The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me


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To save the hopeless Dark Fantasy World, I held back my tears and destroyed the world, then killed the Demon King and returned.

Now, I’m trying to save the world using the “System” I gained as a “Regressor’s Privilege”… But the Main Heroines have also awakened their own memories of the previous timeline.

God damn it.

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메인 히로인들이 나를 죽이려 한다
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New Alvin06 rated it
May 14, 2024
Status: Completed
I mainly read the story from this site but couldnt wait anymore and read all the raws. According to what I have heard, this was the author's first work. The story is amazing but yeah it is very confusing at the start with not much development but goes much more in depth around chap 150. From 150 onwards its gets way better though there feels like some characters are getting targeted by the author. The MC is a tragic character as you can see by the synopsis and most of... more>> the heroines are beautifully developed in their own arcs though one wasnt complete until the side stories.
The ending was not that satisfactory for me even though it brought some underrated characters into the light. Any more is probably spoilers but the machine translations of the novel are still readable. However for the best translations its best to read in genesis itself. It has a great translation for this novel and many others I have read but there is releases around 1 or 2 a week. <<less
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New kpricio6 rated it
May 3, 2024
Status: C299
The novel is always a Masterclass, but I'm currently frustrated with the author for one specific reason.

... more>>

Initially I didn't want to make this comment, but now I can't take it anymore. The author is deliberately picking on Roswyn. At first, I was a little annoyed by her obnoxious behavior, but I thought that once she used her assistance system, she'd be fine. But for a while now I don't understand why the author is trying so hard to make her miserable. Already after the third trial, all the sub-heroines started to develop a certain interest in Frey, but strangely enough, for some reason she's the only one who's kept her hateful nature, and she, like the others, should have had memories of the trial. Then, when she finally becomes aware of and accesses the system, she is literally robbed of her ability to Glare (even if the system finds her more capable, they could have shared it), she is now demoted to the rank of spectator and her reason for living is no more. If the character has become obsolete, we might as well not mention her anymore and forget her, but no, the author wants to show us how miserable she is (I'm sure that since the author couldn't make Frey suffer any longer, he simply fell back on Ros).

Anyway, my opinion may not be objective because I love Roswyn, but right now I'm sick of seeing her like this. If anyone knows the ending, I'd love to know how she ends up (if she's happy or not).
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UniversalGoat rated it
May 16, 2022
Status: Completed
Actual Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Psychological, Harem, Romance.

"There will always be negative reviews in any novel, and I personally agree with many of them, but the negative reviews for this one are outright wrong."

"One of them comparing VWTL (280 chapters) to 13 chapters of Main Heroines. It's borderline ret*rded any novel with 200 Chapter must have well fleshed out world setting you can't compare that to a novel which only has 13 chaps."

"So I will give my opinion as someone who followed the serialization and finally reached the ending... more>> alongside other hyped up korean reader's"


The main character of this novel is Frey Raon Starlight.

This protagonist is the direct descendant of the First Hero, a 'deceased' (Hardcore gamer) who fell into a game called [Dark Tale Fantasy] in the world MC lives in, 1000 years ago.

The First Hero saved the world according to the flow of the original game he knew about, but [Dark Tale Fantasy] had a sequel. A game where you have to stop the heir of the Demon King after 1000 years later who is trying to annihilate the world. This game was labeled 'Harder than part 1', 'Dog sh*t Game' and 'Intentionally designed by the developers to torture the gamers'.

The MC is the protagonist of the sequel and according to the strategy guide left by the First Hero, he will have to follow the hidden route in order to achieve a true happy ending.

The hidden route is the [Path of False Evil], the prerequisites for entering this route:

1. Forcefully commit evil deeds.

2. Deceive the Heroines and destroy the world.

3. Then double cross the Demon King to regress to gain the [False Evil System].

Because of some unexpected variables, the 5 main heroines have also gained memories of the previous timeline.



I won't spoil too much beyond translated chapters as of now, I will update this review each arc.

