do see some annoying attitudes from some females, but they're rather realistic. The MC never acts scared because of any woman. He does what he wants regardless of what anyone says. MC acting scared in front of some woman? Well he does act docile in front of his family, but he doesn't budge when it comes to his convictions. Does he act scared because of a yandere? Not really, it's just a joke. Such moments are written clearly to lighten up the mood. There's no instance where you'd see a childishly violent heroine beating up the MC for no apparent reason.

I'd say it's worth a read.

If there's one thing to complain, it'd be the usual hypocrisy that the MC shows towards some characters that he finds important. The MC is human, and he's not a saint, so he finds reasons to justify the actions of people he likes. This is something that you see in most novels. But unlike most simp protagonists, the MC here wouldn't hesitate to punish these guys/girls appropriately so that they can correct their ways. And even these parts are all written with a good sense of humour.

If there's one thing to watch out for, it would be=>>>


There's a chance that there might be some incest involved, that would be rather forced since the MC clearly stated that he sees his sister only as his sister and nothing else even though she's a clone, rather than his real sister.

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Crapdealer rated it
July 9, 2022
Status: c359
I firmly disagree with lower star rating, sigh Harem antis are truly rare creatures they will diss masterpieces such as "Regressor Instruction Manual" and "Omniscient First Person View" (not ORV) just because it has harem. I mean novelpia and harem goes hand in hand lol. It's like knowingly roll jn gacha go under debt then blame the world. Also the rating reviws is basically spam of slurs rather than actual constructive review. But hey every novel has its fair share of haters and people are entitled to their own opinions... more>> no matter whatever they're.

Anyway, idk how far they have read unless we are even reading the same novel lmaoo. But MC personality never crumbles infront of girls lol he literally walks all over them and some of them are even his s*aves. But it's not like a torture and mental abuse novel neither any Stockholm Syndrome. The novel recieved a lot of praises and if they manage to get praises from that big of an audience, there has to be something in it right?

I mean besides minority critism, majority of the people aren't morons to liking tr*sh over 400 chapters and say that it's getting better and better.

The main pro is MC himself he is absolutely badass, no hesitation and knows how to get sh*t done no matter what he is up against.

Action scenes and with axe. Good stuff. *Chef kiss*

MC isn't a simp, you can trust me on that one I read far ahead and I can assure you of that. But one con there can be is that male dominance is strongly emphasized so feminazis might not like it.

Academy setting was really good. It's just my personal opinion but I dig academy novels.

Fusion of Regression and Possession through means of letter was quite orginal imo.

I think the worldview could have been portrayed better but I'm satisfied with that as Author chose to focus on the details and backstory of side characters which is fine with me.

Raws aside translation is really good.

Overall it was a solid read. I'm even re-reading it and following the great translation. Indeed harem is quite relevant here so harem haters won't like it no matter how good the author tries to portray it. I think it will garner a lot of hate cause of the harem bias originating from CN / JP novels and animes, get distracted from the good plot. I hope the translation team pushes through all the hate and complete the series. In the korean novel scene this novel is considered really good. <<less
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Schwarzkoffa rated it
March 13, 2023
Status: c26
Yea, gonna drop this one. The first two chapters were nice with a good hook but it completely fell apart after MC discovered his mary sue powers and became mentally disabled.

The paid translation switches between first and third person in the middle of a sentence. What are the editors over there doing? Whatever, it's not as bad as the story itself.

The characters are supposed to be around 23 years but everyone acts like they are 12. His friends are buttholes to everyone apart from MC, a complete 180 from their... more>> introductions, what the heck happened? I honestly hate them. Especially the one that calls MCs FG a bike handle and is openly hostile to her while he watches on and thinks absolutely nothing of it? That dude can't even protect the girl he tries to teach the values of friendship from his jealous childhood friend.

