Honest Protagonist[ ]

CN (2.7)
1110 Chapters Every 0.6 Day(s) 1003 Readers 14 Reviews 04-22-2021
Yang Ye’s entire family relied on him to keep them safe, but just when everything seemed to be going well, misfortune struck in droves!... more>>
JP (4.2)
564 Chapters Every 0.9 Day(s) 16498 Readers 84 Reviews 04-22-2021
I opened my eyes to find myself in another world. For some odd reason, I ended up as a sword. Before my eyes laid a plain full of magic beasts, and so, I launched my body and flew in search of a partner, a wielder (females only). ... more>>
CN (3.9)
640 Chapters Every 0.9 Day(s) 2751 Readers 21 Reviews 04-22-2021
What happens when an ordinary university student runs into a cute, coquettish little fox? What if the little fox is actually a Cultivator? What future... more>>
CN (3.6)
1586 Chapters Every 0.5 Day(s) 4622 Readers 75 Reviews 04-22-2021
Yang Qi was the son of the patriarch of a wealthy family from a small town.... more>>
CN (4.1)
742 Chapters Every 2.1 Day(s) 5954 Readers 35 Reviews 04-21-2021
“Your servant is Majestic Star ‘Panther Head’ Lin Chong, from this day forward I am your woman!”... more>>
JP (3.7)
69 Chapters Every 2.9 Day(s) 1886 Readers 4 Reviews 04-21-2021
The protagonist, a humble company employee, is suddenly summoned to another world and forced to fight as a hero.
However, he doesn't have any skills, and after being disappointed, he was released from his duty as a hero.
He buys a piece of land in a distant foreign country with the money originally given to him to prepare himself as a brave warrior, and starts his cultivation in another world.... more>>
KR (3.9)
127 Chapters Every 1.1 Day(s) 2193 Readers 8 Reviews 04-21-2021
11-year-old Jung Si-woo always had to play alone during PE class.... more>>
JP (4.6)
49 Chapters Every 6.7 Day(s) 8676 Readers 42 Reviews 04-21-2021
Regaining the memories of his previous life, Cyril realised that he was an otome game's character, the villainous daughter– Sophia's butler.... more>>
JP (4.6)
32 Chapters Every 3.5 Day(s) 1047 Readers 5 Reviews 04-20-2021
"….Krische-sama, are you not afraid of killing people?”... more>>
CN (3.7)
159 Chapters Every 6.7 Day(s) 1909 Readers 10 Reviews 04-20-2021
Protagonist travels between different anime worlds to right wrongs and uncover his reason for being along the way.
CN (3.9)
792 Chapters Every 7 Day(s) 4700 Readers 31 Reviews 04-20-2021
Not everyone wants to live a life filled with fame, riches, glory, and honor. Some, just want the easy life. To live a life that simply plays itself over and over, with a hint of spice here and there. ... more>>
CN (3.5)
20 Chapters Every 4.8 Day(s) 446 Readers 1 Reviews 04-20-2021
The Old Madam said that this was Ah Heng’s flesh and blood in the belly, so she couldn’t be careless.... more>>
CN (3.9)
19 Chapters Every 15.7 Day(s) 1789 Readers 14 Reviews 04-19-2021
As the most beautiful omega from the Silver Moon clan within the last decade, Yu Lan was abducted as a young child.... more>>
CN (3.9)
33 Chapters Every 11.7 Day(s) 1549 Readers 13 Reviews 04-19-2021
Her father is a coward and senselessly filial. Her mother is weak and gullible. Her elder brother is a wastrel.... more>>
KR (4.5)
291 Chapters Every 6.3 Day(s) 9562 Readers 93 Reviews 04-19-2021
30-year-old Jo Minjoon has always wanted to become a chef. He started his culinary career late in life, however, and is currently chopping onions at... more>>
JP (3)
62 Chapters Every 4.8 Day(s) 1288 Readers 1 Reviews 04-19-2021
I’m aware of despair, however forgiveness saved meー!... more>>
CN (4.5)
103 Chapters Every 5.3 Day(s) 2535 Readers 21 Reviews 04-18-2021
Legend has it that Ye Peitian's blood has the miracle effect of saving the almost dead. The strong human beings swarmed like ants and insects under the banner of justice, just to achieve their ulterior purpose.... more>>
KR (4.1)
26 Chapters Every 13.4 Day(s) 1131 Readers 1 Reviews 04-17-2021
[Knights-only membership gay club. The muscular, macho Demon King, available all day]
After the holy war, the demon world fell into ruin when the economy collapsed. The soldiers left the Demon King, who was unable to pay their monthly salaries. And Hel, the King of the demon world, didn’t want to live relying on his two servants, and also wanted take back his soldiers with his own hands once more.... more>>
CN (4.5)
26 Chapters Every 49.1 Day(s) 4071 Readers 21 Reviews 04-17-2021
Shu Yu transmigrated and became the original novel’s violent and brutal female Demon that caused the supporting male character, AKA hidden Boss, to become batsh*t... more>>
KR (4.2)
95 Chapters Every 2.8 Day(s) 725 Readers 3 Reviews 04-17-2021
Late at night, a suspicious maid came to the handsome Count’s bedroom!... more>>
CN (4.4)
220 Chapters Every 2.5 Day(s) 3741 Readers 21 Reviews 04-17-2021
A heroine character transmigrates and gets busy expanding her golden halo of MC-ness.... more>>
KR (4.4)
54 Chapters Every 4.1 Day(s) 4927 Readers 18 Reviews 04-17-2021
Her brother, who was the one who caused a coup d’etat, had sliced her throat. After she returned to the time before she died, she decided that she would somehow tame him and survive!... more>>
JP (4.4)
5 Chapters Every 16.8 Day(s) 754 Readers 1 Reviews 04-16-2021
Issac, who has memories of his previous life in Japan, is an apprentice gardener of a duke's family.
The duke's house was the house of a rival daughter of an otome game played by his younger sister!
But I realized that I'm not a mob in the game.
There is no possibility of being caught up with the rival and facing ruin.... more>>
CN (4.3)
87 Chapters Every 9.9 Day(s) 3907 Readers 35 Reviews 04-14-2021
When I entered for the Film Academy, the examiner arranged a crying scene for me. I pinched my thighs blue but still no tears came out, but now, oh.... more>>
KR (3.9)
16 Chapters Every 12.9 Day(s) 624 Readers 3 Reviews 04-10-2021
“Nice to meet you, I’m Yoon Hwayoung.”... more>>
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