Frey Raon Starlight: -

The protagonist of the work who shoulders the fate of the world destined for ruin. Before regression, he committed many evil deeds to eventually backstab the Demon King all in order to gain the [False Evil] System privileges the only hope for a true happy ending, according to the guide book left by his ancestor.

He is also well aware that even if he saves the world, that doesn't necessarily mean his past actions were right, and he will in future have to pay for that. Nonetheless, he pushes through for his goal to save his loved ones.

MC gained the [False Evil] system, the more he commits 'false evil' (it may or may not be a good deed but it has to be perceived as evil by a third person) the more points he earns, and if his identity as a hero is revealed he will suffer from a penalty that cuts his lifespan in half. So in his mind he clearly has a divide between his true identity as a hero and false villain.

"If I didn't do that, I was afraid what I was doing would become a real evil instead of a false one, and because of this, my identity would eventually disappear one day and I would become a true evil."

MC gains two stats Mental Strength and Kindness (later on). These two parameters are almost maxed out.

The MC was ranked 2nd in annual main character ranking charts on Novelpia among 30, 000+ fully converted subscription serializations. I'm not even counting the novel hosted from different publishers then it might actually might be a lot more.

It's heartbreaking to see a MC, who is willing to shoulder the blame and hate of the people he care about in order to protect them, but at the same time it's heartwarming to see his kindness.

Other reviewer is claiming that MC is emotional welp when in a couple of chapters it will be revealed that he cried only 8 times in his life. And the times he did cry when he had to kill his loved ones with his own hands in the previous timeline in order to destroy the world. They're claiming that MC has high mental strength so he shouldn't cry. But who wouldn't cry when circumstances left them with no choice but to kill their loved ones unless they don't have a heart or just outright plain evil, and from the very first chapter it was crystal clear that MC isn't evil.




All the heroines have their own reasons to kill the MC. MC initially had a very good relationship with them until the point when MC hears about his destiny from his father, and their relationship changed to that of hate. So in this ending MC resolves himself to give them a happy ending no matter what.

So there is a love hate tug-of-war pattern throughout the work, and that dynamic is one of the strong points of this novel. However, it's not annoying as Villain wants to live, The Novel's Extra and Demon Prince goes to Academy where the plot gets derailed by drama and devolves into a Mukjang.


Side Characters:


Each of the character introduced in this work has their own well fleshed out background story and no one can criticize by the time they finish this novel is that they're under developed.

However, there is a lack of male characters, MC's father one of the few relevant male characters has his own in depth backstory.

Lack of male characters might be a con for some people, it's not for me I guess. I mean most of the peeps here already have enough sweaty dude hanging around them irl, we don't want them in novels as well (lol).




People have a misconception that the plot is about MC eventually facing the Demon King. However, they are far off the mark, Demon King is just a bait nothing more. You will have to hang in there till 300+ chapters though.

The entire plot revolves around MC's struggles to survive and eventually overcome the hateful system and give the world a happy ending. It's about MC's journey and eventually at the end of the road whether he will gain something out of it.

The last quarter of the novel is the reason it became an award-winning work and the ending which fit the context. Mind you, there are not many korean novels which have great endings since they fall off midway although they're still a cut above most of the cringe CN cultivation novels out there, this one has a great ending. A good ending can be either happy or tragic but most of the novels mess up the part whether it fits the context or not.. However this one succeeds in this regard.


Ironically, the reviewer below claims that this novel isn't a masterpiece which goes to show how misinformed they are, when it actually won an excellence award alongside Regressor and the Blind Saint and hailed as one of the best regression novel that came out last year and secured a rank 2nd on life picks (Only one VIP account can vote for one novel).

A masterpiece novel can't be judged based on 30 chapters one needs to read till the end and see what's the message the author is trying to convey. And any review general won't be constructive if you're writing it this early. At least one should read till the quarter of the novel in order to write a proper review, or just don't write at all if you didn't even reach the point.

Reviewer says hinted that he hates the novel but paradoxically they scrounging for raws and are willing to sacrifice their brain cells by reading MTL version of the novel like someone who is suffering from withdrawal syndrome.

