I Killed the Player of the Academy


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I killed the player.

He was one hell of a f*cker.

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I Killed the Academy Player
아카데미 플레이어를 죽였다
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14 Reviews

New LordMashiro
Mar 26, 2023
Status: c59
I feel like this novel is very well-rounded and consistent in quality so far. The premise, plot and setting is generic, but the story is above average in most areas such as action, comedy, romance, character-writing, pacing etc. The action in particular is exceptional, and you can visualize all the movements which makes them exciting to read. None of the character's feel left out or unnecessary and they all contribute in some way.

The MC is a charismatic leader and is very good at drawing out the potential of all the... more>> characters because of his previous iteration + game experience. His interactions with most character's is quite enjoyable because he has good social skills, though he is also dense due to no previous romantic experience.

Anyways, the story is consistently enjoyable. But at the same time, it feels like the story is a little too predictable or rather low stakes. MC has handled most issues smoothly and I am just waiting until sh*t hits the fan so I can feel like the outcome will be unpredictable. <<less
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Perseus Sendou
New Perseus Send
Mar 26, 2023
Status: c57
First thing first, this novel is not BL novel. The first chapter of the story should make it clear if you read it.

Second, this novel is a harem novel, so yeah, if you hate harem then this novel is not for you, but for people that okay or love it you probably will like the novel. In my opinion the heroine have their own distinct personality and have their own strenght in both combat and interaction within the cast.

The world is intersting and the way the cast interact with it... more>> in a fun way. Speaking of cast of character, outside of the heroine, the side cast is fun to read when they interact with the MC and each other. The MC himself is not the edgy broding type that believe everything should hapen according to the plot of the original game. He is the type that will create a better situation for himself and others good people if it is possible.

The best part of this novel is the combat. The way the author write it make reading it fun and comprehensive. It make me feel like I personally watch how the battle happen.

This spoiler is about a heroine


Marie is a Ojou-sama vampire potato sugar mommy

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Dec 05, 2022
Status: Completed
I might be a bit biased because it's one of the novels I have been following for a long time since it practically started serialization. It's one of the popular works that have come out last year.

Genre: Academy, Fusion Fantasy, Harem, Regression.


... more>>

The MC possesses an extra in a game he was a veteran in, but someone also possessed the protagonist of that novel. They work together to make sure they reach the ending and defeat the final boss, but the person who possessed the protagonist of the novel turns out to be a violent homo yandere. The Homo yandere protagonist actively kills all the relevant side cast to monopolize MC for himself. After MC discovers this, he confronts the yandere who imprisons MC before going to face the final boss. The yandere eventually loses to the final boss and MC regresses due to some mysterious circumstances which readers explore later on.




After regressing, MC resolves to kill the player and adorn his mantle to save the world on his own. Yandere's arc is explored way later on in the novel, so the yandere does have impact on the plot.

MC is morally a good person, but he isn't a self-righteous prick, unlike the first impression he gives off. He won't go out of his way to save every random Tina character who he didn't even interact with by screwing over his allies and putting the whole plan in jeopardy. He is quite rational. He strives to save everyone he could, everyone in his range of awareness he would give his all to save them.

His oaths are "I will save the world" and "I won't ignore the misfortune of others."

He also might come off dense when it comes to romantic relationships, but he gradually improves on that aspect and even manages to overcome his dense nature. The guy just needs some obvious hints like, for example when one of the heroines kissed him. He definitely didn't put it off as an accident or some BS like we have seen many a times in Japanese novel scene.

There is character growth throughout the story. MC made plans, then backup plans, but still during the implementation phase something gets twisted somehow due to other real life factors, and he has to improvise in real time, so he struggles a lot in fights.

Top-notch action scenes and side cast are the reasons why it was in top30 of Munpia rankings during its serialization phase.


Side cast:


I have read the novel in Hangul and I can assure the writing style the way the characters are fleshed out were quite the joy to read.

In fact, unlike this novel, novels such as Ending Maker have been criticized for doing not a good job when it comes to fleshing out the side cast. Only the FMC and MC were fleshed out there.

Side cast have real impact on the plot and gives you some of the most memorable moments. One of my favourite battles in the whole story is a battle between one of the heroines and a villain. These aspects of the novel have been praised not only by me but numerous other reviewers, both on Riddibooks and Munpia.


A few pros:


I don't want to spoil too much, so I will give you a few basic areas that this novel did a good job at.

1. I'm a fan of action guys and this novel has really great action scenes which the author beautifully portrays and is one of the charms of the work. Author stood out for his skillful use of bedtime fairy tale references and using those to write an original action sequence. There are battles with dragons happening atop the bean stalk (referred to here as world tree, which grows from a seed) to recreation of some Irish mythological scenes. Those were the most memorable aspects of the novel.