Spoiler for the first 26 chapters:


The letter describes what will happen and the MC is just ignoring it, even after confirming that the things written about are in fact happening. His "friend" just got into a ducking coma and the MC was lamenting ignoring the letter until he was even accidentally spilling it to his childhood friends. Since they are such good friends they immediately and aggressively start telling him that he is ducked in the head, even knowing he has amnesia. What nice childhood friends he as :) ! LMAO

So, what does our genius MC decide to do next? Gaslighting himself into thinking the letter is a prank, what the duck? However he at least still tries to make sure. After the next inevitable HAPPENING in the story the MC had the best opportunity yet to take others on board for the letter. He was hospitalized after an incident described in the letter and could have just told his childhood friends to fetch it and read it so that they start believing him and helping him. But not even the author thought of that so it doesn't even get mentioned. Instead his childhood friend starts group bullying his future girlfriend with all the hints dropped into his face from the other childhood friend and he still doesn't get it. I just dropped it here.


This story is honestly an immature tr*shcan. There are probably many more plotholes flying around that I didn't notice because of the rage and helplessness I felt reading that drama.

Read at your own risk of losing brain cells. I don't have good taste, but even I would not touch this further.

2 Stars because some people love trainwrecks and I don't want to ruin their score too much. <<less
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YeyYesILoverats rated it
July 9, 2022
Status: c100
I think the lower star rating is quite harsh and their hate for harem is making their vision in the first place author himself added.l harem and romance tag so he didn't scam anyone lol Idk why anyone would read the novel after knowing its harem also I personally believe that there is no harm in harem well done.

Also I read upto 250 to know for sure that lower star rating either MTL'd the novel and just lost the context midway but definitely didn't read it in hangul

Anyway it's 4th... more>> in Life picks in a country that has 50 mil population to get that many likes and Recommendation is quite commendable

Also MC isn't pu*sy like lower star rating claims.


He makes his stand even when the princess threatens him, he asks her in return

"how long would it take you to destroy my family and friends and even their families"

Princess "2 months"

MC was like "Too long by then it (the world) will end"

He proceeds to beat her up also there is gradual growth in MC personality he doesn't became absolute ruthless after one or two possession



By end of the pricess' letter arc he actually makes the princess bow and kiss his feet.. That scene was epic

But mind u don't judge it as an abuse novel just because of that part, there are actual reasons for falling for MC. MC also doesn't hesitate to chop off arms of the people who bashes the people he cares about without coming out as cringe as generic CN MC.

It's everything against being a simp. Also Korean reviewers repeatedly praised MC brazen attitude of welding an axe without a care in the world. If you don't trust my word just check on Namu. So the lower star rating is just baseless claim of minority not general consensus.


Lastly, the fundamental of any novel is writing style this novel has one of the best writing style and beautiful poetic use of hanja.

But as I said it's harem novel not for harem antis relevant tags are there pls avoid it and don't diss later Im giving you fair warning <<less
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hose246 rated it
August 20, 2022
Status: c21
DISCLAIMER: "Translator's don't have authority to remove reviews.. If it got removed then it must have been against NU guidelines."

Now then, the review:

This novel is just generally a very well-written story.

The MC is originally an ordinary guy who got dragged into a series of events after receiving a letter a few years in the future. The MC is someone who will do anything to protect his friends or the people close to him from danger, he is someone with a significant amount of willpower which allows him to put up... more>> a good fight even against stronger opponents, and also create some epic bad*ss scenes.

The side characters are pretty good from what I've read, but I cannot give you an accurate judgement right now since not much side characters are introduced yet from what I'm currently at.

A lot of the earlier chapters are focused on the world-building and exploring the character of the MC, and Seria. So it might feel a bit boring for some people. The real exciting things starts at chapter 15.

The world building is mostly focused on the academy right now, but since the MC is a third-year at the academy, the plot will probably venture into the world soon enough. At that point, the real juicy stuffs will come out.

The fights are pretty good, it's satisfying reading how the MC managed to overcome the struggles and became stronger throughout the fight.