People also have compared this novel (13 chaps TLed) to fully completed subpar novel (400+ chapters) which is actually faced criticisms based on subpar plot and how they sexualized the children among the Chinese readerbase. As for death flag indeed the premise seems similar but I would still advice to hold off comparisons since Death flag is a novel with 100+ chaps and only 10 chapters of this novel are TLed.

There are not many masterpiece KR novels Tled. The only few novels which are hailed as masterpieces which got Tled are ORV, TCF, and SSS-class su*cide Hunter.


The author writing style is heavily criticised for the first 50 or so chapters, however it's understandable since it's his first work and he pushed to release 2 chaps a day and didn't even have any editor assigned as far as I know. Therefore, there is lack of immersion in the writing style, but it gets countered by Translator TLing this who added customised system prompts and custom CSS to edit the depressive monologues to improve the immersion.

This novel is able to overcome the writing criticism, with its lifelike side characters and well fleshed out worldview, and plot twists.

Final Verdict: [Inserts Gigachad], novel gud, me happy. <<less
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VNReader rated it
October 6, 2022
Status: Completed
Drama: This author has clear desires that are expressed through the story. More than anything, the author enjoys making the protagonist seem pitiful, and making those around him feel as guilty as possible. While this would be normally fine in a story, the author went way too far in the exaggeration, and overdid it.

An absurdly kind man is forced to act as a pathetic third-rate villain for the sake of saving the world! ... more>>

While putting up a vile front to the world as 'evil' and bearing endless disgust, the protagonist in secret coughs up blood due to the backlash of his good deeds, slowly losing precious lifespan while holding his withering body steady with willpower even as tears sometimes trickle down his face at night. His body is constantly at the edge of total collapse, but he knows he cannot fall. Not yet. He knows the only end for himself is likely a disgraceful death, but for the sake of his loved ones, he continues forward while bearing the scorn and hate!

So unfortunate! Such angst! So pitiful... it's a bit too pitiful, and seems plainly fake for drama.

The heroines are led to slowly discover his true nature, and then drown (with great exaggeration) in guilt due to the previous hatred they had for him (which he purposely induced through 'false evil' malicious acts). Yes, they all were led by a very kind man to hate him and plot against him. That doesn't mean the moment they find out he's kind, they should instantly collapse in guilt, sobbing in tears, offering their bodies and swearing soul oaths to be by his side ffs. The author tries to find every conceivable reason the heroines could feel guilt, contrived or not, and smear it into the plotline with as much drama, exaggeration and angst as possible. Ways the protagonist is made to look pitiful and induce guilt in surrounding girls:

    1. Secretly coughing blood and getting found out by heroines (extremely overused)
    2. Heroines plotted various methods to kill him, not knowing his inner kindness, which they then regret (overused)
    3. Secretly giving up lifespan to save heroines, then getting found out
    4. Crying at night due to angst, and getting found out by heroine
    5. Fighting in disguise to save heroines and sustaining injuries, which are then later revealed to those he saved
    6. Lifespan is cut in half (accompanied by profuse blood vomiting for drama) when kindness is noticed by heroines, inducing guilt in the ones who triggered the loss
    7. Certain heroines are made to experience future scenarios in which the protagonist dies tragically due to them, generating guilt for what could have been.
    8. Certain heroines are given chances to directly examine the protagonist's kind thoughts and long-suffering past for extra emotional impact.
    9. Memories of past good deeds were erased, magnifying any guilt in heroines once remembered.
    10. Facing abuse from general public due to false rumors the protagonist himself generated
    11. Mother got killed by heroine's parents.
    12. Influenced by hallucinations due to certain trials, at one point mistaking the heroine whose parents killed his mother for a delusion of his dead mother and speaking saddening, pity-inducing lines to her
    13. Influenced by constant nightmares due to certain trials, inducing worry in those who notice
    14. Flowers he gave (while pretending to be total tr*sh) were thrown away by heroine, not knowing the flowers were for sustaining her life.
    15. One heroine has a stigma which brings misfortune to those near her, and thus feels guilt for pretty much anything unpleasant the protagonist experiences.