2. Character growth, MC gradually grows from weak to strong even though it feels like he is always on the advantage. He does struggle a lot in the fights.

3. The system-- It's inspired from the webtoon knight run. It doesn't do generic hand-holding, so the MC still had to struggle a lot

4. Harem aspect was well done in the novel, none of the heroines gets left out. So people who don't want their best girl to lose can rest easy.




1. Author kinda sometimes fails to deal with the character explosion. Partly due to drama between author and Munpia.

2. Harem - it's a relevant aspect of the novel it's a con for those who hate harem. If you even minutely hate harem I would advise you to stay away from this novel. Since I have already seen enough readers noticing the tag yet still dive into it knowing full well that its harem. Eventually, regretting their decision.


Final Thoughts:


It may not be something original or groundbreaking, but I had fun reading it. Author used generic stuff but he added his own elements to make the novel fun and unique in his own aspect.

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Dec 27, 2022
Status: c15
MC is the kind of guy who brings his buddies to eat at the place where spice is the chef's life.

In the game system it was so spicy they lost health from it. The kind of as*hole all guys need as a friend to keep things interesting.

... more>>

Then for the wider story, turns out the world is ending if things go as expected and MC is skilled but weak as a salsa with no chili in it. So to spice things up he goes into Irish Geas/oath magic that doesnt just punish liars, it rewards the faithful and honest.

And so he promises to save the world and undo whatever bad stuff he comes across. The world also knowing what's up understandably approves of someone trying to save it and it goes from there. No direct powerup but growth boosters applied successfully.

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Dec 20, 2022
Status: c62
First of all, I will have to follow the author's warning regarding the first chapter: This isn't a BL novel!

Top 30 at its peak on Munpia and rated 9.1 on Naver


... more>>

Without a doubt the most memorable first chapter I've read,
The story starts 3 years after our protagonist has possessed a side character at a game he played.
For 3 years he has been working with the protagonist of the novel- "The Player", another possessor who as "The Player" had access to the status screen which made him a lot stronger.

It turns out that for 3 years The Player has been manopalizing our protagonist for himself and killing important side characters. He turned yandere and locked our protagonist and went to fight with the final boss.
Even though he monopolized everything for himself he had lost.

Our protagonist then regresses 3 years to the past and vows to kill him


The world building is amazing, be it the powers, settings and other small unique things.

The protagonist is very smart, be it in his fights or him planning for the future on many things.
He main weapon is a spear (as can be seen on the cover) which he uses to its max potential, the action scenes are top-tier.

The side cast seems very rich in terms of both power, personalities and background.

Comedy is good, romance wise has a lot of potential, for now, the vampire (Marie) is the main FL and is adorable, others are yet to shown their presence as much, but with the novel being true harem can definitely look forward to it.

I highly recommend to at least read until the end of the first arc (ch24) <<less
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Mar 10, 2023
Status: c64
While this novel might not be the most creative or thought-provoking as other novels, it does execute its concept with great finesse and I enjoy every step of the way of the story's development, even if it does get a bit slow at times.

Our MC is a Korean who got Transmigrated into the body of an extra named Korin Lork. Not only did our MC get Transmigrated into the body of Korin, but someone got transmigrated into the body of the protagonist of the game. Eventually, they make contact and... more>> both find out they were originally from earth. They team up and make their way through the game's story rather smoothly with one little bitty problem...

The protagonist is a gay murder hobo who goes Yandere for our MC. After tying up MC to go fight the final boss, the protagonist loses despite how 'efficient' he was and both he and Korin get regressed back to when they first possessed their characters.

(Not sure if this is considered a spoiler since it happens in the prologue but imma put spoiler tags to be safe)

So after what he went through in the

first iteration

, the MC resolves to kill the player like how the sypnosis said.

Korin at the start of the story has already been developed off-screen, he was in his late 20s when he got transmigrated and has

3 years of experience from the first iteration.

All his fights feel earned as not only were the fights difficult with him struggling after each blow, but the amount of prep and planning he does for a fight make it believable. He doesn't care what others think and trains to his utmost limit while taking any possible advantage he can to become stronger. Only thing is he isn't the most groundbreaking MC, but he is unique enough to not be a self-insert and while he can be dense, it can be explained by him growing up in an all-boys school and then immediately going into the army thus limiting his interactions with the opposite s*x. This however seems he be resolving itself through time as the author makes Korin develop more and more.