I have yet read to the point where the romance started, so I cannot give a judgement on that yet. As for the harem aspect, I also cannot give my judgement on it yet since only one harem member has appeared at the point where I'm at. But if the author keep the quality consistent (or perhaps even improve it), then this novel will definitely belong in one of the rare "good harem" categories.

In gaming terms, this novel felt like the all-rounder in a party, where it's good at everything but specializes in none, at least at the point where I'm at. It is overall a very well-written novel, go read it. <<less
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Mr.Sloth rated it
August 20, 2022
Status: c20
First of all, the MC was drawn and portrayed very neatly and has the personality more drawn out to be that of a human like (unlike certain other novels who have bland or straight up under-developed personality) ; and hats off to the author for making some proper and commendable traits for our MC. He would certainly make mistakes and have few moments where he's hypocritical of his own ideology or have very conflicting views in his mind during certain events; but honestly that makes him more human-like and this... more>> is what makes the story more fun to read with an MC that you always want to see more of.

Next thing is the plot; this part rn for me isn't most definitely in the top of the list (have to wait and see more of the story to judge this) yet but it certainly has a well-defined plot with a good pacing with a proper transition at the end of every arc.


At the chapter when Emma was hospitalized, people harshly criticized the MC for disregarding the love letter to just be someone's troll but let us be real here; who in their right mind would take such a letter seriously at start. Emma going into comatose was heartbreaking for me too but I was also interested as to how the author will carry out the story and how the MC will act in the future and rn I can confidently say that the MC most definitely developed from this incident and has even been given a proper reason to follow along with the love letters.


I also noticed some people mentioning that MC has some "beta" male features but OH BOY HE'S NTHG BUT AN ABSOLUTE SIGMA. The way he carries himself while rejecting his childhood friend at a moment's notice when she gives hints to him and he also didn't hold back while beating the sh** out of a girl in a duel. He has this straight forward attitude while speaking with other ppl and his monologue has a bit of actual hilarity mixed up in it while he deals with various issues which gives you the feeling that he doesn't find his current predicament stressful or dreadful rather he finds it all the more entertaining and this gives out some sigma vibes from him.

Thank you for reading my review which helped you in finding your new fav novel (perhaps?), well it most definitely is one of my most fav novels tho and I can't wait to read more chapters of this ✺◟ (⩺ᗜ⩹) ◞✺ <<less
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Deguredolf Hitanyalier
Deguredolf Hitanyalier rated it
August 27, 2022
Status: c20
To be honest I'm mostly here for the drama and the misunderstandings.

I just love romance and tragedies.

Especially that scene with



MC can be sometimes annoying for me though, but future MC will surely be one of the best protagonist you'll ever witness. (Definitely not edgy)

And let me tell you the action scenes are the best scenes you'll find great 👍

Thank you for reading my totally mid and honest review.
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i1111991 rated it
June 26, 2022
Status: c57
Good. Just that I dislike the fact that MC is a bit dumb/naive, always did the same mistake. It seem to me that He is expecting good outcome while doing nothing new.
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ksarek rated it
September 21, 2022
Status: c28
The story of a Gary Sue - supposedly not so strong with a sword but that defeats everyone and everything, with pathologic denseness in his relationship with the female characters. Some points in the story do not make any sense if you think a bit about it.

On the plus side, the translation is good and the initial idea of a love letter from the future isn't bad, but you may abstain on this one safely if you like 'realistic' characters and situations.
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Adi4455 rated it
August 26, 2022
Status: c27
The novel start off really interesting and the premise is something new and fresh,

Ian seems to be a "normal" noble, doesn't have anything special in him, but slowly and steady seems to grow both in powers and personality (by chapter 30 he already starts to beat up some douches).

I think the biggest pro for this novel are the action scenes, they are all very well described by the author and the fighting choreography is well thought and executed, I'm very looking forward to the future when Ian gets stronger... more>> and how these action scenes will be.