One guilty crying woman is fine. Two guilty crying women is still fine. Three is livable. But when the count exceeds 5 and still keeps going up, there's a clear problem in writing quality. I am absolutely sick of weeping guilty women feeling heartache for the extremely pitiful protagonist.

The TL doesn't help either. Whenever 'dramatic', 'angsty' or 'moving' lines appear, they purposely highlight it in special font with glowing outline. The already overdone drama gets multiplied even further, and ends up bordering sickening territory. Thankfully though, besides this bad habit, the TL is decent in grammar and wording. They even went the extra mile to display system messages in special boxes, so can't fault them too much.

Plot: The only place this novel can be said to have done a good job in is plot. It's been well thought out ahead of time, and the 'mystery' behind the scenario slowly peeks out, piece by unsettling piece. Things that may seem like author error in initial chapters may become important plot points later on. The entire plotline has an undertone of unknown despair, while no clear road to any happy future can be seen clearly, at least in the first half.

Romance: Once you ignore the overdone drama/angst from the guilt and pity, the rest of the romance isn't bad. The author did indeed make an effort to develop the relationships beyond contrived guilt with some character development, but in many cases it wasn't enough. There's been so much focus upon guilt that it's hard to differentiate from romantic affection. Most heroines seem to feel far more guilt than love. Later on when 18+ content enters the equation, jealousy seems to fly out the window as the guilt-filled heroines feel obligated to share the protagonist. The last half/quarter of the novel seems to focus strongly on mature content, with rather detailed 18+ scenes aplenty. <<less
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Reindeer rated it
May 30, 2022
Status: --
It wasn't bad, I think the premise is quite good. But I've always felt that something was wrong while reading it. I think I figured out why now.

At first I thought it was because the MC was too good of a person. It just doesn't make sense how a person who's forced to do horrible things is somehow still a good natured positive guy in the inside. But then again, it's not entirely impossible.

As it turns out, the exact thing that was bothering me was actually the narration. It's in... more>> first person point of view. As the readers, we're directly in his head and we know what he is thinking. We also see the MC describing everything he does.

The only problem with that is... He is describing himself doing good things behind everyone's back. It feels like an oxymoron. He's doing good things, but it almost feels like he's bragging or proud about it. It really cancels out the whole good guy persona. He's not exactly bragging about it of course, but it's like hearing your friend share about how he cleaned up the tr*sh he found on his way to school. Like okay cool, but why are you sharing this? Do you want to be praised? The act itself is objectively good, but it's not something you tell other people about. And because this is a first POV novel, it feels like the MC is sharing to us whatever good deeds he did that no one else knew about.

It's pretty ironic since the whole point of the novel is that no one is supposed to know about it. It's a pretty interesting dynamic, but unfortunately, it doesn't exactly help my reading experience.

All in all, this main character just doesn't work with first POV. Not with the setting that he genuinely wants to do good things at least. I'd recommend instead the CN alternative of this premise, 'Despite Being Pursued As a Villain, All The Heroines On My Side?'

It's quite the opposite in interesting ways, these two novels really complement each other very well. I'll have to give it to the CN novel though, it has none of that hero mentality. And it's in third POV too, which helps a lot.

Edit: Striking out the novel recommendation since it's inappropriate to mention it in retrospect but keeping it there since it's been there for so long now already. <<less
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AngelKnighz2lips rated it
April 14, 2022
Status: prologue
I so badly want to spoil this right now because after reading the released chapter here, on NovelUpdates, I couldn't wait for the next chapters so I went and read ahead.

My take on this?

A 5/5 stars because, being an avid reader of stories with MC's being reincarnated or transmigrated, this story has an underlying meaning in which there is something that our dear MC have to do in this story after killing the demon king and reincarnating back in the past. There is this "mission" that he has to do... more>> aside from staving off of the heroines' killing intent of him. (But I think I kinda spoiled it by saying this? (^^') Haha)..


Although the tagged genre is "psychological", I think there should be tragedy and drama here too since it's characters give more than what they show to the MC. But, I may be wrong on this part about the story's characters' background as I'm in the middle of reading this story whilst bearing with Google translating Korean words to English.

