I Became A Framed Villain


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I was framed for killing the No. 1 hero.

The one who saved me right before I was executed was ‘Dominating Hands’; a group of villains.

I, who became a real villain like that, tried to live only for revenge… But…

Suddenly, something strange began to happen…

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누명을 쓴 빌런이 되었다
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Iwillreadall rated it
February 8, 2023
Status: c109
Well usually I don't really write a review, because it's not my cup of tea but for this one I want to try, because I love this novel❤, so if I do any mistake please forgive me😅.

Well Translator did really a great job by selecting this novel. For those who don't know, this one is the from the author of 'The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me' but it's still ongoing and well as far as I have read this, This is also a great one, with a great... more>> story and realistic characters.

And I don't agree with AzureEmpR review that translation is bad, but in realty some chapters of this novel has this weird dream/play like style of writing, which sometime can feel little hard to read or understand but it's not used in all chapters. And on the other hand I like the fact that translator did not change it and ruin the fun of originality.

Overall this is a very fun and emotional read, I really love it. <<less
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Hantaros rated it
February 9, 2023
Status: v1c4
v1c1: For now I just want to say it's not a NTR, I am saying this because it seems at first like the villain stole the MC's harem, but the truth is ... more>>

that the villain is yandere for him and only turned his harem against him because she didn't want to share his attention

also I think we can all agree that the "main harem" will be the villain organization who saves him

v1c4: the story itself is very interesting, but the grammar gets quite confusing sometimes, not enough to be unreadable, but it's annoying sometimes (no clue if it's the author's or the translation's fault). As far as the characters are concerned it's similar to the author's other story where they are based on classic harem tropes with circumstances forcing a pure hearted protagonist to be evil, but I think this story won't torture the protagonist as much since he actually starts the story with some allies who understand his circumstances <<less
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Chickenp1345icksoff rated it
February 12, 2023
Status: prologue
Pretty good to be honest, There was epic fighting conspiracy and a lot of excitement in the beginning of the paragraphs and chapters.

I won't spoil anything but If you like this type of novel I highly recommend it.
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