By now it seems that the novel will contain a good amount of romance (which I personally love if executed well) and judging by the harem tag, harem as well.

I would suggest that if you hate romance in your novel to not read this novel.

That being said, the novel is very popular and highly rated in Novelpia, ranked 5th in life picks and has over 10M+ views, so the potential that this novel has will most certainly live up to its name. <<less
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Kilo181 rated it
February 15, 2023
Status: c36
The premise is interesting but unfortunately the MC is mentally handicapped and it makes reading any scenes of him interacting with other characters a chore. The side cast shown so far aren't really that likeable either.

The one thing this novel has is well written action sequences but that's all it really has going for it.
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Hosh rated it
April 26, 2023
Status: c62
The MC is utterly ret*rded and dense af.

He straight up ignores the contents of the 'Love Letter' when he could've easily followed upon it just to see what happened in case. Wallows in self-loath and grief when he realizes there are consequences to his s*upidity, lets anger take hold of him and almost dies for utterly no reason aside from 'yOU hURt mY fRIenDS NOw iMa kILl yoU!!!' when if he'd just waited 5 minutes the same results would've been achieved without anyone getting hurt. This happens all in 1... more>> arc btw.

For one of the Arcs. I was able to guess the entire plot simply from a sentence uttered by the MC's closest friend. The MC's closest friend AND the reader knew what was going to happen the ENTIRE arc and yet it took the MC 5+ chapters to 'uncover' it

Hes also insanely self-righteous and isn't likeable in the slightest. For example, there's an arc in which MC suspects a heroine of being the instigator or a bullying incident. Mind you, this guy has 0 solid proof and just starts screaming at the heroine for making such a s*upid mistake and the consequences of her actions, the heroine stays quiet because if communication actually existed, the length of this novel would be cut in half. Anyways it turns out the heroine wasn't actually the perpetrator and was just indirectly involved.

Mind you, just 1 arc ago, the MC made mistakes far s*upider and with much more dire consequences than just instigating a bullying incident so even if the heroine was behind it, he had 0 right to act like he did. Not only that, if only he wasn't as dense as a frickin neutron star and had the slightest bit of EQ, the heroine would've never gotten involved with the incident to begin with.

Aside from that the novel is actually decent in pretty much every aspect and could've achieved 4 stars

MC is literally Motoyasu from Rising of the Shield Hero or Kyouya from KonoSuba. Just less funny and the story is from his POV so its slightly easier to sympathize with him <<less
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Rasselon rated it
January 6, 2023
Status: c36
Premise is... Overdecorated with multiple things which in fact make zero impact on the way the story is actually developing. Love letter? Posession? It seems interesting at first, but the actual plot has zero originality, it's just bog standard shounen.

Characters are miserable and MC is the most of them all. Personality void, just that. He and another girl are at borderline cavemen level of emotional intelligence. It might be funny in a comedy, but author takes them completely seriously and tries to present it as a great drama, so it's... more>> just weird.

Plot is so simple, there is nothing to even describe, not even talking about praise or critique.

I do not recommend it to anyone, this is a massive waste of time. <<less
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Kazu2 rated it
August 29, 2022
Status: c24
The novel is really cool but since I'm still early chap I still don't think it's really good but It's nice the pace is good, tho I'm far since I'm only at chapter 24 but I already really like the MC, with his letters from the future it benefits him a lot I think it boost his abilities and other things the other characters are decently made. -Kazu
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PickyReader101 rated it
September 23, 2022
Status: c34
This novel really captured me after a few chapters when we learn what happened from the POV of one of the heroines.

the way the descriptions visualize the story for us is superb and the way the author immerses you in his world is unlike many other novels out there.

the protagonist is special as he is basically split personality where his normal personality is determined to live up to his future personality that appears once every so often and leaves him a letter.

he's a very determined person who wants to improve... more>> and is overall a decent guy trying to do the right thing.

Waifus are top tier.



Chad Protagonist.

MC has a super cool side to him when his other self takes over.