Aside from that,

I suggest to try reading this story! The storyline is very progressive and the MC is dynamic you could say, along with the heroines around him that made me interested in this novel in the first place! <<less
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Subsky rated it
October 14, 2022
Status: c328
This novel's a wish fulfillment novel in a different sense than the rest.

I'd compare it to later volumes of Arifureta, or similar novels. In those novels, the readers enjoy how the MC flaunts his epic power in front of those who once looked down on him. The MC ofc isn't a showoff, since that'd just make him look like a prick, but his power is there and showing it off for the peanut gallery to gasp at is inevitable. Some readers and authors love that feel of showing off unstoppable... more>> chuuni power to the world.

Now then, take that feel and twist it. What this novel's MC shows off are two things: his kindness and his misery. Ofc he tries to hide them, but he'll definitely flaunt plenty. The author absolutely won't allow a low profile. MC gotta flex. The author and readers are supposed to squee as this walking Jesus MC suffers and keeps going, showing off how kind and pitiful he is in the process so girls that once hated him can gasp in amazement and feel sorry for hating him. Normal pattern is waterfalls of tears, emotional breakdowns in front of the MC's super-tragic figure, and random soul oaths just because why not. Funny thing is they hated him originally because he tricked them into it, so it's all emotional manipulation in the end. If you're into this kind of misery flexing, read on. <<less
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okmangeez rated it
April 25, 2022
Status: c290
The novel is excellent and gripping. The MC is someone the readers can root for. He's sensible and kind, yet he's a tragic character due to his unfortunate circumstances which force him to play the role of a villain. Yet even though he's forced to play the part of a villain, he's resolute and continues to persevere. Not because he wants to live, but because he wants the people he cares for (even the ones that hate his guts) to live. And even though he's supposed to act as a... more>> villain due to his system, he cares and helps the heroines from the shadows (since the System only rewards him if he publicly carries out his actions and only penalizes him if the heroines figure out that he's being forced to act as a villain).

While he is a Regressor and is powerful because of it, he's not overpowered and faces realistic obstacles as he attempts to create a better future (within the limits of his "Villain System") while being hounded by the heroines (who also returned to the past with him).

I would like to counter Mr_cent's review by saying that there is a good reason why the heroines fall for him as the story goes on.


One of the heroines is able to read his mind using her dark magic abilities while he's unconscious and discovers how much he's sacrificed for her (giving up his life force to make sure she doesn't die). This event is played out AFTER a realistic build-up and incidents.

One of the other heroines discovered his facade after being able to read the ancient text the former hero wrote (which describes the world's situation, since it was a world from a visual novel the former hero knew about). However, she pretends to despise him as she understands that the MC's life is in danger if she reveals it to him.


Additionally, it's because he's a complicated character that makes him compelling. It's because he's kind at his core despite his outward attitude that makes him a likable and relatable character. And this story is already a tragedy, because...


The MC knows very well that even with all his efforts.. he will die in the end. Because that is what God has intended.


The heroines are excellently developed as well. They have well-fleshed out backstories that make their actions more understandable later on. It makes their initial reactions to the MC justifiable to an extent, but they grow and change through the story.

5/5 story for me. It's an absolute must-read and is ranked #2 on Novelpia (a major Korean website for novels) for a reason [And a verified VIP account can only vote for 1 novel in life pick].

Edit: It seems like the review after mine is fretting about how there probably won't be any payoff for a long time...


The payoff happens literally the chapter after they stopped reading, in Chapter 15.


Trust me. I have read the raws, and the story moves quite fast. It's not a slog. <<less
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Adi4455 rated it
July 22, 2022
Status: c72
An absolute masterpiece, a unique plot, and excellent execution of it so far.

Every character/side character is fleshed and have his role.

There are layers upon layers of mystery and things we don't know.

The novel made me shed a tear multiple times and it hasn't even been the 1/10 of it!

Can't wait for the future.

