Academy’s Undercover Professor


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I wasn’t reborn with talent or ability, but at least my knowledge from earth allowed me to stay one step ahead in this other world.

Magic exists here, and new progress was rapidly being made in science while magic stagnated in the name of tradition. Using my earthly knowledge and not bound by the traditional thinking, I was able to do things other wizards couldn’t even imagine.

Still, inadvertently becoming an undercover professor for a mysterious secret society at the renowned Sören academy was never in my to-do list!

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Fake Job at the Academy
I Got a Fake Job at the Academy
The Academy's Undercover Professor
아카데미에 위장취업당했다
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Pendragon05 rated it
December 14, 2021
Status: c293
I'm actually the one who suggested for this novel to be translated. As of the latest chapter, I really like how the author developed and presented the story so far and for sure it will still improve because it's only 52 chapters. The proper balance between magic and science were properly conveyed and there's still a lot of information that will be revealed about these 2 especially about their application and how it works. Author did a great job so far in creating an MC which is not inconsistent and... more>> the novel so far doesn't lose focus. MC making sure to properly balance his character to avoid being discovered and using his brains is definitely a plus. It perfectly fits my taste nowadays of series whose MC doesn't resolve the issue easily and it doesn't have any unnecessary forced plot or romance/harem. MC Just focusing on the goal and staying consistent, showing a mature way of handling things. Also, ignore the ratings of 1 star without any reason and reviews with 3 star, rating a novel base on first 2-3 chapters is definitely dumb and made out of bad intention. Obviously these people didn't even read the story and just tr*sh trollers who made an assumption that it's gonna be a useless pathetic misunderstanding story with cheap ass MC and romance, it definitely speaks a lot with these guys taste in a novel which is why they're hoping it's gonna be the same way here.

Edit: I bought the sudden release of chapters and the latest is at 130. Man this novel is getting better and better as it progress and some questions were answered and explained, for example why the MC is changing identities multiple times. I love the way characters were not a pushover and some are even cunning. This is why it's very important for the MC to use his brain and think carefully before taking action because the president of the school and other characters are cunning as well. Definitely excited for future chapters!

Edit: Currently at the latest chapter which is 194, enjoying the story so far. Hoping it would continue the same in the future. It's not the best for me but definitely enjoyable read.

Note: I don't have any copy of mtl version. I can speak and read korean that's why I'm reading it per latest chapter at naver series so please don't ask me for mtl version. I only have the raw and always making a txt file of the series. If you see or manage to download any txt file in some websites then most likely it came from me as I'm the original uploader since last year. Again I don't have any mtl version nor making any mtl version.

Will change the rating for the series


I started losing interest in this series from chapter 190. For me, The novel lost it's charm that makes it unique during the early chapters. The development stagnates, the MC and his squad are OP, added to the fact that his mentor is a very OP vampire only known as the 8 rank wizard in the series. The aristocrats are getting dumber as the series goes by, and we're almost getting at chapter 300 and yet; the author failed to show at least any development from the main antagonist, what kind of character, powers or personality it has. Also the antagonist's group is overrated, I'm not seeing any tension from them due to the fact that author failed to show any of what I mentioned so far. Those villain characters that were introduced doesn't have what it takes to pressure or create tension for the MC. Author is always saying the MC is getting careful vs the group but there's really no tension for him. Also the leader already knows MC is a fake member from the start but for some unknown reason he just allowed MC to join there meeting. Dunno if he's just confident or what, it's just really a poor development from the author for the antagonists. MC is also a former royal of the holy kingdom, they started to move and it's being portrayed as one of the main dangers for MC but so far, nothing can justify that they can pose a real threat for the MC. Overall, it became your typical OP MC disguised as not OP due to the failure of the author to do a good development. It might also go for harem considering there's a lot of woman and even the annoying detective joining the MC lmao. Who else will join him next and strengthen the OP squad, maybe the woman knight lol, no tension at all, it gets boring as it goes, going for the cliché troupe of OP MC and his harem and friends. Other people might have a different opinion once they read the whole series to the latest and it's up to them to judge the series itself; but for me, I fully lost interest in this series. Please take my review with a grain of salt. I gave it a chance and let the chapter piled up as I've switched to different series but when I came back, it's still boring and nothing changes. I might comeback later to check but I doubt it will bring back my attention.