Worldbuilding is top tier.


the first few chaps are ok but after its a rollercoaster. <<less
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ISuckAtWriting rated it
March 13, 2023
Status: c410
After reading about 400+ chapters of this novel (I stopped in that Interlude of the Elf Arc to cool off my brain), I have a lot of things to say:

First, the plot:

The plot is honestly good. It's edgy and can get a bit smut. The pacing is a bit quick, and while the author may had overused the "MC subconsciously taps into the memories of his future self and defeats their enemy" crap multiple times per arc, the way it's written is good enough for me to not roll my... more>> eyes out. The plot becomes a bit dark quickly and doesn't shy away from brutal depictions. Children being fused into bloody flesh with tentacles, people being slowly eaten by large beasts with awfully descriptive processes, etc. But each arc pretty much ends in a mostly good ending and bittersweet implication.

The fights (especially the boss fights at the end of each arc) are usually the best parts. Even though you know that MC will win through some bullsh*t, it's still thrilling and buttclenching as if you know someone might die or be permanently incapacitated.

Second, the Main Character:
The Main Character, Ian, is a "mad dog" archetype. He pretty much solves 90% of his problem in the most violent and blatant way possible, thanks to the syncing of memory. And he beats up everyone regardless of gender or circumstances. To give a clarification: he cut off a noblewoman's arm and leg in the academy just because she slapped a person close to her. He's pretty metal, but also sometimes very hypocritic and sociopathic. And he can be more dense than a supermassive blackhole.

There's also Future Ian, though I call him Ian Alter. He's pretty radical and pretty much f*cks the MCs life with wacky hijinks every start of the arc by committing multiple acts of Felony involving Ian's future harem members, but each action of his has a reason, it's just that Ian Alter is so broken and sociopathic that he does it the most violent and unreasonable way possible.

Now, here is the worst part: the main problem with Ian himself isn't the personality of the character itself, but on how inconsistent the author writes the main character. Sometimes he's smart, sometimes he's dumb. Sometimes he's sharp, sometimes he's dense. Sometimes he's empathetic, sometimes he'll butcher the legs of an individual before listening to their words. Yes, the author changes the MC's personality base on his whims just to get max drama on each arc. Another clarification: despite having love letters from his harem members Fiancés from the future being thrown into his face, he f*cking questions himself if the girls who love him. That is not being dense, that is just complete and utter lack of common sense. At least this eventually stops later on, but it took the MC too long for such a simple mental gymnastic...

Third, the Characters:

No cap Saintess is the best girl. Anyone else is just mid maybe except for Elsie.

Waifu aside, the author has a..."problem" in writing actual relationship growth. I am warning you guys, 60-70% of the "relationship" developments here stem from S&M, Pet Play, and Uncomfortable bullsh*t. Minor Spoilers regarding this:


Seria and Elsie were pretty much conditioned into being dependent on him.

MC beat up Delphine so much (well deserved at first for the sh*t she pulled during the hunting festival) that she eventually gets trained Pavlovian style and then Stockholm (I kid you not MC literally used the Carrot and the StickAxe method and turned her into a willing pet, and MC loses his v**ginity to Delphine).

Shien/Cien (the princess in a powertrip) got mentally f*cked and guilt tripped over at the end of her introduction arc despite Ian!Alter starting the mess.

Oh and theres also Celine who was introduced at the same time as Seria and is Ian's childhood friend, but barely has a development arc, which is worse than the whole "Delphine becomes a pet" thing since she's relegated to the void lmao.

Best Girl Saintess has healthier relationship with Ian than the other girls, as she's the only girl who Ian can banter with without any uncomfortable stuff... and he f*cks it up by NEVER EVER doing a proper talk with her until much later on, leading to poor Saintess to have a drop in self-worth by the time he did have one. SAINTESS DESERVES BETTER!

Emma, despite being in a coma for the first 2 arcs, had MORE development than Celine. Despite Emma spelling it out that she LOVES the MC unconditionally, MC takes it as "Oh how great of her, she's willing to marry a Noble like me for her family".