If you are okay with the genres, I can't recommend this novel enough (even if you hate harem genre I would suggest giving this novel a try because it would be sad to skip it).
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pomoli rated it
May 21, 2022
Status: c14
Amazing, if you, like me, enjoy some melodrama with a hated hero secretly sacrificing himself for the sake of people who will not be able to appreciate it at first, and a nice very slow looking romance harem.

- MC is a good person, very caring, but not spineless, he takes risks, is knowledgeable, and hates the fact that he has to be a complete and utter villain to get out of this insane scenario.
- The heroines are developed, and seem to all have their own distinct personalities and motivations, their only unified setting being their extreme hate on MC, with good reasons.
- It doesn't seem to go generic "MC always acts like a villain, following the System's scenario to a T", and I can already see cracks happening as what he does isn't perfect and has unintended consequences, derailing everything.
- The romance looks to be very nice overall, in a tragic way. Though it's way too early to talk about one (ch14). MC obviously cares about the heroines enough to even sacrifice himself for them, even if, right now, he seems to just see them as very dear friends/family, not romantic targets. Which is fine by me, I prefer the romantic targets to fall in love first, it's more fun that way.
- Nice long chapters.
- Translation quality is good.

- The world is too black and white, I guess it's the setting of the game, but the nobles are evil caricatures, and it's honestly too much. Author has talent, he could have toned that down to have them more humane, and only some being completely villainous, and it would have helped. I hope this gets solved in later chapters.
- Translation speed is way too slow, and at the current pace (ch14), the story will need around 6 years to be fully translated, ie last chapter around 2028... At this point, you'd have time to learn Korean and read it directly from the source material.
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kev374k rated it
August 16, 2022
Status: Completed
The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me is somehow one of the most confusing yet ingeniously written novels I've ever read. Somehow, even through MTL, the author's incredible writing still stands out as they introduce twists and turns that the reader will never expect.

The main character, Frey, is a standout main character. He is not Deus ex Machina, nor is he always inclined to fail. Yet his story and the surrounding arcs that venture across the novel are beautifully traversed as the writing progressively gets more enchanting, dragging you... more>> in and out in spirals.

There are so many characters that I could talk about, but it's probably best that the reader learns about each unique character and each unique personality that comes with them, because as they get fleshed out, you will learn to love some, hate some, and come between a mixture of pure love and enormous hatred for them.

If you have read some of the first few chapters, especially with the great translation by Genesis, you will undoubtedly be hooked in to the rest of the story as it just gets better. Hailed as having one of the best stories and endings of any novel, this is almost certainly my favorite novel of all time, days after I have finished the entire thing.

So give it a try, because you'll probably like it <<less
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Daoist Ghoul
Daoist Ghoul rated it
May 10, 2022
Status: c30
A wonderfully written novel

The story provides a fresh take on the regression genre. MC is not the only one who has retained his memories but there are people who want to kill him.

The characters are fleshed out and are not simply 2D. The harem is actually a good one.

Kind of similar to 'My Death Flag Shows No Sign of Ending' and 'The Villain Wants to Live'.
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Invadingcat47 rated it
May 20, 2022
Status: --

This has the most delicious emotional torment I have read. When ask of what do I like better, is it an evil person committing evil or a good person forced to commit evil which would torture him psychologically and emotionally? Of course it would be the second. While an evil person causes pain to others which is delightful, the good hero dying inside every evil he does, causing pain to others and mostly to himself is an absolute treat to the soul, like an ambrosia. Every pain caused, every evil... more>> done, everything reflects back to the hero causing a delicious loop of pain and agony between everyone.

For all of you who came to read about a good hero causing pain to himself and others, you have come to the right place <<less
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lawlogic77 rated it
May 17, 2022
Status: --
First 10 chapters wer a solid read. Nothing major to point out.
But the Translation is top tier with their system prompts like Reaperscans and the effort they put in improving the immmersion. People have critised their speed but the release rate will improve soon from what I hear on their discord server. Overall this novel feels like a breath of fresh air when it comes to the regression+ game world genre of korean novel.

I won't recommend this to people with weak heart though because I like this kind of novel where you can find novel like this with #regret tag on korean novel website
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Roby1610 rated it
May 14, 2022
Status: c248
Well what can I say. Its good... very good. The plot revolves around the battle of the hero and demon king. That is kind of obvious, but the reveals later on make it a lot more intresting.