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NotAkatosh rated it
July 13, 2022
Status: c54
It would have been nice if not for the author's "girls falling head over heels towards the handsome and valiant professor." Literally, in every single scene where there is a girl, they get described in a very detailed manner that even gestures have their corresponding descriptions. I get it, the mc's so good-looking, and his bearing captivates many. However, it gets tiring every time the author does such excessive nonsensical descriptions. It is also pathetic how the only ones that stand among the crowd are females, which as I mentioned... more>> earlier, are so profusely described that it makes one's eyes roll.


There was this one time when the MC, in his capacity as a Professor, was teaching the components of elements. The only ones the MC has noticed to be of significance. As I quote,

"I saw some students who were particularly noticeable.

The first thing I saw was a student who was casting the elements of the compressed earth.

It was a brown-skinned girl with animal ears on her head who implemented an element that looked like she pulled up a vein of the ore that existed deep underground."

"I ignored her and looked at the next student.

It was someone with a plant element.

A dark-blue-haired girl with braids and large, round glasses that were covering half of her face unfolded such magic."

"Other than her...

There were twin sisters who were from a rather famous aristocratic family in the Eastern Kingdom, and there was even a rookie who was being sponsored by the magic tower."


As the class was nearing its end, I found the only student who could not float the elemental property.

'That kid is... '

* * *

* * *

Her face was familiar; that was because I was bound to notice her bright gray hair and heavenly beauty.

She had been there when something happened at the first training ground the previous day, and she was also there during the werewolf incident.

But most of all, I knew that kid well for another reason...

I approached her.

The author clearly has certain complexities, however, was it necessary to make it that obvious?


The characters have no depth, all they do is frolic here, disdain the MC there, praise the here, fantasize about the MC there, and 'genius young girls bestowed by heavenly talents there, ' it gets repetitive that I found it hard to remember their identities other than the fact that they're either males or females or that they are either female geniuses or dumb male young masters always screaming "commoners are below aristocrats." If someone asked me "who was that character that..." I would most certainly have difficulties recalling. The premise started good, with the main character seemingly mysterious, shrouded in this cloak called chams. But as it continued, it became generic with every female character enthralled by the MC that just by breathing, they fantasize about whatever nonsense it is. In this manner, the characters no longer have depth, they are uninteresting and easily dispensable as there were no distinctive features in them. They are just hollow parts of the novel made to occupy that space, and to decieve the readers that something's happening when in fact it was just the female characters who are blushing majority of the time. The only ones to really stand out are those character (s) who isn't within the author's complex, in other words, the characters who were the author's attempt to make something unique, those are; his student who can wield "uncommon magic, " his accomplice with a special constitution that turns him into the creature that bit him, the teacher who taught the prior student with an "uncommon magic" and the professor who made a bet with the MC. These characters at least have certain points that are unique, they have characteristics that make them distinctive among a crowd of infatuated girls. If only the author realized that earlier, unfortunately, as the novel went on, it became worse, and the author already started to add misunderstandings, among everything annoying. This novel might captivate some, but for my own personal tastes, it's bland as can be, a good novel ruined by generic tropes. I would not have wasted an ample of my time hoping for a better prospect had novelupdates placed a "harem" tag or "students falling for their teacher" tag, so I could drop the moment I've read the tags.