All of these will work out in the end though and they all establish a willing relationship... somehow? I don't know, I tend to turn off my brain when things become so incomprehensible. Pie Falls, Everyone Eats.


This novel is heavily Character-Driven. It starts off good, but later on, chapters will appear that will have you tearing your upper and lower hair off out of objective annoyance. Though I love the plot itself. I enjoyed reading this despite my gripes. I like how Ian is an imperfect person, and that the story openly points it out. Like how he

Parades himself internally as some kind of savior, but gets sh*t on that he doesn't even try and see how life is from the Bottom. Something that I liked from the Elf Arc where MC got humbled.


If you're gonna read this novel, you're gonna need to one-up your patience. Because trust me you're gonna need it.

Between this and [Main Heroines Want To Kill Me], I'll honestly prefer the latter than this one. Despite the latter being quite miserable, the returns are satisfying, the relationship dynamic is more comfortable to read than this novel's, and the MC is very consistent. <<less
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OGNoeli rated it
December 26, 2022
Status: c44
So I really like this novel but before I go into what I really like let me go into the reason why I gave this 4 stars.

The MC is unbearably dense I can handle the MC being really dense but Ian is by far the densest MC I have ever read, girls confess to him multiple times and he's like "Oh It MuSt Be A mEtApHoR" And I'm like bro she's literally talking about her crush on you in front of you. He does slightly make up for this by... more>> being a bad*ss but the whiplash I get from seeing him calmly battle with his life on the line to the denseness of a black hole is astounding. Another thing that frustrated me is the situation with Emma. Like come on man you had a weird dream, you can't recall anything you did for the past week, and woke up with a strange letter but you're not even going to be a little skeptical of it? That just makes the MC look like an idiot since he should of at least followed her. But that's enough of a rant about the MC so I shall now transition into the stuff I like.

I'm sure we're all suckers for second chances and will eat up anything half-decent as if it was the last food on earth. So this novel takes the second chance element and adds a mystery aspect to it. Unlike other MCs who get visions or their memories about the future Ian only has a Love Letter to go off of which can only have a limited amount of information. I'm assuming it was future Ian who possessed his body for over a week and heightened his sense and proficiency with a hatchet which is a nice touch since the future aspect actually aided him in a less direct way than SCOG did which I can admit felt very plot armory. This event is the catalyst for MC and Seria to meet and later come, friends, which is a good thing. Seria and MC's relationship is nice it honestly feels like a little brother and sister more than Ian's and Celine's since Seria ends up relying on MC more than Celine is ever shown to. There's not much to say it's an interesting concept that is executed excellently and I looked forward to the direction the author takes the world into.

Now WAIFU TIME, so we got 4 so far 5 if you consider Elsie but she is too bratty for me she needs more development rn. First, we got Celine who basically fills the Childhood friend/Little sister role. I don't have too much to say since her character is fairly common, especially with her being jealous of Seria's increased time with MC. Kinda one dimensional right now since her character is solely around knowing the MC since childhood. Now Seria is by far the most focused girl so far in the story. She is lovely I like the contrast between how she appears and how she actually is which is a common trope but one I personally adore. Her social anxiety is cute but she is still strong well physically at least. She is starting to learn more about her emotions as she spends time with Ian since her family kind of made her repress those emotions and it's pretty obvious she is

Head over heels for the MC but she just doesn't know it yet

so no comment.

Well, I think I said everything I wanted to say.

Edit: Crap I forgot to mention author is excellent at writing action scenes its one of his strong points. <<less
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GustavoM2004 rated it
November 23, 2022
Status: c41
Well, first of all the story itself so far is very interesting, and the author take his time to tell you the story, (wich is something I personaly prefer)

The topics of the novel like regression and a magic academy are very cliche but in a good way, it doesnt innovate in anything but what it does it is do in consistent way, so in a world fillied with novels about regression, magic and fantasy it is definitely in the top 25.