So here we have a fascinating conflict between good and evil. Im gonna put the rest of the things I have to say under spoilers since im gonna spoil some plot points, but I wont go too much into details.

... more>>

So like I said earlier, the plot revolves around the battle of good and evil. The MC is an absurdly good guy. Prety much the nicest you can be. And in a "shocking" twist the demon king is the exact opposite. The who plot is just building up towarss the final fight between the 2 or thats how it is for most of the series. In truth their conflict is actually some kind of proxy war between the sun goddess and the another evil god. Honestly the details are still a bit vague or it might be that I just didnt understand all of it because I read the raws. The system exists to limit the actions of both the hero and the demon king before their final fight. Both of them need to complete certain mission in order to awaken their powers (the hero needs to aweken his armour and the demon king needs to fully aweken her powers).

The twist being that they need to pretend to be the opposite of what they are. That is to say the hero needa to pretend to be evil and the demon king needs to pretend to be good. This later becomes them taking on the others identity (the demon king pretending to be the hero and the hero making the demon army think he is the demon king, though he himself never confirms it and just leaves it to their imaginations).

And should they be found out as frauds they get a penalty. This penalty decreases their vitality and life. That is to say the more people know that they arent good/ evil, the weaker they become. So thir remaining lifespan is cut in half and thry cant use their powers as much as they could before. But since the hero is a human he has it far worse than the demon king who has more vitality and lifespan. And just to further decrease the heroes chances of victory, he already had only 10 years to live due to his helping out one of the main female leads.

And so every time one of the female leads finds out abiut him, its not a good thing. And so the plot revolves around the MC doing the missions the system gives him, while the female leads who find out that the MC is actually good try to find loopholes to save him. Has some quite nice stakes and it never feels live the MC is at an overwhelming advantage, but its also not like he is losing all the time.


Now if you didnt wanna read the long ass spoilers, im gonna tell you some things that will make you wanna read it. If you like little tyrand doesnt want to meet a bad end or demon prince academy, then you are going to like this one. Its main selling point is that the MC is already string from the start, but his system works against him to make him weaker which is unique. The harem is great, thoigh I gotta complain about the lack of any other male character in the cast (not a big deal, but just something I noticed as a fan of best friend characters).

Dont worry abiut the plot shifting suddenly either. What you get in the first 10 chapters is prety much how the story feels up to chspter 248. A lot of romance and an ok amount of action. Thats about all I got to aay so go read it. <<less
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MZ bulking
MZ bulking rated it
May 11, 2022
Status: c11
Firsts things first me like novel, Nove do be gud, triping, succulent, because ya know Harem and stuff (now that we got the memes aside)

This novel is quite a rare gem indeed, the author really understand how to make use of that misunderstanding troupe that has became a meme for being bundled with bad novels. Not with this one tho, here we have a deeply dark and grim novel, where you can actually see the conflicts between the MC and his past life actions and the effects on... more>> the Heroines and on his own sanity.

I highly recommend this novel for those looking for a more serious book to read where actions have consequences and how does the characters react to the MC, as the Heroines are the focus point of this novel and its soooo well done it scares me, they don't feel like those s*upid JP or Cultivation harems, they are actual characters with goals (killing the mc) and how the guilt trip and misunderstanding is handled to desarm some happy trigger heroine is godly.

Conclusion: I'm a simple man, I dun know fancy words, but this novel can be resumed as such - Sad boy, Hot Heroines, Novel gud

PS: The Translation is top tier and custom prompts are a nice surprise (props for the Translators for the extra effort). <<less
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HamletJr rated it
May 2, 2022
Status: c8
This novel is the first of any novel to make me part of the F5 sect cult. Every day, the first thing I do before all else is refresh this Novel Updates page and pray to the heavens above that I'll see a new chapter.