To summarize, the novel started good, with all these mysteries shrouding the MC, such as multiple identities, complex thinking, and the mc's secretive political involvement in significant affairs. But as the novel progressed after the MC decided to take the identity of an Academy Professor, it started to go downhill, with the start of "valiant female knight suddenly taking interest towards the MC, who she saw due to the excuse that 'as a knight, she can naturally see far better than other people, ' with the addition of 'I should go to their school for some time, since my sister studies there'" I already had prior assumptions after reaching that point but I was hopeful for prospective developments because as I have said previously, the prior premise was able to captivate me. Unfortunately, as the story went on toward the school settings, the quality started to deteriorate to the point of a generic "dense MC not having the guts to correct young girls' misunderstandings nor having the urge to make it known that the MC is not interested in any of the fantasies these damsels have." The MC is supposed to be experienced in reading people, due to the mc's background of having multiple identities, and dealing with people with a much more complex array of emotions in them, but when it comes to young girls, such an ability is simply neglected. <<less
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GentleSnow rated it
September 11, 2022
Status: c105
It was nice at the start, got me hooked to it, andddd... Just got progressively worse, if you read others reviews all the good ones have only read to the start and mediocre to bad reviews have read a good part of the novel.

It has some nice characters but doesn't give them attention but gives to the blandest character (Rene) it was interesting at first but just got boring, reading the same things again and again, to the point where I skip her parts completely and can still understand everything... more>> better. Like her character setting to is so bland, the overused trop of a beautiful commoner girl who is joining the academy by her very rare talent, is bullied a lot for her status and meets a rich guy falls in love... Blah... blah..

Like I get it, you wanna show how the MC is great and all, but why only Rene, like show aidens pov, or the red head's pov.

And another thing, I hate is most of the powerful people in the novel are female and somehow all the female seem to fall in love with him, and that to the amount of misunderstandings is making me crazy!!

I am gonna drop it in a few more chapters if it doesn't get any better. <<less
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March 14, 2022
Status: c32
The idea of the story is good and I like how the MC is kinda stuck in between two opposing forces and has to sneak around both of them. It’s kinda like Harry Potter but from Snapes perspective.

Their are two things that are bad about this:

1) The website uses ads and you can’t use ad block because it auto detects that and makes it so that you can’t read.

2) The translator did a good job with mtl, I know how hard that can be so props to them. My gripe... more>> is that I wish they would edit what they translated afterwards because some stuff can’t get hard to read. Missed pronouns and weirdly structured sentences are the main culprit. Although it can be overlooked it does ruin the experience at times.

Other than those two issues everything else seems good so far. <<less
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boredhood385 rated it
January 20, 2022
Status: c15
Gotta be honest. This is great.

MC is a guy who pretended to be a middle aged man but when caught uses the identity of a new Theon Teacher he met before the guy is killed. Soons he becomes Rudger but then finds out that Rudger was not as he simply claimed.


It's a systematic story of a legendary mercenary becoming a teacher while avoiding the dangers.

Heavy spoilers below


Nari. "Rudger Checeli" or previously known as "James Moriarty", " Jack The Ripper", "Abraham Van Helsing", "Machiavelli" or Gerard, Detective Vidoq. He even names a waterfall reichenbatch after Sherlock homle lol.

He meets the Fake Rudger known as Codename "John Doe". This author is a cultured man. Even Nari is too cultured. John was a first order of the Black Dawn. And so Nari struggles to live in this new identity while his real face is exposed.

Episode 191 spoiler his name is Heathcliff Van Bretus.

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Monomololo rated it
May 17, 2022
Status: c40
This one started strong, but petered off.

How do I put this... it's like an off brand Harry Potter clone.

The initial twist to get the MC into his position was somewhat interesting, but from there it seemed to just lose direction. The author obviously was trying to set up a dynamic like in the HP books where an intrepid group of students discovers various schemes and gets involved, but was hamstrung by the MC being... the MC. By which I mean it doesn't work since the story obviously needs to center... more>> mainly around the main character rather than the side characters.

So far all we've seen is the protagonist step in and handle various issues that pop up, and honestly, it's been a bit boring. Sure there's a background story of the organization and various side characters, but for me at least they all turn out forgettable at best and I can barely remember who's who since none have a particularly strong presence in the story, even the side chapters from other perspectives all turn out to be bog standard webnovel tripe where people think fervently about how cool and aloof the MC is because he opened a door super elegantly or something.