What this novel truly excels at are its fight scenes. The author masterfully sets it up and you get drawn into every move and you glide across every word, as the words insert themselves into your mind and slowly become an animation that you stare in awe at. You can feel the blow and impact from every word and all the important fights are hard fought that Korin would never have won if he didn't have prep. Although it can be a bit slow during the intermission from fight to fight, I can forgive it simply by how well the fights flow and how chadly Korin is.

Now my favorite portion of the reviews, WAIFU TIME!!! As of 64, we have 4 main waifu candidates but since this is a harem we all know what's going to happen in the end. First, waifu that we got as well as best girl is Marie Dunareff. A 2nd year at Korin's school

and a human turned vampire who was saved by Korin

Third we have is Hua Ran, she hasn't been developed a lot so far only accompanying Korin for food and occasionally helping him out. Next, we have the superior Arden, Lunia. Lunia is the older sister of Alicia and is simply superior. Just read it for yourself. Btw all images of characters can be found on the Genesis Discord.

For those who want an action intense story with a chadly MC I highly recommend this. <<less
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Feb 13, 2023
Status: c35
so this one is a bit weird il admit, its in academy which is interesting and unique but sadly I don't think its enough to gloss over the parts that bug me with this novel.

to be honest at points its just plain boring, I mean there are exposition dumps and I just cant seem to imagine it in my head.

its a lot like a different reviewer said that its like a text book.

now I do think that it has potential so I will give it a good score because I... more>> want to see it succeed so maybe it just isn't my cup of tea and it might be yours.


interesting world premise.

Maybe harem?


kinda boring for me and unimaginative <<less
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Feb 09, 2023
Status: c30
The synopsis is beyond dreadful, so just read the prologue and treat it as the summary. It has a good hook and somewhat tells you what the story's going to be like.

If you like the usual 'I regressed/transmigrated, correct my past mistakes and make full use of my knowledge' schtick, add this to the collection.
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Mar 11, 2023
Status: c98
The biggest problem with this "novel" is that almost all the characters are absurdly annoying, a depressive-dependent swordswoman, a genius magician who looks more like a pig, the interactions are annoying and there is that trope of the "holy man" that is, everything what the protagonist does is seen in a way that makes him seem selfless, merciful and etc, jesus christ reincarnated..
And this is repeated a lot, a lot, about 20 times in 90 chapters..

... more>>

example of an irritating interaction.

The protagonist is training with the spear against a super focused wind elemental and giving his maximum, then a ret*rd interrupts him to offer food? Serious? Can you imagine being at the gym doing a bench press, 80kg and an idiot stops by your side and offers you sweet potatoes with sugar?

Poha.. They are in a training center to train warriors against the END OF THE WORLD, a mage with so much potential is wasting time making food for others and bothering? Shouldn't she, I don't know.. Be training?

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Mar 04, 2023
Status: --
DrVanilla makes a key point - you need to get past the first 4 or so chapters - I gave up on this novel twice before getting through it. The novel is NOT a weird BL thing. The tagline says it all - "I killed the player.... He was one hell of a f*cker." The key is that the MC kills that f*cker pretty quickly, and then the plot develops from that point to a well executed regressor in a fantasy world novel - in fact, its in my... more>> top 5 of 50+ Korean web novels I am reading at any given time.

The MC is a rare example of one who is reasonable and identifiable. He progresses without becoming instantly OP. He doesn't turn beta, isn't afraid of women, and doesn't have overly unnecessary baggage from his past life. The FMCs are all unique and have their own qualities, but none of them turn yandere, tsundere, or exhibit other disturbing character traits (at least to date).

As to di2857295's comments, there is a bit of denseness (admittedly frustrating), but the MC clearly gets Marie (best girl) likes him. However, I do have to admit that this is no Ending Maker - you really need a focused romance pair to match that novel, which very few web novels do - this is more of a weak harem with the potential for one winning FMC. <<less
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Mar 23, 2023
Status: c65

... more>>

The protagonist of the novel, after regressing, sets his sights on killing the player and single-handedly saving the world. The protagonist is a morally upright individual who does not let his principles become an impediment to his goals. He is rational and strives to save as many people as he can within his scope of awareness. His oaths of saving the world and not ignoring the misfortune of others reflect his commitment to doing what is right.

The protagonist in this novel should not be referred to as a saint, as he values allowing good people to have a best ending. However, this does not mean he hesitates in killing those who he deems necessary to eliminate. He embodies the characteristics of a chad, a definitive hero, distinct from the self-centered individuals found in typical cringe Chinese novels and the hesitant beta depicted in junkfood Japanese novels. This unique hero is perhaps only found in this masterpiece, making the protagonist a truly remarkable character.




Pretty interesting so far, all characters do have their roles, not just MC and his harem, we can see real homies, friends. Plot are enjoyable, pretty good twist (afro teacher).




