Love Letter From The Future


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Ian Percus, the second son of a countryside Viscountcy.

One day, he received a love letter from the future.

‘If we don’t protect the future, the world will perish.’

With an ominous warning scribbled by someone

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미래에서 온 연애편지
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VirginSlayer rated it
June 18, 2022
Status: c400
Title: Love Letter from the Future

Accolades: Novelpia 2021 Excellence Award

Ranking: 6th on Life Picks

... more>> Premise:

Ian Percus, the second son of a countryside Viscountcy.

One day, he received a love letter from the future.

'If we don't protect the future, the world will perish.'

With an ominous warning scribbled by Someone.

First and foremost, Ian Percus, the main protagonist of the work isn't a son of a countryside writer, he is the son of countryside Viscount, which is a key background setting as Ian will also be dragged in political struggle later on.

Second of all this novel isn't romance fantasy or Rofan as the title suggests and might dissuade some into reading or avoiding it altogether.

Originally he was a senior student in the Knights Faculty, who had no special talent. In reality he did possess innate talent but it never bloomed due to various circumstances.

However, one day his life completely changes when he wakes up from a dream of the future and saw visions of his future self. A desolate future with only pain and regrets. The future Ian after failing to save the world decides to send his memories to his past self.

He received a love letter from a distant future. He initially refuses to believe but as events unfold just how the love letter stated, he resolves himself.

Love Letter the title of the work is the means of possession and they're sent by heroines from different futures to Ian where they expressed their love and also conveyed some clues about the tragic future where the world has perished awaits him. Ian with the help of these clues tries to avert these future disasters.

The protagonist is an absolute unit as he wields his hatchet without hesitation wither it's mob characters or the female leads. No matter the odds stacked against him, if people hurts the ones he cares for or pisses him off he will wield his hatchet. He will sacrifice his one arm just to land a vital hit on his opponent. In short personally for me he is a chad.


- Some of the most well written action scenes. MC struggles a lot in fights and he is always the underdog but he has balls of steel be it may the Imperial Princess or any be it a High class demon. Even if odds are stacked against him he would still fight and triumph

- Author's writing style is critically acclaimed.

- Solid well thought-out Worldview

- Charming Heroines who goes through their own character development

- Author handled foreshadowing quite well. Also the cover has fair amount of hints about the heroines and what's going to happen.

- MC doesn't hesitate to do what needs to be done no matter the cost. Nor he is a simp spending his time chasing skirts.


- Character Development. It's personally not a con for me but for those who seek Overpowered protagonist it's not for them. As Ian slowly grows stronger and his personality evolves from his initial introverted as influenced by frequent possession of his future self. So I wouldn't recommend it to those

Also, fair warning to those who hate harem and romance. This novel is quite romance heavy, so if you still going to judge it based on your preconceived notions, I advise you to read other novels without romance or harem, there are a dime a dozen. Heck, I will even recommend you one, 'Regressed Demon Lord is Kind'.

Overall, A Love Letter from the Future is a great novel and worth the read. Although it seems like two translation groups will fight over it. <<less
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Drunken Translation
Drunken Translation rated it
June 17, 2022
Status: --
Hi, I am the one who translated the first chapter for this novel.

This novel tells the story of Ian Percus, our main protagonist. Ian is the second son of the Percus family, a country writer. One day, his life gets completely changed when he wakes up from a strange dream and gains memories of his future self. A future with only pain and regrets, a world destined to end. He chose to send his memories back to his past self.

Also, he gets letters from his lovers from a distant future.... more>> A future which is in dangers. He sets out to save the world based on the hints given in those letters. <<less
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teetotaler999 rated it
July 9, 2022
Status: c310

Ignore Pendragon.

This novel is a fun rollercoaster ride. The way that the novel is written is really interesting. The translators have done a great job providing appropriate fonts and explanations that makes it easier for western readers to understand a 'Western novel' written in the East.

The MC is an alpha who refuses to bow down to authority and arrogant young masters/ladies.

He doesn't even think twice to refuse something that touches his bottom line.

So, not a simp like Pendragon accuses him to be.

... more>>

He doesn't hesitate to beat up even the youngest princess of the country, who happens to be a brat, well due to circumstances.


It accurately describes the changeable attitudes of teenagers and young adults who grew up in greenhouses and how they mature over time.

The flaws of the characters are not artificially injected, there is no forced harem either.

Everything just happens naturally over the course of time.

The MC is very human. The characters are all very much 'alive'. The interactions are natural compared to over dramatization that you see in famous novels like 'tr*sh of the count's family' or well, all of Gabsong's stories. You don't see annoying gags like you see in Toika's stories or quite a few Japanese novels.