All this is supplemented by the standard korean novel trope of the MC acting aloof and mysterious, while supposedly actually secretly having a personality all along. Which, as so often happens, eventually bleeds through into the writing for all aspects of the character and any remnants of actual depth are eaten up by the act until the shell of aloofness is all that remains, and for me at least that's extremely boring. It's a dynamic that seems interesting, but is failed every time I've seen it implemented by weak characterization and author laziness in establishing actual character traits and keeping true to them. At least this time there isn't some cheap system cheat or remnant personality from transmigrating causing it, so you could maybe say that it's just the way the character is from the start, but even then it's still just a boring character. <<less
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pomoli rated it
April 10, 2022
Status: c50
It's pretty nice to read if you like very competent main characters with a hazy backstory, in what I would call "competence p*rn" genre. It's basically a worse, yet still in ok range, version of "The Villain Wants to Live" by Jee Gab Song.


    • MC is skilled, mature and behaves like a pro, yet isn't arrogant or full of himself, it's nice to see him play the teacher, and other roles, like a chameleon.
    • The world is interesting, half steampunk half magical.
    • Apparently the story is machine translated then edited, but I feel the translator really put effort in making something palatable for the reader, so it doesn't feel like the usual ridiculous "poetry" you can see as MTL.
    • Can't say much about either romance or harem, there is none for now, but if there is one in the future, there is a cast for that, hopefully it's competently done by the author.

    • While starting MC as already being transmigrated for years (27) in the new world makes jumping into the action easy, I wish we had glimpses of the past and how he adapted to the new world.
    • MC doesn't understand how charismatic he is, it's kinda weird since he knows he's basically an actor in everything he does, and he did that already before many times, impersonating other types of characters.
    • Enemies currently are a bit too black and white and simple overall, I wish they had more depth, and be more grey, more "human".
    • Same as for the cast overall, some characters need development, as we are introduced to many of them early, yet I can't really say the temperament of many of them (yet?), and it feels a little scattered.
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bheyer rated it
March 14, 2022
Status: c40
Great novel, highly recommend.

Basic Premise

The MC is a transmigtator who arrives in a Victorian era steam-punk world where traditional magic is gradually being sidelined by technology and magical engineering.

... more>> We don't hear much about the MCs 27 odd years as a transmigrator, except that he has lived a action packed, adventurous life, taking on many identities such as 'Van Hellsing', 'Arsene Lupin' and others.

His latest new identity, a professor at a prestigious magic academy, is one he acquires by pure chance. Now having stepped into this role, not only must he teach magic, something he is not naturally gifted in, but he must also unravel the secrets of the original professor, whose identity he stole.


Fantastic novel, the MC sort of reminds me of 'The Villain wants to live', but his a lot more personable. The world building is fantastic and the characters introduced so far have been great (although a bit cliche).

A Few criticisms however which prevented me from giving it 5 stars.
    1. Repetitive dialogue. The MC as well as other characters have a tendency to keep repeating themselves, it just adds needless filler to the wordcount and is frustrating to read.
    1. Translation quality is a kind of bad. 90% of it is great, but every now and again there will be an incorrect pronoun or another small error which hits you like a speedbump. Makes the reading experience a little jarring.
    1. The translators website is really bad. Too many overlays and embedded ads. The website also detects ad-block and javascript disabler so you can't even use these as work arounds. The one work around that I found that does work is using the 'reader' mode on Safari.
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MofoMango rated it
November 27, 2022
Status: c360
I'm going to be absolutely brutally honest as I know not everyone has the same taste. I'll be giving a quick summary of the basic pros and cons.


