I’m Not That Kind of Talent


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A talented individual who is respected by many and welcomed everywhere… Not at all!

A bloodthirsty battle fanatic who knows no defeat! However, he is usually kind and gentle, as well as a great boss and a subordinate who does not make a fuss!

That’s what people think of me, but in reality, I’m a sickly person who struggles to get by in everyday life, let alone in battles.

Due to excessive stress, I vomit blood.

If I’m shocked, I vomit blood.

Even if I’m slightly startled, I vomit blood.

For no reason at all, I vomit blood…

No, it’s about time everyone realized that I’m weak, but for some reason, they continue to have a strange misunderstanding about me.

So… I used to be strong—no, I still am, but for some reason my body was damaged and I can no longer use 100% of my skills? Is it because my body will be unable to withstand it?

And the reason for it is… a spell? A curse?

This is ridiculous!

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저 그런 인재 아닙니다
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6 Reviews

Kawaii Panda
New Kawaii Panda
Mar 24, 2024
Status: Completed
It start to be funny but the process isn't. You made md cry to their brotherhood, dang it. There is a follow up and I'll go hop there to cry over again
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Feb 13, 2023
Status: --
Simply put, this is a bait-and-switch story. At first glance, it appears to be a misunderstanding comedy about an easily spooked and weak yet absurdly lucky guy in a Demon Kings vs. Heroes type of setting, with an actually competent, mu*derous split-personality to make things more complicated. He does random stuff, people around him misunderstand what happened and think that he's a genius powerhouse, MC is confused, hilarity ensues. Formulaic, but not bad.

Then the switch happens, and it turns out this is a ridiculously grimdark story about conspiracies, patricide, senseless... more>> death and suffering, and it ends with the majority of the main cast dead, or worse, and the occasional scenes when the side-characters are still overly impressed by the MC's actions and misunderstand his intentions go from hilarious to whiplash-inducingly awkward.

In other words, don't get fooled by the premise and the first couple of chapters. This novel is pain. Read accordingly. <<less
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Jun 29, 2023
Status: Completed
Unfortunately for some, they might think it’s a “bait-and-switch” story. I guarantee that there is no such thing.

Stories are the creation of people’s mind and result of their creativity, and the reason why people get annoyed is more proof that it’s a good story.
One that makes you cry, laugh, feel and question.

One of my favorite movies is “The Gladiator”. It’s not a stroll in the park, it’s tragic, yet the end might not be “happy”, he leaved this world peacefully.

”I’m not that kind of Talent” it’s in my humble opinion, a masterpiece. In a world of novels about “Sect”, “Shadow Energy”, “Died somewhere and reincarnated”, “Fell in the novel”... this is eccentrically divergent from the cliché. And I guarantee, it’s good. It’s movie-worthy.
It’s not a “light” novel, but, is one that makes sense.

Novels have plots, Power-Struggle, People Dying and so on... the majority of the novels treat romantically the aftermaths of war, like, MC is overpowered and ruthless. And that’s it. He kills and it’s absolutely normal to be ruthless, a killing-machine, it’s just as normal and expected as we expect the sun to goes up and down everyday...

Truth is: NO. Nobody actually expects a war to be romantic or killing to be normal. And as much as people dislike, this author did an amazing job in depicting mental heath, post trauma stress and how it would really looks like, and feels like, in real life, to be caught in power struggles of rich nobility and survived the hells of war and the guilt of killing.

That’s why we cried our eyes out for Deon Hart and his story.

That’s why the author created a masterpiece, out of common norm for these light novels nowadays. He was successful in mixing Fantasy genre with a War genre. He was successful in makes us feel the story.

Thankfully, the book is going to have a SEQUEL, containing the next life of the main characters, Cruel and Deon. It’s an independent story, but we get to see them again. Also, it’s unknown if the manhwa will follow the main novel all the way. Even if they do, it’s a good story, without plot holes.

I hope that the shallowness of other people won’t spooks away people from a good story. If you want to read something light, you might pass, but if you’re ready for and intriguing and deeper story, then that’s it for you.
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Feb 10, 2023
Status: --
I really like the plot. I Read the manhwa before this and tried reading the Raw before this on Naver but I cant read Korean so I didn't really get far. So when I finally saw this on novel updates after waiting so long, I was very happy. But overall I really like the story and characters.
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Sep 02, 2023
Status: --
I was thrown into this pit by manhwa and am now going to try novel version but I had a urge to type a review. So, well, yeah. (Tho I don't think I am good with this.)

To be honest, I was expecting some misunderstanding which makes MC (Deon Hart) seem powerful while he is not and then he gains strength, sort of story.

But seriously it was mind blowing and much different from what I had in my mind.

At start the way everyone was misunderstanding him got quite a laugh... more>> from me and the way they changed his name! (Deon Hart was made into Demon Arut)

I was laughing crazily.

Then as I watched ahead I was like 'Enemies! Please leave main lead and let him have some peace!!!' These crazy people need to let him go seriously.


(Not exactly spoiling tho. I'm just complaining for my tears.)

I thought I would get a sweetness hidden in bitterness but the story is tragedy! Ahhh!! My precious tears! My eyes need to be away from onions.

I had watched some spoilers thinking there would be atleast a neutral ending even if there is not a happy ending.

But Deon dies.

Reason: su*cide after killing all those who made his life hell.

Still I can accept the ending since wars only bring destruction and it makes even more sense.

Being in the war only resulted a split personality for Deon which emotions like stress, anger, sadness, self loathing, hatred from killing and all bought him. And being able to endure this all is never something that can be done by just saying. Doing it is hard, living that way is even more harder.


Still it was really an excellent work which is in one of my favourites. And I am gonna complete reading it in manga version too. <<less
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Apr 26, 2023
Status: Completed
I absolutely loved this! I was hooked by the lightheartedness in the beginning, but then everything went spiral from there. It was a real rollercoaster of feelings and events and I loved each moment
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