The translation is nice, and they even use this nice styling for system prompts. It honestly does not compare to reading with MTL, not that I can even MTL in the first place because the raws seem to be locked behind a subscription beyond c15. I... more>> sincerely hope the translator hasn't dropped this, and I await any future updates with bated breath. <<less
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Vestaris rated it
April 21, 2022
Status: --
Well, what can I say about this novel

  • Character Development: In about every minor and major arc and events, one or more characters have always a development, be their emotions, their objectives or their interpersonal relationships. Since they have regressed and know about the future events, a constant battle of wits, deceit and half-lies follow them. This leads to a severe emotional clash most of the time and consequent development as some of the Heroines begins to perceive a bigger picture and even clues regarding the truth.
  • Plot: It procedes very smoothly, as the MC and the Heroines themselves struggle to find ways to reach their respective objectives, they find information that can change all of what they perceive as truth/fate. All the answers are carefully given as you go reading and by the time you reach the end, there's even Side Stories to complement even more, needless to say, no plotholes.
As for spoilers, well, that'll ruin the experience of finding out yourself, needless to say, comparing this specific work with other just don't work, even more so with "My Death Flags show no signs of ending" lmao

P.S.: for the reviewer asking why they fell in love with the supposed hated villain, well, ... more>>

they were already in love with him before he discovered his path as a Hero (Villain)

, so that's quite the given answer, if you had read the story that ofc. <<less
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deadfisheyes rated it
April 18, 2022
Status: v0c1
There are only 7 chapters out, nothing to point out. The novel premise is interesting and portrays a lone misunderstood MC. It got me hooked. The TL quality is also decent especially I liked the way they customised various system prompts.
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JinnL rated it
July 8, 2022
Status: c51
This novel is kinda dark. The MC goes through horrible experiences because he has to make the people he cares about hate him which is painful. But the story itself is really interesting and enjoyable.

The heroines are all interesting and have their own personalities and have an acceptable reason for hating the MC which makes us, the readers, not hate them.

Well, for me specifically, I like stories that take place in academies, schools etc. So I find the story enjoyable.

A fair warning, if you like stories in which the MC... more>> is overpowered or everything goes the MC's way then this is not your novel. <<less
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Maidenless demon lord
Maidenless demon lord rated it
April 30, 2022
Status: --
Really good novel the author handled it very well and although I hate the genre regret I loved how the author included it in and yet still made it one of the best novels I read the MC is quite the character he suffers a lot and yet still continues and pushes forward he stills keep trying to make the people around him happy on the cost of his own happiness and although u might hate the heroines at the beginning but you will quite like them eventually cause every... more>> one of them quite likeable and four denominational they are good and their actions are quite understandable and it's easy to sympathize with them after all the authors offer u these characters not just as a fictional characters but close to human being kinda of

characters he wants u to feel emotional and I guarantee u will certainly feel so while reading this novel I certainly do not like harem but I would definitely read this novel again and enjoy the harem now if you are a person who reads Korean novels frequently then u will know that most Korean authors f*ck up their novels ending even the best kind of novel can gets a f*cked up ending if it's author is korean *cough*

*cough* the novel's extra anyway this novel ending is one of the best like seriously u couldn't be happier with it

I really think u should give this one a try cause u will definitely enjoy it <<less
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June 17, 2022
Status: Completed
This story is a strange one, I read it through the raws through my admittedly terrible understanding of Korean. Its a wild rollercoaster once you go past the first few humps, (The raws were a complete disaster compared to the translation in the first few arcs, it was like comparing a middle schooler to a college student. So don't try and mtl it, its f*cking terrible.)

The story somehow manages to be a giant clusterf*ck and strangely coherent simultaneously, it feels like a constantly impending train crash that suddenly... more>> manages to avert itself at the very last moment. The first 120 chapters were really rough, but I believe that if you semi liked them in any form. Then'll you'll love the rest of the novel as much as I did.



Fun story that ends up being depressing and fluffy at the same time.

Really manages to rip apart your heart at certain points... and then pulls the f*cking rug under you. Then shoots you in the head.... you get the point.

Harem Story


Weirdly inconsistent characters under around 120 to 150 chapters in, then things get a lot better.

Harem Story <<less
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