  • The characters do development but it sure hell takes a long time. It took the first characters you see in chapter 5, 300 chapters to get any movement. The characters always go "omg hes so strong wowowoowow." Or something along those lines. (But, I love it when that happens so I'll have to be biased there..) I have a feeling its going to be like TCF/LCF where Cale is extremely well down but the side characters feel meh. But after 700 chapters it pays off ig.
  • Cliches. Hoo boy, there's quite a lot. I've read to the latest raws, helps that I for one do understand what is going on. The first 50 chapters feel like off-brand harry potter. But after a while it does get better.
  • God awful translations. Those who have read under 100 chapters have been spared from this ordeal. People above 300 are in hell. Half the time you don't even know whose gender is who. Kudos to the guy editing the mtl though. He's doing god's work.
  • A personal gripe of me is that somehow flora (blue magik noble gurl) is implied to be a romancable option (albeit 1 sided).. Like teachers/students are an absolutely no go for me. My ship:

    It's Casey/Rudger all the way.


  • The magic system is quite well done as of chapter 350~ Much better than others that I have seen so that's a plus.
  • Rudger's character is developed alot during 280-380 arcs and it'll forever be my favourite parts to reread all again. A lot of characters also get their development 200+ As it seems 0-200 seem to be the prolouge only. The thing with this story is, things are from Rudger's POV, who is someone that travels a lot, so characters often get forgotten or one character arc and thats it. With the size of the cast I don't blame them. Characters who have gotten development:

    Esmeralda has the best redemption and character arc. The mtl seems tp be approaching it soon as of writing this. 2nd is a tie between Casey and Leo surprisingly. They get their arcs after the festival, Afterwards it's actually Serina (His assistant.) Flora gets her arc after that. Right now it's Rene's character arc as of 360. More of her past (super important with Rudger) will be uncovered after this.

  • I just love the factions. The misunderstandings, the different personas. I'm a sucker for men with identity crises, it gives room for so much potential angst and pain. It's amazing. (Klein Moretti (Lotm), Lucien Evans (ToMA), Lin Jie (INRTDGL), etc) There's a whole lot of evil ones, suspiciously morally gray (the Empire) and 2-goody shoes. As I have said before, the only reason I didn't give this a 5 star despite my enjoyment reading it (I've reread it 3 times already) It's too early to judge it. This is the type of novel that's only good when you binge it all in 1000 chapters like Legendary Mechanic. (Don't lie, none of us really enjoyed the first 300 chapters)
  • You like your OP isekai protags with their secret organization that everyone is gawking their eyes at and somehow beyond emotionally and enviromentally aware? This is more schemes than fists, since the protag keeps trying to downplay himself in a cliche manner. Everything has a slow and smooth transtions to the next major arc so things feel connected. I'm not complaining though. If this isn't what you like then, don't read this. You are wasting your time.
And that's my take on it folks. If you enjoyed this, you will defo enjoy Lotm or ToMA since they follow similar constructs but have their own personal take on it and are brillant in their own rights.
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fantasy rated it
June 26, 2022
Status: c49
It's very similar to "The Villain Wants to Live" albeit without any forced drama so it's better. So far it's fine, but the aristocratic characters are so one-dimensional that I sometimes feel dumb reading it. Almost every aristocrat character so far has been the same (thinking commoners are so much below them etc., you get the idea).
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ErikHarrison rated it
March 11, 2022
Status: c125
Probably how I would isekai given the chance

This dude basically plays every role he wants. Super spy? Genius teacher? Wandering demon hunter? Mysterious thief? Mafia boss? Hero? Villain? He does literally all of it.

It's fun and he moves everyone to his exact beat. Need more and a definate recommendation.
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xLia rated it
August 13, 2022
Status: c412
This novel is worth the reading.

The writing is quite good and the plot as well, the characters and their backstories are well written. It begins with a very explosive start, perfect to catch the reader's attention.

The main character is a cold carring and overpowered protagonist who become a professor by accident. At first, it may be like "it's boring" because he is too powerful but it's really interesting, and I really mean it. As someone who likes strong MC, I'm happy but if you're looking for a MC who grows... more>> along the story, it may won't satisfy you.