The MC so far was good, not exepcional... more>> but good, a bit dense but not as much as other novels in wich is anoying and make you stop reading.

The main heroines, for me, the strong point of the novel. The main horeine actualy have personality (something very rare) and add some spyce to the series, i, personally, love to read some romantic drama mixed in the main story, and so far, Celine and Seria have know how to do it, something that a lot of harem type novels lack.

About the translation, in general is pretty good, I only have 2 complains: The realise time, and the way they changes de tipe of letter to put more dramatism to the moment, other than that is perfect, specialy as I am not a native inglish speaker, I need a good quality tranlation to undestand the novel.

In general, a good novel, not the best but if you have nothing to read then is something you can enjoy whithout thinking to much. <<less
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Argovesta rated it
August 17, 2022
Status: c430
It could have been placed as one of the top tier series if only the execution of some of the plot development is perfect. I'm reading the reviews and it seems that there's a lot of harem fanatics who's talking about another user's review who I would assume made a subpar rating. I can't see the lower rating review which makes me think these people or the translator purposely hide it to put the favorable reviews into the pedestal.

... more>>

I find it ridiculous and funny with how the harem fanatics of this series really did try to justify how the MC is not a simp. There is no doubt the series for the most part is okay, except for the inconsistencies and bad development. I can definitely understand if some people gets annoyed by the hypocrisy of the MC. Added to the fact that author is continuously using a repetitive development which makes it boring in the 2nd half; sure you will get a lot of annoyed readers about this.

This is the perfect example of a simp MC being disguised as a pure "alpha". MC's blatant hypocrisy and certain bias towards female characters is really disturbing. If he's not a simp, why would he try to find reasons just to justify the s*upid actions of the people he simps. That's the irony and hypocrisy of the series, if MC is a true alpha like what some of the reviews claimed then why would he easily gets influenced by some of the characters just because he likes them. If they're doing something s*upid then why justify their action? Most of the reviewers claimed MC doesn't hesitate to correct certain actions of some characters/girls yet he himself is hypocrite by justifying some of the people he has certain bias. If that is not a plot hole, bad development, inconsistent as opposed to what is being portrayed; then I don't know what do these harem fanatics think of it. MC is a simp for his harem, that's the truth. MC's action in regards to not bowing to nobles is good, we can say he's alpha in that area, but a true alpha will always be in control of their emotions and decision making. They will not justify s*upid actions of someone just because of their certain bias towards a person they like. I will stand by my opinion here, the story is fantastic however came crashing and became just the typical harem novel with a lot of typical cliche and annoying females. Goodness I can't even stand some of the childishness and st**id actions and personality of some of the heroines. I've also read the series in hangul so I can definitely attest that the series has a good writing style with a unique use of hanja. I don't care if the novel has a fantastic writing style and beautiful use of poetic hanja. A novel is all about plot and development, if a novel shows st**id development, shows hypocrisy and questionable action and development contrary to what the character is being portrayed, even if the writing style is good with poetics, it's still a tr*sh development. It's easy to claim the series is perfect, won awards and loved by many Korean fans, however to debunk these argument, those Korean people who supports the series is a same bunch of harem fanatics like these people. It's so easy to defend and to ignore the s*upid development and hypocrisy if you like the series.

Aside from these cons, I do admit the actions and fighting scenes were good. I'm not an entirely hater of harem. If a harem was done in a fantastic way with good development then it's fine. But if you will add harem just to confuse the MC and make him dumb and hypocrite then it's a tr*sh development. Overall, the series is just normal, not great and not perfect, except for harem fanatics of course.


Aside from what I mentioned here about the harem/heroine issue, there's also a lot of problems and inconsistencies in the story that needs to be addressed. Ranging from the worldview, plot development, MC's portrayal and etc. If anyone of you wants to know more about it, you can dm me or I can start a thread on forums and discuss the plot holes of the story. <<less
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