Rich Potato mommy supermacy. The female characters in this story are all exceptional and play critical roles in the plot. Each of them brings unique qualities and charm, making it difficult to choose just one as the "best girl." Their contributions to the story's development cannot be understated, as they provide depth and complexity to the novel. In short, it's refreshing to see a story where every female character is a standout in her own way.

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Mar 20, 2023
Status: c31
The way the author wrote this novel is quite unique... he went full throttle 180 mph from the start, not pausing, and pulling no punches. This style of writing is extremely plot focused, it naturally has its own advantages, but a lot more disadvantages result from it too.

The MC is Korin, someone who wishes to save the tragedy that the characters in the world he transmigrated into will face. Korin killed the original Player who was supposed to save the world because the player is a twisted psychopath who kills... more>> people for fun. -- That's basically the premise of the novel.

"I Killed the Player of the Academy" has decent characters, a slightly generic, but enjoyable plot, and a very likable MC. But it also lacks in many other aspects that would have made this into a great novel.

Characters: Because of how compressed together each arc is, there doesn't seem to be enough development to the characters. Some of the developments felt slightly forced and rushed, like how Marie had her heart palpitating because she witnessed the sight of MC tryharding in the training room. This felt really weird. It's only a few times that she has met with the MC, and her heart is already beating at the sight of him? It's not only her either, a lot of the other heroine/characters also paid a lot of attention to Korin for some reason. A little too much attention for someone they are seeing for the first time.

World-building: Normally, this is not the most important of the novel, and most authors don't put too much effort into writing the world-building; but that doesn't mean you shouldn't put effort into it at all. Again, because of how compressed the story is, there is barely any descriptions to how the world looks like. I'm 30 chapters in and I still don't know the appearance of the academy.

Plot: The plot is fun to read, but there are problems with it as well. The plot is moving way too fast. There is no build-up between arcs, and things just happen suddenly. For the fights, the author use generic phrases like "The world stopped, " and "The crowd went silent, " for some of the fights, that you've probably read somewhere else a thousand times already. I'm not saying that these phrases are bad, but the situation they are used in just doesn't match. These phrases should be used with build-ups. The lack of build-ups toward these fights just make these phrases sound cringe and chunni. I can also understand if the author uses the "crowd went silent" phrase when the MC does something truly absurd, but what Korin is doing in the fight is not completely absurd, and what the audience should be doing is "roaring" and "cheering" instead. I have only seen the phrase "The world went silent" used right in Return of Mount Hua.

In conclusion, I love this novel when I read while turning my brain off, but the lack of details really stands out when you start to think. But this novel is by no ways unfun, in fact, it's actually a really fun novel to read. The plot is fast and keeps on pumping out content, the MC is steadily getting stronger while also flexing on everyone else, the other characters are flawed but decent enough that you probably won't care if you're reading with your brains off. Recommended for entertainment.

As an extra:

This is the description of the MC simply summarized:

  • Use a spear
  • Use rune magic
  • Has a wild look
Reminds you of someone?

Right! It's Cu from Fate! <<less
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Nov 27, 2022
Status: c134

its still interesting, but it is starting to feel a bit like bog standard character writing. We have immensely dense MC, and perhaps too many characters. It kinda feels like the author is struggling to manage all the character relationships while not giving them each enough time to grow. There also seems to be a kinda heavy parallel with Ending Maker where the MC and crew can't really do any real wrong, but this story is missing the witty banter and endearing antics that make that aspect enjoyable.

C78 review

It's still... more>> really fun and the story arcs have been interesting. I don't think it's the most innovative sorry, but it is well executed.

Marie (blue girl from cover) is an absolute babe.

c28 review
I don't normally do such early chapter reviews, but I wanted to just put a review out there since there aren't any others.

The first arc of the story is pretty good as far as reincarnated with game knowledge genre goes. I also really enjoyed the first couple chapters that had the twist in it, but it really doesn't play that big of a role in the story at least so far. It does provide nice motivations for the main character, though.

I think it has potential to be a pretty good variant of this type of story although you have to be worried about how the romance is written... I don't want it to fall into the standard harem tropes where girls fall for MC for no reason. To be clear, this hasn't happened yet but I am still early story so I think we will see more of how the author approaches that in the second arc.

It appears genesistl is picking this up, with more releases starting in December 2022. I'd recommend giving it a try. Will update as I complete more story arcs. <<less
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Mar 22, 2023
Status: c54
I definitely enjoy this series quite a lot. The main character has to put actual effort in to get stronger and actually plans ahead in a way that most series don’t bother with. Most character interactions are reasonable. That being said, character events happen faster than feels realistic, like some other reviews pointed out, however that itself is mostly fine because it’s based off of a game.
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