The beginning may go a little slowly but after a few chapters (a lot of chapters after, maybe after chapter 180), its way more captiving and there's still so many questions without answers. Between, there are many plot twists but they're all surprising and good. As far as I've read, only some events happened but nothing that we can call a "big plot twist" that would change the direction of the story. I'm still enjoying the novel though.

For those who don't want romance, well actually, the MC is too busy to care or to understand about the love interests' feelings


Esmeralda, Sedina and Chris have a good character development, especially Esmeralda.

And the thing I really like in this novel is the relationships between certain characters. Like Chris and Bellaluna or Chris with Rudger, they're quite an unexpected and funny duo.

Plus, I'm not a big fan of romance but I ship Rudger and Selina.

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Adorable_arachnid rated it
February 8, 2022
Status: c37
If I could describe this novel in a single word, I would say "Fun", and what an extremely fun read it is.

Genuinely this novel became one of my daily reads because of how simple the premise is but at the same time how well it uses the tools and tropes that come with this genre.

The MC of the story is also a very cool chad that is also more competent than most. He is someone who already had his typical MC journey and experienced many things of this world ,... more>> he isn't disgustingly overpowered, vile, genocidal or the sugar baby of a system, but with the use of knowledge from his old world and current world made himself a mark in this world.

Characters in this world at the surface level fit the cliché mold for this genre but they the author still managed to make them behave and think so well they feel alive.

The world building is limited so far but is built through looking back on key points of the MCs early phase of his protagonist journey and also through the history of other characters and I hope we explore more of it.

I strongly recommend this work and I look forward to every chapter and all the cool and exciting moments of this story and I hope this story is widely successful. <<less
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Epythymy rated it
October 17, 2022
Status: c10
It's more like an incoherent and illogical writing of a middle schooler.

Plot progression feels very forced and makes little to no sense.

MC is a dillusional 'Mr Perfect'. Which makes him no different from OP protagonists of most other novels, but there is a catch! He thinks and acts like he is your average Joe. One moment he is sincerely praising some random dude for his achievements and says that they are basically people from different worlds, and the next moment it turns out that Mr Perfect MC here can do... more>> the same and much better. Lol. Such situations make you question protagonist's mental health.

Well, at least MC isn't alone here, other side characters have nothing to show in terms of intelligence either.

For example:


The way rescue team appeared was so cringe it made me facepalm. MC's battle was basically over and he was talking to some half-dead dude in order to get some info, and in the middle of their dialogue knights in shining armor appeared out of nowhere and cleaved the dying dude in two. Like WTF? They didn't know what was happening or why, but they still did it. Maybe dying dude was actually a victim here? Apparently their limited brain cells were busy thinking about how to make a cool appearance instead of anything logical or worthwhile.


The way MC assumed his new identity as a genius professor was also very spectacular and just highlighted the idioticy/IQ level of all other characters in this story.

Idk how to better describe this novel. Maybe something along the lines of 'author tried to create something epic and way more out of his league but then he sh*t his pants spectacularly.'? <<less
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Ptls.05 rated it
October 10, 2022
Status: c335
this is my first review so it will be a bit disorganized

First, I have to say that I go in without expecting anything because from the review here it seem to be just a typical novel with op MC and harem-ish vibe (which I really hate) so I just read it because MC design in manhwa is exactly my type and I have some freetime but to my surprise this novel is kind of good! (or maybe my expectation is low idk)

This novel is exactly what you expect it... more>> to be. Op MC got isekai'd, has extrodinary talent in magic, use science to improve his magic, can use some sort of special magic uniqe to him (aka. cheat magic), got some back story about his lineage, his master is some mysterious being and is very strong. Very typical op MC. But I think that's why this novel is so enjoyable. Sometime I just want to read a smooth story with strong and smart MC just doing thing, kinda like those 'oddly satisfying clip' on youtube.

As I have mention before, I read this novel with really low expectation, all I want is that the MC suite my taste (cool beauty with long hair, cold and calculating but is actually really kind, ik it generic but I like it anyway) but it surpass my expectation! His back story is more interesting that I thought it would be!