But you do see some annoying attitudes from some females, but they're rather realistic. The MC never acts scared because of any woman. He does what he wants regardless of what anyone says. MC acting scared in front of some woman? Well he does act docile in front of his family, but he doesn't budge when it comes to his convictions. Does he act scared because of a yandere? Not really, it's just a joke. Such moments are written clearly to lighten up the mood. There's no instance where you'd see a childishly violent heroine beating up the MC for no apparent reason.

I'd say it's worth a read.

If there's one thing to complain, it'd be the usual hypocrisy that the MC shows towards some characters that he finds important. The MC is human, and he's not a saint, so he finds reasons to justify the actions of people he likes. This is something that you see in most novels. But unlike most simp protagonists, the MC here wouldn't hesitate to punish these guys/girls appropriately so that they can correct their ways. And even these parts are all written with a good sense of humour.

If there's one thing to watch out for, it would be=>>>


There's a chance that there might be some incest involved, that would be rather forced since the MC clearly stated that he sees his sister only as his sister and nothing else even though she's a clone, rather than his real sister.

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Crapdealer rated it
July 9, 2022
Status: c359
I firmly disagree with lower star rating, sigh Harem antis are truly rare creatures they will diss masterpieces such as "Regressor Instruction Manual" and "Omniscient First Person View" (not ORV) just because it has harem. I mean novelpia and harem goes hand in hand lol. It's like knowingly roll jn gacha go under debt then blame the world. Also the rating reviws is basically spam of slurs rather than actual constructive review. But hey every novel has its fair share of haters and people are entitled to their own opinions... more>> no matter whatever they're.

Anyway, idk how far they have read unless we are even reading the same novel lmaoo. But MC personality never crumbles infront of girls lol he literally walks all over them and some of them are even his s*aves. But it's not like a torture and mental abuse novel neither any Stockholm Syndrome. The novel recieved a lot of praises and if they manage to get praises from that big of an audience, there has to be something in it right?

I mean besides minority critism, majority of the people aren't morons to liking tr*sh over 400 chapters and say that it's getting better and better.

The main pro is MC himself he is absolutely badass, no hesitation and knows how to get sh*t done no matter what he is up against.

Action scenes and with axe. Good stuff. *Chef kiss*

MC isn't a simp, you can trust me on that one I read far ahead and I can assure you of that. But one con there can be is that male dominance is strongly emphasized so feminazis might not like it.

Academy setting was really good. It's just my personal opinion but I dig academy novels.

Fusion of Regression and Possession through means of letter was quite orginal imo.

I think the worldview could have been portrayed better but I'm satisfied with that as Author chose to focus on the details and backstory of side characters which is fine with me.

Raws aside translation is really good.

Overall it was a solid read. I'm even re-reading it and following the great translation. Indeed harem is quite relevant here so harem haters won't like it no matter how good the author tries to portray it. I think it will garner a lot of hate cause of the harem bias originating from CN / JP novels and animes, get distracted from the good plot. I hope the translation team pushes through all the hate and complete the series. In the korean novel scene this novel is considered really good. <<less
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YeyYesILoverats rated it
July 9, 2022
Status: c100
I think the lower star rating is quite harsh and their hate for harem is making their vision in the first place author himself added.l harem and romance tag so he didn't scam anyone lol Idk why anyone would read the novel after knowing its harem also I personally believe that there is no harm in harem well done.

Also I read upto 250 to know for sure that lower star rating either MTL'd the novel and just lost the context midway but definitely didn't read it in hangul

Anyway it's 4th... more>> in Life picks in a country that has 50 mil population to get that many likes and Recommendation is quite commendable

Also MC isn't pu*sy like lower star rating claims.


He makes his stand even when the princess threatens him, he asks her in return

"how long would it take you to destroy my family and friends and even their families"

Princess "2 months"

MC was like "Too long by then it (the world) will end"

He proceeds to beat her up also there is gradual growth in MC personality he doesn't became absolute ruthless after one or two possession



By end of the pricess' letter arc he actually makes the princess bow and kiss his feet.. That scene was epic

But mind u don't judge it as an abuse novel just because of that part, there are actual reasons for falling for MC. MC also doesn't hesitate to chop off arms of the people who bashes the people he cares about without coming out as cringe as generic CN MC.

It's everything against being a simp. Also Korean reviewers repeatedly praised MC brazen attitude of welding an axe without a care in the world. If you don't trust my word just check on Namu. So the lower star rating is just baseless claim of minority not general consensus.


Lastly, the fundamental of any novel is writing style this novel has one of the best writing style and beautiful poetic use of hanja.

But as I said it's harem novel not for harem antis relevant tags are there pls avoid it and don't diss later Im giving you fair warning <<less
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i1111991 rated it
June 26, 2022
Status: c57
Good. Just that I dislike the fact that MC is a bit dumb/naive, always did the same mistake. It seem to me that He is expecting good outcome while doing nothing new.
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