    • He is like, illegitimate child from royal family (iirc its holy empire hence his abillity to use holy magic and communicate with god)
    • He has multiple identity (the name is kinda cringe but youll just get use to it) such as jack the ripper (when he became a shadow of the first princess), famous hunter whose name I dont remember, lupin??? a thief, james moriaty (math professor+criminal+uprooting corrupt system), he said he was a detective once and lastly a mercenary. Very impressive resume id hire him immedietly.
    • There is not much detail but im very interested in how he know each member in UN owen.
    • HE KILL LINNE MOM??? THATS SO CLICHE WHAT??? AND HER MOM WAS LIKE??? A SAINT??? I wanna know what happen between MC, linne and froiden (the aristrocrat boy from duke family)
    • Honestly im more interested in his life before he arrive at Ceoren than now. Like who wouldn't?????

From the review many say that the plot kind of fall apart after some point but as of right now I think it got potential!


like that whole apostle plot. Recent chap reveal that there are like, devil???

they call themself apostle and has mission???? One of them is zero order and they have some connection with mc's master??? (oh did I mention that his master is blond vampire loli that is the strongest and also want MC to kill her) ?? Idk I use mtl I dont really understand anything tbh


However, I still have some problem with this novel. Escpecially the romance part.

    • There are so many female charactor and most of them are interested in MC to the point that it feel force. And most male charactor doesnt even have a name, like those aristrocrat teacher.
    • The romance is not develope properly. Is it just me or the female charactors in this novel is sometime annoying? The others is fine but Cassy selmore??? She's just plain annoying, egotistical and arrogant?? AND SHE IS THE CLOSEST TO BEING ENDGAME LIKE WTF WHY. ((btw I like selina the most but she got no narrative after esmeralda arc so... yeah))
    • The author love to hammer the fact that the MC have multiple identity with name referecing modern litterature and its so cringe.
    • I just want more aidan and friends.... there is so many scene with linne and I got that she has some past with MC but like.... whats about aidan. Hes cute. His friends is cute. And what about flora. Her charactor has so much room to grow. I need more of them and less Linne everyday life.
    • Some part is really boring. I dont even remember what part but I remember that its really boring
Anyway I just really enjoy reading this novel ((mostly because I really like the MC, again, hes exactly my type.)) The plot is well-plan and interesting. I am also looking forward to more MC back story. It would be better if the harem vibe is not this strong but im just satisfy that there is no actual romance yet. I recommend you to read it with low expectation and you'll enjoy it!

TLDR; read it please I need more people in the fandom I need people to fangirl prof. Rudger with me hes really hot I swear <<less
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Clauve rated it
June 25, 2022
Status: c63
This novel is a must read. It's very heavy on schemes, actions, and magic system world building.

This novel starts quite slow. So, I've been postponing reading this for awhile. Then the manhwa came, I fell in love instantly (with the manhwa).

The manhwa has quite a good pacing, with point of view only from our MC (until now). But the novel isn't. The novel has mainly point of view from MC, and also other characters.

Frankly, I don't quite like this. Because the other point of view mainly just tell us about... more>> the feeling of female characters (mainly MC's students) who fell in love with him.

Now, don't get me wrong, the MC doesn't even have any shred of romantic feeling for his students. But man, why can't those female students only have admiration and respect for MC?! Is this novel reverse harem?! I get annoyed reading those female students POV so much I just practically skimmed them for plot important information. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Igoring this point, the plot of the novel is great. The MC doesn't have natural talent for magic, he just that smart and creative in incorporating and molding magic to his own needs. Even though he doesn't have natural talent, he's very strong for someone his age because of how he uses his power and ability in his arsenal.

And, no, the MC isn't perfect, but he acknowledges his mistakes and fix them. Or, if he can't fix them he repents in his own way. MC's morality isn't in line with me but I understand where it was coming from.

MC is a very mature man, with fixed world view and sets of morals. This novel tells about mystery, action and magic with level headed MC that sometimes goes with the flow when things went wrong.

Anyway, I don't like harem or reverse harem. But the plot and MC made me stay. <<less
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Billyvdl rated it
August 1, 2022
Status: c40
I was intrigued at first. I discovered its manhwa so I wanted to try the novel. Novel definitely has more details than the manhwa.

I thought it would be an interesting story where we would see MC struggle through his undercover role as an academy professor. It turns out the MC never struggles though because he always has a trick up his sleeve. It's basically another OP MC power fantasy novel for me. He has had multiple identities which make him OP. MC has to kill monsters? He used to be... more>> the best monster hunter before. MC has to steal something? He used to be a legendary thief. He always has a solution for every problem. He wins every fight he starts.

Side characters are bland. Girls will simp for him because he helps them or notices them once. Guys will either highly respect him or instead go against him.

There's also the generic theme of nobles Vs commoners. The nobles are basically your generic nobles who despise commoners because they're poor.

I realized as I read for 40 chapters that there's nothing to look forward to. MC will win every fight, girls will line up to simp for him, nobles will look down on him only for him to go against their expectations because he's op. The action is quite good though, the writing is also detailed. The problem for me is that none of the details are interesting. <<less
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SlothHawk rated it
May 20, 2022
Status: c70
Well, the story is quite unique and starts off quickly. The MC is 27- year old man whose character is developed. He has all the qualities that make him an OP protagonist such as being calm, cold-hearted, multiple identities, etc. Though the concept of magic, politics and stuff is confusing as it is just suddenly info-dumped between chapters. Although the novel only has less than a 100 chapters (70 currently) that have been translated, its worth reading...

P.S- Can someone give me the link to the MTL of the chapter... more>> ahead, I cant find them on Naver either... <<less
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starkaster rated it
November 4, 2022
Status: c12
Was there no faculty meeting before the term even began? The MC meets his fellows professors after school begins.

Who is in charge of academic standards? The MC doesn't have to submit a syllabus to the faculty to get approval for what he plans to teach. The MC hears what course he needs to teach and he somehow knows exactly what needs to be taught without any preparation.

On the first class the MC opens his 2nd year class to 1st years. But how would that even work? Presumably 1st years have... more>> mandatory courses they need to pass in order to get into 2nd year. Are classes so few and far between that they have so much free time on their schedule this isn't a problem? Is there absolutely no oversight from administration?

This school and the MC just seem so haphazard.

I really liked the premise of his mistaken identity and the plot he found himself in. But there the author appears to have put zero effort into making any meaningful challenges for the MC to face as he tries to become a teacher in this supposed elite academy.

I couldn't read past ch12. There's just no hint the author has any idea what they are writing. <<less
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Rhodah-37 rated it
April 21, 2023
Status: c311
Honestly I really enjoyed this novel. I really like that it didn't focus toomuch on romance. Atleast all forms of romance towards the ML is one sided.

It's really just Selina and flora that are really crushing on him. As for Rene I just feel there's a huge secret and she kinda feels that rudger is someone special from her past. (So I don't feel any love interest from her towards mc)

Yes in the novel is always looks like all the females are in love with him but it's really not that way. Most of them are either curious about what new idea he would show them and other things. And the MC has little to no interest in any female that likes him. And he's in no way intentionally attracting them.


One thing that was quite confusing was that the novel always made Rudger so OP but at the same time it tried to subtly make him less op by adding a few handicaps here and there but they didn't really do a good job at it.

like rudger has so many hidden identities that are OP yet the novel tries to make him appear less op by adding things like he has an issue where his body is constantly consuming mana.

And he's just a 3rd level magician that can learn almost all elements but he cannot go further.

And he has something called real magic so it makes it look like he's only strong when he uses real magic. Because In multiple chapters in the novel it hinted that it's his real magic that really saved him and made people think he was super powerful.


I didn't really like how patchy the flashbacks were and how many new secrets kept popping up. It's like random history would pop up here and there and you as the reader has to try and remember them for future references. Its like there are so many secrets so it's hard to see the bigger picture of things.

It's a good novel
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